The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 3, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,605 VOL. 16, NO. 122. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 3, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. WILL NOT BEG FOR PEACE-NOT YET- VERDICT IS RETURNED COUNT CZERNIN BOASTS THAT TEUTONS WILL BY PHYSICAL STRENGTH ·» Any Other Tactics Would Prolong the War, He Tells Vienna Municipal Council; Serbia Must Kneel to Bulgaria, He Adcls; Germans Continue to Use Long Range Gun on Paris; British Airmen Busy and Artillery Smashes Hun Attacks; Noyon Cathedral Burning. GERMANS UNABLE TO ADVANCE AGAINST FRENCH By Associated Press. LONDON, April 3.--"I do not intend to go begging for peace *or to obtain it by .entreaties and lamentations but to enforce it by our moral right and physical strength," Count Czernin, the Austro-Hungarian minister declared in an address to the Vienna municipal council on Tuesday. 'Mny other tactics I consider will contribute to the prolongation of. the war." In regard to Bulgaria's claims against Serbia the foreign minister said: "Bulgaria must receive from Serbia certain districts inhab- LIBERTY LOAN CAMPAIGN OPENS ONJATURDAY Committees in Conference Map Out 1'rograni For Third Big Drive. He Ilecommends Abandonment of Eight .Rooni Structure at Vanderliilt'. , How Germans Were Trained to Savagery Told in Lecture Here Tonight. STORM MIGHT WRECK IT EXHIBITS INSTRUMENTS Official Also Kinds Vault With Absence of Gaiinl Kail Along Eetain- ing Wall and Dirty Windows Which Are J)ctrlra«ntjLl ' U Sood Yisioiu Sp.nSier 1'ra-MOiially Visited 1'rimce and II el el" in and is t : ni|ueUoiicd Authority on Subject Mutter; T r i u j Here is 1'or Benefit of Xavy League. SOUSA'S BAND COW Believing that it is unsafe Inspec- I tor Jaices S. Darr of Connellsville has Will Play in ConndlsTille the Afternoon oi Apr. IS, Probably: Big Rally in Unionlomi is Arranged for Whole County; Chairmen .\amed. Reports submitted at a" conference oC district chairmen, council chairmen and others who will assist in the Third Liberty Loan campaign held in Uniontown last evening indicate that supervising inspector tor Western j Pennsylvania, a recommendation that the school authorities of VanderbilU be required to abandon ibe borough \ school building, an eight-room brick structure erecied in Lhe eighties. Mr. Darr made an Inspection of the building on Monday and aent his '-e- port to Mr. Feehan yesterday. Ir. the j ^^01^/0^^00 oplnion of the inspector a severe · Whan Ir, Newell Dwigbi liillis, one of the most powerful preachers, lecturers and orators in tho U n i t e d Sm.ies and Uie successor of Henry Ward Bet-ciier delivers his famous illustrated leciure on the."German Atrocities," their nature and philosophy, at the now high school auditorium tonight, at 8.30 o'clock, he will exhibit many German instruments of torture j which he, personally, collected on the ! Belgium storm might at any time cause the collapse of the building. One wing has been abandoned. Of the eight j during his tour oC these devastated , regions as the special guest of the British, French and Belgium govcrn- ! Finding a Surprise to Many Followers of the Case. ACQUITTAL PREDICTED Then Opinion Turned Toward Probable IMsHgrec- in e nt. FOUR BALLOTS ARE TAKEX Majority on Kuril Was Ovonvhclm- iniflj- Apainst the Defendant, Sot Jlore Than 'our Holding: Out at Any One Time far Acquitting Him. the forces are being marshalled for (rooms six an) in use. The report of j ^ ^ ^ insLrumeilt£ of atrocUy , the drive and that Fa.yctte -county t h e inspector says in part: will live uji to the records ot tin first and second loans and oversubscribe "To do justice to the teachers and the pupils who occupy this building, in my judgment, it should "be aband- , ; prepared in advance of tbe declaration 1 of war, is the: German firebrand. wooden ha " d " i is , , lo inebcs i TO GIVE BOYS BIG SENDOFF .uuigeuia. j-uuoi- liuui ^ci via. ^ciixiiiL utai.iii.ia IJU.IKW- . m my ludgment it stiouiG DC aoanti- , * - u ii ited by Bulgarians. We however have no.desire to destroy th TMe:,,ems arc b.. ne completed »rf"'°'"*°°'P»nTM*"Vf »'l^ TM" Serbia. -We will enable Serbia to develop and would welcome ',,,. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,. ,.IK- ;,, \\ n -, nn tTMn ,, delay, i am or the opinion tfiat this , , ' " · ' · ' ' . . ' ° " _ . . _ _ , . . ... i Scloedve for a county rally in IJniontown at noon on April IS when Sousa's band 1' i Burke of 1'ittsburg, 'will be present. closer economic relations with her." __ , . _ . Austro-Hungary was recently "almost on the point" of be-! of so pieces and a speaker ot national j ginning peace negotiations with the Allies Count Czernin, the i TMputaUon,^_Probably Janes Francis Austro-Hungarian foreign minister declared. ."--··- -· -,,...-*. .....i .. . The.wind "suddenly veered," he added, the Entente to await developments in his country which caused it to hopej that the dual monarchy "would soon WASHINGTON. April 3.--Count Czernin.'s statements Ulat France had suggested peace discussions with Aus- tro-Huagiiiry' TrasctKiracUTized by ?;;^Actift9 H lij3?% r 1!tb'IftKp9*tlfe beginning of aHienr GehnaEi""peace move with . the An9trc»Hjxngarian foreign minister acting atJ.Genmany's behest. I am of the opini 1ms arrived at the point of that it cannot b*j repaired to . }] orb about a. tea- i ,,,,,,, the conditions. i **TM* a "° * "·»«'· ' h f n f« °_ * "The toilet., are installed on tte'^"lTM^ 1 *, f rom 1..0fl to l,,00 Scloedves Leave Tomor- roiv Afternoon. Frank; M. Lindle^ stands convicted of the murder ot his former business partner, Frank A. Burkey. Conlrary to the widely expressed views of persons wSio had followed tbe trial in Uniontown the jury reported this morning at s o'clock to Judge J. Q. -- Van Swcaringcn that it had agreed oa Closed When l h c E u i l t of tho defendant and fixed the crime at second degree. Agreement, was reached at S:So o'clock, five minutes over 17 hours after the 12 men retired yesterday afternoon at -.55 o'clock. A coincidence is that 37 days had elapsed since the beginning of the trial, equalling the record of the trial of B. Frank'Smith a feu REQUESTS RALLY BRITISH TAKE STltOXG ' POSITIONS BY STOKM. ,4 WITH THE BRITISH ARMY IN FBAN'OE, April 3.--The British last bar in honor, of his three sons. Owing ·' night stormed and captured a strong i D.,' and William A. Minerd. .who will ! point south of Heduperne which men- : leave Thursday with the draftees from i aced th«ir defending position., j district No. 5, for Camp Lee, Peters- i The recapture ofAjette south of | burg, Va., and Dr. H. D. Minerd. who | Arras by the British is the most im- j enlisted in the medical officers reserve ro "' portant news from the northern bat- j corps and is awaiting orders to be tlefront reported thus far today. Ger- j called to active service, mans nave sacrificed great numbers j At the conclusion of the'dinner Rev. Church Council, Cloyd Goodnight. Commercial Council, John ..Lynch. locks on doors have | a reads in p,TM,,,.,,' f n ,, n n n p p ivniohn+r been broken and buildings arc always i rcaus m Part: ,,,,,,,. FraTemal Council, R. E. Umbel. "' I"!*". P«t or the building, known us .."W« cro^ed^ Belgian frontier at ; d o - so . Educational Council. John S. Car-| t h o vvin «- has booli abandoned for study rooms on the flrst floor and second floor on account ot opening in i nousts was spared. We Ik en arrived i ^. of troops in an effort to secure a firm hofd here. SQl'ADBOJf EXACTS HKATY TOIX. LONDON. APRIL S--British aviators were active Monday on the battle ' front in France, dropping 37 tons o£ bombs and bringing down 16 German aeroplanes and two ~' presented each of his sons (hol At noon the draftees will be .served j i dinner at the armory by women oi j Executive Council M H Bowman, i 5COTna " oor on account oi opening m i -- ····- »i ··* -"-· "·'.'"·" Ulie First Methodist Episcopal church, ' Industrial Council! C.'U Farson. iTM"" at "** P n « of building. This ; " *·' town of Wandre. The mlu.b- assist(!i 1)y tbc loea , flrc department, ; building was constructed in the eigh- j !ant s w'Uwut exception »ei c brought l | h c m ,,, nl , ers assembling at the armory . Insurance Council, Clarke M. Chis- with testaments, which his lather i 1 - abor Counc11 - Jttmcs °- Osborne. Andrew .Minerd had carried through-1 - Mcetju s 5 and Speakers. Woorta N. I Carr. SOTTDA1E 1'OjCTH LKAVUT6 FOE FllANCE | Frank Cable was home on a 48-hour furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Cable of North Scottd-ale.' Mr. Cable.enlisted in the aviation sern Camp Grant, 111. France. PESN 3tDT£IU IS He is leaving for ""* mor "inB campaign for tbe principal, balloons. The|.°ne of the draftees; MiSs Bess Kemp, official statement on aviation issued j Mount Braddock; Miss Sarah. Kay, says that, the night bombing j Coanellsvllle; Mr. and -Mrs. J. Lembn dropped b.ombs on railway | and son, Mrs. J. J3. Riley and family stations in the areas behind the Ger- and John M. Williams, Youngwood, man lines. GSKA.1 CATHBBKAt AT SOTOS AHBK, AMSTERDAM. April 3.--The cathedral at NoyonMs afire, accordmg to a semi-official statement from Berlin. The blaze is attributed by the Germans to the French bombardment BRITISH BREAK VP . ' STBOXG EXEMT ATTACK. · LONDON, April 3.--British troops alter sharp fighting last night repulsed a determined attack by the Germans in the neighborhood of Fam- pooi at Mamtoux, the war office announced today. "HE2TCH FIKE TOO MUCH FOK JTIJXS. PARIS, April 3.--A German attack. ·jpiAath of Mcreiul last night was repulsed by the French fire and the enemy was unable \o gain :L footing in any part of the French ]«siton3, the war office announces, except a t : the Rev. A. J. Car-crs, 72 years old, one point. The French also broke tip jis alleged to have declared he would a German attack near Rol'.ot and never have his hair cut until .Ger- gained ground north of PleTornt in«u:y emerged victorious from the out the Civil War. In addition to tie honor guests covers the following persons: erd, Mrs. Maggie Jacobs E. Minord, all ot Dunbar; Mrs. William A. Minerd, Fairchancu. wife o f : l^Ti ^ °, UnC l 1 '. ""·, ^ ?; l l mhcl ' one of the draftees; Miss Bess ] tics. It has a shingle roof." TOPUMSHDISLOYALTY lout and sh,»t. They all knelt down and , , prayed, but that was no g.-otuid for j | mercy. A !cv shots rang out a n d ; ! they fell bacl; into the green grass . :tnd s 1 ^' fnrevcr - II is - rcal s -' lort - 1:1 Transportation Council, F. P. Trues" ale ' . . . . . ArmonK t)lc P e ^TM a attcndme the «*£££ ^^±^ n ^ °' S ' Conno11 of Connellsvllle. l a n d man-.- of the merchants have a l - : l b a t * defendant would be acquit- i ready signified their willingness to ' l w i owing to apparent oriscrerpancies in ' the testimony presented by the com- mouweakh. As the hours passed and no word cajne from the jury room belief grew tiiit there would be a disagreement and this gained as the night wore on in the morniiiK to loin! their assist i and there was no verdict, ance wherever it is needed. j LJniJley presci-vod the ca!m de- Prompily at ] o'clock the draftees I nioanor that ho had maintained accompanied by the city council, the i throughout the trial when the finding fire department. Connell-sville Mili- i of !lc ^ ur ' was read, tary trail.!, the South Connellsviile I " J don't care whether the verdict fire department and the Boy Scouts | w " as second uegrcc or first degree, I will rnnreh from the armor}' to the I never killed Burkey," said Lindlcy in ; reiilly : Baltimore Ohio station. I an intcn-ie.w after beins taken back j, , - , . I The canteen cominittee of the | to Jail. Senate Judiciary Umirmttw to pro-. This is only one of the many h u n - ; Amevic . an Kt , d Crt)ss w i l l propare | It was expected that immediate vide for imprisonment fr,r 20 years j drcds c-f records, aRWavits and photo-; | unchcs tov t h t , draftees to be taken ! steps would be taken to secure a new and J10.000 fi:ie for "M-iioover shall b y ; graphs which Dr. Killis brought back! wl[!l tllcm on lhe , r . l(n The ned I trial. word or act support or favor (.he | with him u prove the truthfulness and | Cross Chapters will e-upply ail the cause of the German Umpire or its j veracity of his statements. It is o n e | m e n froll , l)O ,,~ (ii slr i cts w jth sweat- 1 | allies in Uie present war, or by word : of the most dramatic, vital and inter- ; ers socks rmd j or act oppose the caus-'j of the United · estlng stories of the battlefields ever ]xni !i 'States therein." The committee also - told, approved tho same penalties for per- 5 were laid for Professional Council, Thomas R. Severely is Purpose of Mcasim' Sow : happy mood and high spirits' 1-e pass: Miss Edna Mfn- " s TM' ' Hi-fore Cini(-'ro»s. : ( K! on, and cleaned up Mons burnt :obs and Edward nc f, y Council. George S. Con- WASMNGTON. April 3.--Tho bill | the houses. Here man}- hca:-t-break- to impose drastic penalties on dls- ; ing scenes occurred. It was loyal acts has been amradwi by the i terrible to watch." PRINCIPAL OBJECTS Dunbar School Head Muses Admls-, , _ . _ _,, * Sion to War Stamp Campaigner. · ; sons obstruoting government w a r } SAIFS TOTAf S79 1 ! ,«.._ ,., _ « _ . . , _ . . _ , * . ' bond issues and for w i l f u l l y "allcnipt- i uJALiiO l U i A t i t p J ^ J "When John Davis, superintendent for the Metropolitan insurance corn- vice last Decemljer and was sent to **' went to Lbe Duubar schools Peim IDnerd, son of Dr. and .Mrs. ia the interest of the bond Issues and for w i l f u l l y "aLtciiipt- i \ ing" as v/«ill as actual attempts, to oh-J ·'struct recruiting or enlistment in tlie ; | army. I Transmission by mail or otherwise Morolti, Thomas E. SlrJckler and William A. Reed, nil of Vandcr- bilt. and called in District N'o. 5, left jyesiertlay morning in MoroHi's automobile for r.nnin Loe. IHtrh Schu'il Tula's Slump But Second! unit Third )Varils Kcncli Jli^h JJark. j Although yesterday was a poor day | TORNADO SWEEPS WEST t up with the students, according to word from the borough. The excuse given, Mr. Davis said, Roy Minerd, Is quarantined in an Erie j was that the schools aro now intcrest- hosfpltal, witih measles. Dr. Minerd i s j e d in Junior Red Cross and arc not ited after July 1, subject to penalties ' t of live years' imprisonment and ?5,000 , fines, xmder an amendTiicnt to the bill : netting 5140.51. propoalng repeal of the Federal char- 1 1 3 took the lead for the highest in -sales reaching $2(il. The school took a big slump, only (OontlnuExl on Page Two.) SHAVE PRO-GERMAN Jtaftccs Then 'Wvidc (Minister's locks us Souvenirs. f'.v A.^sochitefJ Pre*3 SULPHUR, Okla, April 3.--Because i going to take up anything, additiona,.. £,£ »' Nali ° nal Ce TM- A - ert ^ "^y.''in'the So" Mr. Davis, who has been campaign- ·"·""""·'-· - ing in the schools, tried to explain, he said, but was not even invited in- LOST, KAJfOK GUX STtti JJT ACTION PARIS. April 3.--The Germans began to bombard Paris at 9.50 o'clock this morning. war CO young men awaiting draft call ir.vaded his rooms in a hotel here while he was asleep and sbnved his head. His iron gray leeks were distributed as trophies of war. Bogistrars to Sit May 1. To enroll voters who failed to regis- FORDTAKEHEADER erinfr Gear of S. '. Osborri's "rack Becomes llnmanngtmble. I wli ° bai '« ^nce moved into the wards, ' "^ J """ -will sit at tho polling side the door. KSAVY JAPTONNAGE SPRINGER TRANSFERRED On Uie West Side the high water also reached yes- th Side and Fourth ward schools .$243 in stamps was purchased, making a tolal of $71*5.70 "for all the city schools during the day. CATHOLIC MISSION Tiro Hmiilrwl Fifty Thousand Tons of i t^ ^y expected to leave Fort Oma- bliippmg for U. f. :s rrusrram. j ha? at O .maha. Neb., for Newport News J o n Tuesday, (yesterday).' ^ e ' Kincaid, another local boy. Springer Local Boy Loaves Ft, Oniulta at Omaha, JVeh., for i'etvp-ort News. In a letter received from. Daniel '· " ,. Springer by Foster Critchlield he says !«U Open in Immaculate_ LonccpUou tonnage to be turned over to United States by Japan under arrange- ; says he tas gain . ed ]2 pounds |. n t h r e e ment made by the Japanese shipping . monl i ls aI , A nas grov , n about two commission is estimated by tie press | incll!s He is in tjlo 14tll Balloon at about 250,000 tons. . company. Of this 150,000 tons will bo provided ! by the government and the remainder j to ship builders in exchange for Am- I / erican steel. ter last fall and also to register tiose Drtly after turning into Lincoln te from South Pittsburg street veiling the steering gear of S. N. n's Ford delivery truck became lageabls and the machine toot -3er Into the wall of tho cellar- 3f th« Residence of George B. forward part of the machine .toed- considerable damage. ;a. escaptd unhurt. Mr. places on Wednesday. Slay 1. The polls will be open from 8 a. m. to 1 p. m.; 2 p. m. to 8 p. m. and 7. p. m. to 10 p. m. Brash Fire. The South ConneHsvllle fire department -was called out. 'last night be-cause of a brush flre near Wine street. CALL 1,;500,000 MEN In "«t Teni- Instead of S00,000 is Government Plan. The stitement was made yesterday in Washington that durin'g the next 12 ·months the Dumber qf men to be called for military service probably will be much nearer 1,500,000, bringing to move than *!,000,000 the total numter of men ml£ the military training the soveri L Rain, and much, colder this afternoon and tonight; Thursday partly cloudy and colder, is the noon weather forecast . for Western Pennsylvania. ' Temperature Bccord. 1018 1317 Maximum ,,, , 75 75 Minimum _--_ .5-1 42 Mean _ 65 59 The Yough river rose during the nighi from 1.60 feet to L70 feet. Cliurch 'cxt Sunday. A mission, beginning with mass Sunday morning at 9 o'clock and continuing for two weeks, will be held at the Immaculate Conception church with two out-of-town priests in charge. Sunday afternoon jit 2 o'clock Bishop Canevin of Pittsburg will confirm a large class. The first week of lhe mission is for women and tbe second for HERE ARE WAR GARDENS Ji. S. 1'aine .Makes Offer of Csc of C. at 1'oplar (*rovc. "Only too glad to have the lots utilized for war gardens." This is tbc message sent by R. S. Paine from Jacksonville, Fla,, to his agent, C. B. MeCormick of The Courier, relative to his vacant land at Poplar Grove. Mr. JleCormick wrote to Mr. Paine relative to a number c£ requests for gardens and the above was his reply. There are 65 excellent quarter acre lots located near tbe church at Pop- ilar Grove. Persons wishing gardens may be accommodated by writing to Mr. MeCormick in care of Box 114. BROKIvX BACK FATAL. Colored Worn/in Hies at Hospital tliD Itesult of Fall. Mrs. Eva Holmes, colored, 30 years old, of Leisc-nrisg iNo. 3, died tins morning at the Cottage State hospital of a broken back, suffered when she fell from the coke ovens at Leiseu- Six Killed and }Fauy Injured in .llis- snuri Ton us. .By Associated Press. ST. LOUIS, April 1 3.--S:x persons are known to be dead, scores injured and property damage totaling many thousnnds of dollars was done by tornadoes last night in Missouri. A tornado struck Hunterville and Gray Ridge, wmali towns in Stoddard county, k i l l i n g three per.V'ns, two of tlie-m at Huntervill x unci one at Gray Hidge. In both places many persons j were injured. i At. New Florence, in Montgomery county, two persons were killed und mc dical department of tbe army at at Minoola also in Montgomery county ! ^'asliin-ton D C and ·»ill one person met death. ' , c . ave . .M 0nd a y to rKpo ' n a^XewJon' -News, Va. He will probably leave | there in a short time for overseas ! duty. | Crii.c'nfield will report to his loca! : frafi board and receive transporta- I tioii. J. C. Reising?r of Utiioniown "CRITCHY" ENLISTS ; Foster Critchfielcl Is Assigned to Mwll- c;il Siijilily Depot nt Jfewport-Xeivs. ! Foster CritthfieW, well known in lliis city, enlisted yesterday in the CONCLUDING MEETING Of -Men and Miilums Mtnemeiii'tw lie Held Jiere Tomorrow Xlglit. The concluding engagement of the j also enlisted in the- same departruen.1 Fayette county team of the- Men and ; yesterday. Millions movement of tbe Christian church will be huld in the local church of that denomination tomorrow evening at S o'clock. Rev. Cloyd Goodnight of Uniontown. chairman; Hev. R. G. Manley, coke region missionary; Rev. G. TV. Buckncr, J. Jlelvin Grey and Benton Eoyd will be the speakers. The meeting will be preceded by a LENROOT WINNER supper at 6.45 to be given by the Men's ,, . . . , , .. . j Bible class of the church. ring. She was admitted to the hos- j __ pital February 26. Itdurns SIiuw Loyalists Well Ahead in Wisconsin Klcrtion. By AyHociated ProBR. MILWAUKEE, April 3.--Unofficial returns from 06 out of the 71 counties The body was removed to funeral Director J. E. Sims parlors and prepared for burial. Deceased was the Greenwood, is very "1 of pneumonia. in Wisconsin, including 17 counties with complete returns and all of .Milwaukee county and cities except four precincts, give: . Lenroot 128,028; Davis 320.286; Lewis K.obbms of ^Eighth street, I Berger S7,0%; the Mihvuakec city Hns Pneumonia. wile of. Thomas Holmes. j which, developed irom a severe cold. and county figures, Lenroot 15.442; Davis 29,097; Berscr SUOZ.

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