The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 2, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1918
Page 8
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEULSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, APRIL 2, IS TON BRANCH SENDS OUTMREWORK Sixty-One- Sweaters the. Hundreds of Articles Flmished. UlANY UNITS ARE AT WORK TVs Witt tie Otku I» Troduc- l«f A]»«rd for the JSallo* Bojs W*» Are AVi»»TS i» Seed ol M»rm CMUig; lams Us* of Knitters Another consignment at knitted ar- consisting of 161 sweateis, 83 43 pairs of wristlets, four scarfS and six pairs at socks, was : i- s Wwwd l»se- week b ths Charleston, ^Contorts branch of the Viavs League O; the N»vy League headquarters fct^j-oungest knitter contributing to- Hrsrdft tb« shipment was Miss Anna Belle Madden ol Vandenbilt, seven old, an, invalid, who koit one snremter. Mrs Mary punlop, 97 jears oM^the. oldest knitter turned m one I s»e»Cer. Those who turned in work »««»: I ^Sweaters -- Mrs J E. Struble. Jlrs. JJobn Trader. Mrs John Store} Miss ^iatii if DuShane, ilrs. J N Kelley, :ltfcs Grace Miller, ilaster Theodore NtoSon, Mrs. Hose Cunningham, Mrs. '\3ff3f. Staflord Hiss Margaret Ho-»- Y?. J Black, Mrs. W. G ilrs. Lucj Lowory, Miss Struthers, Mis Pearl Sandles, | Mr»7Emma Sidawar, Mrs. Ensna Se- j chrtot, tfrsT Frank Newell, Mrs E. K. [IJlrf, Miss Laura Engle. Miss Edna ;B»«1» Miss Francis Stephens, ^liss : alberta-Harding, Miss Mary Porter, | Jlt^; Robert McConmcls, Miss Harriet | JU*tsway, Miss Gertrude Brennan, ' Darts, Jliss Mary W Dur- A Davidson oni each, C Croseland 2. ; 'v H»lmets -- ilrs. 'William Deightmil- , ,I«"I, Mr»-B. 0 Connor 4 Mrs George Xfcaiterman 2, .Mrs. Logan Rush, Mrs !M*fth» C. Long. Miss Ella Hefliey, JtoT Jf»rg»ret Patterson of JJunbar, lito? Thomas R. ESgar, Mrs W J. ;tllarfc. Mrs. C. TV". Erbeck, Miss Cath- °Wt*e 'Whitman, one each. |^.TCtlitlets-- Miss Edna Hanford, Mrs |jr/jr Clark, Miss Julia Armstrong, ;Soi*; liUle Strnthers, Miss Caroline one pair eacti. Maae Con-way and Caroline Darr ol Unit No 1, one Norton Bible Class,_ Unit .'-*-- Sweaters, Mrs. U. S. G Leigh- T(jr?; Mrs. U G Blair, one, wristlets, ·tfo. Vary Brashear, pair, helmets, Wtii*. Annie Burkey, Mrs Alice Jones, - M»ry Zimmerman, one vach. No. 3 -- Miss Dorothy Kurtz, one Ttristlets. Itta. Rockwell Jlanetta Unit, No 4 eaters. Mrs. Rockwell Marietta, wnstlets, Mrs William Dull, . WUliam Green pair each Charles McCormiok Umt, 5 -- Helmets, Mrs Noble McCor- . one, sweaters, Miss Maud Mc- 3, Mrs. T B Curongham, L James iloyer. Miss Fleda Suimm, Rose Lepers, Jliss EdTnna .|sti»nm of Bner Hill. Jfiss Hgma 'ilher, Mrs Ethel Hignvbotham, _ I Mtas Jean Sandles. one rac'n- ""llniontown; Unit No 12.-- Sweat- ers 37, helmets 18, -wristlets, nine pairs,- socks, sll pairs; eoarfs, lour Over There Unlt_No| S--Sweaters, Mrs P H McKenttS, rfcsW C Dunham 2, Miss Katharine Smith, Mrs J D Lambert, \Iiss Millie LaPort Miss Annie Buck one eaoh, wristlets, Miss Agnes Smith, pair, Miss Katharine Ottenburg, two pairs Athens Temple Unit No 7--Sweaters, Mrs Ida Bryner, ilrs Nell Campbell, Mrs Turner, one each, he mets, Mrs Ida B-vnerT Mrs. Ltliie Chapman, one each, wrijtlets. Mm Laura Buskirk Miss Rud Humbert, Miss Banna Bryner, pair e'ach. Point Marion Unit No 10--Sweaters, 3-t, helmets, 34, wristlets 11 pairs Doonan Unit No 13, Dunbar--Helmets, Mrs David 'Wiliams, Mrs Daniel Harper one each, s»eaters, Mrs Charles Herd, Miss May Porter, Mrs George Holding Miss Catherine Stenson, one each Knit and "Win Unit, No 14 --Alnst- lets, Mrs Liiwartl Sweenej, Mrs H L Tiersol, Mrs Hattle Richter, one pair each, helmets Mrs H L Piersol 2 Mrs Stanley Morris, "Mrs Harry Ford, Miss Nell Sweeney each one, sweaters, Mrs A. E Wagoner Mrs P D- Shmnaker, Miss Grace Penrod, Mrs \V Russell Sm-th Miss Lynne Kmcell, one each Da son Unit No 16 -- S» eaters, Mrs. M E Straws Miss Lilhe Mc- Ewaa 2 Miss Gladys Porter, Mrs. Curtis Jlosser, Miss Mary Bnndling- er, Mrs James Clark, Mrs Alice Sher- bondj, Miss Made me O Brien, the latter 10 jears oid, one each South Coonellsville Unit No IS -Sweaters Miss Dais er, Miss Margaret Schraishuhn, Miss Josephine Roth, Miss rvaotni Buttermore, one each, helmets, Mrs Elizabeth Trenberth, Mrs. Ella Baer, Mrs. Ida Seaman, one each 'United lor Service Unit No 17 -Sweaters, Mrs S. S. Co\, Mrs H J Cochran, Miss Rebecca Patterson MTS C W. Utts, Aliss Florence Patterson, Miss Ruth. Robinson, Mrs. Alice Reel, Miss Jennie Peon Miss Anna Junk, Miss Katnarine Fretts, Miss Frances Rhodes. Mrs P M Buttennore, Mrs Ida Pickeit, Mrs A. C. Herisr', Miss Mo'lie Fretts and Mrs A. E Conn, Uv latter of Uniontowu. one each, helmets, Mrs Cooper Patterson Mrs Anna Denny 2. Miss Martha Babbage Mrs Mary C Parkhill, Mrs Charles Wright Mrs S R. Coi, Mrs Thomas Hazen and Miss Anna Junk, one each. T J Hooper Bible Class Unit No 19--Sweaters, Mrs H. F Atkinson, Mrs R B Grim, Miss Sarah Allen and Mrs Charles Hirst, one each, wnstlets, Mrs R, E Grim 3, Miss Sarah Allen, one, helmets, Mrs John M Tonng anc Miss SarSi Allen, onS pair eaclb- Monroe, Pa, Unit No 22 --Sweaters, Mrs VT S Heetcr, Mrs 0 J Mull, Miss Alice Mull, M.IES Edna Mull Miss Milda Crum and Mrs Fred Richter, one each G I A. Unit No 20 -- Sweaters, Mrs Sarah Reese, 2, and Mrs E S. Marsh, one Easter at HofipiUl. Easter Sunday was Baptist Day at the Cottage State hospital, the church donating $7 for the hospital benefit fund, and also flowers for the patients. Rev Wilbur Nelson, the pastor, and members of the congregation conducted serrices The "Woman's Christian Temperance Union also donated flowers while Vra William Herzberg gave ice cream, to the patients as an Easter gilt Patronize tbo*e who advertise. $ 2 . 0 0 Brings t h i s HCTT fthuoond Amberola into j o * r' h«ne. SAMBEROLA CLUB The Edison Laboratories liave authorized us to sell a limited number of 3TEW EBISOJT DIA3TOJTD A%B£BOLAS oa th« Club Flan. If s the only way you can. hay tlria wonderful $3E 00 instrument on. such a, small initial payment and easy mortthly terms Come m and let us tell you all abovt ft. Or A if you can't call personally fill out the at- f tached coupon and mail at once. WRIGHT- METZLER CO, U W Crawford A»« , Connellsvllle, Pi. Kills Pain in Half the Time 25 Cent Hot of JCunelous lustarine Is What KTCTT Home Should Bare A Bljr 25 C*» rinr !» Wfcnt · r« H»nl»fccd til Hnlf ihr Ttnt« 1( Take* Ofher nemedlr* -- On« Application Doe* the \\ orli. Crrandmothcr s old ftsh!ened inuitard plaster d!4 the work alricht, but It blistered the skin and wus -v migh y unclean rcraedy , Mustarlnf* In the orig-Snil immard prescription tliat his rn^An Grandmother mustard plaffter htrt i relic of bygione dajs It. ^ ten UCKW better cScaner and \\lll not blister It IB made cf true honest jellDiv murtard combim d v. ith other woll Known dentr j o r a of pain and a 2^c box docs the w o r k of llft mustard pla«terq VThj suffer for da s u^fnff pla/it«rs or continuously rubhlne on liniment when one application ot Mnatarjne wlJl take out aoroncnn* In chest or an part of the bod n.nd w i l l Umber up stiff neck or mst Joints It bTJiished back- icho toothache h^ad"che In ^en minutes--mar times In five ~" If ou w a n t to fret rid of sors throat 3 ' ncura-lpla neurRJ" trmailftis Dlcurls --inHammarion in tho feet, or rheumatic " (ijronj and a-noilcn Joints--rub on Sfos- ttirin* rlshl iu^a--Its the quickest p-Un killer in thf world--i.nd the chc-xpost Get truo Mustarlne in the box at anj druj? tttorO'--Adv I fife® HissitoBs TOT2 PAKUfOUST. "LUIOUSBfE LIFE" -- Triangles new photoplay ia which Olive Thomas the charming screen star appears m the leading role, .s being bhown tv d'ay The story is that of a shy HtUe girl £ram tho conntrj who tries to make her waj in a largo citj An-d she was such an innocent timid Ut- tle thing that Monecure Kelts determined to -win her, and incontinently throw over liis latest flame for this piquant morfie] of femininry One of the girls in the shop tried to warn her, but ii did no good. "Vf'nnlc kept right on And when she got through she had the cash and a pleasant memory, and all Monecure got was a feeling of deep thankfulness that she didn't Insist upon marrying him. A comedy Is included. Tomorrow Car- roel Myers ·will be featured in "The Girl In Dark" a Bluebird feature Thursdaj, iladgc Evans, the child actress. »il b« starred to ' Wanted, a Mothei." THE SOJSOS. The drama Is coming back it the performance at the Sols-ion yesterday IB any criterion, for It will take only a fan deraonstrat. ons like Una beautiful play and splendid acting to bring back the patrons who MIJOJ an evening of real dramatic worth Chester Bishop and his plajers ba-ve started something and we hope they will keep it up If they do--and we ha\e every reason to belleie they will--It will be a good long time before Connells- vflte will have another snch treat as the Chester Bishop Plajers, and they will be mighty hard to follow On Monday night that all powerful drama, "Tho Island of Love" was offered, and ask anyone who attended the performance If It didn t ring true and strika home from beginning to end. The scenery was all that cq^ild be desired and more, for it 'R -orrect and adequate in everj particular Be Sure to Serve them with the Best-WELLSVILLE The same good beer with the same good reputa* tion it had years and years ago, when the gre,/n-ups of today were kids. It is alt Quality. No expense is spared-- in materials, labor or process-- to make it the best you can buy. Ask for the Pittsburgh Brewing Co.'s CONNELLSVILLE SPECIAL BEER '?, AT ALL GOOD CAFES, HOTELS, CLUBS- ORDER A CASE SENT HOME THE ABCAJJE. It irould be difficult to select the topliners In Zarrow a 1918 Tollies company at tho Aicado yesterday Seldom indeed is so much talent employed in one company real talent, not racd-'ocre but the very bes-t The show has a cabaret opening with beautiful concer* singing introducing the -various menjoers of the cast This includes a chorus of pretty girls that lend to the sho 1 a spirit of liveliness and beauty It is without doubt the best show that has played Connells- Mlle this season Charlie Chaplin was on the screen m "A Jitney Elopement The finish ot this picture is awfullv funny Lore the Girl Mental Marvel in an act of thaumatury, mystified her audience by her absolutely correct answers asked by persons In the aufltrac* On Thursday afternoon Miss Lore will hold a' reception for ladies, at which time she will give a personal consultation to each lady present OliTHljlIK TDtATEE. "JtCGG-IE MIXES IN '--A five reel Triangle drama featuring the popular ictor Douglas Fairbanks, with Bessae Love supporting him in the leading role Tomorrow William Fox presents Gladys Brock-well in the thrilling drama, The Moral Law Thursday, TOiJliam Russell appears in the Mutual diama, "The Midnight Trail " Friday and Saturday Madame Petrova is featured in the Paramount drama, 3n Exile" Dickerson Ron. DICKEKSON RUN April 2--Reuben Howard of Uniontown who will be» i candidate for Assemoly this spring was here looking over the political situation esterday Mrs Richard Sidow and Miss Risie Mayzocco spent Saturday and Sunday visiting relatives and friends at Star Junction Mrs Annie Moran and Mrs H J Moran of Scottdale spent Su-iday visiting the former's daughter Mrs James Beatty Mrs Harry Lint of Lookout Farm has returned home after a visit with her sister Mrs William Bowman at Conuence W A. Smith returned to his work here this morning ,after spending Sunday with his family at Beaver Falls M J 0 Laughlin spent Sunday -with his family at McKees Rocks W H Burkett spent Sunday visiting hii family at Cumberland Md. ! Looking to Spring Fashions Many quaint conceits are revealed in the new modes for 7 Spring 1918. Simple lines, chrammgl modeled in fascinating fabrics, strike the dominant note in fashionable feminine attire both IOT women an dmisses Colors are rather striking--and permit great latitude in choosing Fashionable Spring Coats $15,$19.75,$25 to $75.00 Coats for the street. Coats for the car Coats for the evening Every good style that one has heard of as being in demand for Spring and Summer Coats specially designed for the woman. Coats for the miss. No chance of any coat wish not being realized here. Full belted and side belted effects in Silvertone, Tncotme, Poiret Twill, Bolivia, Covert Gabardine, Serge and Poplin Slio»n in o%ery stylish color and a complete range at sizes Inspection costs you nothing Attractive Spring SUITS $19.75, $25, $29.75 to $69.50 Hers a woman may choose one of the new-old Eton effects, or a Suit tending slightly to the military or yet again a plain tailored style She may have her choice of Spring shades too numerous to mention o£ fabrics that leave nothing to be desired m beauty stjle or strict serviceability The display as a whole is one to be proud of and one from which any particular woman may choose with eitire confidence IB her selection. Suits For Stout Women a Feature CREPE METEOR and CREPE de CHINE Two Most Favored Silks This Spring These beautiful, soft Silks are very fashionable now, and their popularity will be sure to increase as both, are Silks which, can be -worn throughout the summer We have them in black, white and a range of light and dark shades equaled by no other assortment in this city. Prices $1.65 to 83.00 a yard. FOULARD SILKS Fashionable and serviceable--a, happy combination. Here m a really wonderful variety of new designs and coloi s Especially pleasing are the quaint French, designs; 36 and 40 Inches wide--$2 00 and $2 50 a yard The FOETS SII/KS, too, are stronglj in evidence for outdoor wear, and the wonderful Baronet Satin for Skirts. The prices are as moderate as we CJD make them, $2.00 to $5.00 the yard. CEDAR BOXES to Conserve Your Winter Clothes There is no article of furniture that is more useful than the Cedar Chest or Waist Box. Such a hoi may be quite inexpensive, or it may be more elaborate with handsome brass bindings and inside compartments Now is the time to provide such a box-have it ready to receive and protect the winter clothes A splendid showing here at moderate prices. Mothers Will Be Delighted With These BABY CLOTHES There is no more complete assortment of Infants' Clothes in Connellsville than you will find in this store's Infant Department Pretty little Coats, cunning bonnets and cute little Dresses And here also are all the most practical sort of undergarments You \\ill be specially delighted with the next trimmings and the splendid workmanship---svhile their moderate prices will be a source of pleasant surprise Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend-^Save Them. SILL FLIRTED WITH A GRAVE Pittsburg Man Freqaenflr Fainted and Had to Be Taken to Hospital. tbo^e who advertise. 111 tell vou the truth, It I knew tins Tanlac was not going to lie sold any more I would try to bE} every bottlo on that coun'er over the'-e before I left here today said W J Sill at the drug store in PiUsb\.rg, Pa., where Tanlac is he ng introduced Mr Sill lives at 1206 Magnolia Street, North Side, and is connected with the Now folk Dye Works, at 538 Pena A.venue "Before I began taking It, he continued I weighed many pounds less, than I ever weighed. Today I got ou the scales and tipped them 10 pounds more than I have weighed in 12 months or more That s eAactl? what two bottles ol Tanlac did for me Just look at me I'm filling these trousers rapidly. About two years ago I commenced having stomach« and it kept getting worse until I began having regular atacks of acute md'gestion. When these attacks came on me, and they were usually accompanied by nervoua spells and dizziness I would just swell up out jt all proportion and become as limp as a nig My breath, would ga,, short and ray pulse so weak I was afraid my hea-t would stop beating I have become unconscious on the street numerous times and had to be taken to the hospital I tell you I was flirting -w^th mj grave, and would haye been In it 11 it hadn t been lor Tanlac Tanlac 1s noir sold heie or the Connellsville Di-ug Co Tanlac can also be secured in Dua- bar at D C lason's Drug Store --Adv * Perryopolis. PCB.EYOPOLJS April 1 --Mr and Mrs. J W Bonnng .ind son and Mrs Mary Wood of Dunbar were guests of town relatives Sunday N. B Leichliter and IL K Leich- 14er of Monongahela City former residents of tlis place, called on friends and reiohres of town Sunday Mr and Mrs George Kamerer and Mr and Mrs B Heeres of Charleroi were guests of Dr and Mrs R P Kamerer Sunday Miss Helen Ream of Wilkjnsburg was a guest of Mr and Mrs L A. Brown Saturday Mrs Elizabeth Bradlej o! Scottdale spent the week-end with relatives of thu, -ncinity Mr and Mrs Charles Heynolds and son of Somerset returned home Monday after spending Sunday T\ith Mr and Mrs Albert Reynolds PILES RELIEVED Also Eczema, Suit Khfuni, I leers, Old Sores and Curbnnclts. Under the influence of Saa Cura Ointment surprising ineprovemenit is made so quickly that it seems almost miraculous. Stubborn cases of pj«s like those of Eev W. F Gilbert of Titusvilie Pa, vanish before the marvelous antiseptic Ointment. Mr Gilbert writes 'For twenty jeari r suffered with bleeding and itching p'les, at times I was confined to the house for more than a month Two years ago I began using S.m Cura Omtmant and one Gflc 3ar made a flrm and permanent cure. I have not been troubled s 1 .. e." San Cura Ointment is guas J'aeed by the Laughrey Drug Co, ConnMlsville, Broadway Drug Co Scoudile who are agents in th«se respectn e towns, to heltp any of the abov« u*med diseases or money back Ix relieves pain from burns, cuts ? id bruises, draws out the poison and often heals in a short time. 30c, Sfk, f.nd ?1.20 a jar at the Laughrey Dw.g Co, Connellsville, and Broadway Jrug Co, Scottdaie REMARKABLE CURES Thankful people tell w j, at my trrnt- a«nt hiu* done for them, but I publlih lunucn. E^ co»n- * Dn. n. W. "WnoKENZIE. PKtuburK Specialist. MEN AND WOMEN It you are troubled with blood, nervo and skin diseases perhaps ha%e siven up hope or relief 914 cures you quick I -want you to call My advices will he entlrelv free t will give an expert opinion, which is confidential Second to none In tho countrv I use the latest and most scientific methods and medicines My success hat been remarkable In the most stub- bo-n cases of both men and women EpUrp.j-, M VJtn, dance, hr«erical «mviil!.Im«, and all form, »ervou» m»d n GOOD BABY SH " San Cura Soap is a hesJi - and antiseptic soap just the si ~ ^ ing kind that baby needs It frees ae pores from impurit es and prpv jjts rashes and skin diseases '"me for anj one's skin, banishes bla* eads and piples clears the com* ion 25c a cake at the Langhrey O, ug Co Con- nelisville, and Broadwu Drug Co, ScottdaJe If your Jirugg-st doss: keep it send to the Thompson ·tlical Co, Titusnlle, Pa.--Adv Classified AdTTt~t-r?nt» Bring results. Cosi only g a. word. READ WEAKNESS OP ME-V. Varicocele-Hvdrocole and rupture treated without pain and no detention from business IB 1 YOU HAVE Rheumatism sktn scrofula, ear eve. nose th-oat, blood poison, lung, heart stomach liver kidney or bladder troubles, or ,f 3 ou have , ny of the follotpins Diznness weakness, loss ot memory, spots iloatine before the ejes dull disheartened mind. Jack of energy nervousness constipation. COME TO TIE. ,-,," l '£?" y o u r caso Ch ="-se8 wi'l be reasonable eierythinr strictly confidential and the mest possible treat- TOent, Here in Your Horn* Town EACn WEDNESDAY OM/T. Remember the Day. 3SEW STAC HOTKiL, 114 S. PItt«bnr R St. ConnclItrrtU* Hour* l A. M. to » J 1 . 3£. THE COUBIEB.

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