The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 2, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

iSDAT, APRIL 2, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSYILLB, PA. PAGE SEVEN. H i \ ·^ At Home and Overseas SHOE POLISHES LIQUIDS and PASTES-. For black.white,1an,dark browrt, or ox-blood shoes. "I know" "It command* the road Yowwlll be challenged, if you pan it, to tarn In Johnnie O'Reilly had no difficulty In locating tbe residence of Ignaclo Alva- ndo but *to communicate with him was quite another matter Inasmuch as his every step was dogged by that persistent shadow from I\ueritas One evening several days after his arrival, a sudden rain storm drove Oltellly indoors, and as he ascended to his room he saw that the lamp In the hallway ilared and smoked at every gust of wind It was very dark outside; be reasoned that the streets ·would be deterfd Hastily securing that book which Alvarado, the dentist, had given him, he took a position close Inside h!3 door TVben he heard the *py pass and enter the next chamber fee stole out into the hall and breathed into the lamp chimney A moment later he was safely through the window and was working his way down the shed roof praying that hlfi movements had not been seen and that the tile* were firm He nimbly scaled the vail, crossed an inclostire climbed a ·econd wall and descended into a dark ·Ide street TaUnc advantage of the densest «hadus and the numerous overhanging balconies, he set out at a brisk trot A light showed through the barred windows of the Alvarado home indi eating that the family was in After aome Inmblln? ORellly laid hold of the latch, then, without knocking he opened the front door and stepped in His sodden Appearance threw the occupants Into alarm a woman cried out sharply;) a man whom O'Reilly identified as Ignaclo Alvarado himself leaped to his feet and faced him, exclaiming: "Who are you*' "I'm a friend Don't be alarmed ** Johnnie summoned his most agreeable milt, then be extended the sodden package he had carried beneath hit arm. "I come from your brother Tomas. Be asked me to hand yon this book and so say that he Is retarn lag It with his thanks." "What are yon saYing" 1 Plnlnh- the ·peftker did riot comprehend, there was nothing but apprehension in his race. OTtellly tore the wet paper from the Tolnme and laid it la Alvarado's hand. "Look at it piense and von'H under ctand I didn't tafte time to knock, for fear I might be followed Alvarado stared first nt the book, __ _ then at his caller After a moment he j nnc Vsrnnd---' made a sign to his wife, who left the loom Wettinj,' his lips, he Inquired, with an effort, "What do yon want'' O'Reilly told him la a few words at the hospital gates, for the negroes will overtake you at that point They will stop to adjust tbe saron^of the lead horse That will be your signal, mount him and ride fact Now, adloa and good luck." With a smile and a quick grip of the band tbe messenger walked swiftly an ay ORelliy returned to his hotel At last 1 One week, and this niimb- inf, heartbreaking delay would end, he would be free to take up his quest. But those seven days were more thaa a week, they were ccren eternities The hours were like lead; ORellly could compose bis mind to nothing, ho was In a fever of impatience The day of days dawned at last and Johnnie was early at Manlns gotta fountain drinkftig Iniripld beveragon and anxiously watching the street In due time the negroes appeared their straw sarons laden with produce which they Innocently disposed of O'Reilly began to consult his watch with such frequency that the druggist joked him Mnnln's banter was Interrupted by a bugle -ill Down the street came perhaps two hundred mounted troops. They wheeled into San Rafael street at n gallop and disappeared in the direction of the suburbs. "Now, what does that mean?" murmured the druggist "Walt here while I go to the roof, where I can we something" OTteHly tried to compose himself, meanwhile beronUng aware of a grow Ing excitement in the street Then from the direction of the fort at the end of San Rafael street sounded a faint rattling fusillade, more hugie calls, and finally the thin, distant shouting of men. "Rebels ^ someone cried. "Dlos rolo, they are attacking the city'" "Ihey have audacity, ehr The roofs were black with people now Manln came hurrying down into the store. "Something has gope wrong," he whispered "They're fighting ont yonder in tbe woods. There has been some treachi'ry " "It is ·en-atteen," said OTSeflly. "I must be going" Msnln stared at him. "Ton don't Alvarsdo showed relief he even smiled. "I set, but--Caramhn' You gave me a start And this book' Ha' Tomas will btr. e his jokes. It U well yon took precautions, for I am under ·nrvelllmnce. I U help you, yes' But you must not corre here again Return to your hotel nnd-- Let me think ' Senor Alvarado frowned in deepest thought; then he said "I have it' Every morning at half past nine a man wearing a Panama hat and a~*gray ·settle witn a large gold pin will pass ·long the stderalk across the street from the Isla de Cuba You wll! know him One day I cannot promise BOW* soon, he will lift his hat thui and wipe his face You understand 7 Good ToHow him He will give yon fiml di- rertlon^ Ton know M-tnln, the drug l 6 !!,^ 1 ' y ° U Clm , he will keep you posted as-to our prog rew J,w go before someone comes." O'Reilly wrung the Cuban s hand Then lie stepped out Into the night, leaving a pool of water on the clean blue tiles where he had stood "Those black fellows are getting their horses ready I'm going" The druggist; tried to force Johnnie into a chair "Madman" 1 be, panted *.PT!R : CHA O'Reilly's Plan* Fall. In tb» days that followed his call on Ignncio Atvarado, O'Reilly behaved so openlT that tbe v ecret service agent to Watch him relaxed bis vigilance Manifestlv this OTUilly was a harmless person Bnt the spy did not guess how frantic Johnnie was be coding at the delay, how he inwardly chafed and fretted when two weeks had rolled by and still no signal had come. Then, too, his money was run nlng 'ow. At last, however, the day arrived when the man with the gray necktie raised hia^hat and wiped his brow as he passed tte Isla de Cuba Johnnie could scarcely hold himself in his chair By and by he rose stretching hinunlf, and sauntered after the fellow For several blocks he kept him in right but without receiving ?-ny farther sign Without a glance over his sbou.der the man turned Into a large, walled in ctarcre When Johnnie followed he round bjmscif In one of tbe old etrae- teriea. Ahead of him up a shady avenue bordered vitl trees, the stranger hurried, then he swerved to bis left, and when OTSe'ily came to tlw point where he hftfl i^satepftRr*^ there wag nobody .n iifat. Apprehandlog that be had made icme mistake In the signal O'Reilly has'^oed down the walk. Then at lot, to his great relief, he heard a aibllant: "Psrt! Past"" It cam* from behind a screen of »hrnbbery, and there he found the Cn- tan waiting. The latter began raplily: "Onr plans are complete Listen closely One week from today, at ten o'clock In the morntag. yon most be In Mania 1 ! dr»g atare. Directly across U* ctiwt yo« will «ee two negroes irtth thrw konex, At fifteen minutes pMt t« walk oat San Rafael street to th* col* of the dry, where tbe hou- pttal "I tell you onr friends have been betrayed they ore "retreating Go back to yonr hotel quickly " For the first time during their ac qoaintance Minln heard the good natnped American curse, O'BelUy's blue eyes were biazing, be had let go of himself completely "I'm going'" he cried, hoarsely "All the d d Spaniards In Cuba won't stop me Lord 1 I've TV alted too long-I should hnv^ made a break--' "Idiot'' stormed the druggist "Ton wish to die eh?' OTtellly ripped ont another oath and fonght off the other's restraining hands "Very well then," cried Manin "bat have some thought of us who have risked our lives for you Suppose you should escape' How n ould onr troops receive you now? Would they not think you had cunnlagly arranged this trap'" A light of reason alowly reappeared in the younger man's eyes ' "No 1 " Manln pressed his advantage "You tan-it wait until--" He broke oft abruptly and stepped behind his counter, for a man in the uniform of a Spanish lieutenant had entered the store The newcomer walked directly to O'Reillv he was a clean cut alert Incriminating IQ Toar possession O BelHj s face betravetl his amaze- meet. "Arrested? What for? On what charge--" -^ The stranger shrugged W I don t know That newspaper man wilt be arrested nt the same moment, so you had better warn him But be careful where and how you do «o for all his movements aae-vatcbed all his words are ojerhcnrd.' Tbe necroea win fellojir "Tonloht, «t MMnioM, You Will B« An. jromg fellow. After » cearddag ihmcc around the place he »pote In a Toice audible to both men: "Senor, jon are in dancer. Tonight, at mldnlgbt, jou will be anected. I bet of 7oa to M* that there Is nottlne cani9-ta*j« mgft-itx 1«AaS| unra lns W^ 1k JI s*Tjr Bc bowed StSfaO^j^ 96 door''and was gone On the strolce of midnight OEellly was arrested Aftir a thorough search of his person and his premises he wab escorted to government headquarters where he found Leslie Branch The imalld looked taller thinner more bloodless than ever, ana his air of settled gloom admirably became the situation Hello Whut luck? Johnnie flashed et him "Good i" An offlrcr eharply commanded him to be silent The prisoners were ordered to stand side by side facing thPir oruisors Th"n each in tarn \as subjected to a rigorous examination Owing to his acquaintance with Spanish O Reilly was able to defend hiraselC without the aid of an Interpreter It w\s evident from ttip lir-t thit Branch's case was hopeless He read ily acknowledged himself to be a news puper'wrlter anfl admitted hnvlng sent articles for publication through the malls. This was qu'te enough from the att'tudo of the military men it promised to go hard with him Judc. ' ment for the moment was suspended ( acd the two prisoners were led away At last OTZellly was recalled, but when he re-entered the big room he fiind General Antuna awaiting him alone The gencril spoke with force and gravity "Sir OEellly, I believe you to be a far greater menace to the In terests of my country than--well, than a score of dynamite experts. I believe you are a wirier' The American smiled "Are writers such dangerous people'' "That altogether depends upon clr cnmstances The United States is inclined to recognize the belligerency of these Cuban rebels and her relations with Spain are becoming dn'_y more strained, ill feeling grows and all because of the exaggerations the mendacities that have gone forth from, here to your newspaper! We are de termlned to put down this uprising In onr own way, we win tolerate no foreign interference War is never a pleasant tnlng, but you Journalists hRTe magnified Its horrors and mis represented the cause of Spain until you threaten to bring on another anfl a more horrible combat Now, then yon understand what I mean when I say that yon are more dangerous than a powder expert, that your pen can tlft more injury can cause the dea-A of more Spanish troops than ^ould a regiment of Americans with dvaamlte. Tour English friend makes no secret of his business, to we shall escort him to NenvitBB and gee him safely out of the country once for all" "And yet you permit me to remain?" Johnnie was surprised TO BE CONTINUED. surr NEW BUT HOLE IN SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Sines Spoil FFne Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreca-S f u l T o r PreveffikHiseases j Vf irttli a IxATln Ms bit of srcajtm » xirl n Irtend »lJKMa Btt- tnrad" ebo««. Rlefet a Tnan or -rosran a apon UkA- tlBCSt tooj lb« t««th? Dress En aJJ yon pteu^ if t» open your* a. decajred »et of te«. Thatfa a hole Jn tb» eho* lor Tbls fapftt«9 both to own aod Qlrla,, «cd yoonjr men. voa kMW hdf th* admjjutlop wbliii wold b» direct- «3 toward. JTJn U yoa have bod Toa ean"L be pJoaslce 1 Tff tscmthftil ot «l«-*aLj Ton t* bnlOEr ettb«r Tin. ot tao teotlx faoro , t ttocncft cm other orcxotf or Bb« Ead. toetbt t£Q»ct the tattai±aca t toJU_ilieart. jutd arma the terse, iledl- cal Bdfiifc-* shows tLt bad teoth pro- due*) unhealthy ewndliioas ail orer fth* ttHTHE NATION expects you to lighten Railroad Trans- » portation by using your motor car" -John N. Willys Jlobile oils, hemy, medium and light in lots of 5, 10 gallons, half barrels and luur- rels, Jrom the barrel only, per gallon :--~ 60c Buckeye Mon-Stid Tires, mode by the Sebring Tire Company, Searing, Ohio. 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Vim BBEMWCO Toott* Paste a» a pr- cntatfrre \s1t your denrisc if you lAhonaA not pojr ail attention to ymr xeeth. of coorso Tie Trout say our Tooth, ·oste TrlU curs Pyorrhco. 1C you. ohwjtdjr hctm Lt, your denalot la tbo doctor Evan 1* yon a."a feffltctcd -crfth hJo tonrtWn aawtoaQ Sun- .loco l £tm Pnii"c TriH b«Ip you. to got bnd Qt It. -with yowr tlffntistfa oaslBt- Itat "we dozi^x ~erautL you to con- wntr JoHtaewf tr+ tto mouth . TOW daag. yacer- ojmiaJ, doctor. A sro««tti»ro la fiwr Vetteir tbua, av* lo-KO 1 thawoah, CUE- trlala. of a cnre. Breve yonr- teutU 03 Si^ttroco Tooth, aad; the probabmty to ffiat yoa ' to deai frlCh. itoaL and poln- . 1^- tajlay oxcellqnt care - teeth you may save- stomach. OB-teattnal. heart and oyo tconbies. recaution to keep the twjtti do It with Senraoo Too4h tho latest discovery of dental . Sample of flenreco Jreo if o wish It Senreco ToctU Paste, Eczema Remedy The care of Shin di»cnacB (eciemA) and df*k MK« of lh« ecalp ia Vficwn to be difficult even wlih the bc*t efforto of in,lcHigent nnd discnnv touting physlclani However there it one remedy that fe en If rely dependable in Una d!etrce- tas and troublesome dlKcon. tluitlsDJ^D i^rc ·vrjptioTi laauufactnred by the O D D Com pony of Chfca«t 111 I toko much pleasure in rcenmmeiM*lnr ft to tbe entire confidence of nil cuftren wrthan? form of skin disease a? a the? r^n rely upon vnth perfect M L. EANDOLPH Md Dec H.101T Oakburet, Teras. Come In and we wiU tell yon something about what D D D Prescription boa Accomplished In your own neighborhood Tot(f nio»4j/ book unless the hrst bottle feUeTea you 35c, 60c and $1 00. J C MoorD DruffEiac. "Water St. Connellsville P. B. Kesler, t l J IfcCorniick Avc. Bell 284.

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