Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 20, 1975 · Page 67
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 67

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 20, 1975
Page 67
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Page 67 article text (OCR)

HUNT1NGTOH WSAZ-TV NIC HUNTINCTON WOWK-TV ABC Morning 6:30 3) Arthur Smith O Bible Answers © Town Crier · Good News 6:45 0 Morning Report 7:00 02) © Today Network News A.M. America 8:00 0 © Capt. Kangaroo O Sesame Street .8:30 CD Sesame Street 9:00® Coffee Break · A.M. ®® New Zoo (9 Q) Phil Donahue · Cooking ffl Artie Levin · D.J. O School Programming 9:30 ® Romper Room · Barbara Walters i (Q) Cartoons ® Films · Galloping Gourmet ffl Musical Chairs · New Zoo ffl Hathayoga 10:00 · ® ® ® © Celebrity Sweepstakes O ffi Spin Off · Dinah ® Barbara Walters 9 Body Shop ffl Making Things Grow 10:30 · ® ® © © Wheel of Fortune O © Gambit ® Rev. Adkins 9 Designing Women ffl Flower Show HUNTINGTON WMUL-TV PBS-EEN CLARKSBURG W BOY-TV NBC ROANOKE WOJB-TV CBS GRANOVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN PARKERSBURC WTAP-TV HBC ROANOKE WSLS-TV NBC BLUEFIELO WHIS-TV NBC Musical Chairs · Mr. Cartoon ® © © Somerset Gilligan's Island ©Bonanza Mike Douglas ® You Don't Say 9 2) Sesame Street Mickey Mouse · Bewitched ® Corner Pyle Andy Griffith Family Affair Bonanza ® Movie FBI Lucy Truth or Consequences Ironside ' Mister Rogers Neighborhood ® Bonanza 2:30 · ® $10,000 Pyramid 8 Consumer Survival ® Folk Festival O © Edge of Night · (BO® (3)-Doc tors · ® Rhyme Reason 9 Jean Shepherd 3-000©New Price O ® ® © © Another World 0 ® General Hospital 9 Feeling Good 2) Antiques 3:300 ffi Match Game 0 ® One Life to Live ffl Yoga and You 9 Man Builds. Man Destroys 5:30 0 Andy Griffith ® Get" Smart ® Tell the Truth 9 Electric Co. ® Hodgepodge Lodge Evening " 6:00 O ® ID ® © 0 8) 0 ffl Local News, weather, sports 9 Jeanne Wolf ® Electric Co. 6:30 O ® ® O © 0 ® 0 ® N^work News 9 Body Shop ® Yoga 11-00 0 ® ® © ® High Rollers O ffl Tattletales ® Friends, Neighbors 9 School Programming ffl Fore 11:30 0 ® ® ® ® Hollywood Squares 0 ffl Love of Life 0 ® Brady Bunch ffl Mister Rogers Afternoon 12:00 0 ® ® © Marble Machine 0 © Local News ffi Young Restless 0 ® Show Off s 9 Mister Rogers ffl Hodgepodge Lodge 12:30 O ® © © Jackpot ® Local News 0 ffl Search for Tomorrow · 3) All My Children 9 ffl Electric Co. 1:000® Local News ® Somerset © Marble Machine © Barbara Walters 0 Phil Donahue ffi Panorama 0 ® Ryan's Hope 9 Carrascolendas · ffl Firing Line 1:30 O ® ® ® © Days °f O ur Lives 0 ffl As World Turns 0 ® Let's Make a Deal 9 Folk Guitar - 2:00 0 ffl Guiding.Light "' 4s *' CHARLESTON: w : . VA, MONDAY Morning 9:00 "Three Sisters" 10:30 Bingo 11-.30 Randy Mallory Noon 12:00 Elmer's Tune 2:00 "Angry Breed" 3:15 "It takes all kinds" 4:30 Profile 5:00 "Home of the Brave" Evening 6:15 The Answer 6:45 Spruce Family Monday "JESSICA" (1962) *· 8 p.m. ffl.Angie Dickinson. Maurice Chevalier. When a glamorous midwife turns men's heads in a small Italian village, the women of the town pull a "Lysistrata" and go on "strike." Filmed in Italy, the sce- nics are the main attraction in this slow-moving comedy. Fall line-up may hurt CBS ratings By Jay Fredericks After years of reigning as King of Saturday Night, this may just be the season that CBS's supremacy is challenged seriously and even overcome. ., For the past several seasons, the blockbuster CBS Saturday night lineup has started at 8 p.m. with "All In The Family," which grabbed the viewers at the start of the prime time evening and then kept them tuned to CBS through the Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart and Carol Burnett shows. The weak spot in the otherwise formidable array was the half hour between "All In The Family" and "Mary Tyler Moore," which CBS filled with a variety of shows -"Bridget Loves Bernie," "Friends and Lovers" and, most lately, "The Jeffersons" -- none of which even approached the quality of the rest of Saturday night's offerings. But, as has been noted, someone reading the alphabet - if they had the spot between "All In The Family" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" would get impressively high rat- m This season, CBS is moving "All In The Family" to 9 p.m. on Mondays, presumably so the show won't have to be cleaned up to .fit the requirements of the "family viewing hour" that is supposed to consist of nothing but non-controversial and squeaky clean programs until 9 p.m. each night. And the network is leading off its Saturday night line up with "The Jeffersons." Sunday Solo "SANDCASTLES" (1972) *' 11:30 p.m. 0. Jan-Michael Vincent, Bonnie Bedelia. Even if the two leading players are nice to look at, it's still a silly ghost story, with a strong stress on sentimental love. Miss Bedelia falls for .Vincent after he's been killed in an auto accident . . . yes, that's AFTER he dies! 7:00 O © Truth or Consequences ® Porter Wagoner ® Ironside © Wally's Workshop 0 What's My Line ffl Klassroom Kwiz 0 Candid Camera ® Music Scene 9 One of a Kind ffl Let's Garden ; 7:30 O Nashville Music © Untamed World 0 To Tell the Truth ® Community Report 0 $25,000 Pyramid ® ffi Hollywood Squares 9 Episode ffl Martin Agronsky 8:00 O ® ® ® © Baseball 0 ffi Gunsmoke 0® Rookies 9 ffl Raitt, Butterfield 9:00 0 Maude 0 ® SWAT ffl Movie 9 Tim Weisberg 9:30 O Rhoda 9 Realidade.s ffl Victory At Sea 10:00 9 Sinners 0 ® Caribe 0 ffi Medical Center ffl Family At War 11:00 O®®© ©02)0® Lo- Cal news, weather, sports 9 Captioned News 11:30 O ® ® O © Tonight Movie Wide World i Janaki ,1 think this is a mistake. "The Jeffersons" is not a very good show. Its ratings are, I think, dependent on its spot between-Archie and Mary Tyler and deprived of those cushions, I think its weaknesses are going to be quickly exposed. The first -- and major -- weakness is that .its protagonist, George Jefferson is not a sympathetic character. With all his faults - and he has a bushel -- Archie Bunker still gives the impression that he is human and that, in his own way, he loves his wife and his daughter. But George Jefferson and his wife spend their time spitting put-down wisecracks at each other, at the other members of the family, and at all their neighbors. There is little sign of any affection at all among the Jeffersons. And, like all Norman Lear shows, "The Jeffersons" depends largely on decibel count to cover weaknesses in the script. When in doubt, the Lear approach goes, yell. And in "The Jeffersons" the yelling is practically constant. »· In past 'seasons, NBC has managed to build its opening Saturday night show "Emergency" from a shaky start into a steady second place offering, which-and I would think this might show CBS something -- picks up viewers after the first hour. That means a lot of "All . In The Family" watchers are switching over right after Archie mangles his final sentence. "Emergency" viewers, according to the demographics, are younger people -- mostly kids --and without "All In The Family " to challenge it for viewers this season, I think a lot of families are just going to let the kids have the set from 8-9 p.m. on Saturdays and may even stick around for the NBC Saturday night movie. If they do that in any numbers, that means Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart and Carol Burnett are going to slip in the ratings too. This could be Carol Burnett's last season if her audiences decline too drastically since CBS viewers tend to slide away anyway at 10 p.m. At any rate, I'm willing to bet right now that CBS loses its Saturday night dominance this season, giving NBC its best shot in years to become the number-one network. Wateh for These Mondav GUNSMOKE. (Repeat). "The Guns of Cibola Blanca" (Part II) Marshal Dillon, Festus, and Newly pose as gun-running outlaws to gain entry into the desert fortress holding Doc and Lyla Ross. 8 p.m. CBS. * * * SWAT. (Repeat). "Blind Man's Bluff" After being creased by a bullet, Lt. Hondo Harrelson tries to conceal the effects of the wound, but eventually must be relieved of his command when he suffers from dizziness and blurred vision. Heading the guest cast are Frank Aletter as Lt. Purcell, Richard Evans as Arty and Ajidrew Rubin as Bud. 9 p.m. ABC: * * * i Tomorrow MAUDE. (Repeat). When Mrs. Naugatuck, who's been acting strangely, tells the Findlays^hat she's in love and plans to marry. Maude plans a surprise bridal shower, but there's an even bigger surprise in store for everyone. 9 p.m. CBS. 0 * * * RHODA. (Repeat). When Rhoda discovers Joe has been visiting a doctor without telling her, she begins to worry, but not as much as when she finds out what kind of doctor it is. 9:30 p.m. CBS. O * * * CARIBE. (Repeat) "Patriots" After a gang of terrorists bomb the U. S. naval base on the Caribbean island of Victoria, the Caribe Force moves in ,tp track down and apprehend the revolutionaries. 10 p.m. ABC. 0 ® * * * · MEDICAL CENTER. (Repeat). "The Invisible Wife." A famed politician's wife enters Medical Center under an assumed name and asks Dr. Gannon not to inform her husband of her whereabouts. 10 p.m. CBS. TERMITES SWARMING? FREE INSPECTION CALL 925-6624 STANDARD EXTERMINATING COMPANY, INC. S(19MacCMkleAfe.Si.

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