The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 22
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 22

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

20 Keeping Hubby Alive Is Topic of Delegates' Wives By BETTY SARSFIELD of Th Journal . Don't badger, don't ask too many questions, see that he gets enough rest and proper diet, and make your own plans.. At a Kaflee Klatsch at the Chateau Laurier wives of members of the Institute of Association Executives discussed ways of "HOw to Keep Our Husbands Alive.' Since their lives revolve around busy executives who must attend conventions, much of the discussion centred on getting away to conventions with the lean amount of fuss. Most of the wive felt able to take sudden change of plans in their stride. It is important, they concluded, to "be flexible and not to have too many plans of our own." They concluded that as a general rule they remain cool, calm and collected in the face of what most women would consider frustrating circumstances. Wives of executives generally like to attend conventions and hold the opinion " that their husbands are happier if they "tag along." Mrs. Arthur Bullied, of To-" ronto, wife of the 1AE president, believes that everyone la happier when a wife accompanies her husband to a convention. "The hotels. By HELOISE CRUSE' Dear Ladies: Since we have received so many questions about removing scorch, I thought It might be well to repeat this advice. Some - scorches are impossible to remove because the fiber have been burned. II applicable to the cotton fabric, dip cloth In three per cent peroxide and use it as a pressing cloth. A dry cloth may be used on top of this before pressing with a warm iron. Be SURE your material la colorfatt. On use bleach, following the directions .on the lable. - Or: a a last, resort, try. sanding the material lightly with fine sandpaper. This' sometimes works. It only removes the burned fibers of thg material. Some garment factories and cleaners use this method. ,'- .V -HcMse. ' Dear HcMse: I used to have trouble cleaning the narrow space between my stove and cabinets. I finally solved this prob- STAUFFER SALON Summer "QUICKIE' SPECIAL at HALF-PRICE! Be ready for swim . . . It to be sum . . 20 TREATMENTS Woaaireal tttfnai fcae-pmm wbn SLIM wrrsj sTAcrriBi 236-9105 It ajn. to pjn. Dally 182 Sparks Street (AtMV rteitaua'i) ' RENT A SEWING MACHINE BY THE WEEK FROM YOUR J SINGER SWB6 CENTRES SHOPPING . IS A PLEASURE AT mv JTkrlrtai a say Dw Lat . 147 BJDEAU ST, 'J J V l easyaii V" s25 X . MRS. TOM WHELXAMS restaurants and dubs encourage men to bring their wives to meetings," she said, The women all held the opinion that their husband are too busy to b bothered with questions about the conventions. She felt that wive should enquire about the social functions being held at. convention from their husband's secretaries. PACKING Packing .doesn't seem to present many problem for wive of executives- Only a few wive pack suitcases for their husbands. Several lem with one of my bus-(band-s old T-hirt. cut six inches off the bottom of the shirt ; and stretched R over the length of yardstick. --Mrs. J. C Salter. Dear Heloise: I pinked the bottom of my shower curtain just the way you told me to ... to prevent mildew. I hate you because rt is still in such good condition that I can't ask my husband v for1 a new curtain! Elisabeth. Dear Galst Elisabeth evidently read the letter I wrote about three years ago, suggesting that you pink the bottom of a shower curtain, rather than hem it The reason for this? It Is usually in. the hem-(where water has seeped . in) that mildew and mold grow to rot the shower curtain. HtMse. w Dear HelMset When you make nylon net bags tor soap scraps, tuck m a small piece of ' sponge. Keeps the bag floating and readily available. M. W. B. ,. Dear HeWeet If the' plastic heels on your shoes fbecome scuffed or scratched, try using a - little - bit of model paint. It Is made for plastic, and cover the scratches nicely. I use a little piece of cotton . oa toothpick (It Is tbetter ' than a cotton swab) to apply the paint Dear HtMse: If anyone has a cloth slipcover tnat slides down on the MA ill women .And that ther hus-bands do a better job of packing their own luggage. One woman admitted that, her husband does' all the packing for both of them. Mrs. Tom Whellams, win of the chairman of the Ottawa branch, advised executives' wive to "go about your own plan. ay as little aj possible. Just get ready and go." Most wive agreed with her. Mrs. Mac Mir of Toronto, finds plenty to keep her busy while her executive husband . attends meetings. She has shopped, watched the Chang ing of the Guard and attended a session of Parliament since her arrival in Ottawa. Wednesday. RICH FOODS Mrs. Jacques Chevalier of. Oka. Que., thinks that good eating habits contribute to her husband's well,-being when he attends conventions. She think too much rich food is served at these func- . tion. Mr. C. W. Floody. wife Of the secretary for IAE, attends about 12 of the 43 convention her husband goes to each year. Mrs. Vlateur Gendron And that, remembering names of people she meet one of her most important accomplishment at conventions.' sofa, tell them to put a thin, foam . rubber mattress pad (not covered with material) under the slipcover. The slipcover will never slide . and the mattress pad makes the sofa softer, too. U it Is a sofa bed. the pad can be bought to lit almost perfectly. i ' .. Heloise welcomes all mail, especially household hints which she can pass on to readers as space permit. However, because of the tremendous volume of mail she receives daily. Heloise is unable to answer all individual letter. She will answer read- -ers' questions in her column whenever possible. (Copyright. MM) Dogs, Rugs Both Need Brushing Owner( of poodle other long-haired dog best equipped to cart those deep-pile area or are tor c-. cent rug made with Orion acrylic fibre. Like the poodle. th rug should be groomed frequently with a wire brush. Between brushing the rug should be given a good shaking. This usually straighten out the fibre in a long-napped surface. At the first sign of toiling, the rug should be laundered either by hand or mechanically, using tepid water and a mild detergent. Use a low temperature if tumble drying. When .laundering by hand, rub the pile gently, rinse and squeeze out excess water before drip drying. - Try to hang the rug In an accessible place such a over the shower rod where It can be shaken several times. Whatever method Is used, always give the rug a vigorous brushing when bone dry to restore Its soft, fluffy appearance and rich color. TRANSLATES BIBLE WINNIPEG (CP)-Rnata J. Siemens of Winnipeg Is helping to translate the Bible Into Luo, a language spoken by 1 10. sot Inhabitants of Kenya. Mis Siemens, who returned to Kenya after a brief furlough recently. is a Bible teacher for the Pentecostal Assembles of Canada. She ha been working la Africa (nee 131. 7 - I .' - THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1964 S . -i - I -.. I-.'". .... t,. t (kmm fit. -4 a . " 1 1 1 " 1 i--waw twsjs, sw- -v tr'-1V sWatMgMaal . ' .-'V. , . .' -..t. Jewelry turns audacious this Costume Jewelry shown with the I I a ANN Ana landerw What do about a shut - m pho liir. chTbcTdW m. a prisoner is my own home as many as three time a 1 day? . I want to be kind to this" who wields her tele-' woman because f know she is pathetically lonely. I do all I can for her. Including bringing new friends to her bom to fill her empty hours. But tbe more I give, tbe more she demands, I find myself become M-creasingly resentful because 4iU person can find happiness only if her mouth fat open. Hints don't help. . Is there anything I can den to get her to cut her call to on a dayt She la a little unstable and I don't want to upset her. Thank you. BUNION ON MY EAR LOBE. Dear Bum A wetaas is so lace lati ate f Mme that ah wooM who Theae yea three time a day Is atere than a Httl a- etaM- she is a tyrant. . Telling her to limit herself to. one call adiy will not help. You win have to compose a cut off sentence, write It out and have k handy by thephone. (Sample: "Sorry. I can't talk now. I'm running.") When she calls a second or third Urn, spiel it oft In a breathless voice and run. . " Dear Ana taalarsi My mother raised me to believe I was beautifuL brilliant and that I should make a apectacu. tar marriage. . Somehow 1 changed signals, on ber and married the only man I ever loved. Of course he was the TEA SET SOLD LONDON (CP) A Queen Ann tnree-ptace tea set from an unnamed source was sold at Sotheby' for 1.20. The comtsting of a small lea pot. milk Jug and covered silver bowl, was mode by R. Watte la 1711. 7i Shop Friday 12.30 to 9 p.m. other days G'E'f.1 rarvATa tin. Toaa l; BfflOTES 1449 Harlfab RW . 7SB-I44I ' - m - Deer can I fxA J I ril h 0k IKS' a - ' a m. to o p.aa. BOLD COSTUME in Paris. Fall and Winter LANDERS JEWELRY IN PARIS style included the bib at left worn on the low-cutback gowns, and at right, the patio footwear. Phone Calls Hold Her a Prisoner 'mW she hated most' "lW did not have the grand moU,W hd 01 D'ck', 0,renU wer elegant enough and they might pick up tbe wrong fork the wedding dinner. We were married In the minister s study ,.and mother wept all through the service. After the ceremony she told me I had broken her heart, by 'making such a poor marriage and that the didn't want to see us again. Dick and I moved out. of town. That was two years ago. Last night my aunt called to tell m mother is not well, I asked if .mother Jiad asked her to call. She replied, "No." Dick is urging me to go borne. Should I? THE DISAPPOINTMENT. Frlaadi Yes, yea go bum. Aad sheuM ge aaase. And seeav mmm I " , Jr..: ' I1 A II I 1 I f "Ai "; ' i ft From Europe ; ; ; Fabrics ! ; Tot Fill ajKhaivi fabrics iRvt witb orfglrMRfy and fliir , '- '. ; .'.'.'. ." - ' - .' i .Imported Knits . . ; ' ' From Italy and Switzerland lush with the) vibrant colon of Autuimi , and superbly portraring fbt "Elegant Look" of (tie season . 1 REDUCTION OF SUMMER KNITS 13 to 12 OFF ' ' - , 110 SLATER STREET at Bank , S33-SMI ; FREE PARKING AT JOHNNY'S, NEXT DOOR ' August sale of furs Creations by the foremost Canadian Fur Fashion Designer Exclusively our and at sale prices that defy comparison. RACK (rrtC KBUI IANI S39S UTutu im ratsui umi m nw awm msaun $ns WTiU (4rtd) limm $159S HOWl (eyed) lOLKn (tell skin) $745 IMWI (dyed) CR9U MIXI Ml Alai) $495 tMWI (dred) URIPUI ttOSum. St9S RTnn wet mm vwm $t?s iTwi srERn mm $s?s pTUji mm ittva $495 rwrt fevrj sVip mm $1275 OTHQ (W fltWT ,( r S$5 iRflwi (ewi wm 1 ; $4 Mn(del(lluttltAl : $595 liimiMiffrffeNed) ,$1395 Jan, unmn mmi - ? $945 pTWi win 'wm Htl '- SIttO maibtic wnim wx ' , $jm HW9JTR,WW $3195 PTU PIJTR MWI i ' , $199$ iw wi' fi"'', ; ' . $1295 IIP BANK IT. Sho In 4lrCondUiond Comfort Comfort Moruiat Thru Saturday Cnrinn CtAlAe- r- .... cxcire "Australians Autumn Is near at hand In WMwit im ... nwvftifjiia,. where the seasons sre reversed, a. woman's fancy at this time of year turns tq Spring fashions. ' It is an exciting time for .Australian .women. There is the "Gown of the Year" contest In which Australia's leading designers ' and fashion models compete for top laiirels; a glittering occasion. There are also the Australian Wool Board's annual Gold medal ' Award "presentation for designer and manufacturers of textiles, wool knits and fashion garments. And the "Futuons on the Field" contest conducted In conjunction with the Melbourne Cup Cone of the worlU'i richest horse races) and the Spring : racing carnival. . , By combining the talents of it imaginative artists and designers with superb cloths ' woven" by local textile mills. Australia Is. producing an impressive range of Individual and exciting styles. Some of Australia's finest textiles, car- ' pet, blankets, rugs and knitted garment are on display.. In the Australian pavilion at this year's Canadian National -Exhibition Is Toronto. 1 1 f b ft- Z3M826 ( . Ijt to $M p.m. (

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