The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 2, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. ... ' HENBT" p." SNYDE'R. ' ' lj . rounder uct E«!Uor.;lS7»-lM!i 3,1 " V'i~_i.-\ ; - . ' . . . XHK COITJUKB COMPACT. « ,,-X.. scie BSTTDISK: - ri ·''' i4* · ' JAa^rSji^oii. - S-jfoe'T and TrfKMirer. BusliiMS X City Editor. Society Editor. MEMBEK OP: Associated Press. Audit Bur»au ol Circulation. sk-^1 Two cents per : rfcopj£ '5 per T*ar by nta " , Enured »s ireeond class matter _SN|P«*toBce. Connel!sYiH«,-P»-.. it the -IMS. g?:t $·.: «£: j»V, «Tto ··»!«*'» "Sirvli* WILLTAM P. SHEKlfAN. Hospital Unit I* U. S..A.. Fort McPheraon, Atlanta, Gra. KAJU?H F. SIJOER. Company H,'Jl»th Infuntry. U. S. N. A_ Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. «i"^ , ejtiaively entitled^ to »the" tfs« tor. - - " .. , _n. oreaited to U or not otherwise credited ia this paper and also the local n»wi pirtliafctil herein. io.:_the^clay .when, it the .tender. ^ e of'severf, ; :She had BursV;into ;a "passionate sobbing at-'the music at-a. brass band, Dorothy Parsons had been :rcCwrd«d : ii\queer;Vlix other respects,' sWminglj? sieSpKrti abnormal child. She was'uiusually Jrtght,in fact, mas-: tered ;'iier-'studies reaiHly,' more often' than otherwise stood at the head of ·h'er claisj^aiHr was' a' born 'leader;. And peculiarly -firm. 7'. They Will telE'ypu many amusing stories 'of her 7outh in Chester. She ^was^mavfullofj surprises, of r new and "kovel-iiteas aii^ darlni; escapades as a .turtUuii. pf meat. ;No one thought seriously of any pranit that Dorothy Parsons engineered, and they were legion. If it was Dorothy Pareons it was sufficient.,, ,, ,, ·'·?···,, ; · ;;... . Dorothy "SHIS. abi}iit"the. first, person ia' Chester ,"td" apureclate the. possibilities oT-the"European war. TVhen she asked; Pastor" Noufse what h'e would do when war came to America h« was horrified. "Bnt it isn't coming to America," the startled dominie, answered/. ^It.isnt our quarrel;" ' ' . . · · .^But-it will be; just wait." shei in- slstea'.ooimdentry.. ' . - r44ifTJirtien..the Preiident finally; de- ~3are'd~fbf' war she was the first* to ggest- sailed Cross unit And when this was "umrer way she deserted it,to SOT- TH$ TUtE FOB '' " " fc ;· Comforting' and ehcourisiriK 'as it jf' : ;» to know that.the Allies h«ve not '%.~, '.(jnly^halted, the German offensive,'.but '^t Jft-Jnimy'poiats hare ·""··--"--· Ej $aek with heavy' lo: frnrled the'Hiius ss, we must not Conclude that the battle has been won. filter hairing failed .on the .iniual " to 'rupture the 'British lin o* nelf Sh wis'but natural "that.the ireijht and Strength of the German drive would jiimJnisb. from day to day and eventu- Jly come "to a standstill. Tliat this StSjbeen-the-result inu»tnot;be taken e^s an f . indication that" .the Germans Jiaw--givenr-up -til*· struggle. * On*'the jjpntrary, we k can very ^coifidjmjjy . I^Hint upon them* utilizing -the -appar- imt. lull in the .great battle, to reorgan- 3^e iiieir'fo'rces, bring up their artill- jjry, munitions and supplies and, other-: . 3Hse prepare either tof*5ist" counter illienaivo by the AlHeJkxiir to make, a · H«w drive ol their ~ owa irosa their -'4Jdvuicecl .positions. ' %'; " ' . : |i'in either event it mAjKsaceljr-'be'as-- ,,, :-iramed that-the hattleflinsteiiJ"-p^ bc- ; K ;lig snort and decisive as. tae Gerinoas'- f] ; Relieved it.- would be.f^^b^drsrviro' 1| IjSnt into weeks, perESv/ inonths.: of every day . will ./add ioi J Vjjtrength ot the "" " -without^' defeat ; ol the ,Germans.-Will.,aIford,the .;Sanii"qpp6rttraIty'Tdr'the' enemy" to re: '^habilitate-his-forces. · It' maybe true .;!6i»*ratiT«».ptw«r »hown 4n earlier 'ijeirs of war, but we mustjreallze that j*t«ir resources-'are'by na.nieansjex- "'*"·' ited, least of all has their '.will to , if at all-, possible,, be.en crushed 'their "failure "to immediately .ere their objective in tie great The present is the supreme ef- of the Germans to overcome tir enemies and it. will be .continued ,,. sJBrtll ; ihe£Allies : jiy.. superior -numbers, 1; · -VJfirktegy 'or greater 'Intensity' arfil per^ : listen ci'jrm attactj-.fprce tiie eneiay to SISTERS OF BARBARA .eo ; into training- for field nurse work. ·lAnd. she. pursuaded' -those ; of us who could afford it to foot the bill for her .training course. · All of us were proud of'-er. ·'. ;' - .. , . 'Just before 'she sailed for France ;she attended one of tie Red Cross woric sessions. "Wlien ;he» day's task had ended, she mounted a chair. "There's'.one thing I -rant to say to you women," she explained, "I'm leaving for over there in a couple- of days, ilaybe I'll come back; maybe ·I'll 'not. That doesn't . particularly matter. But .what about you folks? Are you going to be satisfied with knitting a few sweaters and mufflers and helmets? And rolling a few bandages? j "Kemember Barbara Fritchie? Ho'w Khe was willing to give her life if her country's flag miglu be spared ? What sacrifices are you really malting to save .that flag? What are you giving? Simply .knitting isn't enough for us women. Let's become sisters of Barbara. Let's make the initiation fee one Liberty Bond! ,;That's how the Sisters of Barbara originated in Chester. · Who will be a local . Barbara to mother such au organization in Con- neUsrflleY OHe Cent a Word. No advertisements for T.*e(S Than 1C Centa. Classified columns clooe at noon. Advertisements of wanta, snlea. etc.. receH-cd alter that hour will not appear until the day following. WANTED -- YOUR business. KENDiKE'S. BAHBERING tf "WANTED -- CHAMBERMAID AT S3GTH HOtlSB. 2n.pr2t WANTED-- TWO GIRLS AT CON- NELLSV1L.LE STEAM LACNDHT. , WANTED--THREBl DNl'UBNISHED rooms after April 15, Atldruss 110 South Second street. 29martfd WANTED--WOMAN TO house. BALTIMORE HOUSE. *CTOtic"-ckndidate t '_for governor Vnoj 'eveVhe. may ·be'/must'pledge himself and iriSTiarty to a ratification of the national prohibition amendment, and must give some guarantee that he wiirdevote himself sincerely to the passage of :state-w;de prohibition at the coming session of the general assembly. . - ' . .W. H. Berry, collector of the port o't Philadelphia and former state treasurer, insists that he is satisfied lns "" with Guffey as a Democrat, but he | P roactl CITY LABORERS ON THE FARM TO BE PAID $2 A DAY does not'believe that Guffey coald convince the .voters of the state of his sincerity for prohibition in any form. .Mr.' Guffey has never had alliances with the temperance people and Mr. Berry contends that any declaration Guffey might make on. that subject would be ridiculous. So that Mr. Guffey is beaten by his own party b6fdr,e -be.-' -gets; his '.first, contribution to the campaign recorded. Continued from Pa«-e One. specified days were pledged. Other cards signed pledged a -total of 10% days a week from now until Ihc end or the harvest season. This is considered an excellent start, consider. only a few men were ap- whic-h the farmer i WANTED--MAID FOR housework. 1002 street. . CENKIIAL Pittsburg WANTEI3--BOY TO ACT AS POK- ter and work in timer store. Inquire J. C. MOOUE. . 27inarUd FOB. SALE.--ADVERTISING SPACE In this paper. Ask let rale*. FOR SAiB--SOUTH ' CONNELLS- vllle lots. Convenient, cheap, easy terms. Inquire at THE COURIER OFFICE., · . FOR SALE--ONE 3jARG13 DOUBLE flat top desk, llgrlit oa.Ic, In excellent condUion. The first $100 otter will taJce H. Inquire DELCO LUMBER C'OMT'ANY. ZSmarttd FOR SALE--1917 PEEKLKSS EIGHT seven passenger touring: car In splendid condition. Bargain to quick buyer, J, A. McCREART MOTOR CAR CO. FOR SALE--ONE GOOD DRIVING horae, 1,100 pounds, 7 years old, one H n d one-half miles South of Scottdale, Tiptop Farm. HEXR5T DIBTKRLT. laprit* WANTED--GIRL FOR G15NEIIAL housework. MBS. SCHM1TZ, 100 West Main street. SOmartf WANTED--TO RENT - A 6 OR 6 room mo'dern. housa. Address "L," the Courier. " 30mar3t' WANTED--SECOND HAND TYFE- writer. Calt. Bell 13-R, or Tri-State 08-W, Mount Pleasant. 23feljtf WANTKD--GIRL FOR .GENERAL housework. Good wages. 116 West Apple street. laprZt TV ANTED--TWO A1XTBRS AT once. Wa.^es J4.50 to ^ootl man. Apply at 32fi South Broadway, Seoltdale. FOR SALE--1 COSIBINATION BOOK case and desk, 1 hat rack, 1 bed, dresser, and wash stand, rue?, small tables. Call Sn morning- at 202 West Washington avenue, city. Iapr2t* FOR SALE--STABLE S6x49, LOCAT-' ed on lot lOCxlGS .corner of Meadow Lane and Church Place. Also three double houses on sam« lot. Inquire JOS. L. STADER. 23martCd W A N T E D -- T H R E E OR FOUR rooms or a furnished flat for house- koaplng. Must be first class. Call Bell 461. WANTEp-- OOOD STRONG BOY, IS years old;*bot afraid to work. YOUGH CHEMICAL CO,, 121 Eaut Peach street- '-· 28martf The best way -to handle the f a k e nn- ilcltorsTls CcT'^e^d them away empty- handed and hand them over to the police at the same time. . The ; weather ha. 1 * caused political ambitions , to- bud almost as frcely'aj. the. trees. · / The Carnegie Ijtbrary tMeveff should be.-brouirh't to booh. :If-. the -people of Wisconsin continue theti^- activity "~mr treating pro-German tftacfier:*-and "others .with; coats of tar ~ feathers- there js.' hpne;'that the per "state 'may . apaliv.: be' admitted into the/ union of patriotic, co.-nmon- ...^ . .arilKnot w; canno · ,Sa, 'Bnt"2nUl 'tfie ""day has" r: arrived ,-^;^i«n tne Allies, augmented by an ade- --Ewiite reiciorcement of American ".f-ftof'ps. can deliver a serie» of siuash- ;V'fig[ blows there will remain the''pos- ··riibility of the. Germans, making- fur; :3s«ir 5aiBS.' "If" is," therefore, worse ·Julian foolish, it is no less than crim- , : :j)im»l, for us to complacent] J- view the 1 :,S'fiA«nt situation and relax our efforts I ··'f/S preparation for "a long and bitterly f 'S-.tfatested strnggle. s . . S-:v':~' .:5r-.'S' * STftPStBE sJV.^t e ciUienk aci upon the request :S dB Mayor DusKan and make.,prompt -fiifcbrt to pollc)-^ieiirga.itera7cf the 6 "·-. efcl»te througft" tBe ' to ffe'ijinfe, ConnelliTUle.wiU very shortly *'·$?.**A an UE3a fe place for tlese - T»r na». opened. numberless op- for the onscriipnlous to -tU sorto of schemes for ab-. pretenses ;fctiW}'ie.;?.Pn e 7., un 4? r .wto, put of patriotic gen- . disposed _,to .respond to ;;£«j(i»«l» made for anT'pnrpoas connect- . ther pi'ee«nt.theEiMlrea at . ^Sir" ~h6nie~6r"" place 'at. bnstaew, ' T h e . police. - . ' legitimate money-raising proto behalf of the snldiers, or purconnected: iHJtTfii"V«3vTiav» ' e* br local " for that purpose. ,-Beaf-this"fact" in_ 1 ^hen strangers whom ytru never, .before come'^o- j yoti v/iiii some -f»nciful tale .designed to', appeal to sympatliies or -interest r :fpr';the ;e ol secnrins a casji 'cpntribn- ' Bnt *: not neglect ^o. notify "Hind-" didn't correctly calculate the'force'ofl.the.'"flare baclc." .· .' TTame a Camonflas* Only. "Waynesburs Democrat-MeHHenKer. The word -pacinat-Is- now merely synonym for enemy . "' ; And Arc rrovlni; It Cumberland News. "Make the other fellow do the lead-: Inff" is a maxim of the prize hing, and the British are sreat boxors. Make Germans Think Vcaue. Louisville Courier-Journal. ."Think war not peace." says Via- count French. ~ In "Other words, malic the Germans think peace. By Walt Maaon. THE EMMS SPIRIT. Ob. Monday may be wheat less, and notify'the city mail when he needs him j was also discussed. It was pointed out. tUat either the farm labor bureau office at Uniontown could be called or the farm manager, who will be constantly on" the job throughout the season. The man tor this position has not been named, but he will be a salaried official, with nothing to do but look after the farm labor question. Icn who are a-ble to plow are most needed now, and after that is done, corn planters can be used.- Robert Norris citod an instance o? a man in the Indian crcelc valley who «i 27 acres to cultivate but was unable to *get any help. "William McConnick esday, may b« meatlesc!,. hut I'll be i as m any of them are good ppy still; if I ; co.n swat the foernan h ,i ,,,,. ,,,., ,.,,,._ ,,..,-., skimpins- my _abdomen. I'll-do it no* IDs left the plow- when br ,-. with a, ; :wUi. tsHxe luscious ham and bacon bj^yne wDVbe -forsaken. Id that's the propefi^move; I'll'cut out red;."meat dishes, and feed on bony fishes, and chortle -while T hoove. That Kent is not a winner w h o . kick* because his dinner in shy of pork or beef, who" eats his wheatlcss ration, and grumbles'of privation, and airs a lot of grief. Some day perhaps* we'll suiter; our diet may be tougher than'we have ever k n o w n ; before the war ts ended we may t h i n k offered to seud a man lo that farm for two days this week. The committees who will canvass Uie cHy tor labor arc: ·W. L. -Wright and J. M. Young, Pittsbnrs .street south to the city limits, including all from Lincoln avenue west to the river.. J. U.Evana and S. P. Asbe, Third ward. Rev. J. L. I'roudfit and C. \V. Downs, Fourth and Fifth, wards. George B; Freed and J. S. Darr, Pittsburg street; south, to Gibson avenue, including all territory between Pittsburg street nnd west to the river. William McCormick. and W. X. Leche. West Side. The committee will immediately' go to work on Uie canvass tor labor. The question is a most Serious one to the farmer aad a ready response on the part of the men of the city is hoped for. If only one day a week can bo given it will be gladly accepted. Vacations will also be solicited and the slogan this years is "Spend your vacation on. a farm/ The farmers are hoping to sot some of the men at the various coke plants and industrial works to give a day ot their time each week to farming. The farmers realize that these men ore making high wages and feel they would be justified in paying this class tof labor a good price for their work, iod farmers, so much more money could be made in other, lines. - The canvassing comittees are supplied with cards, something similar to a registration blank which is filled, in by a-volunteer and then placed on file. When labor is needed the file can be.turned to and tlie man needc-d located without trouble. When sufficient labor has been pledged, it is the bone. to eat a ,- an p m w o , .. .. W e - may all set to- I An ° f the. committee in charge to side of leather, heforo i organize teams of men, headed by a we.erid the war; our persons lank and hollow",""we* may be srlad to swallow some boiled excelBlor. Let's not pretend we're martyrs until we chew our Barters i«nd eat our ·· Sunday rtioes; let's en,t the scheduled vittl«s, and show ;no jots or tittles o£ grouches, r bloes. My health has been yr"''Klncc I first started hoov- ing^.and eating 1 slmpln fare; I .have a better fijruro,. and I am full" of " vigor, my" whiskers full ol 'hair.' A, Guest. S; th« police 19 'soon as yon. * these takers emptf-handed: ' · ,, . 7, Tie Peonsylraiifei .:i3emooraJi" = wlio.' seem TrUllng that Joseph F. Giifffy, 'pf. Pittsburg. shall -Ite- the ^-Democratic eandldate for ; governor Jare: .taking, T-, stamped "'my · foot . and. shout'ad ' ' ' : - '"='""·"' '· '- ·' " : T BCTOBB :c tliat he "is campaign sets ._ thei i Democratic' governor, of ~~""~ "" , . .is, an' empty honor, T and-* there ; are genirpftratlve-;y iew Democrats in the *e who ate Filling to-pay th^rice; Grcensburg Tribune oliservesi. as-it u i3 ind cosily as it Is" 1 to b«, ..ilr^G.uffnjr appears to that honor. But Vance MTc- tfce real Democratic leader ·tbraiat*, Insists that the Demo- -SPOILING THEM. oufre spoiling 1 them!" the mother cries - _ ' . _ ; ; . , . . - . ; When I give.:"way to weepy eyes," , And Jet them '(to the .things they wish, l^ike cleaning 1 'up the-'jeUy dish . ·"" - Or ifirffsfc'lnfr the chpcolati cake r maybe "let the rau'cal take My piece .of ·h.ucUleberry/pIe - Becaa'e he wants it" more" than I. "Tou're spoiling- them!" .the mother tells, V ' - ! . -"'- - · " : ^VTien I am heedless .--to, their yells .; And let them race and romp about : : And do not .pjit ,tbeir joy-io'rout. I know I shpnld' be^firm. .and yet I tried it once 'to my regret; . I will remeinber^tilV- I'm 'Old · ' The day I started .in to scold. ^StopX'. , __ . . __ ,, ;-\let': his'drum sticks drop^ And looked, at'me,'and turned-away; '· ~~"" " "."." V ..,,... u ..-A 0 ' ;urth * r p la y- · Tver* -so-lemn-Iike and still, ;juat as. g-ifls' are" \Klien''*they 'are' in. And when unto hi** cot I -crept. =1 found, him .BObbin'g-''as he slept. : That'-"was my first"-attempt and laat ' To play the-scold:-. Fm ,g-lad it p'asseti So quickly and-has left no.truce''" ' · ' Of. Memory on each.little face, - - . JBrit.-nowL. when* mother -whJspere low "You're sponihg them," I answ«r, : :."No!..- - - · - · · But It is plain, aa plain can be. Those. little tykes are-spoiling- me".'. 1 captain who will draw on hie reserves as they are needed. A meeting of the canvassing committees will probably he . held in a week. VTAKTED -- NKAT 4 OR 5 ROOM house or cottage, centrally located.- Heiily to "HOL'SK." carb Courier. KOTI SALE--MILL AND FOUNDRY. m i l l 30r50 feet, 3" stories. 5 sets burrs, 50 h. p. boiler, 40 h., p. engine. Foundry 45x60 feet, one-half 2 srtories higrh, g~ood cupolas.' forge, etc. GaB for core oven and lighting 1 . Both BliUe roofa. near railroad and trolley: onc-halC acre ground. Good investment for an active business firm. Box 24, Alverton, Pa_ SOmarBt" _ glove .embroidered .in -white. Finder plf*a»e return Jo . The Courier office. Iapr3t WANTKTD--GIHU TOR housework. .No waalimK or I you luff, C~ Apply LH North IMttsburt; street. · i Jl to ON FIRST MQRTGAGU 51,000, ?2,000. 54.000 ,-vnd $6,000. See JOSKPH A. MASON, Second National Ban it b u i l d i n g , 3*pr2t --BOYS AND OIULS O V K R ! learning-. MILL. Zapr6t 16 j-eara of age. 1'alU CONNELLSVILLE iStLK WANTED--aiKL FOI1 G house work, good wjjes. A p p l y I I . I CARPJ3NTER/ 310 "South P U w b u r street. l a p r i f d WANTRD--AT ONCE position. PKOFLKS STORE, 220 North I'UtsburK street. 22rnartfd WANTED--six FIRST CLASS MA- ctiinlstff,- and six niacliiniBLM' helpera for round house work. Call Genera! Foreman. P. L. K., Dlckerson Run. 3«mar7t WAXTBD--SEVERAL OAIIPI3NTERS Wli AJ1E PREPARED TO DO t l t c h l n p and Picot KUgQ work in Cone-llsvllie. We have our own ma- c h i n e op crated by an export operator, Work n e a t l y and quicklj' done. SING- K R SEW3NG MACHIXK CO.. 3P9 Eont Crawford avenue. ianrfit Frlnrur?- Jvle-etlon IN A N D BY A' ACT OF · Hlendy ^ t n e J' ;! i t;ra ' Assembly at the Coinmon- . ..'Ciilth of PennMj'lvania. approved the 17th day of February, A. 'D. 1SOG, Its I supplements and amendments, it la ! mnxie ihe d u t y of the County Commis- i rtioiiera of every county within this f Commonwealth tu plvu public uolJoo of j the spring primary election, the t i m e | of h o l d i n g the aame, and the names of all' otlScoH for which nominations are j to be rn:ide: now therefore,' in obed- { lenCd to the aaid Acta of Assembly, we. TER MECHANIC. West l»onn Shops. bill or the finest engraved Invitation or announcement. anything -- every thine-- do it Wo print promcliy or appcontlces frr repairing cars; 9 1 LQ£an Rush. George P. Hoover anrt - ' · ~ - - - TM . - , _ - , , jy u t ( i Coirtmifldionr-rs 1 of Fayette county, Pennsylvania ,do hereby m a k o h n o w n . pub3i«h nnd Kl-ve public notice to the electors of the county WN'TED--KOBACKJiRS' REQU1RK of Fayette, that on Tuesday,- May 21. the services of a thoroughly exper- j 19^8. bevvoon the hours of 7 o'clock lenotd and accurate ntonofjr.'ipljer. Roa- j A. M. anil 7 o'clock. P. M. a primary idont of ConnelisvillB v^fofdrretJ. A p - j election k n o w n an Lhe »prlnt primary, ply In person to MIt, A. J. KOBACKER. j w i l l be heM In the several election ZSma-rttd i ddrtrfcts ostuhHshet! by Jaw In the »ald i c o u n t y of Fayette, at which time thcv WANTED--ANV KIND Of PRI.Vx'-} wjj] vote by ballot for candidates for whether U la a culling cord, sute Lhe s r v e r u l public offlcws to bo Hllcd at the November election, 1SI8, viz: Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Secretary of .Internal Affaire. One Juilgj of the Superior Court. Four Representatives in Cooffress- at-Large. Ono Ttejr£'St*j)lativc In Congrrciis, (£Srd Dletrlct.) One Sena lor In the General Asscm- biy.\32nd District.) One Representative In the General Assembly. (.1st District.) Three Representatives in the General AsEcmbly. f ^ n d District.) There ar« also to be elected at · the Bprine: primary olt-ctton, by each polit- itULl party: f Two Members of the Stntt Commrt- tne. TMTO Central Conimitteemen in each election precinct. Given u n d e r our hands at our office Call the man at ' offico. 'Both phones. 27 WANTED-- C I V I L SERVICE Examinations for olerka, I n t e r , "women desiring clerkships at "Washington or Ptnnsylvanla write for free partlcularf to J. T. LEONARD, Cfor-' mcr govern men t examiner), Kenols buUdlng-. Wnshlnsrton, D. C. 2 a p r 2 t * FOR SAL15--DRESS South Eighth irtrcot. FORM. -103 2apriit FOR R"ENT--STORAGE ROOM. IN- quJre 707 Vine streaL 2apr3t FOR RKNT--FURNISHED ROOM IN private family. Ill North KOR P.ENT--TWO FURNISHED omrv gentlemen preferred. 353 East Crawford avonue. · laprSt Cottage l in Unlontown, Fnnrwlvanla. this 19t!) day of March, 1318. IjOGAN RL'SH, FOR RKNT--TWO FURNISHED rooms for Itfiht housekeeping. 347 North PHtsburg- street. 2apr2t* FOR RENT--ONE DESLRABLE store room f o r m e r l y occupied by Mi;an* A Murphy. Inquire FLORENCE SMUTK. T;: p. HOOVER, CHARLES H. NUTT,, Comjntssloners of Fayette County. Attest: ROBERT POWRLU Chief Clerk, mar 18-26-apr2 FOR JRSNT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor of Dunn i Evans building. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. 8jan-tfd FOR RENT--TWO LARGK able f u r n i s h e d rooms for l i g h t housekeeping-. All conveniences, 410 North Plttsburg. 2anrlt THE DAYS OF CHEAP COAL ARE PASSED SAYS AN AUTHORITY Coal ConsenrAtiun, Xot Prndnotiou, Is the Most Important }De«tion Before tlie Public Today. ,, "Coal will never again be cheap, so that correlated /with that problem is the question of the scientific selection or coai suitable for the purposes to which it is 'devoted--a rigid inquiry into whether or not a different grade of coal from, that now in use, chosen by the hit-or-miss method, might give better results in! j?ower derived," says Prof. 0. TV. Hood, of the federal bureau of mines. "The most. important question be- tore the pubiic\tpday is not coal production bnt coal · conservation, and the-way .'the,present situation should vrork out is that Vasters'should sut- ler flrst. The main trouble is that :he growth', of our industrial plantr. ras not been paralleled by increased efficiency of ..the power plants. "No 'fuel substitutes' are necessary to solve this "problem--just a little more care in 'the question and training of the men in charge of the power )ians, and a more carefully selected grade of coal. . The present coal shortage is not due to any shortage at the mines, but" is flue to the Inadequate facilities for (transporting the mined coal;-It .Is therefore a patriotic service thee flays -to make a ton of coal delivered, to you do the work FOB REST--TEN HOOM BiUCK house. South Cotmcllsvlllc. J18 m o n t h . Sevou room house on Cedar avenue, J2/! month. JOSEPH A. J.IASOK, Second N'fitfonnl BnnJc bvilAtnx. , Inttr2l TWO AT ONCE OPERATORS AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE Stand. I n q u i r e E. L. B13GGS or a 30mnrt£ FOR SALE--- BAJBV CAJRKIAGE. Will sell cheap 'If taken at once. Inquire 12li Vine street. 2apr3t FOR SALE--FORD TOURING CAR. CaJl corner Market and . Broadway, Scottdale. Pa. gOmar'3^-t.od ' FOR SALE--HOUSEHOLD FURN1- ture. Inquire at 403 South. Eighth street, West Side. Ford's Flats. Iapr2t* POUR LOTS FRONTING ON FIBST STREET,' SOUTH CON- .NELLSVILLE, NEAR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING. THESE LOTS WILL BE SOLD REASONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE. MRS. MARY R. PHILLIPS, DUBO1S, PA.' FOR SAL.E--TWO TON TRUCK, cheap to quick buyer, on account of being", drafted. Inquire ,30% North Plttsbun?-street. Bel! .140. 28marOt" FOR E1ALE--JUST RECEIVED ONE car load c e m e n t . WJILLIAM L. WH1PKET LUMBER YARD. Soutil. N'Inth street, West Side. 30;nar3t FOR SALE^OOOD OAK DI..XING room suite; will sacrifice If taken ai; once. .Gas range "\vith bverhoaci baker, good condition. Call Monday or Tuesday. Room 607 Second National Bank bu'ildlng. Iapr2t* FOR SALE--SIX LOTS ON FRANCIS avenue: i house with 6 rooms on Fayette street; house and lot on PittaburE and Francis and near Sligo mill. In-quire of CHAS. WSIHE. 423 Johnston al Avenue. 26mar6t-eod . FOR SALB-^30 ACRE FARM ON White Day Creek, Mononga!ia County, W. Va.. underlaid with 3, 4 and 5 foot veins coal. Eieht acres' cleared. Oil and eas rental paid quarterly. Price ?SOO. .For. further Information write TRAVIS, R. F, D. S, Bo.l .1, ER. GENTLEMAN BOOKKEKP- MUST BE EXPERIENC- ED AND COME WELL HE- l COMMENDED. TRI - STATE CANDY 'COMPANY. Sale Bills PRINTED If yon intend to have a sale Jet oar pricM The annual moving period is here again and ' this week will see many changes. It is a fact a lot of people move every year, others move as seldom as possible. Sale of property, changes in business, and many conditions frequently make it necessary for people to move and leave a desirable home, but the point we want to get at is that moving-day most always means new furnishings, new furniture, general household equipment, and the real information we want to give you is that the Union Supply Company furniture departments are wonderfully well equipped to take care of your wants. First we can sell you the paints and wa!l paper to freshen up thu house; after that can start you from the kitchen through the dining room, library, living room, parlor, hall, and upstairs to the bedrooms and bath room. Can furnish you shades and curtains for the windows and all the equipment for hanging. Can furnish you oil, coal, or gas ranges and all the other kitchen equipment. Then have china, all kinds of lamps, and have all sorts of house furnishings, including queeneware, cutlery. We have complete living room outfits, library outfits, complete assortment of rugs, ear- 'pets, linoleums. In fact the furniture department in every one of our stores is equipped fully and you can get just what you want. You can get equally as good assortments as any installment house will show you, and you can buy them at lower prices. 03 Large Department Stores, Located In Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Shoes ~ mae ineur,, lor wornerfe SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY ·' --BUY-- W.S.S. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MARCH, 1818. . J.«. 1,1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNELLSVILLE, PA. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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