The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

r 1 The Ottawa Journal MONDAY, AUOUB 24. 1984 19 Osmond Brothers 'Go' for Guards Easy Andy Loves' Ottawa, Plans Scooter Scenic Trip V I i " J -a(TV 1 . '"' ' i ' ';' j- v I Played a major role in establish- ' IV ) 11 ' I Ing the seeming rmmortallty of ' V f M Vv' i '-.. -'V M "Moon River" was so relaxed I ! ) iV' t V' 4 vi- JP S J It was disarming. . ' I ; ... -A ' , Mr. Williams end hi (We 7 ' - ' - I w ..- '.' i'J rd'-ZTi , yeuiig pretegev.the Osmeod V.-., V i I . p- , ' Y - J''CZS I "' ! report. V; ,Nk to .Y'V- -V-l 'rI r at a press conference at . . -" l ft Vj '3 .the Central Canada EahlbllloB V t Vw ' f n '"'Y V T T whe the, ape. tlght a. Vv . A U Zi.) i ST"9 I'-i headftaen i the grandsund I Andy Willtams, ringed aw entertained on one of at the Central Canada Exhibition. - But tonight and T JUST FLINGING ery Keeps It was dangerous doing the sword danca at the Central Canada Exhibition Saturday. 'And M lassies and four laddies, also trying to do (he Highland Fling os the Sean Trtubhis, found it hard going at the: annual CCEA Highland Dancing Championships due to rain that soaked the. Stage at the band-shall. . t'i.-.l ' . Attempts io rnova ts day long competitions todoors were rebuffed b'-Ex" offlclsU. who claimed to have no alternative sita. This forced frequent lays to allow for mopping of the stsge. .i.Jv-j'-.i ..-. v Mrs. Gladys Rutherford, of Toronto, who Judged the danc ing, worked while protected by raincoat and bat. "It's nothing unusual' for me to work under these conditions. But; It's certainly unfair to the child ran. some who came from as far way as Calasry to compete, she said. . Ottawa dancers dominated the competition. Nancy Blrchall, 181 Mayfair Avenue. Won the Gaelic Society of Ottawa trophy for en trants under II. ..;:--,;. !i ? The Aird Memorial Trophy for entrants between 12 and il was won by Sutaims Fournier,, Uj Troan Avenue. ; Donna Jean MacDonald. 3M9 Alton Street, won the CCEA Challenge Trophy, awarded to the dancer judged best In the lt-and-over class. 5 Champion Mare Dies - From Colic klvervlew Pioneers Bonnie, champion dydesdala horse, died Friday -nlcht shortly be fore Its appearance at the Central Canada Exhibition. ' Tba seven year old pure bred mare wis taken sick suddenly and died within three hours from colic.' .Owner Ewart Watson, of Sars-field, valued the mare at more than f 1.000. The animal was not insured. 'Bred m Brandon, Manitoba, the mare was grand champion at . the Ottawa, Exhibition In 19C. It was due to have appeared this year (n the four to sit. borse team classes. rt - MAT COLLECTORS f OLKSTONE, England (CP) A society of British beer mat collector they call themselves tegettologltts tiaj been formed here In Kent The society would like to hear from anyone with collections of mats printed be fore the Second World War; I v W" 'i EX IIEADL1NERS by the Osmond Brothers, the rides of the midway IN THE RAIN Bandshell Stage Dancers on Toes TOP HIGHLAND DANCERS Over the swords in Saturday's CCEA Highland "dance championships, dancers found the bandshell stage rain soaked and .treacherous. Left to right, ' Suzanne Fournier took the Aird Memorial Trophy, Nancy Birchelt, the Gaelic Society of Ottawa Trophy, between performances by an attendant who mopped off, the stage 1 1 PLAUDITS WELL Red Slcelton Wins Hedrte of 25,000 Ottawa said goodbye and: thanks to American clown Red Skeltoo , Saturday night with a deafening standing ovation that lasted several -minutes. The master clown won the heart of Ottawa and he earned ft. :; His act was more than an hour long and In Saturday's rain he did tt with his shoes off. His only comments about the weather , were .1 humorous. "Here's a place where yon can see a show and have a bath at the same time. Or, "Ottawa's the only place you can wear long underwear with "a Summer sun." W100P IT UP' for the rest of the week they'll' be entertaining thousands at 'the Ex as they, headline the grandstand show. : v!'- .. ' -' " . ' Maorael Pkote by OomlniM Wide) : - v . (Journal FMt tqr DammM WSdel EARNED Red did three shows during his two-day lund at the Exhibition Grandstand Show, During those three appearances an estimated 2S.0M people , laughed them. selves Into tears. - , That, said the master clown as Be aaid goodbye after Ms Saturday .night show. Is what he lives for. "If for a minute I've made somebody forget his troubles and laugh, then I've! been successful." :, He closed with his usual "God bless." ' : Singer Andy Williams takes over as the . Jieadliner of the Grandstand ' Show ' today and continues through the week. 79,524 At ' Ex' Saturday Rain, drizzle) and fog. When there's an exhibition and a mid way it takes more than bad weather to keep people away, Saturday was that kind of day, but at the, end of it Ex hibition records showed 7J.SJ4 persons tripped through the turnstiles to see the show. They all got wet, but It was "regular day" "Ex" officials said. : i The turn-out was far tower than last year's record UJ.tQ for die same day. but It was far better than expected," said the record keepers. $- Being an average day ; It meant children got separated from their parents and lost, or ate and played too much and got sick. Some 1M children visited the Lost Children's Tent operated by Ottawa Boy Scouts. Another It, Including many adults, were treated at the St. John Ambu lance first aid station, most had upset stomachs. A Judging In Heavy Horses 'J Aubrey Toll, of Blyth. who set the pece in heavy horse classes with five firsts Friday, continued his winning ways" at the Central Canada Exhibition Saturday.., :t , : ' His entry, Broodside Perfect Lady; ' wae named Supreme Grand Champion Clydesdale mare. Other entries brought him ribbons for Junior Cham pion stallion and Reserve Jun ior Champion stallion. , The Blyth breeder also grand . champion ribbons . m heavy draft and In light draft classes. ' . , Reserve Grand Champion in heavy draft horses went to an entry by Ewart Watson, of Sarsfield. '; i Reserve Grand Champion rib bon In light draft classes went to Irving Cleland, of St. Her. mas. Que. Cleland entries -also took ribbons for Grand Champion Stallion and Reserve Grand Champion mare In Clydesdale classes. INHERITS TITLE ' TORQUAY, England (AP) Walter Angelo Fox-Strangways, TT-year-old language tutor who lives In a furnished apartment with an Invalid wife, became the eighth Earl of Ilchester Sunday. His distant cousin, the U-year-old seventh earl, died Saturday. " .," NEVILLE HAMILTON . - f The Journal 1 Singer Andy Williams slipped into I Ottawa Sunday night appearing ai cool and casual as a strawberry social. The boyish baritone who has show, The simplicity which Mr. Williams projects is hazardous to the reporter who might be probing for art insight into the character of one of the' fastest growing concerns In North American entertainment. Haz- ardous because you keep getting . I way from the business of his - career and find yourself paring golf scores. (He shoots in the U's.) SCENERY'S GREAT So in the stop-watch limed press conference ' you end up lully enjoying yourself In easy : conversation with a man called Andy Williams who already is overcome by "the natural beauty of this city.; He intends to , rent a. motor bike later -this week' "and if there's any more scenery -like that Rivers I d e Drive I've got. to see It.", He took one look at the fairways at , the Hunt Club, declared they were the greenest he's ever seen, -and started flexing h. Is wrists. . :;.-. '",. . Getting briefly to business the balladeer says he. selects songs by a very simple set of criteria. First he has to like the song. He looks tor a "happy sound" something that will have equal appear to teenagers and adults. He cam men led that yeung pssple tedayhavs definite Ideas about music and that they knew the difference between geed and bad sa s I c cemlBi frees the reck a niters. (With dipWatacy be eea saented a the Beatles . . "well I like setae at the things they da.") More chit chat and we found out he likes modern art, especially French impressionists, but they cost -loo much. He raved again about Ottawa, the scenic drives and wished he'd brought his wife and b a b y daughter. , ' ' ' ' BOYS SAT BY All this while five little boys sat. grouped around Andy, their scrubbed faces shining in the television spotlights. The Osmond brothers, Donnie. I, Jay 7, Merrill I, Wayne Jl and Alan II have become every bit as much part of the Andy Williams television show as the easy going format, . The four oldest boys sing barbershop harmony and Donnie plays a couple of numbers with "unci Andy." ' MOM DOESN'T MIND George- Osmond, their father, a realtor from Ogden Utah, is with the boys.' There are four more little Osmonds at home with Mother, who "Is really understanding about us troop lag around the country Ilka this." The boys got their start on a Disneyland television show where they were spotted by Jay Williams. Andy's father who quickly suggested they audition for the Andy Willlwms Show. They now work mainly '-with Andy and arrived here together from an engagement at a fair at Springfield. III.' . ; ' The boys are waiting expectantly to see .the Changing of the Guard ceremony here some morning this week. 1 - " ' Andy draws parallel between the yeung Osasends and his ewa start la shew aess whea he and his brothers Bob, Rick and pea broke hits radio at Del Moines..' ."I was Jay' age, about even, when we started," -he recalled. : "We got our big 'break of course with Kay Thompson later in It4f and toured night clubs here and in Europe." MORE ON ART -1 He recalled that It was about this time he got his first Introduction to art. 1 "When we were on the road, travelling, Kay taught us t song which was nothing but a suc cession of the names of paint-J ers . . . and be smiled broadly swinging Into the song. . Toe stop-watch clicked -and the troop moved off through the midway tor photo fend on for a television appearance. , - A brief meeting with the Osmonds and Andy generates the Impression that Its going to be a free swinging week at the Ex. It should be fun. Oh, by the way, keep an eye open for that man on the motor bike. f to. i 4 j' it 1 4 ,i 1. h- df - 'fr-". 1 vV',,s.;;, : v f SMILING ANDY WILLIAMS A picture to set many a young girl's heart fluttering is this close-up of singer Andy Williams smilingly talking to reporters at his press conference. Andy will be C headlining the Grandsund : J -I 1. 'EX HORSE SHOW Poqo Show at the Cen tra) Canada Exhibition tonight and for the ' ' To Thrilling Win Under considerably better footing liii.. tk nn.n lumping competition provided the excitement once again at the Exhibition Horse Show Exhibition Horse Show Saturday night at the Coliseum.! For the second night in. sue cession, a Jumjwiff was re ' , quired to decide a winner. umps Saddle Pony over 13 hands Mr. Man. Gary Jones, owner, ,erT? uf; i'-7 weieni i - ma tier i L-noicc, Victof S(t0n mneti Lorne"' '""""7 Knocking over- Just the firstjeock Honey. George W. Mor' hurdle, Pogo Stick, of Mt. Bruno Riding School, with Denyse St.! tmil. UB won the two-wsv jump-off with P. Wlletier's Laurel. John PelletieT up. Unlike Friday's show, when the ground was greasy and soft, the footing was good, accord ing to Judge E. B. "Shine" Ogen of Lexington, Kentucky. CLASS WINNERS ' Winners in each-clan, were: Horses ... suitable ' to become comformation hunters Late for War, Sheila MacTavish owner,. Torcny Millar up. nest Child's Turnout . Mr. Fantas-tic's Red Jack, Arnold Spratt, owner, Joan Harvey up. Team el Purebred Clydes dales Aubrey Toll, driven by Bill Brass. Single Hackney Pony Dufferin Tycoon.' Jean and ' Bes Hurdman,1 owners, driven by Walter Hurdman. Parade Horse Slake Stln Stan, Mr.- and Mrs. Ralph E. Lewis, owners, Ralph E. Lewis up. Single light express or delivery wagon horse Dainty. Angus O' Byrne, owner, driven by A. Bergeson. - ! ; NO MATCH FOR REALITY ; BRENTWOOD, England (CP) Boys at Kelvedoa . Hatch County " Primary ' School ' who two years ago' turned 3.312 matchboxes into a model of the Empire State '. Building, now have con true ted a' scale model of London's .newest skyscraper, the 020-foof General Post Office lower, using .1,544 matchboxes. seiele up. ' Seigle up. Hackney Horse over IS 2 hand. - DuHerin Lady Carol. ''Y "' ers. driven by Howard Heatey. Nnvi uddu horse - Pea- rwon, owner, B. Morrison up. Roadster, lit hands and un- der Miss liiam Mlier, Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Hurdman.' owners, driven by Fraser Hurd - mam Lady's Harness- ShOw Pony - Wee Georgia, Jean nd Bea Hurdmad. owners, driven by Jeeiv Hurdman. , v Five Galted Saddle Horses -, Yogi Bear, Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Hurdman. owners, Mrs. Fraser Hurdman up. Hackney P 0 n y Tandem Cambridge Little Wonder and Aldane Prince, Jean and Bea Hurdman. owners, drivm by Walter Hurdman. Open Performance, Course M Pogo Stick. Mt. Bruno, Riding School, owner. Denyse St. Louis up. , ' WILUAM tRETON .:.,. Car Winner . . I v , j t V 1 "' (Journal tttau by Dominion Wide) Perth Youth Wins Car By DAVID BROWN . ef The Journal "Golly jumpin' " ssid the win- ner of Saturday's Exhibition . , r'"""" l , " T:,,J;' 19. of RR . Perth, and he Just 1,.,., he" wu , win. ner. His disbelief almost cost him the car. It leek several minutes before Allan ceuM say anything., but' "golly himpln'". Whea be did settle down, be teld tbk starv. p. l.kiM .hmuoh the :Mtdw,y wUh Bh glrt friend nd ,he w,nted to g0 to the Bandshell where the drawn tlcke, numberf weri potted to check her ticket. He wanted to g0 ,,, ,,, decided to walk ,hf sjandnhetl to please her. she chM.Ked h number and then jmied h, check his. He fshe, trnund f , while won. Uerm. )f he had kept the ticket; ,, ,h mnll .,,, ,,.,.,, H. hll(, th firm,, ticket, number 04412). He only had five minutes to the 1IJ0 deadline and didn't knew where to ge. He deesa't , remember , What " happened after that, bat be rushed bite the Exhibition office with three minutes la spare. Asked for his name, he said "Golly jumpjn' " and then handed oven his wallet. He couldn't remember his girl friend's name at first, but later said she was Sharol Roy, also of Perth. . He ching white-knuckled to the edge of the counter In the office and looked like he was going to faint. ' , , - He already' has a car, a 1980 Austin Sprite and doesn't know If he'll keep the 1984 Rambler., His win was a big disappoint-ment , for Mrs.- Shiela Van Leyen, J3.,of 3970 Grandsur Avenue, Britannia,.. who drove from her home to the "Ex" with ticket number three and until 11-37 p.m. looked like the win. ner. . Y

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