The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 20, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1930
Page 6
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A G E THE DAILY COURIER, CONNKLLSV1L: MONDAY, JANDA.Kr 20, P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Froi! Stillwagon, a iitudent at tho c ' n t v e r M l t y of riaBbXir;/:, spent tho week-"Mid Avlth his parents, Mr. .and Mr*. Krnewt Stlllwagon oJ/Eaet' ITalr- vlovv avenue. ' . ' · ; ' · : The Consolidated Coal Supply Co. have .met received a shipment of an- trneltM coal for uso in brooders. Phono 1.700. ..... Advert lsement---:20-22jjn. Mr. and 3VIr«. K S.. Marsh of i I'lHsiMirg street have as their guests at tht-lv w i n t e r home in V Venice, Fla., Mr. and Mrs*. J. VI. Lindsay ot Easrt Cedar avenue. Mr. -anti Mrs, -_ JMndsny will ; *3pf,Wl, ,«bout 10 daye .-' at the MarsU Ittmifc., . : '. ... .''l"' Mies Marie Ranker: liae, returned to her .homo in Vlttsburg ,a-ttc-r:.u week's visit at tho home ofJior 'nntsle/.Poter Kanlcor In East F;urview avenue. Mrn: Joh.n AV. Kvarin and daughter, Mr«. ". 13. 'Smith arid Xho iattftr's son, Thonr.ifi, 'were- called to McKoca Rooks by lli'i death of Mrs. Evans' nephew, A!?x Stevenson. Mr. and Alru. Hurry P. Porter and win, Harry, Jr., oL' Hcottdale wero RIK,'«I» ot Mrs. .Porter's mother, Mrs, .). IX Porter of ICuat Cxtar avenue- yt-stf rday. Mclvln McCrcary of M o r R a a t o w n , AV. Vs.,, « p e n t tho week end w i t h his mother, Mre. Barbara McCreary ot North Seventh ittrect. West ; SWo. Melvin IB a member ot the Morgnu- town Post Studio orchestra. ..... Mrs). K. 13. Wilson of Musontown wa« Urn finest ot hr aistcr, Mrs. Ixroy H a r M i m n n oC McCoy road, Snydor- t o w r , ovor the- wtok-f nd. S t u U e r daughter, of K o n t . Ohio, havo ro- ai'tor u v i s i t with the for- G. A. MIT;. U'. K .].Hri-i ,JNU. I urn wl home mer's parents. Mr. and Mrs. W i i l i h w of l i y i K l m a n '.street, South Con.'K-llsvino, Mrs. \Valth or accompanied t h e m . r o l u r n l a u homo Friday afternoon.' M:-. S U i t t i - r , who is in tho employ of tho T w i n Coach Company o£ K o n r , Ohio, hast been .sent to Houston, Texas in the- iu to rest of his work, lit w i l l r e m a i n (hero, for about a monUi M'.sa Mfirsarot McC.arity. nuvee ftt the M e r c y Ilo.-pilai, - PHtslmrp, is u p e n d i n g !]· w r o l i - o u d w i t h her Aunt Bet W V ItOBUUT "It's easy to understand why folks made more progress t h a n other animals. They're t h o , only ones that's mado just right for apankin'." Render Speaks * ··- At Bar Baityiiet OH Lincoln's Life FRIGK COKE CO. URGES DEEPENING OF YOUGH R i E R C o n t l n u e d from TK'' One, t r a f f i c for a long- time ti como. A navigable river will mean a saving of 50 cents per tors in coal. "t believe it. will only bo a short, time before the Tough will carry moro than 3,000,000 tons ot commerce annually," said Mr. Booth in urging the improvement. He callod attention to t h e fjict that in tho past 10 years many mines along the Monongahela River havo been depleted and abandoned and that t h i s lost commerce could bo replaced by tonnage from mines on tho Youghlogheay River. "The- II. C'. Prick Coke Company is in favor of the Improvement of tho VoughiopUeny," said Secretary Gates parents, Mr, and -Mrs. ,1. U. McOarrlty | .^ a b) . ier slttt ' omenl "although wo do o l ' - M u r r e l l . MRS. BARBARA BUNGARD DIES AT MI. PLEASANT; "Thewoirst cough e e r had itopped ' E R f l i G H T I i "I «Iori't rlr-mcniber ever having coughed eo often as tliat ntoruing I caught iantino^V«tornt-- -sixnijlca from riowhisrc. By the tiwo I got home I was 13111-01 was In for a long indoor spell. Days taken nwiy from ray IiiielncBS -- n pleasant · proapcoti No such thing happened -- (hanks to Smith Brothers'. I took the syrup faithfully and when , I nwoke tb.o next morning tny · oougb had coruplcicly quieted dowu." FRANK MULLEN SMITH BROTHS US Triple Action c o y C V H S Y R U P UN1ONTQWN, Jan. '20.---Attorney J Kirk Uonnir of Connellsville, on .Saturday nlKuft ni. the a n n u a l banquet ot i h « Fiiyallje C o u n t y Bar Association ul t h e U n i o n l o w n C o u n t r y Club, spokr mi "Abraham Ijinc p -olii," the man ant tils i n f l u e n c e , not o n l y u p o h / t h e Ken- evt.tio/n In w h i c h ho lived /hut in tin years' w h i c h have followudj and nn s t i l l l o follow. .Judge William H. KolUjvi... o£ Lau . L-:mer, a meniber oC .the iPcnnsyl . v a n l a Superior Court, taking as hi: themg,"Ministers of Justice,", broijgh to the association a striking messag-- of the responsibilities of the court am bar. He discussed tho relationship . between the courts and'.lawyers, be tw-oen the courts and Individuals an-, the responsibilities of tho courts a; Instruments of justice. Kclwln AV. Smith, prominent mern- I'.isr ot tho Allegheny County Bar, a d dressed/the local btir at UK .annuel banquet IS years ago, He a«aln WE ; called on to discuss the problems ( f t h e lawyora. H a r r y A. Coltoni, ono of t h e vie ! presidents of the Pennsylvania 3tat Bar Association n n d manager f Group 8 which includes Fayotto an I eight, other counties in Western Pen: · sy'lvanta, touched briefly on fcho wor c of the association. James R. Cray served an tons master, S m i t h , president ot U a c o u n t y liar. I n t r o d u c e d Mr. Ootto-ii and the presiding, officer. Captures Fugitive The Paramount Mrs. I'.arbara .IJunf.ard, 79 yearn old, wu'ow of A u s t i n lJti:..wnl-and an almost. l i l - l f n g resident of I n d i a n Head, dlei Sunday at noon at her home In C h u r c h street, M o u u : Pleasant, where H(K had resided tor n n u m b e r of years following . t h e death of her husband. Mrs. B\inj;ai'(l v i.-i survived by t t x r following c.hlldron: J o h n of I n d i a n Head, ail.'-s Uessio at hrnT.-cs Mrs. Ida Bun- Kard o£ Norrr.alville, VViUiivm ut Iron Urj.lge, Kov. li. F, l'3uiis"rd at All o o n n , Hom-c-r of Mount .Pleasant, not expect if the improvement stops at West Newton t o benefit t a n y extent but If it is extended to Oonnellsvllle we w i l l havo 50,000,000 : o n H oC Con- ricllsvllle coal avallablo." Attention was called to the fact that about 1,400 acrus of Jmlustrlal Bites ^^ available between McKccaport and WBSt N o w l o -, a ione. Major Blake of Coniieltsvitle willed attention to the presence of nearly 100 m o n ' f r o m the imidt'.lo sector ot tho Yough as the "testimony of our belief and sincerity in t h i s improvement. Their presence aido Is a mark of respect and regard tor Colonel Bain I and the corp.s of engineers through i which-«. century old ambition -will be! brought homo to tliom anils of our people." Major Blake i.lsS called attention to tho mtutlw of w a t r r power and flood control In the Yough vrver and "contrilMUlon of a yrosit. volume James n e a r aroensbui-R, Mrs. Mar- j of tonnage, not I n c l u d i n e coal." Ho Kavet U r i n U e r of Grreuslmrs, Keko of nssnrted that if m a t e r l o l g other than 1 ' l t t w b u r K iinii Mls-a Catlierine ut homo. Mrs. !.!tuiKi"r.s inaklen name was Ue.-^-. Her was a brother of coal were shipped at tho rate of 30 barges a day it would require nearly 1,400 years for depletion of UJMo re- Mi 4. Barbara Kitenour of Vino street, sources. Co.inHb.villo. Mrs. .Bungard was an | President C. K. Shaw of the River a u n t , of Mrs. W. I I . nur^er, and' C o u u - , I m p r o v e m n n t Association said he was c i l m a n U. J/. .iievic. V i v a . A n n a N l c h o l - j "sure that by canalization of tho son, Mrs, J e n n i e M - : t i n and Janw-s j Youghtogheny the buslm as IKo ot Mc- AViirric.k ot" thi:; c l ' y and Admu and jKeesport and rill cttief a/id towns TluMdoi'e Shaw ot Spilth Coniie-llsville. j along the .stream w i l l 'no stimulated. Tl!cr; w i l l bo n service tit i.Uo homo! Congressman Kelly a i d t h a t tbc in (.'hun-h s!r*'i-t, .Mount V'iear.ant., present move to have i'io Tough Ini- T r e s d a y o v o n i n g at. Y : U O o'clock. Tho ; proved was not any p r e c i p i t a t e action i \ i . i ; M - ; i ! p a r t y ivlll i ; v o Wednesday at l o r · u*»s a n y t h i n g being dotio without I o'clock for . M m i i t /Ion C h u r c h ot i'duo consideration. I-le mc-ntloncd that C.(. ; ; »t I n d i a n ll'.':ui, where- the f u l l ! the first pngineer-Pre; icltMit, ot the .-·p.-\ti-e w i l l bf he-Id at 2:30 o'clock, j ( J n i ' e i l States, George Washington, teriuined off one I ve to curry tho proposed canellisullon of tho ·Yough- iogheny River through Congrersfi w h i l e booaters of the project in that vicinity laid iinal prepnrutions for tho hwirinp in Pittsburg w i t h the United Slates Army ettglneer in tlio iiope of having h i m return i: favorable report on the proposal to eoctend navigation on the stream abovo McKeeaiwrt. The House Hivcre and Harbors committee la«t fjaturdoy adopted a project calling for expenditure of moro than 52,000,000 to reloeitto Dam No. i on the MotvoiiKaholn River. W i t h i n 11 liliort time it proposes to conaidor a progrom to btiiM two a d d i t i o n u l /Inirfa on the Allegheny Hlver and modernize three lower d u r n s on this stream. O t h e r i m p o r t a u t waterway projects for ,W«st6rn Pennsylvania and Ohio i n c i i K l o a proposal to extend navigation on tho K l t i l c l m l n f U i B and ('ono- mauijh r i v c i - a to J o h n s t o w n iin-d have i i r m y engln-cerH dctortniiio udvtsjtbllil.y of extendinr,- the Ohio- .llivor i?hu:k- wator system to YoiniRBtown, Ohio. lU'iircscnlatlvo .1. \VullatH! Denipsry of New York,, c h a i r m a n of tho ilon«e fllvcre and Harbot-a Coniniittec !ia« ,-in- t h i s lu.ter survey w o u l d l)f lMl in tho next rlv-T« and ]i;ir- bill. MISS MARY A. KELLY DIES OF PNEUMONIA K n i C l i ' l D i r e c t i d i m H e a d w i l l i.-- (.'. B. Brooks of I n be In charge. FRENCH ALTITUDE FLIER REPORTS 76 DEGREE BELOW ZERO .'.! of !'iT,720 1'iH't waa eiaara- f l i t ' i - i.-nri!oi!;!ii' l o i l u y a f t e r r V l l l f i r o v i b l a y in a 40-11- m o n o p l a i u ' S u n d a y i n . 'n'.-- f a i l e d to .pass llio m a r k . 1 !: · i-atfi'rrerl 1nte-ns;!y i U n ' . n u i K f n t s n An a-Uitnde t.ii..!'iiod by I.'.'m load o£ 1,202.,! of .ISSK feet, was at- May. w i t h a ids ut A conference ..m Chrlts'.iun cluca- tion will bo held '1'uossduy at the ! i-ctibyterlan Church at V a n d c r b i l t . Tho honre are f n u u 2 (o !) i'. M, A iVllowflhip dinner w i l l be (^erviHl in t'u.i church. laid out. a comprehensive plan ot waterway i m p r o v e m e n t in w h i c h tho YouRliiogheny was t h e main feature. j "Now we nro here saying t h o Yough- i i OK bony is an impovtaia p a r t of a n - j other comprehensive' plan--- t h a t of j o u r second enftlnce-r-I'-'esidont, Hcr- i licrt I-ioover." i Congressman Kendal! spoke briefly ' n e a r tho close ot tho liearlng. "This i n i a g n l f l c e n t andlenco' l i uented in a." ( c o m trooni wt.cre j n a t l c o · Is ' always u l - l s u p J ) O J B r t U) bo dl8prllBcd . colonel K a l n , you sit today us :i judge, re.pre- sontint? the United S t a i r s Govevnment. Y o u r d u t y is to (lo justice* both to tho f u l l e d States G o v e r n m p u l and to these great business men here presenting their case am! reasons why t h i s rlvor s h o u l d be made navigable. On account of tho W o r l d War Internal I m p r o v e m e n t s wero sidetracked aa t h e c o u n t r y Sine! no money 'o finance such plans. Today t h e nat:ou in in goad i . shape t i t v a n c i u U y and o u r President, i not only urges, bur, cmphiiHlaes the i i m p o r t a n c e of I n t e r n a l i m p r o v e m e n t s . j l w a n t to say »s »i m e m b e r , of Con- I g v e s s that 1-arsc sums oi' money should i be mado available To,- Internal im- : ' Iirovorneuts. "-After yt.u!' decision, if ; favorable, I urn « n r « C-ngr«sa w i l l ace 1 to it t h a t su flic-lent money is ar:"'opri- j c i t e d tn do tho work, l^ourtoen mom- i bci s of Congress f r o m IVpslprn Pcn-u- j sylvanla h a v e ( w r i t i n g , f a v o r i n g sill on record in r i v e r i m p r o v e - nfcd to be! Keep your system clean with Epsot abs. Take two Epsotabs at night for constipation relief in the morning. Easy and pleasant to take.No griping, no lost time. Try them tonight. For sale f t : your druggists iti 25cand50cpnckages. Write for freo sample. T H E D i L L C O M P A N Y Hometown, Pu. Congressman called t i i j i i t o t h o f a c t t h a t t i t ' V o u e h i o g h e n y R i v e r i m p r o v e m e n t b:ul ben before t h i / American Congress for many: years. "Kvcry m u u I : i public life in l-'oniiMylvauia k n o w s c£ tho Yongh'io-. sbouy," he siild. "They are interested in t h i s work." He s u b m i t t e d letters . s u p p o r t i n g : the project t'r.-m Governor J o h n S. Flslu-r, State Treasurer Edw a r d M a r t i n and S e n a t o r Joseph U. G v i i n d y a n d added t h . i t the endorse- in o-ut "of tjiis projet.-; by cvory t:on- gr3S.smKn in the State .£ .Pennsylvania means that w h e n the tlmo comes to got tho mont-y, t'c-'insylvania's 30 t votes and, its ' t w o »-ru-ilors w i l l bi i n ) Following a brlct illness of pneumonia, Miai Mary A. Kelly, 71 ye;irs and four months oll, died this morn- Ing at 1 o'clock at her home, 13U West A p p l e street. Her death was not unexpected, her condition h a v i n g boon critical for tho past i/o;iplo of cliiys. Previous to her illnesi!, \v!iirh datud baclt to last Wednesday, she had been in good h e a l t h . A resident of Coiincll.yvillc tlio greater p a r t of h p r l i f e , M1SH Kelly \vas widely k n o w n 1n the coniimiinity, I Tor llnd ttnd gentle manner won for her Ui© re;:font. and es'tnm of all with whom she- name In contact. Sho was born at Silver Hun, W. Va,, September I t , 1S5S, a (laughter of the Jate James J J . and E)!oa Mc.Mnlion Kelly, and sricrit her girlhood days»re. Her f a t h o r died iniiny yours ago at. Sand I'Btcli and about 5fi years ago lUins K e l l y r.'inio to CojiixsllsvUle with 'her rnollwr und other vnoinberii ,ot! the .family. They located In Water street whc're Mrs. Kelly'conduoled the Kelly Hoiiiie for a n u m b o " 'of years, Miss Kelly, the last a u r v t v l n e .inemhor of her family, -hiwf resided In West Apple fr't.rC'St for th'bMast 2H years. 'She was a m-iiinbor of the liiimaculto Concept i o n Church, the Sacred H e a r t League anil a charter member and of Court A n t u i n c l a t a , Catholic Daiigli- U-r.s of America. She had thrive ,sis- ler.s a n d two brothrrt-s, all of whom preceded her in death, A ./mue.-i Kelly, dl-ed J'nJy 2S, I-!)2i.i. is .survived by sove-rul coimins, i n c l u d - ing P h i l i p A. ,;Stci\lahoti, who w i t h his f a m i l y re:»idei in tho K.ully homo In Apple street. Tho f u n e r a l party w i l l assemble Wednesday morning at S:80 oVlock in tito K( lly homo, {joins from i.hnro lo (he Immaculate; Con or pi. Ion (,'l?!ii^.i|, w h e r e ro'iuiern hip;h mass w i l l he celebrated- at ii o'clock. . I t e v . Fat.lun' M o n r y .Oeibel, the c h u r c h pastor, w i l l oHicfalo. Jntftniiciil, w i l l be in. old St. Joseph's C e m e t e r y . C o u r t Annmiclata, C u t h o l i o Daught e r s of A m e r i c a w i l l rneel Tnesd.iy niglit, at S o'clock hi the K o l i y resl'- tlonco to r e c i f o the rosnrv. TEMPERATURES WELL BELOW ZERO ARE REPORTS) The coldest, weather of the soasi n was oxpericucod over tho wnek-e- d wlien the zero m a r k was recorded · n t.lie official' thermometer at T ie Con-rier. The m e r c u r y dropped to zero --n SuHd.'iy morning- and steadily c.Hmb -A u n t i l It. war; ^0 above. Last nijjht. a ;i this roorniiiK, t h e r e was anolher dr ip in the temporaturc and tho low.nin -k of ttlx above, reached. Reports from I n d i a n Mend a il Roaring Run indicated that the re 1- dents experienced tnu/.'h colder wcani- i'T thtK m o r n i n g than ynsterdny, ) «i- d i n n Head today reported a low -ma Mi of live below w h i l e y e s t r - r d a y morul ig the low f i g n r o wa.-i said to bo i'. ir below. Roaring Him t h i s morni ig hud a low m u r k ot seven b e l o w wh lo yrstwday it WIM reported at f' U P below. In tho c o m m u n i t l D H surround: .15 Coiniellavlllf, at. Perryopollit, Dvinb iv, Vaiulerbilt, Dawson, Star J u n c t on and o t h e r polnto, the z;ro figure v as reported Cor yesterday wlrilo t lift morning'a recordings ranged f r o m six above to J'J above. Tho "weather man predicted sn w tonight and t o m o r r o w , adding that he m e r c u r y would not d r o p very nu cli d u r i n g the ulsrht. , ···'·' Flv-Q le!ow was repovlel at Poi iar Grove- and 10 'below--iwrhaps !·'. £1 m varying v.thrmomett-j-fi -- a t Whi tlo Piurlc. " . .{ om« ;|xports said places In ,he Indltui Crook Valley roporte-d Hi bo- low, '· ' . DIES AT SCOTTDALE a. position 1 believe t., A f t e r ndjourutue-nt pal it, across, " j nd bel'oro lea,v- i iiii: tho b u i l d i n g , cvo y delop.te was iirilied to vogisttM-. Wl en Colonel M a i n j called for oxpruaiilou i i'rum a n y one j oipoited to tho fanrtll-'.atlou p r u J i - c L . a. i b: itU' WHH b-ubtiiitt.ed b .· tho \Vo,simiri- ! liuid C'-uil Com pai y tr Irwln. | W A S U I . \C1TO.V, Jan. :!0.-- Consrcsti- j /tni;i irnm \Vftitorn. ' ' o n n s y J v a n i n on Bat urday uotuploletl 0Iaai, tor u. de- Special to The Cour',ar. SCOTTDALK, Jan. 20.--Mrs. Franc-en Catherine McClary, SI year:; old, widow of. H e n r y McClary, died Saturday nig 1 !!', at her home at SO!) A r t h u r avenue, a f t e r a short Illness. She- is survived by two d a u g h t e r s and one s o n . . ' M l s w H e n r i e t t a and Miss ('.lude, it( ho mi 1 , ati.'l J o i n t f'C, A f i / C ' h i r y of M i l w place. Thu f u n o r a l s o r v i t - o w i l l he held :it i h o h u m . ' Tui'sday nl'tcrjuion m 2:: j ,u o'clook, ,vllh /U'V. J. VV. \V'Hli(ii-.'i|iuu!i nf t h o P r o s b y t e r h i i i C h u r c h ( i t l i c i - . i t i i i u l i i i r i a l w i l l be in Scoluliih: Cnnu'-n-r'v ENGLISH PAINTER'S DEATH STILL MYSTEW AFTER MURDER TRIAL By U ul tod Presja. PAR IS, .Ian. 20.-- \V bother the d- of Oliv-e BranKon, attraclivo Kup painl-er, was tho result of a loi (iiiarrol remained n mystery hero day. A j u i ' y a c q u i t t e d Francois P -son oC a hotel o w n e r at. LOH Baiu a charge of ni'imlei 1 g r o w i n g on tho -death. The body at Mts» Branson, 4-1, found at. tho bolUm of a cistern In hotel yard last April, a b u l l e t thr tliu h e a d . T.h« theory of suicide qtitwt toned wh-en It. WHS revoalod had been the mistress ot IMuet had siR.nod a will l e a v i n g him a 1 fortune, PI net was arrested last May, er-; ed w i t h her. m u r d e r , and romain i Jail u n t i l the trial wli'icjj ended S/ tluy n i g h t , despit-t; the prot.ustatioi sy ; in;] who d'e'inn n rte-d hii The v-ord.'.ci. i1 "not guilty" toll- wed the- iiiiibllity oi' the pros-ecn:t1o i lo present 'clear c u t evidence oC 1'i wst's ' DIES OF PNEUMONIA · M O U N T PUOASA.NT, Jan, 20.- D e w a n c Hoyor, eight j'ears, · m o n t h s and 1fi days old, son ,o and Mrs. A l l e n Boy or- oi' Hamr ville, died at, the home shortly ,'i o'clock yetitcrd;iy p n e u m o n i a . The f u n e r a l service w i l l be IK the home al.-10:30 o'clock Wodn · t n o r n l t i K a n d i n t e r m e n t w i l l foli" Greenlick Cemetery. The. China Coast and especially tho city o£ Shanghai liav(3 nlwnyti 'boon famoiiH: in both Kong and Htory for the colorfu/l glamor of . ( h e i r exifitnnco. Famous, writers and pootn h a v e glori- lied th'ern in literature- hiirt' f a m o u s dramatists havo tuldwl to their oriental lustre on the world's greatest singes, ' The Orient i« the locnlo of picturesque romance- Just, HB Ireland is th« homo of tho Blarney Stone. To tha meRneile stroets of ShRiigliai ara attracted adventurer*) from tho. four comers o£ tho world, adventurers who find their tho Irrostslblo lure which mudfl tho city the croea-roads of the earth. Such Is tho fascinating setting of Universal'^ "Shanghai Lady," starring beautiful jVlary .Nolan, which Is on tha screen at the Paramount Thoati-o. To tho natural appeal ot tho locale has been added t h e tremendous glamor -of tho .John Col ton play--the mooting of two w h i t e drifters, a man iind a girl, al t h e cross-roaila, and of what t h e n tranupirca. Mary Nolan, l o n g acclaimeI a«H tho most gorgeous beauty on. tho screen, was elevated to sUnxIoni to. play tli« dynamic Cascio Cook of Madame Polly Voo'e cln«Bic "loaroom," find James Murray plays opposite .her i« the young d-ftrellet who imH succumbed to tho lure of tlui Oilna -coant, Tho all t a l k i n g picture, directed by John Robertson, brings to the screen the Shanghai of song and HCernture in a powerful vlmial Kweop. A Vitiiphono act, HOIVB reel and all Inlklng comedy arc also being shown. Wedneeday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Colleen Moore will bo aeon In "PootlightH and Fools." office of. a Chicago corporation l a w y e r . In tills picture she wears many boau- litul clothes, j evening gownn and wraps, Btre-atf ..cnaemblee, afternoon frocks and negl/gee« aujong them. She S-lng(3 two eonis, one of them composed by Mr. O-oulding. Thi supporting ca«3t; includes Ilobert Ames, Kay Hammond, William HokleH, Pnrnell Pratt, Henry B. 'Walthall and Blancho Frldericl. Tho Btory is, of coumo, m o d e r n ; it is a drama. Mr. Gonldjng wrote- the story directly for the talking ecren, wrote the dialogue, wrote a song, directed tho picture. G o u l d i n g Is versatile. His play, "Dancing Mothers," ran for a yoar on j Broadway, His fl]m story, ")3roa1- | way Melody," in now playing thero. "Tol'nble David," w h i c h he adapted, won the- Photoplay Medal. "Paris," which he directed, -established Joan Crawford. "Love," the Gilbert Garbo Hem, ho also directed. The dialogue sequences of "Tho Bellamy Trial" wore-hla work. "Fury," his novel sold i well. He studied sound for six m o n t h s j with Nw York engineers, be-fore .at! tempting to employ it. The program also includes a movie! tone act, sound nems reel and a i l talking comedy. Thursday, Friday n n d Saturday "Woman Trap," witli Hal Skelly and Kvely T3rcnt in tho leading rol3fl will bo uliown. / Homes t Everyday you will find hopjes and homo sltee advortleed In our clasai- fled coJurana--read them OTer. When Mrs, 0. B. Schnapp, wife of the sheriff of Carrollton, Mo., learned that the escaped negro whom her husband and a posse were hunting was hidden in a .bouse on the outskirts of the town she went, unarmed, to the place, and ordered the negro, Herschel McGrew, to accompany her to the jail. McGrow, who had tunneled his way from Ms cell meekly pro ·* ceded Acr to jail. This Age of Service Jadeed, this Is the age of service. The hotels ndverttuB road-houso dinners and the road-houses assure the customer that he la (fatting an good a meal ns he could get at a Uotel.---De- troit Free Prpss, HMWVWWAAeVWtMni^^ The Orpheiiin "The Trospasser." Gloria Swaneon's first all t a l k i n g picture is iho feature' p i c t u r e at the O r p h e u m . K t i m u n d ; Goulding, director and author of t h e . picture, had two \veek« of en m era. and , dialogue w o r k - behind him before Hollywood, knew such a picture existed. Minis R w n n e o n now a p p e a r s na Marion Uonnell, H t o n o ^ r u p h o r in the SOME WOMEN ALWAYS ATTRACT Tou w a n t lo lii b e a u t i f n l . You w a n t t h t lli-oli-SK e n o r K V , frP-tii i-nm- plcxlon uini p e ) » i.c yoiitli. Tlioii let Dr. Kthvard;, O l l v o Tah!:-i:( J i e l p fr^o y o u r s y a t c i i i of tin? poisons I'uuscd by ' clOKKod b f j w p l n 11 nil t o r p i d liver.' For 20 y c u r a , moil ;uicl w o m e n suf- feTlnK frortv r.loinacli t r o u b l e s , p l m p l c w , HatleKBiicss fitnl ii'.'adac!ios. have u Dr. KcUvardH O l i v e Tablets, a succi-aa- (ul a i i b H t f t u t K f o r calomel, a compound of v o B c i a l i l o I n t f r i v l l e n t s , k n o w n by L l i p l r o l i v e color. T h e y act e a s i l y ! upon t h o fiowola i v l t l i o u t stifling-. They; h e l p c l o a n a e the s y s t e m and Lono up th5 liver. It you v a l u e y o u t h and Hj m a n y K l f t n , take Dr. KilwardK Olive TiLblota , nishtly. How mucti b e t t e r you will | (ec!--and look. 15c, 'Me, OOo.--Adver- llaemcnt. araitiQunt ALL TALKING PIir Today-- Tomorrow Carl Laentmle i tt Production Vitaphone Act--"The Serpentine* AII Tallde Comedy Admission--Matfneo lOc antf 25c--JS'Ipht 15c and 85c Vedues«iay, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Colleen Moore in "FOOTLIGHTS AND FOOLS" fWWVtfWWWWWWVWWWWWWfWV Tf of looking- for BurfMiiiis 1 , read th-e advortisitig i-i?!uinii,~ " Couriwr. 1 Today--Tomorrow--:Wednesday TALKING an Edmund Gouldlng* Dm rJi ifH^. ~O Bef! on Movietone and Sound News : 1,3,5,7,9 I'nfuul, llcs. MOUNT PLEASANT, .fan. 20.-James Hiirkholder, i n f a n t son f t M r . and Mrs. Fcrnor B u r k h o l d e r , d ed at the M e m o r i a l H o s p i t a l Saturday Interment, was m a d e Sunday ir. the Ore en lick Cemetery. Hue our cla.ssille-;! advertlso. ion I K . W i E t l t safe Musi(frolc--usually eH- olivo in orifl u[i)lic(ttion -- better ^hcti applied once every hour for 5 1 jur«.

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