The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 19

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

r ' ? ' ft 1 tr MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1964 Journal Cross -Word Puzzle ACROSS . 1 Qutk. Abbr. i Lata Um mud I "a". 10 hviW. 1 ( 'mm. 15 Tabs ttrrt. 16 taunt IVts. 17 l.rcal, ikitnt baula. 19 (o a (mi). 20 Peeltd. 21 RtgaroVd with lam: 2 words, 03 HiabsWat CoUi. Carrot plant. 2ft Like tree. 30 Introduction Abbr. U AnkUbona. 34 A sudden activity. 36 ButiiMM otgrest Abbr. J7 Statute Abbr. U Frroch ifnpteaainnibt. 39 Kortunrteller. 40 Long time. 41 OIo, in Britain. 42 Feel. 43 Sock. mm to I tllrrrd. 47 I'aaairama. tiar mmL 40 Pan el a dctarit: 2 wolda. M Cholerie. V. Rrd deer. S7 Infer the tratk oli 2 wdi W la (ia fKiatrnce I. 61 Hamburger" fmktljiiamtat. 2 Tokiaau M Vieana. M Brarkta. 6i Koraul obaervunce. DOWN 1 Part of a dance. 2 Lyra. 3 litl'a name. 4 Beam: 2 words. 9 Sewing implement. 6 how!" . 7 Waahday word. 5 Senl. 9 Kimian, circa 120. 10 Moat retiring. 11 A marvel. 12 Choir voice. ptiYion mai 1 q jifi!is?riK 7 1 7 51 W Iffff W W f 5" ' SLINKY The toy advartiscd on TV Universal MS SUSSEX STREET FREE PARKING SLOVER'S L FOR HONEST VALUE! ' t.-t- ' mm ' ','): A PERSONAL SERVICE ttarkat rntsn crop STRAWBERRY JAM :. 44 ezs. $1.09 a i v-: m l - -r w m 1757 RutseilRoed, v 731-3884 .u- 13 iLatiawtJ word. U Uw and kickw 22 Hut. 24ToiL . " 2tt Vathliag! t , " wot da. 27 New Meiica Iowa. 20 Millae afecialty: 2 worda. 29 Saddc tknuL 31 'flump alua. 32 ( lulieaged. Si Craasea. U COUMt 2 worda. 39'MtTBMid't - 'habitat: 2 worda. 4lUnurlock. Hidain. 44 Take advice. -46 Labor groups. 48 Corur d' , Idaho. 50 kacUaiation of 'many awanings. 51 Romanian city 52 IVa. SI I'iwplt of Alia. M Down 1 SB Offspring. S9 Nautical chain . I 2 U I 'T In h 6 p lii 111 112 113 -S 14 IS ' - )g - . - 27 ; s " " Jl 3" 33 "II -7" """3b !" ' r7 " J " "" " (9 O it i2 53 , 4 S5 I " ' 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 11 1)1 1 1 Solution of thii punnr-wlli bt published tomorrow, YOUR HEALTH -By Lester L. .A new drug has been used successfully to reduce the cholesterol level in' the blood. This announcement, made - by Dr. Michael Olivet ol the Royal Infirmary In Edinburgh, k Scotland, was enthusiastically . received. It was further noted that no toxic or side effects ' occured In 101 patients on ; whom the new drug was used. . Eighty per cent ol the patients . showed a marked reduction rn the cholesterol content of , the blood. -.-, v.,'. ; .' -b ' Why Is this report o( par-. licular Importance to y o u r own family doctor? ':' - It to accepted by most physicians that long-standing high cholesterol levels in the V blood produce unwanted harmful narrowing of the . blood vessels (arteiosclero-, sis). The tiny arteries that bring : blood directly to the heart muscles (the coronary ar -', teries) are narrowed by de-1 posits of calcium along their . , inner linings, .when the blood contains excessive amounts of . cholesterol and other fats. The new drug, a complex of . "Itobutyric esters." offers great promise for preventing .' heart attacks from arterio- sclerosis. t. These columns are designed " to relieve your fears about .' health through a better un-' derstanding of your mind and body. All the hopeful new ad-' ' varices m medicine reported Coleman. MD here are known to d o c t o r I everywhere. Your . individual . medical problems 'should be handled by your own doctor; He knows you best. Highlights Radio I.N CBO Assignment. The first of three interviews by Anthonys Patterson with Mayor Jean Drapeau of Montreal concerning the 1967 World's Fair. ' iV " t.fS CFMO-FM Concert Halt ' Leonora Overture No. 2, Beethoven: Flute Concerto No. 1 In Q major, Pergolest Sin-fonja in G major, Holzbauer, Btndtnhurg Concerto No, 1, Baclu Symphony No. 8 in F, Beethoven. " ". . ' ' ' - CBO - DUtingulshed Artista, Violist Otto Joachim and pianist John Newmark. Sonata No. 1, Milhaud. 10.15 CBO Democratic Convention. Report by James M. Minifie and Bill Murphy from the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City. .,. VANCOUVER city won't ' so Beatles. The four singers spent less than six hours here Saturday 29 minutes of It on stage and left bahl-nd several injured youngsters and scores In hys terics. The Beatles appearance be fore some 2t.M at Empire Sta diuro was pinched Into a day that began in Seattle and ended in Los Angeles. I Thousands more ' youngsters lined up for a. glimpse of the singers entering their downtown hotel, .but the entire lloor served for them was never oc cupied because, they arrived here late.' WOODEN GATE Tension, which built up the day, exploded when the quartet,, their long half flap ping, ran on stage about I: IS p.m. The screaming and squealing drowned out the sing. ers as they moved into their performance. Meanwhile, about SOD non-paying fans outside stormed a 10-foot wooden gate. Policemen and Pacific National Exhibition workers put their shoulders against the other side. Both groups backed oil when it appeared certain the gate would collapse. A group of youngsters outside the stadium finally succumbed to emotions and stormed a gate, toppling the structure over on themselves. No one was injured and police managed to cordon off the section after sev eral teen-agers eluded them. Later the group moved to another fence and successfully smashed It down, but no one was able to enter. The surge on the field toward the stage pinned many young sters a ga last' a restraining fence. Screaming and crying girls were carried off by first aid workers to a stadium con course. . f THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 17 BROTHER JUMPER "Mind Migfe.tionr TENSION EXPLODES Beatlemania Hits Vancouver Peak CP) in forget The final - tally snowed tux youngsters taken to hospital and later released. One had ribs taped and another required stitches. About SO were treated at the stadium for "exhaustion and hypertension. TOMORROW IS LADIES' DAY at the CENTRAL CANADA EXHIBITION .All ladies admitted to the g rounds FREE of charge until 3.00 p.m. 10,000 FREE seats to special Grandstand Fashion Show , produced by C. CAPLAN LTD. Y ' j LmMaaaaak Jkaf xJhvJi FRED DAVIS "SPECIAL GUESTS: FRED DAVIS -TOBY TARNQW , AND KAHH TINETA HORN INTERESTING ATTRACTIONS VALUABLE PRIZES TREASU RE HUNT : Exclusively for the ladies on Ladles' Day. 1 Each lady entering the grounda will be liven an envelope containing A number. In each of the buildings, a large number will be hung In a prominent place and any lady who has the corresponding number will be awardjrd a valuable prlie by reporting to the main office In the Coliseum. ' 00NT MISS THE BIG DAY FOR THE LADIES AT THE "EX" HI AND LOIS TRi:nv -1 . ' I 1 at MR. TWEEDY ' J j by NeJ RrdcfT a-other good rule to remember doa't talk ' H"y' No wondr 1 can' 9 "yWng on . Therag uw mioj iiiu injg uuc Dtua'- nvnntn fiwui una mtm 0wi aut ii aniT lira. 1 I I ( tOCTC AT THESE VfVMEgES OUH OU-FASHIQNEP 'ij r rTgSiS TTT"-1 I N. S HEAOUNES I I FEELING FOR WUMAN.T ? VVWESTS II I O?" I&iSrtJ V -V- WHAT'S ARE OUR MORAL STANOATOS jt I Tf vf 1 1 1 l-g ?il ' r-S) asteSf HAPPENEP WHERE ARE THB I PEALS r I J I TTiH M J3 'yk-t TO THE X "r " Jl.iilj-. J Wfi AT A--. Li- I ARCHIE . . " "v !'V .-1 riy-n' y h r rwoiMu-., 1 1 -ion , ' 'r LOOV, ARCW. 1 NX)GHT Qtt HOUt f IH. TAlft I CAM UARCT.V IP . t V v. A 1 one on toiitl U6At o' "nwoc c wnr - X I J I vf I know r , . j L "notiinn mv KV:IRY DRAKE y .!-.,.- vwissss! ' - . i l-a-J- . - -..II ' 11 " ' ' 1 ' ' "'- ' 'i t a I .., 7H1 r: ...aWfafaelaaM-la' , - -' t3ad J L.6??, SUfTt atHB UZ fOCW CI TX (. rXWee.JOWHy'T SLjur: J hiPvirr VfWMI 11! ,7 SttKSra .. MimSffi5M R'. I dian School of Home Study. UWIiYi 4umYV-rrVrtTI I iLisT "Sa- 3 "S-3V- QualUied H!h School teacher. Uf i' ffl Ul -1 a-ai. ,1 yjj v X---r you cn advance as quickly as m. . ' ' ' ' - ' " " " ; you wtsfl. Ooot delay. What I ivnx ivnjivajAi, SHIU SS!.!! i L'i UJ'A I roivemESAsA Wavr N ..t M7n.w VI I m mfoWioVtoy j v c. iwAjssl tes! I M KJ I I ETL 2?" 'Sf n i : : I KaSSS!6KS'Z2-?2!, l DTTtf-it U kequim onlv J CHStuusWEO i I thought ;7rp4h i;r2rirr7ifr'--ii . -1 ' wrs lUiou, livi'"! iu' -T". . a.-o b.a5 - II r r- -V0WJ lljlJKWv-lri ; .... I rL li feif'l ; eTitU-Lt-' i f. I Us?,J--2 ,,rt .... . , mm&r ' iJLXIET JONES ' ' " , J ', . f ' I' . a i 1 1 i . ' . P T- . I I V ' 1 WT WNCtAM! .T AMO Ir ONLY 10 wcT A Mm - I - ?aTa i, I Twe'vKMeiisiiy f" " Cm . KiaMietT!ssuP t 1 xip&m rt&J i . ; .nisi iM if Jl , W V-VJA-A I . j ; APARtMENT 3-G : ' - I "T THAT'S R16T, 1S3 MACeE.' MV 1 1 NOW, UT'S T -) T I AI I (T SO M fNSTMAT I THavX 6ARTH ' 1 1- I NEPHEW tS A GOOO 'CATCH' FOR U If OtthtR AND WEU T f "OvvERS 15 VERY HtCt ANO J SfTENO 1 k f I. " 'ir-- I AM ATTrtACTTVC, AM6VTfOU9 rOUNd 1 IPeJCUSS I CflMUi'M ID KEEP SffmS HM AND OOWT A I I arW J lUvVtSSEM E IM vVOMAN SUCH A VOU-'-ANO I'M m Via-1 aa."Vf T"l W TELL THAT X SOJLPN'T . ' ' I STEVE ROPER ' V ( f " "i-! r. '"',r """J UH-JfW-O f AK'-fT NAD IBCTTW IET U5 UNIOO arPTC b1?-' IP0" lCr'n-E ) T HIEPSR$ - yOUStTASOOT I A MVAOA TNt sUMtAe , MuwC-ElL F Tt flat. SHIET XXIVE GOT ' tOOoC, MiNE.'-THi LOOK AT THAT J UCtNSC. SUA mV TMJ MLViC WTM0UT - I. HAI HQS , Mt, Ot-D SLOOIE.' ) HOUSE SAKOI Clfi OU SAap COtOMH.', HrPOCiaa i ? J!?L?$ -J u j.a H TKt StWj KfPTPSTvvn )V1 W OutTifivC; FC---,ii k -- l- -.. , ;:.. . 4 .. ,-r -A I. ...... v. .... X . ... '';:.v':-.'-' .-'-; v'; ; . Vv, ' -;; ' ' ' :,::-':' i III r iaa-iiTa la Hm - - - aian i a u I ( r mmm mm wm latia .. ,. mail n il a 'i I V , i iaaia Im ata. M. js'i ,-w,Ja.-W w. -

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