The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1918
Page 7
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SEVEN. MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1918. DAJ-LJT COURIER, COiWELLSVILLE, PA. I bnola and Columbia Records Let the "Life-Tone" of a Grafonola Answer the Question--"Why a Columbia?" This Columbia Orsfonola Delivered to font Hmne om O*r Easy Payment for $18 91.60 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK. I So Interest Charges at the Bapport-Fenthcrmm Co. Think what a world of pleasure it ·will be to you to have in your home, always ready to entertain your friends and yourself, the world's most famons artists -- for that's what it means when you have a Colmnbia^Grafonola, of any model, even the lowest priced one, on which to play Columbia records. It's the Combination that's essential to obtain the real LIITE-TONB. I Think of being able to enjoy having all the newest songs as soon as they are published -- to learn them -- to sing them if you so* desire. ·· · . , ..·,» J OUR SPRING DRIVE i · · which has for it» object Hie inspiring influence of "A Columbia Grafonola In Every Home"--will start with a concentration of efforts on die lowest priced imlruments--instruments which (while they wifl reproduce as only Grafonolas can the best that there is in the musical world) are priced so low and sold on such-easy terms that their ownership with within-the-reach-off-all. ... ,. aii Think of the inspiration derived from listening to famous military bands playing the latest, soul-stirring patriotic airs. * · . Think of having an orchestra always ready to play for your home dances when you feel like dancing. ; Think -- and you'll wonder how you have ever got along without a Columbia Grafonoja in YOUR home, This Columbia Graionola Dellhrered to 1'our Home on Our Easy Payment Plan For $30 *1.50 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK Jfo Interest to Pay at the Bapport-Feafnennaa Co. Then Act come to the Rapport-Festherman Fnratture Company's stone--the Connellsville Home of the Columbia. It's a real Cotambia service station--a place where you'll always receive a cordial -welcome--» a place where ytmH always feel at home. Select and play your-own favorites if you wish. Then, when the Columbia Grafonola with. its matchless tone has proved to you that ifs ttie peer of aJQ. re^ producing instruments--when it has, so to speak, carried yon Into the very presence of the performer--when Jt has made you forget its mechanical operation, then remember that for as little $1.00 UOWH, $1.00 A WEEK , . , you can have one of these wonderful instalments in X.OTTR and you'll soon have it paid for without having felt the cost. Columbia Grafonolas Are Everywhere they briga'ton the hours lor the Soldier in the Cantonment--they carry pictures of home in song to the sailor out on the high seas, cheering bin lit his loBesoineness while he braves the dangers of the deep for "FBEEDOM FOB ALL FOBEVER." -''·' They are found in summer camps--in tents--in cottages on'the shores of our great lares, our rivers and ow brooks. In schoolrooms "where the young mind fe-'molded and Americans are made--YES EYEBY'VrHERE--AND EYEKY'WHEBE THE SASTE OPDJION PBEYAttS--THE IJFE-TOSE OF THE COLJ2IBIA IS SUPBEME. BE 1 ! IT'S NOT THE OPINION OF OTHEBS THAT WE ABE Df- TEBESTED Df JUST SOW-It's Your Opinion Mrs. or Miss- It's Your Opinion Mr.- YOU are the people--yon who do not now own Columbia Grafoaobts--Ton are the people whose opinion we want and the only way we know of that we can hear you express it is to get you to come here and let us play for you the wonderful Columbia Becords on a Columbia Grafonola. , Come While It Is Possible to Get One of the Models Illustrated Here Now--Today. ' Comparisons Always Prove YOU'LL DO BETTER AT THIS COLUMBIA KBAFOITOIA 3e- ; iivered to Your Home on Onr Easy !i Purchase Plan For : $45 $3.00 CASH, $1.25 A WEEK. 3fa Interest to Pay at the Eanport-Featrrermam Co. : Coonettnrffle'* Most Dependable Furniture Store. \\ f\ ! I SEND eotdd only ctare dally. It fin mm w» 'missed them," said CMtO. "More of jonr bnngllnj;,'' Cobo btek* oat «t Ua. TMthfallr. "Fool I rv« · mind to tow you into that fire." B* turned hi* attention oote more to Bow, «nd with a Jerk that (hook lur into roller confcioomM* repeat' ·d: "Wlwr*, are they? Speak to me.": ·OOM!" «b« gasped. "Gon«r Sh«|- ·tn«fl«d w««kly torard Cncto, Iro, *«t 700 know: ' - . ' "W«H, ' at Cofco, him » ICMOD,"! «ppn*tn«)T«l|'| Look H« Dovt*d at; that I told foul Cofco took ttet «a tmti, **fi ill tml Shift t. pnttr mttte «w~ HH tkMk ··· ·pr«4; b«r ···· gMljr, "I »· you'll be glad to tell me everything by and by." Then, treeing that hi* men risked a scorching In their March of the hot and were already quarreling orwr th* sauty plunder whl^f It afforded, lie turned from, BOM to con them away. Profiting by hl« Inattention, Rota wrlgglnd out of hl» ft»*v and ran to Evansellna, who lay face iloT.n in to* dirt, 2)*r lltnba aprawled looMiy, 8ht fluog berottlf npon the nroatnt* body and cried the black wumuii'» tattoo, bat ah* could nrakta on »· uponae. The flnrt pink of dawn ma BOW doepanlng IB the »*, and a* aooa a* It had jnjwn Uitt mwn* to *e» to tiw«l Colonel Cobo jinparad t» r* ton -to Jite l»r*W, Itm-fnet and won* .of the bflhlo )w fiiHen away to aotwa, tts k*l»(on of poles and Ita law pirn* of end* fnnltrar* atone wars RraalderiDK w*»» ha ttllfi bin men toffthei- md tern taa ward "Come, )·; fnteeawatt" CWw ad. dreEBed bJmseU to tke giri 1*vn that emjon foe the Iniuatiaf J«*ed 19 to find hint leans* fi£_' · "Jf . at her. She brushed the tears from her eyes, crying: "Qo away! In God's name haven't you done barm enough?" "Oh, but yon're going with me." The girl rose; her face was colorless; she was aqutver with Indignation. "Leave me!" she stormed. "Want have I done to j(u? Don't--" "Carombal A temper. And yon have atreogth, too, as I discovered. 3Inst I bind those pretty hands or--" Colonel Cobo reached forth, laughing, .and encircled her in'hte powerful arms. Rosa fought him as she had fought at the. first moment of d»- peratton, bat he lifted her eaally and went striding across the field behind his men. Esteban'i party made good .time over the hills and Into the Son Juan, for Asenaio knew the country ,Trell. illd-afternoon found them in sight of !A Joya, Cuetfi'B cane was thick and high; It was ready for the knife or for the torch. The incendiaries dismounted la the shelter of a wood find removed the- bags which they had carried' on thdr noddle*. Inside these bngi were lerenl makes, the largest pornajM eight feet In length, To the tall of each the nograet fastened a leather thong, and then t» each tbong i. length of tdegntpb wire, the enit of which had been bent into a loop to bold a bundle of oil-«oaked waste, Thte pRllminaiica accompttahedi tt»y bore the nptllea into the cane flcldc at wldejy eoparated plaeo» and lighted the wute. goon tonfnes of flame «ppaar*d and die giwo top* of the eane li««an to ahrirel and to WBV* ·· the «t«mdf eaat wind tflafc effWt, Smoke WU iowad Qpward and wtai hurried west, waid he*«a tbs btfiffita; in a down plaeaa ths flsl^pi liu»«t into flarae, JFnuo «om8w*»*r» asMfi/a faint Eboufc. |Dg, than ft shat »r two, and fmally tie rlaglnf et a bail, EstesaB waited only until he: saw that ~htt we*k of de^sstarEbn was wU nndet »«y, then he ;led his followers ,l *. t - Ir i ^ ,t- 6S3Ttoward the bills. " " i In the shelter of a ravine the party took time ,to eat supper/ their (first meal since leaytng home, and It was after dark when they finished. The negroes, who were thoroughly tired, were for spending the eight here, hat Bstoban, more cautions than they, would not have It so. Accordingly, the men. remounted their weary horses, though not without some, grumbling, and. sot out ·' At length- they crossed the summit and worked dawn toward, the ·-, Yiimnri, but It seemed ns 11 daylight would never come. Esteban suddenly reined In bis horse. "Look!" said he. Tender la a light" _ : "What te Evangellna thinking about!" Asenslo mattered. j "But. seel It grows brighter." ! There followed a moment.or (wo during which there was no sound except the breathing of the horaea ana the creak of saddle leathers as the riders craned their necks to sec over the loir tree tops before them. . Then Batebon cried: "Come! I'm--afraid It's onr house." Fear gripped him, but he managed to Bay, calmly, "Perhaps thero bu» been an--BCddonc," Aoanslo, mattering excitedly, wag trying to crowd past htm; for o few yank! the two borsou brushed along sfdo by side. The distant point of light had become a tflaro now; It- winked baleftilly through tiro openings ns the party harried toward It But It we» Htlll n long way off, and the eastern sty,' had grown row lie- fore .the dans: woods of the hillside gave wtor to the sparser growth of the low gronnd, ' Eateban turned A sick, wliltn face mat his shoulder and Jerked out Ills ordersj rhoa -he kicked hlr tired jHOHOt into a swiff er. gallop, It was ha-who first broke out.Into the :eiear- iug, One glance, arid the story was told The hat was buo o ernmUlnff skeleton, o* charred poles. Strung out Atomic Slaihod Onoa at Him With lit Long, Murdei-oli« Machete. ficross the little field of malangoa, ynccas find sweet potatoes were several hilarious volunteers, their arms flllsd- with loot from the cabin. -Behind them strode an officer. bearing Boaa srruggliug against his breast Esteban drove his horse headlong through '-the.''soft red earth of the garden.,;. His- sudden appearance seemed briefly, to paralyze . the marauders. .-· -It' was a -.znoiaerit. _before they could drop theii; spoils unsllng their rifles and begin to fire at him. and hy that time he had covered half" the distance to his slater. A ballet brought his horse down and the boy- Treat flying over its neclc Nothing but the loose loam saved him from Injury. As he rose to Sis feet, breathless and covered \rith the red dirt, there came a swift thudding of hoofs and Ase'nsio swept past him like a rocket Esteban caught one glimpse of the negro's face, a fleeing vision of white teeth bared to the gums, of distended yellow eyes, of flat distorted features; then Asensio was fairly upon Colonel Cobo. The colonel, who hatt dropped his burden, njrw tried to dodge. Asenslo slashed once at him with his long, murderous machete, but the next instant he was engaged with a trooper. "Who. had' fired almost In bis face. Cobo's men, led by the terrified Pancho Cncto, turned and fled for cover, believing themselves In danger of annihilation. Nor was the colonel himself in any condition to rally them. for Asensio'a blade had cloven one full dark cheek to the bone, and the shock and pain had unnerved him. otherwise qcdte wlrote. """ Then, there besWo th» rat»-BrtJ». Irat was a strange scene of -Asencao recovered now from his of savagery, was tearful, compeastan-( ate; his comrades laughed and dmt- tered and bragged about their ions deeds of valor. Orer and they recounted tbeir versions of __ encounter, each more ffftvrlfnl tbazutbe other, nnta It seemed; that they have left the forest fined wttn ojipam. Esteban was grave. He bad of Colonel Cobo, and, that denim-clad figure out yondet to the trampled garden, he knew fbmt w rloas consequences would follow. Tfco volunteers -were revengeful; Qutl colonel was not the man 'to forgive a deep humiilation.. .Doobt- less he would, put a. price_u^ou th« headn of all of them, .and certainly h« would never allow them another counter upon anywhere-- Bke terms. Then, too, the narrowness; of Bosa's escape caused the boy's heart to dissolve with terror. After a conference with Asenslo heji decided that they must prepare- fori-; The field was small, the Jubgle was 1 Bight, and late that afternoon they allji close at hand. A moment and the in- ! set out to seek a safer refuge, Evnnsc-j; terlopers had vanished into it all but "n« '° tears at leaving her precious'.' one, who lay kicking among the broad | garden plot Their led horse, one of): molanga leaves, and over whom- Asea-1 fllos f i ,J^ r f n TM , n * captured,- carried^ slo kept spurring his terrified horse, !" ·-·"··--"- clous. Flinging their guns ndde, they wont crashing into the brush on the trail of their enemies. ' , Rosa found herself in her brother's arms, sobbing out-the story of the outrage and quivering at every sound of; a · pitifully light burden--only BOSOB,- Is, some pans and Itei of charred bedclothes. TO BE CONTINUED. hacking downward -with Insane fury, tools, some pans and kettles, and a roll'' This was the first hand-to-hand encounter Esteban's men had had, and their swift victory rendered them fero- TIIIRD MBEKTJT BOKD ISSUE. Citizens National Bunk Offers ' ' ' the chase. He -was caressing her, and ] Bond Issue at '' Liberty Bonds. . . . One of the best investments offered-}. for many a day is the Third Liberty:'; telling her to have no farther {ears; both of them were fairly hysterical Evoniellna ihanks to her thick skull ·was not dead In the course of time under Rosa s and Esteban s ministrations .she rofnlned her senses, and ·when-,..the othfer men returned they found--her lying sick and.dazed, -oafr Government se; : ciirity is linguestioned and: 'the rat*.* of interest, payable twice_-a year, it profitable This lsm» of bonds com** in denominations of fifty dollars *n upwards Pleneo call apd vrraaga tor vour holdings »t-fho Citizens NatloiuJ. Bank 188 N. Plttsburg strcat,

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