The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1918
Page 6
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DAILY COURIER, 'CONNEU-SVUJJ3, FA. MONDAY; APRIL i, tutors Against Priority Car (Orders of a most serious 'i» breakincforth among coal ,, jrs.'-not only in iBunnuringB, ] nit" loud xote»ta against-what, many j Jttaracterize: ay'rankVlaTprlttatt-and oiserimin*tloB in the distribution ot Inipty coal cars r at. .the^mines. ._ £ MOM ol the coinplaiaUTtVroceed from, .enforcementof so called priority, , iasned under...authority., ot the. Administration ly-1U--iByriad- :oimaittes and minor oftteials, nearly ' whom are comprised in' tne 'so dollar a year men. ; :The bmcial- the percentage ba»ia. or. the require:- m'ents.j«r other' mines.' --These; 2 0,776: ars areTknbwn'as-'asalgned cars 'and. were iiot'.charged ajiiiiistthe percent' ^ " ____ D ot the Fuel Administration is of . _ ot the Hlndeiburg lines, jttd ao- it to th« stitetnenta^ofeoai men" daily bulletin* and orders' age inly 1,642 cars to be- applied to .the jerceatage method ot ; idSstribution. lad the total number of cara- been distributed equitably each' mine "on the' UViskn would have received. about ixty-riine percent of tne/car;'supply,' Bat being unequitable distributed the avored mines receiTed eighty-seven rercetrt and the unfavored mines but hirteen percent of -the 'whole. During ttejmontiPot February in' the Somerset field ' permanent- priority orders to e applied- dally^ were:' issued by^lhe to irtd'a-Trtole park of old- Fuel Administration- as follow*: artUJeiy. * J 4*4 whal la more serious stilt they · atraiaclr ttat not a few tk» dally .ontera is«ed by acme |iii«bwm"'oi~ tael officialdom are de- "'· 1 to; jF^ra.benefit-to their own __il iMainwB OT thi biiauieaa of tfc« «onw»»OoJM wbo pay their real' _^ '_ irhoM tnterata receive Pint cauUmtioa. irtowi.-,beyond and '" " ot mtj«bin» elyrAccording i.amiy.rMi.aperat'rtharafe. t-C mil n nil ana patriotiim.very ally, oi rather -rear ngUly. One p tfn they are railing patrio- r«d »ro«t,iajtng patriotism as as r said: "They I saying bt "bus- «»»««u 'tbeip» a decidedly _ opcraton, ^^·(·tatfr ««nrera o* the smaller mines '·· ··*· ····* flMt they are "gettlnr the i'-'iM. ··* «t IT a»d that the larger ita or inutr of th«m wlio bare . , Of tbe Tuel Administration matters 'voriied bit to ad- flate own ootpot at th« ei- ot tfc* smaller minea, by means All coal mine* i .'r^^B ife"* «*»·».Mflon. are rated as to pro- ap*ertr by the railroad serv- TCgkm. "ana the' empty coil tor loading each day are aiDonc.tne mines ac- tteir rated capacity; .-For -The jxodaction'oi the reg- U of coarse one hundred percent tin we will say it'ls two hondred Mine A is ratedCat-IWrty petr of the wboU; JOn» pereent and , to* remaining for^. percent.-od whole being divided betweetf 'tw.en^ or thirty, otbfr and 'H there were two ears in the reslon. and distrt- equitably, accor'dmg to. percent-, -js. all:the mines;great:«ind;'sinaU ,.4 hive all tie cars needed: ffo» pose tb*re -werV^jnt one musdred irding to production · capacity" rat. , would give A-tkirrj-'cara; -B-wenfcr wSji; C : ten cars--total" »iitj Tike"'rV ^5«tv^i_^..-. i n r+T ~t»m« (tistributee »an . _ .. S^Sbongst'the other twejuy-ftTe-or-thtr- ' iriMsi again, according to percent- it the yaei Administration'nas in- f /fc-ijBtuted the famous priority order:. 4 1 J'-Siorily order means that a certain fi*^Saber'.ofi empty, coal cars shall be i -*fe*I»ced at a certain mina or mines rer i:£rjjii*ta«-.ot_U»e need»'ef other mines ^llea arbitrarily'sets aside the-distri- '»S3(SUoi' ot ears by the percentage ::|i3Stt«d on any one day in the week or WilBjall tke d*j«..of a iredc. ^tttlt *^» lew mines who artt on whai j^tk* mm"" operator^ calls .'favorite ivUit"' «»t all the emlpdea, while his ' : " itaig epnUnue»-empty.-For shown '2 ,^~l_ - _ i;"fk« dtotrlbotion percmtaga i:S| : *mleBt to ttie Ml retvireraonla of al '-"·^^t»-mism in tfce ghren region. But Mines on Development, 244 cars daily. . . . . . . B. ft O. BaJlroad fuel, 65 cars daily. : Foreign.. Railroad -fuel, 31 cars daily. ' Brothers Valley (McDonald Mine.) . (New-England Fuel Adminisuaiidn), .0 tree cars daily. · ' Consolidation Coal Co. (Edison Blec., Illuminating Co.), 6 assigned cars dally. ·- (New York-Edison Co.). 10 assigned, cars'daily; .; .Consolidation Coal Co. ' / (Ne,w York Steamboat .Co.), 6 assigned cars daily. Consolidation Coal'Co. (Baltimore City Gas Co.), Z assigned cars daily. - Qnemahonlng Creek Coal Co. .(New York.Edison Co.), 6 assigned cars daily/, Quemahoning Creek Coal Co. (Edison Elec. .Illnmlnatln" Co..) assigned cars'daily. Bird Coal Company.. (New York Edison Co.,) 4 assigned cars daily. '·" · " Bird Coal Company. (Benson Elec. Illuminating Co.), 6 assigned cars daily. Victor Coil Mining Company. (Hew England Fnel Administration) 10 free cars daily. H. C. Prick.Coal Company. (By-Product Plant, Benwood, Pa,,) 16 assigned cars dairy. Republic Iron * Steel Co. '/(By-Product^ Plant, Youngstown, 0.,) 7 daily. In .this maxmer.'f ally nihety-flVe percent of all 'the empty coal cars in tSoee region»*r4ftaken ont of percent- age:disjia« : and awarded -to a few^farored riiines. These priority^orilero-.applied -during the en- Ure^moSth of; February and continued wtth ; oae -single -ezceptioii 'of tec cars a;day, .durfiig;.the entire -Itoath i.-to,.tb»: present :date March addition'.to these daily gores-it will ,be readily seen that the everai hundred mines in the Con- elisrille and Somerset fields do not re very well. One of. the prominent operators of e Conneilsville district la commout- ng uion the situation expressed tilm- elt as follows: "An'old and veD»/- ble,:.t;jne'. honored, true saw . runs tuis; ~ ; ."There is always a' wheel withiui a wheel." This trite bbeerva 1 Ion.'-may not "have -proceeded Crom but it certainly .did .come' rom. :i somewhere well of Wisdom. For. in aU human atfairs self interest ies;at th'c bottom-o£- most.'ot our dons and -is the mainspring of most of actions, especially so when are nvolyed matters of business. In-ordinary times one may descant upon one's civic duty; point with ''unerring prophecy" (caul phrase of thd lOlitician) to this or that public nec- assity and the certainty of a generous response on the part of t fhoae who must pay the bills; later the politician now become a statesman, points with 'pardonable pride" to the same as 'achievements which I nave wrought" ith emphasis a hundred pounds to the square inch.on the personal pronoun. The fellows who paid the bills (best ot ail tests) and bore the brunt ot OK labor of the campaign, and 'ho -very naturally supposed therefore that they had played some conrmond- .ble port, begin to question, whether or not they really had had anything ,t all whatsoever to .do with the projects. Or was not their obsession simply a pleasing, or, it may be, a bad dream, according to one's frame of mind. ; "Times like the present, war times, with all their excitement and stten- uosity, afford opportunities, wonderful ind widespread, for tie exercise c£ the skillful blending of patriotism and profit, the one often a mere profession, a camouflage, the other a posi- " the one made There are, y priority, orders 'further :.and . special priorities VcriS issued by J. C. Brydon. Fnel' Admlnistrator::;rn' the Somerset Begion-totalling'.six'ifiiidT'ed and sixty sii~"additi6ail : -^cars -forX'the Armj Transport (Service u/tellojrs:-' Brothers :VaiJer,-Coai : Co. "' '·' Atlantic .Coal :'P«I"-' ' Penn Smokelese'Coal :co. Quamaidohig Greet Goal Co. - 30 Randolph" Coal 'Co'. Ira- Tbomas- Valley Smokeless Coal Co. Smokeless Coal Co. ! Victor Coal SIIning-Co.. ^ ilaple Ilidj;e Coal Co. Knickerbocker Coal Co. . Stantfer Qcomabonlng Coal Co. _ 30 Si Sf. HamiltOtt : "Coai Co. _ 14 Baker-Wnitely-. Coal P J I " - - - 28 Jeaner-Quunaltoning Coal Co. _ _13! Merchants coal Co. 72 _ Consolidation Coal Co: (Mine H) _ 19 Tite thirtr and thiitrour cars credited reapectirely to the Queniahoning Creek Coal Cojnpin'yVaiid the ^Victor Coal Co., were not loaded -due to the fact that they were already recelTing one. hundred percent at their redn ments. It may be stated in passing thai Jfc Brydpu,. rbe; local ' fuel, .administrator' for tie Somerset arid, is 'also Pure Blood and Weak Nerves tive to serve the othor. DOW, pseudo patriots as weU as real" patriots. "The eiegencies of our nation Lu this year ot 1918 are such as to require pa-' Lriotism, the purest, the most devoted, the most self-sacrificing. ]atrlotism unalloyed and unadulterated. We have Uris type in abundant measure, but unhappily we have too pseudo patriots in- large number. The coal trade furnishes no exception and in it the pseudo patriots burrow and. undermine their fellows with impunity and with tie greater safety since thoy are protected by authority which, they themselves create and promulgate through the governmental official positions they hold. No man in the coal business ought to be in governmental authority through the . exercise of which he is enabled to further his own interests. The priority order is the bane of aU coal operations in this and other districts and ought not to be tolerated. It is susceptible of the most flagrant abuses and pernicious results, hurtful alike to the real Interest of the government as .well as the operators who suffer irreparable loss and 1 Injury thereby." 90MEBSET COUJiTI COAL OPEKATOES Lack of Blrunplh In about tho first symptom of violation oC [ho laws ol health. Than comas nervousness, u n steady hJUida and* ", · dizziness. sloplcsfmesEr, heurt palpitation, lost* of. flenh, and with tho focllnjj that tho life-blood is be!n£ dapped comoK com- .whimsical and o n - t h e verge of decay. Stluiy people In tho United States aro sufferers from norvoua debility, of thesu-luaa than half realize It. They know that they hava gloomy thoughts, a depression of mind, an Impaired memory, dlzzlncsu and headache, wakeful nights and spells of extreme exhaustion, but they attribute It to any other cauifo than the rig-ht one. Thoy feel languid. Irritable and restless, the why and svoreforb of which they cannot explain. They aro firuffer- in(T from nervous debility, a condition which is unduubtodly the means of ciuisine more mlBdry and crushing more hopes than any othor trouble that human flesh in heir to. Nervous exhaustion will not cure Itfi-fllf. Tha sufferer who thinks that nature alone will bring: about, a. restoration of. health ie simply deluded by a falHO hope.. They .will realise (If the Powor of realization 13 left them) when they become a hop-jlesu victim 10 one of tho terrible diseases which their _,,,,',,.1 tated.condition invites; when paralysis i-oftenlng- of the brain, . locomotei- ataxla. npinaJ meningitis or consumption beBlnE Its retcritlesa work. Many sufferers'rrom nervous debility, or loan ot capacity as a result at overwork or violation of nature's laws ore MUlckly restored to sound and ous health by our system of raenta. Ccnnellrvilte Pflltat Sp«k-. "For three years I had been troubled with shortness of breath. I would o bad at'night I could not sleep lying down. I would have 'to nit up with behind me. 1 felt all weal to A'pril showers wash and clean Q!J mother Earth of 'Winter's germs and impurities. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea does the same thing for your stomach, bowels, blood---purifies, cleans you through and through, a thoroughly Spring remedy. '36c. Tea or Tablets. Adv. Connells-sille Drug Co.- BLISS N A T I V E H E R B TABLETS Recognized as the only standard herb remedy; have been relieving- sufferers from - . BISORDKRFJ) STOKACH Biliousness, . Constipation, Impure Blood, .Khoumatlam, and Heartburn. A ffrcat ' ' IMfEY AND J/JTEK KEGUI.ATOR. Look for the monoy-frack guarantee In every box. *Get the ffenu- s~\ inc. Eyery .tablet statniied -with ufij thl« trade mark" ^5r Price Jl.00 per box of 200 tablets. Sold by A. A. Clarke and local acrentff every- ·where. "lid. run clown uatl did not seem .iftvc any strength "and on account my ·orltl - of thought my time for thin wa.f shor:. I called upon The . . e L'nltcd Medicttl Speclallsls and after a month anH a half nt trrittnient ] HTO , .^cl!n K lino and workinK r.ver- d a y " ! (SiKncd) J. N. PATTKRSOK, i Gtbnon Avenue, ! South ConnoHsvillc Pa. · H»d B«TI Sfclc i- Team. "For 13 years I had been troubled with severe headaches, ilizilnosa. M-ould KOI backache very bad. [ had no appetite, and my stomach was In a bad condition. I waa weak and run-down. could not sleep ffood, and was a nervous wreck, and could do very little' work. J hart become discouraged when I went to Tie United Medical Specialists for treatment. Today ] feel stronu and -well; have jjained JO pounds, do all New April Victor Records my ow work, and alt , troables have cones." (Signed) itlUi. MAGGIE JOLLTFF, .,, ^ , Hopwood. Pa. I had been jrtrk for one year, having been treated from time to tlrao without ireltlnj,- any belter. I uit very iveafit; my heart beat too fast .ind had severe pains over It, headaches, kidney trouble, backache, nervous, teit sleeny all the time. Also trouble with my stomach. 1 commenced treatment with The United Spcclallxts and In a short time am about in fine condition " (Slimed) JIBS. 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This record will laugh itself into your record library the minute you hear it. ' So. 45149--$!. To many Henry Burr's "Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight" for a soldier, daddy is one of the beautiful touches of the year's music. An excellent reverse : --"On the Road to Home, Sweet Home." So. 18139--75c It will give us genuine pleasure to play any of the new April records for you--at any time. McDonald Music Company, ROYAL HOTEL BLOCK, COS3fKU,SYI!LH, PA. HIS MASttBi WJtCB IOUKG MAHJBDIU; AGA15 US X11JE i'tTIXx SEBT1CE. Dfi. E, IV. I'lTTRBTJUt; SPECIALIST Chronic dlaeaseH of jnen and woaten. Diseases of the bladder and kldueys, weakness and Ibases successfully treated. . Diseases of the Klein, worn-out run-down men or women, no matter what your ailment may be. call, H costs you nothing:. Prfte examination. fi«re Jn Yonr Home Toivn KACH -VVKDNESDAY OI.Y SEW STAG HOTEL, 1H S. ritl.linrii: 8L ConnelLivUle. Ho«r«: » A. HI. to i) P. M. 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The fact that the other fellow advertises is probably the reason be is getting more business than is falling to you. Would 1C not be well to give tha other fellow a chance eramental aurboritiee ai Washington The ;Con»oUdation Co^l Company, in addition to tbe.fanirs as. shown in th tables above, hare been and are stil reaping . the .benefits . of like . consid erate -priority treatment on the -line of the Vesterri Maryiand'K. R., in' the _ ^_ matte a rt»l*c*r Itftfor aiqrpt the IF YOU HAD A NECK _ ·Offmton ra tie Someratt and Con ttflOt J« "WfSten AS I.OMO AS THIS FELLOW AND HAD Somerset Field in FenasylTanlti,' hi th TO ALI, PAKTS. I SERTICE. SET HATES Vest Virginia Field and also in Stary land on the Cumberland' 'Pennsyl Vanla, From, the above i statements of ililli '"jit 1 1| i iiml th yrtim - ngionE br the TlStT I6n»d 'that dorinc tHe-moirUi o ot all Day or Night. To Read Your Ad in These Columns? LOCAL AKB LONG DISTANCE IO*» tar.; Hoirwiw bnlir 12,418 'ear* ' . 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