The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 20, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO mil! JUA1L.Y CUCTIUKEl, CONNKIJ , FA.- MONDAY, JANUARY 20, IfKJO. ui; i'H\iri«siui' ivox nv rM.vrMv.\ COFPLE I'laying against the loading bridge! exports of tiu ("nlted StaU'-i and · Ctuuulii, a U n f n u f o w i t team, Mise Virginia f,enhart and Attorney T. VV. Watt HeiuU.'rtim, won tho auction I bridge tOiiiu championship, in tha i final play Satuulay night oC tho»je.oul ( Tri-Statc- Duplicate Brill pf Jague tournament at the \S'htte Swan Hotel at Untontown. The chatnpionshiT) carries with U tho banUtnl Trl-Stite Duplicate Bridge- League trophy. The contract pair championship for tho George M. Mc3irk cap was awarded to John II. T.«iw of Cleveland suid T. K. Alooro of Youngstown, Ohio, (', F. SOCIETY 1HM.DS !VrKKKSTJM} SKSSTOX Th«) Sumlaj night session ot tho Senior Christ an Knileavor Society o l ' Iho 1'Mrsst Met! oiiUt Frotebt-iut r h u r c h \w«; one of i Ho ino^t i n t e i i ^ t i u K in many month,'-. Mrs. M.ibel Louhart w.13 !'iler. About Jii'ty wi'i'i? in attendance. TJi" Aot-lcty !* hahling a membership mid cJncieuc^ content this m o n t h and a! UK* n r f " " i i t ' the reii-s. o" which Miss J J I K i H c U t o y is t a p t a i u . { have ICO c r o d i t , dud the whiten, ni'th j Walter T. Sn i t h c a p t a i n , 1M crudlts. j Tho goal Cor next S u n d a y it, 75. A vloitn solo ( o n t t ' b a t e d by M'st. | Dcvora Simcn . A spc'cial C l u i s t u i n Kn- ileavor ' o n u \\f.t rom'f-ted in unison. Tho contest w i l l (lo.'c uo.\t Suad.ij.. M, F. Meeting. Missionary Circle No. -1 will meet tonight at 7 31 o'clock in tho homo of Mrs. Charles Hilcs, South N i n t h street. Thf nurnliu- numthly business and social meeting -ot t h e \Vom;ui'« MN- slonarv Society \vlll ln held Tiiurs- d a y ^ n k j h t in the church. Tho ttmo is 7:30. At this tnno reports of tlio Plttsbunr h i a s u h meeting w i l l be pi veil by Wi a. K t a i i l r Shelkey. The chairmen of all tho circles wno at- t elided a district meeting laat week in Unlontown will ijbo glvo reports. The member d of Circle -\u. 1, of w h i c h Miss Klla Helffley is chairman, will be the hoatc'ises. Quarterly Conference, The cimwerly conference of the First United Brethren Church will he 'held Friday n i g h t in tho church. Itev. W. S. Wilson, conscience superintendent, will ho tho p r i n c i p a l speaker and will c o n d u c t the conference. AH members of the congregation are urged to attend. Finance Committee. The linaiu'f; committee ot tli First United H r c . h i c n Chinch will moot w i t h tho chairman Tneday night at 7:I!0 o'clock in tho church. 111.Day Son lug. The Sewng C l u b oi the First Baptist Church w i l l hold an all-day sewing We(ne i da in tho church. LOCAL WEN ATTEND BANQUET, ra'T.TSO'J KB DAME GAMI3 Two InincTml 1'ltl ivlimuius and friend^ met at the Pittsburgh Athletic Saturday afternoon and after an Inspection of the progress marie on the- Cathedral ot learning' were cn( Ttnlnod at a banquet at t'ho JTaeultv' Club. Chancellor Bowman of the Unnerslty gave a talk na did. Pi'csfct-e-nt A) Uiur and Secretary Caj f sou,^o.fflcers of Pie A l u m n i . Following the banquet, the entire body proceeded to tho Sta'Knm as suosts at the- Pltt-Notr-e Dame "basketball game. Amoni? (hoMo from Counellwiilc vc-ro IM-. CY S. Canvp'lien Dr. H. D. Mlnerri, Or. D. II. Drooks, Dr. K. C. Shcrrick, Walter Bixl-er, M. McOtelland, Harold Warnhoff and C n u-bert Ellis. HOSPITAL AUXll.IAKV « IVlIiI. M U K T TUESDAY The Janunry ni-'etini; of tho Women's Auxiliary t i cho ConnellBvlllc State Hospital wi 1 bo held Tuesday afternoon at 2:I!0 o'clock In the Wo- nitin'o C u l t u r e Chi i looms at the Car- n^fflc Free Librarv . Mrs. Meyer Aaron «i!l preside. A i;ood attendance- is desired. Will Meet. Kclnii Itobokah Lodge will meet ulght :n Odd Fellows Hall, Iiaincs of Saun Omar Sisterhood. Dnmes o£ Malta, w i l l meet (''riday n;glit in Odd Fellows Hall. G. A. It. Circle. The Ladles' Circle No. 100 to tho William F. K u r t / Post, Grand Army ot this HepublU 1 will meet Thursday uCteuioon ivi Odd Fellows Hall. V. uiul it. Club. Miss Marg'irt \Vcrshing o£ South Connellsvillo will entertain the F. and M. Club Tuesday night at her home In Kouth ConnellsviUe. / Mrs, Jloiton Hostess. The Silver Ti.lmble Club will be entertained Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. D. H. Horion at her home, in South TiUsburg Btreot. J. S. I. Club. Mrs. Harold l.hodes will entertain tho J. y. I. Cliil' Wednesday night. WHli M«r,-arot Jlcnvlck. The Kver Loyal Class of the United Brethren Church w i l l meat tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock at tho home of M i b b M a r g a i e t Her wick, 797 Franklin u venue. Mrs. Dull Hostess. Mrs, Harry iJull svill entertain tho A. K. \V. Club Tuesday night at her home in South Pittsburg btreat, With Hiss Wlshart. The I. N. Club will be entertained Tuesday n i g h t by Miss Harriot WIS- h.iri of Poplar Ten ace. Ucrean Ulblo Clas*.. The Ui'i-can Bible Clus.-, ot t h e First U.iptlhi Church will meet Tuesday night tri tho home oi' Mrs. K. 10. Cole- ii\au, Morrjll avenue. · Somerset Girl Kn^itged. AnonnceintMit i- made ot" the onKage- mont of Miss Hlt-t Crltchfield, daughter of Mr. and M,i\s. R. A. Critchdeld of Somerset, and John S. Blank, sou of Mr. ai'tl Mis. N'k-holah Uluiuk ot Kllaxbrth. (i. 15. I. \\111 The fiorman ISenpflcial Union v/111 meet tont;ht In Odd Fellows Temple. Following tho business meeting, which will ho held at 7 o'clock, there- will tve caul.s and dancing. All members and frlendti are invited. Klsli and tinnic Auxiliary. Tho Ladiefi' Auxiliary 10 the Fayetto County Fish and Game- Protective Association w i l l moet tonight in the homo of Mix-;. George Bcatty'of L l b o t t y . Ifrs. llixou Hostess. The Oi uenwood Fancywork Club w i l l bo enterUilned Tuesilay attoinooti by Mrs. Joaep'h Dixon at her homo in East Ci-iirt ford avenue. Announcc-ment !« made of the mar- I".UK ol Ml.-* A n u . i ' Mario Madllvon. dtiutjhtor of Sir. ami Mrs. William iMiuUlfaon of Uniontowfi, and William N hiUniu 4 1 , BOH of Mr. and Mrtj. John ;-J)H!mu?r ofJOdeuborn, January 18, in Oakland, Md. Ltitlioran Hi outs. The I'.rotiicrliooil and Bible Clas? will mot t tonight at the home of Kov. Dr. and MI-H. W. H. Hotrlck, JS:ist Patterson avenue. The I aflie'j Aid Society will moot T h u r a t i a y atternoon nt 2:30 O'clock in tho Hcn-Ial room of the church. The King's D a u g h t e r s Clrolo will meet Tuesday night in the homo of Mrs. J. I. Zimmerman of HUlurim, The L l n h t Brigade will hold its an- nnal t h i n k otforitiK and oiitcrt-iin- ' mei* T'lursduy night at 7:15 o'clock in tht c h u r c h . G. G. ( hib Will The G. G. C l u b w i l l be entertained Tuesday night by Miss Louise Akers at her homo m Huston avenue. Clrult.uii-HumiKon. Mrs. A. G. Brrett o£ Greensburg, K. I). 5, announces the marriage of her son, Ho waul Hamilton, and Dorothy Graham of Gieensburg, which took place Sa'urday in Cumberland. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton are members of the jun or clas-s of the Greons- burg High acliool. Hi nly .Uiicher. Mr and Mr i. James Hanly of Un- ioutovvn announco tho ntarriagi; ol their danghtc-i, Miba Adelaide Hanly, to J d v u i c t t 0. Bacher, BOH of Mrs, Nevada liachei of Flndlay, Ohio, v/lilch took place Fi Iday, January 17, In Washington, 1 'a. Mr. and Mrs. Bacher will reside in Kirlwville, Mo. Fcllen-Ha^ldus. Harold C l a t o n Hawkins, and ICdna Marie Fallen, loth o£ this idaco, were hcenned to w ^1 at Cumberland. Crlforion Lllornry Club. Mm. Georgi E JJakw w i l l entertain the Criterion Literary Club Tuesday night at her home In East Apple street. Mrs. K. M. Evans is leader. Her subject n-ili bo "Tho Psalms." Culture Cliil). Tho J u n i o r C u l n n o Club will moot I ' l i f ^ d . t j nit-'lit in Uu- club room 1 at t i f f * Catiu";ic !'":·?(.· Library. A pro-''ram n "\\"(.imtci in I'hllauihropy" % 111 bo ^ U f i i First I'fe.ibylcrlau Clmrclu Thu T. J. i l o o p u r (ilafes will givo a U o'clock din nor thie evening in tho cburclt !iuin aooci. This will be followed by th regular clae^ mooting. Ail member*, aro requested to attend. A mooting ot the Naomi Missionary Society, postponed from the first Monday lit lb.e month, will bo held tonight In the home of Mrs. O. C. Harmon, R a e street. Mrs, W. A. Brown will assist Mis. Harmon. The Whatsoever Circle of the King's Daughter*, \ \ i l l meet Saturday afternoon, J a u u a i y 25, lu the ladies' parlor of tho cium ti. There will ,bo a, food exchange among the members. Mrs, Walter N. K \ a n s is chairman. A preparatory service will bo hold Friday iilghi at the church at 7:45 o'clock. Co n m u n l o n service will be Sunday, Jan iary 26. Councils \ i l l p W. C. T. II. '1 lie Conn J K n l l o W 0. T. U. | moot t u n i g h in the homo of Mr, S. B. H c ' i u v , lOaa- M u r p h y avenue. Kyes Kxamlnotl mid Frames 100 '»r(h Pltisburj? Street' MnJVWffwt/wwmffWfWi^^ w^^ra?^ w«j^jm?Wj?sA^«^^ A f W jt*V IT^i IS"" jf^! IT Bl W f"9 I IT 4*^ After-Inventory SPECIALS In Our As soon as you realize you've taken cold--take si me tablets of Bayer Aspirin. Almost before your bead can stuff-up, you feel your cold is conquered. Those aches and pains you felt coming on will soon subs ide. Relief is almost instantaneous! Even if your ;old has gained headway, and your temples throb and ·j our very bones ache, these tablets will bring prompt re lief. It is better, of course, to take Bayer Aspirin at the - -cry first sneeze or cough--it will head-off the cold and spare you much discomfort. Get the genuine, -nth proven directions for colds and headaches; ncura gia, neuritis, sore throat, and many important uses. I M Aspirin in the trade mirk ot Bayer M«aaf«ctur* of Uonoucctkadilagtcr ol Sullc} ieaeid MISS FRANCES J)e3lARTIA'E BRIDE OF NICHOLAS DTJGAJf Mr. anil Mrs. Andrew Olosso of Trotter today announced tho marriage of their granddaughter, Miss Prances EtoMartlne, daughter of Mrs. Muri-o De Mat f i n e of Wood\vont nvonuo, Arnold, to Nicholas A. Dugan, son of Mrs. Margaret Diigan of High street, Na- tvona. The marriage was olemwi'/.od at 9 oclook last Monday morning at the rectory of St. Martha'* Roman Catholic Church of Akron, Ohio. The pastor of the church officiated. The ring ceremony was used. Tlio bride was beautifully gowned In -chiffon velvet in a poarh shade with a hat of corresponding; hue. Ilor flowers were a colonial beucinet cen'ored with white bovardiiti and outlined with valley Hli-es. Mrs Norman Bsrner of Natrona Hel5hts, sister of tho bridgegroom, Vi'iii matron of honor. She wore a blu-» green chiffon velvet go\\ni with a hat £o match. She carried an arm bouquet of fbutterfly roses. "As his brother-in-law's host man Norman Beruer of Nairona Heights completed the bridal party. Imm-c-diately following the ceremony, a vveddin? brenkfast was served at the home of the bridegroom's brother, L». J. Dugan of Akron, Ohio. The bridal party r e t u r n e d homo Monday evening «uid will make their homo for the present with Mr. and Mrs. D-tigan is well known in New Kingstown and Froeport Social circles. She il.s a graduate of the Olaas o£ 1927, Fi eoport Illgli School, prior to her removal to Arnold.; She is a Rvaml- dnnghlftr ot Mr. and Mrs. Gloswi of Ti otter, formerly of \Vett Side, Con- ntllsvillo. Mr. Dugan, a graduate ol St. Rachel's High Kc-hool. PHtsburg, enrployed at tho IJrackenrirtgo plant of tho Allegheny Blee-1 Coin- pa 113". TROimiAlY EMPLOY BS PllKSEXT MISS CUHRY \YITH ELECTRIC U R N Mis Catlierlnc Cany, clerk on the f i r s t , floor of the Troutman Company btore for almost live years, tendered hor robigiiation, which took effect on Saturday night. Following the closing of the Btore H. M. Kvaus, In behalf, ot the employes, presented Miss Curry wHh a beautiful electric urn. Milas Curry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, George Curry of Frauds Bve-nne, la a bride-elect of. the near Hoy ul Circle Class "Mcet. The lloyal Circle Clas of the United JJreLhren Olwirch met Kriday evening ut the lioine of Mrs. Carrie Younkln. The president, Mrs. I. D, Yourtkin, was in charge of the business ses- iilon. Mrs. O. O. Ctelerwiise conductod the devotions It wan decided to postpone the baked ham supper until Vlarch. A social hour followed. Mrs. Voimkin wns nided hy Mrs. E. C. Henry, Mrs. I r v l n Ixlchlil6r and Mrs. Charles Kern. Leo Etta Lodge Will 3I«ot. Etta Lodge No, 515, Ladies' Auxiliary to tho B ot R. T., vftll meet TUoHxlay in Odd Fellows Hall. The old officers will entertain the new officers with a chicken dinner to be .served at G o'clock. A good attondance is desired. Applications for membership will also b received. Victory Service. The Coiwiellsville W. C. T. U. held a victory service last night in the First United Presbyterian Church in observance of the tenth anniversary of National prohibition. There was a good attendance. Uov. G. R. Krupp, the pastor, delivered an appropriate sermon. Will Entertain Club. Miss Gladyb McCJaskey will entertain the J. W. N. Club Wednesday night at hei home at Bast Connells- viUe. GLADYS MAY PARKS IS OVEN 25 YEARS FOR WARDS'1URDER CAMDBN, N. J., Jan. 2 i.-t-Gladya May Parks, who was found ;ullty late Saturday night on two ch. rgea, one of. manslaughter and tho ither second degree murder, tor th' death of Timothy and Dorothy Rog rs, wards, was sentenced to 25 yea) a concurrently by Criminal 0-ourt Ji 1f?e Frank T. Lloyd at 10 o'clock this morning. Sho i ; i 3 v f n v e n 10 yccrs on them a n s l a u g h t e r and 23 years on second degreo murder charge. AGED DUNBAR TOUl NSHIP WOMAN DIES OF STROKE Mrs, A l b t r t l n a Westa berg, 83 years old, for many years a resident of Dunbar township, died Sunday nt her home near Leist-nrlng No. 1 following a ntroke of apop oxy. Mrs. \V"3torberg's hush,UK! d i e ! about 20 year.s ago. She i i s u w r o d by two chilJprn, Mrn. Clara Kell) of Ijeieen- rlng and Chariot Wesi crberg of Smock There are also five grandchildren. The funeral service w 11 be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o' lock at the homo of Arch Kclloy of Laisenring N f o. I Rov. Willinm W. ramilton of the LoiaenrinR Ko. 1 'reabytertan Church will olliciate. Ini errnent will he made In tho Laurel 11 11 Cemetery In charge ol Funeral Dire :tor Charles C. Mitchell. NAVAL DELEGATES MEET KING GE9RGE AT BUCKINGHAM By U n i t e d Pre a* LONDON, Jan. 20,--/T ie principal d(ilega(osi to the five vower naval conference wore reee-iv d by King George V, at Buoking'ha n Palace today, preparatory to the orma.1 opening ot the conference in he royal gallery of tha Ilouao o£ Loi IB tomorrow. A crowd o£ about 500 w atched as the Amerieims, French, 1 alians, and Japanese drove to the,pi lace for their audience. Why Suffer n* Any Laager? K l d n r y xiid bladfler sciioua to m-gloi t Ifoi ulgnala. Kcauty, bui'iiin t f u c n t Kidney o x i T p l l o n s n i g h t ) , Drowsy or Dstles or log- pains urn all v, Diuretics, t h o nevf icnin atlon lias p i o v t n *uc Blioulcl h e l p you nlsn. ' m e r i t , n $1.00 live day w f l l bo ncnt you f i ee, e n t s to p.iy Cor h u n d l l ! I o n l y W r i t e Colo Corp., J H d g , Kaltle CiLolt, Mic 1 I h u early ', (if too f t o - (esppolally at Ceollns; back Tiling's. Metto Icablo propar- oaaful. They 'o prove t l i i ' l i teat package ·'tease scud 10 S and pouinga Dept 120 Colo ilgan.--Advor- Aiiioinolille on Fire. The Vlie Dep.irtmeiU was s u m m o n ed at 2:30 o'clock th! afternoon to extinguish ;. bl.uo in he autoinooile ot T. It. Moans a( Firh istone Corner. A (ire had started near the carburetor of the machine. Then was virtually no damage. Spaghetti Supper. The 13. IJunn Class o£ tho GreGn- woocl M. E. S S. will K!VO a spaghetii at the former Colonial Iteataur- ! ant, North Pitteburp etreet, Thursday evening, J a n u a r y 23, at 6: SO, at which Major John K. Biaice will tell of tho proKrofti of the efforts to dam tho Yongh A good supper and hiterohl- !ng bldo lights on ihn rnowt ullvo topic oC the dny [or Connellavtlle Cor 75« por dinnor.--Ailvoi thsuinonl -- Spnyrlicltl Su iper. Tuesday evening, Ji nttary 21st, in Snyrler's Storeroom, F mth Pittfebnrg street, South Connellb Ille, 5 to 7:30 P. M. Tic);et« 50 OPJ ts Served by Ever F a i t h f u l Clas , Kvaugelical Church.--Alvei tifemei ,,--20jan-lt, At flic Hog i»«i. * Only ono p a t i e n t \\ ia admitted to the ConnellsviUe Stat Hospital over the woek-diid. Mrs I. L. Hyatt of Gibson avenue on Su day wan taken to the Institution for roatment, Felt Base MATS 18x18 inch mats, regularly 10c, now 15x27 inch pattern mats 36x36 Inches. i r ard remnants, special -- 18x36 inch pattern mats .... 27x54 Inch pattern mats ,,. I Be Rubber Stair Treads Bound with brass 5c square 19c 25c Alexander Smith Son Pine quality £ xmlnstors made by Alexander Smith Sons and other good makers. Home are slightly soiled from haudliag. All are exceptional values. 15x27 Axminster Pattern Mats Wore Soli! at 'Hl.'li). SpecJn.1 $1.00 27x54 Velvet and Axrninster Rugs Were Sold »,i $2.95. Special $1.95 Slightly Soiled Axminister Rugs 27x54 inch, were $3.50, now $2.45 27x54 inch, were $3.95, now $2.95 27x54 inch, were $4.50, now ......$3.45 36x63 inch, were $4.95, now .! ,, $3.45 Chenille Rugs Good quality, beautiful patterns. Slightly soiled. Size 24x36. To be closed out at Alleged Baby Slayer Faces Chair- ^ ^MS V , tf CENEWEVE 0'5R!EN' SHOW TIMOTHY ROGERS "GRAVE" NEAR ABSECON.WJ. JUCGC MX5YD esOStCUTOR SALWlk ; r r N F o R T u N A T E COINCI-^ 'U DENCK 01 cold blooded murder! Only Gladys Mae Parks, the "Sphinx Woman," can tell the real story behind tho death of her two wards, Dorothy Rogers, ajfed 4, ind two-year-old brother, Timmy. The two littles ones were left in jlady? Parks' care by their fattier, Alan Rogers, on the death of his wife. Dorothy's little body waa found in the woods at National ?ark, N. J., and the dismembered body of the boy was found in a thicket in Abaocon, N. J. Mrs. Parks, who admits that the "Mrs." a a aelf'-bastowtid title, insists that :he children wot their death trough accident, and that fear was the motive that prompted her disposal of tlie bodies. | Thus far the State has failed to prove any thing more than that Parfes had dispoeed of Ihe-fTimmy, she says, fell do-wri a · bodies. Witness ufter witness fails to alter her stolid demeanor. She admits that her life hoa beei» a questionable one, that she hftB wanderod far fiom the straight and narrow, she admits that she has had many lovers, but never a husband, she admita having been a frequenter of questionable resorts at Atlantic City mid other places, but she w!l not admit being the direct cause of the death of tha two children left in her care. She will not alter or amplify the atale- ment made by her on November 9 to Prosecutor Baldwin and other officiala of Camden, N. J., after she had surrendered to the authCri- tien there. She then stated that she had struck Dorothy for eorno childish misdeed and that the child fell to the floor, and later she j £ ot h{ 8 C u cn t. realized that th'j child was, dead. I of stairs, and she maintains that 1 the fall was a fatal one. · All efforts of the State to disprove her statements have been unsuccessful and every ruse calca- lated to shake her stolid remeanor has failed. Her father, the father of the children have confronted her, but to no avail. ^ Although many witnesses remain to be called including her father, George Bnka, her who urged her to surrender, Judge Frank T. Lloyd hopes to send the case to tho jury very shortly. Th« State asks a first degree conviction, but her counsel, Samuel Orlando, is confident that she will not l)o convicted on the evidence BO far intraduced. In fact, he is confident of acquittal Parks, and Anthony common-Jaw husband Oval Yarn Rugs Can boused to advantage on bare floors or linoleum. Size 19x36. Regular $1.00. Our Standing Guarantee -- Satisfaction or Your Money Back. vwvweiiwavnfVMyivv^^ WEST VIRGINIA BANDITS CAPTURED AFTER GUN BATTLE in a_swamp near ftfacon, Ga,, early to- l«y,"received nation-wide mention lasst sprinK when they led West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky police on a spectacular chase whi Mi ended with their capture at Chalta iooga, Tonn. When placed In tho oo-luums of T-iua Courlor brlteg results. Try them, Melt ia boiling water and inhalo vapors; also ;nuff up nose. MILLION JAF S USED YEARLY Uy U n i t e d Press, MACON, Ga., Jan. W.--After ft furious 30 minutes gun battle in which more t h a n 200 rounds o£ ammunition were fired by 15 Ma con and Jacksonville police, three bandits Bought in ii fiwamp near here were captured today. Jacksonville authorities, here to ;ud in the belief tho trio wore tho escaped Weathersfield, C o n n , convicts who killed a Jacksonville detect wo TTrlday n i g h t , u n n o u n i e d a f l o r the u p t u r n they were not the Jacksonville trio The- bandits save t h e nam»s of Adi inn and Dana Dla«, brothers, and Basil Children, and said thp*' wore escaped f i o m the \Vost Virginia State pDniLontlai'v. Thoy rintd Chen !u,l been aerving - r n t o n c p « of 'II years far highway T o h h c r v . Mouxnsvir,i,y, \v v«., j«n. 20.- Thp Ulna b i o t h o r a , U.uw ntnl Adrian, who with llasll ChiUiroBH, another We*.t Virginia convict, were Raptured I Dies From Burns.' SOMBRSldT, Jan. ."0.--As a result of burns leeeivod wn?n hor d r o f s ' isnlte'l ae she kln'Ued a lire m a 1 kfU'hon stove Tlitirsilay, Mrt,. Pork I Mausl, 21, iiPd 1'riday n l f f h t at the I home ot her f a l l rr, Harry Dixon in I Somerset t o w n s h i p . GEORGE C. HAZEN BAND DIRECTOR CfeorRe O. Hazon ha been re-elected d i r e c t o r of the Conne-Ilsville Military Band. Mr. HaKon is entering on hia filth, year as dlrectoi. Lloyd Wan or ruder Knife, P1TTSRUKG, J H J J . tJO --JJoyd "W.m- ··!·, Pitthbno? J'lralrs ontfloldor, un- dcM wfsiii an apppmUx operation at he I'robyteriaii Hospital hem today. TP a hacking cough IB getting the be«t o* ·*- you, It it tearing down your reitatancB and muking; you a prey to moru »erlou« dla. ctoes, stop it with Seven's Cough Balum. Act now and you will alwayo give thank*, to tlie day you first uiied this nsilabU. time- proved remedy. For SO yeare it hue brought relief to those suffering: with bad coughs. Your druggist baa it. 25 and SO ceata.

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