The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

MONDAY. AIJOUST 24. .1964 Eotertainment Directory MOVIE IWE S43IEDUJX """''-'A." AUddia '"V.'-f" -V ui". box omee opens pm how rUrla at dmk Auto sky "Vertleo-. -To Catch Thi.r'. Box .oHlce opens at pm. Show una aua. Britannia . "Wonderful to Bo Yowif; "Blue Hawaii". Box artlce opens at p-m. Phow etarta at dusk. . " Capitol "Robin and tha 7 Hoodi", II is-t J0- 4.43 - 7 00 . 0 20. Iaat show ' Cartier Tha Tarror". 1.00 - S.M p.9. "Demon I . am. I X - S3 30. ' Centre -Bikini Baaeh". HIS Jii 40. 0 40. "Hlh School Hell-eaU", l - S 23 ..1.30. Laat ahow ' '" C tenia da Porta' -Traftauanta do Blanehaa" 40 0 51. "Clna Million Comp-Unt", 1 23. Ljut complete ahow at Ebadale - - "Bedtime Story", l.V-M-tM- T4 Xat ahow 3 Blfla ' Tho Now Interna', 1J 43 151 - 5 10 1 23 . 0 40. Uttla EHrla -Tha giionca". 150 - IM . SI0- f -da - .V. "Lady and tho Tramp". 1.00- 4 40-0 W; "Donovans Reef". 123- S 00-1.30. Laat ahow 1&. Maytalr Mouao on tho Moon". 1 55-5 08- 10; "Almost Anfela". JJO-4 30- (.40. Laat ahow 0 15. Nelsea "Tha fall of tha Roman Em Mm". 1.00 1.33 (40. but ahow 0.00. , oaeaa-OaeaMBWay "Bedtime Story": "Coma Sep tember'. Bra oftlco opana at p.m. anow auina at auw. -, . Kmt -Cleopatra". 1 11 - 440 lllalto Ttlliltnj: Boa Boca". 100-0 15; "toward! 4ho Unknown". SOS 1 00: "Targot Zoro", 440 10 00 Uat ahow 15. BMeaa Hoy There Ita Yogi-Bear": l-My Dot Buddy". Matinee only. To- niaht Preview rf tha Beatles, Ticket Holdare Only. tu Top OS. "Viva Tji Vesae": "Twiltxht ot Honor". Box otlica opona, at p-m. Show starts at tut. Semerort "Bedtime Story". ISO 54 3 . 7 42 040. Uat ahow 0.30. Osarttag noorSbow CHATEAU LAVStRB Oanelnl an3hl0 "'"""''' M -' BEtXB C11BB fcrtartalajnowl .Irora fm. Car KZWIU Mumo ba she sadoa Or. EnUrtaitunant. . . OAT1NEATJ CLtm Oanetag and two floor ahowa alfhUy. nettt. tWVBWSAT Oojictnj and it ntfnujr ui Rieao and ExocotlTO, Posv armpnovBtetAL hotel I auaniiy. - OTTAWA BOUE Koala ta raa tVUL . .. , T. Lotna aom. Panrms. aTrANDISRAU. Danetna sani, aatarUinraant Mfhtly. TALISMAN t atort-alnmoot nKKtly. Dancing rttday and r iniway lOWaT IIOU8S MOTEL En tar-tauunam a4(htty troos 1 00. INTERPROVJNCIAL HOTEL . V ' Dancing Nightly to ROBBY and THE HAWKS Alas SroiT Sand ay . THE PARASITES aaeay Baaclni and Entottaraaioat front 1.3a 10 it.)0 p.m. I Butown Ijfff .tjjea 1US 0. UTiyt Dinner IM U 9 p, .. Dhmln( Booms . Opan Dally ' . From 1 ajw. . 1 to M paa. e saaday ajs- " to aas. wra-am urn AS LOW . AS 3.00 p tnaladuat Broakfaat CtstMf St. H Mart 235-5151 .. QffiZ HENRI HOTEL. . Salon, if Or ; j ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY CANADIANS IN IK WHIPSNADE. Enaland (CP) Threo Canadian beavers bavo been born at ; Whlpinado , too. They , live deep In burrow in l ho banks of tho loo'i pood and are broufbt out for the public to see tn um afternoon. ., h YOUR SUCCESS if guaranteed , when you train the WALTER THORNTON " ' Way e MeaaUaa-, atit latprevssaeat e Career Clrla Cwno e Ckudrea 111' Spark St. ' 2M-W7S . . , '" .Two --asUdeattSt m iiiaaimiJ ) ' DANCV TO TONY D'ANGEtO ORCH. lai-tao RAINBOW ROOM ' ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY i CmM,Loung STAIIDISI1ALL v V: THEATRE APPEAL BURY ST. EDMUNDS. Eng land (CP)-The Pilgrim Trust has liven 3,000 to the St. Ed mundtbury Theatre -Royal Trust which is appealing for 30.000 to complete restoration of the OTTAWA HOUSE IN TBI OR1IX '. . All THIS WIKKI NEAL JACKSON and. HIS QUARTET ROCK . TWIST and ,, I INSTRUMENTAL Tha Tho) TEA WAGON MIS CHlNGtO TO ' Sun Ma a. to 1 p .at. MOOINSOtl UatOTMCt 2 NIGHTS ONLY Tuesday and Wednesday Sept. 1 and 2 Prior to Broadway , . Following one Week at O'Keefo Centre ' ; ' From Vienna t Johann Strauss j - f, Immortal Operetta ..;,.!:.'.: "... 'Company of 85 VIENNA LIFE . (WE1NER BLUT) ' CAPITOL THEATRE , Ttckatai t.M I H . 4SS . (.00 stow on aala at all S Davtaa Asonry atoroa Carllatwood tot S parka sc BUUaf Plasa ' Chateau Laurier .1 ... . i presents , ' . , , f r w YOLAUD : GUEL1AHD - nfornatfonaJ repafafion leadina mat rote " In "South fecllc on ofroedsMir.r MtTMWaNT 2 TREE TOT SOLOJEt TO CVUY COTT0MU CVEH1NGS 1M0 StWOtV uo.n to .n ii - AMNfTTI TIHS.rplMS.MT.IWI SMORGASBORD '. . I . oaataaaii GUARDSMAN IliRldaau St. 232-941S Htm if Ikt Famous '. LEPRECHAUN LOUNGE ' "Canadian Room" Fine Food Feature for Tuesday Prime nibs of Beef - . ; f- , au jus , . s A tOO Koomt . Tel. 232-3761 Monthly Rdtes ' A FREE FILM PROGRAM, V "CANADA IN COLOUR" . rftif toeet't program: t I - t J" . - FILMS ON CANADA'S NORTH V . Presented in the National Museum's Lecture Hall MONDAYS to FRIDAYS at 340 f ' ' WEDNESDAY evening at 74t . Bresenfed by thi v -'i ;.. tilloaaf Mtitine awl Ika latlMal FOa Baanl 1 ' HELD OVER t f ! 1 tsrl ABB IN THE NEW 1 CAitAug orr MAIN ST. 207 MAM Jt, HtAL A sappor club with a vtow ot Partta-ment Hill and our famous ataak dinner acrvotf By eharrnlna aootasaas. ' i ' That boautltul eharmor Is back 1; ' . . 4 In town t - ; LYNN CHRISTIE ' I SHOWS NIGHTLY' ' FREE-FREE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 2 DRAWS NIGHTLY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION BOOTH - , MANUFACTURERS' ANNEX f ' Show S end 10 p.m.x (Except Jwday). , - Continuous dinner dancing from 7 p.m. to tha music of Ian Weekes and His OrcheM ' v labia iwervafions 232-6411. ' " ' t 1 the'ottawa journal "7 theatre, Built in Mil. it Is the only complete Regency playhouse in Britain. ! FOR BEST, IN CHINESE FOOD CAHTOII llfll 205 ALBERT 8T. 233-8419 '' A COMPLETE TAKE-OUT SERVICE 0PEXM6 TONIGHT JEAN ALLEN : ( New Comedy "Star HELD OVER!' VVlUt .SW!r!jaaJOait ... aO'- ZABETHE WILDE ' Dynamic end exciting ainglng sensatioa - ftpaclal attontton to Paaonrts, woddlaaa. : . parUoa, otc .... BINNKBS PKOM S P M. suaorvauoaa. SS4-1US GATITJEAU couNTjtyavs ON THK AVI.MK tatO TKE ACADEMY award i-;i:;:;ER! BE8TlPICTUttr tDaearJaofo teoridlotts Carleton U Names Russian Lecturer The appointment of Paul Varna. at lecturer in Russian at Carleton University was announced today by university President Davidson Dunton'. f Including Sunday at I: I I I - : I . . ftoa t. . a;i ,,,,,,U1J 'vv ...A MM- .WMiMARGRET llWIMIIbilC I . IK"'"; ffl. ;VCS3 aW INkfii V1 SIOfoT A QaW MtTWOCOLOW b. -ii UO-3.34 i SJ8-7.42 I 9.46 pjn. I lAITstWOlW . 1- I S5 2ND WEEK C Annette, To Marry Film Agent HOLLYWOOD (AP) - An nette Funicello. the Wall Di- Mr, Varnai. a native of Hun- ney m'ousketeer who (trew up ' gary, has been a teaching (el- to be a glamorous young star low in the Slavic Department themoviet, plans to marry n the llnivpr.ilv ,,f) M.rhman ! ner geH ' : inc. Th 7I.VPr-nlH aril... since iiroi. I J " " Jack Gilardi have been friendi Journal Want Ads bring i,or "me "me. quick results. ; She currently is makin? Pa r Jama Party and used the tet o! the movie to muke the mar- ding wilt be in Janua-y, ne said. Io skat -rig's popularity datet . hack to the Jlth cenluiy. i rr ;-..:im JOHM VAYMC FKjHTIHX SAB'XS 0l.Tri,T. avis PRESLEY uZ&fcrfSL TARGtT. rf A KTJ3 ' M mm i a mWHTTJaCTCIOfAliTl-IE - aaiuo oe oe luire Willi OF 4 ACADEMY mill fit r.TiWjHr l:ll"IHIIUUVl,l'l!l-.lllll'H,ll!a 1 Adult fcaterlaiaoMal ill.rfrj COLOR-CARTOOlf rwo-aaa.Hasa wo. a trwwlMkaarfaVorordtoBtailVitaoaoot ' .' aWltaawlMBNloBKHasWejnuo t 1 v. -trrVsT I UHBIClRJr rWtT 6.1U4..J I WM Wmt WW. .BANK and QUEEN STS. . .332-l57 FEATURES AT I2.IS - 130 . 4M 7.00 tJO . fwtieat gtertj ewar put Pctoiuon Marlon navij j -aw.' rrwnrrrai sis. ... N yl-. 'V-wia, aw . -a r -njlVHIli aaB ..a . -s, 5nineyjones vc : OliTlratrXHlIt a ft Total rstrf Tariiwi At the Prie-la Ooly Rock Hudson in "COME SEPTEMBER" . ......I- (Color) ... ; ORIYIR OPUS 730 AT POPULAR PRICES " Coatintiotsi Sbowings at l.U 4.4S - S.M b REGENT-THEATRE m MM T $MK ST. till '. Adi, ante tutnment 1 A Famous Players Air Conditioned I Theatre A L'AFFICHE CE SOIR A MARDI (En Technicolor) "THE TERROR" ee Boris KARLOFF at Sandra KNIGHT Denrteme FUnt iicffdnf . J "DEMENIA 13" vee William CAMPBELL et Lttana ANDERS i 5 1 1 -rl3 a-our voire tjonior aiwai,r"saaDBl ". . T-.i w 0100 .. '.HAND-DECORATED . BREAKFAST SET v VrTl BEAUTIFUL toj IMPORTED v aasaaaaBnriaWaOsnw- I aJ J HIL J T-a . iUlU H1 a!A J iriuuai . op biain nici airnn - CimbiMtUt hkit I IW Six Urft Copt! , alVbeb MrTcHcociT'TitarLi. show! C 1 1 I fl rV 4 I . CAKV GRANT tt OBACE KEI.LT ' I 1 I 1 Vt ll'l 'd v "TO CATCH A THIEF" ' vf) u j HM J' JAMES STSWABT n RIM NOVAS , tat I :) a 1 CI. i A 1i 1 I at J -viHTico- ,.''r'ir"".'',i- W eyapny njiapa PAID OUT TO DATI i(0 I m m t JM ANAU S-f iiriftf . 4 '" c &&f. BLAST OF FUN IN THE SUN! TODAY ana J140,720 CONSISTING OF $1,900.00 IN 'CASH . 15 ,ifi liooosa m mstiwwm now liv" am utuiT jtwuuat.'' r? ' fuaiH Avalom -M(nr Fus'cVuV" Hum Hi Hmlanui SCHOolj HEL5fe V0NNt UMf BRET HAL5ff j'lNA IUNDS TUESDAY ONLY! TljLL.WED. ONLY! ITJgLl 1 r sv v i mm i w "T TrXHNKXXOR ; tnd Hit! JOHN WAVNE in "tlONOVA s BEET" ... , Color HI BEATLE FANS! ?5Tt!13!".!!5?. rHOro f the beatleo today L will be Boys JrtWt&- 53 MM rl .... -j: . - WtRULsniyS TtCMNKOUMr faatatw THE VICnM Nfl OHM IfWcSfclNSELS Margaret Rutherford I I "W)ou$e on the Moon" 6th AND FINAL WEEK!! -, KEVER BEFORE A SPECTACLE UKE oAMUU. BKUNSTON TITCII vTS 3 ' r'n - SOPHIA LOREN wm CTtfXJCU hnun 11 ra MHiiiirM oaao a, SBy1. I f mtrnrji puiu Aittouratoi I I "VL . J O ' . Illiro liipnu lasjaiartal .Tf if S j CHPOPHER PLUmMEF; U..r..i! Matinee: Stad. Tie. Adalu SI EtronUlS .' nvoo. vi, aomiis BBtajawoawjBBBBwaaoaBBowBB m.o oa a OA Caildran S0o anyttnto iwhauat mi how ci.laol . Z.0v-3.-O-O Daily (incL Sunday) at 1.30 3.30 . 5.30 - 7.35 9.40 If J SF tr lie W TTtsrat.- VociBsarW AIWCONDITIONED' rVV SHOWING TODAY and TOMORROW , MATINEES ONLY 1 4th Week! I 1 :iivf. VbGi ' fix$ Color TOJIIGHT and TUESDAY BATTLE OF THE TEEN-AGE IDOLS! Two TerriSe Color Hits ! Zn Richards "Wonderful To Be Young" Elvis Presley "Blue Hawaii" . ADl'L.C fcM '.Ul 'VlNMLNf aWOSSf ana mttmmmmmtmmm , . Ha o J) laat aa as aaaat sua MW a T-1 r. V 1 '.' .ahd their new Jovesl? .fM MON. THRU SAT. AT 12-4S.LSS.S.I 7JSS.4

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