The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER. :"CONNELLSVILU3, PA. MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1918. Ol^ Saily (Emirtnr. ·^i 1 ?." ' HKKKX SVSNTDKIV,- ? - ·Yi|J " Feaadar juaA liltor, -ItTVlM*. - t COltorAjnr, · Priiidant."-' . '-- i T- ·ojtrscoLE,'" : " · "· r. Bualaw M*n«»r. fcad as It looks. To make It what- It rwiUy shadld be., aa wait na piftyinR fair "with 'Uto'nrai .who havo bad 'the tecmrago to..come 'up to nil" .the ro- .rcmeuts of the haw. no effort ab.ouW be 'Spared .In-1 tracing out' the rea] slackers and proijiptly inducting them i.hf'to acrrlce/;[.._ . . . . · " .'."; · " -. '·: ~ ~ L E T TIS FAY'Otftl BERTS. JOHJSMu. Manigins .-, . · ·WAZ.TBB, S. STQODaU.;/' -' ~ MISS Socl»ty- Editor. ; " Aaaooifttod Pr«», ·;" ; .:;| Audit Bureau of Circulation. /-v|s Pennsylvania. Associated DaUlea. ; ;.^?;Two cents per · copy;.; S . - *·.» p«r y«ir *y m»U. 11 .»i»d- In ·tTanc«. " · " '· · · .iit%p. Entered aa i · ^_ " -· : i.. ·-, · oniiliia !*«·«· «V««« llsYliU, Pa. a, ins: 'SI** - '''·'·[ P. SHERMAN, Od Xta» I* O. 3. X. Fort Kopb.r.ou. Atlanta. Qa. RALPH P. SUCTB. . iT H. Sl«b InCaatry, C. 3. N. X. IJM. PtMrMxm. V*. Rim, to «*-. . «rtta- »»··««. li.nnrlnn of aU'-B«T« *»»-. - - '--"--· ' . « , , . p KEEP " but* one kind : of vacation a of ConncUsriire atiould con- 'Uking'tbis year,' aod tbat is a. on a farm in tiite vicinity. they can obtain all. the needed FrfilMJatlon from tb4^care of business ivr their daily aTocatioas and at the same time prove themselves to be un- t.j!"iel*ah, patriotic and public-spirited ere is. so alarming a : srcarcitr of labor, and there Trill be such ^jLfweiiig need, before another" winter f Baa passed, "lor all the foodstaffs that JRcan'be raised during the coming.sear ^ W)n. that it "Will be little abort of im- ·v/:'.tJi» city^-roerphant, professional man rM.hi- mechanic--If Jurdaies not · take '/.^few days from. his. ordinary pursuits . . and.Help~ "this important uadcrtafc- ";; - . · : *«The relation" between aUlarge, ;oifi»ase in crops and the ability o£ the ,: Allies to win the war ;is so Tital -that ' i 'i»«n--wn9'-can^ but do -''not, help meet lie situation, -will be. -shirking their :; jfcrtjr 1 M citizens Just a^iel early aVwill -ttose who can rendeK military/; tfir- ?ice, but do .not. -Byline public 'at : .iarge they will be accounted Jut-i ; iig a more' selfish. idtcxesC"^! .tlieir - iidlyidnal affairs, or ·*r«rsonat':icim- - ' r t or 'ease, --.than tieT r nav6~,1n" the- ^~-l'-;"The fanners : ot this section have £'; earthnstasttcally 'accepted · thcr" offer ot }"the men of the city to provide farm fi; labor dnring ^'Comjng season. Upon gjv the «surance';."that"agiBistance in this ;':-.~form,"will bev-avanable they* have al:. ready bestnt'-to plan\for .the. season's g. :-This ( will be*7a\a , larger s thaflvthey would have undertaken had EO-: opportunity been in sight ,.to Increase "their ;Vorhing forces, rr/ This understanding creates an obli- - ration betw^eeavthe' men. of the city - -'and the farmera'which., cannot be dis* if'faith is to b« kept Not 7 that; it. places EQuarelr up to t men of Cbnnellsvilte the respon- ot* insuring the success of a larger crop, canrpeisn; - To · acpom- * number .ot- r ' m ^ii of .;lhe. city: .volunteer- s;»«rTice..shpnld be larga .. ! I1 9- occasion, for th* farmers to tay'at the T cIose otthe MMOO tltat they were disappointed or war*'- nnabU , to aococip1i*lx all that ^y hjd ptaaned tw hoped to'do. f A/iieetijp to be'held tonight to SlUt mfm for farm .Trork, and ; 't*» jI ^^imniMr'iof tnen have** already/- vpfcm- . ': iHKn««8.'tCKJoia in thiiVorkTshoald-'not Sfditay^doln* *."-·fUesorfSet tijej -will ]r«oiier-TrtU'not be without compen- ' t i o n . .be^ce the.^excuse ^ «Ml« ttatt-.tlMjrJ.t^DBoc-" attord to -take : -th« ttm* to niite tU« plan: juch a suc- Mi'Ss will rtct credit upon Con- iB^taville, lte«^ faith- with- the farm- '«» and prove oar unscifiEh patriotism. ·/^Accorffimjf W the popular notion' the draft slackers in Pennsyl- ry'large. According to the Collected, by -Adjutant - .General unber of those who wik- ·vaded service after registration ; v«ry small; :ThU3 far there has beea returned to « adjutant general'a office the. names ; 6,000 delinquents^/rhichJs blit'one; v1?per. cent of the· 600,000ifiierfV-wlio reg^ leistered ,'in Pennsylvania- Tasi'-.^uno." |;5id4utant General Beary'esUmafea^Uia't H^at least one-fourth..^ thQ : - : men;*yrhbse p,v^*ames are. among the-delinquents are mf-zibw in the military .service through ^enlistment between,tfce' time of regis- 4fJ-tratfon and their call to rep'octfor ex- ^|-amination by ijie locaVboards,' Of tho |)|.}remainder . it as believed 'many arc' in railroad and other con^- J - s truction gangs _or s/nne-employment t^at keeps thraa sbi/ting about ffbni v . . to place. In many' instances ^tliese men are! colored, or; foreigners *y " attempts w locato.them have fail- ;*«d,. ' · .. ; · .. ;,. .' "' XV'i 7 ' ' '",' " If'J'^y tbe authorities th'e.tnre^Lacker, to. be the mnn! * who ^eyadert iba, and wlw^Jias, of "course, 1 draft't Out of the 6,000'ide- fjjiquents it is belfevt-d'that tfaerc''are ?*er than 106 who hjryc pjiiirposely re- rer the summpns to re- MONSTER FRENCH GUN CAUGHT BY THE CAMERA JUST AS ITS' SHELL LEFT FOR THE GERMAN LINES ,,. . "·Tti; -E". ChtttiBnden^liincpJn's Regii!- terSof tni8:,Treesury,"4eUs-In his ."Personal RecpBe'cUon- 6£ President''.,'Lii- coJn" of fhe^anonymbiis' : Bnglisjiman who ^me forward in 1852 to .load the ijnlted'States "?S,000,OtiO, and the'her- culean efforts made.'to repay him. British shipbuilders were constructing two,; vessels .for tic Confederacy. .7 "Our ,'mialster," .iDhorles Fraacisj Adams, secured the; issue, of a. rBetraining order 4 u st in time, -but it could not be enforced until damages d been the deposit of $5,000,000 sterlingMh gold'coin, "with gold at-"160'.:. ·Where could ^ be-get it? There was Trans-Aifiantic^caoie then" "V."hen he Dad given up all hope of arresting | these vessels, a quiet gentleman call-J etl .upon him and asked if he might be | tavbred.Trith the opportunity ot making tie 'deposit of coin reguired .by the 'Order/' The only condition was (hat .his name should not be made -known.-.,.::.. '. ' : ,;Iii' this war, many Englishmen--and othera--whose names we do not know, have ^ supplied us with money or. its value--'with'maaitiong, .ahd men, and safe^r, and immunity from German ack.-,. To thls^ 'jjur | blood-bouglit benefit, hjmdreds ot thoiisands of an- onoymous Engiishmen and Frenchmen and Italians and Belgians havb contributed. Shall we not repay them promptly in'kind, by'coming to their aid with .money and munitions aiu ships and men, to .the safety from Germany fury of those who remain, or of their widows and children? This will cost Will you help? 1 How mnch! How soon? /Buy a Liberty Bond and thus pay a lltUe toward 1 the freedom 'you have enjoyed thns far, as well as contribute toward the ensuring of a like freedom and, we trust, of an even greater Liberty for all in the years to come. The biggest April fool of them all ia Kaiser Bill's attempt to fool the German people i n t o believing" that his army IB . achieving the deciding victory of the -war. House-hunting- h«us- been -a. -real hunt Thc employes of .the H. C. Frick Coke company, having 1 - received theirs first, -will be entirely sdtisfietl with the action of the United States Steal^ Corporation- in .brtn£tti|? the wages- of otber aupej-traeritB up to the 65 per cent advance jna'rk. - This remarkable action picture shows one ot the most powerful ^BVcncU guns, operating from a railroad truck, jiist at the moment tbat Uie shell lc£t for tac Gcuuon lines. The gu uocrs and the men \ra-tcliiag have stu£Cd their fijjgers into Uieir ears to protect them Crom the groat nohe of the explosion, althoughl their cars uare been alreadj- pluggcci to prevent Injury from, the coacussion. _· 100 pounds. Tho Peunaville Union Sunday school is reorganized and the following otll- cers are elected: Superintendent, E. J. Enos; Assistaut, Miss Sue Secretarj* Treasurer. Dick SLter- rick; Librarian, Hattie Croasland and Alice Hake; Offauisl, ilaudc DuU. The M o u n t Olivo United Brethren Sanday SchooJ is reorsraiiized with these officers: Superintendent, Hu^li Break iron; Atsaistant, J, C, Ddtwiler; Secretary, "W. I*. "Whlplcey; Treaauror, J. C. DetwLJer; I4brarians. Ralpli RIch«y and Rose HJxon; Orpraniift, Margar-tt Bitner. L Aartin moves Into his new quarters in the McClenathan block. Walter "Wheeler of Dunbar ant! Maude Guy of Sltka, are marri the Baptist church at Dunbar. j John f. Campbell, 5fi year* old, dfos j at the Cottaee State Ifosplln.1 Troni in- | juries recoived several wee!ia ago byi Oue Cent a Word. No advertisement* for Less Than 16 Cants. Ofcslfled column* cloe at noon. Advnrtisementa of want*, anle*. *tc.. received tifxer that hour will not endear until the d«J followln*. WANTED -- YOUR baalneas. For BARBEKING " "FOR" SA.LE.^ABvEHTISINQ SPACB I in this paper. Ask for rate*. WAITED--CUEJIK AT i L\NIO.V TJSLKGHAril. WESTERN l a p r l f -TUr.EB uNFL'RXISHED Apr',1 15. Address US d street.. S O i n n r t f d FOR SALE--TWO TON TRUCK, h^ap ID q u i c k buyer, on account of etrtK draClefl.' Inquire 30 A North lttaburff street. Bell 340. 2Smarflt* CaUIng- on the Icy sidewalk. Mr. and MFK. NewHn Bov their two Bmait children narrov n and ' ly os~ ; The eonsirm«rs irho wonld dbdce the 50-50 nonr role .will sooner or later flnd that they don't-have more than one'chance In 50 of gftttine away with "it,- .. · , -··- ' ... · , . -·Ho-w apjproprlate- vas the Kaiser's calibration "of tiie Eastertide h5*':tiain- Ine hlB-76-mlle'.cannon on Paris', "ktll- ingr 75 and -WQUndinsr 60 -worshippers,In a cHiiTch^oii .Good Friday, then trytiiK to find more victims for his baby- Ivlller on Baster morn! - . cape d r o w n i n p when a skiff overturns \ In t h e rivor at Confluence. j Wilson.E. MUlttr, son of Ladwlck F. JfJlter and '31'fss Klde Brooks, daughter of fy. H. Brooka are married ' at Xor- malvillc by Squire A. G. C. Shcrboiuly. Mi«t? Anna SI. Johnson and Daniel V. Plrl arc married at M o r m a l v i l l u -by Liu* Rev. W. H. Artz. Herman ChriHtner, CO y e u r « old. of Garrutt, Somerset countj- ends h f « l i f « w i t h -a razor. -)lr.*». John BeUcr commitH suicide at her homo in Jefferson town w h i p by hantrin^- She, wns 40 years old. Morrliipre Hccnst-s are issued ir. Un- Inntown ' to tho following: Rohr.rt J. | Roa.o h XoW Haven, nnd Sibley 1^. Grown f of ContioUPvIlJe; Harry " " ~ A" TO t: HOUSK. 2Smrtfd FOK SAL.IT--TXEED BABY CAR- jrirtsc, n a t u r a l coJor, good condition. 813 ^r.i.-htit Htreel, Scottdalc. Pa. A^THD-- BOV TO ACT Ab ter and vork J. C. MOOK3. JUST'RECKIVKD ONE c c n - c n i, j in dr-ug store. Inquire j y v i I I P K E Y LUMBKK YARD. South 27roartf d j y i f U h dt rcct, West Stdo. 3timar3L %VAXTKL -- GIP.L fc'OR ork. AHLS. HCHAltTX. iGti aiain street, WANTED--TO I t K N T A room modem hou.«e. Address Courier. ' ^ 0: '. FOR SALII:--ONE LAKGK DOOBLK 1 \ flat top desk, l i g h t oak, in excellent condition. The lirst 5100 offer w i l l : t u h c iu- ZnquJra DELCO LUMBER u COMPATY. 29martfd -i - writer. Call B«lt 13-11. 3S-"W, Mount i*le;usant. FOR SALK--ii»i" T*EET;IJESS EIGHT OVPTI jKisHcnjjer touring car in eplftndiii i. Me^HSARY^MOTOR CAR CO. SSmarfit WANTED . - . Cal- i housework. Ifornia and Sophia Core," Smlthfield; | Api'l« street. Henry- T. Moon and Rosa C. Jo StexvarL toiviiahlp. T1IUKSDAY. A P R I L . j .Detailed report o£ th« Co ~ - i coke trritia for the week 'enfl Ha-ve you. Ukc Pnddin' Head WILioii. i s - shows a total of 17,58^1 1 W A X T K D -- T W O I ' A I X T K U S once. Wag-«s 5-1.50 to eftd HIJJIK A; ply sit 32G South l i r o a d w u y . Scotldnl la. I:i[ii3t I'.J' \ l - V l '·"OK -SALE--O-VE COOP DRIVING , .,: horse. 1.100 pounds'. 7 years old. one · P -t- | anc -. o n e ,half miles South o£ HcoLtdale, A T i T i p t o p Farm. H E N R Y DIETBRLT. j rooms or been Reminded today of what you are on the other 3647 I3---THKK1-; ;L furnL-ill'-U jlu,-c: bu li: "Wlhen the AmericanB get down to the real business for waich they were sent to Prance you will -note a different t in, th« dispatches trom, the front. : nR March ovcnu in the recion of which 15,5-13 are in blast _____ ,. and 2r,',i3fi idle vclth a total oscimiUotl : fJeli production of 139, 6C3 tons. \ - : -- - -- ---Shipments for the weelp.-affproffn.lptl j WA-NTIil'-- -JOOI' STRONG diKtrlbuted as "foltowp: Tn · years o l d ; :IOL a f r n t ' l FOR SAIjK -- I COMBINATION BOOK _ _ se ;uid d^sk. ; hat. r;ch, 1 bed, dress~~~O\~~ l r ul ! H ' cr an(1 u -' :iit!l i'tund, niRK. -^mall lahlo.s. Hat i'or house- | C3il '» n i o r n i n t r at 202 W O K L Washlngr- ·s" c h i ' i M i "-it I :'' nn avenue, city. Iapr2t* BOY L'J ' V O I J G I I J 6.18:: CIIFH diKtrlbutcd an 'toltowp: To · years o l d : :ioi a f r a w l to w » r k . V O U C H · l *-»" n * 1 "TM ^»«"-» Pittshtirp ^.^57 cars; to points ,west. : CI1 fcl-MlCAI, CO., li:I H n a t P«.ach stn-el. ,?" - « T \ n F R 3.-113 Ciirs; to points oust, -IS" c;tr«; :i ' L ' S m a r c f · · · ' · · ·*· - \j\i-ti\. STABLE flGxi3. LOCAT- ^-55 .corner of M e a d o w Church Place. Aso t h r e e , same lot. Inquire 1 2 Smartfd The presence of the- vance man is another, sign that Bummer's near. · /·Htridr's"; Paris dinner, planned for today, seems to have -been b-uilt on the same menu aa the Kaieer's moal in the saoe pla*« on Christinas of 1914. of 591 cars as compared w i t h p r e v i o u s week. ~*A wai?on load.of Tnerchandise vulned at JSOO in (stolen from the Jacob Jlo«en- blum ir. East Main utreol.. ]nviL*LtIons Issnicd for the ·wen- din B n C Josftph II. B;L! 1 fty n,n tl Al i ? BHaahoth" Weaton Macl^aren, tlie latter of Toledo. Ohio. · .Miss L u l u . GaTlentlne drove .silver j spike (nto a tie on Indian Criek i*ailey ' railroad . Tn.irklnff the completion of thfl 'Valley road to Rogers iliiJ. Connciisvilte hiph school boys win .from V h t o n t o w n in literary contest y-t J t h e latter place. New* ot the Past Con- · danaed from tha File* of Tfao COOT! or. Coke sells, as Ibw an 85 cents a. ton. No Improvement.' In tho sttaatlon. Tb« new Presfbyterian Church of I*eis«nriBg' Is d»dicate(3. Prof. 'Robert- »bn ot Pittaburff d«Uvcr« the dedicatory. 'Brtinon f "'· ' . ' " ' - · -^H. li. r - -Bacr.- formerly principal ot the Conn^llsvflla 'schools' 1 ' is elected necretary and--treasurer of the cablo street rail-way lines, of Seattle...Waah- Ington , The livery stable of David Anderson at Scbttdaie * tgotber jrMi a blacksmith shop and .coacli trimminK es- tabHshment U destroyed tiy'ftre, , Willard Barnes (3Sa*)osea of his undertaking establishment, to Prank T. Doonan and moves to, Ohfo. Mrs. · Hannah McBJe, 34 years old. dfea at her home In the South SMe. .' Thomas Slout, s(n of Henry Stout, night clerk ai 'the Baltimore ft Ohio depot, "dies' at his father's-home, -He was 34 years'old. Jaftnes Francis, .83 years old, .dies at P.erryopolls;' 't ' · . , - . -"-John D.:'Eowe, 44 y*ard, dies at Layton, The cyclers of CoonellavUle meet at tho office'of D'r.' E. T. White arid elect -.tAo followlng~-o(flcergi -president,.'J, C. Kurtz; Seeratary ( -"W 1 * pcskioii. FKOPLKS L'BPAiiTM EXT STOKfr;, I'l'fl Xt'r'.li T\*. J. Wilder b-uys the p l a n t of tho ; Sttel -Iron Aluminium Coatinj; com-' pany at South Connellsviltte for r 1.1 SO ami malcoH preparations to operate it. Bartholome^v DuRKan. father of John Du^B'an, present mayor of the j * city, dies at his home In Xew Ha.ven at the ape of S5 yearg. .1" P. Bufano buys p l a n t of the Fayetto Sand A Stone company. George W. F^nch. 6« years old. Is f o u n d dead in bed at hia home at Mount Pleasant. Assistant County Detective Frank Mclaughlin and Constable Willlar.! Shrum make .raid Intu the of Saltlick township and arreat Mr. and Mrs. Baafnpcr and son. !*iltsburj£ .-firce!, C - i n n r i f d \VAXTED~-S1X chinlnts?, » n d six fr'JHST CT.ASS M A - m i i i : i i l n i n t ^ ' lu-lpcrs j K O 1 L SALE-- MIT-L AN*1» t'OVNlRY, r n l l l 3-:;rin feet. ',', sU-riei*, 5 s*ts burrs, s ° lu "· h l i l ( i r - TM »· P- *.'"pine. Foundry ' etc-, Gas for core H o t h slaio ronfp, irolk-.y: one-halt osi:ner.t for an I-OPT-- ONE NEW BLACK KID irlnvr . o m b r o i ^ o r f d in while. Findo.r pi'.-:!,;"; r e t u r n tn The Courier office 1 . l a p r 3 t the snrvU'.cs of -\ t h o r n u p h l y expor- Icnoed and a c c u r a t e n t ^ u n p r a p h e r . R L H i d o n t of Co n n ell G r i l l e preftjrr'od. A p ply in person to M R- A. J'. KOIJACKi-ZIt, MOIK-J to L o a n . ?-i.»0" aiul ?li,(KM. See JOSMFH A, MA- SOX. Secnnd X i t t l o n u l Dank I m i i d i n f r . 2apr2t . , WANTEU--A-MT ,,, | tn», whether K i» on char«e of Mary K I J a Bale of IJrjuor. Still wagon anU rcnc« G. .lohnaton. the Utter of New Salem, are married. Dunn-Oonncllrtville Coke company IH orjcanized w i t h Paul 7\lauzy at Hb head. \V. J. Guile ton. BUperin tentfent f o r tho. i5. C. Frlck Coke ooir.i«Lny tit Broad Ford, is made superintendent of the company's new p l a n t at Phillips. Mr. and .Mrs. - George- Steyer of Up- j per Turkeyfoot township, Somerset i county, celebrate their golden wedding: j anniversary. x b i l l or Lhe flne^t engraved invitation or annour.cfc;m i nt. any th In g--e ve ry Lhi n ^--do it and do it r I slit. Call ttio man at I f . D. Leonard, A t h t o r n e y . ESTATE O K M A R G A K E T A X N ] Kern, deceased, hue ut the b o r o u g h of j L'ui.-i'L--j Sinnh ( - i ' l i n e U H v i n o . PH.. U e l t e r H of a d - ' estate of ahnve iiamc-0. ilticedeni h a v i n g bevn p r a n l e d the uiititrsJR-jjed, notjco js Jierc-bj- en to the persons indebted 10 the J; said cstiite tn j n a k e inmifitUale pay- ' K I N D OF ...... . calling card, salo ' r n i n t s t r a u o n ^ on t l i COUUIKK r.fncij. Both pho'm-3. 2 7 - t C j n u - i i i , a n i l those h a v i n g claims against I .--..-.,...__. J ..,-, -.,,,, -,.,,..,...,--.-.-------.,.,--_-- i t h e same to proven t; t h e m properly tiu- FOK RTCNT--FfTRNlKHED UOO.M IN p r i v a t e f a m i l y . I l l N o r t h Cwtuige avenue. lapr'it I-'OR H E-N'T--T SV O V L' l : :N I HIi 13U, Crawford nvenuo. la;i:^t . March Itarch ,Ma«*h .. .. FIUDAV, Al-BII., 1S»8. ^-.rjetailed report of the ConnellsvIUe coke^trade for tli«f week ending March -26 shows a total- of IS.608 ovens in the reffion.!6f which 14,299 are ln,biast and 3,67?' idle · with- a total estimated pro- ·duction o t 156.1DS, . ' . . ' ] ' :."' Shipments for tji^ week aegregatefi 8,216 cars distributed as.-'followp: To Pttlsburg-£,S04 ears: tp".polnt v Wes-t, 4,~ 1S7 .ars; to points east-i-,225 cars; a cie^i.' .1913 ' T ~ ~ ..... A .Morgart; Color Bearer, George F. Titl'ow; First Lieutenant, Joseph R. Paul; Second Lieutenant,' Stanford. Hyatt; Bulger, Charles Soisson; Sur" ' ' ' " STATEMENT OK Cin.CTJIjA.TIOW. State of Pennsylvania. County of ITay- ette, t*a. Before mo, the subscriber, a Notary Public within and for aald County and f State, personally appeared J. \Vylie Driscoll, who being duly sworn accord- I ing tft law,- did denoae a'nd say: That he Js Assistant Manager of Cir- . C o r , s e t t l m f i n t . GKOR- C.IANNA KER.X. AlinInistratrix,xC. .T. A.. 3 ' o u t o f f i c e S o u t J i Cotinej:jviUe, Pa. I a p f 6 t - m o n FOR RENT--ONE - DESIRABLE Kttirc room formerly occupied by Moans M n r p l i y . I n n u l r e FLGSBXC1C SMUTZ'. 28febt£d i of 55,8 !as compared,'with, the 'previous week. · ^.^ ',, ' · · ' - ' Sixteen-linemen employed "by .the.-Tri- Stnte J srrike.'.'Form- erly. the men were paid $35 .'a month a'nd expenses. The' cotnpany 'changes ·the, system, giving- them $2:26 a day they"; to pay their owni':eip"arine8, with' 'when not working. The men i MaroU ..... refuse to-accept .the plan.".'-, . . - [ A p r i l .-.;... culation of The Courier, a dually n e w s - ; s o n H paper published in Connellsville, Pa., j FOR 'HEN.T -- FRONT OFFICES ON second floor 'of Dunn ft Evans build- Ing. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. Sjan-tfd FOK RBNT -- ON'E LARGE FURNISH" od room suitable tor one or two per- , ., and that the number of papera printed the week ending Saturday, 11)18, was as follows : 121 West Church Place. laprlt* AT ONCE TWO LINOTYPJS OPERATORS AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE 25 . 26. 27. .6, 501 .6,50-1 Jliirch March March 2S . . . fl.572 29. ..5,801 39;. .5.750 Total , 39,634 Daily average 6.806 That the dally circulation by months for t h e year 1Q1S to- date was as follows: Month. Dally Av, January ;''. : -... .175,963 6,520 February' 166,165 C.507 That the..daily circulation by-months for the year 1917 to date was as foU to;of. Conjiallffville. 'apd. ^ergor of Uniontowri meet ' 1C Tony'/Bufano', ot. F rank-Shan ebergoi ,,,,, -to decide the featherweight', championship oftlve coke region. ··.The--battre: ends In a'draw. The purse is for .$200. In the 'ninth and tenth.rounds Bufaio is.,constantly the a^ressor but cannot- fin'd opportunity for a knockout -bto/wv ' M r s . ElizabeBi.Kofirera o£ East Main street. celebrates" .8th anniversary of h e r birth. - . . . : . - . - : , : r _GeorffB B;..Bronrii. auperintenderit ot Company, .has 't£ ·Tows: ' 1917 . . . . January .......!,. -.157,261 February'.'. .; '.130,852 -- · ;...i40,m ....139.180 145,182 141,5D6 153,575 ..,.165.585 15.-i,103 ,...156,233 153.102 ....155.48 .May . June . ; ..;..... July .; ... August September October November Month. Daily Av. 6.824 M02 6.53-1 5,567 6,524 5,446 6,143 6,133 6,16? 6.15C 6.127 C,234 .FOB HUNT-- NICE LAJtOE FUR- nished room, w i t h r u n n i n g w a t e r iintl all conveniences; i n s t a n t a n e o u s water j hoater. Iriciuire 2'32 Kast Fatrview. laprlt FOR RENT--TEX ROOM BRICK house. South Connalisvnie, SIS month. Seven room on Cedar avonue, ?25 month, JOSEPH A. .MASON, Second National Bank building. Iapr2t far FOR SALE--L-'ORD 1914 MODEL T r u c k bed. Call 246-W Bell Phono. 30mnr2t* stand. SALE-- PARAMOUNT NEWS Inquire E. It. E13GGS or at 3Qmartf . FOR SALE--HOUSEHOLD FUENI- ture. Inquire at 40,? South Eighth street, West Side. Ford's Fiats. Iapr2t* .. ,...1S1;343 And further^sayeth not. . . . J. : TVYLIE. DHIS3OLL. Sworn .to and aubscfibed- before mo this 30th day. of Marc: · ·' · ' · · · ' . ' · : : " -"' j:'. FOR 3ALJ5--FRESH COW. YOUR choice of three; price reasonable. J. S. QAIUjETTS. Box 12G, ft. D. 3. Con- nelisviile. ' 29mar3t* FOUR LOTS FRONTING ON PIRST STREET, SOUTH COK- NELLSVILLE, NEAR HIGH SCHOOL, BUILDING. THESE LOTS WILL BE SOLD REASONABLE TO CLOSE ESTATE. MRS. S.L4RY H. PHILLIPS, DUBOIS, PA.' B..IOjnTZ. N. P. building-. FOR SALE--GOOD OAK DINING room suite; will sacrince if taken at once. Gas range with overhead bak«r. good condition. Call Monday or Tuesday. Room S07 Second National Bank JaprZt* GENTLEMAN BOOICKEEP- BR. MUST BE EXPEKIENC- ED AND COME WELL RE- COMMENDED.' TRI-STATE'. . CANDY .COMPANY. . The annual moving period is here again, and this week will sse many changes. It is a fact a ' lot of people move -every year, others move as seldom as possible. Sale of property, changes ia business, and many conditions frequently make it necessary for people to move and leave a desirable home, but the point we want to get at is . that moving-day most always means new furnishings, new furniture, general household equipment, and the real information we want to give you is that the Union Supply Company fur-, niture departments are wonderfully well equipped- to take care of your wants.. First we can sell 'you the paints and wall paper to freshen up the house; after that can start you from the kitchen through the dining room, library, living room, parlor, hall, and upstairs to the bedrooms and bath room. Can furnish you shades and curtains for the windows and all the equipment for hanging. Can furnish you oil, coal, or gas ranges and all the other kitchen equipment. Then Jiave china, all kinds of lamps, and have all sorts of- house furnishings, including queensware, cutlery. We have complete living room outfits, library outfits, complete assortment of rngs, carpets, linoleums. In fact the furniture department in every one of our stores is equipped fully and you can get just what you want. You can get equally as good assortments as any installment house will show you, and you can buy them at lower prices. ·3 Large Department Stores, ' Located in Payette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Tbe Store tbat insists on fitting their Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoos. They're pleased with our sty!« selection and our methods in fitting, A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Shoes--Better Values--Bettor Service--tor our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-W. S. S. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MABCH, 1018. JAX. 1, 1923. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNELLSVILLE, PA. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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