The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 12
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VAGE TWELVE. DAILY COURIEB, CONNLJJLLSVJ UL.Jii, L'A. (·SATURDAY, J A M i j A t t Y is, RETIRED GREAT LAKES CAPTAIN CHAMPION LIAR I f u l o s (overu Fibs Tlurllnplon's Contest. Told in lUTKr.lN'OTON. Wis., Jan IS. A n - ton Delano, retired Groat Uikes c a p - j tain, ia acclaimed the. champion 1929 j prevaricator of. Burlington. That title] is slanderous' to some, but to Captain i Oi-lano, it carries ffreat slgnlficanct*. | \Vhi»n several y-cars ago Burling-' ton's aged citizens vied with one an-i othor for tho honor of. telMng the big- g-e»t "whopper," no rulfls or regulations govcrnwl the contestB. In 1022, how-over, tlw competition was placed on tm orderly basl.',. A codo em-body- Ing tho following principles was adopted: Contestants* must le at leas/70 yoars ot ape, they muyt tell at least throe fibs and they must bo rotated in ordinary conversation ; u tho presence ot one or moro of. the judges. Th-e- wlnnM-'» "champion Ue" was related only thrw days before- the close of the 1319 acooii. "Bofoi'e, 1 came to the lakes, 1 s-erv«d my time* m tho seven s-eas," the captain said. "On one voyage in ;i. b«rk out of Havre to Boston we wore (liven far north by contrary wbvfift. We paas-e-rt a lot of Icebergs, norno of. them bigger than the highest ·ship I'd ever seen "Ono tlay we came upon a school of wliales. There wore some of the big- xost of Ihoir kind you ever taw. Th'en She babies mint have boon 15 fatlioms long. A fathom 1; six feet you know," ho explained carefully. "Bti't. tho biggest whalo of all was just a trifle over three miles long." Tho listeners Interrupted th-o nar-ator with joers tinged w i t h sincere disbelief. Tho captain grew angry. "I know what I'm talking a'bout," ho Insisted. "1 ruoasxired that wdtale I t was easy. AVe were-'making three knots an hour, t threw tho log over to make sure myself. At eight bolls we woro ei en with his tail. At one bell, half an hour later, we still hadn't passed him. Just a trifle after two lxlls, one hour from the time wo started, w-o passed his head. And Uiat makes him jiiit a bk over throe -miles lung!" Captain Delano was presented with a modal by Chief, ot I'olico Frank Up I- FIRST IVt. E. CHURCH South PHtsburg Sti'eot At. the Evening Service Instrumental Music Will B'e Featured Organ lumbers by Mrs. Hoyv«r. Cornet Solos by Ur. ,1. L. Miles ol' EVANGELISTIC SKHMtXN 'Sowing and Reaping'? Public Is Invited J ler, donor and rer contest." .pansor ol' the "whop- MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RAISE ROMAN GALLEY ALMOST UNHEARD OF COLD WAVE SWEEPS WEST C o n t i n u e d f r o m Past; One. expanse of water then , adding to tho peril of those inaroon.-d and increasing the tremendous d.unngo toll. The plight of the village of Docker Chapel, which was under ft om MX to 10 feet ot walei, wai approximated in communities all along t h e midland river system. Sections ot Missouri and Arkansas crossed by the St Francis River wore li, flood and moro break^ In tho diked threatened. VlHcemifs, Ind., in peril ior days of: being inundated as the swollen "Wabash reached tho highest stage in history, breathed easier today as tho river sank. The 01 »st oC the flood was racing toward C ilro, 111., and the levoes at Vlncennos will hold, it was believed. Thousands oE acre. of some ot the richest Carm lands in Indiana were under water. Other tnousands of acres were flooded tarlher d o w n the Miaslu- sipp! Valley. Transportation aii'l wire cominunl- c at Ion were paralywi in the Northwest and Far West by sti rms and cold. A United Presb wire V.HS routed to Denver, Kt Paso, Oakliind, Seattlo, back to St. Paul and th 'iico to Superior, \Vis,, to reach the Wis'consln city. It was the coldest in years in tho Chicago area. Suburbs of the city reported as low aa U\ degrees below zero. That was wit un two degrees of tho coldest day in the city's hitory. On December 24, 18', 2. u was 23 below. Between (iOO ami 700 homeless men were cared 1'or at Salvation A r m y fiy U n i t e d Pro; 1 ) MOM I. Italy, Jan. IS.-- It is doubtful whether tho third Roman galley j missions,'"police si' lions'anil"munl'ci- thought pofrilbly to dato back to t h o ] n a i jorlgmg iioubpp Oilier Central St tle.s points reported lower tomperat ires than those in Chicago and it wa increasingly cold This ia the opinion of Profeefcor Ugo! toward the North a n d Northwest. Antonielll, tircheologlst conducting'Alinni'bota and t i e Dakotas were the work of. lowering the late to study | bleak wastes of sn w where tempera- told time oC Caligula, discovered at the bottom of Lako Neml, w i l l bo ueces- tlio salleys already found. He tho United I accompanied correspondent lim the third galley "Hew in the deepest part of ihe lake." "It is ubout 13 rueteiti from tho surface," ho sakl. "Wo became aware of it when flfeheimen brought fragments of wood up in their nets corresponding to those of the llrsi galley." .Experts In ch«r;;e ot tho pumps whlch«aro los^ering the lake's levol in order that tho galleys may be studied declared It would take .at loast a year'« pumphig to disclose the third galley, it lies about 20 meter« from Rhoro on lake. the Genzauo side of the Indian Students Edit Very 'Flexible* Paper P1ERR10, S. D., Jan. 18--Perhaps the etrangeel newnpaper ever publitih- od is "VVotonin "Waste," a iriimeo- lures ranged down to 30 below near Duluth and Miuneipolis Portland, Or\, faiiunis Cor mild temperatures, repr rted 13 he-low zero, the Boldest there i s many years. J4ro temperatures) prev tiled fur down the weft coast. All-time frlgidit; records were shattered at Alliance, \'eh, with 1(5 below Kr'sjh snow had alien there and in Kansas. Scores ot motorists had been stranded in O k l a h o m a when tho blizzard caught them on highways In tho oil field) of Oklahoma and Texas, housing f a i - l l l t n a unadapled to long sioges of coM proved Inadequate. (Trom ^hamroclf, Texas, came the report that more than 110 mon, women and children atti acted there by railroad building "protects were thrown on tho rnercy of rea ue missions. At Gushing, OK la., Shell Gcyer was found dead in a ,no\vdrlft last night, apparently overenme by exertion and exposure while s e e k i n g aid to extricate his stranded automobile Ia Oklahoma I'Uy .several women overcome by tii cold wore carried graphed pamphlet distributed at irre- j liway ?rom stre-a car terminals on gular lntt v rv, by the Pierre Indian school. Tho papei contains uo tiet Ttiimber of pagt« anl the publication date is, governed only Tjy the regularity with which copy is turned in. Its Bize varies from f o u r to 10 pages and contributions nro accptod in half a doztMi Indian dialects and languages tor translation Into English. A feature, of \Votanln Waste is a full pago cover p i c t u r t y o t each ifcsue skoti-hed on etoiu-il by Thomas Bulls Kyes, a p u p i l of the srhool. stretchers. An old man, kuo\vn as "Blind Charley," was taken Irom his hovel in Oklahoma City so badly frozen he was evp-eeled to die. The welfare workers who fotmd tlic Si-year-old blinU beggar caine upon him while tho aifferer was coaxing two dog*j that occupied the hut \sith tinti to go out and attract aid. Ifa.vor G n l l t j 3n Itiim IIAA1MONI), Iiul.. Jan. IS.-- Fifteen of the l!l del'endunts, in tho Kast C'lii- (it;o Hquoi conspiracy case, Ineludlns; Mayor l l a l M g h P. Halo and Chiet of I'olico -lainos \V. Heagun, were convicted in Kederdl court last night Results ! Sure ! When you ns-c Ade. Jn The Iaily t'onriw. lu small, i-estiltH aa'e big. r!as«,i(led The cost 1/x-I'roinler Iicmes America. XBW YOWK, Ian. 18.--General J.iu Christian Smut , former premier of ·South Africa, suited last night ou the lie do France, ''oncludiug a visit he 'puid, to Am-eric.t. as 'the g'Ueat of the Lioague of Nations' Adsociution to participate in the elebratioii of the tenlli annherfcury fo the league. The Paramount "The Forward Paps," First National's offering now showing at the Ptira- niount Theatre, is a .simply covkinn co-ed collo-;o love story, with football for the physical punch. And it has a plot that, really la a plot In fact, this plot would hrai inspection if tt had nothing !o do wllh pav, (a//y life at college and b u D b l l u g coinec'v of co-ed life. Wven the football sequences, which arc very i" i m- inejit, have their vital relation lo the story. They supply plenty of pnysi- cal action but they aren't in it" just for that. Kvory Incident contributes to tho s w i f t pace C the (ale that is unfolded. AH Iheso preliminary remarks arc necessary so that llioso who saw the wonderful work of that new team cf film lovort-, ijoretta Young nnd 13-ons;- 1ns Fail-blinks, .fr, in "Fast Lite." will not miss them ill "The Forward Pas-a." The football picture is entirely different, and of couise lighter In tone t h a n the tilm that brouRht fame to tho- yo'ingstc-rb. Hut 1L ^i^es them splendid histrionic o p p o n u n l i i o s which th y take advantage if w i ' h vim and cnthii.siu'im. How Ijiirctta and young Doiic., ''.»ai lip" those chances! It's no wonder they're hailing beautiful little borctta ns one of tho screen's foremost dramatic acrosses. The piogrnm aNo includes a Vltu phone act, "Men Among Men," star- rim; Fied Ardiith and an all taking serial, "Ace of Scotland Yards." The feature pictuie tor Monday md Tuesday is "Shanghai l^ady," Marrlnt; apy Nolan, Wednesday, Thursday, Frhlny and Salnrduv, Oolieen MOJCP will bo t'oaturcd In "li'oot Ij gills and Fools." Gallaglicr, Yankee sco i t , t o i l s Kvelyn Brenl, an actipss, pi. yin (lon'fryvlllo, ( h a t ho w a i t t y her to help him sign up Oaklo for tho 'ig league team. She agrees and by camping Jack, iiidiu-OH him to s gn Oallagher's contract. Jacl falls or her hnrd. Two original bongs .ire hoard or tho hrsi time. They sung in ho [Uirty sequence. They provide a i al- ural musicpi int«rlutc to ih? rap- lly progressing plot. An all-talking comcdv, nioviet ne act and sound news reel are also be- lli K shown, The Day's lews At Oa Uuyi VaHioii 1 , "«})o]pon Necltlacc. XJ«i\V YOrtlv, Jan. IS.--The diamond n-ecklaco whicli Kapoleon Bonaparte gave his empress, Marie bouiao, was purchased So $93,000 by Arthur Boneiii'on, Bos on attorney, acting ab aK^ti't for an unidentified American, it was aivnounceil iato last night. The Orphean Tleal professional baseball nlavi»r hiivo important roles in t l i e Paramount production, "Fast Company," which IF on tho SCTOPII at the Oiphauni Theatre. Tho pHl-tosscm who ni'f seeii in tho numerous! becucnces ou the- !mt,efiall diamond ; re "Irish" Meusel, Arnold ".rigKei"' Statz, Truol; Hannah, Ous Sandiierg, IVMII Olson, Walter Iti'cp, Jack Ada inn, 0 corse Hoohloi, Jloward P u r k e t l , Rod llol- lins, Frank Greene and I^r? B r n i t h . Jack Oakic, fre«host wNe-eruckcr of tho llttlp t o w n of Oontryville, IK also the village biiHoball hero, a natural home-run hittei. The Oi'iitr- ville Chamber of Coinmorro gives Oaktc .1 testimonial dinner. Jack Maras The Qrpheun? "Tho Trespasser," Glori.i W\ an- son'.s no-w talking and sinplng picture, will O-IKMI Monday at -Iho Orplieun for a three-day attraction. "Tho 'I res- pai-ser," Is a dranui of the moment Ita setting is in Chicago; Its onvirono ic-nt the. "sniait set" And Ihrougl its intl'inale t t i i d y of a girl v h o beo mea A trespasser in th-is- restricted s clal sphoro and In the livoft of its pc ;plo, the atory deUr-s Into vital aff«il s of life-. Miss riwanson, In her portray il t "Slarloji Doiin-e-Il," is -.supporte-c by ehtablishcd playcrs of both stag-* and screen. The loading num is U therl Ames, who 'has boon extiemely lar on roadw«j. He porliays MiM-rlc-h." whoso romance with ion Domiell" Indelibly stamps h sr P u r u l l Pratt wlio hue. appeal n! on 1lio 'talking screen lu "Alihi," playa "Jlwtor Forgiibon," wealthy co pora- tlon lawyer find I he "oilior rn; »" In Marion Donnell'a Involved s-chc no of tliingK. H e n r y R Waltirill, one tf th«' screen's earliest figures, has a charactw rol\ Wally AllJtlgiht three and y-wirs old, who appear i as " DonnoltV sm\. Is rogai cl-ed asi tho most promising oC all tin actors in dialogue piclnreb. 1 Kridorlcl, who appeared f,o siicr ly wHh AHss Hwanstin Jn "Sadie Thonipron" again playi in li " support. And other as'-lstuig plaj -I-B are W i l l i a m Jlolden, Kav H a i n m o m , Mary KorbfH, and Mirrolla fordwy Tho niufilc. of the horg, "lo\ )," one- of Mitis Swunson's n u m b P i H , w, s written for her by Director Oouldl ig. Th-o J j r i c was w r i t t e n bv Klsle Jai la. Her SOCOIH) song I.- To''f»lH s "Serf Tade." Favot'cU with a rote which of ere ex- cnptlonal dramatic po'-slblHttt 3 and an oiiortinuly to iipjw^ar again In "fliKj tVat'liois," Mtsis bw.inson has-g von the inatitcr ot clolhei particular a trong i half larlon )iio of child anrhe 1 ' r A JL O. i a i I t i P S j o f I l o m l l n - ' Ho i n n By FJTANCKS PAOBT Copyright, l'J'30, by Style Sources NEW YORK, Jan. IS--In tho great pow-wow which has been carried on fllnco the first longer skirt ,nnl marked wai'itlino raised its 1'oico In our mWt, it ha' been the poor offending heni- liiie which has coma iu for the severest censure. Although the measnn* of increased lentil approved bv those who .iiithorizo fnahiuiis has been moderate, iu no way interfering with the active or biifiy programs o£ the sports or town liffe, there haf, boon clohe to a panic among certain group** of v onion, a stato oL excitement for fear the skirts wore to roach a germ-collecting dimension. "With tho opening of a new reason, it Is imporlmit ior all those who arc concerned with fashions to set at rest the uneatiy feats and tiot judge faah- lons from tho comic h i r l j ) It must he acknowledged that the distinction between wiiui m correct and i\hat iij atrocious hi hinlines bhould be carefully studied so that ilic errors of tho past fall «eaeon will not recur. The more it can he broadcast to t h e teinininc world at large that dripping paiielfc which nap about 1he ankles aio nof for 1 the street, the smoother will he tho problem of the nev. fashions. Certainly no creator or designer ever approved this incongruity for street wear, but because women of no Htyln discrimination coupled last year's coat with this year's drree, there han been a hue a n d crj that tills was tho fashion. For spi ing, if the homllno ot tho drool slanle to a slightly longer lino at hack, th- coat should tollovv it. If the- skirt of tlie- drcfls Is full and of equalized hemline, tho coat ehoukl be enough shorter to' reveal (ho even while the Milt w i t h t h o fthor Uinpen cs Piitll'tMy with thlfi pr !uiriliunl/.lng h ' j i n l i n O ) Tho piayer for s p r i n g t houtd bo a_ dealgera, "trom all irregular i jagged pointtt, d i p p i n g ln-nilin j gatx! skies, oxaggeratel le gowns to be worn w i t h coaf us." fulness, jacket Mem of fashion Itttiiy to panels, ·a, elon- gth ITI deliver Sppc-'lal to The Covir'.^r. DAWSON, Jan. la--Senator Harry J. Bell, S. W. Tnlw, J. F. Black and B. Davlos, spcretary of (ho Dickft-Hou Ri.n Y. M. C. A., attended a dihtrict mooting at the "Y" n\. WUmmling on Tliuie'iay night. Senator Bell deliver pd aai address. 'Mi-, and Mi-«. Thomas Rodgers of Dickerson Kun arc the parcnlii of a baby girl The now m rival makes two children In the; tainlly, a boy anl a girl. * William Simmons Is altending a meeting of the New York Central Athletic Association, which ia being held this week nt Albany, N. V. Ho Is a delegate to represent (ho Yough Di- vi6lon of the P. U K. Ijloyd Fnreytlio^ wa.s a business caller at Uniontown Thiirnday Mr. and Mrs, "WHpon K Hcew wore Uniontown visitors on Wednesday evening. C. K. Sballonbergcr lias returned from a huaineeij trip to Now York in tho interest o? tho Brothcrhjod of lUiilway Train men. nfWMWfWVMKMWIMlMSWSW j l o j i i p o' I J i r V i a ) ) ) i o n c onors AIRWAY LINE NEW YORK-BUENOS AIRES The Sta£e .Mnurico Chevalter, \\lio ha . become the greatest Kuropeun · ctor to nchle-vo fiiicrftjs in Amorlc 11 fllniR Hinco Kmil Juiininge, will le seen and 'neard in his mo'-i goi'goou.s 'ioture to dale when "The L»ove Parai e" opens at the Slate Theatre, Union own, for « throe-day run 7Kg!iming 01 Monday, January 20. "The Love Parade" i« KOHH thing different in all-talking musical film productions, just HH Chevalier is n personage entirely different from all other screen types. In the firfit place "The Ijin e Parade" was written lor tho andli e acre-en. It is not a film version of an r previous «tago production it \\ as c eated expressly for the semen aiu with the idea of the at reon's value · ir amuse- ineiii uppermost in the mi id of the gennifeef, who created it. In th«' first plftce "Tho Lo e Parade" was directed by Frank Lu ltsch w)io was named hy vote oC critii a in a poll taken by Film Dally a« th ! foremost director in ina movie indi stry. One of his greatest pictures was "Tho Patriot." / Then, thoi P avo other r\v i l l t i e h that carry "The Love Parade" o the fore as probably the greatest musical romance of tho new «how \ orkl. The libretto or dialog v as written hy Finest Vajda and (5uy B ilton. Ten otlijinal songs are fetitur-d in "Tlie l.ove Parade." Heading tlu supporting cdfit of "Tho Love Parad " is Jean- nolte MacDomild, lovely 'hlladelphia girl who made a zapid cli ub iu musical comedicfi. We Will OftVr ill 1'uhlic A u c H o u at REVERE fVtSISSE V l n n u Slro'( Car l.iuo, Th u rsday, Janua ry 23, 1 930 \ T 1 O'CLOCK P. M., SH V I M ' A l » o u l ·'!) Uciul of .'((H{ SocotKf l i a i i d Horsos; All F i t for O u t r i d e ^ (rk. Tonus, of Salr S i r h - t l j W. J. RAINEY, INC., UN1ONTOWN, PA By U n H e d Premt. RIO JANMIHO, .Tfl.ii. 17--A 50-year coiicewsion to operate a paeenger air bcrvico helwpcn Hlo l)p Janeiro and northern ports has boon granted the Now York, Hio Duenos Aires Air Lino The concession if good only as long as lira/.tllau airlines arc l to compote with it. VanderbHt VANDKUniLT, Jan, IS--The W C. T. U. met Thursday at tho home oi the prersldojit, Mr«, G B. Hobort*.. It was opened by b i n g i n g "Onward Christian Soldier." Heading of tho 12-ttli Psalm was f o l l o w w l by prayer hy Mr.i, Wilson. The mooting r!oset with The Lord's Prayer recited in unison A Collect for "Women was repealed by tho union. Letters were read from tho United Htafos VctonuiH JFocpital at Aeplnwall anl the Red CroFb t h a n k - ing the union lor its Christmas doia- tioi). Jt was agreed to hold a Washington Birthday tea February 22 In commemoration of the tenth anniversary ot prohibition. T h m o w a s ^ l i l l l o playetto program given, entitled "Wliy the Bella Kings," with 12 In tho aer. Readinge were given by members of the \iriion. Several piano solos wore rendered by Mlsn Peggy Shallenborger of Dawr-on. Mrs. Churlofi SlL-OIll and Mrs Frank McGtll and rtnughterH ot Daivson at- londed the W. C T. U. meeting Thursday. Mr«. Stanffer and daughter. Mias Clara, were in t o w n Thursday. hlorj l»y ;. Directed i:ddio Clinr. Five Hit? HJ.-trs. iiff F (.jamo With t h n y o u t h f u l lowrs of "Fast Life" DOUG. FAIRBANKS, JR. and LORETTA YOUNG ' a n d Lane Chandler, Guinn Williams Marion Byron V l t a p h o n o AH -- Fr«'I A r r l n U i iu "Mou A moat; Jtlon" All Talkie Serial, " V c o of Scotland \ a r d s " Admission -- JI i t l n o e !(»· and i!5»; Ni^rlit I5e and \\w 4-+*-f**r+-r~*'+*e-+-ir*r+-e (r^****^^^j^^^**j-r^^-jf-*'*^^*'jf*'*-^jsr^*^**^^**'y-*^ Mon. nnd TIHM. -- M a r j ]N"ol»iin) in "Shanghai Lady" Btrliavionotic Theory The theory of behaviorism IB a theory and method of psychological study, bused on Hie conception thnt sound psychological progress must rest upon a pmei.y observational one! objective analysis of behavior, t h u s avoiding HIP "psychological falUiev." *w tj, W e d n e s d a y , Tliursdi*y, F r i d a j , ,Sn(urduy ^ g C o J f f c n J f o o r o in ''Foot I J f r f i t s a n d Fools." 6? % i *M(V\^fWfW3W?U\n^^ Patronize Those Who Advertise in The Courier HAVE YOU TISIEI) 01 T R CLASSIFIED ADLETS? ALL TALKING You can't keep up ii tJi« i u u u i i s Sa Also All-Talking Comedy, Movietono Act and. Sound News TALKING an Edmund Gouldingf r}*,***j* *f+ },»MV? Bell on Movietone and Soynd News : 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 9 *

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