The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, April 1, 1918
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Circulation Last W«?k, 6,605 EVENIJfe, APJUL,U.Al91S EIHT; PAGES. SMASH WPOUS HEAVY GERMAN ATTACKS. KILLING GREAT IERS OF THE ENEMY; TAKE OFFENSIVE AND RECLAIM TERRITORY THER IS UNFAVORABLE TO THE HltJNS BUT PROVES GODSEND tfOR THE ALLIED ifctariding Feature of tfieTig 1 ntin g of frit 24 Hours is the Large Number, of .3erroans Slaughtered by r Machine Gun /fel-Aarsh as It May Sound Thisjis ^^.WBse for Rejoicing ^' *mong the'Alpes, ^IfeeWiir be the Me -'ans of Ending the ;2onfficfr British Rt? xlaim Stretch, t,5QO * KfrclsJLong; Flap , Continues to Fljrori I |are of City H iall at Moreuii Where Sanguinary Fif ghting Has Taken Place ofDays. 109 MOTE GUNS IN ONE SECTOR I3j -AMOciatwI Frew. r Germany's great drirc into the Allies' line in northern " at* I* virtually at a standstill today Her first great .onrush f eKrsHo-iave been stemmed with large gaias / of territory | edjbut with final -victory no nearer in sight and I ceejn'men and material depleted ' ' her : re- and British troops beat back the enemy last night Uta dwpenrte efforts to advance towards Amiens along the ^ mndAArre valley in the oaly torward movement reported where Along the line, despite the almost Incessant Teutonic tUJw/aixl at least at one point the enemy -£as pushed back ' H iBort'deterrjiaed assaults in this effort seems to have neighborhood of Hangard-on'Santerre, where ·British troops' 1 met the assaulting waves A British .coredU ·followed up the adrantage and the nUage -was- re- * iJEBaMMT HALTED; JBEPABES TOB KEXT DRIVE. * LOiiEDON, Apaal 1 -^-Trie reports from the battlefront this v ^bbC^are regarded a» favorable for the Allies and the belief *" ?Mf:th*t the first onrnidi of the enemy has been stemmed ' gaged in the process of consolidating his positions and np heavy artillery, and it is expected that -when this I been completed another hlg'blow mil be delivered "with _ f energy which he Btitt has With^itrong reinforcements onrthe ground and with co- Jg?^*t --^ _ - _ _ _ j « _ - -- - I TM 41. A Tkn-rv^ !· r-Ta-nl~nnaf i H ll ATO - f l l f l f f^l A commands the hope, is expressed here that prove impregnable and that the Germans against it in vain. the " BRITISH SSLtSB OXBXUf ATTACJiS. JBKEnSH ARMY HEADQUARTERS IN PRANCE, April 1 KejjMt 24 hours continued unfavorable to the aggressive Ger- 4 along the Bntish Btction of the few battlefront and^as IkiEgly good period for the defender!.. ,, ·· niia-morning the British were holding their entire line with igtn" and they have 'tanasljed numerous heavy German at- j »t various points and hav^taken the initiative at tieveral e^raeceasrolly The mo»t Intense flghtiiig continues souih lejsomme ijrf the zone' where the French have been^mating; iifegiai*nt«tand. ri TMi'otitstJtDdiiig features of the conflict on the northern end aeJfront'iB that the British again ^have killed a great num- of jthe-^epemy which, despite its harsh sound, is what will : British initiated a forward movement about ^.j,.^TM,--, east ot Arras. ^Ehey launched-aMocal attai at Jock tU» morning and^preawed it so vigorously that they -JcMdfla stretch of terntory'jl.BOO yards long and averaging »wdjrm depth This siicciaw had tactical advautagest but -,Ti«re:«ma]l compared vitajthe fact thit^he BritiBh.wpre aiter 10 days ol gmdling wort to undertake an offetwive a^n.' ',* f S««th of the Somme where there haarjix'en so lauchjhard tag, the Britwh appear to hare the attnation-well in' hand the ttfarn hall of Morduil abojit«wlUchi»anguinary struggles b*en swaying, was .it last reporta^stili'nying the BrMsh " " ntrjr from the steeple ^- M AM {MR, April 1--ThB Germans t»»lattac_» on EriUch pocittbiH i oatakirU of Albert laat t^Jn hotli case* were r»- t-Mr offlc* announcei. !«lth* Somme the enemy per- to adraac* Avrt rail era but i AMERICAN AJiMY IN _ _ 1.--Gfnnan army ilii3mi»1-ltr anxkraB to ob- KMcniMi tin most *«*· ot U»Jun*rfea_ arm; · · a eaptnred Oar- to thJ Fifth- tefaatrr MAY BBUQYE ROAD C*neDirilIe-FM«fegin B*a«e Is BiMgU B, at nttitmtg mtttase. At ». jneebnf Saturday in, Pitjsburj; of I^yetia county cfncijjj and booe'" tors for*tle CoBn«ll5TUl«^Fnnnlngtoa road, with^SUte Hi§hw»y Commissioner' j;i«nny^O'NeU, plans tortfr- proTlns the^'romd wei».dlicuaied K ent- mg in. a proportion for the state to. b««r the cost xnd fh« . ·With the t j»eT«»i»d cost of and »carcntT-'of'Ulor it « estimated that the co«t will re4th |«00 000 f f ^ - Stole JBere lii Car} alia* MB* th» »2ia»i Carl Shirblly,, % --chargad with njfctg Tra«« JD»pa,rt»«iti VICE PRESIDENT REESER .OFFAYETTE COUNTY GAS ; CO. DIES. AGED 58 YEARS Was Highly istue»*a by Associates «· aid XMploTcs in WMm He Took i · Fatherly Intere*. H O Beeser, vice president and general-manager of thoFaycUe County Gw^mipan) died at his home in ·Pjttstmc Saturday evening after a briot iliness He was bora in eastern Pennsylvania 5S years ago He entered the on and gas business at the afatfol 25, serving as a telegraph operator He »as steadily advanced toi : posltlons ot~ larger responsibility and in_i900 became Identified with the FaVeUe County Gas company He fcervedithatjcorporailon'. in various capacities, continuously until his 'death,'.having- been- advanced from secretary and'treasurer to vice president and general- manager, about two, months ago: -Mr.' Reeser.'wns an occasional visk tor in CpnneHgvUle r where a number oC persons' learned to-esteem him very ; highly.: He was held. In affectionate' regard" by the -employes, of the .com- T»ny..He "took a fatherly- interest .in ^ their-welfare and kept -in close touch; with.ail.of them from tie la- liprars on the pipe, lines to the clerks and; officials in the offices.. J. W. ;Rfteser;'. formerly'*'superintendent at ;Conn»llsyille, was a brother, ot the de- .ceased.. J.. E. .-Angle, general.';snperintend- ,ent;-P.L. Girard,.H. p.!HtitchUon and Attorney H. SI Dumbauld*f Union- town.'-wlll.-attend the "funeral services ; held in Oil City tomor- which row afternoon. NEW YORK HAS ANOTHER HERMAN ROSENTHAL CASE ;HMTT Cohen Tails Tletlm. of As Me is Aboot to Inform OB GamMen' Gang By Associated :Preas. NEW. YORK, April.!:--Seven hours .before "the district''s office: was to have/been informed by Harrj Cohen, also" known .--.,' as "Harry the Tot," 1 of the .name'of- ; the.'man'.'-higher 1 up'.' in the prosecutor's, anti-gambling, crusade,- Cohen was: shot, and Wiled at 6^30 o'clock tnis,-mbAing. District Attorney Swan immediate IX ordered: tie apprehension-.'of Sam Schepps, who was one of the prosecutor's;'star, ."witness against" Charles belter, the police:lieutenant who was executed, (or tbe murder of Herman ·Rosenthal, LOCAL SOLDIER AT CAMP HANCOCK AN ALLEGED PRO-GERMAN Ctrl Knwr, tVfco left With 1* Also Chained With Desertion , TJTOB Amir. Krincr 1 , member ot Company Infantry, faces courtmarOai on dharges;of pro German utterances andtdeiertion on His return from Fair fax, S^C to Camp Hancock. He MOB arreateoV at Fairfax Friday for pro German ,taUc At the time It-is said he was wearing civilian clothefi over his 'uniform "This is the first occur rcne^ot the land in which a Camp Haacjjck. soldier" has been involved Kttoer'left Connellsville last September 7 with, Company JD Wien. en- Ii»te4\he igave his residence aa 410 So$b ^Eifch^th street Connellsville andjd» age as 24 He is a private s s , fS SIGV VI SEBTICt. Nqrman R, Firestone a member rl Company ,C,';Of;i?Ield, Signal Battalion, stationed: at Camp Monde, Annapolis' Junctloh, fSH^ arrived here Saturday Enprning f :"spezidih'g' tho' day. with his parents Mr and Mrs Austin Fire stone of Pleasant Valley, and with his sister, Mrs Grace Echard of Mur phy's Siding He returned to Camp Saturday:; night and .today was transferred.; to. : 'Camp Hancock, Augusta, Gail to ..enter the 'signal service. BP3TBAE TOOTH tSVSSjKD EJi'iBCCEERS. William R. Preece. son b£ Mrs. Rebecca Preece bf v Punbar; has gone 'to Camp Dii,. N..J., v tb join the 53rd Engineers." corps, -in -.which he enlisted for the special railway service in France. ;He. expects to ;ieave soon for. 'Over .There," FROM JBBTT DUTY 10 f BUTT AT COST IEE. Clayton Crago ot.'Grindstone, -who had been serving on the r jury for the (Continued on OF TIIE SCOTTDALE REGION ARE CALLED Are Summoned By; IiOc*l Board 7, irbick Is 'Xeqoirod' to 3f«ke Up the lists. SCOTTDALE, March. 30.--A list of the 58 selecilvea'-to be sent to Camp Lee :-neit 'Thursday by 'Division Nbi 7 ,of'·Westmoreland-' county; with' hlad- ;quarters at · West. Newion, ; 'has 'oeen .made'.up as representing..the men 'about Scottdale. The' Sevontlr'district is peculiar in its formation and the ·board has. to. jtriake three lists, one for ."West rtawtoni'' one for Scottdale,. and .one:fof 3erminie, and' combine-..these ttre'e,' in. order to save .the..selectives from this end being, taken .to .'West Newton to«start on their "trip, to'Camp JH The liat.of those make up. the list for this end of the district FARM-LABOR DRIVE EXPECTED TO MAKE A START TONIGHT At the Meeting of the Local * Committee in Charge of ; Movement i / THE NEIGHBORING TOWNS to Ofartielpate, More Enlist- Are Seeded to Insnie Sue- ce«g of Wan] Tmiua Ur bo Organ- fiwd, Coureli Board will Adjomrn. "Robert Norris, thet moving spirit-in the.'; plan, to. furnish the farmers with tabor during the approaching crop Season, anticipates-.:'. .that, tonight's ·meetuig of the :Connellsville Agricul : tural Labor Service committee .will make a splendid start.on 'its drive to enlist business men and others oC-the city for this service -The purpose of the meeting, which wiil ; !be Hooper fi.'Leas':; store), : iff to'secure th ; 5 names of men who are wiling to give a part,of their time-to helping the-fanners raise, larger crops, during the"-'coming .summer. Persons are not expected to sign up.lor an unlimited period, but merely to indicate to the committee whether they, can devote a week.'or two weeks or certain days during a number bf 'weeks to the work. This information is necessary before the committee can organize the volunteers' into. teams in order to handle them in systematic manner. .The men of the city are urged, a« a..patriotic, duty, to. turn out at thfc meeting -tonight, in .order that a sufficient number may b'« enlisted to insure the success of the': campaign. A number, have already Indicated their ; wilHngness-. .and have, pledged a defiriite.number.of..days they will de- the worlc,.but more are needed Considerable interest has been aroused of the city in this movement' and indications are that there will be a. good attendance at the meeting tonight. The official'board of' the Christian," whose- monthly, meeting, is, scheduled at 8 o'clock, Monday'evening,-will meet at .7.30 in order to conclude.its business in time for the members 'to. meet with the labor committee. t Sehejpps aad two other men who I An ij G-uidas Hunker Wjlliam K were with him when the police visi' Bailing Alverton Orton Morrow ed. Schepps jewelry shop in Plx i I S-ottdale 'J O Carlisle Scottdale Avenue were 'taken-into custody a few ^ours after-.the..snooting. The circumstances in the case recall sharply those connected with Ule 'murder . of Herman Bosenthal :witness . In' .the · 'summer of as-3' KENDALL CANDIDATE *.-? -^^-- ^^-- Mejersdmle 3[an 0»t 'or Congress in Dtatrict a. A Kendall of'iteyersdale is re ported as having ·annomtced that he will be a candldate*for-'th 'lepublJcan nomination for Congress in the fwcii ty-third district comprlaiae Fayette, Greene and Somerset counties Mr, Kendall served two tcrmsfin lie legis- ture from Somerset county; retiring two years ago 3J Other candidates montiosed are J lawry of Somers«t"'and Charles L. Enowden of BrownsviUii? - ? STOLEN DYAIFTE FOUND Stolen Fn» X C««l dynamite ^UfOOjfeet o£ e am)' many cajfl were, 4tolen last vreek from the m««»iine'o£ tbe lang CoaZ Sand Company^ on 'the Vest Side which, was later found} oy Dom inick Eottcnran, a'\yniii8r Yr: bojr In the brush along the^Ko of tie. Pennsylvania . boy» Jirtbe -police proved tier did nottake]tbe|zp!oatve. LIBRARY ROBBH) i» Cha»ge to Swncd by Who BaaMck Bnildlag. , Free itbrarr Vae IS last n^itrby, rob- raasacked throligh" the Son»;Conlsder»te»t had Tnd. bfm tratud wm.jiecured btit later on thia mornint 'wan found, the. robbers ,eva«ntly dl»coterin» that It wan na food for n»« now" ' ' Paul K Fretts Scottdalo Correll J P.bole, Ruffsdale;..Blam,.'R.".'Hernley, 3cottdale Istac McLoughlia^. Scott dale;. Major.D.-.Holby,,Scottdale;' John W Lebo Mount Pleasant Francis B Cochran, iScbttdale; CharlesiShebeck;, Tarrs Monroe M Kellj, Alverton Thomas Vali Alverton i Percy Pinchj States District Court of Easter ' ' Scottdale;.' Stanley Euze'fc, ...Bverson; . .. Louis V Auer Connellsville x Lloyd, ,liam H Bern ot Philadelphia and l-iouis v jiu«r uunjieiiavjue -^ Juiuyu- Myers ScottdSie James Lint'Alver- ton Vincent Greigorsld Mfunt Pleas-ant: Steve ^T.'Yousko, Mount pleasant, Elmer "W L Schurg ScottdaljB Pran* Saforic, Tarrs; HaymoBil BJMprrison; Scottdale Ralph I Hubbs Scottdale and Glenn J Hiison Scottdale JJnited States District Attorney L Lowry Humes o£ Pittaburg and FOREST HRK RAP Hmndrrds of Acres Burned ffifr in Tidalty of BreaknecluV Forest fires are bvunung In, several places near Connellsville Yesterday their sweep was unusually vfijte In the neighborhood of, Rich Hill hundreds fit ported to hay* been iurned whoie Polecat lollbw was aflame It was reported a been burned, near Unfli Hill Almost the whole^Herd. nil south of the city was afire 71 Not much damage j*«ilteo the Umber ITad beeni cut- ofti v , . _ . . names serve^jto clear nway th^orasb. piles and tree tope Scores ^of persons out for'walks visited th.icene L 1 Probably ra^n topjtht cool day is the noo,n weather foce Western Temperature JEecort* · 1918 1917 "Vtamnum. _ t2 ft7g Minimum. - * 59 Mean __ 58 £9 The Tough river rose during thf- niglit from 1 60 feet to 1 6i feet OUTOFTHEFIGHF Painter, 3fcC,»rniick and IVilson leave Cleat XiacK lor Gnffiey. Advices from "SVashington, .presumably^ from, inspired sources, state that .three .Pennsylvania" .Democratic federal, .officials, Secretary ..of-Labor William B. .WHsohl.'..;Vance '_McConnick, chairman .ot the ; 'OA'ar Trade' Board, and A. Mitchell. Palmer, - alien lirop-. erty custodian, have autflortzed ^.the announcement that in. no--[circumstances would they permit tneir names- to oe entered in'-the.-Peflsyl- .vania jfrimaries. as 7 candidate lor/the Democratic nomination Cor governor. This'..declaration is . said to "be · for the 'purpose; of,. clearing the . way for" the candidacy of Joseph F Guffey of i?ittsburg, although, there .'are' three tfther. candidates ;in-. the... persons ^. of Judge 0 B Dickinson of. the Lmted sylvama Collector of the Port A FfflNCH HERO To Deliver a War'Address iii Connells- vdle on April 12 Captain. Paul Perricord who was detorated *UL times for bravery on the western, front, has been'-lpaned :byVthe French government to the Pennsyl vanla Committee of PUblic Safety for $v two weeks speak us toui ^jHe will be ia Connellsville on the afternoon of JYlday tpril 12 It haj not been deftnltoly decided but his ad flrees will "v ery probably be giv^n' in. B bigh.schol audltoriuna.;. -Altpi-ntey; S: Matthews, locai : .-chairman';"e I have charge ot bureau arrangements. J OPEN70 MIDNIGHT Income Tai Hcturres JTB'.t Be Tiled |ct JToda] to scape Penalty This is the last day on which to filo income tax returns The office "in. the [era! building will be open until :ght REVOLVER WHICH ClAMD BHRKEY'S LIFE REFUSES TO WORK; JURORS TRY IT FURLOUGHS AND LEAVES OF ABSENCE FROM THE ARK CAHPS REVOKED Preparatory ;to Greater Movement of Troops Abroad; Pennsylvania Or- "· sanitations to Depart Early. Greater activity-in the .movement of troops overseas bavin's ..teen decided upon, orders have 'been issued revok ing" all furloughs and leaves of absence: o£ every jnan in every canto a- mentand training camp-in.the United Slates. *No more furloughs or leaves o£..ab- sence are to be granted, save in extraordinary cases, Tor an indefinite per : lod...': .Troops' are now being massed at certain Atlantic ports, of embarkation. Official-.authority has been' given for too'.statement :tnat one of the troop movements involves more than 250.000 men, . T h e · railway service has been arranged on a schedule involving more than:.7SO trains.. The .troop movement will go forward under a carefully prepared priority list. The Pennsylvania National Guard division, which has been in training at Camp Hancock since early last September, will be one of the organizations that will make early departure, infantrymen at Unusual Situation is Precipitated in Winiiup of Murder Trial M'KEAN BEGINS ARGUMENT Counsel For Defense itrXindley Case Still TaUons at 2.30 O'cJock. VEKDICT TODAT EXPECTEB Suniming vp {or CommonncalOi Starts Sarljr in Afternoou and Case Wilt Probably Be Given to Jnry lite : in Day, Perhaps \ot Before Hight. The close of tlie trial.-of Frank. M. Undley for the murder of Frank" A; Burkey. hero the night ot. December- IB, last, will/likely be reached today: This morning at-9 o'clock Attorney,) W. C. McKean, in'his characteristic 1 manner, began the summing-.up tor ·the defense. He was still talking at 2,30 aad it was expected he would not conclude until 3 o'clock. dramatic situation was presented- t lai ins ^ -- _^ m-iiujttuu bii.uauou was presented- Camp Hancock are being supplied] ear i y in m 8 argumen t when McKean with new rifles and the various trams p, e ked up the reiohei found by the with naw motor equ pment is taken to \ aide of ^ e dead ^A) of Burkcy in the indicate thai the Keystone Division will soon be qii its way to the battlefront. Since the Kindenburg - drive was started the men have become increasingly! eager to get into the fight. The* National Army division at Camp Lee will he another .organization, that - *" Second National Bank building-.Connellsville. He .tried to snap. weapon but it .did .not respond. the: Ho 1 made- several attempts, to discharge it without success and theirhanded it to the members o£_the jury They* were ^un^ble^ ^p j^r/the moaasafsrl t^* 1 * ·It Is .stated-that with the eieeptJonl- Following:,the address ot Mr.. Mc- of the necessary number .of troops'to be held in reserve for training and replacement purposes, all that are now in training will .either be in Prance or enroute by August 1 next. __ of movement to embarkation points j Kean Senator.. W. E. Crow was to (begin the argument, for'the common? are pgnnitted to bo announced. Under War Department orders there will be no - communication with tbe soldiers from the time they start from the training .camp until arrival Over There. wealth. What length of .time J-dgc J." ft. No details | van S.vearingen will emunime in .(be charge to the jury wair a .matter-tor. COKE SHORTAGE BLAMED speculation. It was believed this afternoon that the case. wil.1.not.'get to the jury before late,tonight- INVENTS AEROPLANE tTt rica^ant Jfan, Onhr/ttlng- Cermans Offers His Slaclilnc to-tl.-'S. Outwitting German, government 'officers \\ho tried to force him to give up h s Plans of an aeroplane which tiey constdered valuable for -war purposes For Onlay in Completion'ptSIiips Boring Month "of March. WASHINGTON";. April ·!.--The shipping board exceeded its launching i Alfred Kramer 24 -rears old " came to piogram in March by 12000 tons but this country six years ago, located In. fell behind its schedule of coupleted Mt Pleasant Westmoreland count} ships owing to difficulty in obtaining, was granted a patent pn, hie invention heav steel pUte a few days ago and now has ottered it. Shortage of-steel plates recently has been felt at several yards,'^iptaoly Hog Island. The difficulty was. said ' to have arisen because, cokin'g. coal, mined in the CohneUsville . region 'of Pennsylvania,-has beeii used for-, ordinary. :fuel-and.^feel'.niiJls have'suffer- er for want ot-.coke. PRYCE FOR ASSEMBLY --·------~-- ^ ·Member of ConneHsville'jCoancil Cnri- didute ln.:Second Bistiict, That M.-B.'^ryce, memberrvOf. city council and director of ,tbe..dopartment o£ public safetj \i ill "be a condiflate for.- tbe RepuJjlican nonunatjori- for assembly in the Second Fayctte county district, was .the, report in:pplitical circles-today. "While; it: toa stated '.ilri; Pryce- had not fully made up hi mind it was in to the United btatcs go\ eminent to ·flght. tlie.kaisof. Several weeks ago Kremcr Washington with_the plant ot tAe aeroplane presented thenx^t the Hn-^ Ited States patent office and was granted a patent on lus machine.,,-.He tben offered his aeroplane to the ^v The aeroplane is equipped with ad- * justable -wings designed on iio prV olpal of a bird s wings This arrangL- ment serves ai a practicable stabilizer REVIVAL CLOSES JL. P Congregation Gnes Frangclist EvangeliBf I A ^Bennett of Balti- mo e closed a successful revival Sun ' day in the- Methodist Protestant churcli Tbe final day -e dicaed tbat he will m all probability afc , loas ma kiB S a total of 35 be m line when the race starts HUNDREDS COMING Jfo Firomea's Contention to bt lield iji^ConncUsTiUc Saturday. According to : . acceptances .and · in- 'quiries- beinffu received by .Kire-Qhic! "W. . E.^DeBolt and . Councilman - M.'. ! B.' ;:Pr.yce' between" .400 and 500 firemen '·will --be Uere Saturday, :evEsmng repre- ^ntittK-^tlie,. Western .Pennsylvania jpj.remen'5 ; AssociaUon at, tbe -meeting r^alfed t or · tlie- purpqse .ot foitniiig a fire . prevention, .prganizatibii. .The' convention will; be held. in tbe jtv,o weeks The congregation .fg Re\ Bennett $200 as a freftj-will or ormg aside from his expanseyof 470*3 'i eslerdav morning the pastor Hey J H Larabertson baptized two per- onS and receiv ed four into the churcb Slavish . : tie. West Side. Kephart t-o. :; -Bo Coxnmittccman, State Treasurer H. M. Kephart aas -filed 4iis papers. as .a candidate for Re- P ul3llcaQ falate 3000 persons bare filed r « . e t t e county Boost baimg Stamp Sales To stimulate fie sale of. War Bav- mg8 Stamps and to keep them before, the nubile, the West Eenn Power **". stamping on eve,rv letter :j that leaves the office 'the; in heavy type Haie a War Savings Stamp* electric, light "bills gomg, out month") are belng,stanjpcd You' All trom He has been confined to his home for several weeks "with rlieumaUsm and is now able to move .a'boiit, only by. the use of a wheeled chair: 1 Antoists Complain. Complaint is made that the JBell Bockei company in lesuming "ftork on the Coaibrook icid has neglected to "placcl signs warning that the road is cjosed; and that lutolsts do not dis- opver the jthe-Bceno ttey are right on TO ARREST FjffiffiS *" Ha)or Onggan Asks Cbvperalion a) - titUuib m Catcliing Imposters *· Mi} or John Duggan toji' mornjng * said that in breaking up A« "practice of takirs circulating thtragh the^oiKfe falsely representing thi-niselyes,. he*" R ished tie cooperation' o£ trie'pitizeiisfe' The mavor asked thafp^icij head,quarters be immediatelv ijotlSipd "npon · the discovery of one Qt,^(^e persons and that if appreaended^ severe tiun. isljnient would be metftt oat ' Sew Icaditr o» ]Jaty. r Aiiss Ruta ^'olantt df'CHl City tts newly elected assSsjMpr Jnstnjctor In domestic sUence InAjiejhldf scSooS arn/ed In ie city^starW »Sof%n,- tered upon "her Mashed. . John A. Lehman of Katfors had, th« forconger ol his right hand b mashed bv a lieayy form? ho at the brick plant at ttOtSit "W ednofidav ^ * -*PJ

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