The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 11
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Vi '-' MONDAY. AUOUST .4, 1064 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL T J j ' y The Sportspiel By EDDIE MacCABE Ukt Topay, Canadian football has "Just trowed,' w wonoer, oetim, now much it ni growoa. Bob McCarthy, a rangy 17-year-old from th Ottawa Sooner, almost mad the Rough Rider this year. Yeaterday at Brantwood Park, he waa back where He played Uat season, t quarterback for the Junior. Here U a good football player. He played defence for the Rider and did an excellent job in the aquad game of covering Whit Tucker. Glen Dobbs, when he came through from Tutaa University, wa intereated In him,1 but be didn t think he'd be available. So how far away doe pro "WalL aerioualv." ha maid. around ntUM think too much f "It's not that far away. I wa really surprised. Skippy Corrigan feel the ame way. and Len Chandler told u the earn thing. If not that far away, not aiuch a mot of th boys think. ..s . . " " THEY'RE BETTER . . . BUT ,' "I don't think, meet of the boy realize that "Sura, they play better- football . . they're marter all around. Tbsre Jutt better. - And I dont want to hurt anybody's feeling or have Oil aouad the wrong way. but they're not a much better a moat people eem to think." Nor did he think the hitting wa that much tougher. X wa hurt only once." he.recalled. "and that wa. in Wlnnipei. Rauhaua really hit me, and I felt that one. Other JhW uSi. thoTl didn't And the hittint aU thai much tougher. ' ' ., f t "I wa really urprUed." ' m . , : I This la not a kid with any bitterness about not th Rider. He' not a prima, dohna and fie'i not full -or himself. ThU wa hi alncere apprataai. . ; . . TtHu Fall he', going back to achool. and when thoje dholanhip deal are In the wind kgam nertJune. bed like toi climb aboard. Frank Clair feel he is "two or three year" away. He haa the aire, the ability and Uih attitude. ,He needa only "!fi?gets the mark at achool this Fall, he ll be on one c those scholarship deal next yeetv , 5 '. ; ' HAS TO BE A BRIDQE Thia the bridge from Junior football to the pro. 1 la the West, the juior. mtermediata and uaed t feed the proa, but thoaaay re sliding, unceremoni- V The Blue Bomber, fir example, have a dozen graduate of their "farm" on the foster . . . but only on races grad. They have Ray Ahl from the St. Vitidldogs; Jack BOizell from the Winnipeg Rods; Noel Dunfprd '" ieJnes Ram, a willed aenior dub; Roger Hamelm. from Weston Wildcats; Henry Janzen from Weaton; Ron flanker from the SL James Roda. the new aie w in. ? BufoW Cooper U a recent grad. He madejt this awon "fSany of BombeV Amu, fed the well la going dry . i. that the Jump la Bow too big from the, 7"' Bud Grant doeant agree, but he doesn't disagree, either. and football seem- to hun? "I think moat of the boyi about Dra football. Records NATIONAL LEAGUE . , SUNDAY? RESULTS New York 2. Chicago 1, f New York S. Chicago 4. ' Philadelphia 0. Pittsburgh 3. Los Angeles 1. Cincinnati 0. San Francisco 3. SL Louis 2. Houston 7. Milwaukee I. SATURDAY'S RESULTS Chicago J. New York 2. Pittaburth 9. Philadelphia 4. San Francisco 4. St. Louis 2. ' Houston 8, Milwaukee 4. Ctncinnati 2, Loa. Angeles 1. Standing ' ' W L PcL GB Philadelphia . 76 47 .618 Cincinnati .. 6B 55 .556 7V4 San rranciaco 69 53 .556 ' 7ft Sl Louis ... 65 58 J28 II Pittsburgh .. 64 60 Jl 124 Milwaukee 62 60 .508 13V4 Los Angeles . 60 62 .492 UVi Chicago 57 67 .460 19ft Houston . 54 71 .432 23 New York ... 42 83 J36 35 NEW YORK (UPI-Chica- go Bears coach George Halas holds the NFL record for the longest ran after a ' recovered fumble ha ran 98 yards 1or a touchdown . against. the. Thorpe Indiana . on Nov. 4, lint ' - Ht ssys Its a cyde , v tltst the piayer. wm . 1 . -but there haa to. be. a tveed,?.'' , I It ttkee an exceptional boy to Jump, from Junior to pro. It the old daya it wa commonplace; and ball player came td the Rider right from high achool every year. , . Football now j more specialized, though, It's mora of an exact science. But the blocking and tackling, andthe-fundaraenula remain the aame. 4 NEW DEAL FART OF ANSWER ' ! iThia Interlocking .Junior league could be part of (he' answer. The kid attack their Joba with fuQ-throated vigor. With competition now on a regular bai against Montreal teau,-lt might serve to eliminate the stage-fright which young athletea encounter on rare contests against out-of-town people ... and that applies In any game. , "' Perhaps the jump to the proa is a little, longer than Bob McCarthy realizes, but then again, it's probably, like he says, not aa long a moat of the Juniors seam to think. - . Because it's respectable football, and there were a number of young ball player at Brantwood yesterday with good moves. There's no great point to mil this, except to plug the Juniors. And off the easy manner and general comportment of Bob McCarthy at the Rider work, w had the feeling be wasn't exactly awe-etruck.. , ' Which la goo,.. . good for th Junior ... and good for, th pro If they continue to work "the mines. '."" . " The Riders have about IS young men in American schools now. and another rookie camp coming tip eext ; June which will be visited by scouts from a number of VS. schools. So the jeniorioothaU int a blind alley any more. ; There great, big; lighted "out" for many of the kids who practise aWryday aadlay Sunday afternoons Jurt because toay hksr te play footbalL.' -C - . ' Ifs only recreation for them at this stage. But Use good program and ttl be better, whew' they iron out tame wrinkles. "' Young players like McCarthy and Corrigan. and Robinson and Dever and a few more who played at Brantwood yesterday, now have something to play f or . . . some place to go. Baseball AMERICAN LEAGUE . SUNDAY? RESULTS . Baltimore 7. Chicago 3. . Chicago 1, Baltimore I. Minnesota 8, Detroit S. Detroit 5, Minnesota 2., Cleveland C Los Angeles JJevaUfld 3, Los Angel 2. -Kansas City 8, Washington . ;WaWngtoo . Kansas City ; Jew York 4, Boston 3. .3 '" u J SATURDAY'S GAMES 'J- ' -Baltimore 4, ChicaiO J. ;firmesoU at Detrohv-oost- pened, rain. - ; Cleveland t. Los Angeles 0. - Cleveland 5, Los Angeles 1-' fKansa City , Washington X, , Boston 8. New York 3. , t ifitm York B, Boston t, St , StaadMgs "-.. j - . ; 3 . ' W L' PcL GB Baltimore.... 77 4 .616 - Chicago ... 7 SO .603 1 V4 New York... 71 83 J77 3 Datratt ...... M 63 .908 13U Minnesota .. 2 2 00 14tf us Angeies .hh 10 riMdmi .-an M .t itu Boston .- 58 68 .460 lH Washington . so a xoyj city n- ju j (-.!. l uowrun (1001. HtuS'dH. r.r: nowars itu; ems. Tnomss (ISl. I. ., . New York . soo SSo 100 Is Boston . 000 OOO 0000 0 StotUemyre sod Blanebard: La- mabs, Ritchie (4). Chsrton 17 1. Susiuwlck id and Nixon, W atotllemyre . is-oi. L Lama he (S-IOl. HRR NY: Mantle (Ml. Mans (SOi, Blanchard (Si. , NATIONAL LSAOUS .-..UNDAT OAMSS pitubursii too ooo too a a i Philadelphia oojljow-i is t utttban. Lew (Sl. aiak U). rat (71. Oelnar (Sl end Mcrarlane; Bun. nln. Booear (Sl sad Triandos. tal- rymele lai. WP unalna (14-41 LP Clhhoe, (-i, HRe Ckrmenla laibl. Allen S Ittnd and sardl, TDanooa lautl, Clendenon (TUil. Cincinnati .. 00000 000 S Los Aneeles - 001 OOOOOx I S O'Toole. Talkmrla (7) and Pav. letloh; Orteis l-l and BoesboroJ U-TOois l-4l. .. . . JournMi White Sox Split With Orioles To Stay Within Reach of Top ..- v-' -j--,! f ..j. -. .'. i ' I ' -i: tZlJW am.! ' i-' v - - r " 4 ' Manager Yogi Bern, hug's Mickey Mantle in the dressing room at Fenway Park Sunday after the Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox 4 to 3. Thewitch-hitt?ns Mantle, belted a two-run homer off Earl Wilson in the third inning. It was Mantle's 27th of the season and second in as ma ny games. ' ' (AP-Journa! Wlrphotl Rough Riders Not Toronto Two less than Inspiring performances by Toronto Argonaut haven't created anything' resembling an overconfident "mood In to Ottawa Rough Rider camp. "It's too soon, for anyone to forget about that first game in Toronto," coach Frank Clair said Sunday and to make sure there is no for-getfulnesa Clair will have his geuuincsa ur wui nave ni d;a .i: k.r ,i. In .n.r. for th. Toronto r -- ' T" . -T- invasion September I. - To sharpen th memories of that opening Oftawa loss in Toronto there will be the Alms. rt v ?- . r : And there will be hard work this week to get ready. "Wa want to win this on and well have to get a good effort from everyone to do it." Clair caid. SOUND DEFENSIVELY ' "Argonaut haven't shown much offence but they've been sound defensively and they did beat us the first time out." ! - - I AMCBICAN IBAfeUB (V'NBAV SAMS alUmer . en S4e 100 t IS ' . a-ie to eoi a s Bunker US-Si and Lao. Brown rr; H.rtort. rtshf" 141 Talbot rst. WIIMIm (Si and Martin. LH TUhOT- 14-41. BalUmoM . IM Son OOOl T 1 Chicago ., 00 00 SOa S T Barber, Vineyard IT). McNalty (Ti and Brown: .peters (14-tl and eicNeMney. Mania S. LP Bar ber (S-l. . . ' - . IHiaeU 0S 100 4I T DetreH . eo eoo ( t Paacual. Perry (Sl. Plels rh WorUilnaloa (SI Lolled, oiaddin (Si, Poa (II and hnf WP Warthliurlan 14-S). LP Oladdln IS-SI. Hfl Lmpe (4lhi, HcAulUre (Slat). Mlneber IISUi). - - Minimote . ent en eoo t S s DrtltHI . . Sl O0 Ola S S Grant, Arrten 17). Plels (SI and Bailey; Aaulrre (3-7l end Prea-hin. LP Grant (10-ISI.. ttHS Brown OSthl. Preehaa S i llSlh and lSthl. VeraalXe (ISUil, De- mater 117th)., , Loe Angta SM SSS 0004 S t Cleveland ,. Saa s 04 II 1 Mawwian. Lalman (SI. Dvllba (). B. La (Sl and Bodgon; TlaaM (7-1 1 and Aere. LP Newman IIO-7). MBS Oraen (tail, rra. ml listhi. Loa Anselas II 00 one Cleveland - On eo oa S Oalnakl. Brunei 17) and Bodfera; Krallck (10-41 and Romano. LP Oalnakl (S-SI. HR Torres (loin) Kanaaa Clljf 100 DM 000 S 0 Waahlnaton '000 001 0001 S SeauL Wvalt IS) and Bryan Danlela. sudnk Si. Kiln (Sl and Brumley. WP aaul (t-lll LP Dameta (-10t. HR Bryan (lllh). Kanaaa City 000 Sl I So S 1 S WeanlncSaa 01 SO 11 - 1 aanuaao. Bowaflald (41. Senders 14), Drebowaky (SI. Wyall 171 and Bdwarde; Krwtetr, i Hannan (i. Kllae m and BmmJer. Kreutaer -. LP aanHaao io-Si. fm Cdwarda MUli, Klrk- land lSthl. New York.. OAS 01 I no 4 S . Boaloa 00 000 SOI S 10 1 0 Bouton 14-11) . and Howard; WUaoa.. Sadat. S1 anoV TlUnaa. Major The Ottawa Lightly ' HAPPY YANKEES Arqos Riders , will have some . "changes and the ' changes figure to make Riders a stronger club than they were in the opener. ' Chuck ; Killet will move Into the left half spot and Clair ' ha been impressed with him in drill. Killet, a late cut from the New York " Giants, has the size and speed Riders are looking for j .... ... 'in thai position. He' picking up the offence very well and he should help us." Clair said. - Kaye Vaughan will also be . making, bis first start of the season and while he won't see too much action he'll be ; available when needed, j.,, OPERATE ON CURETON HAMILTON P Hsrdi-man Cureton. offensive guard " and linebacker with Hamilton Tiger -Cats of the Eastern Football Conference, underwent surgery here Saturday night' to repair ligament damage to his right knee. League Linescqres LP (ll-IOi. MHS M itrthl. Tillman (turn I I SATURDAT OAMK Loe . Anaolaa. 000 On 000 a . a . a Cleveland . 000 100 Ota 1 S Si D. Chance. B. Lee iSl and Rod. fere; Slebert and Aarue. W Sle- (4-SI. L Chance 1 14-01. Los Ans-elas 000 000 100 I 4 I Cleveland . 010 I0S Orx S a D. Lee. Latman (Si, Dullba (71 id a trie no: Donovan and llo mano. W Donovan (7-7i. L IX Lee (5-41. - HR Cle: Wagner (SSk Kansas CRy 000 I0S 000 10 wsaiunion ooo soo ooo J a Pone, Block II) and Edwarda; 14 arum. Hannarf'rBl. Korb (I), I ten house ( and Brumley. W- Pena (It-Hi L Narum i-lot. HUB KC: Caueey (Sl. (awards (Si; Waabr Klrkland l.M. Baltimore : 010 one OoS 4 Chicago . . no 000 0001 Berlins. Hall (ll, Miller (St, ttaddlx ISl and Lau. Brown i Morten aw MrNertney. W Miller (S-SI . Harkln (O-Sl- HB-. Ball B. RoMnaon (SS); Chi: Han. sen (IS) i New York t one a,) ono 1 . ( Boston-- .1 ooi loo SI I t Oownbaj, I Mlkkelaen (Si and Rowsrd: Monbouquette, Radat IB) and Tillman. W Reflets Taking tie is not expected to re turn to action this season. Cureton, who played with i v" 1 Toronto Argonauts; rOttwa t. Rough Riders and Hamilton (ince coming to Canada from UCLA.' was granted Canadian citizenship . two year ago. .' The Tl-Cats also released former Cleveland Brown linebacker Sam Tidmore. He baa;1 . been . picked - up" . by Hamilton1 after being 're-1 leased by the Buffalo Bills.-His release" left :6!. tl-Clt'. one abort of the 15-man im- jwv- quota.U -. .nr(,? "Where do1 you ' gef 'a Canadian to replace Cure-ton?" Hamiljon coach Ralph ' Sazio asked-The year they make) you cut down so fast is the year every team gets . injuries." , The Canadian Football League has ruled each team must, cut its roster to 33 plsyers. SI. Loala . 000 100 010 T . t S Pranrlacn 100 000 000 I S ' Sadorkl. Taylor IS).' Rlehardaon !. SchulU ll and McCervor; Perry. Herbel 141. Shaw (Sl. O Dell I ini and CrandaU. Ha Her ll. WP O'Dell t-l. LP BchulU (-). HR Brock l7ttl). Milwaukee . poponoont I I H J?" ??,?4x-,, J -KhilTril tlEtSZZSJZ 1 ?.T.. BoI?l.lh,Tr 1 Chlca(o . ooooo 10 U. . ' New York . 00100001 S S s Buhl. Ctrcyory (lot and Bertell. I rVsmoviky 7): Clace, Bearnarth, Wakenetd IIOi, Hunter (IOi and cannisiaro, CJonoer tioi. Wf Hunter ll-ll. LP Buhl (IS-IOl. Chcao .i. 4MO0O0SI 4 S New York 000 101 101 S IS (llaworlh. (Irion (71 and Bchaf ref: RlbanL Beamarth I7l. Jack. , eon (Sl, Hunter li and Cannltaaro. oonder (i. WP Hunter (1-1 1. LP Klaton (S-i. HR Altman lathi. Williams S7th), Gsbrlelson ISrd). Klaus (lit). . t S ATUROAY OAMES Plllaburch .- 1010100 FTIIUMtelpAlS 1 1 OOO SOO 4 1 . Berk. McBesn (7) and Merer-Ian. Burtreas 47 : Bennett. Rorbock ill. Calp i4i, Baiderhun 17). SnanU (SI sod Trtsndoa. WP 1411. LP Bennett l.ll. HR Alloa IS-IOl. y i i Anrjels Disqualify .6oBlin$ky..":r;!;!;.iV; LOS ANGELES (A- Bo Belinsky "wa placed'on the disqualified list ! Saturday, by La Angeles Angola tor failing to report as directed to the Angels' Pacific Coast League, tarm tlub.t Hawaii (Ol By placing him oh the .dis-qualifitd list th Angels don't have to list him on the roster. Belinskv -was carried this fy from May 30 to July i last year when ha (ailed report to th asm tesm. 1 i , By CURT BLOCK . i UPt Sports Writer ' A) Lopez keeps iruwMmg his White Sox can do it. and if they do it'll be with'ihe same formula they used Ave, years ago pitching, speed and defence but hardly any power. Chicago slapped, punched and sliced 13 hits, in yesterday's doubleheader with Baltimore. Eleven were singles and the other ' two doubles but they still wound with a split and saved themselves from a humiliating four-'game Sweep by the Birds to stay within reach of the top. 1 ' games back. CALLS ON PETERS Lopez called on southpaw Gary Peters. 1963 rookie-of-the-year. to apply the brakes to the White Sox skid and , extract a pesky thorn from the manager's side. Causing ' Lopez discomfort was third baseman Brooks Robinson : The series opened Friday with the Sox leading the Orioles by a half game. Rob-by drove Jn the winning runs both Friday and Saturday and had three hits and two RBIs in the first game yesterday, which Baltimore won 7-3. His first inning run producing single in the nightcap had Lopez groping for aspirin but Peters took charge after Fans Give Harmonica Concert , BOSTON iM) r- Vankee Vianager ' f ogt Berra says' ine inciurm m wimp rnu Linz was fined .8200 for playing a hai tlt,n larLotlea, harmonica . has orgott -ir-' t- t Today's Pitchers By United Press International . NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh at -St. Louis (night) Friend (1013) vs. Gib-f son (10-10). ,. . . J Chicago at Houstori (night) L. Burdelte (9-10 vs. Briicei (11-7). San Francisco at Los Angeles (night) Perry (8-9) vs. Moellei (7-12).- Philadelphia at Milwaukee' (night) Mahaffey (11-6) ys.i Sadowski (7-8). j (Only games scheduled;) AMERICAN LEAGUE Minnesota at Chicago (night) Katt (13-6) ' vs. Quzhardt (10-6). (Only game scheduled.) Ollraso . 001KI0 3 V 0 New York ' 00 000 101 1 I . Jarkaon. MrOeturl (Si ana Srhaf - rr; Kroll. Locbe T(. Wekrneld il and Cannltaaro Wf Jarkaon (1S- lot. LP KroU (0-1 1. Bt. Loua tooonoolO I S I a Pranelaco Oil 000 00k 4 S fl j,,, ,,,, Humphrey i7i and McCarver: Bolln and Keller. "-"woke . no,roltoo4 11 1 - SOO 040 10X-& It . Lernaeter. Ollvo (. Lary ill and Torre: Brown. Owena I7i and Orote. WP 4aas(7-7i. LP Oliso is-ll. . , Cincinnati sis noo soo soe 901 I n Ms .... . 000 000 001 000 0001 s Jay. Kllla 111) and (dwarda. Pav. trllch ll.1i: Dryadale. Perranotkl R. Miller (III, Reed 14) and Roaeboro Camllli II (IOi. WP Illil SS-JM- s.FHrur that and went all the way. behind seven singles, for hn . I4ih victory against seven setbacks when his teammates managed three runs off loser) Steve Barber in the seventh . for a 3-1 triumph. I In the opener.- ISear-old Wally Bunker (13-3) allowed only six hits, coasting in after Baltimore score4 twice in the fourth and four times in the fifth. Singles by Chicago's Robinson, Floyd. Bill Skowron. and former Orioles, Ron Hansen and Dave Nicholson and a throwing error by Sam Bow ens gave Chicago its second game runs. YANKS NIP BOSTON In other. American Leagued games. New York nipped' Boston 4-3. Cleveland downed Los Angeles 6-4 and 3-2. Detroit defeated Minnesota 5-2 after dropping the first half of a twinhill 6-5, and Kansas City beat Washington 3-1 and then lost S-5 In the National League. Philadelphia registered a 9-3 triumph over Pittsburgh, Los Angeles tripped Cincinnati 1- 0. San Francisco edged St. Louis 3-2. New York took two close ones from Chicago 2- 1 and 5-4. and Milwaukee dropped a 7-1 decision to Houston. Mickey Minlle and Johnny Blanchard drove in all the Berra But Boston fans apparently had no intention of forgetting the matter when hundreds of them showed up tor a Sunday gam with the Yankee carrying their own harmonicas. Theyi tooled early ' and ; often and made a veritable j chorus of it when Berra left 1 the dugout once to confer i with his pitcher. ... ! In addition, the fans din- . played numerous signs on the subject including one j calling Ihe Yankees the ; "phUlurmonlcata", ana" . an- I Other - suggesting that Yogi ' return to Jetlystone Park, . tpe home of comic strip j character Yogi Bear. Oar Fit the . Jmt H. Jarte Ti jt T SSTAtl)40lllll ER. FISHER 1U IIS SPARK . OTTAWA . -. C 'a- eo w saeLwevooe . ..U. aaaanaMMaaMMMM No Mailer bW.Vs'JLV Vhsre LTD. STnitT . CAN AOA rwn , ekMM eaeaM Clothes Scena! . .M "i. Men il J Rshef Jlarei " 1 Yankee runs to help righthander Jim Bouton achieve hn J-i h win in 25 decisions M.mtle helied his 27th homer with a man on in the third and BUnchard's sacrifice flies in the :xth and eighth accounted for the final two tallies off Boston loser Earl Wiivon. PHILS LP LtAD Ihe Phillies upped their lead to 7', games behind lhr slugging of rookie sensation Ruhie Allen. The nghthanded swinging third baseman powered his 22nd and 23rd homers of the yeap and added a single to drive ' . in four runs and lead a 16-hit attack against five Pirate hurlers, Jim Bunning worked seven innings in a 91-degree heal and gained his 14lh victory against onlv four defmts. John Bo,er pitrhfd one-hit hall over the final two inningsi Roberto pemente and Don Clendenon blasted home runs for Pittsburgh and catcher Gus . Triandos -contributed his fifth of the season with one on for the Phils. Lts Angeles righthander Phil Ortega fanned eight and gave up only three hits in his first complete game; since Mav 19. Cincinnati larier ani loser Jim O'Toole yielded the game's only run when Dick Tracewskt singled home Nate Oliver from third Cardinal second baseman Dal Maxvill booted Harvey Kqenn's two-out grounder in Ihe Iflth and allowed Jay Alou to score from third as Barney Schultz, who hasn'l permitted an earned run this year, suffered his second loss without a victory. Lou Brock broke a, string of six straight, strikeouts with an eighth inning homer that sent the game into extra innings. Billy O'Dell got the win and evened his record at 6-6. Veteran Don Larsen pitch ed his first complete gam in five years a the Colts completed their season series with Milwaukee, winning 12 and losing six Larsen scattered five hits and was aided by homer from Bob Asprdmonte (12) and Walt Bond (19). Warren Spahn absorbed his 12th setback against six victories. You Go... ,(" arm. ) . . ,r . . ' f.IJ-Z f.l.i.V. a- 5 , f 11 ? . i'iiil ii i- . ' i i;f(V.51 . f ' X - f-f. S t V It 1 1

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