Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 2, 1974 · Page 52
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 52

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1974
Page 52
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June 2. 197-1 Sunday Gazette-Mail Charlest'on, West Virginia Cleaning Up the Sports Desk BATTLE "He ought to pick up about 20 pounds if he really wants to make a strong bid for a job with the Boston Celtics." Fairmont coach Joe Retton was saying. Reference, of course, was to Lerman Battle, who had j u s t been honored with a fourth place d r a f t pick by the N a t i o n a l Basketball Assn. champions. Battle. all-West Virginia Conference hero for the past three years, is six-foot-eight inches, which is tall enough for NBA play. But he weighs only about 195! ··That's his only weakness." Retton says of the Toledo. 0.. lad. "I know this and so do all the pro scouts. So. he's just got to get a little weight on him if he expects to stand the physical punishment the pro players deal out." And how m u c h should be weigh? "Well. I'd say he ought to gain at least 20 pounds." said his coach. "And I think he could handle 20 pounds and lose none of his quick ness" . . . * it * An Honor For Fairmont At any rate, Retton feels that it was a pretty big thing for Fairmont to have one of its players recognized so high up in the draft. And so do a lot of others feel that way about it. "Really," Retton added, "I think it speaks well for the West Virginia Conference to have one of our players drafted as high as fourth." Because of his early selection, Battle was hoping he could get a no-cut contract for at least one year. But the Celtics, it is reported, do not give such contracts. -..'What Battle's contract calls for in the way ·of money is not known, either, but he was so ^highly regarded that Red Auerbach wired him ^immediately after the pro draft and asked for ·*him to call him the next day to discuss contract tterms. ;·" So, maybe Battle will join the few other ex- "rWest Virginia college stars to hack it in the big rieagues . . . 1- * * * Regents to Look Again? ; S p e a k i n g of Fairmont reminds that the ·Jioard of Regents is reported to have withdrawn its $1.2 million budget item for Fairmont College's proposed new field house and will consider a higher figure. --One of the biggest jokes of the century had to -Hse the suggestion that a 10.000 seat field house fcould be built for $1.2 million. · "I told them down in Charleston that there jwas no way we could get what we need for that »:kind of money," said athletic director Wilford V'Squib" Wilson. *'. Then at a meeting of the board in Fairmont I-recently, so it is said, the regents decided to 'lake another look at the proposal and will try to -;come up with something a little better. * Indeed, if the regents aren't going to go any '-higher than $1.2 million, the Falcons would be just as well off to play in old Colebank gym, Avhich seats about 1,100 . . . '~. * * * ; Must Serve 60,000 People - It is pointed out by Wilson that the population ^of Marion County alone is something like 60,000 ·rand to build a field house of anything less than Ta 7,500 seater would be wasting money. - Fairmont College, to be sure, has been ^slighted more than any other state school when -it comes to athletic facilities. The Falcons do Inot have a football or baseball field of their ~own and because Colebank gym has long since outlived its usefulness, the Falcon basketball teams have been forced to play at the Armory in Fairmont. "Everything we do any more is off campus, "Wilson said. "We have to lean on the help of outsiders to keep our athletic programs going." And most of the time, the Falcons play second fiddle to the high schools when it gets down to the business of schedule-making.. It's about time something is done to remedy this situation . . . * * * Vennari and WVIAC Unsettled Paul Vennari, nominee for the job as commissioner of the West Virginia Conference, may decide not to accept the post. But there's one thing clear now--he won't be the principal at Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley, either. Ross Hutchens, for years an assistant principal there, has been named principal there, eliminating Vennari's application. But this doesn't mean that Vennari will go through with plans to become WVIAC commissioner. There still are some points to be settled between Paul and the conference presidents. The conference presidents are to meet here this week to either accept or reject him. At the same time they are to settle upon a pension plan for retiring commissioner George Springer. That is, if they don't give Springer employment in some other capacity. The athletic directors want him to be retained in a statistician-public relations post. This would please Vennari. Might even convince him to go along with most of the guidelines set forth in the budget . . . * * * Pirates Go to Bat For Charlies When the Pittsburgh Pirates took the Charleston Charlies' top pitcher, Larry Demery, the other night, they showed their concern for Manager Steve Demeter's gang by hustling up a replacement for the young right bander. "We were on the telephone until midnight before we finally got another pitcher," reported Charlie g. m. Carl Steinfeldt. He said he and Demeter were joined by Pirate farm director Pete Peterson and Howie Haak, special assistant scout, in the telephone "marathon" and finally landed not only a pitcher but a left-han- der, something the Charlies haven't had all season. He is Don Leshnock, a free agent since his release by the Philadelphia Phillies, whom some fans might remember as having pitched for Toledo two years back. He was with Eugene in the Pacific Coast League last year -- a teammate of Charlie catcher, Pete Koegel... * * * 1973 Record Not Impressive The record for the 28-year-old Hurler at Eugene was only 4-7. He had a 4.75 earned run average and completed only one game in 10 starts. But he's a lefty - and that's something special on the Charlies this season. He had made a bid for the Charlies during spring training after the Phillies had released him. But. at the time, it was thought that Brad Gratz. the little lefty from Thetford Mines, would make the grade. So Leshnock was turned away only to have Gratz fail to measure up. He was located last week at a military outpost, doing his summer duty as a reserve. Therefore, his appearance with the Charlies will be delayed until Thursday, after his military is completed. But a left-handed pitcher out there on the Charlie mound? Incredible, incredible indeed Explorer Post No. 5 Captures 'Olympics' ; By Paul Wallace · Explorer Post No. 5 of First : Presbyterian Church of Char- : leston exploded for an easy \ victory in the Explorer Olympics-Saturday at West Virgin'. ia State College. · Post 5 amassed a total of 109 points to more than double the output of second-place finisher Post No. 172 which is sponsored by the Blue Creek Advent Church. Post 172 tallied 45'.points in the activities that were somewhat dampened by t h e r a i n s t h a t o c c u r r e d throughout the Olympics. Post No. 502 of Union Carbide Technical Center took third, while Post 527 of First Presby of N i t r o g r a b b e d fourth and the Vocational Rehabilitation Center won fifth. Terry Bennett, Chuck Mooney and Charlie Loeb led the men's division for Post 5. Leading the way in the girls division for Post 5 were Dana Davis, M a r y Peterson and Norma Brown. Mooney won the discus and shot put and finished second in weightlifting. Bennett won the weightlifting, unlimited class in wrestling, and third in discus and second in the shot. Loeb won the tennis event, took seconds in the 440, 880, and mile. Miss Davis won the long jump and swimming and finished second in the 220 and 440. Miss Peterson took third in the 100, 880, long jump, sec- o n d i n t h e h i g h j u m p a n d checkers. Miss Brown was a winner in the car road-e-o and p l a c e d i n t h e 880, p u b l i c speaking, general knowledge, tennis and ping pong. * * * ALSO WINNING several events were Post 502's Pete McCuskey, who won the 880, mile, cross country and the "141-pdJnd weight class in wrestliK. In the girls, Post 502's Terry Epperly ran away with everything. She won the 100, 220, 440, high j u m p , discus and general knowledge. MEN Running Events 100: C a r t e ( 1 7 2 ) , 2 - W h i t e ( 4 7 ) , 3-Francis (5) 220: Carte (172), 2-White (47), 3-Arthur (527) 440: Moriarty (5), 2-Loeb (5), 3-Carte (172) 880: McCuskey (502), 2-Loeb ( 5 ) , 3-Morris (172) Mile: McCuskey (502), 2-Loeb ( 5 ) , 3-Morris (172) Cross Country: McCuskey (502) Field Events Long jump: Arthur (527), 2-Clarkson (172), 3-Davis (5) High jump: Arthur (527), 2-K. Carte (172), 3-N. Carle (172) Discus: Mooney (5), 2-Lamberl (172), 3-Bennett (5) Shot put: Mooney (5), 2-Bennett (5), 3-Lambert (172) Swimming S. Davis (5), 2-Hotfman ( 5 ) , 3-Nuttall (501) Diving Gruber (5), 2-Hoffman (5), 3-Francis ( 5 ) Public Speaking K. Clarkson (172), 2-Loeb (5), 3-Hawk ( 7 1 ) Wrestling 108: Blackwell (172); 122: Smith (527); 129: Bostic (172); 141: McCuskey (502); 148: Hoffmann ( 5 ) ; 158: Finriey (527); 170: Sigler (266); 188: Alexander (47); Unlimited: Bennett (5) Archery Hambrick (1776), 2-Donohoe (527) General Knowledge Tie, Morris (172), Lucas (501); 2-G. Clarkson (2), 3-K. Clarkson (172) Tennis Loeb ( 5 ) , 2-Haid (506), 3-Miller (527) Weightlifting Heavyweight: Bennelt (5), 2-Mooney ( 5 ) . 3-Li,mbert ( 1 7 2 ) ; Lightweight: White (47), 2-Williams (5), Sigler (266) Car Road-e-0 Gruber ( 5 ) , 2-Haid (506), 3-Taylor ' (1776) Golf Morris ( 172), 2-Cole 072), 3-G. Clarkson and K. Clarkson (172) Checkers G, Clarkson (172). 2-Finncy (527), Arthur (527) Chess B u t c h e r ( 5 0 1 ) , 2 - A g u i l a r ( 5 0 1 ) , 3-Warner (50") Cole, (172) i Table Tennis ), 2-Williams (5), 3-Bostice WOMEN Running Events 100: Epperly ( 5 0 2 ) , 2 - U l l u m ( 5 ) , 3-Peterson (5) 220: Epperly (502), 2-D. Davis 15) 440: Epperly (502), 2-D. Davis (5) 440- Epperly (502), 2-D. Davis (5) 880: Mendleloff ( 5 ) , 2-Brown ( 5 ) , 3-Peterson (5) Cross Country: Henderson (509), 2-Kiser (509) Field Events Long jump: D. Davis (5), 2-Epperly (502), 3-Peterson (5) High jump: Epperly (502), 2-Pelerson (5). 3-Brown (5) Discus: Epperly (502), 2-Silverburg (5), Mendlefoff (5) Shot put: Mendleloff (5), 2-Silverburg (5) Swimming D. Davis (5), 2-Henderson (509), 3-Tie, Mendleloff 15), Ullum (5) Public Speaking Ullum (5), 2-Silverburg (5), Brown (5) Archery Merkley (1776), 2-Tolliver (1776), 3-Mullan (1776) General Knowledge Epperly (502), 2-Tie, Harvey ( 5 ) , Brown (5), 3-Ullum (5) Tennis Epperly (502), 2-Brown (5) Car Road-e-o Brown (5), 2-Harvey (5), Silverburg ( 5 ) Co-ed Volleyball Post 527, 2-Post 172, 3-Post 5 and Post 1776 Checkers Mullins ( 1 7 7 6 ) , 2 - P e t e r s o n ( 5 ) , 3-Tulliver (1776) Table Tennis S. Epperly (502), 2-Brown (5), 3-Kiser (509) Post Scoring Post 5 109 Post 509 7 Post 172 45 Post 506 7 Post 502 32 Post 266 6 Post 527 22 Post 501 3 Post 1776 17 Post 71 1 Post 47 10 K.V.Umps Will Meet , At Stonewall Election of officers is on the agenda at a meeting of the K a n a w h a Valley Umpires' Assn. at 6 p.m. today at Stonewall Jackson High School, Don Stover has announced. It will be followed by a session at 7 p.m. of umpires interested in working the Big League summ^ program, Rowdyism Not Bad So Far By Red Smith The AVti- York Times NEW YORK - Bud Harrelson expected to be booed when he made his first appearance of the year in Cincinnati last Monday, and he was not disappointed. Followers of the Reds had not forgotten how t h i s 150-pound b r u t e h a d sprung upon the 200-pound Pete Rose last October and struck him repeated blows. When Rose goes to bat for the first time in Shea Stadium Monday night, admirers of the Mets will, no doubt, give him a piece of their mind, whether they can afford it or not. For Sparky Anderson's sake, not to mention Rose's, it is hoped they stop there. Sparky gets upset when fans throw whiskey bottles at his leftfielder's s k u l l , as they did a f t e r his fight with Harrelson during t h e p e n n a n t p l a y o f f . T h e Reds' manager never did care much for whiskey. "Animals!" Sparky said of the clients at Shea who took target practice on Rose. Because he is a thoroughly decent fellow, it goes without saying that he also deplored the recent conduct of sportsmen in Cincinnati who emptied their beer cups on Bob Watson of the Astros after he knocked himself out crashing into the wall. On that occasion, however.Sparky's reaction was less emotional. "AH we can do," he was quoted as saying, "is appeal to the fans to stop it." Watson's beer bath was one of several instances of raffish deportment at games this season. Bowie Kuhn is keeping a dossier of these incidents and BUD HARRELSON Expected Boos if he decides that hooliganism in the stands is on the rise, he will speak to somebody about it. This is, of course, the proper stance for the commissioner, but there is no present need for him to get exercised about the situation. * * * POURING BEER on an injured player is contempible, and disgusted neighbors of those who did it turned the creeps over to the Cincinnati police. Drunken slobs who throw bottles or cans at players or umpires should wind up in the sneezer. Those hoodlums in hard yellow hats who made a slum of the Wrigley Field bleachers in Chicago a few summers back were a genuinely cruddy lot. Crockett Third Behind Jamaican BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) Jamaican Don Quarrie upset U.S. sprint stars Steve Williams and Ivory Crockett in a photofinish 100-yard dash Saturday and scored an easy victory in the 220 to steal the show at the Kennedy Games. The 23-year-old University of Southern California student won the 100 in 9.4 seconds and was a 20.7 victor in the 220, an event which Williams and Crockett passed up. Crockett, recently crowned "world's fastest h u m a n , " took his third-place finish gracefully. "I had to come down sometime and it happened to be this meet. I needed to lose," he said. Crockett also said he leaned too early, mistaking a chalk line on the track for the finish line, Quarrie had already edged past him at that point. Maren Seidler of Chacago's Mayor Daley Youth Foundation team provided another highlight of the meet when she broke the American women's shot put record for the third time this season with a toss of 56 feet, 7 inches. It was 5Vfe inches over her one-week-old record. Still, by comparison with fans attracted to other games, patrons of baseball today are downright courtly. Only today the papers carried an item about a riot at a soccer match in Rotterdam where 150 persons were injured, some seriously, and 50 arrested. Seems that when a Dutch team took a 1-0 lead over the Tottenham Hotspurs from England, a mob of Britons about 100 strong started working over the local fans with bottles and clubs. This has become commonplace wherever soccer is popular. The English have had to beef up police forces both at the games and on trains and buses carrying fans. In most countries, construction of a soccer stadium starts with a moat and barbed wire between grandstand and playing field. In Latin lands the headline, "23 Die in Soccer Riot," is the e q u i v a l e n t of "Dog Bites Man." 4-Miler Captured By Sloan Brian Sloan won the over-all trophy in a Kanawha Valley Track Club sponsored 4-mile run S a t u r d a y on Browns Creek Road. Sloan covered the four miles in 20 minutes, 14 seconds. John Welch, followed closely by David Bowman and John Frazier, captured the 2-mild over-all trophy in 10 minutes, 1 second. Woody Sharp led the way in the over 40 category in both events, Paul "Red Bowman" finished first in the 30-40 class in the 2-mile run and Jim Lee collected the 30-40 class in the 2-mile run and Jim Lee collected the 30-40 class trophy in the 4-mile run. COMING UP: June 30 Kanawha valley Track Club sponsored 10-mile run starting at Morris Harvey College; July 6 -- 10,000-meter run (approximately 6V-i miles) in Sti Albans in conjunction with the Town Fair. 1, John Welch (10:01); 2, David Bowman (10:03); 3, John Frazier (10:06); 4, David Kline (10:39); 5, Bill Posey (11:06); 6, Vern Rotlmann (11:14); 7, Woody Sharp (12:04); 8, Richard Harpe (12:20); 9, Bob Fretwell (12:22); tO.Paul "Red" Bowman (13:00); II, John Henderson (13:21); 12, Paul Jahnes (14:44); 13, Dick Henderson (14:53); 14, Bryant Bowman (15:14). Class winners: over-ail-Welch; 30-40 age group -- Paul "Red" Bowman; over 40 -- Sharp. 4-MILE 1, Brian Sloan (20:14); 2, Gene Kraft (22:14); 3, David Bowman (22:15); 4, Bill Posey ( 2 4 : 5 5 ) ; 5, John Frazier (24:55.5); 6. David Kline (24:59); 7, Woody Sharp (25:05); 8, Ray Harmon (25:45); 9, Jim Lee (27:02). Class winners: over-all -- Sloan ; 30-40 age group -- Lee; over 40 -- Sharp. i wark nm» p "BIG FUN NIGHTS" WITH YOUR "CHARLIES" WATT POWELL PARK MEMPHIS BLUES 7:30 PM TUESDAY, JUNE 4: "SENIOR CITIZENS NITE" FANS 60 YRS. OF AGE OLDER PAY JUST $.50! "ADVERTISERS APPRECIATION NITE"--CHARLIES SALUTE ORGANIZATIONS, FIRMS INDIVIDUALS WHO SUPPORT THE CLUB'S ADVERTISING PROGRAMS! *********************************************** WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5; "POUR ON THE IRON .10' DRAFT BEER .. .THRU THE FIRST FIVE INNINGS! "MUSTACHE NITE" BRING YOU AND YOUR MUSTACHE TO THE PARK ... ENTER THE CONTEST ... AND GET "FREE ADMISSION" .... THREE PRIZES! JUDGING IN THE SEVENTH INNING! ****** *********************************** ****** THURSDAY, JUNE 6 " TOPLESS NITE" BRING THAT BALD HEAD TO THE PARK! GET IN FREE WHEN YOU ENTER THE CONTEST! WIN! GET A VALUABLE PRIZE! *********************************************** TOLEDO MUD HENS 7:30 PM FRIDAY. JUNE 7 "CHARLIE CARBIDE NITE" EMPLOYEES, THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS ENJOY A BIG FUN NITE AT THE PARK! FIELD SHOW AT 7:00 PM! SPECIAL CELEBRITIES! JIM MALONE, VICE PRESIDENT OF UNION CARBIDE! BOWIE KUHN, COMMISSIONER OF BASEBALL! MISS WEST VIRGINIA! KANAWHA KLOWNS! *********************************************** SATURDAY, JUNE 8; "DISTRICT THREE LITTLE LEAGUE NITE"!! "SENIOR CITIZEN NITE" MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW! TICKET OFFICE OPEN DAILY WATT POWELL PARK (304) 346-0734 The volatile Latin temperament has been expressed in c o l o r f u l terms a t b o x i n g matches, not only in Rome or Mexico City but also in New- York. There has not been a first-rate dust-up in the new Madison Square Garden but the old hall on Eighth Avenue was the scene of some beauties when The Fancy, disagreeing with a decision, would express their views by uprooting seats and hurling them from the balcony. * * * ON ONE occasion they tore up the organ and threw it. This struck fear into executives of The New York Times, who issued battle helmets to staff members covering a fight with Latin overtones. Along with their iron hats, the Times men wore self-conscious expressions, but their colleagues at ringside approved of the precaution on the ground that intellects are larger on the Times than the Daily News and offer better targets. On most occasions when a fight crowd is less than ruly. t the Times runs an editorial calling for the abolition of boxing because "pugilism brutalizes both the participant and the spectator." This is true. It is also true that college football brutalizes students of the arts, sending them out en masse to slug one another bloody for possession of the goal posts while mounted cops -- if the game happens to be in Philadelphia -- ride a b o u t p o u n d i n g o n y o u n g skulls with nightsticks. TRAINS "HO" or "N" Gauge--Sets and everything to complete your layout--scenery, buildings, people, extra parts. FOUNTAIN HOBBY CENTER Corner W. Wash. St. Bigley Ave. Phone 344-1441 SMOKE ncnflis Truckers. Contractors. Is your Detroit Diesel powered rig trying to tell you something? Like maybe you're wasting fuel and money . . . when both are in 'short supply. If you're getting smoke signals, then it's time for a Ray C.' Call tune-up and set of Clean Tip Injectors. Clean Tip Injectors are standard on many new Detroit Diesel engines. But, we can install them on earlier models. Quickly and economically. In fact, right now Ray C. Call has a special Clean Club offer. To join, all you need do is arrange for a tune-up. And we'll give you a flashy Clean Club jacket. Absolutely free. Inquire about it at Ray C. Call, Inc., Ordanance Center, South Charleston, West Va. CLEAN CLUB FREE JACKET SPECIAL Get this flashy "Clean Club" Jacket absolutely free with a Detroit Diesel Tune-Up. RAVC.CALL.I Ordanance Center South Charleston West Va. * ··£ I

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