The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 24, 1964 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 10

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1964
Page 10
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t - 10 Zell Me Why! LEOKUM i Today, ventriloquists art ca-terU inert, and we m tbcm on TV or performing oa tin stage lor people s amusement. Bui ventriloquism is a very ancient in. and at one time ii wasn't considered a form of amusement at all. There were ventriloquist' in ancient Egypt. And in ancient Greece there were many ven- 'rifoquists of whom the most famous was a man called Eurycles. It is even believed by some authorities that .priests in ancient times knew ventriloquism, and that some of the 'mysteries' of the ancient ' world can be explained by this rot example, there were statues in Egypt that were supposed to speak, there were oraclas in Greece that answered men's questions, and so on, It may be that expert ventrilo-quists were at work to create ' .these wonders. : Ventriloquism Is simply the art of producing the voice in I such a way that it seems' to come from some placa at a distance from the speaker. If the ventriloquist uses a dummy, he makes his voice seem to come from that dummy. At one time people thought that ventriloquist " made his voice come from his stomach. This is bow we got the word "ventriloquist.'' In Latin "venter" means "belly" and "toqui" means "to speak." , But a ventriloquist actually forms ' his words in a normal manner, in the larynx. Before - he begin to talk however, he takes a very deep breath. ' ' Then while be talks, be leu Jt out very slowly through bis throat, which is almost closed. His tongue is pulled back into his mouth and only the very tip of R moves. He is careful to move his Hps and face as little as possible. - Whaii makes it seem as if the sound were coming front a dis tance is that the pressure on the vocal cords diffuse the sound (spreads h out in all directions), and the greater the pressure the greater the illusion f distance. By having a dum say and making it move as he sesks, be gets year attention away from himself and it makes the illusion even stronger. How Does Ventriloquist Throw His Voice? Win the li-voiums Britannieej Junior tHCfcloptdia or. eehoot and Aom. Send four quettiont, nam, age, d (a T if Whf!" car of The Ottawa Journal. In case o dapMcate ouejiionj, (A author will decide tfc triniter; Today's winner it: Kugene Ourr, I), SprtngviUe, Utah. :-. ly A. Did you know that ventriloquism' is practised by many primitive people, including the Eskimos and the Zulus? - 'i1 - FUN TIME The Chuckle Bel Passenger: You'll bring at back safely? Pilot: Don't worry. I've never led anyone up there yet. e , a Tom: What is the hardest thing for a girl to keep? . Psm: I don't know. Tom: Quiety i l- T u a THE PUZZLE BOX i wa A r I WAS SORM IN ( VOffN IN I Strangely enough, both these, boy are American! If you'll rearrange the letters- correctly,' you'll let the 'American city fa) which each was born. See to morrow's paper for the answer. Witt the Britannica World Atlat or Yearbook of KvenU. Send tour riddlet, joke to: Riddle. Joke, . Tell ' Jfe What" Today's winner it: Marvin Hitman, Commerce, Georgia..- .-.''. Identify Body Of Man Taken From River two Gatineau Point boys last Wednesday in Governor's Bay, near Rockcliffe, has bean tdenti fled by relatives as that of Maxims Babineau. . of 4 Lois Street. Hull. Morality officers said and personal affect found oa the tody all point to Mr. Babineau. -; ' ;. ,. "Fingerprint tests will be made later this week to make absolutely sure, said a police spokesman Sunday. 'V ' ' On .Aug.. 12 a well - dressed man Was seen jumping into the river from Jbe fattarprovincial Bridge. . ' , '. . By FRANCES DRAKE Look la the section in which your birthday- comes, and find what our outlook is, according to the sun. ler Tuesday, Aug. March 21 la April II (Aries) Teamwork will be most im portant now, so make tt'a point to associate and work with those hose interests and aims are' similar to your' own.) Express all ideas carefully anfl , clearly so' there can be no misunder standings with anoctaW April XI cat May. 21 (Taarus) Venus fairly auspicious. Pro ceed calmly with day s sched ule. Pick up loose threads, show your resourcefulness. Just two admonitions: Do respect confidence and, don't divulge private affairs....- ;'.- '' .- -v.' May 22 t June 21 (Gemini) Don't fan . for' superficial "trimmings" now.' Propositions may be offered and tale told that sound pretty glamorous. but took beneath and you'll find only sandy foundations. Keep your sense of proportion. Jane 22 ta July 22 (Cancer) Take the strategic approach to problems and tasks. And. in discussions, be. careful not to use force- or over emphasize your points. Graciousness and diplomacy are among; your innate- characteristics. Stress them now.- Jafar 24 -aaF- t. T a . ' 1 ' J ADMISSION . Reserred Seats , $3.00 12.50 . (2.00 $1.S0 ! ta August 22 (&: ' In all dealings, emphasis your fine perception and keen sense of Justice. The Leoits is noted for bis gift ol salesman ship whether for his wares or -himself. New advantaaet in- The body of a aua found bybiced K you snaks the most of these traits now, ! August 24 s September 22 (Virgo) Reach as far. high and wide a your talents permit now.- Excellent 'Influences stimulate all your skills and en deavor. Don't press too hard, however, or you could invite fatigue. Avoid undue suspidous- 24 la Octobers (Libra). A good day. for making profitable deals and ar rangement. Knuckle.' down to steady business,; forge ahead with a mora closely knit pat' tern. Doa't fret or scatter ener- gie. however. - '- ',- '. EVERY PERFORMANCE WEATII ER PROTECTED -. Hf t4 stew reemrea, raea SM Oaluria assiaaiia Bakikat ( rssk n wlMttle wtiiaati wHk sssmt eSaaasya rtaea srailaaa tetslal eiaanasaaH, ' Bea tk assuasthaa ta she rttwKac-i aaitstas. . Bawia atfaMaa aaSMtat ... a variety a kumbit tkjae Sa aae. ' MSif a4 rat Skawi, Manas, Cattle, . Saaas aa twtaa Bahlatt. Mikf Sallr. 'SrtratlSa aa Acrttmttanl Dtipkura.. ans Mwataeiy Maatara. ; BaJtr avwiaai rraas raw fmnu nana aa Saltililaa ataoaaa eitaet treat St eaklMttaa. Sekaal ChMrea, Wiairt raatlflea, waawMeraria, Ma. ' tataittttas .M seasatliaal . . . Baa's aaaja aa (as statural aaaSMts at Skti years Ms -r.( v T., , , v ; .; THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 5 vun iNm&iDir October M I November 22. handling (Scorpio) Circumvent i trouble, even il wu have to fake the long wayLar6und. Some per sons and situations could be ir ritating ooi void!. MmmiIim M mm l l(Sagiturius) Operate within the framework "of a plan that satisfies both necessary tasks and extra responsibilities. This may be somewhat difficult, but it is essential. Do not let your unagtiation run out of bounds. December, 22 ta January 2t (Capricorn) You1 may en counter some difficult nersohi now, even run into unexpected opposition. Remain tactful, un- excited and affable, and things will blow over. January 21 ,t February It (Aquarius) fcxtra cars need- a ... V ea ur writings, finance i i 0 ha SM lit l 1 pi n i FtM UMM SMar Mrs 1 llllllMl r S vtlk Ik tan star fianaiS iS S-u . tm . ,-.-( turn .tssi SMIW .W rMratr .wispii wttutui Tr- mmtr W tml Lm atrmhnm, Stt-St TM tat sSla,i j i- f i" ' ', e tmjntr ') f e sun wt w u ) t ' details. You can achieve much now. Just use your comraonsense ad be care ful in analyzing situations. .. February 2 ta Marts) ZS, (Pisces) Whatever our 'plans, take into account new trends and ideas, changing manoeu vres which could affect your endeavors and strategy. Be dauntless, ready for the unexpected. ' YOU BORN TODAY are steadfast, -persevering and fastidious, sometimes to .a fault You would make an excellent secretary, critic . designer, musician or writer. You art imaginative, but usually start with another's Idea 'and take it from there. Highly-Individual tic, you dislike being told bow to do things. You recover quick ly from - reverses and . an always open to new ideas. - 'Mm HI6ITI0N LAI nii mmm lncludinf ...-.. Skaat tniimttu MSiaiu Mf aiwaalaS al lfe . BxktMtla. ' a liwir.k aMakaalml ttrrm at aitalaiaM ' HaSstlX ' . " tal aa enut.tnf IMl'Maal alaaM laalaAM , all at. Its kanaa. S Ma aalawla an t eal Brana. Ban; at vktek - ara aiaam.a anar rrai wiaas ' la UM.atcsiraf bimmis. Kean .le IBM amttuae FM0US NORAD BAND If: " . klrat Una at lha Omlral Caaaaa SihWUM Ika laawat BaraS Baa MaaMlaaa Iraai tba DaiwMl Otalaa na. Nt V ' aaa a rmm aae Bar.! caaaeiaa air Mraa aaaertaa kia MHiarr . ataakal artaalaiuaa. artaraiaacas IMaa eallr at Um Bandthrlt. , , a .a, mm sat t Is u at, aaatBat Onat rasa ' ! BWHtaua aMaatUa , ..J ...-. , li.r! ' -a stothar Ketaaaer oaa Her Baby. a ti i Tt:nV:STORT BOOK FARM . - - - - - - PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT mum Report Doctors Dis TORONTO (CP) Seven Oib.was U" W EVEIijllGS OIILY at 8.30 p.n. Aug. 24 Thro I -,v- -?.W''Rf Andy WUIiami, faunoua star of the An v ; "aTV V (' "s TV show, fa equally at ease infiiix i Urn I ' r 1- v 1 " f belting- out how stopper. Makl Andy I tender belting- out how stopper. A' - William love sour Making- his first Central Canada Exhibition Grandstand show appear a nee. Andy brlni with hint the famous OSMOND i i I BROTIIE1LS anda pade of other tat etitutajnen tario doctors have been disci plined by1-the College of Physi ciens and Surgeons of Ontario in ,th last year, the annual report of the college says. Action- ranged from repri mands to erasure from the reg isters. Four of the doctors are from the Toronto area. The re port was released Friday. Dr. Robert- Kingsley Graham of Palmerstoa was erased from! the college's register effective Friday. He was found guilty oni seven charge- of professional' misconduct involving care of 24 J patients. . Dr. Ira Timothy O'Neill of Kingston was found guilty of professiooal misconduct and his' privileges under -the Narcotic! Control Act ' were withdrawn. He was placed! on the college's temporary register. i Or. Denis Francis Docherty of Rldgdway was found guilty' on a similar charge. 4ie also - -1- Tesl Vee could be the hiekr wbumt'. .' . JuM think) This bMutilul home an U thai fa with U tee only 410 -r TBii MQBB TtCRCTS TOO BUT TB MOBB - WOtXllKITU 0 WIN Ticket on Sale at tUbibh Gtouikb Onlyt Th Cxhlbitkia Is aaUfhtfuUy trf unique omMnaUoa ot low an eaaainr . . . WUI nm rar at rnmt ef ta An. J. . .- : L. ' '' 1 ' ' Orsndslaaw aa Baturdar Night, .Yea aa4 twt - aa the trow la be ellflMa ta wb i , -Total Value Approximately S3S0 ' , Ticket sale kr Ottawa Bkrlaa (Clak -. al tke BxklklUea ftaaaaa.; . " co Taaotioa tub oiattaT womb wbbm roo ., THE BROOIIS; SISTERS tVTHE AWANDIS 3r HAL SANDS DANCERS TVJOHrjrJY.r.lATSOrj, Master of Ceremonies RICH ARD' H AYIVJ ANr'"' ""rector COVERED STAGE AND GRANDSTAND l oZweifel's biggest Utile Crciii oil Earth f: HORSE SHOW - now until Aug. 28 ! I ';l PTaeentm aaek einralM la the CoUaemv Skeae atarr:f B .-' apeeial Miltot Bhow rrM.r. Au. as, at sae Vm. eautUul Horaaa ... TbrllUnt JumS Clmli . . Tfee-ajarae Show a past aa jnmut aafclblUoa Hat. -. r NEW EXCITING MIDWAY f r. t.., lr , K New. Mew ktuway artatntad Vy Ainaaemantt at Amerlea. ' Sl.nv ktainr Mm BldM that haaa aa 'before keen In Ottawa. .. . Maw Bhawa . A Mow Feature . . . lis the aew, new took 1 ht MM) vara ax Hit lor, eaaiyeas. ' x 1 1 EXHIBITION DISPLAY HOME ; ' A keaatilul bom, rallr fvmilahoe. tewether art Ik a aew. eer. i , awarewa aa aamo ncu varaon. avoMna "J IA raveette foe the'eliUdrea. Laeato adlaaant ta the McSlmy t. -r Bhrlaa Club. Tlcfeou may be eainftanS an the roaae aMlna All the AMmata tram a tor Bnofc La4 Uieiualne aniy , . , yea aa not aaea i oe ea ana irava ' wta.'- . ,-.. ' ,: ); v V .V. h a.; . . CAR AWARD EAC H EVENING . . . 1 Jr. ! ' Oa sack akrt of Hi EaWbltloo. Eyery adialsaioa ticket stake yoa eflgfble ta wlo. Car Award aswosusM , ' rnm the aUndsbefl 1IJ each evening. Ticket kotdar must claba ear aot later tbaa I4w tame ereBtag. You atartk. oath grcaaas lowla,.; -c",. V. - . '- MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1W4 placed on the temporary register. a Dr. Charles Edward Baker of Port Arthur was -reprimanded when found guilty of improper conduct "for submitting exces sive accounts to the medical welfare plan. ; The rennrt said aft mveatloa, tU is under way Into the Halt Cancer Treatment W. search Foundation in. Windsor.; The inquiries seek evidence to, take action against the founds-; lion under the Medical Ad. . John E. Foot,' aPeterbor-;' ough podiatrist, was convicted in magistrate's court of .admin istering anesthetics and per forming surgery contrary to the Medical Act, and was fined $., The conviction ia under ap-. p. Tr. , ; BUS CONTROL- t . LEEDS, England tCP) Twelve buses her In Yorkshire"-art to be fitted with radio tefeM phones so .that the drivers can-keep in touch with a central control unit. . .r 1. " . ThaFivi Vivona Brothers Proudly Present AMUSEMENTS AMERICA ' NOW .'.' Through Aug. 29thl as use - - Central Canada -EXHIBIT Offering I BITION Mort Thaa 1C3Anracl!oni Other Features ' I .- ' '. ."" ' i - a. . ' ""' ''.- .'.--'. i t !nv JL ....I'A. . Many featured for the first . time' ta Canada ' .; ' NEW RIDES f NEW SHOWS V KIDDYLAND , and Many Many . ! ' m a mJmaBk9'aeak1&t '-, 3. lOTiS,l!iiI . ' -w.m rt : . Th Man , .-.i . .. . . . . 1 LADIES'. B)AY: TO"ortnov.-TUEs, aug; 25 FRErADMISSIoJi TO lE' GROUNDS TO T ALL UDIES UNTJL 3 f ,M. - 10,000 FREtf SEATS TO SPECIAL GRANDSTAND SHOVr; ' featuring a fabulous FASHION SHOW PrastnK' td by C CAPLAN DMrTED: V ,' , ..... red uraj wit wmrmimi lou v TREASURE HUNT -y A special Ladles' Day faatur. Every lady entering ttW: greaiads will ke gtvea a aumber la eadi of the etuld.--tags a large aumber win be huag. Udkte aaiiu eorrespoadlag atMnbar win wm S valuable arlx. '') A 1

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