The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1918
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MARCH 30,1918. And, he.' alone shared father ji'cbnit ftie? fcardsblt* " · · dene*; ".That suhkin.gartcti ,·»»»· t ' ~ : - ' ' They'feared, to let .anyone else.drawl £it«6an Whispered, "In ··· the wai,?r. Isabel searched (Br y ears; rf tbat treasure bad been aW-ve gronnd ler'sbarp nose' would ha*e smelled Iti out and cow Cueto has m'ovc-d the very Boss sat bacfc disappointed. "So ttf* your theory.T^p" "It's.more 'tbaff' sT theory," tbe-boy .laslsced. "Look ajPthls!" From the pocket of his cqiKn trousers be pro- warfare: . ijr eh«rf ollj: ttUn th»j. - G«jr«] ' ' ~ blood, . daced an o'Jd-1/gkins coin, placed in Rosa/a hand. · - '" ' ' ' »pd yet^te lewderabJp^wM.chiracter- ire Jndgineot «na - : ---'"-' «bf ndoii" ·; g0Vd*ftl- brothm n«der«I Oob« »erTlces scarce- 3jr less olsttngaished,'"and they:'were hot of a few of rnany\dark-sktnned be!roes. Ibis rtrmrgle for Independence, wan no patrician's war; the best stock:, of the Island fought side by side with Held hands. ··- . ·- ;.'· At dawn of the morning foltewlmc; his talk with Rosa, when tbe member! ot_hls command assembled, Estebafi was pp.and ready. He"had mane-Ms preparations tq destroy Pancho Cneto'l fields, an0 since the road over tbe hills 10 La Joya was long he bud summoned them early. "Be careful l^Bo** implored him. "I shall die of sospense." "It Is for you to be carcfiil,? he laughed. "Keep · food watch, and conc*a\ yourself at the flrst alarm. HoweTer. I think we hire taught these bandit* a lesson. As for Cueto, be would run to the jangle if he «aw us. He hi* the heart q* a monse." He kissed bis- sister affectionately .and "then rode off at^tne.jMBa'TJf hia'tat- tered band. " Itos» ; wored him a last farewell a* he 4Mppeired into the woods, then, to «cupy herself, she helped Bvangellnii ·with what little housework there was to do, later going with her to the garden patch where the riandas grew. Evangellna's early devotion' to.her mistress bad not diminished with time; Sf anything, it had: deepened. When, emancipation came she would .Have returned, to the service of her beloved twins baa it not been for. Donna Isabel's refusal to accept her. As It was, she and Asensio had mnrrlwl, and by means «* BOM'S ·orrejrtlHons help they bad' managed to boy thl» ^little. piece of laridvBosa had practiced: ·eif-r denial .to, make the, pnrchas* possible, rind her self-sacrifice had'borne frtiit: that act 'at childish.beneficence had Don't Wa! Why; tt'sy'goldt.' It?« a Spanish", do«b!6on,'2ne sail " -it's the first one 1 *·«·: SJfr. Where* did* yim flnd jtrl " think Tra crazy -when I tel! : ivhich he created o refuge for Esteban and herself and had ripened the negro ' i I'think-so. myself. _.. It In iJalJei's^band when I tool-fij . : jSer .from .the-well!*' : - - . - ;'j -/· Kosn WUR stricken speechless. "3i;c .dutehed ft." tightly." Estefaani ' "bat as I in a Je the ropej tin's affection into Idolatry., .'_· ',,, ; ; : Erangelina's joy at having the; girl -to nerself.; where she coeld dally «ee her; touch her, serve her, wns tem- .perod only-by the knowledge .of Hosa's nnhapplncss. Sbe scolded and tyran- nteed,' sbe mothered and adored the - if girl to her heart's. content;' she v She Began to Struggle Llh« a Cat. · -*. . · . - .· shadows beside her liuman-fpnns materialized. She Hpfewoed' once, twice;.then a palm dosed over her mouth and she began to struggle like · 'cut ... : v "'· ' ' · · · ' . . . Evangellna, who ;ha"d-wakfrd. at the first outcry, met the marmidGrs as they rushed through the d.oor. There were shouta and ctirsea,. loudly bellowed orders, a great scuffling and 'poundlas otfeet upon the dirt floor of the hut the rickety, harltoTered walla Iwdged and creaked. Over all sounded the shrieks f of the negras battling In the pltch-Wack Interior .like an animal In Its lair. Then someone set flre to the. thatch; the flames licked up the. dead palm leaves to the .ridgepole, and the surroundings leaped into view. · Bosft saw a swarthy, thickset roan in the uniform of a *»loner of vbl- tmteers, and behind him Pttncho One' to. Tearing the hand froio her.lips for a moroeiit, she cried Cueto'a name, but he gave no · heed. Rosa shrieked his name again; then' she heard the officer say: . ; " **yhcre is the young fellow? 1 hear nothing but the squeals of 'that common wench." ' , iJvaneellna's crtes of rage and de- nance ceased, and with them . the sbniids of eorabat. From the Blazing bohlo ran two armed men, brushing sparks froio their clothing. A third followed, dragging Evangel I rut by: ode naked »nn, . ·· · · · · d Bosa frit herself swooo5n5, and she knew; -nothing of what immediately followed. After a «ine -4be felt herself shaken; and heard tbe colonel addressing her. "Come, come!? ,.he'.'was -saying, "^There is your precJons brother and that b f n ' ' " - - ' TO SBTVBN. Vofore you take 'hoed of the warnings of dlaeaae.Jn yo?r bodies, or It roay.b'o cob iate 'io.;.bo ,ouro(l| . "For. some ,tinie' Lwro-.'liavo^b^Sn'j'ieUiiito jYOp pin " ! thls.- pa-,per : the- syhijitbiris off aiBeaeoa ;tKtit 5ii.t-;' terly. laatroy. your nciUtlv and tlio moat Vttftl ^rg-ana. uoflttiaBT your. for busJnoss, .-ty-orii or pleasure. W'\riy V.avo.: accepted 1 advices,, and havlne taken special- medical .treatments are. cured men and -women today! · . . You. than 'who hav» riot -come yet, should-.'do so a.t once--or the verdiot of Incurable 'may be ypura w h e n " y o u do : como. . Specialties: AH Stomach dl^eaffa, Asthma. · Bron'chitia, Kheumaiism; Bladder and'Kidney diseases. Ncrvfiis diseases and all disordered conditions of both-sexes. ' "We accept cases only thac can bo helped or cured: . Co»neli*ri]]e f»*tient HpenlCH. . "For-throe years 1 had been-troublod with HhortnesB'Of breath. I would set tio bad at ni^tit I could not.sltiep iytng down. I 'would have to alt up -with piHowB behind me.. I felt ail weak" and run down- and.' did not seem tu have .any strength and on account of -my- ago tboug-ht my ; tlro-Q for this world was short. I called -upon" Tlie United.Medical Specialists and after a- month and · half of treatment I am feelins fine and working'"every day." (Signed) J. N. PATTERSON', Otiiacm Avenue, . South ConnelJsville, Pa, "I had beun altik for one year, having been treated from time to time without eettinff any better. I felt very weak; my heart beat too and had severe paiua over It, headaches, liidnii^ trouble, backache, nervous, felt sleepy ftll the time.' - Also trouble with, my stoinch. I commenced treatment with Th* United SpoclaHat* and. in a short time .am a b o u t - I n fine* condition." (Siffned) M.RS. H^VKItY AARISOK. 224 Banner Avenuo, MonesBen, Pii. U«4 Been Si«Ic 12 Vewrm. "For 12 years I had baen troubled with-severe headaches,, djzxlnesa, would get-backache,.vt:ry biLd. ^ I appn- titc.'r iahd 'my stomach was In -a bad condition; "I ·wua wealt and'run-down, could not 'tfJc'ep -ffood,. and v'tts a. ner- voua; "wrecJc/^iind. could dp"very little .work. I had "become difl^oumgrcct when I went to The United Medical Specialists for treatment. Today I.feftl stronc and -well; hav. ^afned 10 pounds, do ,i)l my own work, and ail my former troublofi have jrones." (Signed) MRS. ITAGGrS 7OUuXFF. Hopwo'od, Px TUftffotay every week. S ^V Ml to 3 P. M. Baltimore Houat'. Every. "Wednesday nod Saturday at chatiee :-IoteJ, Unlontowo. ' - ' Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. , . «t«owllwSe*l.a^eM,JUw»JSJl SODaVDRUGQISISEramMIEIiE. \v:ttehcd'iier iiko 'a hnwk; she t!eeroxl no labor in her aerrice too ex- fnst her hund relaxed and -I saw it ini acting. It. would have gone ill with the lantern -light. It "was as If -- well, {{'anyone who offered harm to Bosa, for" as it shu gave it to me, I was too · badly frightened to Uunli much about It. as you may imagine, it WQS a horrible place, all .·lime and foul wr.ter; ' the rocks were slippery.. Jlnt.that^cora iras In her fingers!" ' J- . HOSA managed to say: "Impossible! Then she must have had It when she Srll." : . ... . . . · . . . - - , - - '·No. no! I .saw her hands.-, "up- stretched, her fingers open, In. the xoonlight." · . "It's uncnnny.; PeHiapw--" ' "1'cs. 1'erhapa scune unseen baud led her to the place so that we should ·t last come Intr, our own. *,Vho knows? Evangellna was strong nml capable; tPlie bad the arras and " the ,hands lof ! a. mnn, and she possessed the smoldering black temper of Sebastian, tier lather. - . · . . - . - ' . . ! ·;.' Even In. peaceful times tew people .cnmo'tcrthls clearing-in the .woods,;. liar off "from the main-traveled, roads i o£ the Yhmuri, and the dayja8 usual, passed .^uneventfully. ' Evongell'na worked, with one eye upon'her Boca, the other watchfully alert for danger.- When evening carqe she prepared their scanty meal, upbraiding Rosa, meanwhile, for her attempts |to assist her. Tlien they sat'for on There's ho doubt, that rather hid 'his I ""^ or Wo on the- bench onttlde the · money. Hi turned his slaves Into gold, i door ' tnlkln S abo « t -.Juan- -O-aal -ye -· he bought Jewels, predo.s metal, any. I and the probable hour of KB coming, thing he couKl hide. VV«II ; perhaps. v ' nen Hosa fretted about her broth- there were old coins In tbo lot. Ihe ! ^ a . e ^P** 3 r««3««i »«*· "Don. t. water in the well is "shallow; Isabel i b « -Mghtenea, little dovc^be has the' nost'have gropea thfs piece from the maiinss of a great soldier. . Now, bottom. Some day I sfaali explore the 'hen;. It Is growing cool nhd the night ·""'hole and--we shall see." " carries fevers..; Creep Into your ;bed Rosa flung her arms rapturously an ^ J«*m abont that handsome .lover ·bout her brother's neck and -kissed- of ?"»*·" · .'. ' . · .. - ' - " . ' . htm. "Wouldn't it be glorlonsT' she 1 Bosn obeyed, although rellietantly; cried. "Wouldn't it be wonderful, to j " r " sle «P fw a while," she eotDpro- be rich.'and to want for nothing; toj'M 1 * 6 *^'* luive fine clothes imd-good.things.;to 'j m . T * " ect once more? Good- things, to eat.!"'[ Her lip quivered, ·fry.' . . ; ' · · · · ·'-.·' "Poor little girl:' "Wait till O'ltcl'.ly hean about this. 1 I'll.- COM eat »nd take P!' ; V'^- £ -^ |fl t- ,'£j|- Rosa was all excitement- once -more. "He'll be glp.d he came and got me,If . . . . . . . . - . . ·.· . . Iawn'..w«s «all » . long; ' w»y . oft -Oh-- -I'm eo hun- ' when - trae *". Sc T promise, Biota: ' emerged" from., the tot .with · n ' ' ogy for iiavjag ' slept sb'.'loDy.':' geliba · protested, rthflUKh, her "eyes, were heavy and se had b«eiz Esteban'caressed her. "Hell come, never fear. -I knov^it.. Every time I leave you my heart Is in my throat for /ear of-what may happen in my : ab- ing prodigiously for h«m. Bnt for once tiie girl WM flrm. Hntng S- nally prevnfled" in.- her.determinatiAn,' she seated herself ,ln the.- w*rm place Evang«llna had-me*ted, and. curling her imjill feet, under h»r,e)ie nttled sence--and yet I cant always be at fherseM, chin in h»aid,'-to thtak your, side" O'Reilly. It wu a good time to 'hink, "There! Ton acknowledge that I for the 3 un Sl e was Ter y « ul1 « nd ft8 oaodicjp yon Escept for me yon would "HsM "te a TelTetjMrtain. be. inatiag a glorious name for yonr- '·elt" "Jfotalng of tbe sort. More probably myself 'Ulled.-' No J - -It's and patient and -- think'of wbat is wait- In* for us at the bottom of that well." '.·We had .better here." Poncho' Gneto hesltaUngly addressed- the dim War which be knew ·ray. We mnst be brave to he Colonel' Cobo. The colonel of volunteers wns In a vile temper',,what with the long night rldR and. »tt error tt wa0 indeed a gn^at jrfeee of ;lnck I o f .' Cnetp's which had-.j which had enabled Ssteban Varono to *Dy a'haif-doiven Maorers'from a Span- t«h soldier. Througb. 1 'Asensio'sl ae- 'quaiutance he had profited by the di»- fconesty of in enemy, and, althodgh it bad taken all his money to effect tbe purchase. Est»b»n. considered the «c- riflcc wdl worth while. The fire.of patriotism burned flrrcely In him, as did hl«.hatred of Puneho Cueto^ and the four trusty young negroes to whom" .ke had given rifles made, with Asencio 'iotA himself,- ah armed party i|aotigh to be reckoned with." ' : blacks .were; : escltajle fcllowi, jtnd : ^m-tched murksmtn, bat, on the either, tend, each and evecy one had; been ifbMdwitk · mcdttte at his hip and ho* to nw It. After a iwr pce- funn «»di» SiteMtf* .lead- mlilji iter iMd ·teatwd a Mt of dl»- ana were btflutac to f Ml » military artor. ID the Cuban fleU ARM th*n ««· Dcsroe% and tew at tktlr- fcl- lengthened the Journey, "Where Is the honser 1 growled the officer, .. "Not far. But the path Iff »oeky and the, horses' feet--" "Ye«, yes!" There wwr'a :v croak-of ·addle leathers and a as the colonel, dismounted. ."New, ray good Cnetp," be threatened, "another ol yoor mistakes and Fn give you something to-remember;roe by." A cnrt order bnyibt his ro«n eat of their saddles Bn* of their number was detailed to guard tbe HH|- mal», whHe the rest fell ta behbid Caeta and fMlpTed nlm up "tie trail by a CHAPTEfrlX. The faffOie v» tatty afccted, pOshed' IB rnjs.wct of" work. Boaa, her hencb, heard v*Oi ait of the ^pp Wo r^ AI ways W : MOM ING W ".. W E s f T P E N N '^. F W E £ J T P E N N RAPID TRANSFER -- · ' . lOCAli A5T LOXfi BfflTAlTCE HOTDfiSS. Bell 842.' . Betidence 1«1 HIM Are, Trf-SUto 57S. COKirELLSTILI,E, PA. Send Whitman's to Your in tkScrvice Nothing is-more appreciated by an Army or ,'Naty man than,;a' box.of candy, There isn't tiny better than Whltajoa's, so whyvnot Ineiuds some In the next box'you send ti or oyergeas? We Have It In All Size Package*. Collins' Drug Store / South Pittsburg Street. WHAT THE MAIL IS LIKELY TO BRING The frivolous youth has dickered with a "wife by correspondence" concern; the picture ot the pretty girl came and joy reigned within the heart of the youth. He forwarded his money to the fair damsel (fair in. picture only) and boquet in hand eagerly awaits the arrival of tbe train that, bears her to him. , The train arrives, the human freight is unloaded and youth finds his., heart fairly throbbing as he stands awaiting his "bundle of loveliness" from the mail order marriage concern. There looms before him in a twinkling an artificially spry, antiquated,- homely and ill-dressed sample of the concern's stock in trade and the youth flees back to his home city, to search out one of it products. The same is true in every-day business life with thousands of perstms. They fall prey to the pretty pictures in the catalogue, send their money to the mail order house and in conclusion are greeted with merchandise that corresponds in appearance with the frivolous youth's mail order bride. MORAL:--Even a nicture is often, "nowder and Daint" when the camera clicks. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. C035EPAIfY , Buss, Stores 154-158 Tf. Crawford ATe. W. »". 1ECJHE Dry.Goods 12S H". Crawfora Are. THE riOBKEB COMPAKT Jfp»'s Wear 106 TV. Crawford A!TC. COLONIAX NATIONAL BASK Corner Pittsbnrg.Strect Mid Crawford Atemi*. McDOIfAlD MUSIC AJTD ELECTRIC CO. Sajul Hotel Block - 3f. Pittsbnrg St. H. KOBACKEB SOU'S "ITie. Bis Store" ' S'. Wttstrarg St. C.'W. BOTYJTS Footwear for Ererjbodj, 127 Jf. PlttsbnTp St. COMTELLSVILLE MABKET AKD NOBTH ElfD BUBKET f leading Grocery Stores 1S6 and 313 K. PHtsburg St. AJfDEKSOJf-LOUCKS HABDWABE CO. Hardware 11« V. Crawford Are.' CHABLES T. GILES Joweler 141 VFest Crawford ATO, BBOTTSTEiL SHOE COMPACT Shoen West Ciawford Avo. COJOOEIiLSVILLE DRUG COMPAJfY Drags ISO West Crawford AT*. PETEB B. WEtlttEJl Flaiion nnd Phonograph* lS7-12»East Crawford Ave. A. W. BI8H01? - » Jewelry 107 We»t Crawford Ate. THE AABOIf CO. ·Home Builder" 143 jr. 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CRAFT Doctor said, "Sio-feren had done wonders for her."-- P««o JTBIr-BolieoJ tmehel^ TMIflmim T^T' TMt_ DDcmtton] )rft he» -^eak, ».. taw vltaUfij, BnyiWiw rcein- Bio-lamn. lw(» wnlK- traatrant ·« rsTBO-rtohlo ImBPOvsHMnl. Doctor »- 4 v Ble-J«^sft hail iefle wondmv far lf." lf l bscv? taken e.bcut one-half of i and must otioleis «hat I'leal like now." I woman Kffi 'if jtawi tafeon Bto-«e»n rogtuarlj: m a f«» . . . f »» iiss P)F aram Bjuch better. Sowflwr 1 , can not gut wy JiSB*? to Wff IsaS enffliiicntly lo comb mjr-liaij, but I feal timt I --« ----T* " i £a tliaV' j ^*«« ^ : tt« figaivufl bpal^n ^na pqa^y beauty that IB . . ad Wood. BwraibaiSy-daeB, Bead IdMo r«port» aJw»». V: ?"V 198, « »u ar« Jr» s? «n aown u healm an4 SWaupU^beaikvaw »( jflft Bio-fcren. H.JB not a sllmular.t. It is a. b-aildor--». builder ol 61 Areh Street, 'E 62 Uniontown, Pa, Get A Direct Action Thermostat and mcasuia, the heat as easily as you mcasttte milk, in .a pint cup. You simply set the Temperature Wheel and obtain any decree of oven heat that thg receipt calls for, J. B, KURTS{, WOTA.BY PU»UC" BEAL. No. t South Ucaitaw 9. ETAJrS KSSAKB, Agents. Botii Kioues. BEAD THE COURIER.

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