The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 8
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EIGHT, DAtLY COURIER. CONNELLSt TLLE, PA". SATURDAY, JANUAKV IS, lf):;0. ON'EV BY ROY V I C K E R S / WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE. A LAN BRENNAWAY, 35, and handsome, has made ;i fortune in **· Mexico. He loves Shirley Dane, young, society girl, and, upon his return to New York, proposes to her. She refuses, saying she love's someone else. At a reception, Alan meets Mr. Cynaz, financial shark, -whom he distrusts. Later he receives a mysterious card that Roger Kelton, young lawyer, with whcni Shirley's inheritance la invested, is bankrupt, Roger adrnits it is trvtc, blaming his late father's swindling, and stating .that his chief creditor is the g-ir! to -whom he is engaged. NOW GO ON WITH THE STO^Y. CHAPTER VIM. A LAN, turning, took the list; it consisted ol a column of nam«.'i and figures. "You stopped counting about half-way," Alan said a moment later. "You're in for SiS^OOO. Call it a half million. Idly Alan'-s eyes wandered down the column. Thirty thousand dollars; $36,000; $75,000. Mostly smallish amounts. People living on mnall incomes to whom this would mean total ruin, no doubt- Widows arid orphans--the kind of people who l e f t their affairs wholly in the hanrls of a trusted firm. One bic amount caught his eye-$300,000. Then, o j p o s i t e the amount, hp read the name: "Miss Shirley Dane--$200,000." Slowly, as it seemed, Alan pieced his facts' together. Kelton's pteatett single creditor was the jnrl to whom he ·fas secretly on- gaged. The greatest single creditor wai Shirley. Therefore Shirley v»t, secret!y engaged to Kelton. Helton was the man whose name lihirley would not e i v c him Incidentally, and, it seemed, separated by hours of thought, came th^ reflection that .Shirley "as entirely penniless. But now, of course, nhe could not marry Kelt*-'.. Kelton himself had said so. She would be sorry--but she v/ould free. His pulse- leapt at the thought of her freedom. As to the fortune she had lost, he would settle twice that on her when-He pulled hnnaelfnip. What had V.e really been dreaming of all those seven years when he thought of that appealing fair face against « backgrounv! of darkness? Now suddenly for the first time he understood. ' He found himself being whirled from fathomless^ depths of introspection back to reality. He was in someone's office. Kelton's, of course". From somewhere Kelton's voice was speaking. "Call it a half million, eh I It might just as wel! have been a million as far as I'm concerned," Yea. Alan understood very clearly what he had really been dreaming all these *even years. But he must go slowly. No leaping in the dark. "Kelton, you've told me so much you may as well tell me the rest. Have you any idea what he did with the money?" "Oh, I know he didn't spend it on women. But how docs that help me?" "What did ho do with it?" repeated Alan, "He snnk it all in a wild-cat financial scheme. There's a company with some absurd name--oh, ,yes, the Macedonian Developments .--in which he holds pretty well ·all the shares--sorm million and a quarter sheer waale paper." "Macedonia!" echtf'jd Alan. "It's n wonderful country with vast possibilities. Have you got any of the papers handy?" x Kelton went to th« safe, which was unlocked. He paused significantly before it as if to invite Alan's attention to the fact that it was no longer necessary to keep it locked. Then he took out a folder and gave it to Alan. in five mm- utes Alan had mado a lightning study of'the prospectus, lie came to the mineralogist 1 ! report, saw that it was favorable; then noticed the name. "By jove, that report was writ- ton by Norland 1 I know him--he's a thundering good man. There might be something in this, Kci- ton." Kelton sighed. ' "I'm afraid there's no chance. Of course I know uctthjng about this sort of, thing, but I jjot one or two expert opinion 1 was told there wa» no hope of iinjone being able to do anything witlv those shares. I have t r i e d to bell them again and again." "The shares--ye? But t mean the thing itself, HIP mines;--the railway, the land. '} he main job as far as 1 can sec at present is to get Government protection from the Cornitadji--bandits, you know --while the railway is being built." " B u t -- Macedonia! I hardly know where it is. And I'm not much good at that sort of thing. And anyway I ccuM not very welt goi now. It would look like running away--and I won t give anyone the chance to say that of mo." Alan stared at the prospectus: but his mind was elsewhere. . . . So Shirley really v anted this boy? Strange! tt woull be useless la attempt to argue with her--useless in the end to ito anything but give him to her. One couldn't, of course, judge the real value of Macedonian Development without a thorough examination. It mii;ht be a . good mine--more probably it would result in /the mere loss of Kelton's traveling expense?. That again did not 1 matter. . , . "This Macedonian stunt rather fascinator me," Alan began. "You'll torgivt me, I know, Brermaway, if I ay that just at present 1 don't f el--" "And I'll fend ou," interrupted Alan, "I'll lend you half a million on the collateral ecurity of those shares, if you'll f o out there and see what you can do with the local government." He heard Kelton gasp, but for the moment he had forgotten Kelton. Half a million for a parcel of wildcat shares --no, for a wedding present to frhirley. inp And so at last Alan's weddinfi present to Shirley had taken tho form of a husband, ' "Brcnnaway -- I believe you'rn mad," cried Kelton. "You know as -well as I do that those share-5 are worthless now," It was still Kelton speaking, Alan decided, and tried to forco his attention. " "What?" he isked absently. "I say it's a personal Joan--a gift out of pure charity--" "Which you are not in a position to refuse," Alan cut in, "Resides, you're talking :xwful nonsense, old man. I'm going to make something out of it, too, if you have any luck when you get there. We'll go into all that later. I take it your office can keep things going for six months or so?" ' T h e m came sofne «.ind of affirmative npiae from Kelton, and Alan hurried on: "Well, now, we "hall have to move pretty quickly. Get a clerk up here, write a formal letter to Tiandon enclosing a check 1 to the value of his securities nrjd apologizing for the delay. Then fire » writ into him for libel. Get that don? as quickly as you can. Wo shall have to go along to my bank." "Brennaway! Oh, my God!" The Wchtbury manner had col- lapsed»b.eforo '.he nervous reaction. Alun 'turned away, but the next moment (clt Kelton grip his arm, then chug to it like a woman, tub- bing like a woman. '"I'd kejed myself up to it. 1 intended to kill myself after the inquiry was over. You have given mo back life and everything. What's thf good of trying to say I'm grateful--how cnn I 1 f i n d words?" "Grateful br jiggered," snt'd Alan, attempting a vast geniality. "And as to finding words--you find word« to bully a tin-pot government, and you and 1 will make a handsome profit out of this little nightmare of yours." Kelton was seized with a convulsion. His knees sagged, Alan gripped him and put .am back into his swivel chair. "Steady, boy, steady!" he admonished, "Pull yourself together. You've got a lot to do and you'va got to do it quickly. Good Lord! Here, mop your face up. That's rij'ht. You'd better Javo a wash. Come along. Through here, Un't it?" A couple of minutaa later Kelton was back in his room, white but jtead?. ^Do that letter to Randort now, and arrange for the writ. You can Set him off when he's apologized. I ' l l wait for you in a taxi outside. Go to it, old man, you'll feel O. K. in an hour or two." Two hours later they were back in Kelton's office. In those two hours Kelton and Hood had been credited with half a million dollars. With the aid of another l.iw- yer, proceedings for libel had been begun against Randon. In those two houis, too, it seemed to Alan, KcUon's whole ohilosophy of life had changed. His very appear- ence seemed different. (To bo Continued Tomorrow) OtfTlfht. l»2S, b» no» Vlo»«r l In Ktnr !T«*lurij HrniHrau, Iwt. Ing wlroTtmdef cover, f naif~iy~ fia s- Ing the Landers' dirty linen cut o er the cable linos of the world. The*nnrse's white frock'caroe spe id- Ing along my veranda. "There's a lady to see yo\i," .he said, bringing up beside the lour ge. "Matron says she may come. SI e'a called to inquire bo/ore, but ihe wouldn't come in. She asked to ct m« In today.'" , I dJrl not ask Ibo jady's n a m V ; I thought I knew It.j i When Jinny TrciU'hPi-. tall. finc!_thi|)J but graet fill., l i k e Trilby, fn fier'friry boBs, ap- pi'tii'prl al the vernnd|i's eod, I k lew my gness vr»s right, i More than hat --1 knew Sir fllchnra Fanshnw va« gono. Jinny's presence, Jinny's visit, rn -ant that she was, according to her iwn lights, free; that she could call 01 me with n clear conscience. She wa , in her pale, muslin dress, with her ?oa- d p r f u l fluffy red h a i r peerine « i d e r s block hnt, the prr-Ulear, most dis urb- ing t h i n g t h n t could have enterPi the chaste wards of thru hospital for m a n y B day. I roulcl havf sworn that eierj one In slffht n v ) e d me, '.-hen Jinny checked her fioaUng wjvli beside my lounge, dropped into a t hair, and crossing her yellow stlk-fock- Iniie*! knees with an n l r of entire comfort, asked mo how I was. ' 1 told her, briefly md, I thlnl-. un- t r u t h f u l l y . I was anxious to g - t to the reason for her call. Thnt sh · had not come for the sole purpose of looking nt Black Sheep, I know ns w ·!! as If she had toiU me. But (t si emcd hnrd for her to begin. Hht» chit tered like a pretty, painted pni-rakeet, isked t i f t y iiucsUons ftbout tho nurs and .the doctors and the conduct if the place yonerally, didn't wait t- v an answer lo a n y one. At Uat, losli g patience--I wns not patient, lu those days--I a!sl;cd her point-bianlc wuat she had come to tell m«, TO Ii£ CONT1KUED. Locking NfoTfu of th« P«.»t dc nit eii f r o m tha o j Tlit Courier. v 8 V V Sf v * BLACK SHEEP'S GOLD by Beatrice Grimshaw Illustrations by Irwln Myers Hi if. ff. V i " Copyright by Hughes Massle Co, I l i « \ e IK'M-I- had n lutider tasU lu i/i.\ life, t b i i n tin 1 fi'iiuiiug uf t h a t tt'l«- K I . I D I . To say (·nouitb, and not too miicb -- to i n f l u e n c e I'la s u n k r i o n n !a- llier, fiv n do/on «ords wired across i c o n t i n e n t , so Ilia I be should exert to bicak, or pustpone, hi? r'i m a r r l n p p -- trt jbp-n- mi- for n b a t I counseled, and at t t i f t same t i m e conceal the r h l d personal Interest t h a t had prompted the M'lidjng of the messnjre -- this I found. In Us e n t i r e t y , more t h a n I could man-iK'* TIHTP was no doing the thins; n H I : t» il« it somehow, any- h o w . wai n i l t h a t I c/mlrl expeci This W.-H \ \ l i u t 1 produced, In tbe i-nd : "Joseph Luurler. "LatU'ler Downs Sintlon, SoiJtb \ V n l e s : Afterward I heard w h n t had happened, and--as one a l w a y s does-wondered why I couldn't have guessed it at the time. Nobody had died, as I frantically assumed. Nobody had treated me vltli silent contempt. Nothing had fallen Into the hands of Fan- sliavr, or Splcer--though I had guessed fit all these solutions of the mystery. It wan simply t h a t Joseph Lnurier was In England, not nt home, and thnt my letter, marked "I'rhnte," and carefully sealed, had of course been sent on after him, Instcii'I of being opened^ by his secretary The telegram had also heen posted on; c» er t h n f , the secretary tint) used what lie tins pleased to call hi? judgment, 'and cle- JAISTAKY 10, 18SO. Thomas Hann, K. 0 bra teman, baa a linger mashed while c- tiiiHng car, in tho yard« bere. Dr. 3. J. Slnjjor haw sold the 3 leMuth farm recently purchadctl by ilrn to Frlck Company at ui adv, nco of several thousand dollnis. J a m e ^ Ilemloraou has i-esl{ ned as general superintendent of the Mount Bnuktocl! coke works to ongag i in tho coke business with It.aac Ts ylor at Fountain Mills. Mrs. Snvufi WJialey, -i deece-! dant of [Coloiie! Whaley, cue of the doneera 1 of Western J'ciiiisylvaiila, diof after a ! prolougcd illncPc, Her l a U i o i . Klisha Clayton, \\i\iv a plonw c l t l z e i of this town. N e w l y cle-i tod ofCicere of l o s t No. 101, (J A. 11, iirr- installed -y Com- mamk'r D u n n as follow b. Con uiuntler, 11 B. Cox; vice-commandoi. H. V. JJouglatis; junior t vice-coi m and or, Marciw D o n n e l l y ; quart' rmaster, Keiiry Kurt?,; i.urgeo)), O. \'. Newcomer; chaplain, llev. John -A Hanks; ·officer of the day, T A!. Keo, fl il officer al Lli- guard, Kmith Dawson Thomiifa Scntt, IS, and Char OB Flan-, 11, n a t r o \ \ l y eacapo Irowning in lb!. YnugbiriKheuy River vhilo at- I c - m p l l r i K to nin a r n f l f i o m C nfluonun ID ni-altetown siding tbo ctirrotit sweeping them down tho str \m, Tho raft ntrikea a roclc, throwing hem into I h n u a t c r . The-y tiWim o n t o the huso i tick f i o m u l i f t c they arc r cued by cided apparently, that he was l l k t l y " t o risk losliiR bis billet by send- 1'rosley Moore helln n o a r l j 300 acres of his faun tn Ihe I I . C'. V Ick poke Company for f 120,000. .lose h Slrlck- lor hells his C.irni of -til acr- s, adjoin- In^ tho M o o i e p i o p e r l v , tor M6,000 .V hoiinn ossii'd hy K u n e Christian and occupied by J.iob \\ ehner ill Saltlick t o w n s h i p t» dcatroj d by lire. Lane Company purcluif 3 tho con! works near ilcClure St.fl.tiot , formerly JANUARY 10, 18»0. Detailed re-port of the Connellbvllle coke trade- for tho week ending .January 4 6)10 we a total o£ 1-1,458 ovenfa in. tho region, ot which 13,fi3(J are iu blast and 822 idle, w i t h a total estimated production of J 19,504 tonw. Review of tho coko trado for the year 1S99 fellows D,S25,GOO tons of coko produced for the 12 months, ending Ddcembor 31, were valued at $8,150,OOM. Tho nvenigo price IB ?i.!0 per ton. Shipment*; aggregate 320,220 corts. In 1S70, Mra. ijlenry Picking of Somerset WJH bulled in tho Presbyterian Church at J e n n e r e t o w n . "SVhdu (ho casket is disinterred for removal to A n o t h e r cemetery Ihe body id found to bo in a romnrkable state of preservation. Officer*) of the Foyette C'ouuty Medical Society aro elected as follows: President, .1. W. W o r r e l l , vlco-prefli- dent, J. A. B u t t o n ; censor, li. Shoe- m a k e r ; delegates lo r.tate or1ety, Isaac Jackson, C. I/, ( l u m n i e r t , J. S. Hackney and J, D. Sturgeon. MarrJago liconpri aro issued in U n l o n t o w n ;is rollout,: Michnol Mor- anci Monica Donothof, 7iolh c f ; Samuel J. Harry and Mary T Smith, both of Lciaenring; Paul Wendel a n d / B e r t h a Slander, both of Duntjar township; Oliver J. Ilarring-1 ton, Broad Pord, and Mary Algoo, Dawson; Edward McGlvern, Scottdal-e, and Mary Grimes, U n i o n t o w n ; Saamel H. Klingensraitli and Tillie. J. Frey, botli of Westmoreland county; Curtin Show, SmlUifleM, and Stirah Turney, Morns Crohrt Roads; Kelix Eberhart, Dawson, and Franjicha Brlndlinger, M o u n t Pleasant; W i l l i a m P. Kessler arid Annie M. K p p l e r , both of New Haven; J o h n G. Clark, Bullskin to,W7i- fthlp, and. Caroline Ilosletter, Hpring- ' Held t o w n u a i p ; John IT. Glass ami I Jennie A Tlarbaugh, both of ITenry ' Clay t o w n s h i p , Charles GlUlngbam, j , urn] Mary M. Tin-ley, of , John C. T)easier and J c n n i o Uryner, bolh of KU'-narl lottn- phip, Charles K a m n i l l . f o r m e r l y - of Conn ^ l t s v i l l e , diet) at Ma.-fiilon, O h i o C'arda arc- out for tho marriage nf Mies O c r t r u d o Torrcnco, Now Havc-n, to A. C. O v o r h o l t of Scotldale, t h e e v e n t to bo solemnised In ^ T r i n i t y Kplscopal Church on J a n u a r y 16 J A N U A R Y 12, JOOO. TJetalled report of tho Connellsrille coko trade for the week ending January 6 showa a total of 19,606 ovens in tho region, of which 18,553 are in blast and 753 idle, with a total production of 200,420 tons. IVvicw of tho coke trade for the year 1859 shows 10,129,764 tons of' roke valued at $20,259,528 shipped out of tho Connellsville region. The output exceeded that of 1898 by 20 per cent. ^ Christopher West of Mafcontown dies at the Cottage State Hospital from injuries received w h i l e thawing dynamite. A t t o i n e y William I,. Cans and Mis? Lucy C. .Brooke arc married in Union- t o w n . II. C Krlek rotlre"} from actlvo management of lito H. C, Frick Coke Company. At the annual meeting o£ the company at Scottdaie, directors aro elected \e folia we: II, C. Frick, Thoman Lynch, George Lauder, James Gayle-y, D. M, Clemson, Andrew M. Morelaml a n d Thomas Morrison. Thomas Lynch Ja elected president, G, H, Bosworth, vice-president and treasurer; M. W. Bosworth, secretary; C. I T , Sponcer, gpnornl ZTgent, and 0. W. j Kennedy, general fciiperinteiKicnf. Officers of tho Connellsvillo .Military Band are elected n-? follow?,: President and director, Jamee Russell; bunlnesa manager, Charles Kussell; fiecretary, E. A. AlcCVibe; Ireafinror, H. I». llan- nam; tnifilecs, James P. Keffer, C'barlCB LialPley aud flcorge Francis. Diet and Health LULU H U N T PETgRS.Iia AUTHOR Of PUT AMD HCAIT|H'ANP DIET FOR CHllPRtfl Fat In Spots JjUtu H u n t Pcters, M D Ing tnv. eitriurdlniir.v nji.d unconj-lnc.- ( o w n e d by I.otnitson fc S t a u f t J A N L ' A R Y 6, 15)10. Detailed report of tho Couuellsvillo coke trade [or tho iveck e n d i n g January 1 shows a. total ot 39,158 ovens in the region of w h i c h 36,272 are iu Hast and 2.776 dlx» w l l b a total estimated production of -1-19,082 tons. THE OLD HQMi_T.QWN-_ ; Stanley luu-f.aKo mn.t *lrrnxl.v ail- .d'irii; t u a i t for ii^i-c^s/ii'y I n i i i i n o t M i l t k i c n t l y cninluiM/fl Of nt \ Jelm " Atnl I alined m j name, my lusls- nlticiint, unknown name. In f u l l -- "I'hlllp Cosgrove AttiDry." l.aurlfr would not kmnv I ' l i i l l p Cos.^n%H Amory from Adam, hut t h a t was per- lii\ps s o n u t b i n u to ilic jjood -- n i l tbiiiK^ tdiisUlproit. He w o u l d lu« bound !n mmniiMi jiriulfncp in u.dt tlu 1 in-rival my l ti-r befure pMim judgment rho m. l i t e r I lunl ilono I h c best t · "ill'' · t i On- t c i t c t , n i t i n o i l m d .i ;'i-ir : 1 )!" 1 ii'"Mit "f I I I ^ f" c n r r c t K t . on lu ·! i--l.ii d m'i»i I'ini'il ' h e 1 f,K i of ) n v .n i j i M i i i ' a i i i - f n u l l MJ-.-, L;iiirifr, »ni! -n f u n c ? i f l f t l N O jpili^lo5 -- c i l b r r t'ir t h l n p was u n f u r ^ i M i b ' M or if \\ns ti ft»r\ uv Jw.xofwl n i l t b a r i K s No at- teuijit to make capitnl, on my own nc- i ourit if the circumstances t h n t had t » ' n i c l t t iif I n t o \.'('iiu)titnlcuiin »-irh ( I \\ s i n !l v. J i i i i Ihe fn ts, lm mnif. I *^fl!fr? rfci--tt' PI! nnf! pn^tfr} rh« . K « h t « n « 3 of on That Sbe Had Not Come for tha Sole Purpose of Looking at Black Sheep, I Knew as W « l l as If She Had Told Me. sure H i n t tin i ~ urispenUablo fi^iile vruuld t i e \ e r pl.'ce a rlns on Pla s finger. As to w h a t mlpht happen to my- self.U nsade no guesses. I-lUe so m a n y men In s i m i l a r r-nsc. I thought 1 could lie content not to li!i\c her. not to lira;: h r j l » » n to my o n n lui/.nnloui level, if onl.i I mis!'! bo s m- t h n t no one else »yul(l t a k e my jilm-p 1 pictured her r c n m l f i l i i K an e t c i n n l maldon, uever of course, devcloplns Into an old maid, fir my sake, and WHS finite well plensi-t!. . . . v Well, I sn'lpd luu'it to Timi'sday H l n n d M'i'y !m{, and all In the diirk. A n d I suppose I w;i* 1 1 red, a f t e r tlifl long dii.V a n d Its inany onioliuus. 1 lind H Ihr-oty i l n i l ! n?\ir « : I H tlrcrt ; it seorni'd to rni* n disgraceful condition, Ht only t c i r dutards of f o i t y , so I never nllcwi U t h u l It lind touched, or could touch niyself. Hut Iho laws ot n a t u r e took no heed of tny feelings, nud tliiit iiljjlit tbpy bad their revense, f fell h a l f iish f| nt the l l l l e r , rammed tin 1 l u t t y . utid u a h tumbled d o w n I n t o the hold, lu«fi m m.\ liov couhl ( a t c b me. Hi- pick d me up I n s t a n t l y , but t h « care'("=! i n o n u n t trid dinf It! t i i i i t ii li u l l v ut tii-iiii ,unl t i n - I n . i H i ; u n i t it v n * (1l C I I « H H I I I v U l l ! u ' U \ Hl I h f in V l ^ l l U l ' l in i c i n n i i l to . lmv t l u i i ' i n r u i , i i l l » r i Ing, 1 found the rt-sultant conhni'ineni and delm. 1 was « n r b t fowimls t h e I l i r r i . ! b u d ' i l l u f p f n u p l i t i ·(* li I "-t\\ ro *· rn · i l i n-i. t had d^ne Che be»t glrcn tlmt. 1 oould n 11 pl.v h \ !'(in" f t oni \ y i i ' ] n o r t n o r w n · t h ^ M ^ , r niv | r l i*? 5 l o r i j o t ^ n i l n ^ 1 I uo- ^ HOW MANY TIMES HAVE i TOL.D vou TO WATCH YOU fS STEP YOU FILL. THAT -IF YOUR EYES on WORIC X ANP NOT ON V-/OUUPNT A' JEM PCUU-SC N, THE STraE KEEPER, Hours. LATEST OOV//M FAL.I- To "T~\BAR DOCTOR: I b a v o been t-J wonderfully helped by your diet andjp\erclaes on reduction Before following your HnBlructlon.') L w^s an Invalid. I b^d heai t trouble and couldn't go out alone on account it tli/.zl- ness. I coul'J not do my work and r had spent a small f o r t u n e t r y i n g to find a r-vire. ' received m o r e b e n e 111 Crom your inform a t i c n t b a n from anything else. "Can you prescribe »n exercise to re'Iuee the tipper arm? Arc the upper aims hard to reduce, and IB It a slot/ process? J want so much to be ab!e to wear slenveless dressea but I can't on account of my fat, unsighti:' arms, "Wliat do you tlijnk ct tho no- dinner plan -- 'Slim While 1 ou Steep'? , "MRS. W." The only thing for fat In spots -arms, leffs, hlpa, etc. -- besides the general reduction, 'ts special exercise nppltec? to thoae parts, and they must be peroiatcntly kept up, sometimes for months, before any effects aro noticed. Kor the arms, twistinK them in and out, and tenalnp them at tbe same time, dumbcll and Jndian club exercises, etc, nhould b r i n g results. I mention this "Slim While You Sleep" no-dinner plan In aiy book on reduction. Uo you refer to t h a t ? , t find that when f have my annual BUtnmar vacation exccat to icmoVc, J can do it most euslly liy havincr my chief meal lu tho m ddle of the day, talcing frult« or ski'n milk and 11 Jew crackers--not moi e than 200 to 300 C. worlh^ -- for i n y c \ e n l n g meal. It means rcfusint practically all dinner «njragemcnts for a period. (I usually accept one » \ i n i n j j dinner R week, flow I look fo.' vard to t t ! ) Somfiono has coined Uie couplet;. *If you want to be kllrniner, maJce your breakfast your dinrcr." T would change that 1o "If ou want to be slimmer, make ; our luncheon your dinner," However. It leally dosnn't matter when you tret your calories during tho day bo Ions as you stay on a reducing number, and many of our followeia wjite that they have a very light bteaKfast, Ilgrht lunch and erat« sized dlnrcr. It Is highly Imperative in many disorders, and especially in thoso ot the heart and kidneys, not to grlv» Uie aeart any excess work to do. and to have the blood In a normal condition. The heart, of course, bos much work when there Is excess weight, and the blood certainly is not noVmal when It la jfuppr-batnrntecJ with food pioclurts from overeating; therefore a reduction to normal tvelght Is always grttitly beneficial. Thank you, Mre. W.. for letting u* know your good lesulta. The PcterBlzltiff pamphlet, and the article on The Tummy Ten exerc-lses, can be obtained by following column rules « * * L'ci'tma. of the Ear Mrs. II.-- Until you can see your physician or an car spcrlallnr, re. mova t h e c-rustH by swabbing ti)« ear vilth a ii1cdgilot of cotton ralu- ratfd w i t h pern\ldo of hydrfigen. Wipe it out, ajici th^n swab with on» ppr cent yellow oxido of mercury. (This treatment ia also gdod for itch- Ing cars.) (Drugstores carry thl« medication alreadv piejiar«d In little ttibes. U Is also recommended for styes and certain other 'nflamma- tiona of the eyes.) Some cases of eczema of the ear are he' · 1 by frequent cleansing with absorbent cotton followed by powdered boric acid. You can (my little cotton atvabs already tnado up. In the drugstore*. an 1 If you can't, you can make them yourself with a niatchstlck and a bit of cotton. We have an article on c-ommon Ear Troubles which can b-. obtain*!] by column rules. Editor's Xvlc: Dr. Peters cannot diagnose noi- give personal ttdvlce. Your questions, if of general Interest, will b» answcicd in the column tn their turn, npfiuets for articles or pamphlets on hanrj must be accompanied by a f u l l y aelf-addressed, stamped envelope, plus the following small Charge to help cover cost of printing and handling: for eaeb artlr-la wanted. " cents in coin; for ench p.imphlft, 10 cents in coin. The pamphteta are Heducing and Gaining, Hygiene ot TVonnsn, KMncy and Uladdcr Disorders. Address Dr. Peters, In caro of this paper. Write legibly, and not ov-pr 200 words. If, C. J'rlck Coke Company ]Kiets notice*? of increases in n-agcs, effective January 16. _ ' William Ij. Layton, 30 years old, died at tho home of hiB parcnffi, Mr. ami Mrs. John Dayton 01 Washington, avenue. William Patterson, 75 years old, dies j at Perryopolts. W. L, Uaer, a farmer of near Mey- eredale, dies suddenly vhilo driving with a load of wood i n t o t h a t borough. liny Montague of. Ohiopylo sustains] a broken leg Jn a coas Ing accident, j George Burnworth of O h i o p y l e ie ' stricken with smallpox. Piano for a now high school, adjoin- , ing old Fourth Ward building, are adopted Tjy tho Board o! Education. .TASUAllY 15, 1920. J o h n ' P h l l l p McCabc, 75 years old, Tor 22 years yard boss a' th^ Davidson plant of the II. C. Frii'lc Coke Company, dice at tho home of a daughter at ScotWalo. Detailed report of thu Cormellsvllle coke trade for tho wcolc ending Jan- LLOYD GEORGE ·· · STARTS 68TH YEAR FULL OF VIGOR Determined to Carry on Rigor- R Policy to lletaiu Lib- .cral Variy's ]?wer. By U n i t e d Press. LOXDOX, Jiin. IS.-- David 6UccT"=.snr to tho latf- nary 10 ohows a t o t a l o£ 35,758 In tho region of which 22,55.1 are in , ° r J' J ·\' ( ''' u ", s - bUifit and 13,203 idle. v \ i ' h a total estimated production of 240,5flO tons. Uoj-j "Toy- l\iy" O'Connor ne father of tho British House of Commons, was 67 yesterday. The famous tUit^eman who has won numerous high distinctions d u r i n g Ina busy lite star(e out. his 6Sth y«ar \\Uli still two more honors since ho in also Hie oldfet member ot tho House oC Commons from tho standpoint ot service. Jlo has held t h e ' Carnarvon s-oat hitii-o 1S?0-- A consecutive term A coroner's |nry deCl u?e t h a t August O p p m a n , Uiil o w n r r of ConnellB- vllo, had been !dlleI accidentally when his automobile -MM struck by «i West Penu trolley rar 'i«ir tho troefle at l.olsenring No. I. Rev. Dr. A. .T. Aehe, father ot Stanley P. Asho, s u p e r i n t e n d e n t , of tho Counellaville hehool, diets at the of a daughter at I'arnaesus. At one time he was 'pastor of the local Methodist Episcopal Church. Pneumonia and d i p h t h e r i a cause tho' death of James Pontl, 22 years oJd, well known Springfield township man. John P. Trader, general manager of the Overholt Btsttlluif,' Company's p l a n t at Jirouil Ford, rf to leave BOOH for Kuropo ·where ho ]·; to have charts of the interests of Hint concern. Hockwel! Dull Jc bir nel on tlio face when a bottle of carbolic acid is acci- d e n t a l l y tipped over In nisei's d r u g htoio. d l m i n u U v o Tho little ttmo for hnuriri'dri of congnituiator.v telegrams. He is d e t e r m i n e ^ to carry life rigorous policy to regain Cor th« Liberal party the r u l i n g pnwei and 1S2 , w h i c h wan loht In October al lie resigned the prcmi^V". with relentles.s pfrfiislPiicy, 1 a niimhw of mun\)in J3aM'l George ha6 be v n conndcrcd (ho tential point of G r e a t Britain's p o l i t i cal maelstrom. Kvon tliougb his pany- Ime been out ot power since 1922, his position h a s bee-n regarded as the. crux of tl'o political situation. A political axiom l a t e l y been, "Wotcli ]/!oyd George because ne he goes, so Kee tbe Government." While it is riot expected t h a t ho will bo elected premier, Jite i n f l u e n c e In whoever is elected is enormous. ills power united w i t h (ho Labor Party against Hie- Conservativeti coukl keep llamhay MacDonuld at tbo head ·of the Government, or nbf-olute alli- I'utrick J. Donnelly 40, well known ance^with^ the ^Confeorvatives in Connellavllle, dies nt tho home of hif i nrcnlii nt llrookv.ilp NEARLY 40 MILLIONS PAID FOR GAS TAX HARRISBURG, Jan. 17--Money collected from the tax oil gaeollne in Pennsylvania w i l l amount approximately to $30,400,000 Cor the year just closed, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles Benjamin G ISynou has announced. State Treasurer Edward,'Martin gave a list of statistics concerning t h e present and past o£ the Pennsylvania otato highway system, In 1910 there were nearly 3,000 water-brpakrf between Philadelphia and P tteburg, on tbe Lincoln Highway. Macadam roadti Jii the state were given no oil treatment in 1911. Only · constructed in in nl! probability, teat Stanley Bald- « I n again W h i l e Hie n o r l ' J k n o w s !/loyl as ( l i ^ man w h o lr] Great lU-it/iiu fo victory In (hr» late war, and as ouo of tho big four at, th« Treaty of Veieailleh, cloiie frtends know him best us a -vigorous hard working statesman Today Lloyd George is tbe only fatber in Great Britain who has botb. .-) eon and daughter in tbo Ilonee ot Commons. Major Gwilyn and Mies Megan, MB children, ivou Liberal soats iu the Ilouee of Commons during tbe past year. Only one other family besides Llo'yd George's) tho Arthur Henderson household, bos three menibere in the House o£ Commoiifi When not attending ses-alons of Parliament he divides his time between bis homes at Bron-V-Dc, Churl In Surrey and LSrymiwelon, Criccieth in Carnarron. Journalistic pursuits, miles of road were I study and delivering speeches occupy 191.' by tbo State Hignway Departmei t. Iu 1020 one could not travel n u - r e t h a n BO miloh in any dire-ftloii %\ i bout havint; to P;IKK over dirt rcwid A total of$20,4GC, 137.15 was in t h e S t d l e Tr(?.«,u.-v by much of bir; time Dickerson Run )N 1UIN T , J a n . 18--Genci U t h e M o t o r ' Fojoinun W. H. S i m m o n ; of tho ca- VohiclcH Jiureaii ot I IIP Ilpvenue DC- I t-hops loft Thurtday morntnq for A l - piu-tmcnl, from , f u h 1 to IJecembcr J,|to»'. · N; - Y., on a buinca? trip. Ho 1929. [ w i l l return Sunday. Money collected hrough tbo gaso-! Mrs - Krnest Wingrove is spending line tax for th* flsce I year ending May ' tnil week Tisiting her parotitis, 11 , 31, 192^, amounted to $19,5" i,14C.32. uru! Mrc. John Torublin at New Kei Inn-Ing the fiscal yi ,11- e n d i n g May 31, s t n u t o n __ | M i l l e r wcvn f - h o p i ' l u ? in r n i o n t o - n r i fii f ? i l of oni(Mb(j}g " · j o h t 5 - r i l . l v Then 150 our f lasyifleij C o l u m n * j NS'llllitm Bi^-cl nj C o n i i c l l h \ ille w a ? n, low, I bueuK'-b callni )inr* las.t

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