The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JANUARY IS, 1930. DAILY COURIER; C ONNELLSVILLE, FA. f Basketball TUP SPORTING WORT D 1 11JL.4 kJl V/JTV 1 11 il VJ VV V/lVl-iJL^ Bj JAMES 3ff, I1USCOLI. Baseball Tulley Scores 13 Field Goals As Dunbar] Township High Takes First Place in Section Twelve Hurst fr'nlls Before Shearer Mnchine by Decisive Count Of 49 to 1«. M. SMITH STARS AS TEAM LOSES The Dunbar Township High School baaheteor*. ran roughshod \ over Huret last, night, routing the Mount Pleas- int Township High representatives by a score of 40 to lf to take the lead in Section XII ot the W. t. J. A. League us Perry Townshrlp toppled Sowlckley Township and Bello Vornon iipsot East Huntingdon. Joo Tulley, Dunbar's all-county candidate!, wae the only Red find Black u f h l e t o (o participate in the entire game and to make hte day's work worth, while the rangy forward sent 13 double-dockers through the luiop to account for nioie than halt of the l/oteenrlng club's points, lie also dropped one from the free lino to inako a total ot 27 tallies. M. Smith of Hurst thrilled the largo crowd at the Hurst gymnasium when ho chalked up six Hold goals, five of which were matlo from near mtdfloor. Smltly hnd hie eagle eye on the net and several of his trie* rang the rim. Thoro was never any question as to tho ·winncT, Dunbar taking a big advantage at tho first whistle and a lead- lly increasing the margin. When tlio ft rat quarter ended, the Duubarites had chalked up 11 points and held Hurst to one. Two more wore accounted by tho home quintet iu tho second frame as the Shearer machlno registered an even dozen. Hurst Khowod hotter form in tho second half, scoring six and seven respectively In the next two quarters while D. T. continued the fino shooting with 11 and 15 respectively. Bruce Shearer had an opportunity to use practically his entire squad. Tulley wan kept in tho game to keep tho roster braced while the mentor did not ueo Skeote Skonazuy, resting h t m up for next week's program. Tho line-up: Unnbnr--1',), Hurst--16. Tulley F Lehman Nero- -P M. Smith Miller .. C W. Smith Bailey ..... G Reilly CJ Substitutions -- Burkey for Nere, KeshenboiT for Miller, Behreiifi for .Ueshenberr, Worthlngton for Bailey, Kosbenbei-K for Roilly, Streliu for Lehman, Lehman tor Strelic, K u r U for Lehman, Jones for Kurtz, Mc- ('oogun far Seni, Strelic for Me- Gloogan, Jones for Krotz. Field goula--Tulley 13, Nore 3, llUlor, Balloy 3, Keilly, Kcfchoubcrg, J\I. Smith 6, McGoogan. Individual fouls--Tulley, 1 out of 4, Bailey, 1 out ot 1; RoiUy, 1 out of 5; Heshenberg, 2 out of 2;.M. Smith, 1 out of 3; Seni, 1 oVt of 1. Team fouls--IJuabar, 5 out of 12; Hurat, 2 out of 4. He-force--Alwlne. W. P. I. A. League Summary SECTION TEK. YeMerdaj's Results. Jeannotto I t ; Scoltdal-o 22. Mount 1'lciisant 10; Latrolw S. .STAN'DINOS W. Uniontown Jeannettc .- -- Latrobo .... --~ Scottdale - Cotniellsvllto Greonaburg -Mount Pleasant 2 1 1 ...1 PoL 1000 .750 .667 .333 .333 .333 .250 ft.unes Monday. Unlontowii at Greensburg. SECTION FIVE. Yostardnys Results. West Newton 45; South Brownsville 21. Donora 22; Monongahela 9. Monesson 4 i ; Carllfornta 14. Monosscn .. ... Mouoii'gahela Charlei'oi ..... _________ . ____ ...3 Donor a . _.. ___ ,,, ____ .__. ____ 3 Wesl Newton ____________ 2 South Brownsville ________ 1 California ... _________________ 0 L. 0 1 1 2 3 Vet. lOO .0(57 .(187 .500 .500 .333 .000 Games Tuesday, Wett Ne-wtoi at Moilongahola. Monc-ssen at South Brownsville, Charterol at California. SECTIOX T1VJKLTK. Yesterday's Kesnlts Perry 2S; SdwioJtley 10. Dunbar 47; Hurst 16. Belle Vernou 20; Kast Huntingdon 13. S'JANDINOS W. L, I'ct. Dunbar 3 0 1000 Sowlckley^ J! 1 .007 Perry ,,,.. J .....3 t .687 Bolle Vernoii _., 2 1 ' .067 lOast IIuntingd-ii . 0 3 .000 S on { | Hurst 0 3 .000 Krota I -- ' (James Friday. Jlurst at HPV,ickl^y. lumbar at Hi Ho Vernon. Perry at I'Jatt Pluntlngdon. SKCTION' TIHJBTEJB.X. Yesterday's Kesnlts North Union 16; Brownsville 10. Georges 25; Smith Union 12. Point Marion 17; Reds-tone 7. German 22; C irmichaelsi 20. EAST HUNTINGDON QUINTET DEFEATED BY BELE VERNON Kant H u n t i n g d o n Township kept pace with lie lie Vernon during the first half of their fray in Section- XII last night but was nnabla to hold its own during the second half as Be-lle Vernon forged into tho lead to win by a scoro of 20 to 13. Tho line-up: K. Huntingdon-- lit. Belle Yemen-- 20. Shaeffer ... .................. F ....... Tomechko ... ... ....... F Audrish ...................... C I^emmon ............. ------- CJ llezort ..... ............... -... G Substitutions -- Depta for ~ Mat-tin Stanley Waslcek Coates ... Baur Shaeffer, North Union Brownsville Point Marlon (Verman -- Oarmichaelis Kodslono Georges -South Union STANDINGS W. 4 % ' I'ct 1000 .7511 ,750 .500 ,;!33 .:!33 .'J50 ,000 (.Junto 1 -. Bnwnsville at Georges. South Union at. Redstotfe. German at North Union. Point Marion ,it Cartnlcha-ols. YOUGH MOTOR WINS ODD (ME IN DUCKS Ityskcll for Tomechko, King for Lem- 1110:1, Wallenlino for Wasicok. Field goalK -- Shaeffer 4, Martin 5, Stanley, Wullontlno, Coates. , Foul goals -- East Huntingdon, 5 out o£ 13; Bolle Vernon, 4 out of 12. Scare by periods: Hello Vernon ........ ------- ...... 1 2 7 Kast Huntingdon - -------- S 1 I Referee -- Austin. 4--20 3 -- l.'t Tho odd. game went to the Tough Motor last night in a duckpln match with the Auto WiockliiR at Elk alleys. Yates was high with 145. Tlio scores: AUTO WRECKING. SMITHTOM BOWLERS WIN AT PERRYOPOLIS McGrath ., Yates S wall op H., Wing rove Daniels .... Totals .. Snyder .. Small ..... White. Plzzl ...... Ilowser Totals 120 :. .161 - _.. .114 110 104, 128 13S ISfi 13 J 124 J40 J4t JG!) 130 128 388 445 41!) 371 35(5 609 057 YOUGII MOTOR. 14G 157 103 313 113 132 125 126 ...130 150 713 1979 137 138 S3 129 132 440 354 328 378 421 b'3ti 677 OiU 1022 The Smithton bowlliiR team trimmed the Perryopolis club on tho Brown allej.i at Parryopolis on Thursday evening by a murgln of 16S pins. The line-up: SMITHTON. Vulale ............ 130 157 (.'rot-key ........... H5 l«rt Viah ..... -------- ---- 17(i Albert -- .. .107 Chink - ..... 14, 1 , 316 12;5 17U 124 141! 411 4GS ·1SS ;',7G MONESSEN WILL PLAY SCOTTDALE QUINT TONIGHT 470 ! . 701 7r.(J t ' K H H V O P O M S 1*1 100 lll'l \Vint A rh.i!ti 13i own Total s i 17 Mil 75'J 051 2.17 i 4151} j 401' 113 2015 mou*r--rcad t h e ad*, today. SCOTTDALID, Jau. IS.--Tho Knights ot Pythias basketoi r.s of Monessen will play tonight at !i 30 o'clock at the State Armory, in-^-ting the Scottdala Dulcks In a return 'Migiisenioiit. In the recent contest at tho Mone.s- sen w i l l play tonl l i t at 8:30 o'clock at th-e State A r m o r y , meet Ing tho S'otlda-lo ljulc.-k-, in u n-turn t-ngaKft- in ctit. In tho iti'eut coi t f s l at iho- Moneu- sen iloor. tht Pytlnaus viaerKed by u d»'olslv«» margin. 'I Iu* B u t r k K u i e de- .to got IXHOUKI' { lasslfleil A d criiscnicnts Bring results w h e n placet] In tho col- umas uf Tha Uaili CVurler. Charleroi Team Undecided About Middle Atlantic Charleroi, tho 192f) championship club of the Middle Atlantic League, is undecided about 1330, according to an article which appeared in Iho Char- lorol Mall. Thoro la little light shed on any situation In tho excerpt which foil owe: "The Mid-Atlantic sport brew is bubbling with activity, the first barrage of rumors havo been hurled across No Man's Land of Winter's fiolgo and a royal bounty hati boon declared for such noble hoada of the j;amo ae can be corralled before tho arrival of spring training weather. "Tho Cumberland and Wheeling camps have announced their intentions for tho coming season ami arc beginning to got "feelora" out for «onie of the circuit material. "Fairmont has announced the passing ot Joe Phillip, the Way«e«burg manager. "A Cumberland correspondent, a few days ago, declared that Dob Hico would not bo back in Charleroi--. which was news horo l«ft October. KIce will likely coujvct with tho Now York-Pennsylvania League and may bo with York, according- to pretont reports. His return to manage a Middle Atlantic tetsm would bo about the only Burprltse which could spring up from tho middle ot tho prediction pot. "Charlorol la «U1! w i t h o u t an announcement regarding 1030 indications. "No one h«« ventured to say whether or not a team will oporate here. There are only half a dozen men in town who can make the prophocy In any degree of truth or reliability. So far these baseball leaders havo been silent. "Formation of the schedule Is reported already under way and to ro- vNe it would not entail much difference. Should Charlerol'a franchise be asmmcd by another town, that city would replace- Charleroi in tho dutofl and that Is about all there would he to it. "There are not as many towns fio ansloua to get into th« Micidlu At- AMATEUR BOXING SHOW JANUARY 28 AT SLAVISH HALL Eddie tCnfforty Will Moot Johnny Rock in Tnterest- Engage neni. CRAVATTA S ALSO HOOKED The Slavish Hall on th West Side Will "bo the 'ice-lie of a inther of the clatiny amatuur fl^tic p ograma sponsored hy tho (,'onnellf- ville Athletic Club OH Tuesday eveuli j, January 28. Quo of t h e most imp6 'taut bouta on the Bchodulo is that 1 atweoa Kddle iMcCafforty of Unlontovt u and Johnny floclr of ContiolltjvUle, The boys will crawl through the ropes at 150 pounds. Rock, recognized na on - ot the best exponents of oaultflovt ardom la the city, is bolloved to be n, for a hard evening when ho Ukee -n JlcOafferty who has been burning up things in the Fayotto cotmtyucat. KJddlo gavo Jack -Sin 1th u roal hart battle whon they fought not so lonj ago and the promoters fool that he ie j u s t ^ the person to make 1 hinge 1 ttereatlng for nock. Another of tho outst nding ov«nta Walter Harden Has Good Score In Trapshoots ·Walter Warden of Whistle Park made an excellent record in shooting at handicap targeta during/1SI29, according 'to figures just, compiled. Despite tlio fact that the year 1929 was only his second !n trapshootlng, ho succeeded In making an average oE D3 perfect hit* out of 100 on 050 targets, shooting from the 1 to the 22 yard lino. Harden, one of the best handicap shooters'In "Western 'Pennsylvania, is recognized as one of the lead ere In that league as his B^eoros will show, vouching for hte friends' contention that ho is an expert in this stylo of shooting. During- the national shoot helrl at on the slate Is tlio inatcl Vtelta of Wrct Newton Cravatta of 1'nlontnwn i between Hed and Charley ho will be In tho final bout. Tha \ 'eat Newton battler hrui an cnvlahl' record al- tliough he Is just a new loraor In the Kiuno end he w i l l have- to match his wltd vrltH tho more experienced Cravat! a who has pa ticlpated i» scort-fl ot shows. Teddy Mancuso of Con ellsvllle will take on Jounr.y ./at-ketlt ) of Uniontown while Pnte KUormai , ftnother local boy, hcrajw w i t h Sai imy Asia, of Unlontown. Eii'jB Sick e« of West Newton tanglcfl w i t h Ike RuIH of the W«Bt Sklo and Kid Cra^ ley of West ti Joo V.xrgoc cy of Young- l0n wood. Mount Pleasart Ikats Latrjk For Firt Win Mount Pleasant High s ning a big surprise- In Section X of the W. P. I A. League last, night 1 r defeating Ui* highly fouitfd Latrobi quintet by a scoro of 10 t n S In a clot ly guarded contest. Hy v i r t u e of t e triumph, lantie League aa fane have boon led to U a l o n t o w n has u m l l s p u t w possession believe. AHoona, Steubenvillo"; Me-1 of first place for tho time being. the Keesport, Washington, U n i o n t o w n and Morgantown have been mentioned. "Altoona han already declined bu- cauae no park IB available, Stouben- vlllo already haa one of the best pay- Ing Independent baseball clube In the Tn-State district; Washington does nol have the {.porting bloods who would buy the franchise and take tho ch«.ncca with a 'flret year' baby (which has BO often turned out Io bo a w h i t e elephant on pay-days); McKeesport does not havo minor league baseball for reason of th« fact that LjUrobo unlere!.Uinat«! the real power of the- .Moui'Hss In dc-,v of the fact that thft club was UHD le to flash Un ontown or t! (s veteran Vandalia, Ohio, in August, Harden won a place ,m Team No. 2 to represent Pennsylvania in the all-state team races but was unable to shoot because of a serloua bruise on hla cheek which Ke received on the flrfit d«y ot the meeting. However on the fifth day he again entered and shot lii t h grand American, handicap and succeeded In breaking 92 out of 100 from the 21-yard line, despite (he fact that, he waB hampered by the bruise on his cheek. Keagy Corner Team Victor Eighth Straight Game; Now Wants to Meet Caseys S«wickley Team bs$s First Game At Perryopolis Perry Township High went into a tie for second position In Section Xlf of the W. I*. I. A. League yetterday when tho Dickson quintet came through with a 28 to 16 triumph over Sewickley Townehlp at tho Perryopo- lls floor ( I t was the first defeat of tho eeaeon for tho Hennlnlo dribblers. line-up: Perry-- -28. SeTvlckley-- 18. Daugherty ________ F" _____ Camptield Galley ____ ._..._ -P --------- Goodlin Swettia _________ G _____ Latlraoi-o Baughmnu ... ...... -- G -- Loughner Thrasher ___________ ,G ______ Petri Substitutions -- Klmak for Thraahar, Neabltt for Ixijighner. Field, goals -- Dangherty 4, Galley 3, Swetta 4, Thrasher, Carnpfleld 2, Good- lln 2, Lntlmore. Foul goals -- Pwry, 4 o\»t of 7; Sewickley, (i out ot 10. netereo-- Phillips. Forbes Field is simply a j u m p over the bill; Uniontown had the franchise ones and learned Its lc«con; Morgantown haa two Independent, teams which supply tho fans. And thus it Btai'ds, "The accumulated thought here icnda toward the belief that a great deal more support m u s t be given the team, even before another team will be launched. "There le no doubt of the fact t h a t nob Rice developed ono «f the Unc w o r k i n g teams which the Middle Atlantic has ever seen, "Nevertheless interest was lacking in either season's half and by tho lime tho Blue Ridge play-off came along, it was a Hat of red figures In tho yuar'e ledger boolca which faced the owners. "Sporting spirit may bo at Ite height, hut when there are no face« in tho stands this spirit dies, slowly sorne- ' but surely. "The numerous inquiries which have leen made here about a team for tho coming year may just ae well not 1o naked. No 0110 knows--and apparently no one ctvrc«, or at least that is what would bo deduced from among- the fans." NORTH UNION GOES INTO FIRST PLACE WITH ANOTHER WIN Ray Welsh's powerful North Union Township High School cago machine novecl Into first place in Section XIII yy administering a 1Q to 10 defeat to Brownsville at the latter's floor. The former ConnellHville High floor ntar has developed a smooth function- o u t f i t that is being regarded as the champion of that section. The line-up: A'orth Union--1C. Brownsville--10. Lewis F Gladden Flshi F F. Patrick S h l f f b u u e r C Youhousc G Hapcheclr Substitutions--Crosslamt loi Fisher, Craft for J. Patrick. ['Mold goals--Lewis 'J, S l i i i r i j a u c r 1!, Ghuldt u, F. Patrick. Foul goals--'North U n i o n , (i L i t uf 13; U i o w n s v l l l e , ·! out of ti j Score by periods. ! Xortli U n i o a 1 (t .( ;s--|(i Brownsville S 0 -2 0 10 Kef ore c-- any brilliance a g a i n K t OmenKbiirg. H o w o v t r team showed p l e n t y ot lit it. The i i n e - u p : Mount I'lrnsanl--to. (ati*obe--8. Abromson -- If GutklewicK Paladlno F Akin Freed _.. -- C .,,, . Goldman V o l h l n _. O , Campbell Benedict (I. Cort Substitutions--niorcheck for Ab- romaon, Doh«rly for Akin, Malloy for Goldman, MoerHch for Cort field Koala--Hierclieck, Paladino, Benedict 3, Gutkle\\icx, Oa ibo!l 2, Foul goals--Mount Pica.' int, of 9; Latrobe, 1! out of U. Bcoro by pnrlods: Mount. Pleasant 1 Uefcree -- Wilson. out 5--JO 2-- 8 SPORTS OLEAKIJGS Ixjuis IJ. Dally, New Yo k realtor, will become president of me United Stateu T^-iwii Tonnls Asso iation on February ir, it Is announce! , snocood- ingp Sauniel H Colloni of Ph ladolphja, who has- .held otDc-o for wo years. * # » Clurnegite Toch'a bm.ketb 11 team lost Its fifth in « row la^ft n ght, bowing to Michigan State- by ; scoro ot Howard llarpnter, former Carnegie Tech quarterback, has sign *d a contract to couch (Jone\a Colle ;o. "· * * * Arthur (The Oven!) Shire i aayn lie w;lll abide 'by whatever nil' ig Judge K. M. Landis, high corrtminioneir of baseball, m«y mako in h l s ( ase. Ho ad-da Unit if h« Jius Io quit tl o ring ho will UKSO about $FvO,(K0. « * * The Pitt 1'Yeshinan basket inll foam defeated tho Junior College t Uniontown last night, fi6-27. * * * Stanford's "m-ost valuable pilayer," Carlea Smalling, hns taken t position as assistant foe (ball coach at Unl- v-erslly of Mississippi. * * * Bowling has b«como,a pop lar vrln- ter sport. Several leagues ar · operating her, including t/io City I/eiigiw, iho Capstan Glass Ix-ague, t 10 Baltimore Ohio Leagius and 1 v0 Wfest Penn Iveague. In addition, t lore aro luiiulreda of men who engage in the sporl who do iut roil in any ii gnni/.o.|l loop. I'owt-rs l-'iill to Agree Tlll-J HACU'K, J a n . 13.--T io l l l t l o 1'itlltMl to c-oii v tt an w i t h Ar.rttria, liuls iria. and H u n g a r y on o n b t e i n reparatU us at't-er t in all-night discussion. They ire now debating w/ietlier H is poss bl« for them to accept Lhs Yuun? pi n Mond a v w i t h o u t any a c r e c m c n t w th t h e i r MOULDERS DOWN POLISH OUTFIT JNDUCK G^OUP The Mould Shop won three straight games from tho Patten. Department on the Elks alleys. Jami«o;i of the Mould Shop had a 170 score and Me teal f of tho Polishers was high for three games with 447. The ecoreu: ·Would Shop J. Ambrlsco 131 9-t Snyde-r - 39 101 Shu pa .. : 03 Jamison 170 Jolllffo 133 Sohonago 149 90 122 12-i 145 i 7 j ono A t^ V M i l 123-- 313 110-- 293 137-- 429 13S-- 392 104-- 398 Dunbar Girls Wiin, Junior High Loses In Contests Here Unable to copo with tho air-tight ·defense o£ the Dunbar lassies tho girls' basketball team of Conncllsvillo suffered defeat at the hands ot its amjient rival, Dun bar Totonship, last evening a.t the local gym. The local girls put up a hiwc light but the close of tho ga-me fount!; thorn on tho end of the lfi-7 score. CilTta|n Thomas and her r u n n i n g nuiif, Miss Mclifi.r proved t-oo much for tire local forw.mla when the ball was in ConiH'Msvllla territory, holding them io three field jjoala, The Cokor girls also had difficulty in passing the ball iivto scoring position for the visitors seemed to bo ·everywhere and often tho ball was passed to them by inlbtakc. Dunbar went into the lead at tho start of the fray and hold it throughout the entire contest. They outscored the homo team In every quarter but 'the second and In it they wero only one point ally, Connellsvllle making four points to L)unbar's three. Tho-passing of t h i ball between tho Dimbarltcs was accurate. However tho Cokers fenwnep fought hard and went after the ball with the same determination as their, opponents and often playjers oa both Bides wore" Bpilled. on tha floor in thoir scramMo, The Coctiran ..... Dunbar TV. p.--16. _.F - Bosloy .F .. C_ . Kurtz ...,, V. Miller _ Patterson .,,,, Thomofl _ ,,. Eiclwr for Oekosky, Fletcher -- Smi'ih Rohm --, Decker Bii bs tl HI Uon s--Por tor Cokosky for Porter. Field goails--Cochran, Cekasky 2; Bosley 4, Kurta 3. Foul goals--Cochran, missed 3; Cokoaky, 2 out. of 2; Bosley, 2 out o£ ·I; Kurtz, missed on' 1 . Ttotoree--Mrs. Sund«rsun. The Coker treshm-m defeated Duj!bar Township frobl. Quintet in Ihe preliminary to the girls' basketball gumo at the local Jtyninaslum last evouing by UJQ close tcoro of 10 to s. Tho teams ware evenly matched, each j side scoring two fu-ld goals. The Dunbarites led in the scoring up until the latter part of fie last quarter when a Held goal nu-de by Penn, followed by two successful tries from the 1'reo line as Jaros waa fouled, placed the locals one point in the lead. Tha Cokers were lield scoreless in the ilrst, period while tho visitors South Side Quintet Upsets iontown Rnin?)l«r.s Hi Uneven lloittcsi. SELLERS IS HIGH SCORER The Keagy Corner b n s l c o t b u l l q u n i tot c'hallied up another victory I: c -i ovenlng at the State armory when 11 vanaulshed Ilia retiuted Hamblers ol Uniontown with the (locisslve »eo) i\ 44-1K. Hellers ran wild, scoring Held goals.- That lanky youth w :·· dropping; t h e m in from all positio ion tho floor, and when H came u guarding he was 1hcvi prevpnl:;^' "his man" from feuorlni; a u u M t a · f i e l d R O t t l . 7'ho C'ornei' o u t / i t hrul cverylhii ;; going itfe way from ( h e beginning the end, most of UB incmborti scorlt '-· at will,. Sellers loading with his elglii doublo-declfprs. Playing their best throughout, tl · entire fray they wore enabled to itec t tho visitors' Heorc down while co: - tlnually adding to their own. FasL hard, bouncing passes bewllderc') (heir opponents and conllnuatly pein - ti'ated iho opposing doleiiho. The fact that the game was elrunly playo 1 Is evidenced by tho scarclly of f o u i us only seven wore called throughojl the entire game. Tho Kea«y Corner pasBcrs h a v won eight'consooutlve gameB and r r . ulrcady looking/ forward to the C!lse^ Corner game which will be phiyc' 1 Kometlnic iu the near future, Tho line-up: Keugy Corner-- 11. .Ramblers-- C Floto, ............. ............. K .................. Renningp) Sellers ..................... F ........................... ...Copi Guynn.... ..... ,, ............. ,,, c ___________ . ______ ..... Met: Bergta ------------ G ----------- . _____ ^^Vood.· King ---------- ................. U ..... ___ __________ Glrln Substitutions -- Soisson for Guyun Miller for Rorgln, Zininiorman foi King, Jackson far Cope, Catou foi Glrbe. Field goals-- Floto 2, Sellers 8 CJuynii, Soiason 3, Bergiu, Miller fi King; Hciminger 2, Jackson 2, Caton Foul goals -- Kioto made one, Millei made 1; Rennlnger made 1, Cop« made one, Woods 3 out of 3. Keferce -- Hobblns. Totals 2 709 744--2225 Polfsh Department J. Arnbrteco . Dummy _ Shipley, . . D u m m y Moschide . Met calf 6 _ 131 . 85 120 a? 97 158 04 85 153 100 300 133 174-- 393 85-- 255 UT-- 376 108-- 305 108-- 305 156-- .417 Totals 6S2 650 705--2037 PACKERS SWEEP MACHINE SHOP; MARGINS NARROW Tho Packing Department won three- games from the Machine Shop on the Elks alleys in tho Capstan League. K. Mltlor of the Packing Department was high for/ one gamo with 200 and high for throe games with 05. The scores: Mnch!ne Shop. Dowling 131 SI Benltie 134 321 PHse _.. .'. 06 100 Tipping ,,,,, 74 129 G. Clawsoti _. 126 1B9 tjO-- H2D 100-- ,-560 13;i-- 328 132-- 335 115-- 400 Totals COO 503 695--1748 Packing Department Kaylor - I l l 113 86--310 McElhaney ... 137 93 122-r- 352 Durbin 116 King ..,,. . 136 netted three points. Tho lialC closed with the lied and IJla:k cagers on the long: end of tho 5-3 pcorc. This lead wati increased to throo iioints as the third quarter terminated, (he score then being 7-4. Burkey, playing a guard position, promises to become an' i m p o r t u n e tactor of Dunuar's basketball quintet in later years. He scored half of his team's points and was in tho midst of most of defensive olayiug. The- line-up: Conncllsvllle-- 10. Dnnlmr-- S Mantcll ....................... F ................... Goodman Guerrlcro ....... ,,..,,...._ F ... ,...,_ ......... _,, ...... _Hart Hlchardsou -- ...... C .............. Livingston ..TM, ...... «--,. G M. ..». ..... -- ......... Hurkcy n»«_«. G .......... --,....»... (J-nilUc-i' Substitutions -- Jaros for Mantel), Blasoy for Guerrioro, McCormlck for llichardsoa, Whipkey for Rudy, Poiin for Dunstan; Meeks for Gmltter. Field goals -- Jaroa, Penn, Livingston, Burkey. Foul goals -- .Taros, 3 out oi 3, Blasey 1 out of 2, McCormlck 1 oin, oC ;{, Penn 1 out of 2; Han made one, Burkey 2 out of 4, Gmitter nnulo one. Kuferee -- Gatzy. JEANNETTE WINS FROM SCOTTDALE; MARGIN DECISIVE Jeannet.te upset the powerful Scottdale High combination last night in Section X ot the W. P. I. A. League by the decisive scoro of 41 to 22. The margin was a big surprise io followers ot tho group who had anticipated a very close battle. Cribbs and Caslnl hud a field day at the expense of the Millers, getting six double-deckers each. The line-up: Scoltdulc-- 32. E. Miller Totals 140 114 116 200 124-- 354 105-- 357 105-- 505 640 636 602--1S7S Waits 24 Years to Make a Hole in One .LITTM-J ROCK, A r k , J a n . IS -- An ambition h a r h m e d for ^ i years ivaw realized hero hy W. \V Johnson when iie made his first holc-in-onc in nearly a quarter of a c e n t u r y of soiling. Ho used a nidnhle n i b l i c k to negotiate I h o 12t-.vard H i h l i o l p in a JcaiHielte--II. Cribba Cue 1 ni Kryxack _ .. ,, Blcher Stauffor Cox ._ Walde F. .. F... C. O . Stevenson : .G..- Substltutionii--Urn be k for Crlbbe, Bangal for Caslni, Wuri'.ell for Kry- zack, Gagllardi for Lejcius, Carroll for Steveiieon, C«mllu for Richer, Jescwlskl for Statiffer, Co may for Cox, Skenip for Waide', S w a r t x for llush Field ^ouls-- C'rlbb'i (J, f ' a s i u i 11, Lej- uluti, (lagllurdl, Stevetiao i y, lOiclu'r 2, Stauflfer ·'·!. Cox 2, Walde. Hush. Foul goalts--Jennncltc, 7 out of 15; Seottdale, 4 out ot 10. Referee--Ruttonbudi. FOUL STARTS ANOTHER TILT JWER BETTINi PARIS, Jan. IS--When o low blow Kent the Italian down in ihoir nrsi fight at Albert. Hall, tho match wu n i l over for W. L. (Young) Striblina and Primo Camera, but not for Berr Wall and Samuel Pierce, popuUtt fcporiemen in the American colony ol Perls. For them the fight hue j u s i begun. Pierce was all for Carner.i and Wall could see nothing but Stribling, and they hocked up their arguments will, hard Li tho bar of one of ( h e most luxurious of the do luxe IKI*- teleriea of Purls, they laid their money on the mahogany and usimi Frank, the b a r m a n , to hold the stakes. Tho odI« were gainst Urn Vonctlsm giant, so Wall guvo I»\ank f2,(lOO urnl Pierce $1,200, Tho barman put the money in a bank and showed-the a n t a - gonists tho receipt. The tight ended in a foul, Stnljlin;; being disqualified for two foul blow«,. Pierce went to collect his money, but f o u n d Wall there with an a r g u m e n t t h a t the fight ended in a foul, coiwo- cjueiiny all bets were off. In face o£ such uncertainty, Frank refused to give the money to oitlK-r man, "Get together, gentlemen, and come back again," he counselled them. Hut Wall could not i*eo tilings t l m t way and Insisted that since the beta woro off, -the barman must return his 12,000. Pierce forbade tho barman t o give back money which wa« the properly of Pierce. Wiill has gone to court, citing Frank for the return of $2,000 ard 10,000 francs of daniagre and interest for abusive retaining of tho money. Tho barman has token M. Miclu 1 Branlt as his lawyer «nd soon tho will be heard in tho Paris courte. B. 0. TAKES THREE STRAIGHT FROM ELKS The Baltimore Ohio Pofibmgern won three £uueo in a row from the Elkfl in the City I^eaguo Ins! night, Kobinson being the Inspiration for his ib with high score, of 520 for tliret* sanies and hiRh Individual ncore of 190. The scores: ' 11. (. Pauzella Brinker I'ef cy Fronek 'lu(.i),; for'DiLr|tatni ! If fo, read the advoa-tiiiujr columns wt Tho Hall}- Courier. ' j 1' [Spit tier _ (Tippmau . j Triai pey j Bricknmu .. ToUh 1G5 152 137 . ... 1 U. 1 , 147 7i!f J'.lks. 174 7, 1 ! ...IS3 .121 no ,.,670 149 1 11 I S i 14S 123 113 131 113 117 no 12;', 113 1'JO 171 'M 117 ·ins 111 10.'! 4 H 1373

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