The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1918
Page 6
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*. THE; DAILY, cotiiiiEB., CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATtJRDAT?, MARCH 30, 1918. A* ftfln* ;TlhBafis i ®s THE "FAXUIOIIKT. ','?iHljUJBT KATE."--A tense story life,, threaded with a i»t«r««t-th«t appeals to Eva Fay. · She-.wtli; answer all questions, upon any subject,, and on Wednesday afternoon will -hold a private recepUqn:at Srhlch time she:-w]ll:»ye Iree .a : jperscinal . t interview- to '.all 'hi 1 -', dies. Th'isWhe.most?expensive atill ever, offered at the Arcade and.the indications to : ;paek£d .'iiousea : 'at' every performance. ^\£.- .^:. r ' '.'';. .THE; _.' : , : ;J« a ; tal« oJ Aia«rican life today;; ! !,.if:.:; ; «iB«rt,»orf«ty.:with. .exqtiisitely gown- p»»y« btftr«ryonr^«Te» ih its beauti- y; ho'wt- ;' ·our^lry' a*; ^sirr -figh'ti. -' i ;S the rroond-amd tke irolres .ire Circling ? -^^? '**^ *' " "' " ' ·-'"' l»»tmel«.'mBd in her ebaracteTt- -- · -- " laterreraes the e^^ceneB '-jrlth' "a winning . aad:«%«ikJIng comedr tonch.-and with ^·Clew'storjr.vbl.heart' interest that -'- -' tlw^andleac*. ·' Mi»a Tonng has e opportunity for .the (Us- of.vtMj* eoKrtfojtTln the pro, "*Ktkm Gil** 'pl»3 s the role n. railroad whom Shirley' flirts. . in lore.. A: selected" ' n i l a y ^ . Harola Bcreen stair, 5»«*f-' to- "Broadway Bill,", a Paramount comedy jdrima-: features the : v famoua ·.'·: feinile: . impeflgnator J»lfi«iJ-EUinge.'^^^ '.'The:Bogue r ' : a"King; Bee-comeiiy will be-shown, featuring tie'wiei^-toown coineSlaiii BiliyV.%Mfc iaoiiSi^L.iJlliai Walker, the'.darl'lng; r ~ ' ";.Jtcre* n appears'in-,:the ; iw.'pnder3. ima^'The Lust" of thecAifes.;'' Th«f play: depicts -the unhply^alliaricc 'Llth- 1 that 'results -In the' destruc- friallz.'that' IB : giwd.'in '^manrPul- taSfing.;wftt'yeart'.interest and"pathos an a ~a smrng'ttrenil' of. humor charac- teris^caliy^rtray^-'Vto'.'.the-siting ot Miss' 'Walker, : .wonSerf ui-'scenic ·jeffects with' the. employment"-St?thousahas .at sheep," treimendpus'^otaVtpgeaier TTith' a lover,theme that would delight' the hearis; of ^.ycrang and old,- all tend'.to make tills a most : unusual photo-, drama; ' ; : " -''" ·.. ··'·'··.· .' -..' . ' : . ."· | :;;^«Se. r .»!tS!«. : :PJt. ; inW lore stories that i -i!RJIf!li«l«K»' *fcj«. Itlssd by all.^TneBdar ^ '·'·^'fttffKytaaa^ Trill beiifentwedltlic. ?. ';'?~' IltXintyxialne 'Life/','.a flTe pazt.'^,TrUi soon In "Thais," a Bisbop Playere, op«n -',' a 3mfinj_»toek-'»ea»on at the Soisson .; theater, ^pnd*/,; April 1, presenting · «·»'';'«( :thls s«i«o]iVb~rt play, "The ' *:. l»l«nd ot Lore." '· A 'story ct beantlfui y Hxwmi). and- companion play to "The . B i r d of Paradise.'' The Chester · 'Btohop jjayeri wiy;,cha;ig«i the- play- twice a week, offering complete .... ,n«M pro«l«ctlon of evary II!IT offered ,i.!" v «« they_ca«T.their.own"scenic artist ""' pind ita«e carptBter. Araoii« the sup- *"'pbrtiiig company wflT'l*: found inch '. well known actors as L. R. Mnsian. '";- : Wtai. 3C- MaUett*. "WUV -Laabse, John fret Buac, Frank Brhik- ii, Vfrtinla Duncan; ,.:. ; .3!««ia..Addl»on, : .Margaret B'.irwcll : and ; " ottem. !C*tiBe«» will be given only ,; \oa Monday, Wednesday anil.Sttnrday. THI "The Patent'Otaee* !· tne title of the Mil offered at the Arcade today '',,IT Daris' Giri Beriew. -It ia a bunch " -- : m»n«, Bflly MoCoT and Ch.-vrile Davis -' Wk opporttmify--tQ-Bet-'funtry,.and. a : ; -bimca of pretty gfrtt'tb disport them- aehrea in song« and-daoewi. Lactnighi ' .It nlcwwd-a'fair sized aadtonee.'There wai no afternoon matinee;-the Arcade the custom at aM first clais h». ooferviag^ Good, Fridayl ';?"*. ·Dtjifmte Chance." Good news is ·.;'. : ta store fpr.'ZA'rcade'.rpatroBe.'.CToe ;. ^jBaacexitent ir-'oiined. Son .Booking · exchange t:;:.\ .- -£ an adfanee aale '·-' * J200 foT'nfi-' '.-U-jy's performances ' .'.^aikt-tae'-eircuit managers have prom. iaed. the., bt-st s-ho-.T- they..have--Zar. % _iaw'»^Folli««, Company, featuring the LyncS Trio, said 'to be the. cleverest - ./'jtnitarto^on"the 'American stale. They .-.iTirere'.here'lalrt. svra«ner ..with another Zarrdw-conrpany and. all of .Conne'lU- ' ."'jSeiSiers o'f"the" company'i~r'e"Tmiiy «nci Allen, a!l 'Bande"arid"f«ei' r ; Hicks: 'j-tad. 3»ymore.? tilllaa Root, soubrette; ·"/· -'and Kelliier,and KellneT, wxiety. en- ..'·' tertainers.. -and" a- .carefuliy' selected :-enbrni' ; ofiittie girls. Charlie Chaplin ·wiU be on the; screiji Monday;'·... and '. ^Tuesday, and as an extra added at- ''traction .will ba.Lore^-the Girl.Mejital Jtarvel, "who docs a" mind reading" act ji'equal if"'not better than that or OLD AGE k CRIME Som«:~people -are -yovng nt' 1 60-- red eheek«t "ruddy. jind..,vi£orfljas -- Oth oints' bcglunUsg to stiff- ».re old. en tm:a' w, ® ! : touche3 .;»t~pahrrrto*the^haclc, 1 -fecr- tir^-d-without ea'use. .and possibly'a twins-* of rh«ii^ TMIB most- caiws the« .are ""iNr'Cd.-uiger ''irijrig-'TT fb^"wai ! r yort'thaf Ibe 'Tcidr.eyi; '"·re not^promptly, doing 1 tb*!^. nork o£ ^thrwiOflr off -th*-;poi»or)* r _'th;tt .are aC-; ;«mytioEraiiiii: TEri^die ft.Oyi"-Tft,-n« elect Tttiestf 'xfiiiturdl, warntngra Is..» crJm .' m«raihat.)iyoiir3eir.".- If you have the«. *WU«V3.0WW:ly£^'J?«M*wflf^' ' I-Wpj'^t'Pt^BM^I: -*4fi '6Ofc!TM'MKXJAi 'H*arl*m · j tJil : -''Cip- -·aletf.' For more .than 200 .years this, .Jisuj be^n tb* r«coj^nizel''_ ( -jr*-nfi! i Jy-.for "kidney and bladdeK atfmeitt*-^ - 7TM'£ GOLD HEA'Lf Haarrejrf-'i Oil Ca^- · Mil AS · are import *d' .direct from tbc 8 - fct^H'a£rlenT. Holland.'-.'Get GREAT FOR EMERGENCIES San Cm pintiaait Skoald Be In ' ' ' ' There, neTer-Vas Icnown a more re^ liable: piitment^'than .San Ciira. In ...where. . it jhas^-been os«d;it-.:has;;created ; astonistanen;: ij It' drewfa jieedle out'of'the this 'aaogKtei'ro'nilrs./James Hitchepck,, of . CentriTllle^t^., after, the doctor had ,usetl. nxs^'lance. and' 'failed...-.!. '-. ·-_ ^IC'fcas'great"-'heallng and. a'ntisepOc. value! It .poaisesses so much healing !^ thai-it Vis guaranteed by. A. A. e-tf' reUeW any kind- of piles, edema, - tetter; salt ·- rheum, -boils,' carbuncles. : .-ulcers^; 7 .:all^- -kiiMis- _ of chronic sores, chilblains and chapped handc, or money .back. : ; ,,, .It's a. mighty handy remedy to have in' the .house . in emergencies" for bruises, burns, cuts, .or scalds, be- causel it jpelieves the. pain 'and .is an- "tiseptic and. healing. It's a- medicine .caest - in '.!tself^--a Ittle'-. family, . physl- . clan that 'is ever la ^demand. SOc, 60c and 1*1.20. · - : - ' - - - - ·'-' · . . BEST SKEf SO.VF. . Is. San Cura.Soap, because .of .-its greatantlseptic and healing., virtues: Use it regularly, and ifwill make the skin "soft' and velvety'; Will remove piinples and blackheads. It's the real soap tor- babies'. tender-, skin, "which' mothers of infants should remember. *6e a ; cake-at the-Lauhrey Drug Co., ConnellsviUe and Broadway Drug Co., Scoctdale, who are agent in their respective towns. . . : . · ' '. · " Jt your, *ajgist doea not have it send fo'Ttoinpson MeSIcml Cb^ TltUs- _: .. .P«ryopolis. PERRYOPOLIS, March 2g;--Jtr. and Sirs. J. H. Martin .were. CotmeUsrille callers Wodnesday." , . George Martin of Plttsbtirg wag visiting, reiaUves in town Wednesday. The snffraCB club was delightfully entertained by Mn. Elliott Luce Tuesday evening. A large number of members were present and a good program rendered .'followed by 'a. dainty. luncheon.. ' ' -·' '" '- ' - -'- - !;, - -.· · ' . ..:.Mrs._M.JE. Shajrer; Mrs. L A. Brown and Pauline Hodgkins were'- Connellsr i ville shoppers Wednesday. ·''Mrs. ; Strickler of. Scottdale has returned home after visiting relatives .. ^Mrs. .Kyle Keffer"has.''reruriied from a"visit with: reJaUves. ",". - ' '.:·' "ODD BITS FROM UFE" ^ TO BE GIVEN IN HIGH SCHOOL HALL MONDAY Is Vaudeville In Ten Episodes and Proceeds Will be for Inunacii- .lattv Conception Church. "Odd Bits Irom r :Life",.'a vaudeville .; ten .-episodes, ("will, be"· presented Monday,: and Tuesday 'nights in -.'the now·'high .school auditorium' under the direction of James B; s'tatler.Ior.]' the benefit .of .the 'Immaculate 'Con- j ceptipri church. r A-,,large', number of pickets'-nave been* sold and it la hoped i that, a: large, fiume will-be realized. The program..'is, as follows: - . . :V-Kirst.oCpispde, .Prologue, Miss- An-, £eIa,Stader.' : (·'··,' -.;·'. · · .. Second episode,--"A Bit .Af iilin- slrels;" rtambos,. Joseph O'Hara and S.-.J.'-Rooney;].soloists, RayJMpClintock: and' Freemaii Franka; .chorus, 1 James Sotfgers'C. A-iWhite, Jolin.De^ Temple, ; Jiv-and .William Sullivan; 'In.:Everj'thin'g", : -.Freernan Franks; 'Mason DLxon Line,"; Joseph ..O'Hara; "Lump, ot Sugar", Hay . McCUnlock; "Cleopatra,"'S. J.'.Rodney. ' '.. ! Third : episode--;"Pancc' Divcrtise- ment",' Miss Genevieve Soisspn · and Louis L. Wooster; piano r : T. 0. Carlisle'; violin;. F.. E; Golde;' banjoruke. C.-M. Hunter. . ' · · . . ' . Fourth episode-^-With the : Actors"; ·The'Manager,"'-J;-B. Staiior; "Policeman," A. B. Aldridge; "An Actor", C. A. White; "Another Actor,'' S. J. Rooney; . "An Actress",. Miss Ann White. ' . - . . , · . ' : · ' · - · - . - · ' ' : ...Fifth episode--"The .Crystal Globe," j'pierre Du Pre'. a. French bpera Mat sfer", A. R. Alrrldge; "Jack Dotinel- Iss", Merle Lessig;, "Dorothy^Donnel-. -ly, His. Sister",-Miss Margaret Purcell; "Mme. Doradon," Miss Purcell; 'iBetty Donnelly, Her Sister," Miss Anna Marian;Soisson; "Kichard Grey, a friend o£ Dorothy", Joseph O'Hara; "SamJara, a Htndn Peddler", Misa Emma Harrigan; "Nanlne, a French. Mai*", Miss.Bess Creedon; "Manager. I^lais Boyal Theater, Paris," .S. J. Rooney. . ' ' · . . ' . '. .,, · . : Sixth episode--etreet scene," .''Dude", Joseph O'Hara; "Hat Room Girl," Miss Bass Cree'don;'"Rough. Guy", C. A. White; "Tail Driver," J. J. Kyland; "Officer":, A. H. ASdridge; ."City Girl," Miss Ann White; "First Gentleman," Freeman Franks;-. "Second-' Gentleman," Ray SIcCHntock"; "Bliadnian," John De Temple; Jr. . . Seventh episode---''Country ..School," ^Pupils^.Kntherine Dougherty, 1 Eleanor 'Soisson, jane Donnelly, Marj'\-Frauces .Ralston, Nellie 'Dougherty, . Amalla Schuler, Rose Marie . Burns, James Dougherty,. Joseph Cre.edou, Leo' Stader, Thomas Sikora. and John Wil- telm. Teacher, J. B. Stader; song, "Six Tlmos Six, Is Thirty-Sli",' Miss Eleanor Soisson. - · ' . . · . Eighth episode--Street scene; song "We;il Follow Perahing into;Old Berlin," Ray McClintock; chorus, Immaculate Conception cadets.-. : -. , ; Ninth-episode--"An Atlantic Port"; "Liberty," Mlsi'Mary Noe;"·; Final; -"Over There.:' . . . IF BACK HURTS USE I SALTS M KIDNEYS Eat less'Moot if KidneTH Fed Like ]ead ur .Bladder Botliors. Most folks forget that the^kidnoyK, like the bowels, get sluggish and dogged jmd: need A flushing occasionally, olse we have. headache aud -dull mis-. ery in the kidn'ey rejlon, severe head-' aches, rheumatic twinges, Lorpiu-liver, acid stomach, sleeplessness and all! sorts of bladder disorders. .. : You simply.must keep your.k|dney's active and clean, and the -moment you reel/an acho or pain in the kidney region, .get about four ounces of Jad Salts'from any'good drug, stpro here, take, a tablespoonlul in a glass of /before breakfast for a tew days and your kidneys . will then act. fine. This famous salts is. made from the acid-of graptis and lemon juice, combined with Hthia, and 4s harmless.'to llush clogged kidneys and stimulate them to normal activity. - It also neutralizes the. acids in; the urine so it no longer irritated, thus ending 'Gladder disorders. ; Jad'Salts is harmless; inexpensive; makes a' delightful.effervescent lithia- water drink which .everybody should take now'and then lo keep their kidneys clean, thus avoiding, serious complications. A well-known local druggist _says he sells .loia of Jad Salts to folks -who believo In -overcoming kidney trouble while it is only trouble.--Adv. Patronize those who advertise. Ohiopyfe. ''OHTOPTTLE, lfarch~30^--Miss Nellie "Woodmancy of Dunbar. is,^hera.'-thc giiest-of relatives for a few|.days. .,'' : Mrs. Elmer Wolfe, and^ son.and-Mrs. 5V-R-.Bney spent Friday alt'ernoon calling;on Garrett street fricndsl :- Miss .Helen Robinson- of Ursina ;is. the_gnest'.ot. Oniopyle friends for -"a few (Jays. . . . . . . ' . ·;';- !.-. Mrs. "Hattie Rowa.n. ift. the guxist. ot frien(s--ar Dunbar for a feiridays. ?JDowner Sailor is able to be mboiit" again after an..illness ..of typhoid fe%'er. . . . ;/ Dws Toor Back Acbe? T«O TOD Bnd it ififllcnfl to U bold np yDm.nMil aod do Tocuworfc? Distrownc «ymp- tl trr anhaalthy '.nm}y load ap- of Pno'I TifcMa, a cod kxiic ... . in action. and «t^* iiinp, .omhirn tod n- c. Th« fun* ID la* Piao (unimM. mila- R ISO'S 'ABLETS THE PISO COMPANY PU-Bld,. _ ' . . : W. Greater Confidence j ..i In Yourself ' It may surprise you to see how much more confidence, a bank account with us will give you - to a.c- cumulate money. By gettiiig the habit..of regular; -weekly or. mon'ihly deposits, you will'soon have a good size! fund which is steadily working for you at interest The onJy. bank in. this community paying 4% Interet on Savings Accounts. UTHE MAN who has ,never used an automobile has * no realization of the time he is constantly throwing away.' ? -Joho N. Willys Jttobile oils, lieavT, medium and liglit in lots of 5, 10 gullons, half barrels and barrels, from the barrel only, per {railon '. . 60c Bueteyc Son-Skid Tires, maile by the Sebring Tire Company, Sebring, Ohio. We arcMising these tirns on our ow.n cars and a number of people in ConnellsTlllc are nsinpr Oicm and getting as good results froni the use pf Buckeye' tires as they are from the 3/»00 guaranteed tires. . . . ' " _ " , 80 x S ....,, '. --: _. $ 8.75 81 x 4 . : _'.__,, _-_...._ '.- .._ i. $15.95 32 x 4 TM?_.-_..'. '. _I_ .. $16.45 Other sizes--prices in proportion to the aborc. ' Ve''carry a fair stock of automobfle accessories. ·7 * Ve charge yoor battery. We work six mechanics in owe repair department and can do your worJc to yovtr liking. "; ' , , ' We can vulcanize your tabes and tires. We sell Hudson and Orerland pleasure ears and Little Giant Commercial Tracks, The new models are in. look them over. Yonr telephone and mail order will have an immediate attention. We will treat you the best we know how.' Wiy not give us a portion of your business? WELLS-MILLS MOTOR CAR CO. 8. Vittsburg Street. Connellsv3Ie, Pa- Patronize Those Who Advertise in This Paper. Just Over the Bridge . , . CpBKlbvJlle f (West - Side) .StRVlCE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trailed Batterj Maa. '·'fl^^yo'ytlttitc. ...In:^ 0 ** 8 /: 'tbrea .^ari«- PEBJOT SO lUTFICCtTIES to aside from a jnct purpose ^to which 'you aspire. .'· " . . ' · . .."·'. -.,: Luxury offers;'manT temptations to be p extravagant, but economy is always a .:faithful companion. : ·- ·. -.Start an.'account .-with. tfie:1Jnion Nat- ^.ional Banfc^ :L: . : ;;"\''.. : ''.;..',-,'- .'. . .-;.·,'._.'. ·..:.'. S% Interest Patt on Sarlnga AeeouBts. UNION NATIONAL BANK ^BERNARDOS WALL PAPER STORE Let us take care of your Wall Paper troubles. We can save you money in war times Sand JO Cent . Wa!! Paper Co. 103 W. Apple Street. BELL PHONE 968 She, (feitafairr -DM Something. By G. A. TOISHT -- SHE SANS swe's MAKE rte^ A SOWKI THAT ·vgii.u 1 / -- SMB. /\- OH "Bov , / TRESSM^K.HIR'. SONXE .SOB- -- MEW I ts A. ffEuios- SHE'S. OP "To THs. CAWT "Be THAT REFLECT AMP

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