The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1918
Page 5
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ifSipIrJSif PI^^P"fW'' fit^wm^MmS'¥. : \ \ THE DAILT COtHRISK, CUNNliaULSVlLIJS, PA. PAGE FtYB. IN m MILL TOWN Five Hundred ArtJ- «!·· Contributed for Bel- r»n Belief^ UMS IUST rAOHiG THEM Haw ··* 'rmMe Ffctt* «·»'.», So Uheral WM the Bmrmc Wttt CWttUgl XM!«U« »f lie Jhi Ca» ta . ExfbdMd to " Higk Stafcita. to Tk« Courur. P*' «ar- lUMa turned !a at the home of Mra. C. ·D. Held Jor the. Belgian. relief are be-. a* pw*ed.^jyerln^l|»,Jd4ory^of. 3cott*ale \agf* ao 9 %Sny nice "warm llilliamr^i'fnr 'any porpoae. Cp un" J t i m e they have been irnaJUe boxea to pack them.- Four hundred and seventy-seven garments were donated. -Among these wwe me»'s »u4U that hardly been worn 04 bed clothing that is soaring in prie* and is dear to the heart of the housewife. But every- wom-an, man a«d child ia the town seemed to have at k«ut the welfare of tome unfortu- wt« Belgiaa and had given wiih this iimtad. ' . £T*!«UOB »( Tim Cam. Robert Sknnp gave a talk to the teachers and students at the high school yesterday afternoon on ''The tetoluikm of the Tin Can.'' -Tiie talk WH very interesting- androveil t"o»be of great, interest to the siudenti. John Mondelle, aed 23 years, died yesterday morning at an early hour at M home on Broadway from pneumonia. Funeral services' will beheld o« Monday aftc-rnoon and interment Be Better Looking--Tzike Olive Tablets akiais yellow-- co«i4eii oo pallid cwited-appedte poor-- 1W i hare liyoormonfl»-al«ay,iic-toid abouW take Oiira T^Jet IgatonMl wut prepared by Dr.gdward. rite a yemof study with tat patient*. Bfc Edwartt-Olira Tablets are a purely 'tltili Ui compound mari with olive oil !«· »« know thaa br tbdr ofin color. Tokamacfear, pink akin, bright «jres. ·eytaitei feeUojt * buoraocy ukt Tablets act on the Bkccikiaai-jvt ·nuTswhy BBHj6n* of bom in --" at Me and ZSe per boot AO rate OM or two nfcbtivaad will lolloinr in tbe Scottdale cemetery. -.-·'. ; At tfce HmpliaV' .: : r Mln Alice CmlTerli, cashier ol 'the Bell telephone cotni«nj-;tiere onder- went a succewful operation · at the Memorial hospital "ii* Sit: Pleasant. .'-: JB« flmteUMf Dl. . - Ruth Hutchiflson'daughter of J. B. Hutchlnsoa will enter : the Memr orial hospital at Mt. pleasant on Sunday for *r»lning, as nurse. J)*WHt Sells H«««. E. P. : DeWKt": has sold ithe cottage bonae OD Second avenue .belonging to W.iS. Fiel3s*to Patrick -Connors. ' ' . ' Pen»»i1. · " . " - . · Pauline Miller a student at National Park lenrinary is 'borne on her vacation- -.; ' r iliss Sarah · Ingham indtF Mile Yir- Sinda Brenoen, both students at Mount DeChantsl, are home for., their 'Easter Tacatloa. ' . - · · · " i ^. ,-V'.-,-- r'""-- ; ~-.;. Mrm. R. C. MoClaln of Sharon la the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barntart . .;-; v . .-,.?' :.; , :; : -, .;" Beatrice TJhernblT ot P.itUburg . Iw. ./:. ; . . · . - · . . , . . · ··· · · ' . · . · · Mrs. Jmepb Doorler rad family 61 Wilkinihurg are toe guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Connor. ~ :, . ~- Laird" Anderson of East ' Liverpool; Ohio Is the gueat of friends here; i 'Mist Jessie Oeckel of Youngstown, Ohio is. the gtfest^qf friends here. ' Mrs. C. Vf. Staujfer spent yesterday Iri-Tittsburg, , :; v *tra. J. I. Diok and danhter, Mtss Ann pick spent yestprday with Pittsburg friends. ' ; ; Mrs. Hayes rwirsing of New Castle and. Mrs. George Beswick' of Altoona are the guests oJ Mrs. Henry Stauffer. . MrsV G. ; A.'Sn^'th of CleVelaoa. Ohio, Is the guest" of Mr! .'and' Mrs. V John .Kritachan. -:' · , ' "".- . . Gilbert Gbye of. the Princeton avia- .tlon .school is 1 visiting at his Thome ' . . ^ . Coxey Fjeeburg of the lllrth Infantry 'at Cazsp Hancock 'is home on a furrougn. ! ' · ' · ' . ' . . . - . Mrs. William ·Price of Myersdale is the guest o( her parent, Mr. and lira. Foster Van Horn. Smithfield. SMITHFIELD, March 30.--J. C. and Clarence Black were Unibntown business visitors Thursday; ·H. O'Neil and wife returned Thursday evening from a day and a night's .visit with 'Mr. aind Mrs..'-T.. K. .Lynch at Fairbanks and Mr. and Mrs. E. R. O'Neil at Neiw Salem. While there they met John Thomas, a friend; on furlough from Camp Gordon. Ga. He lefr Thursday evening on his return to camp. ·' . - . Mrs. Charles Hartntan was a Uniontown ,· shopper /Thnrsdayi .: . V The Misses Frankenberry, Paullne,- Helen and Stella, have 'bought, the goods of. JJ Frank Smith's store on the Stewart corner* and. continue the business there. .Mr. Smith had a. sale of his household-goods Saturday and will locate in D«nver,"Col, : : Mrs. Leslie -Campbell; it takihg,.a coarse in: the Doag!ft«'BosineM College at Uniontowil. "-..-: ' Confluence. ,; March, Ross Sanner a fonmeriresident of 'this place ibut oiPlate yearsja .r'esident of, is here, lying very ill at'the home of his sister; Mrs. Kate Hyatt. '·'·'· '.-.'·'· ,- ;.-' ;;'- ,, .- . , 'Dr. : and Mrs. H. P. Meyers and son, Paulr have returned from Boswell, where they was called, to attend the funeral of Dr. C. F. livengood. Mrs. Jane Minder his moved from 6den 1 'stareet'.to' the Thomas Bonnar- bouse on.the West Side lately vacated by James Reed. r Robert Jeffreys 'who nas been working in Swissvale for several months is visiting his 'parents, Mr. arid Wtrs. Edward Jetfreys here at present. . "· ;.'Spss. Marie To'unkib went to Pittsburg and 'Webster yesterday for a few days' visit. " : ' .. i Mrs: Hkgan Yea'gly and two child/en are -visiting friends in Conncils- ' " - ' " ' . - . -. - . . . . *' .Cltarles H. Russell, 'proprietor ot the Riverside, hotel, was !a business* visitor to Somerset yesterday. : : ; 3fr. and 'Mrs.. S: M. James of the Vest Side went to Connellsville yesterday to visit frieads. ; 'J. W. Endsley. of Somerflold, was here-.yesterday on his way to his home after .being in Somerset visiting his son, Gilbert and family^ '.-Alex.' Thomas who works in Somer-. ';looking atter.his .property interests and vis'itingjfriends. : Mrs. "Wm." Hosteller of 'Somerset is h«re visiting her son, Hal, arid family. SWINDLERS ABROAD Represent Themielves as Red Cross and War Tax Collectors. ; Persons representing themselves to ^be:working in : the interest of UK Red Cross -and. the federal government are abroad to Connellsville seeking to swindle the unwary. . One has been attempting to collect money for yarn for the Red Cross with, a story that the organization is in need of funds' to. -flulckly finance 150 pairs of socks. ' Another attempted to persuade a servant girl to "pay her war tax." The girl wisely declined to make any payment while the voman of the house was absent. '^WarnSng is. Issued to the public to pay no money to aw bnt accredited representatives of the war work organizations -- persons whom they know. UJTCiE HAM SEEDS TOP. He WaaU To* to Help Him Kigkt . . HCTC at Hone. 1 The service he asks of you benefits you-just as much as it does him. He jrants you to bay TVar Savings Stamps. He -p*ays liberal-interest, and the money, is to beU6ed to help win the war. Stamps on Mle and full information--at the Firat National Bank of Cbnnelliiville.--^Adv. Something Advertiae for It la our classified column. One cent a word. MM* Ready with Re-inforced Service for Saturday Easter Buyers Silk Gloves for Easter Complete lines here for ,your choosing--heavy Tricot Silks or Melancsc Sjlks, in grey, pongee, black or white'. Plain or. heavy embroidered effects. Special at 59c, 69c up to $L50 KOBACKERC * " " THE -BIG STORE New, Easter Neckwear Smart styles to complete Milady's Easier'attire.. Collars ot Satin, Filet Lcae, Geor- gettes and Organdies--latest roll and square styles 59c up to $1.75 Vcstees o£ Piciue, Satin and Sport Stripe Silks 85c up to $3.00 Connellsville's Greatest Easter MUlinery Display featuring a Wide Selection of Exclusive Styles at Popular Prices. If you want millinery of distinction at. a popular price come direct, to our Second Floor Department and see the -wonderful collection of Trimmed Hats we have assembled at prices ranging from ?4.96 to $10. Hats for young ladies, for matrons and misses. Many unusually charming Dress Hals and ultra smart Tailored Hats in black and all colors. Pokes, Colonials, large and medium size Sailors, Mushrooms, Tricorns and high crown hats to choose from. Save on -the boys' Easter clothes, be sure to buy them here. MMW Moving and Heavy National Taxi and · You can nft coldsin the bud--Clear your head instantly-- r TxyKondon'sl for ike [Cold-in-head] (ai no cosi -to you) rcm«dr. For chronic e*tnrrh, ,«jre J. N._Trump For tr!*l UMM . a FOU11 tlon mom . or wfl omrmanej back. n CnM wHu to -C*.. Classified Ads. . One Cent a Word. ; nauung 5 10 ALL PARTS, i FAST SEHYICE. (JET KATES. | Day or Night. ;i P. B. Kesler, ! CIS McCormick Are. Bell 234. i : ^ Transfer Co. , 206 E. Foyette Street. '· 600B TOURIXG CABS ASK : i TECCKS TO ALI POINTS. ' ! Quick service. - ; ; Moderate charge. : ; ',' Careful driver?. I Bell. PLonp 507. ' '.,, ,,,,,,,,, I W HITE LINp TRANSFER U MOTOlt TRUCK o»3 WAGONS. ·OVUVQ iNB HOISTLSO PIAS09 A (PSCIAIiTT. Office 103 B. Grm»« AlleTt Opp*- Gypsy Tours Be a Gypsy tor couple of inys. Swing into your saddle---taJke your:sidecar pal. Join the motorcycle Gypsies.with: a new Hariey-Davidson. Ride in -tlie,;.Ul8 National Gypsy Tours, Jane 15th.and 16tb. The 1917 Gypsy Tonrs ivere '!m unqualified success. The riders voted them to: lie Harley-Dayidspn ' aa animal festivity among motorcyclists. The Gypsy Tours are our expression' of joy and pleasure--a chance for a carefree two-day ramble into the country. Fathers, mothers, children, sweethearta--all ride, out into the open--for in the open the rider of a Coming ! Going jUong? is in his own. · Biiring Gyp«y':days n^w rcs.ts contentment. The Gypsy Tours are riders are taken into' the fraternity 'of .the the clima.t of the motorcycle year. Every Knights of the Gasoline Mount; :L ,, motor that can run, every wheel that can Old riders renew acquaintances-- -children · turn, is going. Come on along -- get a new "gsmbol on the green." On all heads . Hartcy-Davidson. for the trip! Fcder^;Gatige Co. 1551 Cnw^rd Avt, CoaKflsvlUe, Pa. Can You Tell Them Apart? It is very difficult for any one but an expert to tell the difference between a 50c imitation pearl and a genuine pearl of the same size worth $500--therefore one might buy the 50c imitation because it looks like the genuine article and this is all any pearl has to do. But--when you can get a genuine Victrola with its repertoire of more than 5000 Victor Records for the same price that you would pay for some other instrument that only lookly like a Victrola, there can remain no question of Victor supremacy. . . . . , - . . . . v The proof is iw the hearing. Come in any time nd we will gladly play any music you wish to hear. We'll explain our system of easy terms too, if desired. Terms to suit your convenience. New Victor Records for April on Sale Monday. McDonald Music Company, ROYAL HOTEL BLOCK. HIAP^ 9TITBBS THE END OF A "PERFECTJ" REPOKT CAJBD By ED^TDfl ^^!W

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