The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 6
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I'AGB BDC. ;1-IB DAILY COURIER, CONNE ^LSVILLE, PA. .SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 3930. L P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mr«. T). K. Mcllvainc of Race street, was a Uniontown visitor yesterday. Mrs. 1C. S. nebeuthal ot MorreU 'ivonne, Gwmvood, is spendlhg the woek-end wjlli MI.-6 Anna Le-wellyn ol U n i o n t o w n . Throe, big sroup« of hats in midwinter style), priced at $3'.00, ?2.00 iml $3.00'. ' All otfcpr winter hats ro~, duced. Flora McFarlaml, Souoml Floor, Tltlo Trust Bulkltng.--Adverllao- raont.--IKjnnlt. Jantos Qr.iy of Uniontown Yisited S. 1C. Bpsmouo of North 'PUtsburg street yestciday. Both Mr. Gray anil Mr. Dostnon-j are pensioned employes of tuo Baltimore Ohio Railroad. Mre, 0. F. Raymond ot Ogclan street is spend, ng the week-end with hor Bon-iii-law and daughter, Mr. and Airs. Karl "VVIlriOM. MU-.B Helen Boyer lias returned to her home in South Arch street attor a week's vt«H with Mendo hi Morgantown. W. Vn. AIlf-B Ix-omi Stewart of North P1U6- luiri; fit reel, who has been IU for th« past several wcolw, is Improved. Her iHirontK, Mr, and Mrs. William Staw- a r t of CJianiberBburg, are vMth her. J i m m y 'H;,noy, little, son o£ Mr. and .\ltt-. Luther 11. llaitoy of 411 .Toffer- r,6a. street", who underwent, a maatokl operation at the Oonncllsvillfr State Hospital, is getting olong nlcoly. He expects to l» able to return liotae Sunday. Ku-l Leic-'litter, sou of Air. and Mrri. .\lonzo Lelehlitrr of -it-I Jefferson Btroot. who lias been confined to his ho in 15 with au abscess o£ the neck, is i m p r o v e d . Mrs. J. 11. Strawn of Washington iivrnuo went to ritUburg Friday i n o v n l n g to spend Iho day with her brother, J u u k Pierce, who is a patient in (.lie Mon-y Hospital. Mi*. W. E. Nltand and Mrs. Mury (J reed on arc visiting the former's Mstor,' Mr«. Carl Wlllte of Washington, U, .C. Mr. Wlltte has been ill. Mrs. V, S. Swartzwelder and Mrs. E. I I . - Vcnstermijeher attended special feorviues Uu-t night at Aabury Method- iat KplHcopal Church, Uniontown. Mm. J,. I»a!c Johnson and daughter, Marjorio, u£ Hiiro street were Pitts- bun; vU-,1 tore today. Mrs. Paul T. Kamcrer and daughter, M i r i a m , sm-nt the drty in Plttsburg. Miss C a t h e r i n e Harry, a student at tM'Um HH'l College. Gree-nisburg, Is spending t h e week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Harry of XorUi PHNbiirg street. Miss Carrie K u r t z and Miss Mary Kurtz of Hearthstone Hall, Blno Rid go Summit, 1'a., returned homo this morning a f t e r visit with relatives here, including Mr. and Mrs, J. U Kurtz, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Kurt'/,, Mr. and MM. A. K. Kurtz, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ji'rel K u r t z and Mr. and Mrs. Worth Kllpatrick. Before coming to Connells\ i l k they visited their brother, Fred Kurt/, ot Philadelphia. Aunt Het ?V Si.OH4v.RH' "The danger o" peltln' a man to get h i m in a good humor Is that lie gets iu the h n b i t o' youtin' about ' nothlu' just so's to get petted." Just Off the Wire MARSEILLES, France, Jan. 38.-* Dieudonne Oostes and P a u l Codoh landed at 2:33 P. M. today a f t e r having broken two world records for average speed with .a . h a l f - t o n load. Tttu fiior.-i had b e e n . i n tiio air 2y hours, 33 m i n u t e s . They abandoned a scheduled attempt to b r e a k , t h e .world's G,OQ(i-lu'ionietor speed record. V 41 * WASHINGTON, Jan.' IS.--Hidgeliiml, bountiful Washing 1 !on Jvonie ot Senator Key liftmen of Tonopah, Nov., was deslroyetl by f i r e «arly t o d a y . Bother Senator and Mrs. Pittnicn wore in -the house, a spacious IS-room mansion, when dlio firo broke out. b u t escaped without injury. DantngQ WHS- estl- aniited at $15-0,001). Sena.tor was P i t t - meu had oomplolod a larffo addition to the hoiiso a short time ago. FUNERAL SERVICE HELD FOR MRS. R. V. PARSHALL The funeral .service for -Mrs. Ixniise Cu'Urmoi-o Parfchu.ll, wife of Kobert V. P a r s h a l l , who died Tuesday night .tt Buhl Hospital at Sharon, was held Krld«iy m o r n i n g at tho home oC her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jame W. But- tormore, Soivth 1'rospi'Ct Btroct. Or. \\'. i f . E-tV.rick, pastor ot Trinity Lutheran Church, olllclated. Pallbearers wcro Dr. Melvin O, Hoover, C. Herbert K i l l s , \Yttltor D. Undsay and Clyde Cropp of this place, .Robert Gormun of ,Sk"Keos.pcrt and Ch-eator Parshall ol Ambriclgc. Interment was private, in H i l l Cirove Ce-iaetery. Oii't-ot'-iown }H)i'sons attending Iho f u n e r a l voro Robert V. Parshall, J o h n Ford aud Mrs. C. K. Ixng of Sharon. Mr. and -Mrs. Choster Parsliall of Am- bridtro, J!rs. James G l e n n and MrB. Miiuuo O'Neil ot PiUsburg, Mr, anc 1 A l u . ('. J-;. Kami and daughter, Kaith- j . n , of Swlsavale, Jlrs. M. Kami and A l i h s U'Dlui K a m i of Bnuldockj Mr. iind Mrs. J. 0. Corman, Robert Gorm a n . Ml.--i J o w p h i n e G o r m a n uun Wii- b n r M o r u a u of M c K c c a p o r t , Mrs. \V. J, \ValllHH)v auci Mr,s. \V. H. Cllngormau (if Scottitale, Don J. Wuttownore and M i h s M.uthahel nnttormoro of Mc- Kec"port and K a l p h M. TJttttermoro, ;i stiidoiil at Bethany College, Bethany, \V. V.i. Senator Morris In Soekiization Of Industry Scheme WASIIIXGTO \ T . Jan. IS.--An organized campaign ui Koclallze the industries of the i-ountry. pushed by an interlocked g r o u p of organizations anU individuals opposed to private ownership, was charged in documents submitted today to tho federal Trade Commission for its record liy Bernard P. Weadock, eiiociul counsel for the electric utilities Tho evidence purported to show that for 10 years the ittiliti-es have beori subjected to attack by this group, which paid to have carried on its campaign In schools, newspapers and magazines, in tsome case« gained tli-o c-ot'porittioti of congressmen. InclutleI in the documents submitted were m arly 100 ucparato cx- hlblte. There were several on tho activities oC the Iroaguo for Industrial JJemocracy, am! its "committee on coal and giant pow ar," which. Weadock claimed was organized with the announced purpose of mapping a program for government ownership of coal minee ami power plants. Ona exhibit listed Senator George W. Norris, Republican, Nebraska, us a membe-r of tLe advisory council of this committee. Weadock in nls presentation mid he had evidence t show that tho .Leagua for Industrial Democracy, tho Public Ownership L^UKUC-, tho National Pupn- lar Govornm. nt Loaguo and tho People's Legit-lativo Sorvlcp, through interlocking droctorateti, have a common goal of nationalizing oleelric utilities. Weadock charged that in March, 1927, H. S. Uaushenbush, of tho League for I n - i u s t r m I Democracy, and Judtson King, Ureotor of the National Popular Govu -nment Lcmgui!, mot in the office of Senator N o r r i s , with "« group of pragiesslvo «euatorti and congressmen and p u b l i c ownership, advocates," to iev He further meant; of attacking the utilities, purtlcularly in connection \v th Boulder Dam and Muscle Shoflli. He doclarc-d tho league for Industrial Democracy has established student representative i iu more than 100 tol- MRS. SARAH E. KEENAN DEAD; WAS MOTHER OF MRS. C. H. BALSLEY Mr, and Mrs. Charles II. fialsloy and d a u g h t e r , Miss Cullu'Hno, and son, IJaymoiid, of N o r t h First street, We-,I Side, attciulecl t h e f u n e r a l of Mrs. Halslpy's ntother, Mrs. Sara ISlltsn Koennn, 78 3*oars o'd, who died Tiussday. A briof service was .held Thursday night at the homo ol'. the deceased's daughter, Mrs. Robert Baxter of Allenport, fullowod by the- f u l l service* Friday a f t e r n o o n at I h o First Prc-Bby.le.rlan Church of Monongahcla, Jlev. 'W. F. McKeo ofllciated. Six grandsons, including Raymond Halsley of this place, were pallbearers. Int e r m e n t was In Monongahcla Cemetery. TUrs. Kfonan. widow ot Samtx-l Kcenan, died Tuesday morninK at IS:-35 o'clock at Lhu. home of he/r daughter, Mrs. Baxter. She \va« born near Thomas station, a d n u g h t e r of Will i a m H. and. M a r g a r e t . M c C l u r o Hamilton. .She was married to Mr. Keenan M a r c h I , ISTt. With the exception of five years, d u r i n g which she resided with huv daughter at A l l e n p o r t , she had s p e n t all her life at Monongahcla. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church o£ Monongiihela. Besides Mrs. Balsley and Mrsj. Baxter, ah-j is survived by three- daughters, Miss Dora Keonan of Allenport, Mra. M i l t o n Grifilth of Monongahola and Mrs. Leslie, Hornbakc of C a l i f o r n i a ; th.'eo sons, William Keonan of Chiir- lerol and I-fownrd u n d James ICwiian of Monongahcla; 13 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. WOMEN CURIOUS T 8 0 SIT IN DEATH CAR SEAT By U n i t e d Tress. NK\V PASTIME. Jan. 18.--Hundreds ot ,ur!oit« persons, mostly women, have vU'wert the autoinohlle of R. C. I fort on, stolen at the point ot gun and used In the wicape of the now famous "Cloiicto Trigger IVoman" who allogcd- lv killet! Highway Patrolman Corporal Urady P a u l . Th» ca.r WHH f o u n d in Wlieollns, W. Vii,. u f t o r Paul'H miTi'dev, aiwl returned here. Ono of tho tiLrauKO t h t n g H obaerv^cl i i m o i i g tho crowds tha/t havo thTongod !o look at 1iio littio roadster, 1s tho ··«!rt.' o£ Kc-yros of , wtniioa to sit in t l i o drise-r'rt seat. Special Train for Capstan Salesmen SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE NOW AND YEAR AGO Th a f o l l o w i n g figures on attendance* of the Suiui: y BrhoolH of Iho comm u n i t y wcro compiled by tho Con- neUsvlItc- Ml listeiiul Association: Jan. 12 Church of 11.e Brethren....108 Covenanter - 70 First Haptlai _ 212 First C h r i s U u i 2.17 First Evangi-llcal _ 170 First Methodist Episcopal 3'f!f First Mothodiat Protoatant 210 First Presbj tcrlan 2 U I First United Brethren 238 First United Presbyterian 260 Greenwood M. K 100 Mount Kiou Baptist. 64 Payne African M. B GS German butherau -- 50 Salvation Array 08 Trinity I / u t h e r u n , 445 Trinity RotorrnKl U,'! Trotter Community M Year !M 85 205 ton 169 aco 201 (it) IK 10!) 70 13 ELMER E. LEEPER OF WICK HAVEN, FARMER, IS DEAD Klmer F. Leoper, 70 yearsi old, died at 5:30 o'clock t h i s m o r n i n g at his home at Wick Haven of complications Mr. beeper was etipaged in larming practically all of bla IH'c. Ills wife, Harriot Leoper, two sona, one d a u g h t e r and two brolhorn, all of Wick Haven s u r v i v e . Oliver and Joseph are tho aonn, Mrs. Jam-es A x t o n ia the daughter. Tho brothera a.'o W i l l i a m and Hobort, Tho Itinoral will be held on Monday aCternoon. A brief (service will bo conducted nt 1 o'cloclc at. (he homo, followed by u f u l l one at l i l i O o'clock at tho Oiivo Itraach. Rapttst Church, v. Hh flov. Percy A. Davis o f f i c i a t i n g , laterment "'ill be* m a d o In t!x Ollvo Branch Comotery near Smlthtou. Firo fn Wasfe Basket. SCUTI'DALIS, Jan. J8.--TUo fire department was culled at 11 o'clock l a h t n i g h t to tho homo of Abram D u r s t i n e i i West IMttsburg strHt for a s l i g h t JTU originating in a waste basket in the cellar way. Just an tho firemen were leaving the f a m i l y called to nay t h e firo had been extinguished. CONVENTION Of MOWN BAPTISTS HERE NEXT WEE) Will Ho Heldjafc the First 1 tJst Church on TJnu.sday,j All Day. MISSIONARY PROGRAM Rujn-oscntativos ot 28 Northern Uanlisl congregations, cou prising a tot.U membership of more t h u u r,000 anl which constitute tlic M-nongnhc|u Association, w i l l hold the! · aoml-au- imal meeting at tho Mr. t Buptlot Church, Connellaville, on Thurecitiy, J a n u a r y 2J, when Uiey wi 1 be given un opportunity to consider tho entire denominational inlssionsir; program un i to leiiru HOinethini; of t te progress hcinc; made by Northern 1 aptials In tho home and foreign fieldi. Tho denominational pro jrum wil bo proHcnted by William i . RuissoU promotiouat lirect,or for Pr iinsylvanin at it ,'iorieri -of ronfoi-encci-i w h i c h Will luive nil the character oE stockholders' meetings, iu t h a t they w i l l ' g i v e tho voprcisentftthen of the c h u r - h e s , aa tho financial supporters of ! l i j program u chance- lo dlnciu3H the pi iject» upon which thoir money Is to b ^ expended N o r t h e r n Haptiet clutrcl (.a arc this year raising ?G,300,000 as heir united Budget for missionary cnt rpriecs. To rateo this amount in full, \lr, Russell will point out, the churcln s will have lo contribute* $320,000 mor than they did last year. T h i n ' I s fe't to bo a comparatively .small ,um \ hen spread over a period of 12 months and divided a m o n g the ^,000 o\* rooro ihurehea in Northern Baptist territory trorn Maitie to .southern California. One of Iho mosl import int matters which Mv, KiiHseU will la · before the a^iiOClutioiiH w i l l be a pro. octed series of c o m m u n i t y canvasses, vhoreby tho wl)ole weight ot Lho dm oraliiutlonal organization would le thr iwn behind tho local cliurchoH to a«« 1st them In raising at one stiolie th ir local expense biHl^C'ls as well ae their shaixj of the missionary budget. Tho plan, an it will be ontlin-ed by Mr, RutiKoll, providen tor using much tho fiauio methods n tho 10 employe*] in linancial campuigng du -Ing periods of national emergency. Cltloa and r u r a l communities wouli be organized Iwto working group: , each with it« own campaign direr to and. oxecii- tivo committee. A pledge wc-elt would bo designatf-d and teams c ' canvassers would be u a i u c d . I j u r t n : the actual catiyyija the^e toama woul ! meet dully for council and inepiratlf n. The. contemplated canvs «s, Mr. Russell will e x p l a i n , woul I, however, differ from tbv usual corn m i n i f y effort in t h a t e,u;h c h u r c h woul lie ititrtcted to Us own unmb« % rMili nd territory. Also, a l t h o u g h thr wuivar-1 would base a d u a l purpose, tlieri- wou d bo tio K«stlbn ur njcrghig !ht f tn«la or siona w i t h tliooo or lo tl Kadi would b« k n o t sepaj ito by means of t)ledKt curds, and acpai'attHy as In ( d o Tho groat value of th i c o m m u n i t y Cdtivatw p l a n , Mr, lUttisi II w i l l point out, would lie in tlw- 1 'lp it would sfford tho weaker churc i to meet its dipt II. S. Benny Dies. (J.RElfON'SBUH'CJ, Jan. IS. -- Cairtain f f a r r y Stevenson D e n n y , Ligonior ounker and prominent In biuincss and tlnaaclal circles through Western Pennsylvania, (Hod yeatorday in Inland, Flu., axxwdirift to word at Llgonler. Ho wan 7li yoars old. Quite Spry for 85 AMKRSHAAI, Etiff., Jan. 18--Mm, Isabelle Free-, 85 years of ugn, recently chaacd, caught, and killed u rut, SKUU. .o To jM'm'ldc for tlio movement of i h o Capstan hatcsinuti to their ni'venil l l l l l U P B , i t tllO ( . - O l U - l l l h i o l l Ot' til'.' t A V O - tjay c D i i v i . i i i l o n lii'rc. I he JicuUiiuji'.j Uhio \v.!i ju'ovule a hjxsi'lul t " i i n ol ) \ v i ) P u t l i n u u couclU'b lo leave (Jou- u e l H v l l . e t h i ^ B V ^ n t n g at T:i(0 o'clock. Tins rain « l t l r u u HA Ur as P l t t K !,n ;t «' icr' ( l i e t w o rouclH'S w i l l ln , t l . i i lleit to l l i e l-'urt. 1'ttt LiiuiU'il, li'jvuii', I'itts.i)iue at !«:30 a t u t u r r l v i i i K ui C l i i i .1^0 t o i i m r r i i w nmnititj; ui 6 it lust l.Itttirtj (.'hurcli, i i MacJJoiuild of £hu j.lcal Seminary, Plitbbuvs, wit! at ii A, M, and 7 : U O P. M. tomorrow at )0;i'-t l . t b c r l y LANDIS RULES BASEBALL, BOXING SHALL-NOT MIX OHIOAGO Jan. IS.--Judge Kenoaaw ; M. L,anrilH, connnissioner of baseball,! Issue-d a i-ul^n-g today in which, ho held , tlii'iit any b.uioball plnyor wlio en- , gag-ea iu pi f"ssinn.l boxing will ba regarded ti.s having rc-tir-pd .permanont-' ly from !·{; niy.rd baseball. The r u l i n g was announced a f tor I LaiuMu hail 'ntorvipwcrt A r t h u r Shlrea,' the Whltosot firbt baseman, who h a d ) mado $lt).OU't rei-untly as a professional | p u g i l i s t , I Jlldiro ha i d l y ' r n l i f i i ; h.ij-.i l l i o " t w o ! lii-livltilo d imt mix." i Shirt's Is riot dirfiiuaillicil a'j a. busts ! Hull 'iilayar i»et aurfe nt hU pr-ofurfjilonal r l u ^ car^sor to d-ato, ultf'otigh }H» In a l - ivady tiiider guupenalnii by both jila c l u b and 1, trulls becaubo ot i l i a "bud boy" uutich d u r i n e tlw 1U29 Luadlo di'i n u t cnintuoat ou or not ha vould l i f t that auapoualoti in ovont Hl'lreft glv-cs up hrixlni; a n d reforms a? a ball ntayer, ' WAS DEAR NOAH^ IP HOME BUT WOULD THAT BE FUINNIMQ UP AMO DOWN TH5 STttBBT? IPTH STOVS plPB PSUI- WOUt,t SOOT FOL.^.OXA; SU»T» OOHAUb Mt CAr»TY Hfll-UYWota W. S8N IN XPUISI. MUMS am the sp takers a tho meeting, whh.'h .vltl be open to the public, \ v i l l IH It. 13. O mgwell, for m a n y j'Krs a mlEfilonar,* at Tmpur, ono of ilic tniMit Js.olaic 1 stations hi Aiisnm, uixi who U now in ehnrgra of native (Undents in tho I aptlal educational I t i K t i t u t l a r i ' i in (ia! haH, n thriving ImfluiVH center fc!t mteil OTI tho B r a h m a p u t r a Ittvor. A r. Longwell will epcxik aa represcn atlvv of tho Amorlciin BflptW Foreig i Mies ton Society. Mrn. A'lali Bo. ce, who will occupy an I m p o r t a n t pla o on the program, will toll ot tho .vork of tho Women's American IJapt »t Home Mls- lilon Society, w i t h which she ha« been ajfioclut(Hl izi variouc ct pacitles for a numbor OL' ycarsi. Bhe IB Bupervlflor !' inlesions In ilio cent al division of (lie honio jjii'.ision field, ' -hldi includes) West V i r g i n i a , Ohio, 11! nols, IiidJunii, Kuneae, the Dakota s Oklahoraa, M l c l i i g n n , Mlnnceota, f obruska and Wleconain. It ir. her di ty to vlelt 1ho many iniEclon B f a t l o r i H In this ox- ·lenitive territory to foe that tho work is progi'0fc«liig h«romn!i usly. Tho nieelingn have ICBTI arranged by the, Nutional Bo«rI of Miasioriary Cooperation, 1C2 jNIadlso i avoinio, New York, through tho Peni jylvanla State S'Dcretary, Itev. C. A. S mra, Phlladei- pliia, and w i l l be und -r the direct supervision ot W. F. Ki nkle, 51. D., o£ Wllliauwport, Pa. Millcr-Shoel Miss M.iggle- Miller, t and Mrs. W l l f o n Miller township, Sonicrsc-L cou Shockey, i»on of M Howard Kliockey of Mi married Stniduy, J»nu; J. Q. Khoadx, pastor of Church of tho Brethror Mra. Shockoy we-ro gra( MeyorsdaJo High Schoc a -teacher In the Hay's Shoc-koy is secrotary o ej. wighter of BTr. of Urocivoyllto ity, and J«'m©H . and Mrs. O. yersdalo, 'woro ry 11 by llev. dhc Br-otliortou . Hoth M'i l . aad uatod from tho . T.he bride Is Itll school. Mr. ' tho Ballsbuiry Ilo.sTilts ! Sure! When you us« Classlfled Ads. in Tho Dally Carrier. is simuJ!, rcsuRs ars iig. Phone 1150 Lest W« Autoiiiobilo ) nd A r n h u l n i i c o WM. A. McNANAMY Funeral Director 124 West A y y l o Street, Connelly JJIe, Prompt nnd Efflclent'Serrire. Every Investigation of the new Chevrolet Sis must lead to a single deQnlteconclvslon--dolJarfordoltar.itqffersmorethanever before! More I*erform»nc« --for the new Chevrolet has a ftreat six-cylinder valve-in-head engine--Increased to 50 horsepower. More Comfort -- for the four long somi- eliiptlc sprlnftn are under the cushioned control of Lovcjoy' hydraulic shock absorbers! More Siaiaty --for the braking syitem has beenire-deaigned ... with fully-enclosed Internal-isxpandlnit, weather-proof brakes 1 IVIoro Beaaity--for the new bodies arc buUt by Fisher... with all the etyle, smartness and distinction for which tha Fisher name is famous! More Stamina -- for the new Chevrolet has a stronger rear axle, a heavier crankshaft aad a sturdier transmission! B for* Value-- for the new Chevrolet Is a smoother, fatter, better Six~-yef it tells--at greatly reduced prices! Th» ROADSTER ...... - Th« PHAETON .......... Th* gPORT ROADSTER. ThtCQUPK TA« SrORT COUPE .*495 .*495 . $ 525 .*565 .*565 .*625 rA«^LUB SEDAN ........ . ----- . -- «» rft.sEDAN ......... . ...... ----- . ..... -..'675 Tftr SEDAN DELI VERY ......... . ......... ....'595 TA» LIGHT DELI VBKY CHASSIS. ........ ,.,.'365' T/W1V4 TON CHASSIS ............. .'. ........ *520 rtiti'A TON CHASSIS wmi CAB ............ *625 Altprlet, f. o. b.factory, flint. Michigan A S I X I N T H E P J R I C E B I A N G K O F T H I S F O U 1 R 127 West Apple Street Phone 105 A S M O O T H E R , F A S T K H , B E T T E R I A M A N without a clause lo serve, a work to do, a contribution, to niake to life is a cipher. CHAS. CMrrcHEiX If 9 S Pittsburj Si * CoNfHEUSViLUr, PA. *Th« Puneraf D^^cc^or Who Employs No Acjcnte or Solicitors" (off-, lRes DANS H Itou Need Money for Any Emergency SE13 US Fayette Loan Company Title Trust Bldg-., 5th Floor. UonneHsville, .P«, Telephone 2-M - 806 Bonded to tho State, Roofisig Paper and Paisit We carry a full supply of Roofing Paper, 18 and 30 inch. Roof Pnint All Kinds. Shingles Consolidated Goal PJiono lo and 1700 SAFE-CONSERVATIVE STRONG" A Personal Check against Tho Second National Bark gives tho drawer the same control over hia money as though lie carried it in his pocket, while it remains safe, always, being protected by the 3ar{;e Capital, Surplus and Resources of "The Dependable Bank." Ask our officers to explain the Benefits to lie derived from an ample balance in a Checking Account hero. Resources Exceeding $3,300,000,00 OLDEST BANK IN IB AN IK. »*^***.»**^. K»*«,*^» . 4 .^ M .^^ Msr ^ ( , ir . Use Our Classified Ads j When You Want Help

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