The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1918
Page 4
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CAGE FOUR... THIS DAILY COURIER, UOMNJiiLljSVili.B, PA. SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 1915. (toner. P. SNYDKR, Founder aud Editor. 1E73-1918. TIIE COURIER COMI-AJTY, PubU.k - K. it SfiTDER, . · '· - · President. . ? JAS. J. DRlSCOli* Sic'y and Treasurer.'Business Manager. 5 JOHN L. GAN3, ·v . Managing"Editor. - - . 'S WALTEK s. STIMMEL. . ; ;' - City Editor. t IHSS LTNNE B. K1SUEL1*, '..; . Society 'Editor. .MEMBER OF: Associated Presa. Audit. Bureau of Circulation, ;· Pennsylvania Associated Dailies.' T?Two cents pen copy. 50c'per month; . W per year by mail W'paid In 'Advance. ·^Entered as second class matter at thfe postofflce, Connellsville. Pa. S^TCKDAT ETESIN6, HAH. SO, 191S ·' Hosnltat TJntr I., Ur 'S: .A.. Fort McPherion. AUaatai'Gx ·f, . BALPH.IV.iSKIGER;" '.-- ' Company H,~319th .Infantry, .? · 3. H.:A; ; Camp Lqc;-Petersburg, "Va. .1 Henfcer «1 T»«.A»«o«I»t "· · The Associated'- Presa · is «x- - clu-sively entitled to th* use for republicatlon of all niiws- dls- - -patches credited or.., not. ^ "Z. otherwise credited in .this paper herein. CANNOT STAPE OUT THE CENTRAL POWERS AHEAD. is,, .no. actual., necessity;-, .tor citizens to sit up ontlVtmo o'clock; to-, "morrow-mtwrning in set; their docks ahead one hour' to comply -with t£e new daylight saving scUedUle. "W"£* can attend to that -by-simply, .moving tfce clock ah^d'before retiring. "We. will arise tomorrow- at the same hour' by clock having one hdur more o£ " eiylight for .the duties of Easter-Sun-' day, and one hour more-or darkness* for-Asleep.. tomoraroew...,nJsh%..thereby, evening -dp the schedule under the new order. Thus by Monday, morning we ."will find things moving along as they "were before -we-lost .-the one-hour'oi time when-^we" set-^ke 'cloct-'lihoad. ..Thai is really- - all-.there -is foMlte-change. Things ,wiil run;-by the"iimV."clock time but. we will be one hoar-ahead of the-snn. giving us more; daylight lor our .recreation; or individual;{duties after.'the.'wbrfc'of the We will/get mixed, though, if we Jo not turn the clock ahead tonight EXTEXDETG DEAFT AGE. A bill has. been prepared for presen- . tation-lo Congress lor the drafting of men between the ages of :J1 and 45 years,!'.the purpose being 10 call to the. service men who can assume certain duties which are now being performed by younger men- -who, in turn can be given more active seryice" The measure; has been proposed by Colonel ;A; C- Ialton,'head-6f' the United States 1 - Airoy transport service. In explanation of the bill Colonel Dalton saidrTr-.-: '". "We.:need three, men .back, of the lines" :to every maa in. the front,'and the selective service act should, be changed .so ttat the older men may serve7the country. Men of mature judgment and training are required" for eiiery sort of service, from mechanic^, to clerks; and they .could, render"; ;Yahiable aid." Men';;pi! the age prescrSx^d. are,. in -"to render Quite as strenuous service on* the ; flring lines and elsewhere ais - men unctar 31 and many of them would b,e glad of the opportunity .to get.into the S^fft^ 3£any men above 45 yearv of as«£are yet in, condition.toperform certain! Unties as effectively, and often -with, batter judgment,,than men .who are younger. The age limit "should, tterefore, be extended to include men up toj50.or 55 and provision be. made for assignment to such classes of duty as taeir-\condition would best fit them. We praat not mortgage the future of our ctjtmtry by subjecting_*l^of -our YigrrojB£ young mairhood to v tae- haz- ·ards cdJlTCP-r. The old-er fellows can much Better be spared. Within a few . years tMe* win hay.e^passed the limit of thffi^asefutaEesa^^lC Jtluit period comes^'^e7s*«Te : tim£"^he .boys whd now OT.'lfcter'vTOir-lorm'our fighting * 'Continued From Page One**He ·fe'elievedi-tliat, technically speaking, the-;several "nalioLs were*.within 1 ' their rights in the^se'ver'al steps taken- prior to iiie-invasion oCBelgium by Germany '^ut^the' J blame:'ffes\nb(t,T\-Itli the in-, dividual inkuons; the war is the result of that: condition, which "has heen the outgrowth of secret diplomacy, con- 'cert ot' powers and x balance of power. · "'When it seemed certain that England would become engaged in the. conoid,', the. people forgot their ani- irtpsfties. and _made.;passionata efforl fo"k'eep"peace, "but when" war was declared, th-ey were united as never before when the call to the- colors came. Since, then the British soldier, has again shown to the world that he can stand more punishment and be ready for more Oghting than'any oilier soldier in the world." · " · Speaking of the rart of English women, in. the war Rev. Buckner said: /'In its prosecution and "pushing on ·to victory fthqyj have d-one as much, as .themen.' More than 1,000,000''women have been added to the army ofindus- trial workers since war began. They have raised millions through the various agencies and are making sacrifices beside which our sacrifices are insignificant in comparison. "livery-body in England expected a short war and they planned what they -would-'do-to or. do with the Kaiser -whea-the war ended. As the war wore on,'and the end seemed farther a'way, "the spirit oi people changed, Before the United States declared war the; anxiously inquired what we were going to do. They became a trifle petulant but when we entered the lists against Germany Uncle Sam rose wonderfully in their estimation. 'Wilson is the .greater ruler lu the world,' 'the United States is the greatest nation on the earth.' and other encomiums were freely pronounced." Warning us against the expectation that some accident "will briag the war to an end Rev. Buckner said: '"We must dismiss from our minds the hopi or expectation that starvation of the Central Powers can be accomplished. The British blockade of Germany has been a failure in that respect. Without it, there...woold 'nave been no submarine campaign. Germany is -not confronted, as is Great Britain, with tht$ undersea menace in tapping the granaries of the world." Rev. Buckner was disinclined to regard the Dardanelles campaign as a failure for the British. Without it the Interest,.sympathy and support of the eastern kllies would -'probably- not have been maintained, while Germany would have been able to concentrate all of her strength and that of her allies, on the western front ami lefi the Issues; there much more in .doubt than'they" are-now.. : . "While I never for a moment have held any other view than that tho cause of human freedom, as espousec by Allies must and will prevail, I have had no; moment of keener disappointment than when America entered tho war, I,had hoped that *be might come to the warring nations with a message that would-make them of one accord to say before God, 'we are all guilty; we have all sinned and come shortof they glory.'^ I hoped that ihts nation might be able to say, and that the others would heed her.voice:' f "'Come,, let us plant our guns; fur] our flags, heal up bleeding humanity, and so out of the business of war.' "That did not happen*.and now;.there is -nothing- for us to do but to go on and on until we fill the place and do .tUe.things;God has marked, out. Cor us · . One Cent a Word. ! Ko advertisements for L4BB Than I Cent*. Cioasined columns close Mt noon. Advortljeraenta of want*. .·!«% ·tc., received after that hour will nol api^ear until following. ·_ WANTED -- YOUR business. . BENDINE'S. BAltBBJUNCS tf WANTED--EUNING B.OOM GIRL. AT the WBST SIDJ3 HOTiSb. ; 29ma.rtC WA1NTED--AT" ONCE j SAI.ESLADJ". millinery maker and apprentice. Apply MRSi. J. R. FOL,TSi. ;9mar2t GIHLS. I NELLS VILLE LAUNDKY CO. yttviSirope, ii«" returning maimed or b^en,ii^health.ip'res-.Bne their ·· be pr after Job cilc5wOTbw';ilei-tn"65olid fellows do theirj%on the big job o2. today. ' Jt soldter -would .not be a loyal Irinhmkn If he clid not-object to bein«r passed with y*llow g* on. St. Patrick's day. "Stow. U the;^nsjr.for all pati'lotic poultry raiserq."tolffiome to. tte,.aid of their country. ;; ~" '"·'·-- . .- Electing teac£er«.;Jtas been :he chief business, before- ther- school board during the la»£ school", year. -.-. · Ton't forget to turn the .clock ahead .tonight and a!*io t6 turn but .in time for Easter servkjes/.in the mornins. .*· · While spendlnfe your, vacation on the facm con't lorgct ^hat unless you ei- pend some of yo'lr^-energy .yojir yaca-- tion will not be:-«rcil spent. WAR GARDENS Co»l 100 ACKES OF COAL IS .PAIR- ctiance district. Best 5 to*6 foot vein obtaing-ble, , Positively no partings of blnaera : . : ' : Only 400 "feet.'to PertnByl- vanla railroad. Tipple Ifei^lith, self draining:. Can show .coal «.nd prove 'rjaaKty/ "This \» not -ft- frost but a bonaflde proposition, ArranfrementE inadft for side track. Mr| Coal Man If you ore-looking'for a real proposition and want to open a mine, and ship quickly, get busy at once. DORSE!" REALTY COMPANY-; ConnGllsville. Pa. SOmarlt ' Gr'eatJ AN OUTLAY OF $10 WILIi ENABLE you to make q u f t e some money outside of your regular occupation..and may., start. y,ou oh the . road .to Independence jVfllaj the 'latest- phase \of tho mail · order'-'business to., yupply.. a .de- inatid" which' the' war has increased beyond measure.: 'No capital required. No poods' to handle. Xo experience necessary! D° n ot s*nd me any money until you know 'what- I.have to- offer and are satisfied that you will profit thereby. The business. Is :tb:ylutely legitimate and, will require energetic men. and...-w;ome.n..oC .iinctuestipried..^.in- tegrity with whom.'-"I. -must exchange r Room "S02,' K"o. '25 s Broad', street. New York. . . . . . . . -SOm^rlt' Notice to Contr* .SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE" RE-' ceived -by tb,*' County Controller of Jf^ae.tte jib.unty, : Pennsylvania. ; at his office In 'the Court House, TJnlontown, Pennsylvania, and by the County Cpn: 7 troller of'Westmoreland county, at. his office in the Court House, GrcehHburer; Ponnayivanla, until 2. o'clock P. : Mi, Monday, April 29. 1918, anl to be opened, in .the office of the County Commissioners of Fayette,.·county," Uniontown; Pennsylvania, at : 2 o'clock P. M.'. Tuesday. Aprir .30; 1918, for the ,con- stractloirir'of a double 26-foot span .re- [nforcedV concreta floor .system ':. with piicr for'tiie bridge' over' Jacobs Creek known as" White'-Bridee, · and the con- sYructjoji.-o^th'e -heccssarT' approache- etween- K T * t t e '"and. Westmoreland " Before St»te Zoologist ganders .;iiaiv issued a warning to the war garflners that count IPS ...abeijSuaHe'?ajid.-one-half nilles jepcJrt-.'qn the-vMov · 7 ? -fc'orn' Connellsvlhe t.' '·§;-... ,: ','',,-· -. · .· ;' r ^lariSr/'Tpcoposals' nd* lapecificittloDs for tbo above brldcc.cixn be secured at ifie office-" 1 o"t the v .''[pouiity . '.Road- -and , Bridge Enfirineer^-Cdurt Hoage, LTnlon- Gorders Plots 1 town; PenhsyJvania^ or at the office of «--"---·- 1 the County ^Road-' 'Engln'eer. ;-.' Court House, Greehsburs; .Pennsylvania -:,£oc wffi fir- loss this year unless; tbty clear taelr.Cpio-ts or the rt'mnants of last year's crops. . ^ ( ^. ; . r : .' .The 'win^r caaMf" so 'earlyiittstijyw:- " . that, many were! unable to"creir.tlxelr. - biiw of \iiisects and increased plant diseases threaten -the gardeners and . , the sura of fiVe'donore ($5.00) per The proposals--to'be- submitted in duplicate 'X'onc ; ':copjv;tq,reach office) with a certlfled'rchecl^ drawn., on a- National ·Bahki*T'Triist. : Company lit. goo'd. crGclitiln Penns7lvajiiii'"efiual 'to 16' percent." £1 $%\ of ".the ; 'amo.unt of. the'pro- poaal,; to' be Deposited'withveither. of tho proposals, the/snme made payable' y the .-Treasurer , of -the^.coiiuty.'v.'.-"- ',* : The. right, to., reject .any-or all-.jpro-; posala la eipreaaiy reBftrred.·'. - . HARHT '· K3SINGEE·'-.. County ""Gem trolle r. WANTED--THREE UNFURNISHED rooinjs after April 15. Addreaa 115 South Second street. 2UmJirtfrt WOAIAN TO CLEA house. BALTIMOIUi HOUSE. 2Smartfd WANTED--THREE OR FOUR UN- furnish ed rooms. Write "XYZ," care Courier- 2Gmar6t" "WANTED--BOY TO ACT AS FOR- ter and work in drug Htore. inciuire J. C. HOOKE. 2','martCd WANTED--WOiC\N COOK. NQNJ3 but oxporienc{ui need apply. ST. JAMES HOTEL. ^!)mar2t WAXTKD--GIRL FOR GKNKRAL housework. 'MllS. SCHSLITZ, 166 WesL Main street. 30martf far Kleut. 1'OR RENT--ONE ., DESIRABLE store room formerly occupied by M u a n ^ Murphy. Imiuire FLORENCE SMUTZ. * - 2S£utkfd FOR RENT--pHONT OFFICE second floor of D u n n Evans ins. Inquire ofl HARBY DUNN. OFFICES ON build- 8jan-tfil SATjE--ONE VKESU COW. , D. BljAIR. Dawson, Fa. 2Smar3t FOR SAL15--FOKD ^'DURING CAR. Call corner Markol and Broaclwiuy, Scuttd-tlo, Pa. . , 30nuir3t-cod FOR SALE-- FORD 19H MODICL Truck bed Call 246-W Bell Pho^e. * 30mar2l* FOU SAL13--.PARAMOUNT NEWS Stand. Inquire E. JU BEGOS or :iL staiid. 30murt£ FOR SALE--FRESH COW. TOUR choice of three; prica reasonable. J. S. GARL.ETTS, Box 1215. Rl D. 3. Con- nelisviile. 2 H m a r 3 t * FOR SALK--TWO - TON TRUCK. ch«!ap to quick, buyer, on account of being- drafted. I n q u i r e 30-t North Pittsljurff street. Bell S-10. U S m i i r G t * WANTKI)--TO JIENT A S OR G room modern bouse. Address "L," the Courier. 30mar3t" W^VNTKJJ--GIKL FOK G. nousowork. MRS, H. J. COI^L, 20S North Plttsbure streut. . 2Smar3t WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- writer. Cull Bell I3-R, or Tri-State 93-W. Mount Pleasant. 23febt£ WANTKU--LADY STKNOGRAPHEK state age, ezperiencc. reference and salary expected In own hand writing. Address "X." care Courier. 2S»mar2l WANTED -- THREE OR FOUR rooms .or a furnished flc-t for housekeeping-. Must be first class. Call Bell 461. ZCm.irtftl WANT3D--GOOD STRONG BOY. Id ear* old; not afraid to work. YOUGH. , CO., 121 East Peaoh strtct- WANTJ3I--GIRL FOU GKXKRAL housework. Thrcfi in family. I n q u i r e MRS. K. K, KUAilKIt. ?0» ]sabc!le Jtoud, Monday mornins- 2mar2t FOR SALE--REED BABST CAR- ria.Be, natural color, Rood condition. 8J3 Market atroet, Scottdale, Pa. FOR SALIi--JUST R E C K ! V K O ONK car load- c-'inent. W.I ;i.|A.vr L WIUPKEY LUMBER YAKU, South N i n t h street, West Sid*. 30mar3t ~KOR SALIS--T\V\ SNUG SKAT di»play toy tables at very low flguro. Call fri-Staic i», King- 2, Dun bar, Pit. FOR SALK--SINGLK COMB TV'HITK Lcffliorn Incubiiior chickenrf. Address G. W. NEWCOMKR. ".1 - D. 1, Connftli-^- vjlle. Pa. £9inar2t" FOR SALK--ONE IJLIUift DOUBLiC fiat top dcftfc. Mplu mk, !n excellent condition. The tlrsi f l O O offer w i l l take it. Inquire " DKLCO LUMBE71 COMPANY. iOmartfd FOR SALK--SIX LAHGK LOTS IN ni- b t i t i c h . ICiist Knd t ^ O O . J i n down and 110 a j-nnnth. .KIS, A. MASON, j Second National Bank building. 29nmr2t -YOL'XO- LADY STEN- ographcr xnd accountant. State C.T-; perionce and salary dcjtlrrtl. Address V. A_, care Courier. " I f i m a r t f d WANTED -- AN Kirl for houaework. 'o washinK and ironine, pood wapeP. Ap;p'y -(04 East Green atrcot aft^r 5.33 in the evening 1 - FOR SALB--l'J17 rrcrTnijBSS SIGHT coven paHsenK«T t o u r t n p car In BpktndtO condition. Harjcrtln to q u i c k buuj' J. A, MCCIU-;ARY MOTOR CAR o^K. SSmlrEt FOR S*r.E---TWO SMALL C A S ^toves, rooking* a love th:it coiit 539.50, . sfiven montli. 1 ) ftco. !^frl£isr;Uor cowl | [1 T.50. vised, sn.-ven mrtriths. GO 1 ) Ka WAITED--AT ONCE E X P K K I H N C - j eel saleslady, fctiffhnut wanes: steady position. PEOPLES DEPARTMENT STORE, 220 North P t t t H b u r f f street. FOR SA.1.K--STA1JL.13 3Sx49, LOCA.T- on lot l O O x l C j .corner of Mumlow ' . Also thru-.; lot. Inquire; Lane a u d Church ! double h o i t ; WANTED--SIX FIRST CLASS MA- cljiolstb*, and six machlniMts' helpers for round house work, iCall General Foreman, P 1*. E.. Iickcrso:i Hun. 30rn:ir7t WANTED--MINERS "WANTED WHO are studying for e x a m i n a t i o n s to f;et tho best m i n i n g book jnihllshed, "MJn* ing In a Nutshell," by JAMES WAIU- l.A"W, Scottdale. Pa. Price J2.25. WANTKD--OLD FALSE TEETH, Don't matter if broken. I pay $2.00' to (15,00 per act. Send by parcel post and iTftcetve check by return raaiU L, 11TA2ER. 2007 S. Fifth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 5mnr23t* . WOMKN ' WANTED--KL'LL T I M E time salary ?24, y e l l i n K KUArantoecl hosiery to \v".a.rftr, 5flc an hour spare lime. Big aprin^r buwlnesK. Experience unnecossery. INTERNATIONAL MILLS, Norrlstown,. Pa. - SOmarJt" WNTED--KO 3 ACKERS' RKQUI.PJS lh« flervices it a ihoroiiRhly cxper- lenced-aml accurate stenoRrapher. R«a- 'ident of ConnellsvIIIo preferred. An- ply in person to iLR. A. J. KOBACK31R. 2SmartfC WAJTTED--LARGE MANUFACTUR- er wants" representatives to sell shirts, underwear, hosiery, dresses, waists, sklrta, direct to homes. Write for free samples. MADISON. THILLS, C03 .Broadway, New York City. . 18aue26t-aat "WANTED--ANT KIND OP ins, whether it IB a 'calling card, sale bill or the finest engraved wedding- Invitation or announcement. We print an-rthlng--everything--do It prom^Uy an 1 ?, do it riitht. Call the man at THIS COURIER office. Both phones. 27-tf ·WANTED--SALESMEN. A-I OP- portutiity. -, A u t o r a n b l l e . accessory salesman, ^ochnfcal knowledge u n - neces.?.ary. enjoy additional Income withoiit much, effort on your part. Write for f u l l particulars. CARBURETOR MANTLE CO., Inc., 1914 Broadway, New York. 30marlt" WANTED--AGENTS. EARN SFJ2NDiiig: money.'. Every .housekeeper wants Madam Blumer's Egjr Saver. 25c pack- a,ge represents HS eggs. A pure food product. Sells like wildfire. Mrs. Fiske made $8.25, Mm. Rltter $6.75 in one day. Sf can you. Free samples. P. R. BLUMER, Lincoln avenue and ROMCOO. Chicago. · SOmartt" 3 OS, STA DEK. Fay- . FOtt SALK---SIX LOTS ON a v e n a e : 1 hou. K e with j roams cttt street; houj*e anrt int on and J-'rancIf* and r,t*nr S\\KC m i l l . I n - (juire of CKAS. WEU1R,. V23 Jnbnuton FOR SALK--JCST RKCKIVED A cnrl^ati of RteJ po5atn«-H, Karly Rose. Early Ohio's*. Burbanfcs, Roj'iLl New- YorbftTH. N'eJci rtoor 50 \-v}\ . t'om- pttny'«i f^»«d ftiorc, Pf*a.:h H f r c e t . KAT- KTTE WHOLKSALK PRO1MJCE CO.. Both I'honcs^ 2?martfd FOR SALE--?,0 ACHE F A U M ON White Day Creek, W o i i O u j c j i l l a ' C o u n t y . W. Va.. u n d e r l a i d with 4, ·! and f) foot veins coal. K i g h t acrfis cleared. Oil and Eras rental paid quarterly. Price JGOO. For f u r t h e r information writ*? F. L, TRAVIS. R. F, D. 5, Hox 1 ( Fairmont, West VirtrlnJa. 2Smar6t-eod 4 FOR-SALE--MILL AND KOUNOJIT. mill 30x50 fc-ct. 3 siorjiis, 5 sctu burrt, 50 h. p. boiler, ·!) h. p. - j n t r f n o . Foundry 12x50 feet, otic-half '1 tftorto* high, ffnoc! uupolas; forpp, etc. Gas for core ov^n and Ucrhtinp. Both slate roof.j, ·near rullroail and tr ill*y; o n c - h n l f acre ground. Good i n v e s t m e n t for an active business firm-. Box 2-J. A i v e r ton. Pa. amar6t* Xotl«n. J. K. Renner, Attorney. MARY LOOBY VS. MICHAEL Looby. In tho Court cf Common Pleaw of Fayotto County. Pa.., No. 13, March Term, 19IS. To Michael Looby, respondent: You are . Hereby notified that tho subpoena and nlla.t subpoena In this case have IMS en returned "Non cst inventus," you are therefon; re- quirod to appear in the Court of Common P!ea« of Fayetto county,. £'«-. on tho first Monday of April of said Court. A. D. 191fi, to answer the Html and complaint filed therein, and show cause, !f any you have, why a divorce from t h e . bonds oC m a t r i m o n y should not be granted the l i b e l l a n t abovn named. THOMAS L. HOWARD, Sheriff. ShoriftT'a Offico, March 8, 1918. to Contractor*. i'SEALKD PROPOSALS WILL BE RE- ceivod by the County Controller of Fayette . co'unty, Pennsylvania, at his office" in the Court House, Union town, Pennsylvania, until 2 o'clock P. M., Monday, April 29. 1018, for. the' corv- structlon of a double 20 foot span reinforced concrete bridge over Georges Creek in Fairchance ."borough. · · Plans, proposals' and speclficatibna for the'^aboyo-bridg-e can be secured at the .office"of the.-County RoaU .and Bridge Engineer, Court' House, Uniontown,': .Pennsylvania, for the sum of five'dollars (55.00) per set.. Each proposal":must be accompa.niGd by a certified check drawn on "a bank In Pennsylvania -equal to 10 per cent ."vj) of the,amount of the.· proposal.] The .right'"to reject.any or all proposals is expressly reserved; HARRY KIS2NGER County . Controller; 30rnar.4t-sa.t J. K. ttonner, Attorney. IRA LIKE VS. BLANCHE LIES. IN* the Court of Common PleiLa of Fayette county, Pa., No. 472. December Term, 1917. To Blanche Lleb, respondent: You aro hereby n o t i f i e d that the subpoena and alias nubpoena in this case have been returned "No.-i est inventus," you are therefore required to appear In 'the Court of Common TMeaa of Fayette county. Pa,, on the 1st -Monday.-of April of said Court, A. D. 1918, to answer the libel and complaint. fiJcd therein, and show cause, if any you iiavo, why a divorce from the .bonds of matrimony should not bo Kra.nte3 tho HbeHan't above named. THOMAS- L. HO"WARD She-riff. Sheriffs Office. March S, 1318. e .to Contractor*. ·'. .,, . -.._ "P.-S- solved -'by -the County Controller of 'ayctto"",county, Pennsylvania,--''at his mce . i n i t h e . Court House, Uniontown, 'ennsylvia.nla, until 1 -"o'cloclt .P. !., j Monday, April 2D;' 1918, for .the con- j structlon. of a 30 foot. Span reinforced j concrete bridtr'e -over '."Meadow- 1 " : 'Ruii iftarvFarmineton .on. the ' road.;leadtng j 'roirt Farratnertpn, to phiopyle. - . t .Plans, -proposals, and specifications 'or the above bridge can tie-'secured at the .oUioe'.. of the "County Road-- -and Sridge 'EnK-in^er-. Court House.- Union- :ovmi.. Pennsylvania, for 1 the 'sum of five dollars CSS'.OO). per'Set. . ' ; . Eftch* propbsal-must.-be. accompanied ty a 'certlfled check drawn' on 'a bank n Pennsylvania;: equal to 10; per .cent "·Q^y dC-.the iinount\ot. the''' ; proposal. The'rig-ht .to reject :any-.or,V.aii:;pro- po«al3 la · eipreasly; : reserveAjy;/ ·'HA'R-'RY iaS^OERvCoun 1 ^:-'Con troll BIV ,'...·: '. ^'·K.-'^--:^ V^ v L--;^ : '' : " : 'i 3 ° I ^ r * t ^ ?' t: ' · Sterling, H(f;bce Matthews, Attor- CHARI.ES N. S33CRKTS VS. LELA M. Sc'cretB. In the . Court of Common :Picas. of Fayette county, Pa., No, 4IJ8. December Term, 1917. To Lela'M. Se- cre.ta, respondent: Y(ra are hereby no- titietl that the subpoena'and alias subpoena in this case- have- been, returned "Non .est inyentus," you arc therefore required to appear I n the Court of .Common Pleas'of .Fayotte county. Pa., on' the' 1st Monday of April of Efald Court, A. .D.- 1318, to answer t h e ' l i b e l and : complaint filed therein, and show cause;:if any "you have, why a divorce from the .bonds of.- matrimony 'should not b« grajHed. '-the . libellant above named. THOMAS L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sherirr'a Ofiice, March -S, 19IS. ' .. '; · Dfiiar-H-sat '· :- FOUR, LOTS.-FRONTING' ON FIRST STREET', SOUTH/CON-' NEL3JSVTLUS, ' NEiAR HIG-H .'SCBQOOli "BOILiDING.- THESE ·LOTS TWILL BE SOL.D 3RJEtA.- SONABLB'TO CLOSE ESTATE. .MRS..-MARY' R. .PHILLIPS,..-' PUBOIS, PA. -. :·' " ·;'. " . . . - · · · - · ; -r.-v.'-. : --:v--x:v'.' f ··;::;··.$. · ' : . ' . - « . · ^ffiSilSlll^^ il^ 11OMKS FOIt SALE. 3 Room House South Con- nell.TvlHo S ^ (l " 5 Room House, N. Pros, peel Street 700 5 P.oom House, N. Pcoa- Tiect Street 7.f» 8 Room Double House. Wh.-eJer ' . . . . · . . . IHIU 1 Room House.Brick Kojad J,uW 3 Room House, Snydcr-' t o w n i,ftS« 6 Room House, "N. 10th Si. I.u«v 5 Boom IIousfe.Brick Road 1.2SO 5 Boom CotttiE'e, F r a n k l i n Street t.3Sft 4 Room House. S. Eiprth St l.«50 .1 Room Cottage, W Craw- Cord Avenue 1-3BO 4 ricom House, 12th S t . . . j.5Oft ·I Room House, S. 9th S1..1.H0O fi Room llcuse. K. G i b f - - n n . 1,050 C Room Double House, "W. Cra-wford A v e n u e . . 3.MO 10 Ronm Double Uouse, N. Prospect Street 3.(?00 8 Room Double House. Hyndmrm Street 2.00O C Room M o d e r n Honfec, Souil: Rireet s.oon Fj Room Modern House, Sixth Street 2,;tOO 10 Room House, H y n d - iruin Si S.S.OO 8 Room House, S. N i n t h 0 Room Modern House, Je-fforyon Street 2,500 P Room M o d e r n House. X. 8t U SoreOt -.500 5 P.oom Modern Tiouyo, Htli Slrpot. \V. S. -'.30» 5 Room Flat. F r a n k l i n A v e n u e 2,ti(fl Ifi .Room Modern House, B IXoom Modern House. 12th Street 2,Ji:on 5 Room i!odt»rn House, 1C, Kairvlew A v e n u e 2,SWi 10 Room Double House F r a n k l i n A v e n u e . . . . . . . 2.SSO 7 Hoom Mnilcrn House, "W. Cra-wford A v e n u o 2A"0 R Room M o d u r n HOUPC, X. P t r w i t 7 R o o m A-Io«I«rn .House, E. Pouch Street f Rooni Modern Houwe, X. .IciTerp on 12 Room Double House, W. Crawford A v e n t i o . . . 6 R o o m Modern HOUHC, K. Crawford A v e n u e . , . . C Itouia Mod'-rn House J e f f e r s o n S t r u c t S Koom Modern H o u s f i , ICIS^a Street ^ 5 Rnom Modern Honi'O. S. Slh Strt-et 12 Room Double Housi, Jrjycufuc-rfi Street 6 Rmiri .^!odRr^! House, E. M u r p h y Avcnu* fi K n u n M o d t ; r n House-, K. Hiibs-.-n A v e n u e fi Ilooin "Modern Ho:;. i -v, Arch S t r e e t , above B. O. Depot £ .Hooni House, Higrh- Ixtul A v e n u e 12 Room D o u b l e House, S. 9 t h Street S Room Modern House, S. Sth Sireoi S P.oom M o d e r n Houfe. S. S Hnoni Modern House, S. Sth 3,000 3,000 3.OIK) Room M o d e r n IJ-iuuse. N*. -J.OOO -1,000 Street 3- Room D o u b l e liourfc. S. 1 Tlooni Modern Houde, K. Fairv iew Avenue 4^:«0 1ft Room Double House. Davidson Aveniu- -I-".H S R o o n Modern H C H I P C , S. $· Tii-om MudBi-n HOU.SH, S. 6th .Street -i£W 5 Roorr Moriiirn Mouwc, Ii Room T'nublc House-.K. (,'rawford A v e n u e . -^. · · -kTC" £ U'jom Modorn House',"W. : Teach Street 3,nfl« ··S .Room Modern Hou.-ic, S. 8th. Ktrctit r,,000 10 Roori 31 Oder» House, E IVashlntrton Avt- 5,000 6 Room M u d u r n H'nifie, E. Crawford A\*c .1-,200 10 TSnorn Mocturn HOUHC, S. Sth JHrpist 5,'-T.O 1U Rtiom Moilcm House, S. Urd Strc-.-t ' r.,5W 10 Hooin Modern, L i n c o l n A v e n u e . . . . . . . K.^O 17 Room Modern House, Vims Street .. f 7,S*1O 10 Rooni Modern House, S, Pittsbnrff Street Xfl.,000 nnicK HOIKS. S Room Modern Brick. Chestnut Street $ 3,400 V2 Room Modern Brick, X. Third Street G.WO S Room Modern Q u n f f a - lou-, K C r a w f o r d AVO-. 5,S«0 3 Uoom M o d e r n Brick, Vine Street (l.flofl 15 Room Donblo Brick, "W "WaatiLncrton A v e n u o .. ff,ttflO S Room Modern Brick, ·\Vills Road 0,000 8 Room Modern Brick, B. Fail-view Avenue 32,iw« 14 Room Modern Brick, E. Fairvie-w Avenue ... 14,000 1IOMK.S FOR S A L E OX MO.VTBI-Y PAYMENTS. 15 Modern Housr-s in ConnRlls- .'ville: Ittoo doivn and balance yatn" as rent. To run tor period of 200 m o n t h s . ·f Double .HOUPCR on E. Crawford avenue $1,500 do«vn and balance same as rent. ' To run 20Q months. FARMS FOR SAT.R. GO-Aero Farm 1U niilo from. City, per aero... .9 1~~» 21 "ArcH oC PiiHturo L a u d 1 % miles from City.... 2,50ft ISO-Acre Farm at Conflu enco. Pa., per acre 50 215-Acre Fruit Farm near . Scottdale. PR, 2*500 65-Acre Farm near Nor- · · ina.lvillc. Pa 3*500 10 Acres of Land on Brick Road .; ' . . . . : . 3,O(Ht 10 Acres Land near I*eiscnring: No. 1 3,000 10-Acre Fruit and Poultry Farm, beat 'in country, near City 5,500 A.E.WAGONERCO. · * 100« W. Crawford Avc., CONJTJBLLSVILLK, PA. Trl-Statc- S25-X. Went Side. GENTLEMAN. BCK*CKEEP- BR. arUST BE EXPERIENC-. ED AND COME "WELL RB- 'COraiENDEDj . TKI - STATE .CANDY COMPANY. for Easter preparation. We haven't any advance forecast on the weather for Easter Sunday, nor are we going to prophesy, brft ·we hopejt will be a good day. However, we advise everybody 10 prepare a,'nc-- L^ter. outfit. There are some specially new things just in for women, dainty styles, shirt waists and skirts. There is a distinctive line of misses and children's dresses; there are new and popular styles in shoes for women, misses, and children. All the many colors, the medium and the high top, very moderate prices,.. There is just everything you want in all sorts of raiment for a fashionable, stylish Eastenoutfit. For men we have made -equally as good and as extensive preparations; for the boys even greater--hats, suits, shoes, and neckwear in plain and fancy colors, dress shoes of every shape imaginable, men's styles for boys, popular prices. Please remember that we claim to furnish you this class of goods a little bit cheaper than you can buy elsewhere and you are waited on by courteous salesmen and salesgirls, experienced and equipped to assist you in many ways in making your selections. 63 Largo Department Stores, Located ia Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store that insists on fitting ttieir Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes, They're pleased with our style selection and our methods in jStting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-W. S. S. War Savings Stamps ISSUED BY United States Government MARCH, 1918. JAN". 1, 1823. $4.14 WILL COUNT $5.00 YOUGH TRUST COMPANY CONNELLSViLLE, PA. IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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