The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 1?, 1030. THE DAILY COURIER, JONNELLSVILLE, PA, PAGE PIV®. 'Follow Me and I Will Make You' " 'Brass Tacks" on the Sunday School Lesson buslneea mooting oE the church imm-e- cliutely followin TRINITY EPISCOPAL, Cauou L. Tl. Burn, rector-- Church school, 10 A. M, Ifivc-uJng prayor nml bcrviutb, 7.30. TRINITY LUTIIBHA-N, Fatrvlow avenue, "W. II. Heliiek, D. D., pastor-Class in catcchlbm .9 A. M. Sunday school. 10 a. HI, en perm tendon t, Jolvu Suyclcr. Morning worship, 11, s-er- uiori, "Tho Climax it] the Third Day." Luther League, 0:11) I', M.; "What Is Our Church M a i m i n g This Year?" loaclei, MeMn Kollel Uvorilng uor- j f a h i p , 7:80, feeimon, "The ElghlU Coin- maiKlmonl-- Against Lying." Preparatory sorvico next AVwlneMlay evening at 7.30. J f o l y C o m m u n i o n Sundaj, January 2(i. Baptibm of c h i l d r e n and leceptlon oi! memherh. LBISEXIUNU PRESBYTERIAN -- - 8und»y school at 9 f d A. M, Church servicra at 11 and owning at 1.15 T b e t c j \ \ i l l 1)0 no f v e i l i n g teiricn at Uute. FIRST METHODIST 1'ROTISKTANT, West Apple btrc'et, I. If J,anjbcTUon. l a i n i h t c i -- (']u s moot Ins f* A. M , le.'uj- or, Ororgo H w a l l o p Suurlny t.fhool, !) 15 A. M, T H. Mpnnfi, b u p c r l n t e t i - dtnt Morning \\ortiJiip, 11 A M, inl- jject ".Moved With C o m p a s s i o n " J u n - ior ('. 15 3 P. 1U. I. C R C P M . leaders, Maiy Kitnineiiunn and Helen McCoy. Senior C E. prayer meeting, 6:-!D P. M., topic, "Khali We Abolish or Expand Allusions.' Why?" in the evening at 7:30 the pastor's thpnio will bo "Loit, to Whom Shall Wo (.So?" MOUNT PLEASANT WOMEN COBRATE DRY ANNIVERSARY {.{. E, Bui an Principal Speak V ?r at Jin] \y of T craneo I nion. CHICKEN THIEVES CONTIN UE BUSY . "Repent: for the kingdom of Kaaven U nt h»«d."-- Matthew 4il7.| j. -- -- ' the h u m i l i t y and obscurity in w h i c h they had k n o w n Him for "0 years ah By DR. ALV1N F. IMS1.U Ono oi tho t w o 'Vornor tthieb. trmrk tho outline ot Matthew ie toun] in thi.i Icfcfeon at -i 17: "From I hat time Jesus began to preach, anil lo si,y, Repent: for tbo Kingdom ot their neighbor and follow workman, and they "rcso up. anil t h r u s t Him out of Uio eib " U.uko 4:29) Thereafter Ho nuule Capernaum ills liomo Hcavca it, at hand." Tlio second one and, headqua ters when in Gallle-o, la found at 1G:21: "From that time forth began Jesub to sUow unto His go into All that how that IIo must Jerusalem and en/for, etc." lies between these t\\ o points, and which w i l l nxiko up tho basis .of our etudie-s for tho next thre-e inpnths, has This te the expertenco back o£ the words ol our lesson: "leaving Nazareth, He camo and dwelt in Capernaum." Thus early tho Light. oC the World shone Into tho darkncts of the shadow ot death and men of darkened minds and hearts attempted to do with the preaching of the King, j to quench the light, but failed. Choosing- the Twelve. What follows 16:21 deals w i t h the passion ol the King Outline of Jesus* LUc. - Je«tis' public life comprised about three years, tho first of which may be called "the jear of obscurity," and ·RIS spent largely \i\ Judea, the 1 icc- ord of v Ulcb. 'tfc given In the firet four chapters of John; year, uhkJi was ep-ent the second almost entirely in Galilee, may le called Ills "year of popularity," this being the point of f l i h career wheio our leesou for t h i s W'»eli find's Jesua choosing Kin n p o s t l t e fi oin among tho disciples He ihife f j u i e t l y gathered tho j e n r before; the third j c a r of Jesus' Ufa may ho called the "year of opposition," the hrst half of w h i c h ivas spent !u (.! ililpp ami the last half in other pans of tlit land, t h i e l l y ,U U u . hy His Neighbors. Why J?tut3 thus, confined most of ni« first jour's ministry to the eouth- cru part ot the laud, find dchnod t i p K l i i u l i i K His t n l m s h y in the uorlh- ITH p r o v l i H ·· of Uciltlco, v here He hud horn K . u p d . u n t i l l f l « reputation had boon w e l l c - l a b l i v | i o ( l in Judoa, is p^c- plalnPd thiih hy John ( I 43-'f5) : "./enn I l i n i f o c i E tt'«tiflcl, that a. prophet h a t h no honor in hiu o« n c-onnlry Then when Ho i\a corne into CUilllor, t h p (lalilcnus receivivl The time had como tor the King to gather about tlim His cabinet, those whom Ho w o u l d prepare to minister tho affairs of His kingdom after Hie passion. "An' Jeeus, welkiig by 'the sea of Galilee eaw two brethren, Simon, called Peter, and Andrew, his brother, caatitig a net into tho eca: for they were fishers. And He saith unto them, Pol'ow Me, and I will make you fiishers of men. And they straightway left their nete and followed IHtn." This wae not the first timo thebo fishermen had met Jesus. A year he- fore they had had their Jlret contact i \ i t h Him ( J o h n 1:40), and they had had a ye«r to aiar\el over His wondrous words t'i them. Dut now Ho calls them to leavo all and follow Him, and they accept His rait. Their acceptance resulted in the fulfillment of His promise to them. For Jesus truly "made those 12 men what they 'became.' " "Follow Me and I will Regular Wednesday meeting at 7 M o'clock. prayer MUST METHODIST Kl'IBCOPAL, D. It G r a h a m , D. 11, m i n i s t e r -- S u u - ilay school, 0 : 4 5 A M Heimori by thu pafetor at U A M, subject "The Lamps of Gold." l£p\scrth league- at 6:30, At 7.30 P. .M. there w i l t be special 6er- vicps, J n s t r u n i c r i U l m u s i c \ \ l l l , be featured. Special organ numbers; cornel holoe hy J. I* Miless of ScotUhilo. Tho choli A \ i l l ;tin^ V^ nua- TRINITY HKPOHMBD, coiner Psttsburg and Grcru filro-cts, 0. G. Hliupc, pabtoi--9:!5 A. J«I, Sunday s-chool, Wilt, superintendctiit. 11 A. M , feornion, "Man's Rejection ot Ciod." 1).'15 P .M., Ulnl-.l1.rn Kndcuv- c r. 7 30, sermon, "The Unbelief ol! the Fool." FIRST CHURCH" OF TUB UNITKD BRETHREN JN UIIR1-ST, Lincoln avenue at Race- slice!, Elmer A Schultz, mlnlMer--Church feehool at I) 46 A. M ; "A clafab foi every age"; Harry O. AVitt, general nper!ntcud- ent. Worship, 11 Special muale. Sermon by Dr. II M. C h a l f a n t ot Pbiladelphia, editor 01 American Ifbue. Senior Chi IbtUu l,n.h tvor Society, U:30 ]'. M ; k . U r , Helen K teuour. Junior Chri'liua Endeavor Society, 8:30; leader, Thelrna Huth Koru. Evening service, 7.30 1'. M,, sermon, "Jesus Went About Doing Good," Mid-weeU somro, Wednesday at 7:30 P. M. Quarterly c o n t c i e t i c o Friday evening at 7.30; l)v. W. S. Wilson, speaker. UREBNWOOU COPAL, South -Ninth EPIS- street and make you to become." Voices to Him say, "1 ollow mo and T wi!' break yon," anl myriads of broken Hvc6 testify to thi breaking. But Jrsus truly "m-iken men to become" powers and tow era for God and for good, just as Ho did with those two-he whom J l e "made" into the most potent moulders of world thought and lift tho world has e\er Mini h a v i t t v soon all tho t b m g a t h a t j s o e n . IIo did at Ji rufaalcm ' I'lifortunatel}, however, this Chared hy His cordiality o\\ n homo was not (The International Uniform Lesson for January 19 fe Matthew 4:17-26, the town o j j b u b j e c t Doing, "Josus Begins lite Mln- Xazaroth, wliero Ho had grown up. i istry," and tho Golden Text, Matthew Instead of hospitality, they s h o w e d ! I-17, "Repent ye. for tho Iclngdom of Him hostility becaiiso they could not htaven is at h a n d " ) locoacile HI i-tremeudou« claims with FIRST BAPTIST. E. H. Stevens, I Evening: -worship, 7.30; subject, "The minister--Church bchool S-.-15; lesbrn,' Voice- of Qod." T i l s in a. special aer- "Tho Program of JCBUS; What Does vice. Tha ConneHsvlll Ftra depart- It Embrace.?" Morning worship 10:4C, ment will be at this service In a body, f-ermon, "Ten Years of Experiment 1 This is Its annual memorial eorvleo. With Prohibition." Evening worship, Wednesday prayei meeting at 7:30 P. 7 30; sermon "Ho That Overcometh.", M. A mid-week pause to think of God. Junior meeting Sunday afternoon at 2. ( A friendly church invites you to all o£ its services. PAYNE A. M. E., W. S. Amos, min- Utor. Sunday echool at 9:45, superintendent, ~\V. P. Thompson. Morning tvorshlp at 10:45. Evening worship tit :; 3 ^""f.. P TM Ple :! "!! U f g ' U ' 3 ° ^JH.'Hr^ve'orScotw'al* Vui'pr^ch FIRST EVANGELICAL, South Con- neltbViUe, M. R. 7ynm, puetor-- Sunday school, 0:30. Worship, 10:46. Rev. M., Gladys M a » l H a , r a , l d c n t . and nJhtet Jn J o m m u n l o n 8orvlco at thld Uinu. A memorial aorvico at FIRST UNITED I'RKSBYTEKIAN.) 7:30 P. M.. for the South Connellsvlllo South Pittsburg and \Vctt Morton a"«- jiue, U. K. Krupp, pastor.--Bible school al 9.45 A. M., Charles E. Car-ou. Jr., 6uper uteiulent. Worship 11 lfi\ eiihig \vor- lutwmediato Y. P. C. U., (!.:;) P M. Hauler Y. I'. C. V.. 6:45 P. M. Tho W. C. T. U. v i U w o r s h i p u l t l i i s a t t h o evening \ ico t h i n A M , "Judge Not." bhlp. 7:3U, "Feu- Not." flromen. Tho address will he given by tho pastor of the church. Wednesday, 7:30, prayor-meetlniT. Friday, 7:30 P. M., tho presiding llcr, Rev. R, c. MlHor of Indiana, will bo prceent to hold tho second jitarterly mooting. All members are tukod 10 bo present. CHURCH OP THE BRETHREN, Greenwood avenues West Hide, Rov. Fred Wtnemuu, pastor -- Sunday school, 8:45; W. H, liehantm, supciin- teiidont; lesson, Mat. 4 17-25. Morning wor.bhijj at 11; sermon by paatoi. Ev.;n!iiK w o r s h i p at 7 10. Epworlh Le.iguo at C.",0. Immodialely preceding llio i n u r n l i i K sermon, Miss Gcr- iruJo llobcita a to ·'. ^pocl.i) to The Coui ler. MO DAT P1/13ASAN' , Jan. IS.--The "Woman'* Chr)«-tinn Te nperanco Union hold a covered-dish dniner at tho R«- lormcd Church last evening. Covots N\ere laid for 00. M , s . a. in. B u h n n . mado tho principal ; ddross for tho j eMnins on' ' Ririglnf tho V i c t o i y j nellb " The T. 1 T. li d charge of tho ilcvolloiiH William P- un played sev- cral A ioliu Har.i Noidn Sara A l l i r l g h t and Mi.s ca Anna ·atif a duel, K.IVO i reading. Hix t')ld i \ h y prolii iltion had boon d u r i n g ihf hrst to years They iv-oi-e Miia I x o « i l l Mro. Klniri' t! florg, -i. Jdi'ob Hart, Mrs. A. iJ Hen dcrnon, IMli-t-, Mirth.i. S \nrit and Mre. Ora Miller Dtxon. i D h i d c With tlio resigiiiitloi oE Patrolman George Kaotner, Chi £ of Police Jc-scph WhiU !·, woi Kl \s In day tim« and Patrolman C l a j e n ' o Whotsel at night. The hu^lnass n en sttli retain the eon Ices of I l a r i y HoetcUler a» nighc watchman A l t e r Chicken 'I tu'eies. Chicken tliitnet, who havo been so active o\er the ( o w n toi several T\'eek.s arc M i l l at \\oilf. So ar they havo eludc'I tho offlcero. Other "c« -. G A O.irkadon of Is syser, IV. Va., lias boon choson aa hai teriologtet for tho M o u n t T'!p,ii=,int pla it oE tlio Citi- iont "\Valor Comp.iny. JTs and hie l.imily havo t.ikeu t,ho .Inuot Berg In ('huroti iiLreet. Mr. und Mr 1 . Fernet Burliholdor anuouuco f h o bii th oE i, on at tho ?{e- morial Hobpital early y-c iterday moru- 15 r Joi\n »·. B l a t k o u r t, a graduate of tho UiiJveriJt- of p ttsburg, has taken ovor 1he dental fflcca of Dr. Jefeso S. Mullln in Minn street. Dr. Blackburn Is a graduate of the class of 1925 of the PiUsbur; Dental College. Mrs. Raymond Brook o Eagle street underwent a throat ope atlon at tho Memorial Hohpltnl yeste 'day. Mount Pleasant towm hip students completed Ihea 1 mid -year teats yesterday. The examinations were begun on Wednesday M o u n t Pleasant Vc uuteer Fire- mea wore called last ev nlng to a. small building at tho rcai of the M. F. McCulley homo, which bo ' used as a f l u b room. The fire stii ted from an overh«atci stove. Very 1 tllo damage \vas done. n a r i a t o a setnion FIRST PHKSBYT1SRIAK, J L. Proudlil, minister -- Bible school, .9:30; H. W. McRobbie, superintendent. Morning service at tl. Young People's Society at «.30. Evening eervico at 7:3i. Jamea G, Potter o£ tho Weatein Theological Seminary will preach at both eervices. Wednesday evening prayer-meeting, 7 '45. Hervlcea pro- pamtory to communion will be held Friday evening at 7:4. CHRISTIAN SCIENCIO SOCIKfVV, MeCrory Bulldlnj?-- Sunday morning: eervice at 10:4B; subject, "IAtc," Qold- ent Toxt from John 5 , 2 f . "Vorll, voriJy, I aay unto you, ilo t h a t my word, aud behovoth in Him that 8-ent Me, hath eveila-Uing life, and sbaO not corne into condemnation; hut is passed from doalh unto life." Sunday school Is held it I 0:;iO Wednesday ovenirig, testimonial meeting ai S. The reading roam is open daily except Sundays- and holldaya f i o i n 2 to ·(. Tho public is cordially i i u i t c d to aWond our services nml ni.Uio IIPO oi the roadlng room. Confluence CONFLUENCE, Jan. 18 --Mrs. Sophia Conway ib reported quite ill at this writing at hor home here. Work on the new Christian Clnuoh Is being rushed rapidly to completion. Nice- winter weather prevails hoio at this writing with a light covering Of 8IUIW. W. A. Parker of Connellsrillo Wfai, a business visitor in t o w n y eB torday. A. U. Boughnor, a prominent em- ploye of tho Baltimore Ohio Railroad hero, la In Baltimore at probeat oia business for tho rornpanj. Thomas Knight, an aged man of this place, is Slowly improving from a recent bevere illness. Samuel Rnybeck was a business visitor to ComiellBvlllo yesterday. Mis. A. G. Boughner wuh fahopping in Pittsburg yeslenUy. Mrs. John Lynch and daughter, Maiy, went to Connelhvlllo to Tisit s jcstprdfly. Miss Stalla Iloinebaugh lias rottun- Road Supervisor Is Granted Time To Secure Money UREENSBUKG, Jan. IS. -- Adam Soltnon, 67, well known esldent of Trauger, niul former roar, e'lpervlaor of Mount', Plotu-iunt t o w u e h p, i\ho ia^t summer wn*. charter! wit ombezzbs- nient anrl conversion grcn Ing 1 out of allegwl IrrogukirUlea n h ID holdiijg that ofllcp, will have unt! July 1 to make r-egtttutiori oi' tho $7 25.S6 fundfl which he pleaded guilty to taking, according to an order made by Judge Charlee 1). Copland yeetei Iny. Seimon appearing; in court for sentence, pleaded gisilty to he counts His case appeared a path tic one as he stood liefore the trlburu 1 awaiting his aentenco with bowed he id. Prominent attorneys including Albert K, Bell and P. K Shanei , wlu appeared in hla behalf, told the com that Sel- mort had heen a v i c t i m of hte ow.n f. ici,t!s. Kvcn Judge Cop land ap- peitied to fijinpatlil^o with the aged man, observing that IK* re membered lilrn Uh one of hl« iirst clienn ;)3 ycnra ago j\ceou1iiiK in against thc iii5 it cilclnicnts t}ic total in lumis taken waa lebsi than ?SOO. ' he uhort- ago was discovered by auu'tore who mado their exaniinaiiou o£ ho town- thip bookti Ian. yoai- and ho fjuri- Iho un,ouut ajviinfc him It oliilmcrl he luul had lah irers blRis chocka ior l u b o r anl I hen ttcr p a y - ing them t h e i r \vago lil eri In tho j nmoimUj for llio chocks iu v a r y i n g su me. A f l c r review Ins ( h e kn , Judge CopeJaud Jndlcutod t h a t ho has iio option othor t n n u to iao!-o ut somo Kind of sscnlonco la tor. S-o aion wa^i given luiti/ 7uly fo replace t 10 money when ho m i t t appear £or seiitonoe, Appearing k r Iho tov\iihip ii tho case was Attorney SainusI Ankiu v Summil: bUMMIT, Jan. 18.-- -Joi ph McDowell hdi returned to hie In me near Chalkhill after viItlnB his bitter, Mis. 15wlu£ Hagei oi' tins place, M k l - u w k -crvlco of , vino and Nowmyov, Ralph E, Shober' oli t r o m a v l h l i - wllh Blends at Soiner- ' ' _ ;it ' 1 pins'i u i l u b t i - r -- C ' h i u i l i \ \ a l i e t S t )ii^.c-s i or .ill ( i m m i u t ' i ' T i i .u I'ci IPI ! M.iii ' p u i . o M\-iuoMlay CMjnm,;, minlbter--Blble school at 9:45, Mro j Paul V. Leplej-, BUp^rlntendont, Wor' ship and se-rmon at i t ; subjet, C H R I S T I A N ' , South Pitta- "Christian Joy and 1 fflcloncy." Bvon- · ,V l u t t y , tug At 7 o'clock, Y. r. D , Allvoa sct - Etliicalor Dlos During: Clint, Mr. anci IWrs. Harry Woi ihingtou have received word ( h a t th «lr son, Baker, Is coriilncd to Brownsv lie Hospital w i t h an i n j u r y to tho Inu d which ho received while working t Clyde mine. An electiic light bulb sploderl in his liancl while he was i jing an extension coul. Hany Sccso oC Ruffsdale- i\aa call- inp; on his mother, Mrs. S bastian Sense | Krncst Rhode'] of Masonto /n was horo calling on his aunt, Mr . C. P. Upton of this place. j Mr, and Mis, Robert Plnlu ey nnd son, John, and Mia. Mai eery Chrlsn " wl, l iu A .M., uay, loaler There will be a short t-upoi ,uteiJdMit., nufisjonary pantomime, "Tho Wonder \ \ o r h h i p nnd vf tho World" Sermon U 7'30, "Tho MI)I]H Tho l")ard«ne-l!6« nt Mu Koul " Prayer- ,ui-l l i i t p i nj«- ( tneutiiie; Wednesday evening at 7 j 8 0 , ' ni at r, :o I' M Mr? Elizabeth Carrnil loader, Short { BALTLMOHM, Jan. 18--Dr. Hana ^_^ . . · ~ * * * * l d W i A J » » ' - ' » * " ( t » i H . i . i.1** **, if 4.H. i fj C?4. T W l * i * C ' Froelicac-r, acting praadent of Qouch- ylsttwl Mr. and Mrs W II Ollster t r Coll ego. diopped dead Ust night j near Ohlopyle T |"»wr S a i n t ' Lurleine U p t o n his been cm fine la wi h grip wluto . o n i e r M n g w i t h £ P i t t ! l b u i B ' w h o m lle A(hivtisemenfs Brine tesviits. Try 1er 1lome f o r tlle for Bargains 1 It s-n, i-p,id \hf ariv*rilBins c of The Daily Courlor. Feel that confidence --that extra Power. The Firestone Battery naakes starting easy* In cold weather with raw gas or thick oil. You will always have that extra Power. Oar i er-1.«- will ficJp ran o»«nTi more power from roar batlerr. H jot need n rendi!, w« hate ft itood r«Ualito onn. I«1 Os ln« tpect each cell no ton will I/now yonr baltery »« it now elands. frw$« d fma tU Una tor new onn. Do etrr« »f nharp--«»/» Noa-SkWs *urin« bad wcMh«r. Firestone Service Stores, Inc. H. C. "Zeke" Haddock, Mgr. 122 West Apple Street. Phone 21 ··^'-·'V^-^w'^VB'*"^^-'.-.:*;,,;; V .'*W%?.,.' W^^^?!^''^»'t : ^r:»l;fl : '^^^^'-;Kv3.OTS2® r !S-WW«:'' r r ·'''V-y/lwi-''' ,- ~ t ';,,:;-^ · .-'*.-; :IIIIWK»SW^ Camouflaged Left-Overs Often Better Than Original Dish J II t can't you serve no«a.t" the Bocond timo iust like Che first?" domanded tho younj; houwkeoper. "Thei e'n no uao my making hanh out of a l«ft-ovar roaat--Jack won't cat what ho calls chop-mioy dishes." This aco«pt*d rule of chanpins'left- over moat Into a new kind of dish Un't merely for the purpoaa oi deceiving the family. Tho fact is that a roaat cannot b« reheated and taato «ta H did on its first appearance A freah hot log; of lamb, or roaat beef, or rocurt chicken has a certain fina flavor which la developed during this first ooolclns and can bo enjoyed only ·n Ha flrat aervico. That particular flavor la e°no vvhon tha meat coola ott. It cannot be recaptured by a ·econd heatlne in tha naroo way. In- died a second similar heatlne, 0.3 In th* case of lamb or bout, does anything but Improve th« flavor. Ther« are two ways In which to ·njoy laft-ovoi TI. Ono la to sorv« tha meat cold Bllced, accompanied by n. peppy salad or di easing. 9om« meat* taste evon bettor cold than hot to floma poraona-- cold lamb and cold turkey, for Instance, have a different flavor when roltl and n flavor that may b« preferred to the hot meat. ·Neatly sliced beef, IB.T ib, vea] or fowl, ·* gnrniahed with o l l v e f , plr-kles, sllciih of Haust.isa and n mound ot mixed vegrutixbla salad provi la an enjojable Sunday nlprht gupper, or a luncheon, and are eaay to prepoi e This method of serving leftover incatn silno ll» pones of thp pbjecUon of tho'ie sus plcioua peruona who smiplv won te.nt what they call a "mnd: dish." WhJch prejudlca bars them from th» en joymcnt of some of tha most ta«ty ' foods which an ingenious cook citn orlginato. Becauas. many left-overs arp besti whon completely came uflased -- Iamb, ohlcken, vr»a.I can ba cooked into dlshea unrccoffnizable as meat, to the. eyo. but mote delightful to tho palate, A souffle, for one thing'. Meat So ul f JR. 1 cup diced meat or chicken 1 tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon flour. ' 1 tablespoon onion mie« H tablespoon choppeJ "j tcapoon salt. 5 i teaspoon pcpptir. 1 cup mill;. Heat the butter In n sauceiJ.ui, add Clour and gradually tho milk, aUrrins constantly un'n smooth axid thick, then add salt, pepp«ir, t-nlon juice and The Home Kitchen By ALICE LYNN BARRY parsley, and remov« from tho fh*» t Add beatan etr^yolka and the meat, cook for one minute, then romov* from flro to cool. When cold add tha ntiffly beaten otqrwhites, pour Into «. greased citsserole, and bako in si mod- er.ttp oven twenty minutes. J t will p u f f up and Ixj beautifully brown on, top, but It must be served tmjne- diatelv, as It Calls soon after removal from tha oven. feft-ov»:r meat may be combined r-ith other seasoning^ to make a. thlok au.uce fqr service with spaghetti, rico, miuliLd pot.) toes. This wboukl be cooUod H.nd haped tn «. ring mo"ld, BO that the meat sauv:» can ixi poured In tbe center for attractive service Meat Sauce, Thick. X cup* diced meat or chicken "2 tablespoons butter. 3 tablespoons Oour 1 onion. 1 cup tomato juice 1 cup bouillon. 1 teaspoon salt. % toospoon pepper. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add tho sliced onion and cook five minutes Add Clour. Btlr in tomato julo* and bouillon eradually, until thick, and when H comi's to boiling point add other iHKrodienti Simmer for ton minutes, then aery* , Says She Lied Home-Making Helps By ELEANOR ROSS Ptta for Chear and Decoration. Just flve years ngo Viola Duke* 19, above, accused har father in a Texarkana, Tex,, couitroom, of attacking^her and he was given a life prison term. 2fow she has filed nn affidavit tlmt she hopes will free him. "He wouldn't let me go out nt night and I lied to " spite him," she Patronize th(»9 who advertise. NT wtiat'B Uihr 1 " tho 1 hand who had given his ' wife cart» blanoha to decorate- their new apu-inwit looKt-d puzzled at tha nheet* of rough plans she WILB showing; him. "Ix)olc» like a oago to m«." "So H )«," aha rmlled brlgrhtly. "For « macaw." "Hut we hnvon't jjot a macaw." "We're poli'ff to huvo ono In our new apartnwflt," sho i xplamed "Mr. Collins hn» the moitt i uirvaloua Idoaa for a living-room colur schnmc--H'n grol.ijr to bo a room a.nd «un plants and, he says, u blue nnd yel low mucHW would bi the perfect finishing; touch." 11 BaenrnKl rnUiet oiilldinh to him, suhl he, but id! risrh , If f hnt wta what phe wftntod. B it, when thsy were finally inatalltd l-i their charm- liur ttfvr honic, it vrua thin pama vkoptlco.1 husband who found rnont riijoymant In thf II fa (locouitivo Item Pota and flow^ro fir! 'o llfo to any room--and tt !« too bid that thure »r* eo fw thtvt can b«s kept In a '.lonia Oortalnly, a c iy apartment (ltir'B» llmltiitlona on one's tantp for ixjta It'll cruelty to Ic -ep big Aoggy Unga in a city flat--nut everyone ha» h t f t f l t p ot th'* »i i Tni f|i · 5o«s Nevwtheless th^uo objoctlon« plui th* Job of carlo? foi a dog woijfh little with the »nul! boy or f\r\ who ha» hla or Her ho/irt aet on Bornethine live ti play with Brlng;lnB stray cata ard dogs borne la part of * child's pleasant adven- tui*--atai a mother's dread How cs« you aiplaJn th* u ipruotloal a»- P«vi8 ot houitLn^ a frtg in a. o(ty apivrtrnont to on «-og»r )iopifnl vrho promiacH tremulously ^|th a »\is. plrton of l(Xiis) to fpfld ant) nxcrolft, nnd Wft*th Vila ctxjmh t iotpj/*j jt»jjrii It m*}' Hfrtwn dlf/ioult to divert th» 'derotlon for a dog- to «. (roldfish. but fometlmeB that'» the solution. Blnto and fish of neverj varieties car 1 b« kopt In »ry homa, no matter how small, with pleasure to the owner* and no hardship to tho «ui!mu!», Thay are chearful to watch »nd vejry eaury to c»r« for, requlrinff a mint- mum of attention. And although no one has e-»er oalebrated th« frienJJy qualities of goldflah, th»re is something to b* said for their docorattw . . . n.Hp*cttt. They grive ]ifo and color to ·. comhi.'atfon Ilvlner-, n room, nad there's Just enough «os- -pmloi with tioplcali nibility for reaponno to feeding· ia give them Horn* intore«t In the eye* of a itniaJl person. Birds, of course, arc on a mack hlgrhcr scale ft» pots. Canarloa, par- un« tovt».iird» are a fow thnt keou happy though conflnod within four wtUls. Tlie chcerfuJ trill of a canary S« » dcllgrhi--eapocially on dull wintry days Patrou and macaw» «r* un- quopilonably decoroUve--and it's a wondor thnt interior Jeroratoru hav^ not Included them mor» frejvi'nt!v In their color schemes They com* In red and blue, yellow and blue, and eran pure ·white -- providing 1 a fine range fo fhooo* from 1 Whether their conver Nation Is a cheerful nolaa or an RKBCI of any kind Is a mattnr of the particular bird and one's proju iliOCS Rising (n popularity for c;Uy flat pets are the tiny turtles No the decorators are not until? them, but they have som« sterling qualities In th* opinion of mothers whose young «ter» aren't happy without a Uvt toy. Turtles we etnyularly callou* true, but they aiao make few demands OlcAn vvatiSt and pel)hlpu in a uhrtllow lion] aHtlnfy moan of t'lalr n^wlw--ond n bit of Kimplft tiirtlq fond «vorv fsw days. A. mrtl* l o »« n n i fliinv port pptibl , liia desire {or i»a«rc!Bo Is almoitt minus «*ul pot «iMm t9 asx« wh«r« bo

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