The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE POtTR. i i ijn JL//YJ.I.IJ i, r^i.. ^, i LJRDAY, JANUARY 38, 193/. JJJpp Saihj (terar. THE COURIHIl CO., 1'ubUMhcrn. HENUY P. SKYDBR. President ana Keillor, 1S70-1016. lS. K, M. SNYUKK. I'realdont. UUO-11KKJ. JAMKS J. rresuleut ana Geni.ral P. C. EDMUVDSON, Ylce-PresSJent. MISS It. A. DONEQAN, Secrt-'Ujy uncl Treasurer, JOHN t, GAN3, Editor, WALTER S. oTIJIMEL, CUy Editor. MISS 1.YNNTS B. K1NCEUU Society Keillor. MEMBER OF American N e w s p a p e r Publishers A«socl«tlon, A u d i t IStin-au u £ Circulation. Pennsylvania. Newspaper Publishers Association. Two cents per copy: 50c per month; $3 00 per jcu.1- by n u l l It paid In «- v a nco. I2a per week by rurrler. Bntorrd as wucoiiil elaas inaUer at the postofllce, ConnellBV.lle. They should realize, howov ·?, that no form of Maine can or doe* rest upon them. It was an Incident that has caused nvuch mental anjrivlsfi but could not havfc, been ipreTOii' frd, rto tpo-r- »on having the slightest in lima.'km of tho youth's fixed p-urpot-e. Tho most charitable i ons-trucKou t h a t c;iui he placed upou tlie SH* .event Is ( h u t , while! uiitl-er sonic town o£ great menial 'strips, tlio ilaturo of w h i c h is not jinown, the mind of the boy gvo way and ho iii-i d t h e fatal shot. Tt 1*. an occasion that hould m-ovo to pity, not~Mam(». SATURDAY -EYJ530NG, JA'. IS, Tin: i»itom.K.vrs ov SUBCWHAX JHSTKIC'JL'S. AmouK municipalities there will be a fecit ni; o£ sympathy with i h u seuti- mcut expressed hy ScottdiUe's Board o; Trade to the off-let that people- who derive ihelr living Emm the town's imlustri s and business enterprises, should Hvo Avithin the corporate limits a n d chare w i t h other citizens' tho expense of maiulaiain? tho muni- ipallty and its public lustitutions. \Vhllo the-ro is r» sense o£ justice in the view, such a condition would seum to be Impossible of aceovnplis.luuout. i\nv, it' any, suhu;ban rcsideuU could bo prevailed upon to illsposo oE thoJr properties and move into the borough. They now enjoy lower taxes and all the advantages ot residence within the corporate limits without suffe 'Ing any of tho disadvantages. They have improved highways., which are often extensions of the borough streets. They have the sumo water, electric light and telephone service, and often con- ueotion with tUo city sewerage system. The only seuso in which they differ i'rom the urban residents is tho lack o£ police protection. When tires occur the volunteer companies respond to Sires In the suburbs as they do to calls from the borough. True, they have to pay tuition for their children who are students In the borough high school, but this is not hur- donsomo nor lu it a continuing expense, terminating when their last child has completed tho course o£ instruction. Tho suburban residents havo an appreciation of these advantages which the-y cannot easily be induced to surrender. The better way would seem to prevail upon them to agree to anne-sation. Such, an arrangement would increase tUe resources of the municipality and aid In a more equitable distribution of the tax burden and entitle the- suburbanites to all the advantages tbo borough luib to give Sis residents. Tho problem which Scottdalo is I , K i n g is common, to all incorporated towns. Ajipareatly it is becoming Increasingly difficult of solution, Even it' solved by annexation of all outlying districts t h e r e would still be a disposition [H- .'-omo residents to go still tartl.or out and lay tho foundations of new suburob which would in '.ime become- populous and provide another problem for tho munic;ipa'ities to solve. I'APSTAN'S Sl'OCK OtV IMtSHJl' PLATu The adoption of a otun whoroby em- ployes of 'tho Capstan Glass* Ompiiuy of two years service or moro can ·cqulro up to 10 shares of the stoc-k of tho Au-e-tuyr Cap Corporation^ the parent concern, will d'onbtlos , bo welcomed by the employes. There la nothing compulsory about tho feature. l,t Is mcicly oaerlng an opportunity wlie-roby envployos may make investment of part of thoir earnings on a monthly basis. If 'they wore to buy the Mock through a broker they would havo to pay the market price, now ranging from ?40 to ?45 a share as against $38, the- price at which tho company will sell it, AS well' as making pay.uwnt in full plus the broker's SCHOOL PATlMKVf. D A Y . Patron's Iay has hcca no t.o much of an institution in the s hools of the township and borough school districts that. (ho return of who e 1 i,-4t, OH February 21, will be plea'arvtiy anticipated In praettoally a!! f'istHcts. Although observed sis v custom for the past 12 y-eaH" It still is found (hat the interest In fhb £»u ction Is ntvt ifenorally- ivhowu. Ooncenting' this tfcaitur* County Super In endcnt .!. H. Carroll says: " In evory di.^lrtet ma · bo lound at legist a few peo'p.10 who ire rtol i n t o r e ^ t t i in (·lie success of tli^ KCibool-j. Hut in many districts ; linobt-'all are Tlie iilKeure of hili-re -t iplloctb rtis- credltubb uiwin patron 1 - It shown tlioy are no-t roally ;mxi(i!s li.itt tli«ir children shall gH tho steal cst po*tl from the p"ubl!e schools. T- knoxv Uun parents are Intercrfled · nir.s the teacli- e-rs tobc-ttor work If al !fl in erejitlnsr a. spirit of tii'drli^ among (tupHs becanho they know thai tlw?lr parents and frl*nfls arc interested in tho schools to such an oxtcnt th;, t thoy wi 1 ! he present on Pa'tron's l),y. Wfiero tiiis nplrlt pTevnils tii-eve ca i tho Iwst \v«rk o.f both teacherb aiul | ipp.118 be found,. It other railroads v. example of tho Pitt Virginia in withdrawh to- the BalttmoTo C acquire the Buffalo, H burg, which has been Baltimore Ohio b\ Commerce Commlsslo tions plans wonld jro ly to final ctxmpletioi oulrt follow the burgr Wet.l g its opposition ^hio's e£fori« to Chester Pineal located to t h o tho luterstato i, ihe oonsollda- eed move i'apid- The pian is oue of many of the kind which tho United States Steel Corporation, Boir TelouliOno Company, I'onnsylvatiia Railroad Company and other largo corporations, havo adopted und from which their -wti'pl-oyos have derivetl many benefits, Tt shows that the iutere-b'f o£ th-e comininy in fls orrvployos i; not ccm- (ined to «ecurlag their daily service as workn'«n. Their welfare is an ob- joct of general concern by the company's ofllcials. They are striving to promote their contentment and pros- ·perity, well knowing thut such a state of inliu! makes better workmen and citizens. The success oC the plan is assured by the satisfactory relations that exist betwcn tho company and its employes ami which Is the desire of both (o continue. AN OCCASION FOR PITY, NOT BiAMT. It is Difficult to fatlK .1 tho mind of a boy. This ia a tru,' i t h a t has ap- pilcaUon t the lame'.table act com- rnltte-d l»y Florie DoB! isio, the Dun'bar htuiient. In a monien of apparent do- ,,~r~-~'-~~ ~ ; --'* cdusc of which is tin- known, he hrei! tin.- L illft. that a few hours later IMUSW! his death. Without having' jsr'x i any Intimation ot his AUtentUna, ot i.iu ivaa-onsft for iijs action, lu a vo!untaril choose ti twiu- inatt* his young H£. His ^riend.T and sulu^ol oatv* k n o w C no Irnpeiliiig canst 1 , He \\sw a brUliaut student, be-In?, oil tli«- honor roll of his class, fie had no troubles with fellow ^tuijeiita nor, no lar us known, had anything oconreil that would have-cuusotl him to contemplate (If^strurtlrvn. Thar i h r occasion uius-uaT aiuonc persons '·o y o u t i g is* f.rus \ a t u r a D y ? i i , t^afhoro ;unJ Plan to Abolish Battleship? a Hope, Not an Expectation IiLmltfltlou t of Si'io ami Umlcr- stnr.tdntr as to lleplaeosnonts May Bo Solution. By DAVIT) J A.WRKNCB (Copyright 1030 I y The CourUr.) WASHINGTON, Hii 18.--Premier Mac-Donald's plan to abolish battleships is like tho British suggestion Cor tho e x t e r m i n a t i o n of tho .submarine--it is a h r . p o rather than :ui expectation. Practically a l l t'ie outgivings from tho American dele ration at se\, from London and froiii Tokio, indicate clearly t h a t the pi-ellmlnary work ot the forthcoming boncion naval conference was very general and that no specific agreement i havo bcon entered into by any ot the nations as a result of tho Informal conversations that havo been goinj ou for several mouths, "VVhat DIP confe.-ence will try lo do, of cours*:'. Is to anompt ;ui agreement ou the uinjor questions starling with tho lavxest caterory of all, namely, the battleship arid extend! og downward to sulimar ties and auxiliary craft. It is not serlou -ily supposes! here by navAl niou Uiat the British U^verii- ment ia ready to abandon the battleship entirely, btu that Prime- Mln'.uter MaeDoaald thinKs the size may bo limited and that aorno understanding ou replacements can be effected. The American Govoi nment is quite- will- lug to consider replacements because In recent years the introduction of air combat, tofether with tho grout emphasis that been placed ou the fast and p o w e r f u l cruiser,, has diminished somcwha* the enthusiasm for tho battleship. It will always be- regarded as nu essential part of the fleet but the si/o and number of battleships is not as important today aa Jt was when tlio 1921 conference met. Tho battleship, however, Is an important talkin;: 'point and a pivotal question £or tiie other naval powers who are- not posse-iced of as many 'big ships-as tho United States and Greuf Britain. They would welcome a cut in ( h o _ battleship program and it it, believed here- that Mr. MacDonald will attempt 10 keep down the submarine and cruiser demands of Franco and Italy as well as Japan by arguing for : greater limitation on battleship building. Though th problems aro numerous and complex, tho belief Is growing in Washington t h a t some Iclnd of an agreement wll bo possible, but uot as ambitious i reduction or limitation will be deter nlned upou as had been hoped last year. There is also a suspicion that moH ot the sacrifices) will have to ie made by C3reat Britain and the United Slates in or dor to bring Franc-', Italy and Japan into accord. Tin question, of course, ol finances Is more acute- than it was 10 yeara ago and a material reduction lu iko armament budget would meet with overwi.clnilng support in all countries. This gtveb iho negotiators an easier approach than in 1U21 when nationalism was r u n n i n g high notwithstanding tho weakened financial condition ol European countries. Presideut Hoover recognizes the importance o£ having the Lomlo'.i con- t'eretu'e rea -h an agreement that will cut expensi s everywhere, but it ap- po;m' that it a reduction in al\ uate- Ijoites of -uips cannof he accont- p!ishel i t j _ q u i t e likolv that Hie conference wi l lio permitted to adjourr with aa m ten agreement aa possible on certain poiliis, and with nu tuidor- atandine that f u t u r e conferences will the problem of naval T!i«? spirit of tho A n i ^ r l CHII rir!"S;i' t)on |p r*f rrnrao, nji'i t i m ( U beni u p m r**turtton all H!OD^ t t i e PARROT DISEASE IS NOTHING NEW VT7T7 GOSH'! WWATA HEADACHE) line, but u n f o r t u n a t e l y the poj-itiou of the United St»tu« in htternati-onal affairs is such that with tho ?x-fvtum of her rt'Jalions w i t h Japan, t h o influence cm European questions is relative s m i l J . Having tukpn tho poaUlon ihat th" 'United Siuton w i l l not i n t e r - fere- in European matter.*!, th- A m e r i can tie legates cannot dleciiHa the problens of national dp'cutio 'if France and Italy as t h o y rolate to each other or as they may hivoho On'at Britain. Buck of the armament qttesliou a « - (·ritab!y comes tho political l o l u t l o u - si'ipii at European nationa Tin- Kcl- loRg-Briand troatics w«ro expected to hel ) remove m u t u a l «;ir plclon -ud to make ijossiblo reduction of armament. Tho outspoken views of Premier Turdieti reflecting as they do contfi entttl opinion, will uiifiueBtion- ably prevail in London, for lie tak.*-? the position that, tho Kellong troa'.k'H are it step in the right direction !nit Hint iftcr all unlca-i bindinp treaties are entered 'into for mutual flefeusts the continental peoples will have to flopwid on physical force Cor sometime to come. In all tho discussion of a Medltar- "accord," which Is only another word for alliance, tho delegaUB from tho United States will havo to remain aloof. Great Britain v.ill dom nata the conference because- H!H takes the leading role in European politics. It some sort of politic il agreement can be reached wi li France and Italy, 1t will aid the I5rl(- iah in cutting down their fleet. Having accepted , the principle of parity with tho United Stales, the British can only got American consent b r bringing their fleet down to a si'/.e that will make it possible for tho United States actually to reduce "x- pecses. It is talcou for granted that Great Britain doea flot wish to have a fleot larger than Uiat of tho United States, but ii! European'politics compel her to maintain a certain standard for her own doteuso, then the United States would be compelled to builo upward in order to achieve parity. ,' Tho problem is really one ot British and continental politics with Uiu American delegation restrained from acting as mediators, except in an abstract and informal way and without committing the United States lo «iy ot the suggested treaties of original character that will be discussed at London, as a foundation for armament reduction. Doran Says Borah Is Wrong As to Present Liquor Source In the Catacombs Of Rome Under the Appinn Way outside of Homo is a, maze of dark labyrinths where are tho tombs of early MClU'is- tlan martyrs. The galleries of these cemeteries, if placed ouo aftor tho other, would extend for *ix hundred aiilefl. The-y are- n a r r o w , often only IS inches wide and in some of the niches the bonea of the departed-ar© clearly seen. Many ol thorn hear the pious Inscriptions of hope which the sorrowing felt at the time. rn the catacouite of St. Cla^x'Uis of the iirst century He the victims of persecutions nnd^r the- Emperor BlarciM Aureliue. After reading his noble ".Meditations" it is strange to bo rp- ra ided of the way Chriutians were ''·p f od during his reign. J[liiisterlnl Mistake 13RACKNELL, Eng., Jan. IS--The Rev. 13. B. Grant was ItUo to church fiervico bpcauso a policeman who stopped him dlftttov-e-rert t h a t hit drtvliip 1 llcons'S hnd expired 2"JO tiayrf pi-i- viously. 'two Unlucky Day* BERLIN, Jan. 18--A police depart- mont report nliowH I h u t jnoro street ni-cldi'iHs, i i i - i M i r nn Knd.iv uml r i s i y ( h . i i i ,i( w i n n i h » i t i m ^ VTaLiiinsUii Correspondent. *or CVnti.i! W A S H I N G T O N , .Inn. If. -- Vtthoui t a k i n g one i !!·' of pruhibitloii or the other, H 1s TU-,V t . KM thai, T hy and now .S-nutor \ V l l l I o m F,. Boral errti in hi« ii!ngno-H OL tho enfitri-f-n ^nt «H- utttlon Tho Sonator boliow he hat dlacov- orcd Uifl main woiirco of the i mntiy's l i q u o r s u p p l y ami wan H it plu ;R3d up. Thte would I K - J i l l riiht it ). o- lda!io uK-smnn wir« correct is i t thu na- Uon'« principal hiKitVg son co. but Dry C'ornmisisioncM' J n n u e M Down sayp he ij mibiaken-- t h a t I t 3 source the Senator in'SuUoiifi fornn rly was tho jr.alji onu but ie not now * * * Glancing Ixick into prohib tion history, wo Jlml that Iwotlcgg-i rs woro very dopenriep) ou amugglcd goods to begin with. WmugglinK ww oa/ijer tin \. With improvement in theli facilitiwi for fighting the- nmugglerfi, troayury offir.iala claim to have crip ded them materially, ludicatiorm are that they rpally havo. 30von places li ,o Huffalo and Detroit rt'ly today larg ly ou rio- mestic etuff. « * « Domestic stuff originally dther was pr«-prohiblti'nt whidky, let' over, in Undo Sam'« po^dostioii, or industrial alcohol, doctored in vafiout ways, and bgth s;raCt«i out of tho go wrnmoiit'fl hands. The pre-prohlMtlon whis ,y presently gave out. Imhiutrial alcohol supplit ^, howevei 1 , have to be roplcntehocl and ilwayfi will bo nvfiilable for bovoragc ' so, tjo long as bootloggordom can conl nue diverting them to UH ov, n purp ise.H. * »! * Moou8hii)lng "wai* a slo\ er devolop- mont. Smuggling fitarlefl ovc ii'ght; the emptying of whisky wi ehDuses as soon afterward jit drln! purveyors succeeded- ia establishing tliio ncces- snry rolatioiu-Jhiije w i t h ho'.r custodians. The iiavorlng oJ puro grain alcohol followed f-hortly; tfojn the- reclamation of tlie dcnatu; ed article. To mako a giod mo ;ntihlnpr re- t i m e , jNpvt'rthelepa it was an industry which gi\-w up by degrees. Itorah sK-pn i n t o tho w f t u a Uon ,i trilk* behind tho tlm-en. I f u frtncle:) t h a t the aieonol-ilavor- ing era is still in j l n hiyda/. lie deiinitoly Dialed Iliat of tho UiversJon 01 nlpohol from Industrial to bfvM'aK(! ti^es is tho key to tho whole prohibit ion enforcement problom. * * * (in! today moonshiiin \K the Iwcli- boiif of the m o r k p t . A n y p h a r t u g o r routed by tlio oorV- iug up of puro a l i o h o l would bo of lirlpf dur,vtion -- whtlo t h e motnshliiTj were increa«inK tlioir outxmt. Tliere aro plenty of them. All tlwy inn-d to outcouragc ( h e i r expansion in u larger demand, We. have Dr, Doron'ti word for" the growth ot the. moonshine industry. We have moro- than nitj word; we havo hi? proof. » * * Corn sugar! In t!w 13-1 fiscal year America proilu""'.! 152,000,000 pounl« of i f . In the 102S fiscal year 908,000,000 pounds were required to inert tlie country's demands. Tho figures wrc the commerce do- partment's. IJr, Doran quotes them. Tlt* natlon'fl population has not nwiltlplled noarly six and a. half t.ten-es; In those seven years; nor its corn Hugar exports; nor docs Dr. Porivn admit t h a t it has developed a 6ix anl a half limes trweoter tooth. Tho doctor suTTwites, confidently that a r n u n d 810,000,000 pounds of corn sugar annuujly urc going into moonshine hooch. Abe tin Folks l l i l i t s u t i t l o n i n o w a p a p p n i ID ' d o n ' t S i t I j H o tin 1 take a gnod COUNTY BAR WILL BANQUET TONIGHT The annual bamiuet of the FayeUe County Bar Association will b« held fins -evening at 6 o'clock at tbo UUiiou- town Country Club. Tho speakers w i l i bo Judge. William IT. Keller of Lauoflater, a judge of tho Pennsylvania Superior Court; ,1. 4,irU Uenner of Councilsv!He and ISihvia W, Smith of I'lltsburg. Hackrnan Retains Horse-drawn Vehicle KBOKUK, Towu, .Tan. JS--Cili^ene of Keoinik ridn ia lbc-ir own automobiles or laxicabsj but Jalto Mofi'onl matcos hie llviiiB hy driving /) horeedrawu hack more antiquated than tlio Toon- ervillc trolley. i Traveling men, who like to "kill" Jake, strangers who like the novelty of riding behind hoisep, and the fact "they (automobile?) can't go up tho hill by the station as icood as 1 can," tir-o- the reasons his trade- lias not lett him, Mefford believse. Mfs. Jolin Q. Shopper recently took an unbiased blindfold test of three methods of going shopping -- the first two she decided as inconvenient and tiresome, but picked the third way which was by electric car, as the most comfortable, convenient and economical way to go and come. WEST Railws.ys Company Jlido Ages in Spain MADRID, Jan. 18--Householders of Madrid, in making out the list of their families Lo th-e police, are no longer required to h t a l e - the exact ages of the women invohcd. All Uiat. IH iH»eeMaiy U, to f i t a i c whether tlioy ,-u-« ot agp, or p h o t e r f j r a i ' l t . n o to ba p l t J e c l . "Cicr- \vhop, u' ; ou h I n ' t gain' lf I I P iioor |fj|i!.i v. TJ fns n 'ai*! w l i i i t ' f i ^« c n i n ' t" .I' 1 u M' % i ' i t]]"nM ' ' I ' o ^ i ^ ^ ^ ; i H o \ . . i p k . ' l i ; « t u i i F H i i J i i u ' i " ^ ' JDe'ftth (o Countew'clicrs MOSCOW, .lati. IS -currency and forging official documents have bi-eu placed in (he category-of c o u n t - p r - r e v o i u t i o n hy u decree} just ma f |f p t i b l K . Thnso i-i'iim « i l J , i' b» | i i i i i i h h r f i ) l p by !t':tt)i i l i At no time would the car owner more appreciate good, dependabh tires than in winter with its severe cold, snow, and slush. Freedom from "tire trouble" is Hu*n most comforting. You cannot buy better tireK , thiiti those of th'i largest and best known manufacturers. At our stores ydm will find only the best known brands of tires--no unknown brands, at ridiculous prices, which are lifgh-priced no matter what price you pay. Our prices on these standard brands will be found lower than the same identical tire, is sold elsewhere. Maximum volume purchases means lowest possible prices, which advantage we extend to the consumer. Make your winter driving safe with chains. We carry them, together with a full line of other motor accessories, batteries, gasoline, oil,, etc. Sixty Stores In Hine Counties of PennsylrnaiJa. Wherever you are, home is always within "talking distance." Telephone f o,r news of family and friends. E L E FORTUNES Very few people inherit fortunes -- · the percentage is too small to mention. Do not be disappointed because you did not inherit a large sum. The saving habit is often a greater asset than an inheritance, Start now to save -- open an account with us. 1% Interest fuM un Savings Accounts. CaHHELXSYILLE, PA. WEST S I D E S 1

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