The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,619 VOL. 16,-NO. 119. CONNELLSVHJLE, PA., SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 30, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. ERMANS RENEW OFFENSIVE ALONG 25- s AS CENTER; BRITISH EVACUATE HUNS UNABLE TO BREAK ^ DESPERATE RESISTANCE ABOUT THE LATTER TOWN London Newspapers, Commenting on the f Offensive, Find Cause for Relief in Failure of Kaiser's Hordes to Force Through the Steel Ring; Each Passing Day, They View It, Adds to the Strength of the Entente Defense; Fifty-four Women Meet Death in Church Struck by Shell From 76-Mile Gun. CANNOT STARVE OUT CENTRAL POWERS« SAYS REV. BUCKNER CHURCHES OF THE CITY TOMORROW OBSERVE THE HAPPY EASTER FESTIVAL Easter will be observed wuli a p - j Presbyterian church Sunday evening propnaie exercises In the churches of at 7:45 o'clock The program is as Conncllsville tomorrow. The programs'follows. "Tlie Lord Will Have Mercy," arranged for some of thorn follow: I prelude and chorus by the choir; In (be Baptist ChnrclL , "Hosanna in the Highest," solo and - Morning service, 11 o'clock--Organ chorus by the choir; "Ride on in .Ma- prelude by Miss Jessie Rhodes, "Christ; jpst%" chorus b} the choir; "Let Not j Lbe Lord is Risen Today;" organ offer-1 Your Heart Be Troubled," tenor solo; "0 ]-.ovo Divine," trio for sopiano, tory, "Spring SOUK;" anthem by cborus choir^ conducted by ProE. Huviland, "Awake Up, My G!ory." FRENCH PEOPLE PAY HOMAGE TO AMERICA By Associated Press. tenoi ant] baritone; "The Road of Sor_ row," hantouc solo and violin so]o; Evening service, 7:30 o'c'.ock-- Or- j "Calvary," baritone recitative; "O gau prelude, "Fanlasie;" tenor solo', Lamb ot Ood," quartette. "Eastn Must Go On and On Until' °J" ^- ^- Haviland, "Hosanna.;" an- 1 Dawn," reverie for viohn anfl organ, them by chorus choir, "What Arc I "Hail, Happy Morn/' soprano soio, These That Are Arrayed m White [ "Christ is Risen," final chorus by the the Struggle ior Unman Freedom is Yon. CONDITIONS WERE CAUSE Of Great Conflict; England _N**YPr Expected Outbreak} Jlad Trouble* of ' Her Owp t Knt Jflet Situation Bravely; Is .Elated by America's £nfrj-. Robes?;" offertory; soprano and lengr duet by Mrs. Boyer and Mr. Oakland, choir. The members of the choir are as follows: Leader and tenor, R. L. "Love Divine, All J.ovo Excelling;"' YTernei ; baritone, Ed. Mason; 5,0- from "The Daughter of Jairus;'' an! pranos, Miss Kllzabetb Mao Brown, them, "They Have Taken Away .My I Miss Gladys Fuebrer, .Mrs. O. R. Her- Lord," from "The Crucifixion:" organ post hide, "Grand Processional." I nitetl Presbyterian. "Our Riben Satior" is the title of the cautau to bo given al the United} wick, Miss Bess Werner; altos. Mrs. J. F. Krr, .Mrs. R. R. Trcutlc, Mrs. R. L. V erner; organist, Mrs* Kdward Mason; violinist, John Kiforlr Continued from P.i^c Three. i Testimony in Rebuttal i Today Shows He Was I at Edenborn. i WORKED IN LUMBER CAMP Forty Killed First Xci\s From Blast ut Atla-i Works Near ScottdaJe. I And NO EMPLOYES ARE INJURED Slept There in Shanty, Fellow Employe Tells. ; CASE IS SEAREXG THE EJiD The Germans last night renewed their powerful attacks in.' R« v - C. w. BUC Montdidier region where their wedge has been pushed far- Christian c burch, t towards Pari an ra tle i r a i n alon a 25-mile " GrKlt Britain an the Chest towards Paris and a great battle is raging along a 25-mile front on both sides of the salient which has Montdidier at its point. The French backed up by powerful reserves are offering a desperate resistance to the German blow. Apparently the French line has been forced bock-slightly on the northern edge of this front as the Paris official report of ,the battle mentions the town of Moreuil as forming a part o£ the :clcner, pastor of the In his lecture on .nd the "World \Var." j last ev nfng, presented an audience of over 200 persons many uaw and i l l u m i mating viewpoints on tho great conflict in which we arc now u factor. Preceding the introduction of the speaker by Mayor Duggan Mrs. Ross SCARCITY OF HOUSES FOR RENT GREATLY REDUCES THE NUMBER OF Tiro lluildiucs Are lilomi Lp and Sis Others Arc- Orstrojed liy 1'irei Cuiunani, Working on (ioiwmncnl, Order, Will Kebuild, It Ji, Said.i Bui jf \Vill Xot be Concluded Itefore jfonduy. Court (jfiifs Notice to Jurors; Undlry is Simrply Cross Kx- amineil lij the Commons eaith Two buildings of the plant of the At-i l,is l j owder coinimuy, between Hawk.-, rj e and West Overtoil, were destroy cd ! by an explosion late yesterday afternoon "while six others were consumed by (lamed in the resultant lire. As a j result of tie blast, which occurred 1 Lytlo sang the by , %ne here. This place is on t h e v r e river about 11 niUes southeast of Amiens and its occupation by the Germans would; , BB ££ r adTance slightly nearer that alhed base. j ieet ot hls lecture The German assaults in this region seem a logical outcome of the strategic position in which, the teutons find themselves and their line virtually is open all the way back to the Oise, offering an. inviting objective for an allied counter blow. It apparently was a caee of -attack or be attacked and they have taken the initiative. To the north, along the British front, the situation is vir- ·unchanged. At only one point, just about where the A tolo. -"Rev. ( ! sub- ! * 'us back · Few 3Iakc OlittiigL'S in Kcsl- dencc Section \one iu Business. French and British lines join, did the Germans make any ad- Tance, pushing a short distance to the Roye-Amiens road in the direction of the latter place and oceupyingjjie village of. Mezieres and'the hamlet'of ! Maison'Blancne, just "to the north. ' TBSTH BAT FINDS SITUATION E5COURAGIXG. LONDON, March 30. -- Although the London newspapers re- gaid the situation on the western front as still serious there is noticeable a tone of greater confidence in their discussion of the battle now in its 10th day. The Daily Mail devotes particular attention to the fighting in the direction of Amiens which it regards as the most important The Daily Mail says: "Until Montdidier is recovered and the Germans are' beaten back from recent positions east of Amiens the situation must, remain serious. French reserves continuously are arriving and · entering the battle but as yet the German advance cannot be -said to have been stopped." The Daily Graphic believes that today's news is distinctly encouraging, while the Daily Telegraph says: "The week ends fairly well. It has been the most breathless and anxious time for the Allies since the opening -day of the war, but the enemy has been slowed up and every day that passes strengthens OUT confidence the more." ' BRITISH DBIYEN FBOH 3EEZIEBES. LONDON, March SO. -- The Germans attacking yesterday at Demuin and Mezieres pressed the British from Mezoires, the ·war office announces. All the enemy attempts to Capture De- wnt^^r/Jr^'^^'^rL'ONE B MUCH IN DEMAND;, While a Is today Good Friday, it is also Bad Friday and slack Friday be- ! cause'of the outlook \rbicji is before us--the distressing spectacle of one ' h part of the human family tearing mad- '. iy at the ihroot of tbe other part." Tutinp of lestinniny in tlie I.inilU-T (rial cWei! at noon to- iliiy at -which time conrl recessed until Mundii} at 0 n'clotk at.-nliirh time (lie arguments will foeirin. In the trial of Frank Ijncllcy for juit afier the day shift had left the t h e m u r d e r of Fraalt; A. Burkcy, it wis ( p l a n t . Scottdale and Mount Pleasant conclusively proved this morning that ,-»ere rudoiy shaken and for hours re-| H iram Bigam, who was accused by porls eontinuei. to circulate of; connells-nlle jwlice officers of having lot,s of life. Not a person was injured.' mil( j c threats against tbe life of Bur- The lust explosion occurred in a key. was not in this city on the night drying hoube from unknown. ) O f the ralLrdfr. A second destroyed anoiher t i t j B.gam proved ti.-it he was employed cof-k Are Drilled, t o ' t n e small buildings which, are sepa- m a. lumber operation at Edenborn the [rated for thr. express purpose of re- time of the murder, being engaged by , HOME FROM CAMP, SPEAKS HIGHLY OF CONDITIONS THERE The scarclt of llouse ., in ^ e clly rctiuccd ^ number of movinss ar and rca , ( ,, UU( , mell 0( .. S( . nb e th(J stuatlon lu , -soweihrng llerce. I'oint «f FVrHTtiou, Sttyb City Secretary. City Hork £- 0. Bfxlor returned [·oslnjghL fsom d, \veck'.s visit to Camps Hancock aud Lee, !u ear-h of which he Declaring the urc-fwru war to be a 0 n c faouse js h a r d j \ acate d until an- lias a j^on, Bixler says llie trip was war ncilbcr of creeds nor races, for ' o t h e r [en ant moves in. Business ' the b?sc he c\t-r hud and srK£k.s high- ail creeds and raanj- ract^ nr^ reprc- |houses are ,-ilso reiaiuint,' their pros-1 ly ol both camps. Ho seated aioong t«u combatants of both bides, Ilm y . Bucfcncr entered into 'a jent locations.- - i- - There arc sonic cnnnges -which wiU was taken through Tunh of lliern, und at Camp Lee vent through the trendies and clearly stated rortew of political con-j,,,, matl( , oext W( . ck however. Host i dugouts. ditions prevaUin K In Europe bpwccn : fain ||| cs wnlc i, aow havc a house con- I In Camp Hancock at Augusta, Ga.,1 the close of the Franco-rru.wiau war ' ducing tbi. danger in event of one ' ilie firm of prazee Miller. Chauncey SO-mg up. The explosions were b u t , . Miller, a partner m the firm, was oil a few seconds apart. tbe stand this morning in defense of Firemen from ycottdale saved the ' Bigarn. He said that on the night of magazine, the office and olbei build- December IS, he and Bigam slept in ings. The firemen armed whea the- tbe same room at Bdonborn. sevemji building iad ignited, ML I No other important testimony was Pleasant firemen ai^o responded. j taken in the forenoon tbe greatest The day shift bad quit the plant at | part of the tune being spent in es- j a few- minutes after ^ o'clock. With! tabhshing that B:gam -*-as not in this 'the exception of Superintendent T. C. J city December IS. Attorney McKeaa, when cross examining County Detect i v e John Smith, again brought up the ;d in the formation of tlie Triple Al- u says, considering length of time they have been in the JAlcorn it is said all were outside the igate which is kept locked at all times I except during the changing of shifts, question of the "lost, strayed or The night shift would not have come j stolen" bloody newspaper v.-hich dis- on until 6 o'clock. The first blast appeared mysteriously from the dis- liance of Germany, Aiistro-HungaiT |someone in here every hour asking i f ' service-. He also spoke highly of tho Hnit T f o l v rHii I*)im1 A ] innr*^ nf f^r-f^nt \ . . . . . . m\ * » - . . . ·"·cs"'j w* LU \, a n d l f a l y the Alliance or t w e h a v p a h o u B ( , , o r r e m . Then there . Britian and Russia and later the Kn-J.^ many i e i c phone Immiries." tente between tbe nations now war- | An j ns t anc ,, o f cue house changing excellent carap*. sanitary condition ot the ring against Germany. "England bad no expectation in 19J4 ot a general war in Europe. She had troubles or her own to engage her at- j W o ma n~said she heard the man was " 'bands three times In a single day wns told. A man rented it late on a Fli- |day night. Saturd.iy morning tension," mid the speaker. He reviewed itt turn the effects upon tae minds of the various people ot Great gom g w take it .ind asked for it, TVILLJA31 TO K.KTUKS' William Colernan, who \vas called borne by the death ot his father, Elmer , but she wanted some papering and j E. Colemnn, will leave Sunday for a ?rainlng done. Britain of the government's handling ] would see the Tbe aRent said he iancHortl. Not Jong! of the church disestablishment bill, , afterwards another woman went into-jters company. training camp at Battle Creek, Mich., where bi is attached, to the headquar- the temperance measure, woman suffrage and the Irish question, each of which tad added to the unrest and impatience of tho people, culminating:, in the pro-vince of Ulster, In civil war and a movement to set up an independent government. Irish "While dealing with Rev. Buckner paid Satternoon. -- - - - - - - - - . i . t i i ^ t i i i T_ it. tu« 1 1 l»u uu\^*ll\Jll i t K » . Jjm^mvl initu -broke down afteT sbarp fighting which lasted through the| 3plMldid Lribulcs to claries stewan t'. Mezieres is in the sector south of the Somme where the ^principal gains of the Germans in the last few days have been imade. It is 10 miles north of Montdidier. BESEKVES C03IE 10 AID OF f BENCH. PARIS, March 30. -- French troops supported by, reserves are offering desperate resistance to powerful assaults on the enemy, the war office announces. v itOBK BODIES FOLTO) ;;; is Ein-v", OF CHUTSCH. 5JAEIS, March 30.-- Rescue partiej at work in the church -which was struck yesterday by a shell from a G«rman long range gun have found more bodies. It is now Ttnown that 54 women were lolled. 'The shell struck the north side of the drarch, bringing doira part of tie roof and opening a breach 12 fe«t Aigh and 20 feet wide. Nearly all frfie debris fell inward upon tlie heads 0? the worshippers 60 feet below. FB15CH PAPERS 1AU1 OFTEB 0? PEESHISG. "PARIS, March 30.-- General Persh- ng*3 sincere and manly words in ?Uclng at the disposal of General |odi the entire resources of the \mcrican army has gone straight to i«-Searts o£ the French peoMe who (j»rly love what the French call "fine restmre." The newspapers of all m»d*s of opinion reflect this grate- al ' appreciation both by the promi- biliets because they are strewn with German dead. There are great piles of bodies along the road. "The spectacle of the battlefield carpeted with the bodies of their comrade has affected fresh troops who in this way discovered to their surprise that the British are not too weak to fight" GERMANS KUSH1NG FT AND .MElf. LONDON, March 30.--The Germans are still rushing forward artillery and reorganizing their forces Renter's correspondent at British headquarters telegraphs. j Paraell, who he said, had "a true Irish heart,' a rtble heart, and was one of the bravest and truest in the Irish cause, notwithstanding certain delinquencies o£ character." John .Redmond he characterized as a "true states/man; truest of the true blue," Touching brifly upon the evenU which immediately preceded the outbreak ot hostilities HBV. Bucltner declared that the question, "Who is to blame for tbe war?" involves so many factors that an answer to it can be given with no more cMfiniteness than to the question, "How old is AnD?" Continued on Pftfe'e Four. GARAGEDBTROYED Jnko null's Automobile Also Goes Up the offlce and said sJn i would take the j house without any painting and it went to her. j Some families who are moving in the next week, or v.ho have just changed residences i'i -the past few day* are: Pro!* Frank W. Jones, from Eaat Cedar avenue to Poplar Grove; William B. Jackson, from Syeainoro street to West Greea street; Francis Wright from the South Windsor apartments to the E B. Bltenour property on Morrell avenue, West' :x HOSK is I103tE Oy Fl'RiOCGH 3chn C, Hose ot Company C, 310th Regiment, Carap, Euucock, Augusta, (.Coniinuijil on P.ig-e Two ) Continued on Page Tiro. TURN CLOCKS TONIGHT Un'r-vri.cp Ton May Re Lcte Tomorrow and AgHJn JUonday. By Associated press. WASHINGTON, March 30.--Turn tbe hands of your clock, and watches trJct attorneys- office and has caused much comment in the Lindlcy trial. "ft'ith the exception of a few- minor witnesses Lindley occupied the witness stand al] day Friday and was not finally excused until 4.30 o'clock. His direct psammation in which he told of his early life and his business dealings wHU Burkey in great detail as well as of hiB movements on Deccni- forward one hour before retiring to- b e r 1 8 t h was not co , lcted untjl , night and add one hour of daylight to O . clock Priday the nation's efforts to -vrai the war. Everybody's doinj: n and if you lail you will be an hour late to church tomorrow, an hour late to work Monday morning and j u f t one hour behind everybody and everything for the next sii' months. CORVINJONVICTED Jury Out ].* Hinulcs in Suutli ( nellsTillo disc. CLOUDY TOMORROW ( Weuther ,Ii\n's Prediction ur r.astcr is Xot Kncouruginir. j Partly cloudy but Vv armer is the ft eatUor man's prediction for Kaster less tilan 15 minutes after the Sunday. After at week of "fair" days Side: S. R- Martin of Uniontown to P ury retirt - ici yesterday afternoon .n the' Ul ? omcial sucker comas along on case of .Vendon P. Gorvin of South i ^ 0 niost important of all seven and ConneJIsnJJe, who was med m Union- Pronounces tiie word .rioudy. on his the Ninth street home of his brother- in-law, if. "W. Alter, on tbe 'West Side, which was recently vacated 1 by A. B. G-lotfeUy, who moved lo Highland avenue; Frank Schemer from Hill street to South EiglvUi street, A\ es-t Side; \V. J. McElhiny, general manager of the Yough Electric Repair company, from Cedar avenue to 202 Bast Washington avenue. Charles N. Bnrkhart is moving from town for criminal assault daughter. Elizabcih, 14 years old, a verdict of guilty was returned. The defendant has been a Baltimore Ohio engineer for 22 yeais. He v.-as then required to face the hostile examination by the commonwealth, and for two hours and a half Seuator Crow and tho witness matched wits in, a grilling cross examination which has been equalled by few scenes in the Fayette county courts for its exactness and finesse of verbal fencing. Judge Van Swearingen informed the jury last evening when court adjourned that it would be impossible to complete the case today and that it had been decided, to postpone the arguments of the opposing counsel and th« charge by the court until Monday. If the =un gets one peak through tlie "cloudy" atmosphere for one In- j tie lure tomorrow, however, it is Iilce- j ly that maiiv new bonnets and suits j will appear. | Youths of 2} to lie J) mi fed. WASHIKOTON, .March 30.--The 1 Senate late yesterday passed and sent j(. SANTOR1 ARRESTED to the end of the street car line. John j that all young men wbo have become in Flames. Fire Thursday morning destroyed tbe garage of Conductor Jake Dull at Jones Mill and with it. the genial ticket puncher's automobile. ]Brindel of the Fuehrer addition is 'moving to the Harry Matson property in West -Crawford avenue. Stewart Ringler, the former occupant ot the place, has located at Coalbrook. The nre started,at 3 from unknown cause. o'clock A. M. CLEVER RUSE TO AVOID 50-50 FLOUR RULE DOES NOT FOOL THIS GROCER Stinwi Tery clever txielis are -worked on the grocers, usually but once, iieace they give the instance acd i n j b y a , ew persons who have the mis- h,»ir comment. · - HRRAT HfSAPS OF BEAT) GBEET SinnlAX BJESFRTES. LONDON, March SO. -- The Morning *D»t's correspondent in France draws picture ot hattlefield con- itloni. state that the conntrv- oil of bodies and that 1he air with the odor of death," writes. "Wells cannot be used, taken notion that they can put one over on the 50-50 flour rule. A certain retail grocer reports a trick he discovered the other day. A customer ordered wheat flour and tions, and when delivery was made refused to take the meal because it was "too coarse." Suspicloning the reason for the refusal the grocer sent a sack of another grade of corn meal to the same 1i« mined villages are impossible as consumer only to have ft returned for tbe same reason for which the first was rejected. Being convinced that evasion of the 50-50 rule was being attempted he sent Iii3 driver to the customer with Instructions to bring back tho flour in case the consumer \vas unwilling to accept the cora meal. At this visit the consumer took 21 since June 5, 1317, shall be subject to the draft. Has Diphtheria. Miss -Mary Bierer a clerk m the RAU.YATPENNSVILLE Loral Labors and Mrs. t'mhfl Bc- Ihcr Addresses There. 3Irs. R. E. Umbel of Unioatovrn and Attorneys P. E. Younkm and Jolin Duggan, Jr, spoke at a meeting a t . the Pennsville Baptist, church last] evening. Mrs. Umbel iliscxisseil enrollment of women for war woric. imti the laivycrs general war conditions and necessities. WrigiH-MeUler company store m U a - j charge. iin iv riiarppil Yt'ith Disorderly Conduct; Leacs $20 ForiVif. Charged with disorderly conduct, Kocco Santon was nrrerted last ni^h* West Crawford a\inue. Grant Tuoja and a gv'l w ^° fiavp lior name .if- 0, Miller \vo w e also arrested on Uio s.inio mntown, is seriously jll oE diphtheria. Miss Bierer has friends in Conneils- ville. Santon was relcasetl for this afternoon at i o'clock ment of a ?20 forfeit n ABSENCE OF THE OFFICIAL SYMBOL THE ONLY DETAIL OVERLOOKED BY THE MAYOR FRICK EMPLOYES ARE NOT PARTICIPATING IN NEW WAGE SCALE Affects Only Jrimufaclurinc. Shipping anil Jtailruud Knds of Stud Corjii) ration. Kniplovcs of t h e H. C. Fnck Coko lOHipany \ \ i l l noi participate in Uie l.iiesi. incroaso announeed by the Uni- i»'(3 Stales Steel corpi-nition. This in- thcr.riM .^iaU'inon; recehed today by Tho year-tm :iF--;;?nort i^ thai tie .m.iiuu.ictunuc, shipjiing aart railroad * .n ihc iiKre.i.-.^ j;rAnt^d hisl November 1 ,iv.. ; .!ia ;:i- advaiiee of April 15 is to hmic iji^m UP u tiio level with tlie ·vk!' ;in.i ooal niiinni: oniploycs. corn meal, in the required proper- the hint and decided to retain the meal. license Court Postponed. The time for hearings on liquor license applications in Uniontomi has heen postponed from Monday until Thursday. Partly clouflv tonighf and Sunday; warmer, is the noon weather forecast tor 'Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Itecord. 1918 1917 Maximum 61 M Minimum · 32 34 Mean _47 42 The Yough river fell during the night from. 1.70 feet to 1.60 feet. "\Vlth the omission of one slight de- j tho golden cliuin ou his taii there was introduced at the wJiicli is the siymbot of Uu mavoi.dij',..1,^1,, CShnstian church last evening a cus- | in Bngland. OUiervvlw.' M,ior P«,'- smifi-r that has prevailed in England for j gan was pcrforminc lus Cuiu-iiun-. n«o\i-i! generations. Theie tie mayor i strictly according In the (inuMtanurisi itci \ii-ainn".n. the municipality, by virtue of his j J3ngljph custom. AeKno\rU'(ijTin£ ilio f\\'n^l\lnK'.oii UN '·\ CShrisi torn t: j many FiREiANjQUEEZED rln Shiuuwn N ruuiclit IJctwcen Titrv tuut Ilndlj IniurMl. 'iirlo-- ChilliIUMI. -ti joars old, a JVtitunor** * Ohio [iroinun. was injur- . t tl niU'iiuU!^ j ' c M f i d n y M-! en he was i'.i»: 'hi NMv fo.i curb and badly Tlio mjuiod man was ra- th*' Ooti age State hospital ihii7inoii resides on office a.nd leadership in public affairs, j compliment and lioimi of presides at all public gatherings. I duced liy tlie -Mayor, u Mayor Du'ggan perforaed that f u n c - j s a i d : tion last evening at the lecture given I "I bPlieye that I by Rev. G-. W. Buclcner and mtrod'uc- ed t. 1 ^; s-peator. In referring to the custom, as practiced in England, Rev. Buckner pointed out that Mayor Duggan, unlike tile maycirs of English cities, did not wear t; ".mro-1 Kc'tijamm Camp of Vest Vulford, Burjincr j Ta.. wns admitted to the hos.pita.1 ycs^ licrtlnj- for treatment of a slipht in- the senli- , ^1117- of the ankle suffered in a rail- meat of the ministers of the c:'y when roail accident. I say thai they huve noted with supreme satisfaction and pleasure a number of things ttic Mayor has done. Speaking personally 1 can say that 1 the Mayor is corning-" 3ri'atk's fJays Snspcntled. An order has heen issued by the Food Administration suspending mralless days for a .period of 30 days.

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