The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 3
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JANUARY 18, 1930. tHE DAILY COURIER, CONN10LLJ VILLB, PA, in a ma gician its in a cigarette its TASTE/ I T takes more than cleverne? s to make a good cigarette. Taste is either there, or it isn't; deception plays no part. We put taste first, in making Chesterfield. Tobaccos are chosen and blended for mildness, for aroma, for tobacco flavor; taste is always what counts. And Chesterfield'5 huge popularity seems to prove that thd same thing counts with smokers as with us -"TASTE above every thing TM SUCH POPULARITY MUST BE DESERVED © 1930, LIGGETT fe MYERS TOBACCO Co. ' MILD, yes .. . and yet THEY SAT ISFV Heed of Eigith Is Emphasized Memorial to 3Icml,erb » h o I I a c Fasbo 1 on Tomorrow JMgrht, Baptist Chiirclu PASTOR WILL BE SPEAKER dpcclal t j T h o Oouilcr SCOTTDALE, J,in. IS -Sunday r;e- "ning a momorial service, will bo held tor tho Scottdalo Volunteer Fne Department at the First Baptist C ' h u u h !{-ev Tioy 10 Wliittemoi e, tho pallor, will speak on ' Ts Your Life" The firemen will meet at the borough building promptly at 7 oclock Mem- bora of Troop 5, Boy Scouts, will accompany the Jlrenion. · Tln.s tioop j» ipXMtsorod by tho departm-e-rit .Junior MH^C Club Proffrutn. The Junior Music Club met at the homo of Miss Doioth Campbell on Thursday e'setitiiK, Misy Jioiotliy Jlonse ind Misb Ccimpbell weie joint hostesses. A program ot" Indian uuibic, wafa presented, with a piano MU by Xoud-aa White; tocal solo, Alaiy Jcinu Keli-oy;; quartet, Dorothy Skemp, bauni Mae Jen »s, 'Anna Hutlj and Nondas AVhito; quartet, Helen Ander- MMI, Dorothy Xoll Rcilcj, M a i j o i y L^aOling and J'orothy Campbell, ac- compamed on the \ l o l i r by Adu Ka'therino Milter; tello nuniber, Kobeit H Flte, violin b o l t , Howard Matthews. Court of Honor .Monday. 'Ihrough an error, aBo-y Scout court of honor was auouuced tor last e\e- i n u ? at 7:30 o'c ock nt tho Y M C A Tho com t Vtlll be Monday evening at T TO o'clock at tho Y. A! C A Another court is s ' l u d u l o d tor Fehnuiy n. Troop ~ lIceK Troop ", IJo. Scouts,, hold its if 1 !,!!- liir m o c t i n s ^ tli X'. M C A Fast tJi.JiiceHois Merf. 'I ho d i ^ t i l t t Patt C hnncc'llors n i c ^ t 'n^- lias bold l.i-.t pxo-niiK at the Odd 1'ollows Hall h«MO, l o l l o p i n g tlie-iegu- lar meetitiK of th" local lortgo. Soxonty-iUc- W P e piosout, with guests troiu Irwlu. J \ninotlo. Urv^nsburg, ( onnclls\llle. Diuibii ,uid I'liioutown Thorp vfi^ it i M o c u i m pu^cnted in 1 oharce of Huivcs C' I' Lowu At tho k)-.o %«·!' n i t c rei'tcslioicntb ucio yei red Surprho for Pastor. A \ ei \'iit "inplrso party was r^cn lor lii^. in' Ali. lohu B Lain- 1 n i t a i ti o · u ni 1 n Tlun-tlay o\e- 'in ' l i l t itt i \ i n. c h P i:r of ihu !/ii! t A (1 S'u i", it ( h » i ' i i i i l i Tlio h'. - '.n '' "t '" 'i 'II'K u t tlu* MI! lo % w i t v i i ' M I U i t (i t r * ^ v, cro IU M ! a , i t t - t r - in ( M t s -cr\ d. M i a n d Mi.- 1 A I , ' ' no of U k a a u r i v r i i l i e air.oun ^ t h o u,it.H in o a oii at tho Memo' I il H r « p i ; i l .t 1 Mount PU .i r ant M g h ' t u l t i t j o it In*. I 01 \ .it \! U- 'ipi i aticl 1 hs''-'i!i 1 l t u - t l on !*ji p i, \ Hy JOSKPIt a WASNEY I n i l o d Pro-u Stan Conebpandent \\ASHIXaTON, J i n . 1 ^ -- t h i k l i o n of today b h o u l d havi at leac-,t i pre- hlgh s t l u o l education to combat I,IH- cr 0 sf.ully the pitfa-llf- ot thr business world, according to Grace Abbott, chief of the United -Slateo Childion's Buteau. "There is no teco d oE any one li.uing too inueh edncatioji but there are millions of oxun plei, of too little tducitloii," .MK A b b H t told the Unit- td Presti in an excltibive I n t e r v i e w . "Every child befoi e going to w o i k h h o u l d iecei\e at lea t an eighth gtade education, iw a m i n ' m u m , vocational guidance in school, «i physical examination before i c c e i v l n g a work permit, and h r l p in (.electing tho l i g h t j a b " Mitri Abbott baul the Children's Bureau program f o r 1930 would a t i e t s these pointts and also woik for a u t i f - foim child labor law for tho 4S states. "Children today m u better educated than they wore a get oration ago," eho .said. "That is becau o paiente realize their children should be prepared mentally to go out hto tho Morld and also there is an iucuased toiulency on tho pint of the yonnwi generation to eeek more knowlcdg "Aftei the war th 'te was a great expansion in the n u m b e r of youtht who Bought hlghe" education, out this movement at present haa reached a peak and the numbi r )» about ta- tionary." In the last year t h o i e was a do- ciease in the iiumbor of 14 ard 15^oar-old childioti wio lett school f o ' go to work but anciease in thoeo be-' twcen tho age), of IS and IS years, Miss Abbot mud "There has been eiy littlo (Jiango in the child hiboi slination In tha last 10 yeaih. Chlldien nhouhl be kept in school as long as po^slbln a n d not allowed to obtain 'blind-nlloy jobs' that n 111 leave them s f n M o n a r j , w i t h no advancement pjeblblv because tl'.ej ,uo uneducated." *nvwto*tw*nMtofvtt»ff**rtj!^^ ABE MARTIN On Training for Old Age birthday Members, farm I v ^ere- pros en t tho occasion. lilib. Hugh F i a u e La.dipq' Fancy AVoi k on W«dnosda aftei aPtoinoon iv«b spei Mi« FJ anois had ns: \itth the- f l u b , M i s for o£ Oonnol'.svll' smith, M i ~ M e i t I l « He'll' t M i - - ()firpo · H I M i io\s and M Tnc Scot/tdalo Y -pprt."- Mitod at \Vli wont to h.u-e th x \ t i oompoto in p imos V \\ill "-end i p p i o s ('R'C on JiitKi i"y '0 of hib immediate in obscj vanco of -entertained the Club at her homo noon. Tho entire t in fancywoik her guests, alonp; Oeoiue \V Stauf- Mrs M.nv ' i i i ^ M i s J R b rt, Mi-, All e i l rjrroll M i s ns f! i{ IKulMi \I P A -i\.is \vell u e i d l n i f , whei-e it rioub dopartmentf. nt it Unrlo N i J r s Turner had his measure taken for a new l i g h t plaid foim-flllin' aaclt suit this week Mr. Tmnei is well over 103, and ha jest org uiisied a new ah port corpoia- tlori, buin' two farms jest west o' th' saw mill In speakin' o* his age, he says, "1C folks jest begun young e n o u g h ' t ' figure on Itvln' a hundred an' fifty years instead o' tryln 1 t' crowd a c e n t u i y int' thirty-five or Corty years they d have no houble at all. Most folks git seared at f01 ly- five or fifty an 1 start in t' be evei'- thing before they'te snapped oft' with th' result that they're gone aij.' £ei- gotten Ht fcixty. ".Th' airplane business IB jest IP- giunin' t' get staited, an' if wo make any money ueforu ten or firtoeri ycai.J I'll bo surprised. Ther'a a lot o' pmuocrin' t' bo done. I .started a sawmill SOT enty-five years ago an' it took ten years t' bieak oven, "Th' pr.esent-dny fad o 1 droppin' out ,it flffy ( play th' remain In' yeais o' l i t e ib all bunk A teller begins t' doterioiato th' minute ho retiies an" has t' be d fast worker t' git any DP-TO-DATK AT 103 pluyin' done. Th 1 thing I' do is intei- l a i d some p l a u h ' as wo gd alon But lots o' folks hdve ciuite- enough o' lite at bixty Uhtially thoy'i o hcmned In by a lot o' s n u i l l u ' , h a t e f u l chldie-n, or they've long a^o exliaustod ill t h ' plpabiites o' life, an' moio olton they've lost Ilior snap in aie- In th' way. Tho naround a i x l y th' a enucs o' o p p o i t n n i t y begin t.' clobo n an' younger peopio b l o c k th' way "A person should be indopcu tent t' git vn j thing out o'"UCe after sixty, that is he hould have some aoaey. Th' human machine Ib fti comp loated au' delicate- as an oil bunioi. It haa I' have attention Th' liver s h c u l d be spongy, lively an' a l o i l Modes eatiu' an' t h o r o u g h chowlu's ehsenti tl, an' i lookin' ahead an' plannlu', all j rolong life "Pon i lot a wifo an' childrr i hold von back. Treat 'em icspoctfui'y, but don t let 'em r!ih,ourage j o u . f wu5 i.ilkiii' t' a ipllpr Ihlp ·uook th L's an ole man ,U l l n r l j - / l v a all beca ise ha never had a r p s p o n h l b l l i t j Re ponsi- b l l i t y i jesl l i k e biiyin' an auti mobilo on paimentb It keepi you ·· orkia" an' plannm' an' loolvin' ahead. I Itnow a feller that's Irvan.' with his son-in- law, an' that'll thke th' pep an' bolt- dbsurance o u t o' anybuddy. , "I know it's liaid t' git a job with th' Western Union after you're seventy-five, an' o' couiao few d r u g stores want sandwich maker-) over eighty. You can't make employers understand that you ieol as young as you ev ( or did, an' it's p a r t y cllscouragin' t' be out o' work at ninety. That's why a teller should git in business fer himself. "Our new airport "11 keep me hum- inin' fer a. long time. Flyiu's jest in tta toddlin' clothes. We hope t' be runniu' three-dollar exclusions t' th' moon, good returnlu' Monday, by 1940. "I met my gran'daughtor this moru- in' oa th' street She- wua caiiyiu' two bablea au' yelllu' at one ahead t' be careful, an' yelUn.' at one behind t' hurry up, but it diclii' make we feel a.blt ole J'm houkod up with a big, inodern enteipriso with a f u t u r e an' I've got I' bo fit an.' available " our "want' did vert iaemont. ROUTE 119 WILL BE THROWN OPEN ON JANUARY 25 to Si ott- I lassiiietl f'n r,i- sc^(i!tT v L I t K H S Ct TliO U Uh plan d in the uJ AUT.'[ Jan 17.--U. S, Route No. 119 (State Route 117), w h i c h ncludes the improvement near thu (Jountv Homo j i n u t l o n , and k n o ^ n ab tho Hi aensbuig-bcottdalo load, \\ill be m i l o'.y t h r o w n open to tne tiavel- Itm pu )lic on Sauuday, January 25, u w a s announced from the ofllco oil tho Stats H i g h w a y Department The bridge on t h e south side of the l a i l i o a i l tracks has been completed hut the oO das requhc-cl to olapae bound DI eulUE; foi traffic does not e\p 10 u t til J a n u a i v J5 I s«i Cl«ssined Vds. ( cwf is. sniill. JlosaltA .u« bto. Piano Marathoner No Worsei for Test s' PITTSBURG, Jan I S -- V it'll a *tatenjenil that his lingers were "okeh", his i'e-et none, the wo =e for their "bumpiiiR," and, cons cl-oring busino.a. cotidit ona in general everything was '"huiiikj dory,'" Piok a sor B G. Burt h.i-j etuijd 1.II3 ho ins f cou- tluuoub p l a c i n g on the piano Piofth'-oi Burt wailc'd a w a ' tho time iu a Pcnn avenue ^toieioo n, Bast Knrl, which tlioufcandA of/ -orBons passed 3a,lly A'j lie ended hit heroic struggle with Un- keys, onlook -rs setup a miglity c-hei r The provio s local record lor, oontlnuoua nUivlne; it wiri \ a s 102 h o m s Looklnt; lor Hary.iiiis T Ilead tho ndv«rtisezruts i i The Courier, PITT FRESHMEN DEFEAT JUNIOR COLLEGE QUINT The Pitt fjcslimon chalkod up their 23rd consecutive t r i u m p h of the Hea- aon labt night when the Hniloi College at U n l o u t u w n V.HS ilotoaU'd by a H C O I o of bO to 27. Bus Albright, aco of tho eountyGont outfit, was hold to a fainglc fli«ll goal, wlillo Barany, Htar foriuud, nimmgcd to got thiougli for flvo The Uno-iip Unlonfovin--27. J'iH !· res Inn on - 5(!. ; Pupg f KodgiTi Tlaranv K A l p e i t A J t l l l g l l t ( I PoCll Dills Q - C i i r t i ! Game Commission Urges Sportsmen To Feed Birds., Gane PORTUGAL HAS 321,000 MORE WOMEN THAN B The iloaid of Cianio Commission is i out with its a n n u a l midwinter "ijiiiwu to spoitemon and others to feed the birds l and Ihua save m a n y of them fioin staivmg The Commlmionprs say they uiUbt be fed \vhm fellow covers the ground Ttiivl l i f e form an attractive loature ot Pemivyl\ama'b out-of- dooin. How many porsoito know that over 230 spec IPS, many of them rare, arc to be tound in our biate t i m i n g ' i h p courso of tho yeai ' ' The most interesting arc those thftt j stay here tho year loiiud, or rear t h e i r young d u r i n g the pumnior, and r e t u r n to the! i ancestal homos lurther t o u t h ' with tho advent of autumi The year-round reWentf of Pcnncl- vanta which should ho w-e-11 known hy everyone, IncLudo the foll \\IIIR Bob white, ruffed gtoube 11ng-neck- od pheasants, wlkl turkey, turkey vulture, sharblunried h a w K, cooper's hank, bald eagle, jjiarrow hawk, barn owl, tcroDch o w l , gi cat hoineu o w l Downey woodpecker hairy woodpecker, prairie horned l.nk, l)lue jay, raven, crow, fish ciow, si, rlini;, Kug- liah sparrow, gold linch, bong n p a i row, cardinal, ccdu' 1 ui\iving, Carolina wion, nuthdtrli, t u f t ' d titmouse and chickadee. IB wintpr may bo found r~ome additional specimens which ,pend only tho cold months w i t h us, a id go further north with the couuiif of spiing. Among these are the- following Red thioatpd loon, IK print; p u l l , Merganser duck, (am at back d u c k , goshawk, rough-lodged h a n k , poldru cafflo, faiiowy own, H h l t o - n inrpd di*s- b l l l , pine blskiii, tu'o ^ j u i i o w , blnto colored jiuico, northi'm linlci' « I n to: wren, blown 01 oopei and goldon crowned kinglet F'O-w H l A t o b ,ivo omlowtM -\\lth liuor ncenoiy 1'oiun.ylvani , fow h t n t t v aro its ri|ii,il ar .1 liurito 'i pnuuIKo n n d few boast's moio lioou 1 l l u l hlMln I n t h i s »rca -\\hero e n o v f i i l l i r a t h cr i u f i - f M j u o n t , it may bo d i f f i c u l t to rfM.ogni/o (he p o i l l of ( h i bi/d« dining the Wiintpr, bill 1101 mum i n i l o n away m o in Id hmotu-, -wh Ui «u t u \ ~ ered with ,i Ilocfy \ \ h l l r t i e s foi \\n-K-t at a ( I m e Unlei-s Uu hiidh t h c i o l i t - fed i l u i - iiiK the w h u o i , !h',v st«n '. of Members of Female Sox Without IHatrs Steadily In creasing. OTHER NATIONS ALSO AFFECTED H\ U n i t e d Pi eii. 1 J IJ;30N ,Jan IS -- 1'ortuga.l !·; .1 p.u.wlist 1 to i m e n , for 1hr surplus o!' u omen h a v i n g incie.ibed bteadily sinio Foitv years ago thoie v,oro 139,0ri3 moio women in the countrj than «nn. 1 \ \ o n l v j e a r s later this h.ul ino eased to ;!02,(i7i And todiM, tho convii llsuies Bhow, 331, 35 mor wonu'U «n« livin,g in Portugal than thoic^ aro mu'tefl foi ihem In hishon, the sin p l u s ib US G I G h not alone in lhi« situation. Otlwr ICtiropcjn eoutitnos which h a \ o a surplus of women o\er men i n c l u d i n g ( i o r m a i i y , U j l , ("treat U r i t a i n , Franco ,IIK! S JEWS OF K1TTITE ORIGIN, NOT SEMITE, DECLARES SCIENTIST Fiv U n i t e d I'tixs* PHAlU'i:. Jan. IS -- riio J e w i s h race it, not of Sonltt oiifrin. This H t h o coiu'litnioii it'.'ii'hod by Prof B. IJroznj, ciip-iil it JM I'uillt-t In C.:och University hoiv, who .iftir \osrs of rejoin ch on t h l iM^bifui has dochirtHl tho Jo\u* CIIUK' UO1M t h o U U I I t f ' f l I'roi l(u:u\ lu^orUM an analysis of tho I t t t t i t t t lanmuisc «how«i the blh- t o i U 1 nioiuouals ot t h p Jews wore of H l u i t o origin J? etiKl tliA tlr^t flnrN of llml'ii t»t»tna!\ dug ujt )n Syria a n i h u i p o l o s ' i u t « . l t u l l d r i i v t o t h e to\\ iMi ty $u*. * 1 I'lio Jen « \MMO U l t t l t p s , ' li,- t- ud, ' o l t h t N i K h Un\v i-pokc Soniltt «ind uthi-i di Umtul lan«;u:ii?c- It i? onl luHaiir,o t h o m o n l f t n u m b e r spoke t h o tM'inltn 1 iti4tiii3;o t l i n t the ivliolo raco ha ionic t« IH logiudvxl ai Semites " Perryopoiis Suhstitulions- ( l o t t o K u n n t o r XI- b i l g h t , UaClan U M - ( i n l t o s i u\n Thonia-i tor Dillt,, Simon hn Old and l i i i \ l H foi HodpMt, Sobol 101 1 ivh, t'ui n Cui A l | u i t , M a i u t h t o tin I s ch, l . o w U loi Cut U i , F i i c i l l o r U'i l.n\ld, liu,ii- ni'j t o i S i u f t l i , M i U i n i d s in U I ^ I I H O J ( Kit-Id KOtiH- Pur« ,!, H u u n v 1. A1- liriKht, Kodncui li, l ) a ^ i s _' \ l p o i l 7, j hchch .1, Ciitlrl fi. K n i l t h , Ui^hnoy 2 Foul gfial* r n l o n ' o ' \ i ' on* tit t ' l , P i t t , s oui ot tr ' ' I WJto () PJI|IO s\ ho o d ^ e j lice i '1 ho : t ouijoj," P U H U Y O P O l - i a J n n IS. - Miss Nollo Mvois ot Star Junction, who has been 111 foi :,e\cial days at her home has t c x i u i u i i Iu i voik at Perry !ll|.;h School r h ' r i »!i sthoul basketball boys, undo Ciiaoh Adniivm, won Thursday evening over the Star Junction Kradi\ team Tho hcoio w a s 1." to 3 K e n n e t h Hr.uit i tho o n c h of the St 11 him lion U am Mi fid Mi Hiis'-cll l i i i t t h i n s o n l i ) \ c ma i d i H n n ilit; S c h w o n k icsl- i l in (D Mi 1 - 1 - 1.011,1 ( i i l k t K house I I C , I I t i l ' n iMHll l)\. oui

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