The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1918 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1918
Page 11
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FKTDAY,. MARCH 29, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEI.U5VKXB, PA. ?AGE , COPVRTHT-. By KAOPBn. AND OROTHE 8f Doctor AJvawdo's dentist's chair rustomer Imfl doneT«yX. shuddered; faced a lull-length window, one of sev- ftTM pointing at the bltter-The codded oral -which, alter the Cuban fashion, encouragingly, opened directly noon the sidewalk, ren- O'Bellly forestalled an outburst by 3 both the waiting room and the office almost as public as the street itself. Every one of these -windows was v; Ide open -when Johnnie arrived; bat it seemed that the dentist k_ew what he -was about, for when his patient had taken his seat and he had begun an examinitlon of the troublesome tooth, he sa-d, under his breath: "I, too, am watched. Tallc to me la English. When I press, thns, upon translating his countryman's -wants. ·TIE vaso de agna con hielo," said he, and the a endanT was all apologies. "So you speak the lingo?" marveled Mi Branch. "Well, I can't get the hung ot It Don't like It Don't like anything Spanish H--1 of n country. Isn't it!--where the ice is 'yellow' and the butter is "meant to kill you,' and does." O'Heilly laughed "You've been your gntn, you wil' know that somecne studying a guide book, *w5th complete Is passing Now, then, what is the , glossary of Spanish phrases.' " meaning of your amazing message j Mr Branch nodded listlessly. "Tm pe? " supposed to report this insurrection, They I'm . While Doctor Alvarado pretended to (, nt the ^-niards won't let treat a perfectly sound molar, Johnnie I east my stuff to suit themselves. managed, despite frequent mterrup- 1 getting tired of the farce." tions, to make known the leason and ! "Going home?" circumstances ot his presence. tha' neifeliborhood,wTnd mv broth Ignacio will know how to reach them. I'll ffi' c you a message to him, similar , "Don't dare." The speaker tapped "But there are no rebels around I his concave chest "Bam lungs. I here," Alvarafio told him. "Ton could i came down here to shuffle off, nnd Tm escape to the country perhaps bat j waiting for It to happen What brings ·what then? Whe-e would you go? yon to Cuba?" ~~ Hovv would they kiioi\ who yon are?" , "I'm here for my health, too." The "That's what I want to find oat" 'renl Invalid stared. "I have rheuma- Tbe Cuban pond* red "STou'll bave tism." to eo to Puerto Prnelpe," he said at, "Going to sweat It out. eh? Well, length "Our men are operating In j there's nothing to do but sweat"-Branch was racked by a coughing spt^m that shook his rce'iy frame-,, , "sweat and cough. Bullets! No mls- to the one you brought me from Fe- take about "that hospital bark, is Up-"." Then he mailed. "I've just j there'" When he had regained his thought at the very thing. Years ago breath he Enid: 'See here' I'm going I lent him a book Wrfch I particularly ,to take a chance nith yon, for I llfc« prized, and one of bis children dam-'your looks My newspaper work Is a aged it. I was furious I declared I jfclrff ;7 don't send enough stuff to keep would never lend him anotlie , and 11 me alive I came here to cure my never h»\e- JCow, then, I'll jnve yon , lung'!, and--I want you to help me that iery volume it to hi.n and 'do It." * say that I asked you to return It to . O'Reilly stared at the man in sur" m " I prise. "How can I h'oJp you?" he OSellly thanked Hm, promising to 'ftikod. use every precaution in delivering tie J "By taking- me with yon." message. The next morning he paid [ "With me? Where?" Garbajal's score and too 1 ; the train ' "To the inanrrectos. of course" to the interior. In hi, has was Tomas , Tl" men eyed each other fixedly. Alvarado's precious v Inme, and in the | "W makes you think--" O'Kellly same coach with him rode the r ^cret Ibega-- Service man. | "Oh, don't say it! I've got a hunch! In Its general features Puerto Erin- I don't know what vour game Is-- clpe differed little from the other Cu- ' probably dvnamite: there's a storr ban dtles O'Heilly bn tv It was com- I that the rebels have sent for soma partly bunt, it was ,ery old :md it j American experts to teach them bou looked its centuries Its streets were to use the stuff, and God knows they particularly narrow a r d crooked, li,i\- 'aeed instruction' Anyhow, I can't tog been purposely lajd out !a laby- | swallow that rheumatism talk I rinthlne mazes, so tlu story goes, In i thought you might give me n lift Take arder to foot the pirates joie along, will on?" As b.e sat in a cafe, sispics an or- J "And how would that benefit jonr "mngeade, he heard so-neono speaking, cough'" Tohnnie inquired curiously, in atrocious Spanish,: nd looked up to' Mr Branch hfWtated "Well, HI tell see that another American had en-' «m," he said, after a moment "I'm tered. The stranger was n tail, fune- ifrald to die this way. by Indies, and teal young man, with pjlHd cheeks and hours. I'm scared to destfi." It seemed Toolkm, burning eyes. O'Reilly stepped impossible that the side man's cheeks °T t '. TM c f b '°, a , nd n£r ° du 5f d h ' m '! could further blanch, but they became sell "The hotel keeper In Xeuvitas -,,,,.,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,,,/_, --,,,_ he said. falrty Uvl(li Jal said you J find me here eh! beading of moisture appeared upon his upper lip f ^Heaven! Yon've no idea how it gets ,, L "' on a fellow's nerves to see himself Oh, told me I'd ficd you here, 1 "Vour mine is--" ,,_ i r » » T t- n r t 1- 1 ^J-vti»dJ : J.UU w uv iuvn ilul _''Brancli, LesHe i Brat l ch._o^Carba-t on ,, fc ,, ow , g nerves tQ see I'd like to end it the sreasy little liar. Be didn't believe sn(3(lenlr uke ttat ,,, He volce(J It H-- thought his cook ng wou d have, Iast sentencc afc a an(J d Ws killed ne. ions a^o, and it nearly did." fln .. Tht t ra nke t hnye a thrill before I cash In--taste''the salt of life,' as somebody expressed It. That's war. It's the biggest gome In the world. What do' you think of the Idea?" "Not much," OTleilly said honestly. "Difference In temperament I suppose it is a sick fancy, but I've got It , I'm a rotten coward, but I'll fight if the Cubans will take me." "Where are the Cubans?'' "Oh, they're out yonder In the hlll'i. I know all about 'em. Gome over to t my quarters and Til show you a map, if you're interested." 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It was a task that required tfto labor of many men for several woeka, and when It wag finished there was sesrce- Th!s time ilr Branch's' bony frame '? a growing thing left upon the placo. ' Onl y a tevr °f *» larger tree* re- I raafned. Cooto was disappointed at. !^ 1 "^ 11 ? nothing, but ha was not dls- I couraged. Next he tore down the o!d i slave barracoons aad tho outbuildings. underwent a genuine shudd* r' and his face was convulsed \\ith lonthlng. "Carbojal's 'n the secret sen Ice. KIce fat little «py" "So I suspected." Mr Branch s be\eragfl apieared at this moment. With a flourish the waiter piact d a small gla^s and a bottle of £ark liquid before him. Ereuch s' - ' at it, then rolled a fiercely si*, erin^ eye apwaid. "What's that?" he Inquired. O'Bellly read the label. 'It's jjlt- ters' said he. "Bitters' And I asked for 'yellow'-glass of agwa with yellow." Branch's ·rolcc shook. "I'm dying of a fever, end this i\ory-bnied toucan b-lngs me' 1 " * ijnnrt ot poison. Ballets r It was Bat OB*** 1 was Bow a man with impossible to describe tie snggestum at profanity wltt which the speaker colored this Innocuous expletive. "Weak »g 1 oia, I shall gnaw his wiadpipe." H« bared his teeth suggestively and 'raised two talonlike bands. The waiter was pozzied l*t not Bl»rmc«i Be embntced hljussi:' as his after which he completely wrecked the residence Itaalf. He palled It apirt bit by bit, brlct by brlcS. He even dug up Its foondatlonfl, but without the reward of so much as a tinsle peseta. Finally, whea the villa was but a heap ol rubbish and the groitujs a ecar upon the slope of La Cumbre, he desisted, baffled, Incredulous, while nil llatanzas laughed at him, Having sacrificed his choicest residence, be re- t!red ln «*ag"n to the plantation of grievance, He burned with tags, and his contempt for the boy and girt he had wronged soured into hatred- In time he began to realize also that so long as they lived thej woold jeopardize his tenure o£ their properly. Public testing, at present, WES high; tber«"WW intense bitterness agaiESi all I rebels; but the war would end Borne I day." T?hat then 1 Cueto aaked blm- | self. Sympathy was ever on the side j of the weak and oppressed. There wonld come a day of reckoning. " As If to swell bis discomfiture and strengthen his fears, out from the hlHa at the head of the Yuznurl issued rumors of a little band of gnerrtlleros, under the leadership of a beardless boy--a band of blacks who wore male- lug the upper -valley unsafe for Spanish scouting parties. Cursing the name of Varona, Fnn,eho Cneto armed 1 himself. He did not venture far alone, and, Hire Donna babel before him, he bc(an to have bad dreams at night One day n field of Cueto's cane was burned, and his laborers reported see- !ug Entebaa and some negroes riding Into the wood. The overseer took horse within the hour and rode pell- mell to Matanzas In th« city at this time was a certain Colonel Cobo, in command of Spanish volunteers, thoso execrable convict troops from the Isle of Pines whose aiiocities had already marked them as wolves rather than men, end to him Pancilo went with lila story. "Ah, yes' That Varona boy, I've heard of him," Cobo remarked, when hla caller bad finished nis account. "He has reason to hate you, I dare say, for von robbed liim." The colonel smilficl disagreeabiy. Cueto murmured something to tto effect that the law bad placed mm Ic his position as trnstee for the crown, and should therefore protect him; bat Colonel Cobo's respect far the lay?, It seemed, was slight. In his view there was but one law In tne land, the law of force. "Why do you. erase to me?" he asked. "That fellow Is a desperado," Faa- cno declared. "He should be destroyed." Burning crops Is nothing new. I'd malce .on end of him soon enough, but nearly all of my men are In Oarficnaa We have work enongn to do." 'Td make It worth while, tt yon eonld put an end to him," PiiDCbo said, hesitatingly. Then, recalling some of those stories about Colonel Oobo, he added, "!^here are two of them, you know, a boy and a girl." "Ah, yes! I remember.** " ^ "I can direct you to tha horae of Asenslo, where they Ilro." "Uni-m I" Cobo w? s thoughtful. "A. girl. How old is she?" "Eighteen" x "Ugiy us an alligator, Fll warrant.** "Ha 1 /Tho most railshing creature In all Matanzas. All the meu were mad over her." Colonel Cobo the guerrilla, licked his full, red" lips and ran a strong, square hand over his curly, short- cropped hair. "You say you know where she--where tbey arc living?" "Ah, perfectly! Ifa less than n night's ride. Thpie's no ona eicept the boy to reckon witli." "How much IK he worth to you?" bluntly Inquired the soldier, uad Cuoto sat down to make tile befit Bible rerms pos- '·'Do yen think he received my letter?" Rosa asked of her brother one evening as they eat on the board bench b Aseasio*s door, It was a familiar question te Bsteban! lia had answered it raaay times, "Oh, yesl" he deciawd, "Loneii'mes- ^ Bearer got ffipaugii fa Say West." every foot he goes away win go more of Piujcbo Cneto's profits." "Yon intend to burn more of his fleldfi?" absently Inquired the girl. "It seems terrible to destroy our own property." ' HJstebnn broke out excitedly; ha could not discuss Pancho Caeto without losing control'of himself. "Would you permit that traitor to fatten upon the profits of oar plantations? I shall ruin him, an he ruined us." Bosa shook her dark head sadly "And wo are Indeed ruined. Think of our beautiful house, all our beautiful things, tool We used to consider onr- Kelves poor, but--how little we knew of real poverty There ara eo many things I want Havo. we nothing iPftT' "I thought it best to buy thnso rlfleV the brother murmured, dropping his eyes "It was one chnnco In a million." "No doobt It was It seems those Spaniards will sell their sonls " "Exactly. We can dig food from the eqrth and pluck it from tlw trees, but good Mausers don't EIOW on. every bush. Besides, of what use Mould money be to us when we have no place to spend It?" "True I" After a moment Kosa mused fiiaud: "I wonder If Oueto found the treasure? If only we had that--" "He didn't find It," Bsteban declared, positively, 'V--he hesitated--"I think I know why he didn't. I think I know wber« it is." "Whore Is It?" breathlessly ingulred "Then why doesa't he eome?" "art, my dear, you must be patient. Think of Ms difficulties " Shis subject always distressed young | was ola Tarena; therefore he changed it weE--^ "Tes." After a fur-five loot, over Ills shoul- dor Bsreban whlgnered, "In the well " "Tau're Joking I" "No, no' Tbtok_for yonrself. It Sebastian who dug that "Conae ! Yrpa haven't heard, of my good fortune I captured another fine snake today, a big, sieepr fellow. Believe me, I "«t fire to his "B.ihl The country is overrun with j hel1 wako U B desperadoes of Bis kind, and worse. I *""· Hell go like tie wind, aiad with TO SB Hunting Bargains t You a-ili and them, in our ad columns. «· Robert Galesbure._Mo E«ar Sir: YotTaffl right whan you~eay'ln yomra~«f txtom- ber £4th that Senreoo Is a remarkably good tooth paste and that it has a strong story to tall, bat the Siffi- culty lies in putting that story In auob. langnag* oa V13.1 convince the publio. 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Try it. v« stand behind every package of Senraeo itith a noney-baok guar- eutoe. Very triily yonrs. SSSREOO, J. B. KURTZ, KOTARV PUBL.C *ND REAL CSTATE. No. * Couth Mudo* g

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