The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 46
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 46

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 46
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I w n '3 T Play it cool, act indifferent, and maybe more girli wiH feu for you. That' th way Paniviaa boya look at H, and it works for thorn. '"'" r -' - Of count, everything twist be toned with an expertneas-that takes yar to perfect But Most Peruviana seem to be bora with the gift of being, able to play indifferent.' , ; Take a typical Saturday afternoon in Lima. Ana . Maria and her two best, girl friends are leaving for the three o'clock show,-angular matting place far teens who - art not allowed single dat- - tag. She is excited because she knows, with a woman's intuition, that Julio, the boy she met at the "fiesta" is sure to be there. Her friends' nudges ten bar she was right x The two. who had seemed to. strike such a sympathetic chord at the "fiesta," art . now completely aloof. Neither approaches the other. . - After thssahow the group of boyr and girU head for the nearest "Cceme Rica." a "Dairy Queen" typsvof res Saturday Section Saturday Nights Out... Take Line in Peru By Cecilia Domeyko Indifferent taurant with inside see ting provided. The "Creme Ricas" ant always packed on StuKx. u ui.j f weal pca for blossoming ron-nce. , Julio seems completely ab- aorbed m the coararsation of the girl at the next table to Ana Maria. -A flicker of doubt 1 crosses her mind.-"Suppose be really Ukes the other glrrr Than aha begins to flirt with the boy next to . her. Both secretly observe each other's reactions. Sometimes this even lasts for two or three weeksf : . Finally whan' Julio think the really tikes him Ha makes his "declaration" of love, after which, they are "to-amoradoa" or "steadies." - - .! - " " BATUWDAT NIOHT ia "fiesu night ia Lima the Pervrtaa capital -'And they asoally celebrate In a big way gho people being ;e : oomOio number. The girls dreea In seml-formauk Although alcohol la served, Penrviaa teens pre-; far their .typical "Chicha : Morada," drink made from purple corn. The "fiestas, begin et about I pja. and and at dawn.., ,. A Penrviaa girl's worriea art never overif a almost a ImpoMibUlty for bar to be alone with her boyfriend, ' evaa for a few minutes. As m most Latin-American countries, what a gid does is everybody's buslnees sspe- cJairy that of her brothers or always at parties she attends. , . '.ry-'' ' Looks likt soother double-decked success shaping up for Back Owens, who ecored heavily in a two-itooe Hits-vlDe performance lest time oat .One side' of.- Back's aewhi 1 Doat Care- la a rousing driver that psTrtlleta -My Heart Sklpe a Beat" The undercut, "Don't -Let Her Know" It a slow-paced heart-rending ode that could . prove the perfect matcher for "Together Again.? ( " ' ' . 'XJenevieve1' is a cute iiitle ' country chic who can quickly captivate C and W music lovers for James tTCnjana. Tent it a catchy, happy-go-lucky affair in which the eongtter searches . for. the Pen-PaU J span, ' Chile. Germany.' Nigeria,. . . ,' - Yen name hY ' The Journal receives letters from young people ell over the globe looking for pea pals. They ail want to learn about Canada, tome eventually want to ootno here,' some want to find oat what Canadian teenagers do, ho ybey think and ' And In return they went : to tot Cantdlant know how teens kt countries around the world Irve. ,- : Following are the ntmee and of tome of anxtoas to pond with Caned tana. . : i . - , : ; 1',', . , , . ' Nightclub are rarely visited by teens in Lima. But it is the custom to paint the town on "promocloh." or graduation night ' ' No matter bow late Satur. day ends, 'a Peruvian teen would never think of missing dhurch the next day. It'a sometimes hard to identify the faces half hidden by lace mantillas as the girls talk to-the boys on the church itept, planning Sunday afternoon's program. JN MOST HOMES. Sunday lunch is a traditional, family afair. where everyone must be punctual or not appear at aO. Once "papa" is seated at the table, it is "too late" and the tardy teen has to do with a can of beans and a scolding for lunch instead of his favorite dish of "Ami- CUChoS." Most meals are prepared by girls in the family. As few girls go. to college and rarely work, they become expert cooks in fact it is their "art' Spending to much time U home they develop one. char- acteristki' common to Ueni all aver the world they love i-ZT. ".V-- V.T. VW- V "'--A"' TV ''".-J." A'i't",.-,',vv."in''jw. ' I J j1 su'f, n n ,' i v;w- t ... . . i J , I "-, ;., , . ' .; . . , TH? OTTAWA JOURNAL ! , j. MTURDAY. AUGUST 22. M , ,. , y . ' ' ,.i ' ' . '.V- , ir. : : ! r'asaaj P" ' K m tj"ler,,t,'P "tw it wi mm f nrtmm p aa , ammw.i CO mfmv'xYfm'mm m w w 7"" tIA-mm'rmMtlnm im III hul H ton s tUjl daWtnc from the Ame VbTtI ' W ' IN THE SUMMER every thing changes for the Peru vian teenager. " A popular holiday Ancon, . surrounded by dunes, making beaches accessible on foot These are the same dunes where sand iklltte hmti. After a day at the beech,- teens go dancing at the Casino until midnight then pick up their guitars and bead for the where verTeartv hoars. , very early hoars. i : Yacht parties are also extremely popular, especially m Ancon where regattas are' held regularly for enthusiastic yachtsmen. - v ' For teens m Lima who doat go away for the Summer, there Is always Waikiki Beech, Pert . (not Hawaii) where surfing is great ' Although Peruvian i girls aren't overly athletic.1 they enjoy boraeback-ridinj. This Is carried on in special clubs, and when the girls go riding they go equipped, with Eng-1 lisb riding, suits, hats' end Whips. .-..u.,........'.: Whether it's at a party or on a sportive occasion, fash-loo Is a Peroviea glrTs principal intereet irs the same atory the world over, v right to pen a song about hit gal. The flip side. naan aiorro ia a cnorus-baeked bluegrass flavored ditty that can also blow up tome sales for Jim. - ' - . - "Yellow Roses" to a tender. bluegrass lament that could ( easily carry the sweet scent of success for Conaie HaB. The song is a traditional country tearjerker m which the lark pledges everlasting love even though her fella has said goodbye.' tioorgie ' Riddle should climb back into a bit list spot with his asw single tabbed .'.That Old Girlfriend." . The tide' It a . philosophical. shuffle-beat weeper to which Wanted Miss Uta Rsub. It, of Dus-setdorf Nord. Ulmenstraba, Germany.- . '. - . . Miss ETIa Cottteeh. Casllla 14, Coma San Miguel, Santiago, Chile. Miss Blrkise Raji. It, of II Obum Eko Street Lagos, Nigeria.' ' - .s.- Miss Kasue' TakahasM, It, of No, t, M Sakuradal, Nsrime- km, Tokyo, Japan. ' . . I Luis Cepeda. Ruts,- It, of. tJ97 of Gran Avenida, San Bernardo, Chile. . - . : Sunday Bahaiayo.' IS. Of 11 Amino Street Lagot. Nigeria. Johnson AMewale. U, of 71 Idumagba Avenue. Lagos, Nigeria. . , only , v : . ": - ' - - , . f.. 1 n-X a .. . . . a J. .!. . ...uaeagaVS . . t M a ir They're Back! .. nythiiig written by . ace rhvihie. aad f blues anisi Chwck Berry 'goes.' these days, latest Diea, a " very wise young man was sites up the market before a -"Johnny r B. Coode" has ' been revamped with a rhythm guitar opening strong enough to sell the diec-alone. Thea Dkm comes In with an o-beat vocal to a strange shuf fle beat It's Ceode enough breeze into a top spot The lama - Kaltkts with Duke TTMond taking the lead vocal 'tall Up the . Groups" on their big British hit a "From a winoow. ea-. other LenMO-McUrtney toog delivered by Billy J. Kramer H "Little Children" style. It's a catchy tale with BID taJW 3 about an Alice to the wok-glass. Most definitely m the chart picture. ;' , - ' JaBe Grant belts eat the old A rth e r Alexander song, "Every Day I Have to. Cry Some,", which firtt made die. via Steve Alaimo. If give the public this sort of grant It will go, . '. ; "Bread and Butter" Is becoming O r smash Stateside. The Nswbsbis offer this stom-pm rhythm and blues beater and could easily grab some tales Jam In Charlotte's town, . 'Georgia keeps his ex-gal thinking he's having a ball .while deep down he's really eating nta neart out -cantaloupe Jonas" is e novel little light-hearted item by Dave Kirby and could easily find a place In country disc diets; I .'' ' The Osharae swothers make a bid for spins with "This Heart of Mine? but frankly speaking this ear of mine wasnt much Impressed. V:- - - BJDy Crsmmsr, who plucks ' a guitsr at weB at be sings a . song, has an attractive album out tagged "Gotta Travel On." Includes Detroit City, Columbue Stockade and 10 others, v " . ;' ;',,: '..-The WObura Brothera lend their distinctive style to a new LP entitled "Never Alone." Teddy end Doyle are a duo who became stars the hsrd way hut can now boast of a sizeable following in the ' C end W music world. This album to so example why. ' - ; ,, Folk FareJ. New Christy Minstrels fans (of which; I am .one wiU be more than a lltUe disappointed when they tune Into the group's new single ."Silly OT Summertime." I . listened to the song more ' than a half dozen times In : hopes tt'd grow on me , . only thing grew was a large ' - taracht. Let's hope the gang gets better material to work with next time. C By Sandy The Beach Beys ere taking the b trail again with a Four Seasons style ballad, "Wendy," and another offbeat vocal offering from the pen of group leader Brian Wilson, -Sb f Karats Mt Toe well' And f knsst ank too we a amash. . .. i "A Hard Day's Night" has bstn - covtrvd iMtniaMniatl y by Marty GeM and Eaach Light in big band -fashion. Marty has the edge with a sparkling adaption of. the hit song by the big boys. The Dare Clark Five lets rip with a ballad in "Because" with Mike Smith, Just recovered, front a physical breakdown, taking the lead vocal. And it's , a real strong "Clinging Vine" a) Bebby ViaOMra aewie but I'm afraid this doesn't cling to me. This to another ballad featuring Bobby' singing through his nostrils. But who knows : . . --. Demand from the Toronto ' area has brought about the re-leesetpt'a Cliff Richard oldie but doodle. "Willie and the Hand Jive" which should put Cliff on the kit brink again, -s Jack Jeaee is a young vocalist who will be around for a long, long time. "Where Love Has Gone" is another beautiful1 interpretation from Jack who is all right in, many books. . 'i ' . vv. 1 ioiVA far imW e Tar cite. Wiinttifi- Im tmHtm at Im author? anar , Grt aW iPDatJOoir PaOffoir ... And Idol Chatter Gardiner "One Piece Topless Bathing Suit" is a drivnV sound from The Rip Chords which opens up with big things happening in the background. It could bit the bottom of the ftea. J . t ;lito tfcue VeTblue beet run' with" "Swett Wll- lUm," which will' rely more on her voice than the song to make H. But it will buy her more lollipops. "A Hard Day's Night" to already a chart -topper but Cearge Marjfa. The Beatles' arranger, deserves a lot. of. credit for his own Jaxry inter, prttation of the song. It'a good, .too, by George. r. .- Big things arJ being predicted for Bart tvee "Pearly Shells." a Hawaiian ditty, but I've a hunch Burl won't do as well as the -fortune tellers make out. ;; vj. s'Viu :'- . - ' A sharp group south of the .border to The Js With JamJe, Their latest to a vocal rata- of the "Theme From a Summer Place" and it's sharp ' Hell Me" It a beat ballad 'from The Acceau and I'm telling yob forget 'It " - ' Ox''' '':"; ' Rick' NetoeaJa new album,' rrhe Very Thought of You" 'contains a lot of pretty tongs, ' sung la ths style i that made . . , Hit Paradi By CANADIAN MUSIC NBWS The Official Ottawa Hit Parade L A tUrd Day. Night (1". The Bnatlet , t. Everybody Loves Somshtdy (I) . ., ... Dean Martin I . m Cry bmtead () ... The ieatlot 4. House of the Rising San (St) ..The Animals ;. Vo6m the Boardwalk (1) ....... ....... The Drifters - a. little Old Lady From ruadesu) (S) Jan and Dean I CZT n.VV ' T Neasedsia .1? J (H) - - - - - -iT r2a2 LTt !J fJ?.2Li: V'Vrt".r Ti? JZ, IS. Nobody I Know (21) .............. Peter and Gordon 14. Where DM Oar Love Go7 04) The Supremes 15. And I Love Her (IB) , The Beatles It. Maybe I Know f3) ....... .Leslie Gore ; 17. InvtoiMe Tears l)...-.. Rayconniff Singers IB.' Pint Night et the Fun Moon ft) Jack Jones 1 ! Zt?Z ilt 'j 1?U,tB,5prS2rUI So. Sack A Night (17) ..,,..t....... Elvis Presley 'vV..;; . . TOP POP ALBUMS '", ? A -1" J " I. Something New; (1) ...i'..'f .... The Beatle : S. Hard Day's Night (1) The Beatles v S. At the Whiskeys-Go Go (I) ..Ci..i.& Johnny Rivers 4, Cotton Candy (4) ,.v... .... . Al Hirt B. The Hippy Hippy Shake (t) .. The Swinging Blue Jeans 1 World Without Love (8) ........... Peter end Gordon ' 7. It's AB kt the Game (S) W.;... Olff Richard . a IS Greatest Hits (-) Connie Francis t. The Rolling Stoaes (7) ............ ... T.'; ' ... la. rm the One (f) ............ Gerry and the Pacemakers '' Compiled tn'conjanction trifk Canadian Jfnsfe Noma . SpWch to ewOobte tot aft local record (torn J - . . BRITAIN'S JOP 10 ' I. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (I) Manfred Mann ; S. A Hard Day's Night (1) .................. the Beatles t. b't AB Over Now (J) t... The Rolling Stonea 4. Call Up the Groups (5) ........... .The Barron Knights 5. I Just Doat Know What to De . ' . -, .' With Myself (4) .........'.....'.....'Dusty Springfield a. Tobacco Road )....,... ............. NashvUle Teens 7. Htvt I the Right ()!..... 4-.... The Honeycombe a. Oe the Beach (7) ............ ........ Oiff Richard ; t. I Wool Forget Yon fS) Jim Reevoa It, I Get Around ft) : ... Beach Boyt Btttlit to Smm Fran, tkt ab.v fho4trpk e pri ,eenrrac ' err rAeva V( , Rick tick - i 'click'.1; , . "Peg 0' My Heart" 1s another set -of relaxed sounds from Robert Maxwell, his harp and orchestra. Just the, Job -for late-night listening.. ' .-' vW The Swrfarto new LP, "Fun City" swings througk a collection of their recent efforts plus original adaptions of old hits like The Shadows' "Apache" and Duane Eddy's ' "Shaiam.", ,,,.'!,'.',. "Sonata Romaatica" doesn't qualify to be to a teen . column some people say. But. . Aadre Segevie is the world's greatest classical , guitarist and teens, too, have varied tastes. So try this for sise ' and guitar excellence. ', . Disc-Patches ''-'at -K ' ''' :'"'i'"' '1 Vith Dttlt bit of kick I ieoar win wmw yw vwt n . the first British groups Canada's Capital. Gerry so The Pacemakers and Billy J. Kramer with two other top acts are being sought tor a one-night stand. And It looks good. . . Definitely set to the return of the New Christy Miaetrela. They will appear at tRa Capitol Nov. IS. ... -The Beetles are back! Tonight tbey play their first, Canadian date ia Vancouver. . . The Bachelors leave for the US. Nov. I to spend six weak! touring the 14 :. New records due for release , next week In the UK are The . Antosals' "Sura Mtos Yoq Baby" and The owr.-itnywm ana uncus. The Animals will now r pear for sure with . Dusty SnitnseM, The Searchers T r -Tnv J l'1 A u : JJ"' JT. ' ' Nht -J" ' "J CongnsU to Deu Martha for the U.S. The Aabnelaf hit "Ho"- of the Rtoing Sun- has been cut drastically. ; J. u J.. $ CsA sTaaaaad TtU whaaa.'' .. Lastweek't error lathe' - lAiu-. Haaoalaa'a' "VJ, Vpogimphlcal miMkt unfortunately for " top ttoejay.; " FmU a,a. terlews for. i hit . week in "What Makes' Sammy Run." ;'. Moving up' in the UK charts. The Kbtks'.- , tou Ksauy vo im, , u Wouldn't Trade You for , the. ' World" by The Bachelors and "The Wedding" by June Rogers. . . Lata still shoutin'.; . . Waltzing up the U.S., charts Dave Chut Five's; "Because " . U big hello to -top hltmaker and "Ex" Mar ' Andy wnilaana. He's quality., plus. ..;.., . .v h SOLITIOR A and h should awuiii)ni..ii'i.i,e "lumnaii'iKH i $$f ' ' . ; ! ... i . ... . n-' ' ' - v. t. .;(.- :t U'. '-H.-r;.-. '- ti'1 1.;,- T -' A . .... 4 int to tkt 10 JM faurtcko trrfttd thmr"itnkr tker pictur. Paul points out Jok M tkt omlf marritd mtmbrr a tkt grea im ontmHt f tutttiom from o rportor.' ' TOP PASS IN OTTAWA arriet Lives Up To Her By LOUISE VTNOKUR Many teenagers are satisfied to get even a bare pass mark on the difficult Grade 13 exams but some aim much higher. ' V One .17-year-old girl who always sets .her sights very high ia Harriet Pass, of Fisher, who succeeded In topping all Ottawa Grade t) students this year with en overage ot over N per cent -I've always tried to be first in my class," says Harriet,; "by working as bard, as I can. I don't mind the extra effort it takes." y . Harriet ' never studies' the night before .aa exam. "It's a lot easier to keep up the studying every night" she explains. "I study only one subject, each night and concentrate on that subject alone. It also helps' to do extra reading in subjects like history to acquire . a general knowledge." ; i r;-..t..-,-! ' HARRIETS HIGHEST mark ras M per cent In history and she knows where she lost the one per cent ' "I had the right answer on en objective question," she says, "but changed my mind at the -last minute and put down the wrong one." ", Harriet enjoys studying languages. This year she took English, French Latin. Spanish and German. During the Summer she has been teaching herself to apeak Russian.. "I type most M my language notes for 'school.' she says, "because typed notes can be prepared faster-and are easier to read. Unfortunately. I dont have a Rue- jsUa typewriter for my Rus- ..stan a Ian vocabulary totes , ' -.'- ' ' '"'- FOR RELAXATION Harriet turns to music She has pass-. - ed her Grade t piano exam 'In classical . rnusic and la now studying noeular'. music. : "I often, do my homework' with; music "W the bsckground," . nisbe.tays. VI can't concentrate. ' "JVl'-V V , W.rttng r-ber Grade- Hi d r ww niwvaraoie.- Luckily." aha says. "I've Job this Summer at the 1 ! : i . j '; , ' Name yars of It is definitely enough - for her, . . -- ."I'm relieved," -the says, "to find out that I did welt in the finals, and proud that I'm aa Ontario Scholar." Some people' quit whHe they're ahead but not Harriet This Fall she to golaig to attend Toronto University for aa honor degree in Modern Languages and . Literature. She plans to become e anl versify professor of languages. ies -DEAR KITTE: I'm a girt of 17, and my problem has been bothering mt for a very long time. I have been going with a greet guy for about two months, now, but every time I see this one leHow my heart goes right to my throat. "I love this guy I'm going wit,, but I just can't help myself from feeling this way every time I ate him. Please, '.what's wrong with me? B. , Aaswert Nothing, prebably, except that yea' like mere variety la dating end there's nsthiag wreag with that Caa-tiasM to 'date the great gay yea Hke bat ast ea a ' steady bash or as often that ethers attracted to yea de aet pay attentton. ) ': r :s ... "DEAR KITTE: -A month ago I met this gal and I though she was really "fab." But then I found out that she was a "Run Around" or she'd go with one guy and '. then another So what should Ido let br go or try to win ber heart? John. Dear Jehm . Shaw and tsl her that yea de tike ber, bat do Into ia a simple way with, eat -1sh (mbuleue)i praise. Ask her, far dates. . .and daueet at part lee aa long shews, seme laterest 'nt'-jem, at- own.ra, after ver er-sheH fceve year! heari gead swlatlan to'msaa laeleas chclee. toe. Give Iter m aatf. arew that aaas-sa. ; W . ssrtoaa laterest In ber. eaty.'-"' .' Kitte nepi "If4 - DomHiion Bureau of Statistics- snerry gs rsaai chase far pee-to take my mind off school." , alarlty kef ere yea shew ever. Harriet claims that she en- Joyed high school but that five VX'1 'V.J S ttTaaLitNea 1 Ms-ne ' OTTAWA S KWMimsnntJiBM in teet ' Tv ?LRFISIIEnLTD.5 ihmi vrattT ..... . c AMaea ' Y0U11E ON TOP, OF THE WORID: la Fnshion-RIsbl Clslhsj Ftea Fisher's! v J!iw' , ' . . ' " 'f Theft Art J L R. FithoT Stortt to Servt Yoa

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