The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1918
Page 10
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PAGE TENT" TH.E DAILY COURIER, CUNNELLSYItLB, PA.: JP-RIDAY, MAHCH 29, 1918. OFFfflSMTW AN INSPIRING TALE Rise From Track-walker to p'i' ..President of the B. 0. -«*· . - - · - ·..: Kmflroad. - · · :FORN BRILLIANT Sjw*l»l .ISranUyos;; IdDco: _ Of all thcijKrttStriatsianjs.n.Qvr co:i- gp^nect ed: .wlth_J,he;-.ratlroai: industry; 'of "" ' county none hav.e-Tiatso .Inters: ;. .a : ' career: as'-'hiis now'president of Uie ^i^Baltlmore Ohio raitroad,rand gener- Uy a*rutted-fd"oe76nR of the grett-~ st railroad men~in"the country today, p£V~,s*y-' i -Walwr L. Johnson in a copy' · · · · i ·tfary of President-Winanrs ;£-:;:?. vith. su- s-.s-ii. _ _ , _ , education, no unusual mental no physica! J aiiyantage.s Jta _n,Q_in- jSi" Sflutntiil friendsT'no'trnoiieyi: to; back SJJiioi, this wondeiJSITfiiilroad ma'gnate _Sh«s risea to bJSHpresirjl eminenllpcsl- gif ~Uon from the lowly "place 6f~tr;ick 'thereby demonstrating tie ;.' rjlieigh-ts-to which the-ambitious imerj- ^ican -may rise- If be~fs Trillin's to-pay ^ £thr prii'.e. ,. .. ......::.'./. "::;·.'; (p- Bom January 28th, 1861. at North ·Hartland* VL, Daniel WillarasCTejtrly 'life was spent oil a i 'ZOOracre. fftrm. Jwhere he had to do^mofe than the £}.:---usual number of chores--."When the '?,: : ~work was not too heavy,' he attended village school with; the neighbors' and although not considered a xtfphenomenal scholar by any_rneans he ·:·£ completed. :his; elementary; education^ Cbcfore mosT"boys ot"-nis"-age. - ''Z At seventeen he _jpra3uajed_ from :~high school at WinassiK vt, and would |^Sh:we liked to saOsfy,_liis ambltlorcto 6j5go to Dartmouth 'CdUege." TJnforto- if- inately he could not raise the money s^'-Jt-o complete sucb. a. .course ::sa Instead S;'':~took"a course at the Massachusetts j*v ; ^-Agricultural College,. · where .tuition. I' -5 At eighteen" Dan iWillard' tbun,l "lls |-j'rfir»t-railway jobr-as.; track walker tor * : : ;tTta« Central Vermont railroad '.at "90 I "cents a'day. la those,.days.i.i :imbl; : '*-'tion was to be a locomotive engineer--.-never did'he dream of being president ~of a great railroad system in tlie year's ,^to come. The. first step to achieve his "^ambttittn--was-- attained- fonr^.mc-ntiis. .-^tater" wnerT"he'laaded'V"Job"as a fire- · ;5m»a~ on. the- old Rassumnsle read in ·;New England. r.''.At twenty ne -was made engineer "... iatd hid apparently attained his ambi- Ttion. He came-mighty close ttt'settlng : , into thit'comfortahle^rut^ which has 'f".. been the ruinayiprcnf--so~5»5y; ;jung is ~ men who ara^easiry; sati?fl.e3i- Sut_ at psl" the end of tW6~yeais..wilhiid.-s^d4en- S;'."ly rMdi2edaEi".aaingitt ofhis pqsttipn; Kif and decidedTE Branch, outr,"-. :...::., ~ S- ^At tweafyJEwolTie'30urnwetl-::-w.est: ;', ";enjineer eB'-tfio^Lake Shore'. £TloTclftr The " $100' £-' :: [-monthly but snch colessiHoiccess was «S-'. :; too food to : last,'for "al'ffie end of seven months the. road was compelled : fto": retrencti. and Engineer WUlard was -dibn-ped. , . · ..' ."- 'At twenty; thiee,:afl;e.r-.spentti!ig_four -Idle months in search of 'work, young iAVJllard. succeeded in securing a posi- jg : "tiph Vith" the' "Soo" -Xine which 'at ^.v-'-~ttiat time--had---only-halt a. mile of Sif ·' -"tracks and one engine. When the line K-- ;';liad added-forty-six-miles.'of Jw." --\vas made mechanical foreman,. and If' ' his work incliid'ed not merely making ^'- all necessary repairs,-but keeping the !·· coaches clean, relieving the ragineer S ,:qr. conductor « r henevef : bccaslon' ; iir6sD', ?C ^and acting, as., telegraph;--opdrator.. |' : ~"ilan of all work" was his real "job ~and : he waa.Qn calr-24 bour3_-eTery^d_ay. instead "of eJsht.ithejsngineer's da^.--,~ At t«rentJ--sLx, irhen vari.mis jartsjrf, Ith* system were brought together~un- "i'der on largo organization TVillard was Trnade" engineer for a 'paaseSKfr train' "but-Bf- : -MlnriffiCponsrrSooif2J!s""super-- iprs,- recognizing Jus .potential .ability,: - made him trainmaster and later he be- .came assistant superintendent, bat ap- ', patently it \vas impossi6lii3fe .go paECUtly 1*. » *WS um*uaMfc*"g".|** -tl, m ^ l l - ~.-^=-,~~^,..=.^.; . er, for the men above SfmtwreTySun!; mouth and scarcely any ' · in years. Instead of that the future was cert-am -to -bring he devoted every minute to studying the railroad business from- both, the practical and theoretical side. He '.arned the ' approbation anci admiration of-General JIanager. Underwood, . and-- '.'- ' '·'- - " A: thirty-eight' Daniel Willard · t a m e assistant'to frj'"''Underwood, who had just been made general manager of the Baltimore Ohio.iailroad. .The combinatiba-was.. Very .effective '· and Mr, Willard's-rallToad.aliillty. soon ^asserted Itselt-tb sucn -an ·: extent .that '- he-became one. of _the_Toad's most yal-' ''nable assets.- .. ,, .;!,"" ." .'J_', At fojtirrwheri ilr.,'Dnd«rwood^was IDSON'S Store Ahead. Highest Quality. . _ " ; Lowest Prices. Our-business ;und^r pur riew^ system is growing daily. There is.a reason;,Ior it.i..iiye:saye;ypu'money. OR everything you buy, iiiil"atthe ; Saine tiinfe give;ypu line ·of Groceries and -Meats '-;ln-ffiecity7--' ·· ·"····"· '· .'-.-:.'...^wilLtry our ..plan for 30 days, you will be one of our regular patronos. Wffl Save Ybu 15 to 20 Per Cent ;; BStjra Good. Potatoes, peck -- 55c ..;Eancy-;Ajajl.(!Si.:iiali;peck - 90o 'NiceiXfeirow: Onions, 2 Ibs. -- nc 7..2SwlbX'rV71tite, Satin Flour^.Jl'jfl sacK'Fresh .Corn Meal 6nc r, Ib. ' . ' . . . " . . . . . JJ4c :Pine.:.Qor.n- i[eal*.or. .Corn . .' ^.·-Eloudfa:;;,;,";'," · " · : 9c' ·; : Rolled Oats,, bos .. : -L : --^- ,,"_ 16c Macaroni or Noodles, Vox -- idc Lima Beans, lb; _. _ __ 17c Bed _Kidney. Beans, Ib. -- ·· :~1?T\ . ^Pihto ^Beans, good cookers/' ' ' Ib. - i - He Fancj 1 -Head Rice,Jb. _ JJc _;pure-Fruit- Preserves, large · -" _;· jar'^_ - L -- : -- : - . 38c Good Laundry .Soap, 7 bars 25c ^.Silver-Gloss-Sba'p, 5 bars -- 2oc Large Rolls Toilet Paper _ Jc '·Yellow Onion Sets.'lb. lie. - Jell-0, all flavors, package '3c" Jiffy.JeH, all Qavors, pks-~ We Fancj- Pealed Peaches, lb._ 20e Fancy.Apricots, Ib. Extra Choice Peaches, Ib. :_ ·Extra Good Prunes, Ib. __^ .Large Prunes, Ib. Large can Davidson Bafc- - Kic . ISc . loc . 25c · Fancy -Pin;; Salmon, can. -- Me Large Fat Mackerel, Ib. -- 2oc JjUtz Schramm Catsup, _ 18c . Sorvus Catsup, large bot. _ loc Large. Dill Pickles, do-/,. _-- 2flc Fancy..Comb Honey, a comb 22c Tomatoes, large, can He Tomatoes, small con 12c Hominy, large cans lOc Strictly Fresh Eggs for Easter, a dozen 38c The Finest Oleomargarine in the City lit the Klffht Purity Nut, Ib. 3-Jc I koiley's 'Special, Ib. Buckeye,- Ib. · ·' - · 32c | Moxlcy's -Daisy, Ib.' Me . 3ic ··Diamond A; jier-pound . .SOc -If Tm IVantttie Finest Piece ol Xe»t In the City fid it At Onr -. r. i: ....'·:.;'. Meat Counter. .' . . -.Steak, per Ib. '--^.'(Sc. 36c, 3Sc . Rib Roast, per Ib.'.--: _ 2Sc "Chuck Roast, r«r lp.' SKc I Boiling Meats, per. Ib. 20c, 25c Pork Loin or Pork Chops, Ib. 3Sc | Bolognas, IT). 20c, 2Bc Extra Finest Hams, special for .Easter,. Ib. 83e Finest Lard Rendered. A pound : Sic . J. R. DAVIDSON CO. r ?TH:E STORE THAT BOES THEVGS FOR YO.P" 109 WEST MAES STBEET, -That was in-1810, and what Mr. W51- lard has accomplished in the intervening- years · forms an important chapter of_ American railroad history. He has unified, "solidified, extended, strengthened and improved the-whole BaltinioTO Ohio system. He has .been.:entrusted with the spending of.i ? 150,000,000 in transforming the whole road .and is chiefly responsible -for making.lt_lhe. big, prosperous organl- ! zations. that it' is today. Today at fifty-seven, Daniel "Wlllard is continuing the .as preai-J dent of the Baltimore Ohio. Recr! ognized by the government as one. ol Hot Water for Sick Headaches Tells why everyone should drink - . hot water with phosphate In It before' breakfast. Headache of any kind, is caused by 'auto-int*xieat:o!i--wiidj means self- poisoninjr.. Liver and bowel poisons called toxins, sucked into the blood. War chairman o * the recent passage of the bill autnorlz- iag government control of the railroads, Mr. Willard resigned his official position and returned as president ot the Baltimore Ohio/; believing tiar ;he could be of greater seirice to the nation ' in this capacity, cooperating with the director general in tie direction of: one of America's greatest war JACOB J; SWANK PRAISES TANLAC Bet'md Johnstown Business Man 'Fc«]8 it a Dotr to Male Tacts '.:. " Knoim. Jacob J. Swank, a retired business man o£ r 625 iVapo'eon. St, Johnstown, Pa.; said recently: "1 believe I had used almost every- ·thing imaginable before I' took Tarj- lac. At night, -when I- slept, which was poorly, I evidently swallowed accumulation' of mucous, as · I iavariab- ly awakened, in the morning, choked and'. nauseated: That is .the way I judge that ray stomach became affected,.-.. . . ........ : · : . -' "My hearing became impaired .and tneTteb'ing'm'iny' ears became almost unbearable, and there were roaring noises-also. I had a-most unpleasant tnat it congests in the smaller arteries and'veins of the head producing violent, throbbing pain irnd distress, call- ed.headache. You b««m« nervous, despondent, sick, feverish and miserable, your meals sour and almost nauseate you. Then you. resort 'to acctanilide, aspirin or the bromides which temporarily relieve but do not rid the blood of those irritating toxinli. A glass o£ hot water with a teaspoonful ot HmesUme phosphate in it, drank before breakfast for awhile, will not only wash these poisons from your system and cure you of headache but will cleanse, purify and freshen the entire alimentary canal; ; Ask your pharmacist for a quarter pound'ot limestone'phosphate. It is inexpensive, harmless as sugar. fl. you aren't feeling your best, it tongue is coated or ypu-wake.up with bad taste, foul breath or have colds, indigestion, biliousness constipation or sour,, acid stomach, begin the phos- phated hot water cure, to--rid your system of toxins and poisons.--Adv. - . . ·aM*Ute.;._; . ._ merely waittng for .aai-opjjorGmity'r.l- began ,-to improve rapidly under S ';: '''elected president of the : I . ',-'·' Willard went along, with him as "as\ ";'-.'... sistant ~ro* the: president-," · i: position I ~iV, which ha made of greaxvahie and im- Z I.. ;portanc'e to the road: : -^Ie -lost-no time. ; · 5'/vIn creating: his 'proper, plactv;. "he soon I.; p."became'first vice-president, ind before I uM : . long added the title,'of. seniral.raana- .- '..-. At forty-three Daniel "WMiard found ; :#;. ihat hte abilitj-tad'beei'recognized by ; 'ff.', 'James J. Hill, the "Grand Old .Man" of I --i-V/. 1 American railroading, who offered him : r f : -; a princely income to operate- the Chi- ·;K, c»go, Burlington- Quincy witb the ·':.§^ -title of "vice-president. In charge of !,;$);. operation," a position in which .air. Si|ji;~WU!ard. snon ojemonstratei that tie ;$K' judgjnent of "the wisest railroader of t|5*A:them:'»lV' nad -not been misplaced. f?^\:.WltK-.«uM*h tsimeitHlinv vp-sy-J ^Ir.. Hill'S 5|fe e;sttni«te. of Daniel WiliarJ increased jf|ft;-«»'"tliiB."f«tord:; of" his- a:hievemen.t5 VJiSV-frew.bigger and rgreater.; .T. S®"/ At forty-uine Mr. -Wtllarvi was given ||ijj,;.--ti»e ireatest task, of -his 'career when.. splssvkt -,irS3 .elected president ot the Bal^|; ftimore Ohio railroad,-'.which at that j0»; :5tinie_..was.. ,so_.in_need of assistance.- the. iTanlac: treatment. ly 'whole system is now.right,-the.accumulations in my nose and-'turoat have disappeared, my hearing has improved, I eat better, my sleep is restful and.I feel better every-way. I now consider my- sel£ Vkys^l'y able to .throw olt any other symptoms. I am a well man." Taulac, the Master Medicine is now sold here'by Conneflsville Drug Co. ....TanlaCiCan also e secared in Dunbar at .D. C. Bason's Dru Store.--Adv. Dawson. lip DISTRICT OUTPUT Decrease'of Orer 2,WWO To»s Coi»- " -Vfpared With HUtTs ProAtction, .The arinuai report of J. X McDonald, inspector, of tie-' Eleventh Bituminous District .including.;that; portion \of ."Westinoreland. county, not-embraced in ihe,Second District,.showed the heaviest falling oft of any ot the' districts during. iS17. ·· The 'total decrease was 3,171,699 tons from tie'Output of. 1916. The production ^by .companies was as follows: · H. C. Frick Colee- Co · Keystrfhe C. C. Co Jajnison C. i C. Co..; Greensburg Coal -Co. ^ . Mt.' Pleasant C'ville Coke Co. Bessemer - Coke CD '.-. Clare Coke Co. Touehiogheny C. C. Co... IDS,970 ConneHsvIUo Coke' Co. S2.652 Perry Coke Co ...;.;.,, -51,374 Mewcomer Coke Co..... 49.503 Echard C- i C. Co........... ' 48,525 "West Term .Coke Co/....... : 42.257 Northern-C'viHe Coke.Co..... . .. 40,13,' jragec CoKe Co 34.5." Brush RHn'C. C. Co 31;50 Smaller-operators .;;..-....-.'. 100,23 . DAWSON, March- 28.--Mrs. Stanley Parsons was a Mttsburg caller Wednesday. · W. P. Bute was looking after some business Interests in Unhmtown Wednesday, ilrs. A. B. Knight of East Liberty was shopping in Pittsburg Thursday. ..If you don't keep the horac fires burning the Kaiser's Hun hordes will start them. Better buy a bond. Jess Bouner, who is in training at Camp Gordon arrived home yesterday; .being called homo on account of 'dcatii of his mother. ..Harry Cochran and Otto Haas.were TJniontowa business callers Thurs3ay. Mrs. .James Langhrey; was calling on friend's, in .Coanellsville Wednesday. '. ···'.-··.-. · · ' ' ' ' Born to Mr. and Sirs. Frank Barrett a" baby girl. . . Miss Isabelie Cheney who has been spending the past', few days -with friends has returned to her home in CiimberlaiHi. ' . " : " . ' . . · Braden. Sherfxmdy has accepted a position as yard, clerk in. the Dickers o n R u n yard office.. . . . · J. C. McGill . "Courier, correspondent" has received . a card' from Floyd TVingrove .of Camp -Lee extending Ms beit .wishes. for Easter to all Ills, friends. When the draftees left for. camp last fall Donald McGili, the 10 year old son of J. C. : McGiiV gave a number of the:boys a'large'English pennies and iasked "them to carry them with: them until; the, e n d ' o f the war, then return it to Mm for a-reJic. Win- grovo was one of. them and writes 446,217 back. /Tel! Donald I still have tae big 333MS7 '146,577 1Q5.034 WOBTH TWICE AS MUCH ELSEWHEKE. The woman -who is only satisfied with the befit, will find" our selection to her liking. Dozens and dozens to choose from, no two alike, most alluring styles. ' ,', . ECONOMY--Not only does our buying power, 38 stores, mean greater saving for you, but we also make less profit per dollar, than any other store in Pennsylvania. Think it over. "Women's and Minsc* Silk Dresses Yalnes to $1«.50. 10 Stunning marvels of lov-e- lirjesa, every imaginable' shade, georgette sleeves, georgette collars and vcs- · tees, dozens of stjles. Women's and Hisses* Suits Valnes to .$18.75. $1X75 14 Ultra fashionable and Plain tailored models, every Spring color, .big variety ot fabrics, style find trimmings. Women's and Misses' Values to $16.50. 12 An admirable assemblage of attractive styles, rich materials and smart tailoring, clevfcr collar and belt styles. i CDc "Women's White Silk Hose, (seconds), all, pair $1.50 Lace Curtains,, big selec-. tion of patterns, pair, only : 75c Pink. Silk Camisoles, laee. __ i 59c 75c Men's Union Suits, long or short sleeves, f)Q/ Boys' Confirmation SUITS And Pp. Newest styl«, fine aasortment checks, istripeii and oUier mixtures, Corsets 49c FnJl .insortraent of Sizes. Ribbons 17c All Desirable Shades. For Saturday Only $3-90 Georgette Waists All sizes, mada ot tie newest styles, pink or ·white, ulalu and embroidered front. Don't miss it $1.25 Boys' Blue Sergfi Pants-- 98c {1.00 Boys' Wash Suits at 78c 36c New Spring Voiles, yard 12}4e 19c Women's, Fine Ribbed Vests loc 4Sc Men's Shirts or Drapers-- S9c ?1.25 Women's Crepe Kimcmos 98c $1.40 Voile Waist, emb. strles 08c $1.25 Children's Ging. Dresses S7c S5c Striped Gingham Petticoats KTtc ?U5 Cover-All Aprons, all sizes S7c 75c lien's Blue Working Shirts, cut' lull and roomy, fi7/» all sizes O ( C D9c Boys' Khaki Pants ( ' well made, a] Jsizes, 38c Women's and Children's Middy Blouses 51.19 Bed Spreads, good quality, large size, at only 67c Girls' .Confirmation DRESSES $1.48 And TJit. Fine organdies and lawns, embroidery and lace trimmed. CAPES AJIE AGAIS K YOCUE TOR SMU5G 1VEAB. PATKOJTIZE HOaCE SEERCHAlfTS TFHO ADTEKTISE Df THE COURIER--YOU'LL SAVE. 3,267,856 1,457.591 9U, S88 penny." TTho to Tetruniie. Merchants who advert) iff their good* T h e Daily Courier. . - . . . · - . - Total -. ..'. : .;.»:....' 7,256.5?- Cl»ss!u~ed Aat..-r" rls Bring results. Cost, only Ic.' a BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c The reason for the popularity · of c.-.pes for the coming season )s readily ,e:xplaiced by..the existence of this- model of pearl-gray velour with its deep · scarf collar eased with heavy silk fringe. STOP CATARRH! OPEN . NOSTRILS AND HEAD Says, Cream Applied in Nostrils Believes Head-Colds at Once. If your nostrils are · clogged and your..head is stuffed and you can't breatho freely because ot a cold or catarrh, just get a small bottle of'Ely's Cream Balm a.t any drugstore. Apply a 1 little of. this fragrant, antiseptic cream into your nostrils and let it penetrate through every air passage of your head, soothing and healing the inflamed, .swollen, mucous 'membrane and you .get.instatit relief. . Ah!''how good-It feels. Yorrr.nos- trils are open, your head is clear,'no more.hawking, .siuifiling, .blowing;, r.b ·nore headache, dryness or struggling for breath. ..Ely's' Cream-Baim is-just .vhat sufferers from head .colds and ca- .r.rrli need, It's .a- delight:--Adv. If Yon Wimt Something .fivertise for it in our classified cbl- imn. · One cent a ! word. Every boy and girl wants to buy War Saving Thrift Stamps and not beg for them, THE DA^LY COURIER offers a means of getting them in a dignified way with tittle effort. Here is the plan whereby you can do your "bit" ir. the war and save money by investing a little of your time in War Saving Thrift Stamps: The Courier -will give a 25-cent stamp to any boy or girl w-ho gets a new customer for The Courier for two months at 50 cents per month, paid in advance. It will give two stamps for every customer who will take The Courier for four months, paying $2,00 in advance. It will give three stamps for a six-month subscription 'paying $3.00 in advance. For every old customer who will pay f ojir months in advance, The Courier will give one stamp. - 'No subscription will be taken for a longer period than sis months and no old. customer will be accepted for more than four months paid in advance. War Saving Stamps are "Baby Bonds." They are the best investment to be foxmd--better than banks. They enable you to put your money in Government securities paying four per cent, compounded quarterly. Back of them is the government, of the .United States, the strongest in the world. Here is the opportunity for the boys and girls to help win the war and also save for .the future. Call at The Courier office and get instructions and receipt book, or from any Courier Agent "S

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