The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1318. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE NINE. Sprint) Suits Gracefully Economical i'\nii- and a half jards, no more, but os much IPSS as yiur ingenuity can moiinge with, Hint ir the edict as to the allmvauco ol wool for this spring's Milts. Foar-^iid a naif yarJs of .54- inch^oods will male a suit on accepted Vnec foi* the ·wojnim of nvorago figure. It aiiaost goes withnnt Driving thnt sUirts ore a jard and n hnif to two yarus wide,, about 28 inches Ions ond furbelows conspicuous by their abseuce. The new suits are excellent. Sfany cf thefa are made o? silt and mauy more ot silk and '-ool combined and In others the ace istoraed order of things is changed, the suit is of silk und the tnmmiUKS- and accessories-- cullnr, cufTs, belt--c.f wool. T\vo oC tie ner» spring suits, pictured alove, are representative models. Pin"e the app- nrancc of the wool suit at the left of ihs two, coats Zwive tedded to grow' shorter. It was amons i tee earliest arrival:; aid compromised 1 with toe newest ideas by adopting a lengthened back panel which -is laid itt three shallow, Invested plaits. At the right a suit made ot peacock snrfn js Imndsome!y finished with embroidery in the same color of silk. A shaped band of it about thu waist simulates a very graceful girdle in the coat, and the. bottom of the ^klrt is embellished with if. The liking for large buckles Is revealed In a handsome circular one which is placed at i the left side where the graceful conti fsstens. j One wholly new spring suit in war | time may be the meager allowance j that our patriotism will concede, along i with an easy conscience. Bat styles ' point the way to much remodeling and ' tilt* transformation of last year's left- J overs into this year's utility clothes . 1 Liberty and Oliver Aaenue* Pittsburgh, Pa. J Jonasson Dresses Possess character and individuality "Jonasson." Dresses may be purchased by mail as easily as when visiting our establishment far Style Sictcfiei of Latal Drat Fashont, aenf free an request to Mail Order Department, Meyer Jonaison Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. The. OFFICIAL LABORATORY MODEL IN AN EXQUISITE WALNUT CABINET -K^ti/ ff // THE CABiNET A vail' r rcay £.v e e:". I Kc ir.ay l»3 ccxii .i.e. n . c 1 ;: Eut T. lien one catc:2 too blamcti much tO tilt' 1 f -I Qitro;cd 1D t'.i luir. i-Itii a A VAP.!£TY OF COOD THiNCO. Try msklug uror cster=!iire r.t houio. | Put half c.u ounce of cayenne into a j qi'nrt of tho best Uiiipu*. Poel :iml cruise three cloven of g-rli'-, ' Sae five aacbo- vks; braise 12, ·svholj cioics und two blr.tles of ' ' mace ; aii.~ a!l v.-ell and s'.iaUc thoroughly, .cover light y anC let srtuid for a clay or t\vo. T-ien rub* '.fcrous'ii a sieve, atltl '.tro pn' of po\\ derou asafetida anc! put the m:i;:ire iu a boctiu v. oll-ccrkvil ; let s 2nd for .ten days,, tlirn bottle and s c:.!. Silt CodHch, Creole Style. -- Soak a pound of Kilt cod :n cold water, brinR to the boiling pbli.t and then remove ' the ils-h. Put into a large saucepan two tablospoonfuls of «uet, add t w o , .fiiiely-cliofuicil laioas. MKiUe and cool; i "over Uie fire; add :i cupful °' rlCL ' i ^' J - t has been partly cooked, the cod, a quart I of toiuuto, snlt nr.d pepper to tnste. Cook until tlie rue is tender, add a j taiilespoonfu 1 . of bi Her aad serve vUth | croutons. Boiled -Tongue. -- Buy .a tongue wfoij* 'lui« bren corned lut a fir.v dajs In the solution. Put on to boil and cook carefully until teicle'-. Add a bay leaf, a clove of g: rlic, a small onion i nnd a few cloves. \.hea the tcn^e [ is cooked remove It from the stove and J let it cool in its CM a liquor. Fricassee of Fioh. -- Take a gnod- sized bass, careful y rewo\e the skin, after cleaning the fish. Bone the fish and chop it-fine. Cover nil the hones and rough pieces with cold water -- a pint or less will b s,uf.icient -- after it has cooked nn hour. Beat three table- . spoonfuls of batte: to a cream, add a cupful of soft brea Icrnmbb to the pint | of struinert fi«h sttck. stir, add I i m t c r j v.-hich has been mixed with the jolk ' of nn egg. two tabie^poonfuls of chopped parsley and ncpner anil snlt to taste and a h"U tiMespoonful of iar- mesan cheese. A-id two tablesnoon- fu's of flptir; add fish nnd form into ba'ls. Brown in a hot pan with a little butter, add some fish stock, cover nnd simmer for 'M minutes. Serve cold with a^y desired sauce. POOR DWELLING PLACE, THIS British Naval Base of WcI-Hei-Wei He's Decidedly Few Attractions for European Residents. WH-hei-wci is the bit of Chinese territory that the BriM'h hold under Tease as a nnvnl and commercial base. It is just acrrr-s the breadth of the Shan- tnng penlnsnia from Klachow. "\Yel- hci-wci lies partly on the mainland, partly on nn island, where the dock- ynrd, thP rorling station and the rest of the machinery f" r a n""'" 1 t QI e are located. Jtost of the chilinn population live on the mainland, and parron- !::· a IKtle .-.tcari launch that piles acrnc^ the intcr\-enins sea when they want to go shopping; for with an eye to getting Hie British jackies' trade when wnrch ps put in to coal, the shops of Wci-hei-\rLi are out with the oocl:s and the coal yards. The island seen from the steam launch if a barren, sandy hill, ridged with gullies that the hurry! g rain water has cat in its course to the sen. The sand of these hills Is one of the omniprorcat features of the colony; every wind that blows carries it about liy pounds, and only the cheapness of Chinese servants mal:es U possible to keep n European household dusted. Tiie mninstrcct on the Island has the chnracterlstlc British colonial look, with a British post office, a British steamship booking office, and British shops. On the short side street are the Chinese f-Iiops, which are only opened r.t certain .seasons 'when visitors are plenty, or when a warship puts In to the harbor. BOWYTZ MARKET WEST SIDE. Will help you to nin the war ly keeping prices down to Rockbottom. Compare the following Jist of goods aud prices and I'ree Delivery to all pints of the TYest Side: GROCERY DEPARTMENT - Potatoes, peck -Apples, half peck _ 35c sue Fancy Creamery Butter _ ROc Prunes, 2 llis. - -5c Baked Beans, 2 cans 2oc Soap, 6 cakes -5c Brooms 6rc Raisins, 2 boxes 2Sc Tomatoes can lie Pinto Beans, per Ib. --,-- loc Lima Beans^ per ll\ 17o Navy Beans 17c Rolled Oats , Tomato Soup, can . KelsTip, large Corn, caa . I0c , 10- lie . 15« lined Vegetable, 2 cans _ 25c Macaroni, box _ JDc Gas Mautles iOc One pound JOc Coffoo 2 Ic Eggs, strictly fresh J2e 2 small cans AUlk 13c Black-Eyed Peas .-- 17c MEAT DEPARTMENT Pork Sbouliler Steaks Wliole Pork Shoulder ^tc-lltS Tic o'V 27c ,«e,»c Sugar Cured Hams -- 3Sc, °0o 0 7 p -- SSc, 35c IVe Handle the Best Oleomargarine at the Lowest Possible Prices-- 32c, 35c, SSc. Special for Saturday-Only--Heinz's Sweet Pickles, lOc doz. Fresh Farm Milk on Sale Here Every Day. COR. CRAWFORD AVENUE AM) EIGHTH STJiEET, WEST SIDE. An actual photograph, or Thomas Chal- mers of the Metropolitan Opera Company singing in direct cotnpari«on with the New Edison, This is tl*c famous tone test which proves that the vojces of artist and instru- ment arc Over 30 great artists have conducted these tests. More than 2,000.000 people have attended them. And in not one instance has a listener been able to note a shade of difference between the two renditions. Not one has succeeded in detecting when the Irving voice ceased and the in- strument continued alone. '"\ TO instrument in its field approaches the New i i Edison in quality. That's plain to anyone who has ever heard i- But "what I want to know is why. What are th« scientific reasons?" Often musicians ask ua this. It's a lent? story, too long to tell here. Mr. Edison's own Laboratory secrets enter into it. But there's more than, that. It's largely a matter of an ideal--a policy of absolute insistence upon perfection. Take the graceful William and Mary cabinet pictured at the left as an instance. When it was concluded to offer the Official Laboratory Model in v/ainut, in addition to the popular Chippendale Cabinet, the country'sleadingmakerswere asked to submit designs. Forty different sketches were received. They were carefully studied with the result that twenty-five were rejected. That left fifteen; every'one of them a real masterpiece. But the Edison Company wanted the best, the one. ultimate, perfect model. So, from each sketch, a sample cabinet was actually constructed. A jury then inspected them carefully and finally the model you see was selected. This process of elimination characterizes every step in the design and manufacture of this wonderful instrument In fact the most expensive watch is no more rigidly inspected and carefully constructed tLan "The Phonograph wtfh a Soul" Call at our store and inspect the William and Mary Cabinet Price $265. Edison Rc-Creafaons should not be played end cannot be played properly on any other instrument. If they could be, the manu- facturers who seek to profit by Mr. Edison's research work would be able to male tone test comparisons, such a« have been made with the New Edison before two million music lovers. W. Crawford Ave., Conaellsvifle. FOLKA DOT JTAKJBS ITS SPIILVO BOW. BITTER FIGHTS OVER BEARDS Proof of the Matter. Gladys 1 -- The Idcu : And your doctor says that yawnin;' trill remove that nnnoylD? buxzing i:i cue's cars. Frances -- Thai's true. The other night, after young Mr. Wilson had b?en talking steadily Jo me for three hours, 1 yawned txvice and he went home. Very Particular. Mrs. Swift--I hear Mrs. Prime Is opposed to all sorts of society functions and entertaining. Urs. Smith--She is. She is that nar- ron-minded that site, wouldn't even entertain «J» idea. Tartars and Persians Long in Conflict Because They Held Varying Opinions on the Matter. Before now the wearing of beards has caused a bitter war and made the executioner's as cut through many s neck. The Tartars waged a long wai with the Persians, declaring them infidels because they would not shsvc their beards after the fashion of Tar- tnry, The Greeks wore bearda -until th« time of Alexander, who ordered the Macedonians to he shaved lest theii beards should give handles_ to theii enemies. The ancient Komans won beards, bet in England tney were no! fashionable after the conquest until the thirteenth century and were discontinued at the Kestoratlon. Peter the Great kept a sqaad of officers whose duty it was to cut the beards of unwilling citizens by force, Before 1840 shaving was almost nni versal In the United States. There have been numerous instance! of women with long masculine beards. Mnrgnrei of Snvo;', daughter of Maximilian I, had a Icig stiff beard, and a woman was seen in Paris with a blacli bi;shy bt-nrd that reached to her waist At the battle of Paltowa the Hussiana captured a bearded woman, whom thej presented to the czar. She had a betird five and one-half feet ,long. Just the Time. Husband (casually)--I see they ar« embalming pet dogs now, Wife (interestedly)--Oh, isa't that lovely! That's what m have done to Pldo. Hubby (enthHfliasticallyO--Just tha thing! Give him to me and m have it done today. 'WHY WOMEN CANNOT SLEEP." I have a new Easter Bonnet for you any design or color you may wish from A new line of Sailors in Cushion Brim Milans and Knox Blocks in all Colors. Folka dots are destined to be in demand this comiTig season, if present indications hold true This charming \fternooTi gown from Balch Price has employed black and white polka dotted pussy willow taffeta as an ornamentation over the draped dress. The gown itself is of black georgette crepe. Mothers Should se that the whole family take at least 3 or 4 doses of a thorough, purifying, system cleaning med^ iclne this spring Now is uie time. The family will he healthier, happier, and get along better if the blood is given a thorough purifying, the stomach and bowels cleaned out, and the germs of winter, accumulated in the system, driven away, Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea is one of tha very best and surest spring medicines to take. Get it and sea the difference in the wtiole family. Their color will be better, they'll feel fine and be well and happy. Coanellsville Drug Co.-Adv The highly organized, finely stmng ( nervous system of women sub-jeets tteni i to terrors of noron3 apprehension which j no man can. ever ajiprecuito. j The peaco of mind, tbc mental poiao and calmness under diilicultieB, which are nectesary Tor happy womanhood, ore only possible ^hon tho ncnsitive organism Is in a perfectly* healthy condition. If there be any derangement in this respect no remedy in tho irorld so completely restores womanly health aa the wonderful "Favorite Prescription" discovered by Tr, Pierce, ulio early practiced medicine in Pennsylvania. BCAVST. SPRINGE, PA.--"I knd been sick for several years with blind, dizzy spells, palpitation of the heart, pains in I back of held, and at times -weak, tared feeling and nervous spelb. I tried several doctors but tl.ey failed to do me any good. As soon as I commenced to uao "Dr. Pierce's "Favorite Preacription T I began to {jet better--conld sleep nights and that bad, nervous feeling left. I took in all three bottles of tho 'Favorite Proscription.' "--Mas. FitANK WAOSEE. Patroaize those who advertise. READ THE COURIER. J. N. Trump ITE LIN1 TRANSFER - ud WAGOSS. KOVIHH AJ»D HOISTING PIANOS A iPEClAI/TV. FOR THE SOUTH CONN2ELLSVIL-LE LOTS ARE BARGAINS.

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