The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 44
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 44

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 44
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s,-. ",'"- .'.l,.',..1.':;, ,' - l-,.",-;;l.",v:l,Tty?.'J.'--Jn,'.',l.l.",lV'- ',,.;'. i'.nj"n itii,.jiti'i 'jtMf hum i i i ii I t n i i ii n ii 111.71 ''i .(,.., , . .-- --.,' .--.-.i-:", .w w ' 7 ' ym ' - w -i--p w w r"-V , ., ., ... - " A THE OTTAWA vOURNAL 42 SATURDAY. AUOtJST 22, JAM 1 V . - . THEY'LL DO IT EVERYTIME- y JIMMY HATLO C - GOOOOC'CHEDDACIIi V N(3' EVERY- VE4HLETS T I rlEDOAR S nW THE HOSPITAL- BODY HE KNOWS E WAIT TILL MXT J I RALS HELD OFF HE CAM M4V VISITORS iOVILL 6 CQOPPlNdP rVEK TILL THE (J PAlMO HIM I NOW-LETS CO SEE HiVt 7 IN OH HIM Yl CfiOWD THIMS T A CALL SO AS TOMIWT-- .AtoeUT NOW-I rai NOUT--4 - not to be r-r ATt r- rnsiH- V- But rr seems AU HIS OTHER BUDDIES HAP THE SAME IDEA POOR OL' LONESOME CHEDOAR HAS ONLy HIS FRAU TO CHEER HIM UP-. "VJ I So? ONE HAS SJIO AS MUCH I J I Ji ?n.n e . ry., , ym . I BELVEDERE MARMADUKE 1 Amt I- BlAJiXUlt. Mssmr 1 j sp-r . ' ' tP llp I " - ff A OUZY 1 R ... h I 7ANtSTN6E I 'i . MiscH.Bur it'5 I - yik. --;'-'-'v I! I i.-! I ' ana, ff's u. I - CC T' KKxia) nwi'fi v w' n 7 T7 'i . .... i,mRn. H.-j?j r ii Ar ; i Television Highlights SATURDAY CBOT 11.45 .m. Exhibition Far ad. Annual (.antral Canada Ex- niDiuon ; raraa wmd its way through the tueeti ot Hull and Ottawa. Commentalor will b Bill Kehoc. I.aa KUm. "Carnval." P,v duced by the Nattynal Film Board. IM Bawball Garat. Diizy Dean and Pr We Rse f.. port from Conni Mack Sudium Philadelphia at the Pittsburgh Pirate, piay the Philadelphia Philiies. ' 4 JI Prince el Walea Stake. The Jlh running of the Prince of, Waif Stake for three-year-oldi foaled-m Canada" ' Oary! Well call rhe race from Fort Erie Race track in Fort Erie. Ont. The race I run over a mile and three - furlong turf cour for a f2a.M0-added purse. Memorial MARK TRAIL " , ' . ' ' " 1 ru Hjru a dopbiit mm Jc ii. ; I H uirs micK-HP must I that but mt a !l ?' ib r r 7T y 1 1 r 'r2n iu-j m- : . 1 I I ' f r i.wl;.:rA V m v ni J JFt&TrCi JTvti I I I iUDGE PARKER,. . , r . ' ; ) (Mitt KMrHi KMO ..4MO0LPV KCM'rfV V I I tTE! WIW6 CVC ! 11 I nm CMC t T6 ,cau.h WMnttMTi SfA - 5ITITrAlfc y J .' 1 (1.1 iA iilf A i A .. -JI t -A -A ' A It V t if Ml - Diary of Robert Harrn.' Pro- gram look at the man who wat rtiponnible for painting' th: the Father of Confederation and other great portrait 1a hu lime (IfUA-ISIS). ' tiN Ceuntryllme. "Tour- itm and the Farmer." When tourun ni t the Maritime in car, tney olten bring their hl-tr but not their food. The in flux of tourttt that doublet the Maritime population for two month provide a tremendous additional market for locally- produced food. What doe this mean or could it mean to an enterprising - larmtr? Earl Cox and hi wife, Helen, talk about ihe ait of drying flowers for preservation and use a; ter displays. Wn IM Haaceck. "The P0I11I clan." Tony sen out to acquire the an of street corner speak 1 ing. believing hi will toon be on hit way towards a parlia mentary career. Hit effort fail to attract crowd, but doe give him one staunch and helpful supporter. Featuring John Le Meuner, North Nicholton, and John Roman. IM Tee Saint "The Arro of God." A ayndicated columnist i murdered during a fashionable pany. The SainCt. attempt te find the killer- are hampered when be discovert that almott every guest has a valid reason for killing the column.!. Featuring Antony Daw-ton. Elspeth March. Ronald Leigh Hunt, and Ann Sharp. I.a Great Movie. "Betrayed." Starring Clark Cable'. Lena Turner. Victor Mature, with Louis Calhern. A Dutch espionage team hat a major operation destroyed. The team suspects that there Is a traitor in their midst, butjwlll they be able to discover th traitor' identity before the Allied invasion. ' ' II.Z3 Saturday Night The atre. "Valley of the Kings, (19S4) Robert Taylor. Eleanor Parker and Carlos Thompson Deals with the search of a young couple of the undiscov ered tomb of. Pharoh Rabotop in Egypt. The young girl works with the hope of confirming her theories. (M minute.) . CJOH LM Saturday Movie. "Indianapolis Speedway." A family raceway dispute leads to, tem porary disharmony in a r a c e- track story. Stars Gale Page, Pat O'Brien. John P a y a e and Ann Sheridan. 4.N - Saturday Data. Weekly dance party at th CJOH studios for the younger sat. With John Poser a how, plu guests and top tunes. 74 Tfc Frank Clair Stow Football forum with th head coach of the Rough Riders, plu Rocky Robillard. Jo S p a c e and guest. Filmed highlight of the week 1 game and Frank "Coach't Clinic with tips for younger players. ' IM - Science Fiction Theatre. "Invisible Invaders," As unearthly enemy defies modern science in a war-to-the- deaih. Starr' John Agar. Jean Byron. Robert Huttoo and John Carradine. ' . 11.11 mm' EX-tra Special. A musical show with Champ Champagne and hit group, plu Jean Price and Bill LliUa. I Videotaped from a show held earlier at the "En." SUNDAY1 y ,. CBOT , - Werfcl Spert The S2nd annual Canadian Pro.-ional Colfer'a Assoc la Hon too ma mem. Program shows highlights of th three . day vent with Don Goodwin actinc at host and Stave Douglas and oo McDevnt supplying th commentary. Prise money total i.vv. u it medal tounu-ment (lowest acor wins) play- en at t he par M Athburn Golf Ctus in . Halifax. Defend 1 a g champion I Al Balding. M m. juaMr Law Tewata. Program' features highlight of (he Canadiaa Open J n a 1 0 r Lawn.: Tennis' championship from the Rldeau Tennit Club in Ottawa. Event covered are the Girls' singles. Men's dou bles. Men's tingles. Daa Kelly provides the commentary. .,-' M Time far Adventure. Matter of Venus Part' II." In M underground . city t a earthmen meet VoUn, Kallt and I mot. Lords of Venus. - Peter and Mike Insist that they com in peace, but are taken prison- Peter and Mlk are con demned 10 death, but manage at the last moment, to escape. Tht) Space Kidt return home to a jtriumphant welcome. y- IUv- Kktgfttlsar Cove Guests ire Th Glrrolr Singers of Halifax;, who tang -Lazy, Craiy. Haiy Days of Summer and sea Shell. They are Joined by Clarence In ft't A Lovely Day Today, Joined by Jean in Summertime, and th Girroir Singer. Jean and Clarence in Summer Afternoon,, and Serenade. Phyllis En her playt Pep. and Jrena Boyar playt Peril Medley. Par Napier tingt, The Court of King Caractul. M biternatkMtal Shew time. "Daring Danlth Clrcut.' Hod Don Ameche introduce top clrcut act from Copen hagen. Act include: Juggling, aeriallM,' teeter board acrobat ic, a comedy , plat - (pinner;' and a Liberty nor act. T.J Cherts Anyone. A half- hour music show ' from CBC Vancouver, Program features a 12 voice male choir under the dinction of Hugh McLean. Pop-ulafi and traditional tongs bom thpatt M years are featured. Host 11 Edward Greenhalgh. I.N The Ed SulHvaa Shew. Britain's fabulous Beatles, vocal and Instrumental quartet; husband and wife musical team; Morty Gunty! comedian: More-cam be and Wise. English comedy team; Dave Barry, comedian and Gloria Cleesarde, singing comedienne. W !- Cevchlckiag Center-ence. On hour special fea tures a panel of experts discussing the conference theme: Order and Good Government. Panel member are British Labor MP , Richard ' Crotsman; Pauline Jewett, Lib., MP for Knowle. NOP, Winnipeg North Centre; U.S. Congress man Thomas Curtis: Bernard Crick of the London School' of Economics; -and th Hon. E. Davie Fulton, former federal minister of Justice and now leader of the BC Progressive Conservative party-' ; 11.2S Feature Film. "The Bandwagon." (1953). A former Hollywood great it invited to do a Broadway musical, and against his better Judgment he takes the part. It turns out to be assmash hit. The stars are Fred Attaire. Nanette Fabray and Oscar Levant. (112 minutes.) CJOH tM Speclnta. All churches open themselves to penetrating questions and frank discussion by their own leaders and by laymen. How a man-ln-the-Itreet takes hit faith to work with him it today't subject. tM Watt Disney Present. "Davey Crockett' Keel boat race. This episode is i legend rather than a tactual event in th frontiersman's life.. Davey Crocket and George Russell become involved in a hilarious keelboat race to New Orleans. Fes Parker and Buddy Ebsen star. ,'- 44 J- Exptoring the Ualr "The Challenge of the Space! Age." Deve Garrowav skt if; we are In danger of overreaching ourselves In our exploration of space. His guests are Dr. Robert - Jastrow. nuclear physicist and d rector of ihe Goddard' Institute tor Space Studies and professor of geology Philip Abeisoa, of the Atomic Energy Commission advisory committee oo th peaceful uses of the atom and director of research for the Geophysical La- boratory. Camegi Institution. Wash ngton. DC.-" , v IJ platferm. Repretent-ative of Canada's major politl- leal parties loin moderator Ab Dour'et fa dltcusi'tw and1 comment on hd . week's issues in Par'.ament and the news. 1.U Mr. Nevak. ' To Lodte and Diodge." A II year old b"nd rudent fa"t lov ith eacher John Novak. - Princ'na' Albert Vane, portraved bv Dean Jageer. help Novak it campus gossip flare. Kim Darby atar-t "h youn" itud"t. ; U i I J Sundayt-'MevI. TThe. First Texan." tUfrlng Joel Mc- r Radio , MONDAY, CBO 1KC , ten Vaa rK Muale. ' i 33 Crncart Tun ,1 :V IS Wuete m n Manar. 4t Swlnjinf and tniain' ) IS Rehui with Rafael . .. , ISA tmll and ttmt I. Women9 Tela 0 tl Qutat Corner tl Tn Arenar 11 43 Muna ea as Raewte -' fmt. It at BBC Powt tAe teres aitsast . I S 1 Rsws - ' Towunj Hunter Btiow 13 It Bofcby BUI tesz-neii t ee RoU Sack 130 carrousel je Plana Moon 4 3 Mac a Mntte ' ., ( 00 Newai TaUut ' - ten rpm , !... : fjobratiea ;.: " ?. sirinea and Tbinar : ( Aaatftunant I to Sound of the fclxue tOO Hermlt'e Choice V JO Dutintutthed Artittt I lean Nawa: TaDra. 1ta Speaklnt Personally 100 -Continental Hotldar H Ollmoatr- Albwaae jt 't.iie Nawa. eznona - ,j t j CKFM 1440 KC ". e Newt; Talk - ... It OS Muate t Remenibee " P.M. . :.'. 1 'k II oe Newt: Talk 100 MuaM tor oruwa . 4 00 Nawa,' Muale . , 1 00 Ottawa Today .. I te Alport te Mews. MIMrlalt and stutle 00 razlur stew toaclal 40 Prlrurlly Muale , - lie nudalghtl ' I a an Szaa 1100 House of Commons BevHiw U. Muale nil Dawn i CB.OT 1 ' A-M. - ; ' 10 New en th Hour t Vik Arznen Shew . m Live Wire '. i I t tatartaianatrt , r.m. It OS Tad' Data la Ihow ' ata m m am 144l) 0Vur ditU hHrUmBNai Ikwi Knfe , fcr ti -Television CBOT - Ckannei 4 IATUROAY, At (ii ST It II S Blllbau-S II jo t Persa l.uo rum t 00 ButtMll Gam I Pnub-u-fli al PtuladelphM) IS TBA JO Print at Wsln aukca .oe so-JO S30 Busb Bunnv SOU Countrttni S JO Key Soft eSNwt an4 WullMr t.00 Htncock 7 SO Th Saint t SO The Btracrlr HUlbtlUM too Oreal Movlts , "SlIHllI' II 00 Niwt 11 o Nigni final :1 !J sports Roond-Up II Baiurday Nitht Thutrs tlfNDAt;. AlfCtltr tl tOOCPGA t.00- Caafutdian Junior Tonnls 4 00 Country CalMiAar 5 30 Tun for Advwtar ' S 17 N.w. ' 1 J JO Klntfuiier Cov t SO Inurnatiaoal Showtisie 10 Hull T.JO Chorus Anvone t oo Ed Sullivan t 00 Bonanza 10.0(1 Couchichuif Conierenc 1 1 OO Nwt 11.00 Nit HI rinal. WraUitr 11. is spons houim-ur CJOH Channels IS and . SATtlBOAT. Auilltf Jt S JO Saturday Mavt Indiana pdta Speedway" 4 00 Saturday Oat S. JO WraaUul t JO News and Weatktr t l Motor Sport T 00 TIM Frank Claw thaw 7 JO Sctanca r let ion Thaslra 1.00 Zm Onm JO Lat a Una Out 1000 Jack Parr 11.00 CTV Nawt 11 1 IX-tra Spvtlal UNDAY, AVOtltT 1 t Jo Canadian PrOfeauonal root-ball: wmnlpag at Ottawa 3 JO apactrum 4.00 Oanaer Man 4 JO txplorln tht Unrvert 3 00 Platform t JO Home ImprovcnMnt t.4J NawarMl too DaaUi Valley Davi 5 JO Wall Dianav PrtMnU t 30 Mr Novak t JO Sunday Nurtil Movla It 00 The HoursTaas 11.00 ctv Mawa 11.13 Sports rinal . 1! JJ Douaiaa r-ahar II SJ London Lin 1 to Britiah TV Mews la ta Mawarwsl - CBOFT tATt'BBAV. AUGUST li 43 Dent 4 L Cxa 1 to rrni IH BaatnaU 1 Pittabur a phlladelvhtt) 4 CO "tcnoa d a-MTt t 00 St ana extarcas 30 La cuerr dea aasiea a OO Le roman da la acMmee a 30 Talaiounial e 43 llluaiona amuaantas t ea Sporta d el. Tonrnai. la tar provincial Crea, Felicia Fair and Jff Marrow. - . n. II.M The Hourglaas. "The Enemy." On a Jungle patrol in the Far Est roving photog-grapher Mike Strait is wounded and meets 1 remarkable lta-an r'oc'or who hat renounced society to set up a Jungle mission. Craie Stevens' start, with uett An'honv Qua e portray-, n he doctor. : H. LamlM L'ne. Modern matchbox millionaire of the toy rad Join a bewlgged and Jolly Umue' Johnson a very lively ehoet from the llth century. AUGUST U 1. 1 Ruth Hour , tot Mt Tun TeueB See Mawa 11.10 EMrventh Hour CBOr : 125i KC 1 00 La Till aeretne t oo A trtre divert et 'et t 00 nadMj-yatzraal . t.OS Hoaiton ' fi'; JO Hoeaire-mmul J . ' 31 Partaae die sour , 1 01 La tela a 10 10 30 pieln eoleii 134 Pauao-matln 11 01 Maria Tellier. It.: Vie da leansaee 11 JO Laa loreux traub P.M. 12.lrl Jruncaea dore 111s Laa viaaaaa de ftmtar It to Le Reveil rural , ; 1 00 nMio-iournai JIO Nouvellee du onert ' to Una daml-haur a vac . I os-rVartae Interriallenale IJ-44e ehela-4'oetevr It 4 09 La romptotr e diaaua- 4 JOHLa lamme au last I UUi (rands da la clhwon too Lauberps . 143 Entracu . V 5 33 Nouvellee du sport :'. 1 00 Radio-Journal IS Laa meneonse Ulyaat 30 A la ehandalla - - ?.0t Radio-tranatlor , i 13 Capital et travail . 1 7 30 Jaas du Canada 1 1 00 Le bau Danube bleo ISO Humour et humor la tee 30 Arttetaa t. 1 00 Trenta mlnirte - ' - I d tnf ormationa ." f 100 Cequellcot uao Lee ntenaoneea e uiymae . It 13 Randea-vout a 1 opera - It Chaeun a eon tout - , .. 1 suotejonniai 1 CFRAe-WIM t OS Let L hoW J'f , 1 it CtHT neteher . : - i t o What's the Seorat ; t oo Bazl Sella rt. .",1 t it Joe Brawn Show 1 U.l Moenalow '';, Preview oa I ytawurrl. I.- Momin Cnaeert.1 - I- P.M. ! la OoUWn Centar 4 Mpaas t OO Symphonic Melody Pair ' tea Ltttl Concan ' roi iijit amnriTi Of DSNTALCUSHIONf HUt emaims LJZSm. OaaMon steced TTZ0 Mtiet tvt S,,aTjs 1 Al A.) iaalirl ' d eall tOOr-A tlvr ouvart I 30 Bill! da lavaur: '"Svotlaad Vara) Mut a aaaiia" Datoetivo ttitafnattonal I O.JO Telajournal 10.43 Dmrnimr adltlon 10 J4 Woutalla da sport 11.03 C mama: , "MoraDie wpnamt- tUNOAV. AUCUtT I J 00 L art at MM ho 10 Sporu du "Alh Sranca ' 4 43 La Sulaat du XX tatcat t oo La lour du a4entur 40 lattiyal caarlui Chaplin t 00 Lea iravaux at lea Jours t JO L now Shlar a demaln t ea Robin daa bolt I 30 Camera 4 5 00 Ruull-roulant ''Rimouakt" I 00 ClnamaOu dlmanche: -'"La rtnard du daaart" 10 JO Taltjournal 10 43 Darn m ra edition IS 33 Nouvellae du apori 1 1 .00 Documents : t "L fill' 1 "Dam kr malm" CHOV PEMBROKf s - tATtJRDAY. AtlOVtT Xi JJO Baaeball Came . iPituburth at PhOadarphUi 4 JO World of tport "Princ of Wale ttakae" see so-so 3J0 Bust Bunny .00 Country Tuna- ' t . so Soortavl w S4S Live On S 30 Newadaak T OO Hancock 7 jo Slaver irk I JO Beverley HUTbullat S oo Oraat Movies "Betrayad'' 11 SO CBC TV Kewf II II Local News an tporU 11 u The Unlouchablas SVNDAT, AtlOVtT II 1 43 Th Ltvlnf War J OO CPOA Ooit loo Canadiaa Junior Tennis 4.00 Country Calendar 4.30 Time for Adventure 1 to CBC TV News 3 JO KlnftlahoT's Cove 0O Hennaaay ( 30 Sporttvltw , . A 40 Weatherman : ' ; - , ' O Uva on t ' ' ; t. 30 Newadaak . .4- I 7 00 Haul .: ' 7.30 Choriu Anyone t oo td Sullivan ' t 00 Bonanza . 10 1 Couchichuif ConJatanci 00 CBC TV News 11JJ Nlaht WeaUier 11.14 News and Sport 114 Showtime -Action m th North Atlantic " Burriiuj , , Humphrey Bofart anej Ruth 1 Gordon ; wcnycarthXci lATUROAT. AUSVIT l t S3 News - ' -', !'. l-uo Captain Kansaroo m DO K Kid Ice Karnlval .30 Tannaaaeo Tlumdn It.oe Cruk-k Draw MeOeaw 10 30 Miahtv Jlouaa 11.00 Rln Tin Tin ' 11 30 Roy Roeera -:JOO Sky Kui( ' - i , 11 JO CBS Saturday New V ' I 00 Bis Ptcluee 13 Saturday -Ctnente toe Vanka Baza ball 4 30 wide World of Sports 5 00 Saturday Cvenlnc Mart "Cattle Empire" Tto Loc-Dal - JO Lawrano Walk ' o aumrnee Piayhetiea ' ', 10.00 Ounamoka 11.00 ramoua ritm Theatre ' The Great Jewel Xobbery'- StINBAT. AtlOUIT Ml t World News ' te 00 Lam Unto My ret IS JO Look up and Uv 11.00 Camera Three . 1130 Senator Javltt : 1 1 43 Senator Keating IJ 00 Church on TV lt-30 Diacovary -1.00 TBA . t oo Yankee Baaeban 4 30 American Goat Oeaes 5 Ot Local New 13 Sunday Report I so DemocraUa Convention TOO Laaaic , 7.30 My ravorils Martian too Ed Sullivan . 1 00 Burke t Law ' . 10 00 Candid Camere to SO What's My Line tl 00 Nawt 11.13 The Late Movie , "Don Juan QuUltfan" 1 13 Coined tun. 11 10 Sarenade " CKCH I7 KC ' A.M. ' too Let Petti Mattns 1 OS ti la ehaneen as'etall eoata P.M. na neTete du Jar to A veer' ckoui 400 Palmar M 7 30 tieaU ' . t oe club ere r CJET-C3B KC. AM. sue Th AM sne too Newt 1, 1.13 Preview r-mnmentair to Ceeeiet Capeee 1 1S Leedt County New tt43 Perth Newt 11 00 Country ttyie 1 1 3 Kemptvlll dew "M. .1. t.t Perm MarfceoH t 30 Newt X 1 13 Tommy Hunter I I. Trent-Canada aUtlaee 1 11 Coon..-y Careven et Canedin Roaaaap ' 4 10 Teen Beat - - . 43 tock R court 70 Back to the I t.on Aaalgnment I 30 til Baek and Uttaa 00 Hermlt'e Ctioiee -I JO All Beak and Uttaa . luoo -N'wt Roundi.p 10 to Continental h Mty CHRISTIAN SCICNCC V radio semes . SUNDAY CrjOt 10 kJki ."-J TW WeakV Cktlttlsa ' . Sclawe Prasraaaavt ' TEEN-AGEJU "STATUS i WITHOUT DRlNfaNG" 100 PIANOS: waitu) ifWauiuT i FOR CASH J KEN PAFISIEN PIANOS M 745-7071 i mm v v :- : t- V a a a a 11 , a mm 1 Ai t Aii 1 ii 1 it di 1A1 as ai !! i a 1 - ' --1 - ti f- -A -' t ,r 4 f l 'n l ti 1 m-m

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