The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 42
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 42

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 42
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40 & - PLAYING HERE f I I ' Th Beatles come lo Ottawa next week rVi - - -y?; lnaici5 VI 1 i their 'irl mwit. A Hard Day' Night. i'vi- ..:. AT MAIN ELGIN Fresh Set For 'New THE NEW INTERNS starring Michael Callan, George Steal, Deaa Jones, Slef-. ante Powers and Inger , Stevens, Now playing at the Main Elgin. By BOSLEY CROWTHER A . fresh set of chummy young physicians has moved into New North Hospital in The New Interna. But they gel into the .Tw . - lLoratloita COriDITIOTIED FOR YOUR COMFORT 1 1 i,i t-M MARY TREMAHI tiatt wHa aa tm nam mi aaalirv tkat thrt a (tew vet M aaeieac. e tawm ,m4 it tm . , ( taatairl e CmSimvI etaar emr-rst fraai t I Ik f4e f lm Weehra aaa a Tatl tmivtUl ' ' comtnc ATTaacrtoiir TOUIDUIIAU THE 'priil Chateau a Rideau St Jppwig Hjklrf I BBvWN! : 1 u. ... tl T Moves In Interns' wme sort of tangles with medi- cal practice, romance and tea the operating room that the as did the fellows who preceded Produfr Robwt . Co1"' hM them in the Interns, which wa ,hron latl this go-popular two years ago. I""1 y Mm Rich Ttama the sturdy 11 lum (George Segal), who in- l 'h : SSSfi-'l evitahly falls in love with the sweet aocial worker (Inger Steven.) and then ha. to erate on the ruffian who tub. sequently rapes tier and causes her to Iota her mind. There's (ha resident in otv tteirict (Jean Jones), who al- most Inset hit wife (Stefan Powers) because the wantt to have a baby and he flndt that he to sterile..; . V .. . Back front the previous daai LAST EVENING THE ONE AND ONLY SHIRLEY; HARMER '. WITH THE BRIAN BROWNE TRIO ; '" :V j 111 SUNDAY h UN (k) Hmui Caitrenmnle Dimatr a-l s ti rnt SILKCTSO MIMU . ayciat ckliemi Mm KKJor Vnva rAvnuaiTB aavnaAot Reaervatlons ' Phone 771-SUI Park t lk W Nnnv MaUH NMH (Mrae set Mai sc. nail starting ita pf interns is that perennial juvenile and Romeo (Michael Callan). who. is Mill pursuing the nurses end having himself a lot' of fun warding . off the voluptuous advances of Barbara Eden, who has marriage! in mind. . I It's another hodgepodge of personal dramas, dormitory cut-ups, bedpan Jokes, paycho- logical dilemmas and crises in " -J.-. -"'.!7.E ."i "'""V. "."1 rrT'ITrZ, . hospital as a - fairly serious place and doctors at normal human being, not 1 dazzling actort, tt may prove an awesome fright v MOON SURFACE BERKELEY j-" The surface of the moon enntains an estimated M.U7.Mt square miles. MONDAY tm um asxu PMUMa T0WIL LYNN CHRISTIE , From VIENNA J.; '"' ZP"-: h A UVISHLY STACEO LICHT OPERA EINER BLUrr VIENNA LIFE Cpmpiny of 65- Corps d Ballet Orchntrt v ' .-. ' featmriag ' if tttDWJ sa&DB RON WU1 IHUTBQ if ruuman (osiwa ijo HAGC sm : lOYET MOYI ITU SUA IfU SQV1RI ai MOTttS Of I CttBiOllC tjlYMS Al DIOUSI tOMMOTUT Of THI ; RIAUOIS not ; .v, ' i tunim kr uuntt waut - r CAPITOL THEATRE TUBOAT mi WtDKEJOiT-SPTOtta I m4 1 p fJO 9 A , TkkeU Xtt S.SO - 4.80 S.00 ' 1 1 ' , NOW ON SALE AT ALL 1 DAVIS AGENCY STORES Cariingwood 21 Sparkt 8U BlUings Bridge Plaza ' A TremhUf 'Concert PrtstnMion ', T . VISIT THE'i :?r-.Hrt,;.i.r.--i NATIONAL COLLECTION OF HISTORIC AIRCRAFT ' v 01 OEHAT AT tOCEOffR ASPOBT " . , WEI MIT 1 JO TO IM Wi .;;., '-. admission free ,' ' '' ' Eatranea em Henktek Roa4 trla SI Lanretrt BIH. ' - (CavrMey at MatMnal ttusi a el Canaaai . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY. AUGUST 22. 1M4 regular run at the Rideau and : Britannia Drive-In ' Theatres Wednesday. Here's Beutle Ringo Starr (left)' doing a high leap during the filming of the movie. Centre, Barbara Rush, the' girl friend of all the hoods in Robin And The 7 Hoods, now playing at the Capitol. Right, David Niven, co-star of Bedtime Story, now playing at the Somerset, Elmdale and Queerisway Drive-In Theatres. Veil i Me' 'I. ' V How, la the Queen Bee Different From Other Bees? Win th lS-rolumt Britannic Junior tncycloptdta for school and homt. Sent tour queitiorit, name, apt, addreaa to "Tell Me Why!" car ol The Ottawa Journal. In com of duplicate iHtttioni, tin author will decide the winner. Today's Krfnner It; Sarah Semenig. tt, Batt tarl. fa. By A. LEOKUM Although there are thouaandt of different kinds of bees, the most common species (t the honeybee. And the most amazing thing about the honeybee is how It lives. It actually Uvea in a society that is to well organized and controlled, it can almost be compared lo that of man) The basic thing about tbit so ciety of the honeybee it that ev'try bee in it has a definite job, a particular part to play to help the entirt aocial organization. The honeybee colony la made up of one queen, thousand! of worker bees, and during certain tetsons t ' few hundred to several thousand drones or males. iThe queen lays all the f jrfrs. but the cannot care for them. ane may lay more than I.3M eggs per day and about Ut.-M is s seajon. An occasional queen may lay' l.OOt.tM in a Met me. although most queens live only one to two years. The queen lays fertilized eggt that develop into 'worker beet or queens. It the colony needs worker beet., that't what the eggt develop into and If queens, then the eggt develop Into queensl She also lays un fertilized eggs that develop Into drones. . Each worker bee haa a fob to do In the colony, and I h 1 1 changta aa It growt. It it the worker bee that becomes the Held bee and gathers nectar and pollen. To produce honey It visits flowers, drinks the aec- tar, and carries It home in her honey sac This It a baglike en largement of the digestive tract but separated from the "etom ach. The sugars found la the nectar undergo .chemical change while, in the bee's honey sac at the first ttep In the making of honey. Before nectar becomes honey, the honey beet remove a large pan of the water by making It evaporate. Then they ttort it la honeycombs. . 1 v- . A young queen bee may replace an old queen If she can no longer lay enough eggs. But ; an old queen who It still active may leave w!th a twarm and start a new colony. 'Y o a n g queens jtre reared in special queen cells, and the first young queen to emerge destroys her sister queens with her sting so LADIES' NIGHT EVERY THURSDAY 11 4 ' DOROTHY; KILGALLEN HOLLYWOOD. Two of the moat attractive mala atari in the movie colony juat had their firat meeting. It happened outaide the Beverly Hilli Hotel. Kerry Koll mar, lb, wai atrolling along a path .leading to flu bungalow when Richard Burton, a (ew yeara older than JO, , alighted from t car and c rotted the aidewalk. Noticing a red-painted gadget with email wheeli under Kerry'a arm, he aaid politely: "May I ask what you fave Iherer - Ifa my akateboard," Kerry replied. Mr. Burton examined it with interest. "How doet it work?" he aaked. Kerry gave him a demonatra tton up and down the aidewalk. balancing precarioutly, first on both feet which it Kary enough then on only one, go ing at top speed. "Fascinating." said Mr. Burton. "Thank you very much." It was the first time one ol Kerry's performances had ever been reviewed wjy a profes aional. e Lot Angelea newspapers have played jp the race riots in the that she can be the only queen in the colony. e FUN TIME . Tee Chorale Beg Husband (at the movies): Can you see all right? ' Wife: Yes. Husband: Can you hear all right? Wife: Yes. . Husband: It your teat com fortable? Wife: Yet. - :! Husband: Then would you mind changing placet with me? ' DID YOU sWOWr Do you like to go on a roller coaster? Then for a really thrill ing ride you should try the roll er coaster in Benevut' Amuse- t Park, Manchester, Eng land. It's the ' fastest in rht world n4the cart go ever to mllet per bourr , ., . ' r i Answer -to yetterdayi True or Falsa: I. True. X. False, . False, t True. ..True., Win the Britannlca World Allot or yearbook of IsentM. Sen roar riddle, foket tor . Riddle. Jokes, "Tell Me Why" Today's irtnner to: Lynn Thomae, Lorain, Ohio. BEGIN RECESS WASHINGTON (AP) The U.S. I Senate Friday Joined the House of Representatives in wrtink lor a Congressional recess during the Democratic National" Convention to ..Aug. II. The recess began for both branches at the close of business Friday..--"-.-' - v.: ' DAwcr TO - TONY D'ANGCfO 0RCH. la tka '. KAINBOW BOOM ' ErmmiNMENT ' I HIGHTIT'' Carnee) Iwrtft ' STAIIDISIIALL TEA WAGON NateMMtara MMMSW UMOTWt . CITaMsRT nu TOY JOtOIEI n tmn tetrewt ' tWinaOS SUNtW ue. it to m. n fT'XI III I Aaaaaaahaast aiaaa aMalas sB. Aat-af r taatBsasans: waavwar aaarapiaaaaaBBa j Bar AwwtTTt . ;.t rWS'TWtwwl gwrt- IM w Ttv maisae , ( . BMOBKMSBORII ;r .' km tm llMatk f Stars Meet tut with gitnt headlines as. of course, they had every right to do, hecaUse the newt it im portant tnd the effect on California citizens it obvious to a visitor from New York. Over and over, you" hear people average working people as well as glittering movie start isay, "Boy, you couldn't get me to New York for a million dollars" or "You can have the World'i Fair, l was. to take the kids to Ney York to.sejtutjrm hofTgo-ing to take a chance on getting killed" Or simply the question. Aren't you terrified to live in the East where all that it hap-pening?" , It doet not occur to them that a similar situation could erupt in their part of the country, and perhaps it couldn't One may hope it doesn't. But the headlines and the TV news reports definitely have affected the tourist trade In New" York t far at Californiana go. , ' . .. Warren Beatty and Sandra Dee ire scheduled to do a pic ture vis-a-vis at Universal, but so far shooting hat been held up because Sandra wantt top billing tnd Warren or his agent Just pltin expects it. Summit conferences are being held among the executives in volved in the small war, and it is expected that a treaty will be signed irt the near future . . , Diane McBaih and her multi millionaire suitor have parted. Looks final. Kurt Fring it forgetting Elke Sommer with Whitney! Chase, a young starlet whose real na,na it Lana Rosenberg . . . End of a Trademark Department: The Lai Vegat gambling casinos used to give out a lot 'of change in sliver dol larssymbolic of the boom towns of the Old West but they won't any more, because of the severe coin shortage all over the United" Stales. Silver -dollars are pow going for two dollar apiece in tome of the gaming cities" , . . Marlon Brando, whose hair, bat been receding at quite a pace, may avoid the whole question of "to wear a rug or not to wear a rug?" by shaving hit head, a la Yul Biynner, for hit next picture. ,? --i . Shelley Davit, who runt the Whisky a Go Go out here, hat 1 been Invited lo duplicate hit; successful and widely publl-l cited discotheque at the World's Ftir, but he has read! til the discouraging ttoriea out j of the amusement area, that ai of today he Isn't too enthurl-! title about the prospect At hit ; Hollywood original, his tum-j over la between 800 and 1.000 , customer! a night, the lures i I THE TREBLE dlF presents TONIGHT till SUNDAY TrMlllnnal Country an4 Blua Craas Talk Mono wltU riEV 3Rd PETE Btart CTV'l -Ti-s Btng Out- ami cC naaie and Televtuan BssfwwBis COMPUTE SUNDAY DINNER r ' ; Itad priM lis letl Jw .-1.. ...;:. $2.45 GuOfrt OrfMiM pmy 3fi th Hamnrimitj Ortan rry , , ttuMajr crvtmnf I or "IHf HOME being originality he thought of the dancing girls In the glass cage hanging from the ceiling informality, -and the policy of no minimum - or no cover charge.'You can stay all night watching the dancing or doing some gyrating yourself on one beer or glass of soda pop. If the same operation were tt the Fair, people would have to pay the $2 entrance fee jutt to get through the gatet (o hvbete'"U Whisky" would be. and before that they would have to figure out how to get from Manhattan to the Fair by car, cab, subway, but or boat, which it not quite as easy as gelling to a night spot in the heart of town. , Mr. Davis is more enthusi astic about a Manhattan version of Go Go. and has been talking to several night club operators among them Ralph Walkina of Basin Street East about that possibility. But he really should; have a big place, for turnover, and a room with a high ceiling, so you can get lust the right angle on those girls in the glass cage. " (Copyright 1964) ENCLOSED AIR CONDITIONED . DINING AREA . Don't Miss KIRK KOVE RESORT Ski Show atiNoav, AUoi'ST tt -. CANOE JOUSTING - COMPETITION Csaivilltsis are sapf ttt rrmi aU sartt of Oatarte Weal et Pertk el Me. t Bwy. . North BkM mrr Umtmt ut ptortr anca . Shows at WO and 11.00 Le Hibou 'ttt BANK STREET jour amirvi pwuurti, . v. litf T I N 0 I " hum BM n tat, a.M - mm . 9 at. iiir.ri, ! FREE-FREE ELECTRICAL APPLIAKCES - 2 DRAWS NIGHTLY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS J-iV ASSOCIATION BOOTH v ((. y-J. ;iiviNiJFAijiiEir' Annex DINING OUT TONIGHT? llhfrr Net Visit : "" . ' Lido Restaurant and Tavern 71 SPARKS ST. - j.; . 35-33, S Enjoy earr GOOD FOOD, pleasant smroamallagt and RECENT WTrTHM Bakgreuna 3. ,' MVSIC OF DISTINCTION ', . " 821 Queen Sk f J ' - 233-S4S7 SEVERE DROUGHT PRAGUE: (APH-Drought has cut the grain yield in certain pant of - Czechoslovakia, the government newt agency CTK reports. But rains have started and the agency reported the government has liked all farmers to speed up the harvesting of crops. LAST TIME TONIGHT Tht Mad, Mad World of IIALLER . and BARRETT ' ttaiaUMui Cnwdr stars . HELD OVER - ZABETHE WILDE - Dynamic and .exciting einglng aentatkxa vj , t pedal aueatkm to ... wtMlaaa, - Mrtl, tic ; -pinnrrs rsox s r.n. , nervattMu -SS4-ajBS GATINEAU COUtmryclta- tmk Avt-Mra ann- OTTAWA KCUSt; raj'toA aa tartwoar - : aad an.aexl week Ntal Jackson mi ms,QtefM Rock V Roll Twist and Instrumental . mmmmmm . SUNDAY IN THE CRUX , from 1 tall M- Bobby Sarault - AND HIS ORCHESTRA rreidi at CasHU twaV Bark, Toot, iRMraaMatal', tout tt. Ptean Rtfhwe 19 Miaulaa trwa .Oowalowa LICCNIEO - ' ' THC LIQUOR Lit: ENRICO) - HOARD or ONTARIO . TOPS IN VAIUEI -TOPS IN SERVICE! KUISMEIIDIKGO OAK DOOR : 485 bank st. MtAR AROTLB MONDAY. 8 PM. ' KM POT $SC3T X flan to Attend f FREE Bu;. . Service to , Track. Leaving . -laat St a alts Vitta ' -laakKSHsrsa. . ? -last SL I Heat CM Rts4 : A RKOl'I.AR FRATVBB . BROII an JUMBO -SHRIMPS " Hwiit emptr" parhata iNri.imRa parkino A oocrmrt dinner (S rrtr..i a Tiratr ' POR NSUOS TBtATBB . CHtl HENRI HOTEL . Salon d'Or ENTERTAINMENT ! ' NIGHTLY tit.. f. i m V vr eA '-i i k 1 1 1 i V ttrMti m. i V owai Ma i aAataaadhsaaftak ft ' ' - - emm hit ani it .a ii ii a ti ait a e - ' a a it Tt r ' t r-1 u iii A-. aa it a. a Adav. H . M h 4 j tjd I,

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