The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

'it 'FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1918. THE DAILT COURIER, 'CONWELLSYaxE. PA. PAGE SEVEN. TEE FAKAMOUST. .;.. "SHIRLEY KAYE."--A Select pic- i ture, in which Clara. Kimball Young. (' the,popular screen star, displays her j versatility by creating a role different i Irom the persecuted women, she has i.' portrayed so often 'in the past, is be: ing; shown today. In. this picture, ..'from the successful play of the same name which is directed by Joseph Kanttman,L,Miss Young acts the role of 'Shirley, ths .vivacious daughter of Edcarton Kaye, president of the Great Union Central railroad. Ite holds his position, through, his descent from "Pirate" Kaye, who founded the line, rather than through any executive , abUity of his own. J. T. Magen, the brusque financier from tho west; ably delineated by George Fawcett, hss bought the house next door to the Kayes; he cares not at all for society life of the east, while his wife is worried by her many servants, but his : "flapper" daughter yearns with all .her heart to break into the society swim, where Shirley Kaye reigns supreme. "T. J." and John Eowson. his young associate, who incidentally bates all women, especially easterners; secure a majority of the proxies of the Union Central shareholders, and the quatlng of Edgerton Kaye is a-matter of: days. IWith breaking heart, h« tells his daughter of the impending bkw; she rises to the situation, and how she plays the society game, combining it with high finance : to save the. family fortune, is a slirring tale. At the same time she finally wins the lor« of John Rowson, wider, brings into, the story the American business and social life an absorbing thread of heart interest ( A selected comedy is also being shown. Monday, Harold Loekwood will be starred in "Broadway SOI," a Metro attraction. TKE ARCADE. \ . ''DAVIS GEtL RSViEWV* At the Arcade today and : tomorrow Davis' (5fcrt Review will present a musical skit called "The Patent Office." It is an original show full at pep and ginger with-an added attraction, nazne- ly''Enuis' Harmony Trio, -with a new "line of jazz comedy that will appeal to ail. Ruby Davis will sing "Strut' ten* Ball," and all the song numbers are brand now. Likewise a complete nisw wardrobe will be Keen. Mr. Earia will feature his dancing chorus aid each member will be- heard or leei in a .specialty. Mr. Davis' He- brer Impersonations are very clever. . Thepicture will be William S. Hart in Tbi Cold Deck." Comiag next week Is iarro'w's Follies Company featuring the Lynch Trio and Kellner and Kalner. The Lynch Trio were here wlh Zarrow's Variety Remie last Au- g»t and took the town by storm. Tfer are about the cleverest children oi ^he American stage. Tl«e show is tt keeping with the high standard of t!e topliners nad from al reports ie tie beat of Mr. Zarrc.w's companies ltd has class written, all over it. An aided attraction wffl be Lore, the Girl iental Marvel, said to have a wonder- ill mind-reading act. -She iras-at-New 3astle two weeks' ago and set the iwn wild. Altogether it looks like ie best attraction and tlie biggest Teek in the history of the Arcade. THE OKPHEUM. JTHB COUNTESS Pifnarily a comedy, but containing a nether of thrills, 'The Countess dinning," Julian Eltinge's first Par- · amount picture will be sbxiwn today xA tomorroy. This 'is the- first ap- ptiraaee of the distinguished fem- iine impersonator on the screen and H is promised will bid fair to excel iything he has yet attempted. An specially entertaining comedy will Aso be shown. Monday, "The Lust , I the Ages" a- spectacular sittraction, mbracing a wholesome discourse on he evils of money grabbing; on the iramastic or picture side, it is a story jrithin a story and contains a true Jwrtrayal of persons ; of wealth and 'local. position. It deals with the material, as wall as the spiritual effect through the ages - past tbe havoc {wrought by the insatiable desire to ·acquire world wealth. THE SOISSOX · -.Yesterday at both performances of I the/Jack Bail Stock Co.. In "The Girl j of His Dreams" this popular company I was, greeted with two packed houses. · The-play has a good story to it,-but, with the music, dancing anil singing ; together with a few vaudeville acts ' makes up an evning of musical com: edy supreme. Anyone wanting to see a .sood show, visit the Soisson this last half. There will be a big Saturday matinee, and tonight Country Store, when 50 valuable prizes will be given .»w»y. This is the last wees of the Jack Ball Co., and 'all who haven't ·seea. this popular company should wke advantage of the next few days. --and this i» the store to come to for youi: Furniture because, asour plain figure price tags positively prive--"You'll Do Better at the Rapport- Featherman Go." You'll not only do better as regards getting greater values, but you'll do better because our service is better. Our guarantees mean more and your complete and lasting issured. . · · Our Spring display is unrivaled for newness and correctness of styles and for dependableness of eonsforsaction. Our easy payment plan makes it possible for you to satisfy all yioiir'Furniture needs now and pay later on terms arranged to suit your convenience so that you'll get what you want and scarcely feel the cost. - - Your Choice of a Number of Massive Over-Stuffed Rockers For Only $12.75 Easy Terms so that you can all profit by this Special Sale without, 'feeling the expense--- $1.«0 CASH, 50c A WEEK. These are tho most fashionable rockers on the market. They have great, broad, full-spring seats and high restful backs. They arc covered in that beautiful golden brown/ imitation Spanish leather which -harmonizes wit half styles of furniture and is now all the raye. Come early and let the benefit of a largo . selection. Don't fail to secure at least one of these handsome Dressers which, we jure Eiell- inging now at They're ?35.00 values. We have th«m in Princess and Regular styles. ·$24.75 Keeping Pace With the Popular Demand We Repeat For Saturday a Sale of These Splendid Bed Outfits at . An all-steel Spring and a felt- top Mattress'included with, the massive Bed. And to make it easy for you we'll deliver these outfits for only-$1 Cash, $1 a Week. These Beds have contimiotis postswhich measure two inches in diameter. They have 6 vertical fillers, upper and lower cross rods and angle, iron rails at head and foot so that they are very strong aud rigid. The Springs.are well made .and the Mattresses are full- weight, fibre filled, cotton top, enclosed in good ticking. Get An "Anti-Damp" Refrigerator - The Anti-Damp Refrigerator Is so constructed that your foods will always be palatable and wholesome. N'o dampness or mil- ieV with an "Anti- Damp." All styles and prices and-- "T.OUE CREDIT IS AS GOOD AS GOXB." Store Your Furs and Winter Apparel whore they'll be safe from moths and protected from the dust Get one of these CEDAR CHESTS. They're remarkable values at ...I.' EASY TEllMS, 50c CASH, 50c A WEEK, The "Kroehler" Bed Davenport costs no more hero than ordinary kinds coat elsewhere. Tho "Kroclllcr" Is so constructed that it will accommodate a thick mattress instead of a mere pad. '\Vo have them ns low $1.50 CAS1T, 31.00 A 1YEEE. Easy Tenas: $1.10 CASH tun A WEEK. In Rugs--9x12 feet sixes--only ~ Amazingly Great Values $18.75 Thf»se -are Tateotry Brussels and come in s variety of handsome patterns. Sec our big Spring Rug display. You'll find everything here Erom low- priced fibre rugs to luxuriously beautiful Axrain- sters in all sizes. Style and Comfort for Baby Let aa inspection of our line of Baby Carriages help you lo dsci.le what style .of carriage you prefer. We have sidewalk sulkies, collapsible go-carts and large, beautifully upholstered carriages with split reed, round reed, fibre and coach bodies. Prices very reasonable. Terms to suit your convenience. First See the OHIO RANGE It's - a real combination range. It operates with gas, cola or wood as fuel. It's more practical than any other range. You can cook with gas in tho summer when the weather is hot or with coal in the winter when you need the beat in your iiitchen. Corae in, we'll be glad to show and explain this wonderful range to you. Comparisons Always Prove YOU'LL DO BETTER AT Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. CATAKRHAL BRONCHITIS BRONCfiiAL ASTHMA TASDEKBILT CJLBB MCT.TS. Xrs. TT. E. Tiellj- Hostess at Regular Xeettns W«4uesd»y. Mrs. W. E. Kslley was. hostess at . the regular meeting of the fFancywork cluh 'Wednesday at her -home at Vanderbilt. All members tot three were present, and a new : member, Mrs. Edward Sweeney ot '·Greenwood, was received into the ,elnb. The ladles spent the day sew- -iing for the Red Cross. . It was decifl- '.ed to kait an ambulance blanket and donate it to the Red Cross. A well ^appointed dinner was served by the hostess. ECKMAMS , p^ _KWIU-1AH* _ alcerb Simple, Harmleitx Reaicdy Give* Q.nick, Sore Relief. Many- cafffes olC lone standing with symptoms oC deep-seated th raat and lung 1 trouble have been cured by a few- doses of Forkola, Jelly. . Half · a tcaspoonful of -th's pleasant jelly allowed 'to dissolve slowly in the rncmth nuickly releases the severe muscular constriction o f - ' the bronchial tubes and by entering 1 every crevice of the irritated membrane opens up the air pr_ssapre;r allowing-, the pati«nt -to expel with .ease the. .(hard; cloprering- matter that causes .so much misery and distress. ' ; ' r · Hundreds; of suffernrs can now lie down, breathing easily and naturally and enjoy a grood nig-ht's restful sleep, as a result of .a few. days' treatment. Get a small jar today from your druggist and try it tonight on a guarantee of mo-ney back if tt fails to re- HCTO you.--Adv, · . Heal Skin Diseases It is unnecessary for you to suffer with . eczema,.blotches, ringworm, rashes and j similar skin troubles. A little 2emo, ; obtained'at any drug store for 35c, or ! $1.00 for extra large bottle, and promptly j applied will usually give instant relief · from itching torture. It cleanses and ! soothes .the skin and heals quickly and ; effectively most skia diseases. j Zemo is a wbnderful.-penetrating, dis- ; appearing liquid and is soothing to the most delicate skin; It is not greasy, is easily applied and costs little. Get it today and save all further distress. . TheE. W. Roee Co., CfcrcUmd. O. And'get more oC it. Use ' Our Bald Head Hair Grower It truthfully will jrow hair on Bald Heads. See Forst, Scottdale Druggist. A Drug Store Sor the People. Ml THRIAT Alt LBIfiS '· iA CUctam compound that trill DrtMT r»- ': :. : -B«c. la BUW acnt« and chroa.'C caae*. : ;. : t2W-no harmiul drv-c* Try th«a tod«T. ^ JO cent* » box, iodudoc irar tax Tar .Out of. town memhers pi the club present were'Mrs. J. H..Cook, Mrs. Boran and Mrs/Sweeney, all of Connellsville...and Mrs.. M. .J. Beal of. Juniata: Mrs. .-William Knight ; 'of Vanderbilt was a guest. ' . . Vanderbilt. VANDEMILT,. MARCH 29.--Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Dunn^pf Buena .Vista were Connellsville slioppers yesterday. s . T . Miss Elsie Edwards'is visiting Mr. 'and Mrs. J. "Wilbur "Mioigan of Clarksburg. W. Va.. ' . ' · - ; , . . . . · : - ' . Mrs. Morrhcn an;J:baby pf:Scottdale are-visitins'frierids!iere. - ' . : - . J. Hugh EendersiOh;'. who attends Diphtheria : A sore throat is a good bree'dingplacelor Diphtheria gerina. Protect: your children' by nerer neglecting a Sore Throat. Ton can | wiicly depend upon TONS1LINE. Gire TonsUine upon the first appearance oE Sore ' i Throat--don't giro Diphtheria a chance/ in that throat in its weakened' condition. ' When TONSHJNE'is swallowed it cornea . directly in contact with the diseased surface and induces a healthy condition of the membranes--then the system can better defend the. throat ir attacked by Diphtheria germs. Keep TONSHJNE 'in .the honae' where yon c»n get it quick when , needed. SSc., 60c. and tl.00. r Allegheny College, is spending his! i Easter vacation with his. parents, Mr.; and Mrs. J. B. Henderson. : . · Miss Mary 'Freed' .and nephew,! Christian Freed, Mrs. George Kulin. and son.'Elmer.^Mrs. Brady,'Mrs; A.i j'A..'Arlson, ; "W. j; Heed, Ralph Goe and! J. B. Henderson .were.callsrs in Con- nellsvjlle on Thursday. National Taxi and Transfer Co. 206 E. Fayettc Street GOOD TOrniDTS CAES A5.B TKUCKS TO All POINTS. Quick service. ' Moderate charge. Careful drivers. Moving and hauling. Bell Phone 507. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAN'STRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELCSV1ULE, PA. LIQUIDS AND PASTES. FOR BLACK,WHITE, TAN, DftRX BROWN OR OX-BLOOD SHOES. PRESERVE THE LEATHER. 'P YOU H A V E ANYTHING FOR SALE TRY OUR CENT-A-WORD ABR Heaa Of chest--arebesi treated "exiernally" |Patronize Those ! 1. ... Who Advertise,! COAL For Sale COAL 82 acres ot Freeport. coal situated on the P. R. H. at Upper Middletown. Siding grsjited.. Coal selt draining'and at Uppl« Ticiijht Offered at a reasonable price to a quick buyer. NEVILLE WURVZ, First Rational Baak Building, B«th Phones 0fl. ^ COKITEI/LSTILEE, PA.

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