The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 41
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 41

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 41
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rvf 1 1 1 in i ana. ) a w mn ''' i"p' 1 . SATURDAY. , AUOU8T NEW PRIMATE HELSINKI, Finland (HNS) president Urho Kekkonen of Finland hat named Bishop Martti Simojoki of Helsinki to succeed Archbishop Umari Salomies of Turku, Primate, of the State Lutheran . Church. Archbishop Salomies announced this Spring that he plans to retire on Sept 1. The 70-year-old prelate has led the church fcince 1951, tYUGOSIK COOK rOTKOSHl DOMES SM Lyon Street 232-7084 REVEREND D. HOWDEN Bible Conference with Rev. a Wbltehurst, of Halifax, Nova. Scotia, . Sunday at 11 and 7.M. Hear Rev. Wbltehurst each Night at p-ro. Except , Monday, August U Mth. rORECOSTAl iOEMBUES OF CAUDA .4 AJI SUNDAY SCHOOL If AX , WHY Of IKE CHURCH we hophh or mum -Hvaaae ml tleae" CKOY S.M . .. .4 S.SS SUNDAY SCHOOL. II A.M. and 7 P.M. Pastor Upton Speaking 8.30 P.M. DRIVE-!?!" 1URCH SERVICE Ulmra pun. ak BtVaad llnnMi pr. FEATimiNG THE "THREE SONS" f musicaLteam V- Veeal and Ustnateaul Mail. SS-Veir. TSawraukle Ckatr a Barry nn m ajsiasead Or. an BKBVICB AMPLITIKI BY ' PUBLIC ABOBESS . SYSTEM .,;,-. to votis cab enraarroNB wki.comb DUt -Sttaale Mi 22. 1864 Yearbook Publishes Prayer Note LACONIA, NIT (RNS) - A note on prayer by Donald F. Piper, principal" of Lacohla High School, has been pubtished in a prominent position in the school yearbook. "Of one thing we may be certain," Mr. Piper wrote. "Although prayer may be removed from the school, it cannot be removed from the student, unless he desires it so. "I commend the privilege ol prayer, to you to embrace as a daily personal practice. "The Lord's Prayer is one of the greatest masterpieces of literature and its words are simple in themselves, but so great in content. 'This4 is the year that such a vital prayer was removed from many of our schools. The legality, the morality and the ethics ofsuch a court action may long he discussed." ', There never was found in any age of the world either religion or law that did so highly exall the public good as the Bible. , Lord Bacon THE SALVATION ARMY 7 IM Miter .. Vl '' Opt. .ml Mrs. I. E. Roblneon 11 00 a.m. pas. Worship. . IS MMAnM Al ' i Service M Spark. Street RIVER VIEW PARK! f. CHURCH of CHRIST : 1S1I CNOMLCY CRESCENT DEAN CLUTTER. Minister - 733-25M SUNDAY, SERVICES I am It tun. . 7 bum. Wedaesday. 74 pja. CALVARY ONITID PENTECOSTAL CHURCH US BCHO MIVI COB, MAIN ST. Sunday Services: 10 4un.ii sun. 7.30 pjn. Wed. I p.m. Bibls Study Fri. $ pjn. Yourn People ' PASTOR: A. nOWNINO. School. LARSON, ftwtor . W01 UKOI Spttkhif (jS rmim III : mm I f 1 iiiii!ii!inHWM )'.' V4H . if ' ; - I " ft ! I 10.30 P.M. CFRA Dial 580 KC CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE (OmswI TiMnurJ. see Bank SrMt 9.43 a-m. Bible s .'11.00 .m.rMorning 'Worship. 7.30 p.m. Evangelistic Service. REV. RICHARD J. BARKER M Tnesday at g.aa p.m. mm Pr.y.r and PtsIm wrvke to wtUttk sntbUt" . sis eardialbr Invito. , , , M;M-illiMiMiljJH REV. ARTHUR It ' S.l la-t afn ta M -am Mew. pt mr ri SS aoadajf Blhl. SrSwat. CUuaM In AU Asn. r 4t.e ajw Mtrilni wsnlii. -1 . rsstmhii W.nhls - liir' ffiii ifiiiiiihT. iii j . --fi All answerA j QUESTION: In Mark J: 28 It says: "All sins shall be forgiven," but In Revelation 11:1 It says that some shall be cast Into the lake of fire. WIN you please explain this for me? i.S. ANSWER: True repentance is a condition of forgiveness. Sins that are not repented of cannot be forgiven. Let us say that a son had wronged his father, if the son remains stubborn and unrepentant, it would avail nothing for the father to say "Son, I forgive' you. You see, forgiveness Is two-sided affair. It, involves an attitude of yield-edness on the part' of two people. The Bible speaks of forgiveness as. conditional. "If we confess cur sins He Is faithful nd just to forgive our tins. ''- and "Let him return onto the Lord ... and He will abundantly . pardon." Uncontested sin cannot be forgotten. As to people being "cast into the lake of fire," tot means that God allows people to be relegated to their chosen element. Some people choose to live In a "hell" on earth. They seem to enjoy all that la unGodly and Infernal. That is their chosen element. It would be "hell" for them to go to church, to fellowship with Christians, and to live a disciplined life. , ' In this present life we condition ourselves for eternity. Some have acclimated themselves to evil, to sin, and to lawlessness. A Just God would not commit them to an atmosphere in which they would not be at home. It would be "hell" for them to be in heaven. Some Services May" Make Use Of 'Beat' Music f LIVERPOOL,' Eng. (RNS) Anglican Bishop Clifford Martin of Liverpool, home of the widely known British "pop group known as the Beatles, said ' here. " he approves of "beat" music with guitar accompaniment at some special but not regular, church services. The bishop said that alter some young people complained that church music was "terribly slow, heavy and dull," he introduced singing, accompanied by drums and guitars, at certain special services. On other occasions, be said, even "beat" music has been used at Sunday evening services adding. that. "this has mora often than not aroused some opposition but in almost every case the church has been filled." . ... ..' . DONATE as ana SAN FRANCISCO (RNS) The First Unitarian , r-h.,1. here hat contributed 13,000 to a ItltiWM. Mmm ail Jm . A. Kence of California's Fair Hous ling Act - ANGLICAN IRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL N.. Bpstta BtrMt near Imms- , Tb. Bt flrv. r B. B4 . . tiw . w. smith Ooefnrr tlnrltt, r CO. OrranMt and Clwlnnator. . - Ywnrrv xm. ,! Hoik Communion. U se In. Morhlns Prrr and PnwetMr Vary IU. p. n. Oartr.IL . I M p n. CvOTlns Pwht and Stnnon. Praachir Varr BT. p. . owmiK D.lljr Sar.lL..; Mornlnf Prajw. S 00 m.m. BMnlns Prajrar. 4 IS p.m. hoit communion: Tuaa.ay. at. niaiiaMn iv-m, 4a. inanair. mm Niinsiy orovldad at ST. JO Bltn st THB TH; 1 00 a.m. Holy Communion 1.30 a m. Holy Coajuirsnloa. 11.00 .m-Mornlns Prajwr I TjM pjn.- gwseW ' Prays. . DaUr Communlona! Monday at 6.1 Broaoeast '.PiaaVtM .t ' Tharaday st KslVim VTS at 1.14 ajn. Batuntojr at see am ST. Bwtof : Th. Be. B. . 1 Locum Tanans) The ; a m. Holy Communion. 11.00 IJD. Morninf Pnyar. Wuiaai TO pjn. E.nln Prayer. ' Moaday-SK. Barttiolonww. Aw sad (Cln.l. Tuaday IntoftmaloM tor th. Btek waamaaap Hour communion - um p.m. tuHirav. i ATTEND CHURCH THsS SUNDAY . ! CHURCH OF ST. BARNABAS A & H iKmt and Jamoa ftraata. s CMrsjri tin. i. W. Cornuh; In, J. A. OraaaMi Mr. R. l. . Uoyd. TBIMtTY XIII. 00 am Mattlna. . -8 90 a.m. Holy Communion MM a m buno EUCHARIST AND SERMON. J m. SOl-IM.t BVINBcma AND DEVOTIONS. , Monday: St. Bartholomew, 10 a m.: I a.m' Wadiaaadar: 1 a i Thuiaday. Pridaya T tl ami Batartlay: e am. 'V THs O MateaUs - i mimmt m ' 1 ' I I I ii... I " ' I T III ii iiiin, THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WORLD NEWS Dr. Eugene L. 'Smith of New York, .Methodist, overseas mis sions ' executive, -' has been named to succeed Dr. Roswell P. Barnes as executive secre tary of the World Council of Churches In the United Suites, ' A hymnal on Christian unity was published by the Gregorian Institute of America at Mary Manse College (Roman Catholic) at Toledo. Ohio. It contains IN hymns selected to promote musical bonds among Protes tant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians. w Dr. Smiley Blanton of New York, director of the American Foundation of Religion and Psy chiatry, has urged industry to recruit clergymen to counsel troubled workers.7 , All men have not only the right to live according to their religion or belief but to profess It publicly, it was jiecjaredby the Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches meeting in Tutting, West Germany, w ' Switzerland's first. Institute ol Ecumenical . studies is being set up by the Roman Catholic University of Fribourg. Th,alm of the institute is to promote Christian unity, mainly through theological research. Juvenile crime . rate in Washington, ' DC, In a steady climb since 1959, took a 75 per cent leap during fiscal 1M4, the Metropolitan Police Department reports. St. Albert's Dominican Col lege.- a Roman Catholic seminary in Oakland. Calif., has become affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union which represents Jive Protestant LUTHERAN ST. PETER'S LUTH. fTHs twf-tt Canada vrnort Ljiftorfm CThiirrh In AimHs- Ovtrriooktfir Th Om&n of tht Re : fAiHn Churrh: Mr A. IiH VM.. A WCM. Vnrt yf sT Va-tr, SO m.--Th Earl rvicw. M m fftindav Srlwel. tl 00 m Tht Servic. Gitrmt Spltr: fr. 'vd' trhaut. ,wtrtoo. Cmt. LUTHERAN CHURCH-CANADA ChurrlM. of dw UittMrt Msor (Mlwaorl graoei Ml CALVARY LUTH. Bmrttt ltd. .iwt B!v4. ' Bv. H. A. Mn-kllnsw, Pastor. 1S3-4IS4. as a m. DtvtM ferric. . OUR SAVIOUR LUTH. ' ft9 Avenu. fal SHotonh.iiM'. Psirtor Chuixli: PAS-OSOS; Bt.i PAl-SSSt SO i..-DMm Bervlrs. tees am SunSay School ST. LUKE LUTHERAN MkKi .ne No.1. John Koreok. Puur. SHS-I13I ess m Sundar BeHool and - - - MM. C1 a m. DWIiw Sarvtot. ST. PAUL LUTHERAN . King and WUbrod. ' CM-osat. Stev. Thomaa ptotenhsutr. Pastor. 10 15 l a Sund.r School S simI II . Jn. Oivln. SjrvlM. The Vr . P. It Ctortntl Th. Vmnbk C. C. PhilUp - ' Brmon BwrUtolomw 7 30 a m.: II 00 ajn. Barvtr. ) Bv. T. . CVOtlsmll ' Bav. it). O. Brawor ' Mt. Bwm MeCaati. Orfanlat. SUNDAY AFT Kit TlttNtTY. CKOYI. Praacbar TH. Vtoctoy. : Th Baetor. " '. . pjn Tuaadar and WMnasday at aad S is pxn. rrlday at ITORST. CHURCH OkHKMur Inaar LaurMri p. Bav. - 1 available.! atHoty lunton .ee.- -a. Tao B.m.VCtiurehi. V Ta .nd iee am (Oi.d.11 and V ALL SAINTS CHURCH Chapel SU at Laiirlar Ava. B. ; Ounraa. ; ' Tb. Bav. M. D. Murahlaoa. . . i TBINITY XIII. i.M ajn.a.Holv Caanmunloai. a.m. Morains Prayar and Maraaa, iut. i. u. ouajean. PrMay: JS.S0 Holy Commamion. -Orfanlat and ChotraMaUr! V: 1,1. US. Virr. ST.MATTHEFS QIURCH CafMnf Annua, aaar Bank Btraat Oam! Th Vn. B. Brie Oahorn , za pur A. H Masts. .- . TBINITY XIII. See a m Holy Communion S0 a-m family Canununion. ' a m M.iun.. IJie poi Eraranmf . - , Ch-f anlat ami Chatmuttar: ... tP. A Corb.ll. . PWfollieU.' (aettltles Cenus oaraie wmaiar, r SCO. seminaries, .pooling their re- sources In post-graduate ' p r o- grams of religious, education. . The tanks -of Presbyterian, U.S. (Southern) missionaries throughout the world has-been; Increased, by 47 men and worn en, ranging in age from 22 to f, who have completed six weeks of special training at Montreal, NC. before leaving for their new posts. They include specialists in evangelism, mediclne. education architec ture, printing, business and! agriculture, . - . -. Housing for 172 families has been completed at Dallas, Tex., by St. Paul's Methodist Church, Negro congregation. It was financed through the Federal Housing Administration. ! Total c I r i u I a tion of 151 Roman Catholic newspapers in North America stood at ,32,. 082 ss of the first of the year, according to the 1M445 Catholic Press Directory published in New York. s . About 100 priests of the Italian Verona Roman Catholic Diocese are leaving for missionary services in Latin America to help relieve the clergy short-; age there. They serve on a voluntary basis for five years. after which they may volunteer for further service or return home...'.' ....... t 1 . - BAPTIST FOURTH AVENUE BAPTIST fHDRCH ' 'l ' .:; 'r-asnh at. at Paarth A- - I A awmnsT ehiiMl or the Baptist Convention or Ontario and tjuebM aad the Baptist Federation at Canada ! ." Mlnlattr: B. Samu.1 M. Holmes. B.A B.D Oriental ami Choir Director: M.l.inSS. Tao, ATCX ' Union Bervlc of Worship, at. Gila. Praabytertan Church and Paarth Avaau Baptist Churoh In the Sanctuary of si. Giles Church. 11.00 a m Morning Worship. . Thar, will ha no evening service. McPHAIL BAPTIST Branson Av. af Usgar Bt. Bav. B. K. mltk. MlkUtor. B P. BraiMtaw. Organist. - Union Barvtea in Eraklna Praabytartaa Church. li es a m Morning Worship. B.v. P. Kftd of Eraklna .Praabyterlan. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Cor. Main Stmt and Evelyn Av. Be. D. O. Olary. Minister. S s.m Bible School Ctaas. for all age. Don't aand your children to Bible School Brtng Thml am. Morning Worship.' 7 IS pjn Bvanlns Worship. -Curat spaakar at both services: Bav. Boy Mathaaon. M Th. WMncaday, S OS p m Prayer MeeUng and Bible Claaa Wa Beltova ta the Plenary V.rb.1 Inaplratlon of th. acrtptura... . Von Are Cordially Invited ta Calvary Church. . ATTEND CHURCH -THIS i SUNDAY P R E S B Y ST. ANDREWS CHURCH W.UUtgua and Kent Btraau. Ottawa. . . ; Minister: Be.' Arlhar W. Currto. U-A-. ID, M.Th. -Organist ami Choirmaster; Mr. Carman H. Mllllgan: Mua Bac, M.Mua. 11 00 a m "POWER TO SB IT THROUGH - a ' ' Infant Nnraery and Churoh School Class far children. svi years M so and under, wilt T JO pjn. Recorded WoodcaM af morning earvlce ever Station cfba tsaoi. ; , St. Andrew's, foiindad ta ISSS. welcome. sB visitors. . WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN 470 Booamlt Avenue v (South gt Rlehcnond Road I ,., Oraanttt: Mr. Jacob Meersaaa. . Guest Minister: The Bav. Dr. Ian Bumett, 10 OS sjb Meralng Worship. . Thw. will b NO Sunday School Servteae until Septoateee. Thar will b MO Sventng Sarvlee ST.PAES CHURCH TI Woodrori. Avaaoe. ' Bav. W. P. Duffy, B AB. Organlit and Choir Director: C. W. Drummond. . V ..:... . ass. ' "OUR INHERITANCE IN CHRIST." , . Mv. W. P. Duffy., Nuraary Sunday School to age f CHRISTIAN SCIENCE - FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, . . ' SCIENTIST .. Stetealre at OUavaur. . , ' Sunday 11 ir Sunday Bchoal 11 M a.n. ! , ;. .: .. Subjeett "MIND." . r. .. ' Wedneaday. s 0 em. Including ' TESTIMONIES OP .CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEAMNO. . THB BIBLS SPEAKS TO YOU. CKOV. Sundays, 10OS S.SS PREB READINO ROOM; Hardy Arcade. IS Sparks St. . Opaa Dally Eacvpt Sunday, METHODISTS WESLEYAN METHODIST-. StmnysMa Avanua at Oroewnor B.v. M. t. Summers, Pastot. . S 4 S.m Sunday School, . . Worship Sarvka ' ' at 11 OS ajn. and fjo em. Be. Oliver DonaelL of Silver creek, rT, win ba th luast p.akar at both aarrvteea. Tuewlay, S p.m Prayer Sarvtee.' Thuraday, s p m. Yo.Bg Paoyla's meaning BRIEFS ' Twenty Jewish teenagers from the New York metropof itan area have devoted their Summer vacations to working with Pima Indian children on a reservetion near Phoenix. Arlt. Dr. Marcel Pradervand of Geneva, general t secretary of the ' World Presbyterian Alliance, says that no Church has the right to refuse to participate In dialogues with other Chris tians no matter how "difficult" these may be. America's civil rights move- mem Is being iandicapped by a "national illiteracy" regard ing the religious, cultural and social history ol the Negro In the United States, Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum of New Yor said at Milwaukee. He was ad dressing the International Faculty and Curriculum Workshop of the Sister Formation Conference, which serves the situarandttfeltewaTTeoy of some, 170 000 Catholic in the united states, . I "' ' A J25.OO0.OOO church build ing plan lor the Archdiocese of Madrid- Alcala was announced in Madrid, Spain, by Archbishop Casimiro Morclllo Gen- sale. He said he also planned to extend the number of parishes so that there would be one for each 10.000 of the capital's 2.500,000 inhabitants. I FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Laurier at Blglfi Btraat av mtuart Iruon. Minister Organist. C. taa Mluto. L B A M BJB aaonun woranip "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT." Ouet Minister: PBOPESSOB MURRAY POBD of Hamilton. IM a.m. tnlormal Cathartna for worahip. dtacuaakm and I.How- ahip Ml by John Macpnaii. U.A.. B.D. Visitor Wleom. TOTBORO BAPTIST SOT Richmond Bead - - Aa Evangelical Baptist Church. B.v. J. Bhanks. Minister. Organist: Mtas 1. Ofelknv A BCT. Choir Director: Mrs. p. Oialter. IIM SJh -COST OP DISCtPLX- .... BHtP." -TJepm -BE YB BEADYf Btudant Pastor Paul Smith will be th spaakar at both aarvtoee. e.ts a.m Sunday School Claaasi '-for All Asm. lies s.m tun lor Church aad Nursery reslUUes. ' BROMLEY ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH r Bromley Bead at Uudey Drive. I Minister: Be. . P. Ble. B A, B J,' a sa aaa. Barvlea fa Bromley I . Road Baptlat church. I II OS sm aervica la Bethany Baptlat Church. IMS Baseline Road , Mlnlaur la Chart.-' nn, ioh. C. Ball. B A . I D. T E R ! A N be held during th Siamm.r month. ! KNOX PRESBYTERIAN miffmaitt .v. I UllKtH j . ' It th Haart af th Capttal.ljj bornar sism ana uajar atraviab Minister: . ' Rev. H Douglas Slewart B A. Director of Mual: Lilian Forsyth . DaaMMiaaajAMla Bulk StnLalhA em Rev, C. It. MacLeea. s D.D. Deputy Chaplain of the Pleat, Royal Canadian Navy. I1.SS am, Nursery car. during ' ' SiMBunar months. ERSKINE PRESBYTERIAN Bronaoa Av. at hUcLarea St. Unloa aWrvtea with .. McPhaU Baptlat Church Praaeher. Be. Peter B. Betd. la Ersklne Church. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE -;S0aETY ? Sunday aarvtsa li e a av. ..r Sunday School ess. Mureenr Aosommodattoa. , iWdnaday Tntlmohv Maetmt - seepja. .. BROADVIEW AVENUB -. PUBUC BCHOOC i AU. ABB WELCOMB. 'Lead Us Not Into temptation' AYLMER. Ont. (CP) - Thej line In the Lord's Preyer that reads. "Lead us not into temp tattoo," has a rather special meaning for the ISO Mennonltes who have settled on the' out skirts of this Western Ontario town in the last decade.. Mrs. Peter Yoder, wife of the bishop of the Mennonite com munity, says the words explain why the people drive horses and buggies, why - they , don't use electricity and why ' they cling to th tlothing of their nth century German ancestors. Clad in a voluminous, drab ankle length blue gown and apron, with not a hair allowing kffrom under ( her sun bonnet. Mrs. Yoder talked of the temptations modern young folk face. It, Is not the electricity or the conveniences we are opposed to. It is th idleness and foolish pleasures we would be led into if w gave up our old ways.". 'i : .... There I evidently a fine line, However. ; between what con stitutes a convenience and what is a temptation. The Yoder household pos sesses two treadle sewing ma chines, running- water and a washing machine run by a gaso line engine And while the Mennonites don't own cars, they will ride in one if the trip is necessary. United Church of Canada fNTE TOWN DOMINION-CHALMERS CHURCH :-s"J.' iitonnoe n4 Cooper StTMts ' ; . . Mlnlstors: ',..- R'v A. Prank MacLaan, B A . Oil. . , . i.1- Bav. Douglas C. Lapp B A- BD . Organist: William Prance. MusB. PC CO . a.m Infant Nuraerv and .Junior Congregattoa ' lt.0e San "YOUR IDENTtriCATION.- , -fT: Dr. M.cLeen. ' t JO .m "WHAT SHOULD A CHURCH SERVICE - i. DO POB YOUf, Dr. MacLean A cardial iavttaUoa Is extondad to visitors. . T liiaiilUcUnT01l r. . . - ( BenHea hue kt McLood-turaartoa. . - . . . '''.',''' j"'-.' ' enlt at Argyl, IBM sm Warship. Teat: taslah 40t. ' . Servuj beoadc mt CTRA-PM at tie am. . loot am Nursery and Junior Cengregatlon lor chlldrea p i t S yeara. W Invito vtoltora lo worahlp with ps In th coot of the morning A friendly weleonto tj ntoiMard .if all Ample parking. ., .. -f s T '' ,. J ma' ":. -. . .BELL ST. 4 . . - Bell aad ArUagtoa. Be t W. Oldrlng. li. D D. 'Orun let and Choir Director: i . Mortoy B. Pag. - ... r7 . ... ..te.oe sen. ' 1 . Guest Preath.r: Mrs. Jaea Cotllns. ; Sermon: "VIUAGES WITHOUT WALLS." EAST MacKAY MacKsy Strat at Darfetin Rd Servtat Manor Park, Reck tun. and New Edinburgh. Minister: The Bav. P. H. Morgaa. B A, BO Organist: Da Crane. il a.. .Meaning Wor-hlp, - "DO YOU KNOW GOD. I OB ONLY KNOW OP HIMt" Mr. Morgan preaching. . No Evening Service. SOUTH ST. JAMES and ELEBE i , , JO, Berva In St. tomes United Church. . . Second Ave. et Lyon St. Minister: 1 Rev. J. L. Pettrutf, B A. I - Organist:. Mr. H. BramwaU Bailey. II a.m "POUR QUESTIONS CONCERNINO YOUR GOAL. Mr, Psttrtm preaching. , 11 asn Nursery Provided. '. VMtora Weioome. WEST OTTAWA PARKDAIE UNITED CHURCH . . " f" i Parkdale snd Oladstsne. . Minister: v. Gordon C . Smyth. 8 A. '- ; i Minister 1 Vrallallon: B.v. Thomas B. McUnaan. DD. ' Director et Miasle: Tkomas Crompton, L T C L IIII. - PUBUC WORSHIP t i t . ' U-v leeeam. , i ;,X " ' Barman: "MANDLINO A CROWD " ., .-.' Mr. Smyth , - Summer visitors to the Capital are especially wetfaeae.' - KINGSWAY UNITED s . klaad Park Drive at the. . Qusaasway. Mlhlatan Bee. Prank B. Herbaeh. ; ' B.A B.D. ' Choirmaster: Mr. Bed elmes, Orssalsti Dr. D. A- Bamsty. . Summer Schedule: ' i Juae SI sa Sept. S IS j Carteton Memorial Ualtad. i teJO taa Ktngawty United. VfOODROFFE ? ' Miavtori Us. T. A. Morgaa. Orsanaut Mr. O. W,' RawUng. V 11 .- Meraln IS OS a.m. . Ung Warship elrjr sitting Service aad . , Junior Coaurrasaltea 39 A retired neighbor keeps him- -- self in spending money by running them to town and back. Dark clothing is the general rule here although Mrs. Yoder explained that the Mennonites may wear any color except red and pink. Her two daughters. Mary. 1. and Betty, II. shook their heads when ft was suggested a yellow dress might be nice. "Back in Indiana it wooldn" be unusun'.i but here we hist couldn't." one j I said,' I ;-. - : ' RECREATION CENTRE -" TAMPA, Fla. (RNS) The First Baptist Church here -has opened a complete recreational facility centre, reputedly the most complete of any church in Florida. A $380,000, building includes fully equipped gymnasium and four-lane bowling dlejtijightojmjrteieljju departments, game room and lounge and a lunch room. J I M0( PILGRIMS ' NAMUGONGO. Uganda (RNS) An estimated 10.003 Africans took part in a solemn pilgrimage here to the shrine of the Uganda Martyrs, a group of 22 young Negro Roman Catholic converts who were put to desth in 1886 by orders of a pagan chieftain. King Mwanga. F UNITED I R Kent and Plerenes. Mlniaten B.. Jamas T B. Adameoa. ID. ITS. Orgaalat: Mr W S Bamnaea, i Mui Bae .. M M us. 10 00 an United Service in McLood-Sl.wMVo OTTAWA ATTEND' CHURCH -THIS ' SUNDAY OTTAWA SOUTHMINSTER , Bank SlrMt et Eehe Drtv . MiaUtor: Be. A. L Shorts. I D, S.T.M. Organist: Mrs. Gorg g. Phrrs. liee em. "ENLARGE YOUR VISION." Mr. Shorten preaching -Provision ta mad for Nuratry and Ktndarsarten Chlktrca during the hour af worahlp. A warm wvlcom ta all WES1M0 . ChurehID and Ravenhin. Ctorgy. Be Daniel Matheson Rev. Oorden Cenn . Ouavt OrgMtott Mr. Alaa Drledcer. ,u . le e.m. s.iiiion: THE DIPPERENCB BETWEEN KNOWLEDGB AND WtSDOM." , Oiseet Prtaeher: Re. Jma L. M.tlisssn, Patth Methodist Churoh,: BockyUto, Maryland. BRITANNIA SSI ptmerest IteatL R.v Jobs ft. Wsyllng. B a! ' Orssalst and Choir Director: C. Soott Mullgaa. - S SS a m -"-Morning Worship ' NeraWy and Junior Sunday Bchool (ay Siumma , uaiy - . ,

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