The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1918
Page 6
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PAC-S SCSI."'"' THE DAILY COURIER, CONN.EL.LSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 29, '1918.' SPORT STAND IS GREATEST COLLEGE ATHLETE IN THE COUNTRY WILL FADE OUT OF SPORTS Dean Brtggs^of Harvard Explains" New flan Evolved at Yale Conference. BIG GALA DA y S ABANDONED Games Being Arranged to Satisfy Healthful Love of _Sport Rattier. i' Than for Purely Spectacular ~ or Financial End* An explanation of the new staad on Etport tokea by. Harvard, Tale and Princeton as the result of the confer cnSe. among JDean..I« Baron Brtggs, Professor Corwln apd Dean iloCleri- na$ahan. Is made by Dean Briggs in a statement In the Tale News. He declares that sport at the three .colleges wfll be cbhflaned on ah Informal basts, with the* exception of-schedule!!. -He adds- that the term "informal" DCS been raiSiaterpreted. The dean's statement follows: IThere was a general agreement in DOT conference as to the wisdom of. onr procedure with regard to athletics last- fafl, for we -were all glad that tte football interests were put aside and that the* big ga!3tt«--were- omitted; If/for^" miU collegiate sports are resumed they wni be i*M on as "inexpensive a basis ·ipossiole-'They win not be-scheduled" to*. Illf g£!a days anfTwIirnot be as poillcly advertised as before; games be/-', IniF arranged Trfth m view to" satisfying * 5o»ltbf ul love^ of sport rather'. than to? 'jrorely' spictaenlar~-of- : financial fat*. '·'...'. .. - ; .'·- · : : --."" : ~ ' UpheM' Military Interest*. .; JfThe military organizations of..the teparate colleges and mdrersi Ues -are nojr oa » ten b'asi»...By re-est»bilsh^ h* formal athletic* I thlnft that jwe can Teller* the unnatural.atraZa.on.the men and generally toce tip the college tplrlt It M, however, ttort Important to Vkeep the athletic Interests Interfering^ with the military'duties.or inter- M5t% : and we mastfaxther see to it that tb* public does not misinterpret. "our action and continue to 'regard 'the! as the big events of the college' ROGER 'HORNSBY IN GLASS 3 [ .. - .When.the. senior "cadets ai:*West Point ^radaate next August, ten months ahead'of time, tbe^ greatest all-around college athlete In tlie country will fade oot of collegiate sports for'! the stern business ol war. !· Elmer OHphant will never.again"defend the honor ol the army on the gridiron, for his.early graduation wilt rob him of one more year of football, ·nti,-!!':^ «H Ws Brother-cadets, ,who will graduate this year, he will become ~* commissioned officer'in the army.. . ' · ; . : " There are great athletes in every age, but few/hare ever been nncovered who "hare had the all-around ability In various branches of sports that Ol!- phant has. ·'" : '.' ' . ' ; ; . - . - . . . . · LAW OF AVERAGE GAME OF GOLF ' "The newspapers have derided the term Informal' entirely too much", having quite missed its significance- By re-' esiibllshlng formal athletics we do not ia'any way mean to feature athletic eoiUsts, nor do we propose to make atMetics any less informal" as regards their relation to military work. They wiU be more formal merely in the mac- tee-* of the resumption of modified ecbednles with our old competitors. The change, I am sure, will snow good results both In the military and. ath- letic'interests. .-":·""·" "' ,'; Players, inMilitary Unlta, V,-;-' ^The decision, whether "man n«t,ln the milltary~organizatioxi9 of tbelr'unl- yersitles shall or 6han not !ie able to play on "tlie athleiic teams .of the com'- log season was left entirely to the authorities at each college, but I see,no; reuon why the ablebooled idan naomV W6;ptct"to represent uk ; iu vigorous-!' outdoor-lif« should not beta the aiist- ta^miiltary units. -ID feet,'I" tbiak It [s unfair to Tale to allow her "opponents to use men not In the military organizations, and consequently we did Bofr-allow one member of tho freshmun hockey team to play against Tale in Saturday's game, noi; 'wiU we allow «nch men. to play on future Harvard toatQK" , · ;. '- ':' .- ': ."· CHARLIE WHITE THIRD MAN IN MANY BATTLES Boger Hornsby, shortstop of the St Louis CE'.rclinals, bus been pot In Oluss 3 by his. draft board at Port Worth, . Homsby was given deferred classification because of a dependent 1 mother! The placing of Hornsby In Class 3 j ll' enable him to ploy ball this euca- mer. Alarmed. "Ze bootifol heiress scared me to | death when she uskcd If 1 had unything j to Jjide from ze -world." "llonsicur was alnrmcdT' "Terribly! I thought she llnd seen ze soiled shirt benenth zi: llg Windsor | tie." * rtnitdr lor infectio the B r t n x r r tr»«l. ] ainU»». non-potwniii9 · »d will not rtrlctnr.. . el!e\-« in 1 to J dar«- ! AO],XBT »K»;cnraiT.i. Pnrc«I Pctt if dp*iret --r*ric«sl. or 3 battlt Prflporwl br THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO.; CINCINNATI, O. . MeAvoy Get* in Exemption. ' Mder 3airies:aieji.Toy-will be with tte Athletics : ttrfs year after all. He yns drafted .and ordered to an army camp, hot a brother, who was left as rapport of their mother,- became to- ^«lkted and so tto-c«Sc*7i w»» jfraat- ·d exemption, . ; ·· -: ; Bpencor New Bd j Spencer, Detroit catcher, .is' the Santa Clara 0ni¥ersltj t team, -; KENTUCKY'S BEST COLT ; STBANGiLED TO DEATH I r~ '! ' · . --.-- t'~- ~ · ·' I * 1 " ^Ibnastir, ICenneth D. Alex- · "fader's coHr by BrppraKtickrStar- 5 ly Night, wM'ci died' at Donglas J pjndt of straogntaaott following * an attack-of distemper, war one · of th* most highly regarded two- ! year-olds in Kentucky. Mr..AH'J exitnderrl8.8erTiDg.with an am- * balance .corps to K»ncs and was · ji6tiflea:byrcaN«i'bf his colt's de- · . . Monasttr,«c*of the best bred » of this y«i#s : .H«t;'of yoimgsters, J ins said to hnre wor!ied'emt;ln ·· fairter tta»- tiMui. ..any ;two}year old in the state, «od at. ' ' . ·······**·»*·*»·» **·»·· ·.· Does the law of-avernge run true in 'golf matches? According to Charles E7ans, -national amateur and open champion, ; -the answer Is in the affirmative. He claims that all persons must agree that accidents may in one disasr trons moment sweep away the worlc^of years, destroying health, happiness, Even life Itself; bnt, of course, this is. a fact of.possibility, 'not of greatest] probability. In all ordinary conditions I he believes that the race is to the swift 'and the battle to the strong. AH sorts of bad luck may delay sac- cess, but sMil averages well in success in the long run la golf iis well as all the important things of life. PROWOTION FOR MftL BARRY Brewer** Star First Baseman Is Making Good as Sokfter--Raised to Rank of Sargesnt. Mai Barry, - Btar first baseman -sltli the SDlwaitkee clob oi the American association, is Dilating goad as a eoJ- dier. He Juts .been' promoted to sergeant, accoKung.,to -word recervcd'.by A. S 1 . Tbnirie, president .of.the club. Barry, 'although married, .".was calted 'early ln.the : .dra£t.'!nmra'e'saia'an' op'eh- lag wip be made for hto -when he returns.- . Chance for Rpokiea Pacific Coast league team managers not only Trill; haTevto.use more bush- ers mfle^"league. 1 regulations, but they'^also' will have to" get aiong jvititi--fewert-iJia5'eM -at ;any sort, for -the^eafeae;!Jrt~Its" "recent me'eUng cut the team'-limtt'tp 16 meii: : ^ !; Camp. Generai,5torn;ortflie.g8Fenth division -of Cajny.'.Gorilcm, i«anto,"Qn., is hav- ' ' ' " ' L pn';;.the ..drill " HJ^jhth'.'Ail Charlie White, a landmark of the ring, who passed away at his home in New York a tew weeks Kgo, was the most prominent referee of pugilistic contests in tfifs country. In nearly afl the big events, when championships changed hands or- were defended successfully in the Eastern states, he was "the third man in the ring." The last big contest in that viciafty where White was the arbiter, was the Wll- lard-Morgon contest in Madison Square garden, March 25, 1918. He was at the ringside when! Johnson defeated 'Jeffries in Reno, Nov., In 1910, as alternate referee. x Among other prominent fignts In which White olDciated f as referee were: Joffries-Corbett, FtteslinraoDS- Sharkey, at Coney Island; Fitzslm- mons-RuUHn, Maher-Rahlin,. Walcott- Smith, Walcott-West, Walcott-Creedon,.Jordan-Dixon, McGovern-Brne and Erne-Guns in Chicago, and Young Cor- bett-McGovcrn, in HartJprnj Conn. RICKARD QUITS BOXING GAME TO RAJSE CATTLE ·' · ."Tex." Bitkard,. cattleman ajjd boxing promoter, has abandoned tte pmjlilstic arena in favor of the ranch. .Blclmrd sailed for Sontk America aad will devote his time In the fntnre to, cattle raising in place of promoting bouts between fiimons pugnists for.fnbnioos'pnrses. Before leai?- Ing. the man who staSed the Johnson-Jeffries, ' Oons-Nelson and WIllard-Moran contests on- nonntxscl that he was through 'with tho boxing game and would :glve his entire time henceforth to cattle raising in South America. Greater Confidence In Yourself It may surprise you to see how much more confidence a bank account with us will give you to accumulate money. By getting the habit of regular. weekly or monthly deposits, you will soon have a good ·size fund which is steadily working for you at interest. The only bank in this community paying '1% Interet on Savingu Accounts. RUGS STOVES "The BSg Store^ Near The Bridge.' 154-15S West Crawford Avenue.Successors Leonard Ifurnitnre Co. New methods, new ideas and new low prices are making the "Big Store Near the Bridge" a scene of activity such as is rarely observed in a furniture store. If you have a furniture or floor covering need, by all means see the New Store's display before purchasing. tyring Housectetng Weans lew Ings fpOLllM| And New Rugs naturally means the New Store. Nothing old in floor coverings here. All spic span new goods--latest patterns anri colorings and every one bought at prices that enab'le us to sell,as lov.- as the lowest. · . Extra Special-Ten Wire Seamless Brus- (j» Q *3' C? A sels 9x12 ft. Rugs. Elsewhere $40 to $45 «P*«J.OV At The Zimmerman- Wild Company Clever new styles in satin stripe effects in the celebrated Rome one piece continuous post Brass Beds and the latest wood effects such as circassion walnut and quartered oak finished in steel and iron beds. We shall deem it a favor to show you the display. Prices start at ., $5.75 Zimmerman-Wild Co. Are Exclusive Agents For Sealy Tuftless Mattresses! The Sealy Tuftless Mattresses are absolutely guaranteed for 20 years--they are tuftless, easy to keep clean and wonderfully restful. "Sleeping on a Sealy is Like Sleeping on a Cloud." For $12.50 Semi-Felt Mattresses in a High Grade Heavy Art Ticking. This Week Only. In Maiisg Out Income Tax Returns A great many people were at a loss to know just wliat their net income was, A dilemma that can be avoided by paying all bills by check. Willi the record of receipts and expenditures before you that youT check book shows, It's a comparatively simple matter to make a proper tax return. Large or small, your checking account Is cordially invited. '' ISO IV. Crawford Avc., CoDnellsYlllc. "The Hint I«cb Things for Sou" 1 1 Mlierul Interest on Time Deposits. 1913 Refrigerators at 1915 Prices Notwithstanding the general advance in all lines, ear]y buyers of Refrigerators will find the old prices prevailing on new styles at the Zimmerman-Wild store. Take advantage of these low prices and reserve a refrigerator from this stock. A small deposit will do. The Zimmerman-Wild Co. 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