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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 40

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 40
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i ; 1 v .WWJi'i'," iin,mil'lninp'Hjnvll Nt I iwrli?,rTT,,wT'i l" wiry 1 v SATURDAY. AUQUST 22, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 8ATURDAY. AUGUST 22 I9M :-"" - t"- Gouldn'f Put a Roof Over Sea of Galilee! . "BOY, am 1 glad t h e couldn't put roof over the Sea of Galilee!'" is a comment you'll hear from pilgrims to the .Holy Land, over sndj over again. For so many of the places la miliar from the New Testament land made sacred for us by Jesus' ministry have had so many churches built over them that they seem completely unlike what they mutt have been in Jesus' day. But the Sea Forrest of Galilee mains much the same. w THERE IS a beautiful air-conditioned .hotel t Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee and have found every time I talk with visitors who have gone there that they wish they could have remained longer. At the south end of where Galilee empties into the Jordan there is a famous ' kibbutz called Degania. It is the .oldest communal settlement in Israel, and they welcome visitors. - The European Jews who first wrestled with the heavy rocks and barren soil of Degania nearly 60 years ago reveal to the visitor something of why Palestine was once called a promised' land, . flowing with milk and honev. For It hasn't been much of a promised land these past 1800 years. 1 Sta. Marie L Just y the Onurio part of the palisade being ; REBUILDING - Fdrt - recreated b I compound. Hp the foreground one of the two Indian longhousee Isnderwsy. All work at the alt it being done with baruj tool of the type employed in the original construction. In the background to the Canadian Martyrs Shrine. . . s -.'' Methodist In Angli icqn v Church Work LONDON (RNSV A Methodist minister will Join the ministerial tuff of the Anglican Woolwich parish church here but will retain hit ties with the Methodist Church. Th move, supported by the Methodist Conference and Anglican Bishop Mervyn Stock-.wood of Southwark, is believed to mark the first time non-Anglican ha served a mini-, tar of an Anglican church. ' , Rev. Ray Blllington, 34, who ha had Methodist circuit in the Woolwich section of London, will specialize In Industrial chaplaincy. However, he witl carry out all 'ministerial task except those winch can he performed only by an Anglican priest, such administer-' ing Holy Communion. . . This is the second venture in ecumenical partnership for the Woalwfch parish church. It was .recently,- announced that Woolwich jPreebyterian congregation would hold Its worship services In the Anglican sanctuary.- A youth centre Is to be built on the sit of the Presbyterian church. . .gllcaa aad Methodist Cimrcnes in Britain are really considering ' plan to ' BIBLE SPEAK! TO YOU Teenager Statu Without Vhikfhg," to the subject ,of Sunday' Christian S e i n c program The B:bie Speaks, to rtm.- . y w''vywlun , ihj hoses sprayed on ' By, Rev. A. C. Forrest Many things happened to impoverish it. One invader1 after another fought over it The .Turks, were great despoilers and . cut the trees off the hills. The goats of the Bedouin completed the plans for erosion by nibbling off the young shoots and seedlings. The Winter rains and the hot' winds of the desert did the rest So the topsoU was washed and Mown down into the valleys and much of it was carried to the Mediterranean ,tand -the Dead Sea: Then in the second century AD a great earthquake and volcanic explosion showered the rich north part of Galilee with lava. The result is today, that much of the .country you past through on your way from Jerusalem to ' Nazareth and Galilee it barren. And that rich farmland' between Capernaum and Nazareth, while still fertile under the rocks is covered with the volcanic rubble. ' BUT Degania it covered with lush grass, citrus orchards. vineyards and grain flelds. And the Jiws are planting trees on the hillsides by the millions and restoring the swamps and valleys to fertile productive acres. Trie great irrigation hoses spray lazily on the flelds of alfalfa as you pan by. In 'Degania the roofs of the great chicken houses sparkled in the -IT.". - . 4 If , i - i i . HISTORIC FORT ; east of Midland, is being government Photo show erected around the Indian . Closed Retreat h For Women , Rev. C. M. McManut. OSM, ef Montreal,' is to preach the annual six-day Closed .Retreat for married and single ladies at Villa Madonna Retreat House, Ottawa (RR No. 2. Or leans, Ont). from Friday evening, September 4 to II. inclusive. This is the third year this event has been held at the villa. ,. ' ': ". .-; 1 Sponsor Joint':;';K':, Newspaper ' LONDON (RNS) An ? inter- religiously-produced newspaper The Cavertham Bridge" is being sponsored by Anglican. Baptist, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches in the Cavers ham section of Reading. Believed to be the first such undertaking of Its kind, the venture Is the latest of series of co-operative efforts ' by Cavershara churches. . Representatives of each religious body win serve on the editorial boar. . , i NEW HOSPITAL GH0RVEH. Iran (RNS) - Moslem residents of some Ml communities In th Kurdistan province of Northwestern Iran wiD be served bf new bed hospital and out-patient clinic here by the Lutheran Orient Mission of the United States, 1 them to. keep the temperature down for egg-laying and broiler-fattaning. The highlight for many pilgrims is a boat ride from Tiberias on the ytest side of the lake to the ruin of Capernaum in the north. We stopped in the middle of the lake for a brief service. Our guide pointed out the chief scenes of Jesus' Galilee ministry. The. Mount of the Beatitudes, the place where Jesus turned the loaves and fishes into food for the 5,000, the spot where he preached from the boat, healed the Gada- jene maniac, the cliff where the swine perished, where Peter tried to walk on the water and the fiihermen disciples were re cruited. CAPERNAUM is in complete ruins now. Churches have been built, but they do not spoil the .sites of the Sermon on the Mount, or the place of the loaves and fishes miracle. Ancient Gjdara is now part of Syria, which holds about one quarter of Galilee's" shore-line. They'll shoot at you if you approach from the Israeli side and get too close. And vice versa. Jerusalem. Nazareth, and Bethlehem have all been marred for me, and I suspect for many) tourists from the West by the excessive teal of the -church builder. And the tomb, the carpenter-f hop and the man' ger, by the religious feuding of th centuries. But Galilee re tail much of Its ancient aim plkity. And although a rusty Syrian tank (till lies where it was destroyed by Jewish bomb inside Degania. and they did a little snooting where Gali let receives the Jordan the Sunday I was there last month, it's stlU for me the holiest spot in the sad unholy Holy Land. a Dangers To Youth SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (RNS) President David 0. McKay charged! bis Mormon faithful here with acceptance of the responsibility of being "my brother's keeper." Addressing the 134th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.' he told an overflow crowd in the Salt Lake , Tabernacle that three dangers threaten the success and happiness of youth. - He Issued .sharp warning against "the pernicious habit of smoking cigarettes, the increasing number of divorces and the tendency to "hold less sacred the moral standard." "On hundred and thirty-one years ago the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith received a revela tion showing forth - the order' and win of God in the temporal salvation of an saints m the last days.", the 90-year-old leader of the church said. "It relate to the physical, the intellectual, the moral and the spiritual nature of man." Joseph Smith' knowledge cam from inspiration, he -said. "He declared that tobacco and strong drinks, excepting only when used externally, art not good for man. Mission Posts No Place For Faint-Hearted SUVA, Fill (RNS) Tlie Church Gazette of the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia pulled no punches when it advertised vacancies for missionaries and lay mission workers. Here, according to the dio cesan publication, are. the qualifications and disqualifica tions for such work: Ability to mix with people. mix .concrete, ' wade writ articles, love one's neigh bor, deliver babies, ait legged, conduct meetings, drain swamps, digest questionable dishes, patch : human weak' nesses, suffer fools gladly and burn midnight oil. ' "Persons allergic to ant. babies,' beggars, chop suey, cockroaches, curried crabs, du plicator, guitars, humidity. In difference. Itches, Jungles, mildew, minority groups, mod, poverty, sweat and' unmarried mothers had better think twice before applying. GETS NIX POST CHICAGO (RNS) - The Na tional Lutheran Council has named Rev. Donald H. Laraen, pastor bf St. Andrew-Redeemer Lutheran . Church, Detroit. assistant ' secretary of urban church planning with special responsibility in human relations. The office to related to the NLC's Division - of Americai Missions.' r ' I ' 1 4 1 ' ' ' f- - , t ' f i r , ' i ' Y J REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT Young and old are among the 7,000 refugees in Sealdah Station in Calcutta being relocated through the World Council of Churches in sn attempt to solve the J "world's worst refugee problem." There have been 1,250 families living in the station since . the partition of India and Pakisun in 1947. Churches : . 'have undertaken resettlement of refugees in three " new communities north of Calcutta, Great Modern Emerge THE CITY, of Jericho wat and it one of the most remsrk-able spots pa earth. It is l,5 feet below sea level. Kingdom have risen and fallen, armies have come and gone, but there is still a village there, th third k is believed to have risen. been demolished and r i tap again. The name of Joshua will be. forever associated with Jericho. He it was who marched -his armies seven times about the city until the walls fell down. The Sunday school lesson for August M is entitled -"Possessing the Promised Land." It gives us the picture of the middle aged man Joshua prepar ing bis followers to enter the Promised Land. And "Joshua waxed old and stricken in age" gives bis last words of counsel to1 his people. .- . THE outstanding lesson of Ihit passage of scripture to set forth in the words "crossing and 'possessing." Religious life in every age, and particularly the Christian life, consists th mak ing definite move, starting out on a new way of life, trying to lay hold jol and possess new qualities of mind and spirit Joshua crossed the Jordan and possessed .the Promised Land. Every tfme a modem Chris tian decides to live a better life, to put his destiny m the hands of Christ, be makes crossing from one kind of life to another, H valiantly ' sets himself to possess something of Infinite worth. That thing of infinite worth la Improvement In charac ter, renewed faith In God, com mitment of life to God through Jesus Christ. ' Joshua ' crossed the Jordan and possessed the land. He is a historical character fitd t b e events described are historical events. But he Is also sn ideal. and his actions constitute a pattern. "Cross and possess." This it the, commandment (which God gave not only to that soli tary figure 220. year ago, but hat continued to give to every sincere Christian seeker after truth who would find new and better life in Jesus Christ. " We need to remind ourselves thai Joshua feared above everything that his people might re-la pa again Into idolatry. It was to flee idolatry that th Patriarch Abraham had left Ur-hv the-Cbaldees and gone into land which God opened up and prepared for him. Throughout the whole of Hebrew history Idolatry had plagued the' spiri tual life of the people. jjT b e y were constantly trying tn add the false deities of the people among whom they lived te the figure of The Great God who had been revealed to them through i Moses and the later teachers and prophets. TODAY we do not have Idols of wood and stone, but idolatry nevertheless continues to be the great Issue which -Christians mutt confront. Our Idols are selfishness, krv of comfort, love of money, sensuality, pleasure seeking, jealousy, and desire fr revenge. Anything we put before God an idol, snd often avowedy I From Scripture Sunday School Lesson f By EARL L DOUGLASS followers of Jesus Christ are tempted and sometimes persuaded to put the things of the world before the riihteout demands of God. For God would have us alt live lives of honesty, purity, unselfishness and diligent application to good works. Idols continue to beguile us with their folly. We are tempted to prostrate ourselves before false idols of policy and conduct as the Hebrew people were many centuries ago tempted to pros trate , themselves . before false gods. ; ,f -i ':' Joshua t advice to hi people wa ' that they - keep - up their courage.- He urged them to be loyal to the law of God as it had been delivered to them through Moses, saying that only thus could they resist the temptation to false worship and -J., ,.C!T.'a "Xr1"; r " iney xinvaaeo. , . Fes i be Lord, said Joshua Serve Him in sincerity M a truth, and put away "the gods which your fathers served on the Reveal Wartime Assistance " ROME (RNS) Leaders of Home's Jewish community ral lied to the defence of Pope Pius XII against allegations in! Rolf Hochhuth's controversial play, The Deputy." ; when Osservstore della Domenica. Vatican City weekly, devoted a special Mtyage issue to th Ut pontiff, j. On of th Jewish contribu tor was Dr., Hugo Fso, who recalled th assistance given to Jews by the Pope during the German occupation of Rome. Citing the risks, taken Ay numerous Catholics during this period to help the persecuted Jews, the writer said .that on one occasion the Holy See tried to raise within 36 hoars the 100 pounds of gold bullion that th Nazi commander. Major Kappler, . had demanded ss ransom. " ; Osservstore dell Domenica said n-ore than 4,000 Jews found asylum front the Nazis in some 100 religious congrega tions and SS parish Institutions snd convents. Approximately 400, It stated, took refuge in th Franciscan monastery, and others were given shelter In side th Vatican and the Basilica of St John Latersn. "For a long time,? th week' ly said, "the headquarters of a Jewish relief organization was maintained in safety ' ln' Capuchin convent on th Via Sicilia, and through K contact waa maintained with the International Red Cross snd ' the Pontine! Aid Organization." . Little More Needed by IT IS SAID of prominent European statesman that when he has retired for the night, he is not to be disturbed except tor most extraordinary reasons. An atomic bomb falling perhaps, but not any bomb, it would have to be one near at hand. -. U ... " A man who is not to be dis turbed may be accused of considering himself too important for matters that disturb others, but in a way this line of conduct may also reflect a great humility, humility that Arch bis kop 7t increasingly PocoesTi rare. 11 consists of laying I am not indispen sable. I am not even indestructible. I not only need sleep but the fact that I am sleeping will not prevent the world from going around!" H is not accidental that sleep is often compared to death, the basis of the comparison suggests that a man may absent himself permanently ,or temporarily from the world with out creating toe much turmoil iy the disappearance. 1 - - , ? . .; . . .-A CASE may be mad In favor of sleep a a means of improving' the world. Leaving medical testimony to others, a glance at the Bible offers some stimulating examples. For example the creation of woman was brought about, after Adam other side of the flood and th Egypt; and serve ye the Lord. it . it -A VISIT to that spot on the Jordan where Jesus, was bap- Used snd where 1,20 years earlier Joshua had creased into the -Promised Land constitutes a snocxing mi aown lor practically every Christian believer. The Jordan at that point it about as wide as it city street. There are booths on the banks of the river where on can buy postcards and trinkets. Here the great invasion occurred and the baptism of Jesus also. Little did the people of Joshua's day realize th significance .of the events through which they were passing. Lit tle did the contemporaries of Jesus realize the significance af the baptism of Jesus. We re- " that after John had bap- tlzed the Carpenter of Nazareth, a dove descended out of heaven mn9 vuicw .saying, '"Thou are mv heiovad son tn whom I am well pleased"(Mart 1:11) The immediate Promised Land for us is Christian character and the Joy of a life possessed by Christ The ultimate Promised Land to that heavenly realm where peace, joy and illumina tion win suffuse the lives of believers. - . ;- '- - . The Promised Land is still to be sought., after and . pos sessed. ... '. , ,t . The S day Sea I lessen fer August , ltM Is "Pastes Ing The Premised UaaV JaahsM I: ll-ll; :!--, Ml. I- vv.-- ' -..t - SENTENCE SERMONS Live pure, speak truth, tight wrong . . . els whereore born? Tennyson. To ask advice is te nine cases out of II to toot for flattery. ; '.-?.,'-- 7 ; -Coleridge. Absence of eccupatio to not rest A mind quite vacant to a mind Distresses. -, ..,, , , - 'u;' .. --7- fCoroper. A true way to render aga vigorous Is to prolong the youth ot the mind, . . . V" . - -Mortimer Collins, Th Lord our God we-will serve, and his voice we will ""'i; . .. ; Jot'ue J:J4. God hath not promised sun witb- . out rain, .; Joy without sorrow, peace' wlth- out pain, u t. But God hath promised strength from above, i.-.- Unfailing sympsthy, undying Lessons . I have been driven many timet to my knee by the overwhelming conviction that I bad no where els to go; my own. vision and - that of all around me seemed insufficient for the ' i ' " '. By Archbishop Philip Pocock was cast into a deep sleep. The temporary suspension of his consciousness relieved him of responsibility, as humorists have observed, but it provided the opportunity for a special showing forth of divine power and goodness. Much liks unto that nap waa the one taken by Christ In the boat on the storm-tossed lake with the Apostles. By his calming of the' waters at their frenzied request HH minded them that beneath the appearance of sleep, behind' a faeade-of- apparent disinterestJ providence watches and they were just as safe as He doied as when He awakened. Perhapi the world of our times needs a little more sleep. It needs to reslize that man's contribution to th carrying on and improving of life is a small' part of the entire operation, which, after sH, was started long before he was put in k. Men may require that reminder of their own exit from nothingness into freshness of being, which they can enjoy after a good sleep. How bored we might get with the whole universe otherwise, like compulsory audi tors at tn interminable filibuster. And how imprudent too, in the face of the well-worn proverb. "Sleep on it and see what you think tomorrow." Is there endanger of excess mm :'"V'-' A. lA- i f 1 ' .1 1 If ! - : - V". - -- - - - ir tauitsi a a iiisi iiaisi,s. -a.j on way to brazil ' Six mor Grey Nun of th Cross have; left. Ottawa for the missions in' Brazil which are being administered in the Stat of Sao Paulo by priests from Ottawa. Hull and Mont Laurier dioceses. Front row: Sister St, Marceila, Darquis Boisclair, of Macamic. ' Qitt4 Mother St Paul, Superior General of the order; ' v standing: Stoter St Angele, Theresa Landry. Cap d to Madeleine: Sister Danielle Maria, Danielle Job in, Buckingham; Sister Marl Auxilia trice. Carmen Gravel, Gregoire's Mill. Ont; Sisteri Roland da Jesus, Rolands Bergeron, VUle Marie, Que.; Sister Suzanne d rimma-culee, Suzanne Labrosse, Montebello. - Orthodox Marriage Iri Catholic Church PHOENIX Ariz. (RNS) A ceremony unprecedented in the United State th marriage la a Roman Catholic church of a Greek Orthodox couple by an Orthodox priest was hailed her as another breakthrough in the accelerating program of friendship and co-operation between Catholics and Orthodox The ceremony, performed in St Agnes .Church, united in marriage the former Lynda Saliba. 22, of Peoria, Ariz., and Kenneth Haddad. 30, of Mesa. Performing the ceremony with the full rites of hi church in Catholic sanctuary was the Rev. Anthony Gabriel, pastor of St George Orthodox Church. 'The bridal couple, . attend ants snd ushers received Holy Communion according to the Eastern Orthodox tradition. (On June 13, another unpre cedented ceremony Involving a wedding waa performed at Ste Genevieve du Bolt Catholic 'Original'; Version Of the Lord's Prayer; ALLENTOWN. Pe. (PRT-A theological teacher told Lutheran clergymen here today that Biblical scholars sr generally agreed on th text of the Lord's Prayer Jesus - spoks nearly two thousand years sgo. It differ radically from 'that which appear in Matthew and Luke."' ' ':'?-;-;? v j ' Rev, 'Charles P. Slgel, who teaches New Testament -and Greek at Philadelphia Lutheran Theological Seminary, said tne prayer to 34 words long compared to th M-word Lord's Prayer In Matthew and the 38-word version In Luke. , The text of the "origins!" version follow,, i -s, .'V,.. . -Path' ' ' '. J -,:.:.i,:itv,V-' -...;c;;-- Sleep World lack of sleep? It it worth thinking about. Eelectrichy and the resultant late of vt.-i-out kinds certainly tempt man "to stay up" in a way that was not common . in lormer times. In such cases' where experience has not developed the useful instincts of reasonable measure, some deliberate rules have to be followed. Night-driving haa already attracted" tome such attention. ' w " MUCH MORE of this attention might be directed to the, particular problem of children and young people. Regardless of their young energy it is hard to believe they can keep up a curfewless existence without paying for it in terms of nervous agitation, moral instability. uiDeriiciai unuini. KBunn this natural need thev also ask -v permanent misunderstanding of" the various limitations imposed? on man at a created belng.'The -early monks treated sleep air-" most as an enemy of tneritori': out acitivity but -even they. ap-. predated it at a source of re newed vigor. A serene missionary in Pacific island colony It seems, to read the works of. St. Augustine in evening the day's work was don. ' habit be stated wat the sourc of hit serenity. As be read.; wisdom quietly accumulated., but at a1 lives moment, be.- would doze off. "St. Augustine: thus taught , roe the greatest,' wisdom" he commented. He lautht me when to go to alee ileep.' (Copyright ,1 j, ! Church, Warson Woods. Mo. Roman Catholic and Protestant ; Episcopal prieatt , ce-orTiciated in t . rile uniting , Catholic groom and - an Episcopalian bride. Th ceremony was authorized by Joseph Cardinal -Rltter; Archbishop ,of St Louis.) " ' . - Bishop Francis J.' Green of fucton granted permission for the unique ceremony here. - , Catholic officitlt and Metropolitan . - Antony Bahh i of Brooklyn, NY, head of ; th Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church of North America, con-Armed that Pop Paul VL apprised of plans for th Ceremony, had given k his approval and blessing.'. ,, NEW BISHOP i t' VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pop Paul VI ha named Iter. Georgf VT. Boileau, SJ, at Coadjutor to Bishop Francis D. Gleeson of Fairbanks. Alaska. - Let your nam b hall ' Let your kingdom come, t uur daily bread grant today. And forgiv ut our debts , even as we forgiv our .'. debtors, ': ' - And do not Iced ua Into, -w tamptation.f - a i ! U In n effort to determine; the prayer Jesus' spoke,. Mr siges eaio, ecnoiar tend to use th prayer a It appear both M' in terms or lengtn, w look la Uke." be, Hid. "In terms of word and. pattern w look to Matthew." Th prayer ha Matthew to th batkt for tht) vmv a rrayiT osea py 1 lirsjajii . V If a wont. IMS - v . - ns, h nid. ... - -1 I , y'.'Z'-"-' !J

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