The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 29, 1918
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1918. THE DAILY COTJitiSR, CONNteULBVILLE, PA. OFFERINGS OF FURNACE COKE MOTHERS LESS RARE THAN 30 DAYS AGO TO BE Tread is Toward An Increase; Especially of FoMdry; : ' . Very Few Sellers. : LESS DEAY IN MOVEMENT r»ke XncliiBg Desttaiitiom With More Iisj«i*, Once Can Are Se- e«re4, Although Xnpties Kttnm Slowly; TrWe In Screenings Larger. Special to The TVe«kly Courier. PITTSBUBG, March 27.--Offerings ot furnace coke in the open market continue to be a rarity, although they are not altogether as rare as 30 days ago. It is altogether exceptional for there to be any offerings of furnace coke except in Pittsburg Lake Erie cars, which are quite restricted aa 1 to points, to which they can be shipped. As a rule any surplus coke ah operator has can be shipped on'regu-r lar contracts, though it is, possible that here and there a consumer may soon find himself fully supplied. Offerings of foundry coke have broadened somewhat, and while they are ir termittent, with whole days on which there are ! practically no offer- I ings, the general trend i3 towards an | increase. In the past week there.have be en a few dozen Pennsylvania cars loaded with foundry coke, while.! hitherto the limited offerings have been almost wholly of c*e loaded in Pittsbnrg Lake Erie cars. All the foundry coke offered has found ready .sale and it anything iutwiry has increased.- As the news has spread that there is occasionally some foundry coke to be bocght in the market consumers who had practically given up hope of buying any coke have been encouraged to enter the market again. There are very few sellers, the majority of foundry coke producers having more contract business than they can handle." Offerings that come into the market are largely through brokers, who frequently secure a commission from the producer, although thec» have been some cises. of brokers turning over coke with no margin, merely as an accommodation to regular customers. The trade notices with satisfaction that as a rule now there is little de' lay in the movement, of coke, once cars are secured for loading. On most of the lines coke goes through to destination with considerable celerity. There is not equally good dispatch in the,return of empties, , and .-that it the chief canse, apparently, of car supplies being short at ovens. ~This week the Monongahela railroad : started out with a 60 per cent allotment, but with lopes that somewhat · COK£ THADf: SDIIMAMY. Coke shipments' have held above. 330,000 tons per week for three 'successive weeks but there has not been a successive gain which the trade has been looking: for as a sure-'siprn that a permanent improvement had set in. In fact, there have been slight declines, totalling 1,047 tons durlnp the past two weeks.' that Cor the week ending Saturday last having been 353,537 tons as compared with 334.584 .tons during, the week eliding larch 9. The decline Is not to be taken as proof of the tallure oC the region to "come back." but rather as evidence of. the fact that the return to normal will be by slovr and steady degrees, not. by leaps and bounds. The tread in every direction indicates improvement but all the essential conditions- do not yet obtain. There is crear- . er dispatch in the movement of loads to consumers, but the same facility has not yet become manifest in the return of empties.. · Car . supply was fairly good jast week but developments and 'indications for the present week are not favorable, the week hav-. ing begun with a GO per cent supply, as against an 30 per.cent supply ton the first of last week. The P. R. R. has reiinposed Its embargo on eastern shipments, requiring shipments from the Lower Connellsville region to be diverted, to that quarter, indicating-that the tieup on the main line has undergone no ma- erial improvement. The offering!: of furnace coke are somewhat Sarger, but that is only a .relative term, very- few- producers having, a surplus.that cannot be .applied on contracts. Should Read Mrs. Monyhan's Letter Published by Her Permission. ·Mitchell;' Ind.--"LydiaE. Pmhham's Vegetable Compound helped me so much during the time I waslookingforward to the coming of my little one that I am recommending it to other e x p e c t a n t mothers. B e f o r e taking it, some days I suffered with nen- ralgia so badly that I. thought I could not live, but after taking three bottles of LydiaE. P i n k ham's V e g e t a b l e Compound Iwas entirely r e l i e v e d of neuralgia, 1 had gained in strength and was able to go around and do all my housework. My baby .when seven months old weighed 19 pounds and I feel better than I have for a long time. I never had any medicine do me so much good. "--Mrs. PEABL MONYHAN, Mitchell, Ind. Good health during maternity-is a most important factor to both mother and child, and many letters have been received by the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., telling of healthrestoreddnrinsthis trying period by the use of Lydia E. Pinkham 1 svege- table Compound. that the development should ^convince everyone tbat winning Uio war is the oaly thing that counts. . . . Apart from government orders the pig iron and steel markets are dull as they have been for a long time past It Is not believed generally that market activity .has been curtailed of late because the .subject of price fixing la up in "Washington for the period following March 31. What interest there has been in price revision or price confirmation has been chiefly in con- business already on the business th'at has nection with books, as all been done since the first ot the year is subject to any new prices that may be promulgated; before date of shipment. Steel shipments have been increasing constantly, but they are much better in some departments than in others. Last week the tin plate mills made shipments 'equal to 95 per cent or a week's output at capacity, a considerable portion, of the .shipments being from stock. The leading pipe interest has practically normal shipment this month, shipments being at least .10 per cent from stock. Shipments of sheets merchant . "ars and · tetter could be done towards the wire products are. rather light, birt i close of the week. For the first five days of last week the Pennsylvania : had Its restriction in effect, that plant* in the southern end of the region could each day ship east:pnly 50 ft: cent of tl«ir cars.-' The ·'·'restric- tion" came' oft lor. Saturday, -when there has been some increase in the fortnight. The unwieldy 'stocks accumulated by steel mills are being reduced, and thus production lags behind ' shipments, but production is increasing somewhat. Coke supplies have been tion came DIT-- lor saturoay, wnen t^u^vnn^^. v^y^c aui*inn.» u^.c i/*.cu there -were few cars' to-ship anywhere,! increasing almost constantly, and and was restored for the first three blast furnaces are producing about days of this-week. At the same time 85 per cent of full output. There is - · not much market demand for pig iron, but many buyers are calling for heavier shipments on contracts! Soft .steel billets and sheet bars continue quiet, offerings being so limited. .There is somewhat more request for shell discard steel. th« Fuel Administration .requires large shipments to be made to certain ' eastern munition plants and operators are giving this business the ..preference. Th« market remains quotable at the set limits, as follows: Furnace **00 Foundry. 72-hour selected $7.00 Crushed, over 1-inch $7.30 * There Is a growing trade In coki! screenings, obtained chiefly by going over dumps. This business is flour. ishing. with heavier shipments each j week, and 'the material is growing in ; pOBUlarity. Early sales were made j at $5.50, put $6.00 is now,asked and j Make .Gain of Over-One.Per t'ei paid. The material is particularly j ing ITeeli of Mar. 16; I,ack of suitable for domestic use in base burners. It is generally too small for ··salamanders.. = "' The local coal market has not been THE BY-PRODUCT OVENS OPERATING 87 PER CENT OF MAXIMUM CAPACITY affected particularly by the. reaHirma- tion of prices for the period, beginning April 1. Most of the contract business - had already been done, subject to any new price that might be promulgated. -A. little confusion was caused by the newspapers reporting the Fuel Administration's action in the form . of its reaffirming last August's "basis price" of $2.00, without mentioning that this price carried "with it.the extra 1 of 45- cents afterwards added. The new price carried with it th, extra of 45 cents.afterwards, added.. The : new prices" for the Pittsburg district are the same as the old: Slack, Ji.20; mine-run, J2.45; screened.' ?2.70 . per ' net ton at mine. , · . The pig iron market has continued quiet Shipments are heavier, but are being'made on old contracts, many consumers desiring larger supplies than they have been setting.. The;announcement has been made that the government price on basic will be reduced from 533 to S32 after July 1, without statement that Pessemer will at the same time be reduced to keep j it 10 per cent, above basic. Prices! 'hitherto ruling are as follows: . 1 Bessemer . · . · .$36.30 Basic $3 3. Oft N«. 2 foundrr · $33.00 Malleable $33.50 Gray forgo $32.00 These prices are f. o. b. furnace, freight from the Valleys to Pitts-burs being 95 cents. int D«r- Coal is Still Felt at Some Plants.' The high standard, bi -performance reported from by-product operators in last week's- bulletin of the United States Geological Survey was equalled and even exceeded during the week ended March 16. The ratio of production to maximum capacity rose from 86.4 per cent during the .preceding week to 87.7 per cent. Out. of the 12.3 per cent of maximum For Baby Rash Itchinp, chafing, scalding, ail inita-. tions and soreness, nothing heals like Sykes Comfort Powder Its extraordinary healing and soothing power is noticeable on first application. 25c at the Vlnol and other drug stores The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mass. capacity which the by-product plants of the country failed to realize in actual "Output. 6.5 per cent' was lost through lack of'coal; 0.2 per cent because of lahor trouble; 3.3 per cent on account of repairs to plants, and 2.3 per cent for all other causes.' Maximum capacity as reported .by the operator is the tonnage of coke of the prade ho aims to produce, which he can make with .all operating conditions favorable, and all ovens active. Thus drfined maximum capacity depends upon the grade of coke considered by the operator as his standard; a battery of ovens can produce more 17-hour coke than 24-hour coke. A change in the grade of coke considered us standard will hereafter be accompanied by a change in maximum 'capacity. Operating .conditions in the several states varied but little from the performance of the week before. Kentucky was the only state to record a material decreaese. The great improvement in by-product operation during the last two weeks is evidenced by the fact that the state reporting ·the least favorable conditions--New Jersey--is now operating at over 75 per cent of capacity. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, March )29.--Mrs. I Fred Koontz still continues to im-| prove from her recent severe illness, j S. T. Downs was a business visitor | to Pittsburg yesterday. The Lutheran Sunday school will hold an Easter service Sunday morning. , i Parke Bender is improving slowly from a recent severe attack of typhoid fever. Patronize those who advertise. . Thomas Costello of Fort Hill was here yesterday transacting business. "W. F. Bowlin and son Albert were! in Connellsville yesterday on business.; Mr. and-Mrs, .TV. E. Kuraes of Johnstown have moved here and w i l l j make this, their future home. Mr.! Kimes -will assist his son-in-law, T. I K. Thrasher in his-bakery and grocery, j E. "W. DeBc-U has returned from a j visit -with Watson. Messrs; Clyde Bower, Carl Show and Bud Mitchell went to Pittsburg yesterday on husiness. Try Our Classified Ads. One cent a word is all they cost WiKgUaK^ Ready with Re-inforced Service for Saturday Easter Buyers PAGE FJLVJ Silk Gloves for Easter . Complete lines here for your .choosing--heavy Tricot. Silks jr Melanese,,SilkE. in. grey, j pongcle, black or white. Plain or heavy em- broidered effects. Special at 59c, 69cupto$1.50 j r^ew Easter Neckwear ij Smart styles to complete Milady's Easter attire. Collars of Satin, Filet Lcae. Geor- gettes aud Organdies--latest roll ant] -square styles 59c up to $1^75 Vestecs of Pique, Satin and Sport. 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We feature this Easter Sale of Suits that should bring: to this store dozens of Connellsville's women who have not as yet purch3,sec. her Easter Suit. Street and afternoon models, in ^ 1 ff . $*j F° new colors, $22.50 $25 values iB JL 3^n i %f Clever styles in Taffeta Satins, Foulard Jersey, Serge and combination of Georgette Crepe. Many new ideas in collars and the new flowing sleeves. The styles include models for every type and occasion ia the most popular materials and colors. · , In original styles specially priced if 6 "I IH| ®lj £? for Easter week sll JL S^ss Jf ^P Tailored and dressy models for all occasionos--street, travel, motor, dress, etc. Entirely new style features in coats in hig-h-waisted, semi-belt and pleated modes o£ Fashion Fabrics. Easter Sale of Lovely new blouses jusL iresh from The makers' needles. Georgette, Crepe dp Chines and new Novelty Stripes and Checked Taffetas. Stunning New Spring Featuring smart models of Georgette, Silks. 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Seotl's Enttcltion in aow refined in \ , - our ovm American laboratories which guarantees it free from IniiiuritEes. ' : . Scott fit Boymc, EIoomGcId. K. J^ 17-4'. i NO ALARM IS FELT IN STEEL CIRCLES OVER r WAR DEVELOPMENTS YVIu«ins the Ocljr Thing That Couuts; BnsiMSS Activity Is Li-ss and the - JUrkt** Continue to be Dull. Special to The Weekly Courier. '"''·' NEW YORK, March 2T.--The Ameri- 'can Metal Market and Daily Iron SUel Report will .review the steel and iron trade tomorrow as f-allo-ws:, " ' Interest in war development has somewhat detracted from business activity in the iron and steel trade In iti«"jxist w«k tut no alai-m is felt and .Uie domiiuurt feeling in the trade is ; Odd Bits From Life" A XOTBLTY REVUE SH01V High School Auditorium MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS, APRIL 1 and 2, IfllS. Benefit Immaculate Conception Church Tickets 50 Cents Cnrtain 8JO P. 3L The great spring drive which may decide'- the .war IB now Imlni; prepar- j. ed for on the-hlood-sieepod baltlefrou I ia France. Roads arc IwInR ov«r- i hauled, mun.ition is being moved and the constant stream of wagons of all kinds-carrying -supplies ol every" desc ription tor the coming ottoualvc, flows | '.on and on and on.

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