The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 39
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 39

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 39
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Shclburne Museum Slelburat ij Vcrmoat (Routt 7 Near Burlington) arlTara'Uaa less than 60 a miln u iiiiiv . r " Tim niMH af Aawrtraa Ufa fa NVw fmtano. 33 Mtdtaai an 40 em. rurmilml hauwa, tiaklr T1CONDEIMXJA. Wrhb Callary f Amaricaa rl, Country Start. Apnthacary Shnfi. Caarh Ina, Mt. taf HauM, SiWI, lUiloiv Cat, tlack.ailtk. tiWintH af raniaaK doUj, aya, Woli. hip. qwl, aawkrr, china. WrMa fat iUa4 faWat. Gift Shop Snack Bar Picnic Arja twp" vniiy a w a aiay aa - vr. zv Aaaauaivai iirn , I itidu 'd'd4''ea''aidia'a''di41 JVu Vor Sraa- xtett 5 ,'t , t AVto For Sf- f CV3AVPAI 173 uTI .i.JtaiMraniMiiit Weeksnd Special Any UtOel7 af1 4 Occupontt anf7B"aFJtaT i llMtaaJntWlpa,ia;w FteeTV .MrCnrlw4 " . taaaanabla Meat Ham Owlna taoat i i f m. ii i-i 7 'ri i) ' ' If ' -' - mi ii ii illi -in - i Hi J 1 Travtl , , Trvtl ACirbiiluit! , IN EUROPE 1 . BUY bf BENT your now Europou ear in Montreal - 5IAACA - RENAULT - CITROEN , PEUGEOT - VOLKSWAGEN PANHARD FIAT TAUNUS ALFA ROMEO, etc. Taur rat win am aauvaraa w m at yaw arrival in curopa. f Repurrtua euaramaad in dnllara. rinanre plan available. Wg CAN ALSO VAKB CAM Of ALL YOU TRIP FORMAL-mil- MMmHaal, aaiL Alt aaa eat Tlrhau. luatrarlti, , Buaraara, al. Maea af tanaeaaa aeaatttat, laleruajaaaj Strvlet lurapun it Tourism Automobllt Inrg.. Maatnal I1H Draauaaaf IU TU VM l-lM aa ON l-IM Live the sea-breeze way to EUROPE at CUNARD Altnts DUFCUR TRAVEL VOYAGES CUERTIM ' ACEKOY IKO. - TRAVEL F.ECD Lan Mtloulo - yju, Travel Agenl rreaideBi-Maftaitr .' 133 Hotel di Villa, Hull 1M "lain Street, Hull . 777-4344 7714SS1 For the moat complete travel arrangement, pee MORRISON & ELVIDGE LIMITED V U ELGIN STREET ' . y UHW astsr- IP".; ' n f it;-' :u M . I'M - Tl TT OalklWNMMb i I I t hi , i i EXCURSION FARE BARGAINS ' , 30 FULL DAYS IN EUROPE , WITH 25S OFF ONE-WAY FARES ON ROUND TRIP (FROM $330) TOUMCTCUM ! Stwn Oct 1 and Dc 31, you cn uv $110 or mort, htwlno tti tlm-of-your-lif on your ocean holiday. .Go tha aaa-braaza way 90 Cunard. CARINTHIA CARMANIA FRANC0NIA Sail from Montreal or Ouabao to your choice of lx exciting porta: Southampton, La Havre, Rotterdam, Greenock, Liverpool or Cobh. . Btwisi-livt i UttliSu your TrmtAgint Aa httn about apoelal aavinga on Oroup aailinoa and low , . . Thrttt-aaaaon laraa. ;.y;. j.., : Gatting Then is Half ths Fun I '. - t Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Tel.: 237-1242 c ALBANY IK)LL MUSElM ' ' Dollimort thorn SM of thrm tin the thrlvti of tkr A ntiaua Doll Muteum in Sand Lake ntmr Albany, capital citj of New York State. T' ' popular spot for families visit-'. int Ike A loan y area. ... OPENING DATE DENVER Tha year of IS! J marked tha official opening of tha Rocky - mountain.' national ,para w voioraao. ; : Travel it's thrift season again on our r J IRELAND ENGLAND-FRANCE HOLLAND-GERMANY taetaaioaaJaallal ! . ' C ' nOM MONTH ULQUDtO: Rafirlar tailmii al tha wall Mom it lYNDAH-ttmndatmtnyCaMdwil! 'ROM RIW TORK: Not oMy lh mtriikaiit TtitW: U. ROTTEROAM. M NIEUW AMSTERDAM tH t t STATENDAM. W rim IN U. MAASDAM and ai..WE$TEJ)DAM, lataiai ; KMtT MOUOAr - ' " . . . aaKiaaa FROM MONTREaLQUDCG: MAASDAM . . rROM NIW YORK! NIEUW AMSTERDAM s Nov. RINSES MARGRIET DU 4 ' STATENDAW - Dac 10 SAVE UP TO 2SI INOUIM AiOOT OUR - ' "CHRKTMAa IN IUROr eROU y latar alan tvaUaaia. Saa yavt Trawal Aaaia at Wi aa.aa.t-AJ. a . a, a .a. mVA ew York Stat J CAMAMAN MOM IT ACCtm AT IU S." 6. t W 1 C1. . HOTEL 0 Wellington DRIVR.IN OARAOa AIR CONOmONINS . TV araWam af kaial ... wild Alkaar! aalr aVfea-M i. Yaa'l lAa aia mm. raaa rata,. Cadna ravaat. -1M STATB STRBtrr OffOaTfl ITATI CAflTOi - Travel - ONE-STOP travel service - JT . Plannint a erutaat A tna ta Curnea . . Maxlra Hawaii r Yao can naiNn 1ham all at aur ofrtrai Wa are aaaait far ateamih,lps. a. I r 'liaea hVrtals. ata. oV Urn t Momsort & Elvidge LIMITED , Travel Agents , 222 Elgin St. ' 232-9663 A i lom-inim- STUWHIP muvmoiQ 4 mr211 avaa. " Itt aiatat. tt, CKt-ttt? nark OfMtai 'aiatpaaat-taart Carlhiiiraaa, PAt-ittl AAAa... .a. Algonquin v rreoci Service. AXES THE TKOUBLE OUT Of NAVEL us waiuaaM at. iit-ini otj eetteee ALLAN'S CAFITAL ESCSRTED VOFtLO FAIR TCUr.S VIA AIR SEPT. 3rd VIA AIR AND BUS OCT. 9th .". MOM OH WRrr FOR FOLDKRS ALLAN'S TRAVEL SERVICE UNITED : IS Sparks SL, Ottawa t ' U2-S714 il Yorr'fptTfane tn N$ fork Tours HIHylaaaai?aiaaji ayatata) n jui if i -y i aa n n i i w .M, ATURDAYi AUGUST 22, 1984 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 37- - I v - i ' Verm ant Vermont TRAVEL RESORTS Maine's Silent Sentinels From ona and of Maina'J the most vitited and nhoto- 2,300-mjle lont coaitline to th f raphed lighthouit on the At-other, iome 30 silent eminall.lanlic Coait Portland Head tnd their nightly vigil, warn-! Light Commloioned by Frett ing marihara of ahoala nd dent George Washington, it horellne with their friendly! " hui" ln 1790 It atand on beacona. They are the light- : f0, Pr"""". ' , 101 feet above the water. end- housca. perched precariously on those wno McerMl i . the mainland and outer Islands warded w:th a panoramic view wherever it haa been deter-, of beautiful Casco Bay and lis mined that their presence j myriad Ulandt. needed each structure as different and individual at people art different. f While many art lnacceuibl'e becaute of their remote locations, tome may eatily be view ed at clott range, and pro- vide exrellent subject for photographs. At York Beach, in the Town of York, reached from U.S. Route One.' via Route 1-A, atandi Cape Neddick Light, pop ularly called "Nubble Light," because of Itt location on a nubble of land. Built in 1879, tha beacon is almost 90 feet above high tide, thanks to tha height of land it stands upon. Following U.S. Route One "northerly to Portland, and thence via Routt T7 jn South Portland, the traveller can view Quthtc ,N0 HAY FEVER AT In the Laurentlana, at 1S00-faet above taa-laval, the air la trash and thora't no hay fever. Relax and enoy our heated pool, tan-nit, golf nearby,. water-akHng, dancing nightly and the famoua Far Hills Inn food. Jutt SO mllaa from Montreal, near Val Morin. SOCIAL FAMILY HAMS ' aaocMuai ar aiaiavaTioNtr anana Vat Maria ttl-iei) ONaara It. ?-dTt atritai Manatar, far Mm New York State Q I MASSENA .420 MALONE hlhw baikars J0 ttm I a Hip I aaaaaataaaaaaJ NttZA til WILMINGTON SARANAC LAKEI i Aire at irmCr tr " " n- Aug. ta to aa- " tAKI Pt.ACID PLAVHOftt "taadaa la Naw tark" labor Day 1 ' -,. BAND CnNfr.KT Ann aATON , rxHiniTioN - Lake nana Hiik trkaal S. . audlaaa IT'S WlilFT TIME Oil WHITE EMPRESSES TO EUROPE fit ar now a low at tot On White Empreeiea, largest and ntweat ship on the SL Lawrence rout. Yet voir tn joy the earn tunurioue ttrvlctt and food , at at toy other time. You can tail both way and eave an tra 10.-Llk 30 day In Europe? Then take advantage ot Special Excursion Far teatuN ing handtom 83 oft tht one-way Thrift Saaton . . far. Sea your Travel Agent or any Canadian Pacrflo . ' , efflc. Ato enquire ibout Union Cestl sailings from Southampton tot horday In South and East Africa, - tJajTIAittlr4JVfneal tawtt Unit ' . Iiwi fan t i atttaa (Wt I.Nm II Mtmtm inll tlCaii Iftformitlfn trie rttwrvrnthntCli. t-f tf 222 HOLIDAY ALL THE WAY WITH vat w?t'i an itaa '-y. i,iiilatilfiliiiiiit kiit 't' ... Iii i .if .tftufct A'aw York Slate 1 vvwTirOi AVai ' ork State SANTA'S WORKSHOP -v NORTH POLE. N.Y. . i ON WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN 1 mh if liuSBraa :tf rvu roa all .-. . 1 ia aa Manr crafta mntinually al work . randv-makar Santa'a blarkamith. alaatw-makar. aanla a ampmatlc u;-maaia ansa whara tha klda thamaalvaa ara Ihaoparalara. f lau-hlnwrr. randla-makar ana mhara. Vau will mM Santa in paiann. with hta.jnaar gnomaa. alvaa and U famoua 'atoryaidfe ahar-aetara In authantir caatumaa. Yau ran faad and pat hta raal raindaar and tha many, athar llva animall m kia aark Ff thrill! you can rlda Banta's raal ttrmm train . . . 04) Una af lun and a en-mlla vlaar Tha umua (anua aparlal ratndaar rarauaal and Banta pony ar raindaar alailh riaa Ha aanla (uaal at hit many ahowa Oirauihaut tha day . . llva ra-anarrrana of tha Nativity Nimiii ar apart! rormanraa at hta ahowhouat. Canadian aiana. at par. - SANTA'S ORIGINAL NORTH POLE WORKSHOP WHITEFACE MI LAKE PtACID REG I 04 IN NEW YORK'S ADIRONDACK MTS. UPPER WILMINCTON-AUSABLE VALLEY LAKE PLACID ' HOME OF 1000 ANIMALS HICH PALLS CORCE NORTH POLE LAND OF MAKEBELIEVE WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN ONLY 3 HOURS FROM OTTAWA Ffihlng Boating Swimmlnj ' Motals CampsHas Sctrttry ledgtt Hatals Resorts ALL WITHIN 10 MILES pVTHiS WEEK - YYrtlTtFACi.HT. HWY0M hhv, vat piana, aaaaat, aaaaaa or I ' - lnaaaaJ aaa raw tram ataM. (. , 1MMM jjJ 1 -,- travel. Travel ' f. - Travel lr Travel - jz. If v 1- ' i . . . lJpXaaannaajnnaanaannaaaaaaaaaannanmaaaaaAaaanaa aaa in I'l'mta aw................ ... -a. j JET TO ROME GATEVJAY TO EUROPE AllD MIDDLE EAST ' Rome, tmfly young end gay. th 80th Cntury wrapped In Old Worid charm. Jt there direct from 7" Montreal on a Cndln rclfle Sopor OC-. Jutt . hour to Rom, Uvortt connecting point to. Europ' grt cWt and to Syria, Ureal, Crete. Egypt Choot a low-cott Canadian Pacific tour, . . Flan now. For period of tare ppHcablllty, call your Travtl Agent or any Canadian Paeifie office. . ItTMIMSiTSarT Cinodu rHtanv Tl I . . . jrnwm an nMtraaHanS.' CI KW wffoafic TafN f TUOK I Htt I atANt-f HOTfl ' mtOOMMUNICATION , . . WOOlD'e MO IT QOM-ltTI TANW).TATtON trtTTC .im I j p .t .I....!, ai. . .ifl" iiwi a.t,., i ii. i m rSiwiii.w,i awatia Mini m i rnina r r , ' - . m m ,J -L.a.awa-. - a. -- -- -

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