The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 38
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 38

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 38
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i 'The Impact of Rachel 6 RACHEL CARSON'S impact on worldwide conservation was more profound than any other individual of her time. Combining skills of a high order as a natural scientist and a communicator she obtained the ear of mora people than any other . conservation writer of her day and thereby encouraged all mankind to re-examine their role in nature. The basic question she raised reached people where they lived. It was, "How long can man continue contaminating the earth, the water, and the atmosphere with poUonout substance nuclear, chemical and otherwise without doing" himself and other living things irreparable harmr The title of her book, "Silent Spring,1 has come into the language to stay. As militant advocate) Miss Carson did not fit easily into the customary mold, yet con troversy swirled about her. Even as she died, . at 86, in Silver Spring, Maryland, the strife unleashed by her writings mounted in inten- ty. A this is written, hearings are being held In Memphis, Tennessee, to probe causes of massive fish kill in the Lower Mississippi said to be due to farmers' use of endrin on their crops. ' ' The shy, retiring woman whose work sparked so much debate followed precepts that, seemingly, should be anything but controversial. Like Aldo Leopold, she saw, man as an Integral part, but notthe master of the environment he shares with other living things. She particularly deplored man in the role of "conqueror" - of nature since her studies led her to believe that such arrogance could conclude With the conqueror ' being conquered. - J ' Like most strong advocates. Miss Carson's views war frequently misinterpreted by friend, and foe alike. Many members of the ley pujblic insist she was against all use of , chemicals which she was not . She was against "indiscriminate" use of chemicals which is an entirely different thing and urged furtherance of . research that would provide non-toxic type of control against diseases and epidemics. Nor did Miss Carson antl-coagulsnt m coronary esses, and his ;;.:--. 1 ' U - ' ': 11 ' .' ' ,- arson confine herself solely chemical contamination. tr"5p '7 y t- it? SATURDAY. AST 22, 1964 38 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL V LITERATURE AND LIFE to the . realm She saw the pic and the left the whole world plenty to think sbout. , 1. .. . (An tdttorial tn Tht Bulletin of thi y Contervation Council of Ontario.) ' Art Buchwaltf 1 once again Buchwair crart for getting a wife's clothes accounted for the other '33.' The 'Scotch in Canada By TIm Canadian Piw figure la United States politici Dunwich Township In I h t Hit humor U dry, For :' the rest i of as THE funny storvjeross fa less than 1,000 words. "ANNY "ceiient release T . ... Imm Ihn.a Mm ht a,r MM ' but there seems to be something lacking. !'" "7 . , , . L lives wnen Certainly the old Buchwald manner is still we are convinced they partake of no suspense there. For Instance, explaining his Parisian whatever arrival and departure,-he says: "When 1 THE NANNY una can unarm otner numonsts maaina a the trouble? The 34 pieces of luggage, 1 think, and night When Buchwad first came to Paris he was As . Caledonian. Not to be found here that his tales became outrageous ' comedies. A writer . like Piper using restraint' rather, thaa excess carries off the vil-' laioiet. . the open - mouthed ' pace, am Is quite on- d,lh ,0' young even the' multiple, THE NANNY with .i 1. d..:. 1 J ... 4kt tve .m tiA . - ww m wnnr or Sorbohiev.and spending all day trying hard tim u 7, an jot to look at the other customers aatine bt eee mmA .r n " man living on starvation some bite seems to havd gone. think it is , ' all comics when the . No wonder that in 1949, while working at surance. vein 01 numor wnicn cornea inrouen even an . .. .. - - . moiivainei. in suspense sus. - ui em eci iuus occasions, ints M very 1 1 " V apparent in his chapter on the use of horse i r serum in his. battle against cancer where ha shows the keenest understanding of the ' splendid but temperamental animal that so ; faithfully converted hay snd oats Into gamma globulin. The first, human experiment was carried out in 1946 and was successful so long m ss the serum lasted. " It la Interesting to note that while some , hospitals co-operated very well with these new endeavors to cure cancer, others flatly . refused. The vitality of the author's interest in every branch of surgical work is amazing. Bone deformation, skin grafting, flat feet,. . all were his concerns. ' . , " . In 1931 he wu Invited to Australia and ha went on to New Zealand where he presided at the hrst operation ever performed oa a ". rheumatic heart by s New' Zealand surgeon. 1 The versatility of his mind, the Inquiring spirit, the easy human approach and the V twinkling humor make this book a fascinating : contribution both to Canadian writing and medical history. Dr. Murray seems to shed a ,.- kind 'of luminescence on our dull earthly . .-...LI ... . ... . . .... . . . of invention led to hit use of heparin as ZZSLZE- -n , " . ""- whatever burdens they may bear. MOPSY THERE MUST PC A LAW AGAINST THIS KINPOF BEACHCOMBING not depended on so much.. i you take It from mi St wart. St. go to An Attic Salt Shaker, QN HIS LB) ranch. President were aa the road to the pen! eight and wu known as the Johnson if particularly Ban,t . laconic and world'e talleet smbeatador Bmiin , hil Hmford cattle. """T ,unTO ""-fc""fcu he in New riM r. .. . . . ana bbiu. u .k. iuiji .. nc ..k..urfr -ncm. r " ' now can you win a pen- shore of Lake Erie lies in the ,..,,,..11,. , ... i even if IU is ion a flying visit, runt with a team like thii? , lush southwestern Ontario farm- works - The Affluent Society, as an - "egghead." That was he goes out in his sedan in the They're too cocky." . . . j ing area iv mues west 01 m. the Liberal Hour. The Builduo when be was deputy admlnlt- monrina and again In tne eve- lure in terms of the entire galaxy and not 7?l0m .-re ' ,h Sco,ch end the Public Man and other trator of the Office of Price Bi. to watch them grazing.' A VISITOR to the office ef . . . ,. . i . Not even" In fha Western Isles - i . i. ,i . j i u -Ui.t :n; :- u.., n.iet. -' Just one star and it was the possible "explas- economic treatises, it It the Administration in Washington l wt Harry Provence in lon- of many contaminating forces she ' ne rounu m man ,lmpi ule of the. clansmen during the Second World war. B 1Ml. .. Life With Reynolds and Buchwald , By STANLEY REYNOLDS bt ejtmim aaTnoua. a ajan Hn Ha. I twoas carrroti ptnosaMDrr. a art .wu. iUimih, ISm ' YrITH the exception of its title, the auto-- biography of the famous reporter Quen tin 'Reynolds is without trick or pretence. ' Reynolds was one of the few American correspondents operating .out of London during the Battle of Britain who believed that Eng. sand would stand. Much of the . book, naturally, is concerned with these war yean, ' and Reynolds's account, for example, of his first "Postscript to' the Nine O'clock News" ' talk, which was arranged by Sidney Bernstein, and to which Reynolds raised proper BBC eyebrows, by referring to the German gentle- : malt as Mr. Schickel gruber, should conjure up many memories of the valient years. This, ' however, was only part of the reporter's life There are the college days, for instance, . .when Pep Welnstein, later Nathanad West the great satirist, saved Reynolds from being sent down for bootlegging by composing aa hilarious sob story for the dean. 8. J. Pefelman was also at Brown University with Reynolds, and the two la postgraduate Green.' ' wich Village days wrote a novel called Through the Fallopian Tubes on a Bicycle," The book is riddled with stories about famous men of the century, and one gets the hnpres- ion that Reynolds la playing them down. ' But to good effect, hi. lumen for wild, would find nmeni.l But OUT - Judgment SMV measures to offset conleminstlon of the world ,. Si,ndin. .i lw,y MB,,in ob,c,ton- Bu before it is too Iste. To the end she was not "v. - ' T., Evtl PipeT ,lk commn1- P"1 j 1 ,.j ... , ..-ii-.. . ... j "e use are as apt at not to . ,u, n..n. mk.i. t But . j . 1. .... ., , . .u Jz send many of us raspoerrying i.k- u l .1.. to the next book we can Uy tion eu ,wy thi WmiM our hands on. of the novel. For while the book But THE NANNY fat genuine- pU,y, M Um, ly thriller. Those readers who,, mvct pretends to be real, are troubled by the ate. of ; psychopaths as entertainment ' will want to suy clear of IL J FLEMING made ca-So will those who prefer their ! reer out of pushing the spy suspense stories to be In the oventure story so to the bord- collection disnlavs traditional detective vein. " M poatlble-impottiwe jujd turned and they Green." 71 wnn mti?w 7 ana views ' mer, ts discontinuing actlviues an tmernauonai exnioiuon. tne proUtonUt Joey until next year. For the pest Haatherly Galleries la ISOO-word nier. , rf thi. Ink So what la n.Z ITL, 'Zl'j.Z 1 . uii. .l. ...M. M .l. the Mrth lawn ni the NmImuI Reerh he -l.ktM.p. kl. "W",- wrote, Kim IMI I w u 0 nlgntmare HIS small , , . . . . . Miueum , Annmidm.lelv IBS' J. m. ....... Kun neiw in inni n uiem ' -r r j i w arantlna tn neeth nn the f.l bill eettine a "e" - -,n , n wee,ne auwn ... ., . . ... arti.t. took advanuea nr tne lMinu4fiH re ejflia mrm eomethin, that Mppen to : vflT H'T" bu7!drn.";hr.rTlsU when they get rich. Humor Is best . ,..P!" Vir "ked Yctut ,otv can paint. It is hoped to have com has hi. belt drawn In few !ZTltV2. ""TL Su.!. Son are. w" -' - ' w,,,v now ones ne lone nannv?" . ii m La.. . , . ,. an aneauaia exaioiuon area a nos- u .. .... -w vw..,n. Mim , m,wh ,u m ' . . . . notches. StilL be it pretty damn funny for 1 , y""" a fit. rich guy. . . v.. ptul- lu chc1'r 1 .. A Ostardten-nmal JtetHew A Canadian Doaors Story ' f '. - . ByS.8. sjctev ni amtwrfMB. ar n.tSis sew gtfwejtjaa; gTTeasjsj. ajaVaa. J . , "pflS book Is a sequel to "Medicine in the . Making" which Dr. Gordon Murray pub-, lished in I960. Both books were written for the lity. this volume being a record of searches on the fringes of some of the great enigma m human existence. Yet be has managed to Infuse almost every page with a strong, urgent sense of the dramatic in his professional experiences. The first chapter, for example, is the story of a girt, dying of terminal uraemia, whose surgeon Invited Dr, Murray to try his new ' experimental, artificial kidney. There wu , o precedent and everything had to be dons ' from scratch. One feels the tenseness as he ' unfolds the situation: "There was a system of constant runners from the ward to the laboratory and the telephone was busy, minute by minute phoning' bach the reports as they came through," until st last he had. as he says, "the satisfaction of cheating the. reaper of a fine young women." ' Just as the early pioneers opened up the unknown land of Canada, so Dr. Murray to one of those who opened up msny unknown " mysteries In medicine and took the responai- ' bility of pioneer work In the devious intricacies of disease. His Initial courage and indepenoent research at often led the way where others had feared to treed. He has the further gift of recounting his adventures in surgery in a manner whereby the layman can share the eJKitsmenL ... .. - He tells ns that during his pott graduate training' In England ha noted that so msny . diseases "require fascinating procedures of : Investigation, "Including even the finer, forms ; - : of chemistry to Wake a diagnosis." His narthtvl taVat iinrtrnvMealw ArA'rmA stswkekae la wu Kceasfully lued on the President of th. Lf tB,.F.Tu iti.. .o.e . , . opening pages the Ule employs '"" "-, Ms materials with wonderful as- ' POWF.R PRODUCER NEW YORK The - GOREN ON BT CHARUM H. GO REN WEEKLY BRIDGE QUO . . 1 A South you bold: AKQMI 9tS 0AJM4I The bidding has proceeded: heath ' West Nerth , East 0 y'".ass t J Pass ' 14. "'; Pam '1',f 19 f What da you bid now? . ' '$ fe' ,:, v "' 'y:' . a -A South you hold: sUKIIIVKlS 0J1 AAQ4 : The bidding has proceeded; Nerth Beat 0 ; Pass ' f What da you bid?. -As South yon bold: eKJlT4 9AI4 OKTII The bidding baa proceeded: East .. Swath . : ' a .'- t What do yea bid? . , t Q. 1as South yen hold:. KUTSSAIlttl 0 AeUI The bidding bat proceeded: - Senth ' West - Nerth Eatt ls Pass ; INT WhstoyoubMBOwr Summer Art program of the . . -v municipal An ventre was. a The Ottawa Art Aaeociatlon e" Some M children mder Mrs. Gordon Cowling. "er by Mrs. Gordon Hauser. The adult teaching J" -,B-! tta , The pretty fuimy things to say about hll this, but L. .TT.IT.T f? lM Ktmot nkk hulldine hand. . . ,k. u vi.. k . '" rar . eiHumcg coir turned children: - . r ,, " :. . .. , . of the old turned children; s w i,. 1 i k. :.. .... . . . . .. ... Aim 01 tne or xan nation ts to tnsirucwrs Malenka Hruby, Larry Hatpin, Alma Duncan. Burrell Swartz. - ,- - - - a obvious ha wasn't come Basil Hutch. Rmdia Sheerer. are the to be rtlc. "Hasn't ha arowa n....'.' .1. Anita Carson, and Georca very small group of adult, who uo?- 1 .m - J " , " .?. Loranter. T " surround Joey In thoee few -indeed U h.. You're a hie 5 10 k " ,' "T"" ' 4, hnure' he te eM e.i. . lnatta T0U 'I need and much planning Is w .' ." ton "VW ?""Iy Mr now. Matter Joey." tota. ,- the bazaar which will Miaa Janina Smlter of lha Art rVt IT until th. wtlAAim Mik millionaire Meyer Gutson- heira wu impressed by the lat- envisioned that Jolted many of her readers. concentrated solution. and their countryside as it was And he's been termed. an total- " " , ... , . tar's business acumen,. relates Great at was Miss Carson's impact, her John Kenneth Calbraith 40-odd years ago, told with the lectual who won't stay th pis rto'oem ltes to oo- MjUoQ ij, y, "Seed position in the scientific community remains makes that statement with wit that has maS Galbralth Ivory tower. 1 serve them in motion, so he Money." I ' c a curious one. To some biologists engaged in the authority of a Scotchman, known In many of the world's Galbralth was born In.lM on can Judge their condition. Get -. -j -t express my admira-fish and wildlife research she was a sort of There are the McPhails, the capitals. ' the family farm outside of lona ting them to move,' however, H the visitor,. for Wve second Messiah. Foresters,; generally, give Grahams, the McFarlanet, the GIVEN NICKNAMES Station on the fringe of Dun-takes ingenuity. The . well-fed, wtv beginning with nothing, her much credit. They too are hopeful McKellers. the Camerons, the A nr-k,i, mon- the Scotch wich township. He went. placid cattle are so accustomed vou ntv, risen, financially 4nd research will provide biological and other McCallums. the Morrisons, Pal- P""" ,mon . through the township school at to the1 sight of an automobile M Dy the-use-of your head.' - control of epidemics that will ultimately tenons and McLeods and more w" not ,h"t 10 B"' Wllley's Corners and the-four-that they scarcely ttir when a , - - didr.'i Mke my money .curb or preclude use of chemicals. Foresters Grahams. McPhails and McCal- um surname but that they so room high school at nearby car approaches. V ,.' with my head,' replied Guggen-as a group are not married to chemicals and turns. Not to mention the Gows often had the same Christian Dutton where the principal. Old To overcome this, the Presi- made It by getting hold never have been, but they have employed and the Campbells. name. "To call a ton something Tommy Ellott, was "a man of dent has had Installed on his g00j things and sitting on them as a last resort to save forest land and They are never called Scots, other. than John was to combine remarkable Ignorance." sedan a special horn that imi- tnem io not owe. my pros- will do so again until better means of control he Is careful to point out. He miltHccentrlcity with unusual From Dutton be went to St. tates the hellow of bull. Now, ly to my head, but1 to snare discovered. They have never used endrin says: "We referred to our Imagination." he says. They got Tho mas Colktate Instil or some of the most toxic chemicals in their wive, a, Scotch and not Scots, around h by giving everyone a won a scholarship to the Uni- he has to do Is press the bull- j wo"" v when, years later. I learned nickname such as "Big John." versity of California from the horn button. That gets the mtltn is.!-. Senator - Others engaged in research have been ,hat the usage m Scotland was "Little John" or "Black John." Ontario Agricultural College at cattle moving" ' l" L-Tr-hasa Smith be- much more critical. There are those who different it teemed to in Galbralth doesn't mention it Guelph and wound up at Har- , . I"wnr to ait contend that Miss Carson projected a fear an affectation." In The Scotch but, his father vard as a professor of econonv .,.-- MUGGINS, manaier ,L i .leL l psychotU , notalwsy. sufficienUy subsUnti- In w h I m s I c a I fashion, was known throughout Elgin ics. M h. Ne, York 3es Lhmt orevvli ated by factiTThey suggesrthat SLh. -rv.. u- iiu u. .ir. . ' New Yof "n"6 problem to that previously ail- on occasion ha. blurred the objectivity of the br.i0) wllt , (Mac. wu.( Cibr.itha t h r e e sons In Cambridge, .IVh. .idahs." ""SJMd r ent al Hut multi-mill on dollar chemical . . . ... ... . .t- ... , ed on the dart sloe of tnings. She ufterea industry, on which Miss Carson drew a deadly tb rea (ter lg0 mU,., differentiated other- southern .Vermont m the sum- bead reacted vigorously to Silent Spring, as . hl. i , .1. u.. , , 1 lk. .tAM. .LTrCri.Z.rZ:.rZZ. w nd " P Galbralth was sis feet, seven done this in introducing more and more industry Much of his writing Is at a retreat in Switzer land "the skiing t better than t six-foot- In Boston. '"' '" numerous in- A fingernail-biter, a dugout conveniences with good grace. nacer. he was convinced that narrates Frank Graham Jr. In everything that happened was -Margaret Chase Smith: Worn-for the worst. an of Courage." new chemicals aU too often was based on " . "T " ' . 7 -- ,: ".., .. Once, when tne Tsnaees -one day. tne wem see profit rather than need, The industry retail- " - " """ . were in a slump. Huggins came Senator Carl Hayden or tne ated by calling many at Miss Carton's state- into the locker room before the Committee on Rules and Ad- ments "gross distortions." Stung by the most A k - I ... A ' hviewed lor The Inurnsl m- He ,ound men minittratlon. to ask If there musive indictment of an entire Industrial A I AL . . . ting about llstleuly. their was anything that could be complex since the days of Ida' Tsrbell. the I NOVSI Ol lllC V Y W WfOlhy Bijhop sptriu obviously low. done about the dingy cream industry both pilloried and parodied Miss Car- - , ; "How can you win with a paint on the walls of her office, son in an effort to make her "recant." RESPITE aU the extrava- fiction our intellects and our eight - year ... old boy who bad team like thisr he grumbled "Hayden was sympathetic ' But all to no avail. This quiet and cour- - gances on the dust Jacket, experience are bound, from time caused the death of his younger to one of his coaches. "They but said there wu nothing he ageous woman went to her grave never Evelyn Piper's new- suspense i""" w onwwr, ana m near wu nanny nave no iigni. , couia ao aooin n. ana poinwa. wavering in he iron-firm belief that man. m nrv Mnd EoilKM i.k. ! I from Enl,nd ho,n veryooe : That afternoon, the Yankees out that the office of Rhode " " muraerea Die oppoaiinm. nmo wsm aenaior snaooora urean that the players returned to the was painted a pleasing green locker room, they were shout- '"'Well,' said Senator Hay THE NANNY. By Evera Ing and laughing. They con- den, stumped for a reply, r. x Piper, 147 pages. McCletUad fidently predicted .that the gtiess It's because his name k ii wjvKEfeiikr ; Picture Parade, which has Street, who has been winner Canal, better known as Canalet- the aplomb of the practised -provided an exhibition outlet for of the Begum -All art award to, lived in England from 1744" tno apramo 01 u 1 ; . I . ' " .. . . ' . ..rrr.. S JLZ. J... I. magician which Indeed all novel- Ottawa artists during the Sum- has had painting accepted for to 17M. . ..... U Iumm 1M - ' M luggage I . still had one piece of luggat W JTTL Our Z cZuZtnZZtZ PP the story as s nine years It has been a worth- have notified her that a canvas P"",. Y ne w. . "Srji.h?u vTe-M cert"e "rre he has made of while Summer undertaking of she submitted has been accept- Craik went oa view m Peacock . .-iit . .1-1.. .u Oil paintings by Marjorie M. himself in bis crafts class, pipe- tne Ottawa Art Association. ao. it ts an 011 oepicung swamp Aiiey at tne Lnateau Launer, stem arms and lees, enormous The exhibition area has been flowert picked at Britannia Friday. The exhibition by the himself in his crafts class, pipe- the Ottawa Art Association. French girl to sign him Into dasset at the r. -"T ' return to Wax parents. That is project Whfch wm arer.cii. . . R . -" -j .n. . k mansnin ot Marione ueiacoun. mm m saierv . . . excellenttouch. of thi rtorv THE And Bruce Hay Is closing the prt' Department, says that the 1 ' -, . mail iiaiierv. uo. 1. the eefee The knMil k.. It tk.t k. M . ee. thel e.. rf. Mth. mt Bluwl werssi,. appears lira . NANNY Job writing for -Variety;- the show biisiness even cry out. to hah the eon- tZTiLeJl.hirt!. nerjee It itirie't ea ejtneieu hut k. mltAA ...M f aOUIt, JOCy S mOtnCT VirgM, ZTZ'J - aha tumhlee wtlh fear ahmtt x ' au uss irew oinnera aaa ovcame tot latum , . ! - - ....... ...... nmUlent is ennrentretine ia.. 1. ,ii... Sharroa ' w .L -- Hunttr, art tupet in Paris, tub ktsknov au. '"S ,n,,on C k.,..; ,n k- k.M .7 the classes were so successful they ill fst J r .. " 7.T,,r". " f" t to oinner wnn aim. - - " wtr, extended Into July and hV Wso unities. tV.'. ..S ZSZ Metcf. Uuri.r. tended 's aa excellent touch too. '""?' ., ... ,es YWCA. ,'he Fall classes are being started uct. a not tor adults ana cnu- well-knowa Ottawa artist tinues until Aug. Zt, idneT IrZ .h. 1,,!- H " hw' "You r be held Saturday afternoon. Gallery of Toronto reports that " lih LJ. h " "" " 'Sept. U. , Queen Elisabeth Is lending f 1 V 1 ter to the outright nightmarish. Arw thee. M, the ... j. .'"-. ,.u A .... L- L.' ' TUP NAMMV k entlw.rit.tlu. . T" . ". . " w " -.--". ' . . or eonnict or the novel, the Ottawa art circles are Inter- Canaletto exhibition. m. its "" " tveiyn . e.ten b, the .owtlMmMt el . Tk. tw. l 1 TWs l ia m L WklW SMUS I rank firtt In tht world to tlx ... rrtmfrm. !Uiwa.i itLw w r in u .1 21'. f?1- i i " " W. aeteu wwtsass ta 'sressa aatw, wviiswawjM will Wnm . be brought to the National Gal- u JZL Susanna lery in Ottawa. Macdonald The Italian painter BRIDGE Q. s As Sou, vulnerable. you hold: aKt)ltl7J0J4laA9g The bidding hat proceeded: East Baath : West Nerth le,,:I.,-Paes ,..),, Pats t , What do you bid tow? ; . v . J South you bold: QI4 ?JI 0-jMiO,IS The bidding bat proceeded: Nerth Ess . geeth 1 Wert! le fas. ' lOi- Pstsf le , Pats , 1 . Past gr Psss T Wliat action da you take? . . .9, -As Souutyou bold: s ATI 7 KJ Mt 0J M 4KII The bidding has proceeded: Nerth East South Waal te . ' Pate IV Psss , 1 Pass t What action do you take? , . . Q. s8othses -ilnersble . and u South you boid: ttt 741410 AKITt ARM The bidding bat proceeded: West ' Nerth ' East ' Seath 14"' 19, Pats' " t ".- What actloa do you take? , Lee for aatwers Umdai) '..';'' COO- CHESS , a a. m. tetuua ... . tesk - S rtoef . 3 'Z. SI !uS m o. aa mik. ashjuta la hat weavs lOHeens . Or. q-at: f a-ctak tsr aerke tae laeik mm- Stuart Allen Smith at curator drawings coming from the u oa. aim, u S k. u.,.. k r-MM, fv .... MiiM'M w. wera the itilie kt mlvi um U- Ml VWm WH.HMWI rl J WCII MNIVbMM . HIIMWI 0M4 St CMt Mm Ikbk JZ In Fffthftarfatm. Man gtrtulia. rmantlas fMitkmstte4 tht Toronto General Hospiul, tht tothor was ' Thta tlan b In part ouHt h prajuctlon of ttectrlclty with a bachelor of arts dtfrtt la them from wtlmt BritUh ,"2"" JSfS Engtand to come and give the Moynihan lee- ' "ements. , u ttcooi with 1 1 per cerH. on the staff of; the Na- The 141 paintings, drawings SJr.I'TSeuS? iTafcuL, T. tur, ,d he chose as his sublect -Sureerv of Ii. perf!T? po"ibl ... Mooal Gallery In Ottawa as ah and etchings of Venice. London 23522 V ,Jr "t r.!lit. u-TtS--! . iTZ .T7 !l "' r-yebopslta UNCOUNTED PEOPLE rerch curator and and Rome will be on view In ptLT2 &Z"oZ:jX w".uS Z 'Z :: S ' J " v7." "''"I NEW YORK - Of A. euntor collection., the Toronto Art Gallery from SJii' S'Ti ""F1? 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