The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER. : .CONNELLEIVILLB, PA. FRIDAY, MAHCH 29, 191*. ...~. - HENRY P. SNTDER, founder and Editor, 187J-1S1*.,.-,'. K. M SNTDBB, ·' . Fmident. - . . . / · · :' JAS. j. PRISCOIJV ; ; Hc'j a4 Treaauj^r, 'Business' ManaSfM? ·'· · JOHN L. OANS, - MaiutRinB Editor. ' WALTER a STMMEU , - - - City .Editor- ~*~~ ; ' MISS l,Y?n£E B- KEJCEIi, Society Editor- - . MEMBER OF: Associated Press. - - Audit -Bureau of Circulation. ' Panmsj-lyanU Asftovlated Dallle*. -~ · Two cvnts -per copy; -SOe per month; *S per ye«r by mail If paid In advance. .' ·; Interea tit '*reond class'.mitter »t the -IKwtofflc*, ConneliBville, .Pa. r " ~ - r mighty big, good, ^safe and: profitable ^enterpHEe.tfie United States of America, we' are. putting more money .nto .tne Concern;, at; good interest. By so doing -we "are safe-guarding the investment of sacrifice' and money that we,and,onr,.fatb.ers ,b»v«, already ,con- 1 ·So ; ;':'GeB6rar:EerS;nln;i:; : -wB : 'Ere- ready for thVnext Liberty Loan. v .-.. FSIDAT ETEinWG, 3CAB. 29, 1918. .'Seme* FlaK. l -P.' SHEHMAX. Hoaplt»I:pnJt;;Ii*:tI. r: S. A, Fort HePhftrzon. Atlanta, Ga. ' ' '. JUlpa, F. . StlGEK. Con»anjr H, 319th Infantry, · TJ.-rS.' N, -A.,:' - - ' - d Press- Is «*· enUtlad to the use lor rpnbil«»Uan at all: news dis- p«too*. CJ.atttKl to It or not etlMnrta* credited In UUa paper ud *l«o tt» Uc«J n«wl published TXES ffnirTHjE KAISER ES'OTF. '"' -iSer'T'vEa t6~lo.5 ·battlefields of northera Fraace, at a good safe dis: taace'ia the rear of the armies he is ', attempting to driife -through the elas- HS "bat "tmbroatable walls of tho British, French and Americans, the Kaiser is reported by General von Uudtmiorff to have given expression to the following: ' . _ " Bee»i»e before lb« -vrvr - · w e »lW»yi~ arjced the »e*d of arm-~ ' . tki»K«'''ailio' irill ckanice, but «r» mudciBd mn.t be^ls to ,.H . the "Wii; Lord of the Prussians V «ras so deeily awed by the scene 'of ·/ : tands laid" waste and desolate by the demon of war which he set loose, what would be nis emotions if there could b'e "bron^it in review before him the innumerable throng of/soldiers of his own- ftnd th« .Allied .armies who . hare been slsugn-tered of "maimed lor life In'tne criminal conflict, for the lucep- ....tlonjof whicli_ he must, give answer at The JndgmeEt;baf of Go'd? _-; ' '.Again, if; tie conld.-jseef that other ·;; agonized_hpst of- iaiocerit_ non-cqm- ·"batant wives, 'motbexsj- danghters," and ;nflrm of Belgium, Poland, Armenia, "· Syria" and other Hun-ravaged' count. ries wio have been 'the victims of the Hellrlnspired cruelties, outrages, --"· atrocities and barbarities of 'bis demoniacal soldiers, .or by them driven . in-to a slavery worse than drnth, would the modern Afilla say that he was glad that Jielgium and f rthe other stricken Mantries,- and-not German-y, has .been 1'crced to -mike these sacri~ fices to ;sav- the world ffoin German . . domination .-vnd German, damnation?. 5 DM not thevview he hfd of the-war- .-Tscottrged land arouse Win to a realiza- ii Uoix.of tie fact tnat it:;is his. own un" v liolr"«n2itloA;-'"his own persistent urging of "tie need of armaments"; iis'own 40 years'ot'Inteusive preparation for war, and not tha failure of mankind- outside of Germany to ."change jhese- -things" that has brought about the saturnalia, of outrage, mnrfer, devastation and destruc- ..'·tion whiclr lias engulfed" tne'world'b'y ':·, awful iroe? . -. .. -. Have not the things he has seen made it jrtaia -to him that the very existence of an erriljaation has beers threatened by his foul campaign of garage cruelty and wanton murder ' which, if ;it sricceed, . will drive . the -·'whote. -woriil back' rato the atheism '«· and Dirtarism of the Dark Agesl If the diabolical work of his'hands, of which he has himself been witness, has liot yet brought "Tn lace to face with all of these terrible realities 'and .n-tms-fearfal-possibilities and the .dT.ead*nl'.cona«raences.ol his wilfuill- '-nw«,"" events are shaping, wnicti uh- d»r the providences of that just God who presides over the destinies of na- .tions. Trill. presently. bring. the.blopdr ""'sodden Kaiser tremblingly to hi " kcees In piteous sirppHeation . for mercy. Then will he know, what he aow* stobbornl^r refuses;tO;-admit,.-tnat the,.fpnndatipii»;-of BEAOT Olf-TEDE-HOME TSOSTt. · As _ the^ big - and jnajibo · decisive ·sprikg^tfiyirof tne "Gerfnaii 'arinles" spends its strengtb^in -Flanders, so .does the big--and maybe decisive-big drive of American money draw near at home, tha'Liberty Loan Committee reminds us. Pershing joins with the other ivar chiefs of the Allies in sending words' of reassurance to*use as., buttresses for tie eonlfden'ce" 'fS- haTe in onr s'olr difirs. They are standing'fast agafnst 'the onslaurJits._of the Hnn hordes. They, are ·!hpwing.;;that our trust in tt(im,,that.tlie sacrifices Tre-ltaye. ..made iii order to back them ; iji) in the^great- ·tt sacriflcej'that.they are vrilUng:'to make for cur benefit, havo not /.heeii in vain. And from this part of tlie world's defenses a word "equally'- reassuring goes to the loyal troops ·tn'at' are- hero-- ically doim; the fighting part of the world's pledge .to · make democracy safe forever...-;-America's money lines are readr. - Every man, .".woman and child in thi^TJnlWd States is prepared to do with dollars what can not be lione with bullets. H we can not fight ire can pay for those "who do. Americans, in paying for tio war .are. merely cooperating, 'each with the 'oth'ir-In le'.iding. to our','country.* .Tpet »r» not givlEff, aHhou'sli wo vro,\ildVbe jlEid to do thai," too. -As stockholders'-! ^ ^ . . , . iQittoe fakera- t a7:co;ldr:;iurnae;-srn, jipt cold caah, .and- immediately ;.CuVn; : in ia.n alrmitb'Jthe" police''-' ·'· : '^ "J r !''i}'... " ' . . . e w s p u p e r f f - ^ h a v e ' . - : iividdenly becomeVyerysolicitous- of the perjplc. at' i6inc^by.-poiiitlne;-outlto;..TMtt.eiri;^ .tho ."ai.fHculties ^nrltich: l a y ' l r i . tha 7-Way .or the German advance on the western fron,t."..and.cauttoning,thern that '.'these difficulties aro increasing daily." In- creaa^ng,:d5illy is right, and tht^.BriUsh. Drench and Amercans 1 .may be.depend- ed'lupon^to malce-these.difficulties keen oil riacrea'sinffC', .v 5 7..'."'...- '.-V'. : "It's the way we shoot that counts, not. the.way '.we!.shout," say3/Teady. That's'why the bullets from the Allies are counting more on"-' the .western front than Uie bombast in Be.-.Kn, ·unending ambulance the-.wounded back to · With : those trains .beartng Gentianj^. th« pedple -there will begin to learn'some of the truth a'rmy authorities have -withheld from them. Whan-it is all Tcnown tho deluded Germans-at homo will make n. drive of their owiu . . . . . Tfe© By Caroline TJckhor. FEARP FOR HIS LIFE WITNESSES , TELL THE JURY .--· - Continued from Facre'One. Frank A. Bur-key was branded as a "home-^breaker". and as. a man whose last-few weeks on earth.-were .spent in". deadily ; .iear of. the'man be* had wronged by ·witnesses testifying yes- 1 terSay. afternoon-lor 'tie-defense. Testimony, was introduced to show that :!dn-Intimate terms with the vriHe ·oC.:Hiram : S. Bigam und that the hus'band on numerous occasions had threatened- -Burkey's life. The missing .blood-stained copy of a Pittsburg. raorairig newspaper found .on. the., desk iit the office when Bur- j key's body was discovered and which the commonwealth failed to produce figured Indirectly again yesterday afternoon. In the testimony of A. L. Aldridge, chief clerk for the B. O. train dispatcher at Connellsville, Attorney I).-"SV. McDonald developed the time · the .early or "bull-dog" editions of the Pittsburgh morning papers-arrived ia Connellsville. Mr, Aldridge said that the train currying those papers should arrive in ConnellsviUe at 2:15 o'clock but the records of his office showed that it did not arrive tint!! 4:10 o'clock on the morning Burkey's body was found. To what use the defense will mako for that tact has not yet been indicated. · What may prove significant testimony wiis given just before court adjourned last evening by Jliss Ada Conn-ay,' a waitress in Bishop's restaurant, CotmeLIsvillc. Miss Couway Tais.war divides Am6ricans;iato wo tesUficd that Wesley King, night clcclasses: those, that are fighting, and those' that .are being fought for. "If we are numbered with the fighters, we have relinquished .everything to serve our country and its magniil- cant ideal. Wo are prepared lo lay vator operator at the Second National Bank building, had be^n iu the Bishop restaurant at one time on the night of the murder. That lin'o of the defense had not boon sufficiently developed when court adjourned to make its pur- down life, and all ; that we hold dear.;.,,,,,.,, c i ear but It was apparent that in order that this land may remain j s omc efforts is to be rnnde to dispute "safe for democracy;" an honorable abode for future generations. If-we-are in tho sijcond class, these fighters are_ 6ghting .for us, and the one : question we .have to. aiiswer-' (every one .of us, man, woman, and s: -- "Are w-e worth fight-! ing for!" : . ' Upon 'our answer to that question depends our own salvaUon, that oC this nation,. and of the great cause of harpanity. - Are we worth, fighting for ? Not if we are sulking behind our soldiers, hiding behind them, or even standing inertly. behind them. We must be found fighting behind them; fighting with body, mind and soul. If we are not prepared to do this r woe to democracy, vroe to the. land 6C. "Washington and Lincoln, woe to the coming generations I . - righting with body, -that means physical work, physical sacrifice; devotion to;;the; performance. of some constructive task; consistency In giving up unnecessary indulgence, and pet luxury. - We must give of our abundance, give of our scanty store, give of our time and money. Let us examine our 'physical qualifications for tlie fight which is before us; What .can we do most skilfully, acceptably, efficiently? Let us find out as speedily asi possible, and set to work today, tjmel is .more than ''money," time is "life," we dar e not waste it Remember wo are fighting not hiding. Weary? Yen, so are they. Distasteful? -They find it so. ; ]3ard? Life-is more than hard in the trenches. Fighting with mind, 1 another task before us, a duty and a privilege. Intelligence;'yes every bit of it Is .needed to reinforce those that have little of this quality. Use it unstintingly to further every national measure; economy of food; production of supplies; saving of fuel. We must 'fight witii .our'heads, for lo; the enemy within our gates has taxed his cunning to do his almost ;to circumvent".as. We must the testimony of. the connmtmwcaiUj's star witness. Former Policeman James Barnes injected the'"eternal triangle" phase into tho case. "Did Burkey ever say anything to you about threats being made against him?" asked Attorney McDonald. Barnes replied that one evening while he was duty corner tiuty at "Brimstone" corner, Burkey approached him and said: ''A man by the name of Bigam is following me. I think he has a gun and I w.Hnt him searched." Barnes continued that in a day or so he saw Bigam and told him of the complaint Burkey had made against aim. Bigam denied that te was following Burkey, -the witness said, and that he wanted to be left alone. "H he doesnt leave my wife alone, I will fix him." Barnes said Bigam told him and that he continued: "He has broken up'my home and I'll fix him for it. He has been running after my wife, and taking her to hoteis. I want you to follow them and arrest them both." Arrest of. Bigam on an assault and battery charge preferred by Burkey was related to the jury by Policeman Jatacs Francis, of Contiollsville, wl'Ci testified that he was on Brimstone corner one evening when Burksy 1 Classified. Advertisements. One Cent a .WofA No advortlaemfttiti for Lea* Than II Cant*. .Cluatfied colnmiu clo«e »t aoas. A4lverti9em«nta of want*, nl«k etc., received after that hour will not «|l»«ar- until the day following. Wutc«. . WANTED -- YOUR, BABERING bUBliesB. RENDINE'E. . " ' tt WANTED -- TH1HD IKICK COOlt AT B. O. RESTAURANT. 27mar3t WANTED -- DINING ROOM GlttL AT tlie,WEST SIDE HOTEL.. SSmartt RANTED -- BOY OR MAN TO SPAI3E garden. Inquire 1217 Sycamore alrtiiit. ZSmarlt WANTED -- AT ONCE .SALESLADY, m i l l l n o r v maker ,and apprentice. 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Ilunhar, Pn. bad thrown two stones at him- j and hit him with one ol them. "We -\vent back to tho library," continued Francis, "and met Bigam." "Did you throw a stone at Burker?" the witness said he asked Bigam. ·. , "Yes, sir," Francis aid the. man re- j -ICO BAC K.K RS' KKQU IRK ytrvices of a thoroughly experienced and accurate atunaprapiier. Resident of CannetlsviHe preferred. Ap- ;».'.;/ in person Tb MR. A. J. KOBAClCSR. plied. "I don't deny it The Wg--"broke up my home." Francis sa!£ that fce then placed Bigam under, arrest, and toolt him. to the police station, where nc TFSS later released on .ball.. The commonvrealtli scored in the cross ^xarainatloa oC William Bowers, chief of the ConneUsville , police. keep, every faculty of mind alert to off- whose testimony was of the ' saane set Ms insidious propaganda and. frus-i character as that of the other police trate his stealthy encroachments. (officers. Chief Bowers testiHed that he Fightmg with "all cur soul. ! That means belief, courage and steadfast ·'faith in the'great victory of righteousness: that Is to be. 1 "Work cheerfully, .talk confidently, -vrrite hopefully.^ Not pacifism, but Peace Is coming, it only we fight hard' enough behind our fighters,' . "Freedom is only. a land.of dreams," cried - Schiller ^ standing upon German. ·soil, shout to the hills: "Freedom, is; every nation's birthright, and our pw^i braTe men; shoulder to shoulder with pur. free nations- of the earth", ate" fighting foir that freedom;" fighting^ 'inspired' by the spirit of. 3 620, fcreathiag the spirit of 1776 and 1S6J; and ire, : fighting behind our fighters. with, 'body, mind amL'spul must pro re ourselves, like our;.great cause, worth fighting for.."; ' n ^' ·....."". Ed car A, Gueat. GOOI PKO^TBJilll. He was a- good. provider. You havo heard the term, before. He, iBt-'his/wiCe have charge accounts ^ at, every nort-^f-store; He graflfie"H'. her.""every wish, whene'er she made Itiknown. " But after that' h e - t h o u g h t that he should go his way "alone. He- kept · MB" business to himself and""shared rto:-iorifidene. . · . ETis cbnveraation always bore" the stamp of common sense; . .'· His children wore the best of clothes and ato the..'be«ct of'faro. ut'.tnft?;: had-,seldom'- known their dad , to -take" them, anywhere. He Tras severely just and -wise, and had no time for play. He stood upon his dignity each minute of the day; ' ·.'. If money could have made them p!ad, then happy they'd have been. But they'd a need for something more ' this man had never seen,. This good provider didn't know what should be known by men, That erery -woman .wants t o - b e made love to now and then; And he,, who does ;not glye himself to .them-who share his name Mayrrbc a: (food pfpyiderV^ut he's selfish just-the same/ ;v. '· searched Biga-m for a gun ai Burkey's instance and .found, none. The police chief said that Bigam offered no resistance to the search but said while he was examining his pocket,:,: "The crazy fool! I wouldti't shoot him anyhow." Chief Bowers testified that abput the first of December Burkey stopped him. on the street and pointing out Bigam said: "There goes that fellow with that gun. He has threatened to and I want you to get him." That Burkey had been informed by Mrs. Bigam of the threats made .against; his life by her husband was the principal statement made iu the testimony otL David Turner, another CoinneUsville policeman; "Did he at that time, say anything about Bigam's wife?" · "Ho -saM Airs. Bigam told him that Bigam had- made threats to Lcr about Burkey,"-the witness replied; · Policeman Turner continued that he later searched Bigam abouC-the lat- I.ter pant of November or the first of '.December and found no revolver. !'; Bigam one night waited "behind his own door with a poker, o r . - a n axe waiting for Burkey, according to the testimony, of Oliver 0. Osterwise, a stbrekeepeV of-ConneHsville. His tes- WANTED--ANT KIND OF ing, whether it la a. calllnR e bill- or tho Quest ene*"ved Invitation or announcement. We print anything--everythlne--do it promptly COURIER office. Call, the man at Both phones. 27-tf SBH-nCE KX- .amliuitlons, railway mall clerk, April Ill'th. first grade. 'Customs and inter- ria.1 revenu« April 20th. Men and ·women desiring clcrltships at, Wnsh- Inffton or Pennsylvania wriui for f r c u partiouJars to J. C, LEONARD, former government examiner), .Kenols Build- ins. "Washington, D. C. ·· 28ma.rUt* \o11rr, LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION on tho estate of Jasper- Thomas, late of Dun bar township. Fayette county, Pa., deceased, having been granted to tho undersigned, notice is hereby given to all person* indebted to Baid estate lo nuxko immediate payment and to those hifin# claims against tho same to present th«ra properly authenticated for settlement. GEOHGB C. THOAtAS, Dlckerson Run. Pa. 22mar6-frl . FOR RKKT--ONK oom or two rnoma for light huuse- 506 Kast Creen street. 29raar2t FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES Off second rtoor of punn .t Evans b u i l u Inc- Inqulro of HARRy DUl*rK. 8jan-tfd GENTLEMAN BOOKl^EEP- ER. .Vl"ST BE EXPERIENC- ED AND COME WELL RE- COMMENDED, TKI - STATE CANDY COMPANY. Just Over the Bridge Coum-.nsTHIfc (West Side) wus hased upon information on ' ton must admit that other th ; ei doiuestic'.relaiUons of the- couple Bigam, ho said. "A man j'by- -the- name of Burkey ifi very..iatimate.;with my., wife," ; 0ster- wise..testified;Bigam-told him. -in ;his':5to're. ; /."He-said .he laid.'for ;Burkey,, one".night behind the door of his;oWQ hoine with a poker.or an axe." ·'"Osterwise'funther testified that Big- -am'informed, him" that he'and his. wife ; were going: to .separate. "This'man .-Boirkey naS'-broken, up my- home," the fitness said Bigam-. told.him.. , ton. fuca will have to leurn that a, beastly trade. Iu times of tliey iirmccl and drilled, with war their on3 and- aim; a* million gents havo since been killed, and they are all to blame. '-'Oh,, it is well to p'.ow arid' so'w, M their rulers used to say. "and it \a good to p i y the hoe, and put up at,ic)c6* ot Jiuy; it'y wise to ,malto our llvorwuri't and dyes tliat will not fade, but war is .always., boat and flrst, the Teuton's honored trade. We like to see tlio farmers ratee their rows of sug-ar beets, .and -labor through the summer days providing wholesome eats; we praise-.the man who earna his board with plowshare, scythe or tipado, but most oC all 'we praise the eword, and war, the. Teuton's trade." And when this weary war is done; the Tcu- " tools than :',-.,'..-' .'.'Entertain- For Son. -"Mr; .and ili-s. T.. W. Weimer. enter- taine'd'last, eveningi at their .hoitie at Bev'r;opoli3: in.honor of"- their; son, Serseaat-Mongo "Weimer who is.home from Camp. Hancock ou a furlough. Thirty guests were present, parlor games and music made tb« evening a happy one.'.' · . ' iword'and yuri are: billed to make a hit. If he ffoes back to arm and drill, with enerer, if lie g-oes back to learn to 'kill, the scrap is all in vain. Before tlie-scene of~war we leavn, and sheathe the gleaming blade wo hav^ to make-the Tcut believe that war^s ;t beastly trade. Carroll Battery Co. A.Factory .Tnunctt Battery 'Stan. **\y***^**ff****«-**«*^r*^*»^**«**4" Moving and Heavy Hauling 10 ALT, PARTS. --o-FAST SEimCK. GTiT BATES. ] Day or TJight. P. B. Kesler, 613 McCormlcIi Are. Bell SSi. Operating Coal Mines . A- well established Jobbing and Shipping; Company Trill make liberal advances, loans, or par.ticipiate in permanent, financ- . ing 1 on .reasonable terms to actual operating and shipping coal Mines -with side tracks and regular tipples. Give facts as to location, name and .thickness of vein, outpnt capacity. baSed on phirslcal development In mine, also Railroad car rating and financial requirements. Information will be treated as strictly confidential. ADDKESS, P. 0. BOX S2£, 3TETK 1'OEK CUT. =0 -J\ for Easter preparation. We havea't any ; . advance forecast on tne weather for Easter \3uriday, nor are we going to prophesy, but we hope it will be a good day. However, we advise everybody to prepare a new Easter outfit. There are t.ome specially new things just in for women, dainty styles, shirt waists and skirts. There is a distinctive line of misses and children's dresses; there are new and popular styles iu shoes for women, misses, and children. All the many colors, the medium and the high top, very moderate prices. There is just everything you want in all sorts of raiment for a fashionable, stylish Easter outfit. For men we have made equally as good and as-extensive preparations; for the boys even greater--hats, .suits, shoes, and neckwear in plain and fancy colors, dress shoes of every shape iniag.nable, men's styles for boys, popular prices. Please remember that we claim to furnish yon this class of goods a. little bit cheaper than you can buy elsewhere and you are waited on by courteous salesmen, and salesgirls, experienced and equipped to assist you in many ways in making your, selections. «3 large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store that insists on fitting tn«ir Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with our styl* selection and our methods in fitting. A FAMILY SHOE STORE with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--for our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. SAVE and INVEST IN THE SAFEST SIMPLEST SECURITY --BUY-- W.S. S. War Sa'wings Stamps ISSDBD BY United States Government 3LUICH, 1018. J.\S. 1, 192S. LI4 WILL COUNT $5.00 CONNELLSV1LLE, PA. r IF YOU Anything, Have Anything for Sale of Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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