The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 16
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/ACJK SLXTIClffiN. ri-ll'J DAI-LT CUUKlifffl. CONWKL ^VILLB, PA'. V V I V ·t D BY ROY VICKERS WHAT HAS GONtC A OAN BREWNAWAY. 35, and handsdme. has ma-Jo a f o r t u n e in ** Mexico. Ha loves Shirley Dane, yoving, society girl, and, upon his return to New York, proposes to her. She refuses, saying ihc lovea someone else. At a reception, A l a n m ets Mr. Cynar., financial shark, whom he distrusts. L a t e r he r e c e i v - s a mysterious card that Roger Kelton. young lawyer, with who n Shirley's inheritance U invested, la bankrupt. NOW GO ON WITH THE STOKY ifT* T know why I'm tel'ms you all this, but Hoaithow one feels ---- " "Wait a minute, let's think," said Alan. "As you nay you can show that you ai e not personally to my father.'-' CHAPTER V I I . ERE wiU be no i libn-1. It isn't a libnl. God i n-slp me, il.'s true--thanks Alan had risen from his rhrtir, ( He w«i» arnnr.p: down at K e l t o n . ! ; 1 mvolved- KeJton v ar sitting now with h i s l c v e r y o t h e r way ftce buried in hi* hands. If it pood father w a s a theatrical it was un- consciouMy so; but .Alan found time to wish Kelton's unconsciousness did not express itself with quite so much abandon "You're raving, Kelton. If you have -- 1 hate to use the word -if you have been ffuUty of ern- i«»7,z!cment what can your father n.»ve to rio with it?" "I haven't embezzled ·* penny." K H t o n ' s voico was thick. "Relieve th=it or not as you like, Brcnna- w f l y -- you will soon know. There w no question of a criminal charge bring usd against me, personally. All the same, the firm is now about to go b n n k r u p t . " "1 don't follow," aaid Alan im- patierttiv. Kelto i removed his hands arid glared at the flour. "1 d i d n ' t k n o w for certain u n t i l flliout » week fijro, but 1 befran lo V i i ^ p e c t iiboiu throe months after my fat ler's death. As it i s -- i sli ill leive thr: b a n k r u p t c y court w i t h o u t « ^ l a i n on my character -except the slnm that will result from being the bankrupt son of a crook." "Do yon mean to t°ll me - " "It's asking you a lot to believe It. ir.n't it?" It took me a long t i m e to swallow it -- nearly a year, bill -- Lhp socuritipfl havo gone." Such rr servo as was Iff! waa slip- p i n g awjty now, "Kven now when i t link of him i find myself thinking- of hi? kindness. God, how ho deceived me! ''The figures show that for twenty years he had been swindling our clients. T've been educated on ·stolen money The clothes I'm rin,: arc stolen -- the very food . I've been catnip." Kor several seconds Alan could say nothing. The postcard had not prepared him for this. He had t h o u g h t of it as an act of malice on the part of a mentally feeble w a n w ith ft grievance. The conception of K e l t o n and Rood fraud- u l e n t l y b in'icrupt still see'tied ridi- c u l n u n And what could be say to young K f i l t o n ? "lt''i no Rood dwelling on the personal side, of it," he said pres- » n M y . "If he was a good father-- -- v.hil- he was alive --- " "If 're was!" The distraught y o u n t ; f'ire was ravaged with pit- f n . IPS'! '" ook at my i n h e r i t a n c e ! Oh. I am no moralist -- d o n ' t t h i n k t . i a t . D-ermawap. But even thr o r d i n a r y crook has j.oine. k i n d of feeling for his son. Oh, ! don't T'm not i n v o l v -d criminally, but -ffrettv thoroughly done for In If he'd been a v o u l i l htivo kept me out of th' 1 1 tr'iii«\iS-- put me into sonic other irtn As it was, I was brought un to believe that this place was what everybody else believed it to be I had--contemplated mnrriafre." "Do you mean you're engaged?" asked Man. "That's tragic." Kellon's gesture implied that It would bo futile to explain. The next moment, however, he explained. "She's an orphan She's the chief creditor of the f i r m -- t h e one we've robbed most. No»', perhaps, you are beginning to realize what ;ny father has done to me." Alan paced the room. ', "Can't anything be done?" ' Kelton shook his head. "I had a sort of idea that with a little time we might be able to adjust things a bit--clutching at straws, you know. Hut Ttandon has made that impossible and T am almost grateful to him. My f a t h e r had t h i r t y thousand of his. Aho, i1/3 d o u b t f u l whether any adjustment would be possible. "My father would have settled Randon by giving him tho cash value of his securities before he left the office--but I could only do that ""by doing just what my father would have done--namely, realizing someone else's securities! f would" not do tbe thing T !m~." been tempted to do, In the matter of Jinny and tier lover. "It's a d i r t y trick," ! said o my- aelf, and shook HIP t h o u g h t a\ ay. J i n n y was not to be seen i hen I got book to the hotel. T km w she would be looking for me, later on. I knew I should find her, at my corner of the veranda, when the grpn moon of Torres began to soil l i k e a golden gajleon among the pnlni tree to is, and the straits ami I s l a n d s were vi lied In f a i r y blue. I k n e w w h a t the magic of T h u r s d a y - for l/hursda.v Is magic, .stll!, despite all ageing nnrl 'eca.r-- would do for roe aLl for bor. And I thought of I h n t I l i i l o b r a d , i 1th Its clobc casque of Klmnlnj; hair, o very fur tnvny. And I took my gei r from niy room, and marched dowu to the beach below, where tha cutter out In green water, wai nwnylng R ,tb the tides. Night found me tit C'npe To k, with my telegram reody to send. TO BE CONTINUED. II. C. fr'JilOt C O K K COill'AJST Houses Home Sites factory Sites Ifarm .Lands Used fllftchiuery, Shop Tools, BuiUllng and Mine Sup|)]ica Much oi tuo p r o p e r t y tor aale 1» aclvaiilagcuualy Uiuated w l t t r»- dlieut to w r f i m tiiii aisctrio jow«r supplies, l a l i r o . i d aiJIngn auct paved roads. Fur f u l l i n f o r m a t i o n In regard to pnc«H and terms, apply to Super- Inieudunt of ueareat M i u o or ticott- dalo Olilco. H. C. Frk'k Coke Try Our Want Ads. Helpful Advice to Girls D B EAR ANNIF! X/AORJF: age and in need of advice. I have n. mother living, but .t cou il novor fi-o to hor with my trou les, as 8oms prlrln can. I am vory fond of a b y nin»' teen. HP haa nev«»r askof 1 mo (or n. dntn, h u t several tlnim ho has coma by my hous*» Rft'et no with other and «:lr!», «nd whllo I wius with thorn he would flv« tn» lots of his attention. H«c -ntly ha has left the SUto. Ele 3if not tell me ho vras leaving, but I heard about It through other iioi reea. If h« writcii should I answer WTion he comes back should ) :ont!nu« to let him come without t aten? Now. dear udvitior, the' a la an- otliar boy who onea tie med to think lota of ma, but ' rft anil stayed away sevora) we ks, and now makes U a point to ci idffa mo. He won't speulc If ho cnr help it. I think, perhaps. anoth r boy Is the cause of ihtn. Shou d I ask him w h y he actu thlo w y or ip- nor« him B.itoffeUi*r? WONDERING C HTI.D, W ONTJEHINO CTJIL-D: Tou are not n wondtc-iBjr ehi d, but iin u n f o r t u n a t e and (ooliah o lid If you tin not tnrke · con'idanl of your mother, An tha young: mi n hnsi left tha Stat» Trithout sdvlal g you of his departure It would sen a that you AIWIE LAURIE D EAR ANNTB IAtmrB: 1 am a high nchool sralna.t« and I (should Itlce to know what to do In thla cnwj: 1 mat a nlc« «.re u n d u l y nho it '/Ioio much are you in far altapcl'icri 'Well My father died suddenly, you kno\v. ! had naked her the day before We could hardly announce it then. We agreed to wait for a bit- -not necessarily the usual year. And rtow she--well, of course, she'; waiting for me to ask her for r formal announcement--;-he's n ally in a false position," "She'll stick to you if she's worth anything, KeH»n." "It isn't on);/' a question of sticking to me. She would do thai if 1 would allow her." "I quite se · that you « i l l fed bound to relc;5c hfr." "Of course Rut that's tint my chief worry a»out her- I ("11 y o n . I have not -vrn t h o u g h t m u r h about IOMTIK I IT." "What then?" to pay for it. And that I'm damn-jd if I'll do." Alan grunted. Kelton got up. He w.vs obviously scrambling back to hu first manner -- the manner that Alan could not quite like. "Somehow you have made mo talk when. I ought to have shut up. It's an impertinence on my part- -T apologize. Thanks for listening, Brenaaway, but you had better leave me. I shall file my petition in bankruptcy at once." stared out of the window. "How much arc you in for altogether?" "Now that you ask me -- T really don'i know. I stopped counting at ahout $250,000 -- the thing bad hero -no fantastic. Horn's tJ« list, if you care to add it up." ing his letters, for his be) a-.-tnr Jor-s not Indicate that hn Is f eslroua ot . oiHinulnB the friendship You will f i n d happiness and curtain y no CIUIHO for worry in the pleasan' friendship of vounc people of you and interefctB. own age young man a. f«w weeks «?ro at n dance. At tho fiance ho askijd mn for a dato, and I n a l d "maybe" simply biwause 1 didn't want to soein haaty. but In rpality I was just d y i n g to Bay "yes," For'a Ions tlrni; I had been acflng him at town every day, but wo nevor spoke because wo had never been Introduced. Now. since the dftnce I HUH ne» him and we always npeak, but thnre «.r« alwuj-fl a lot of peopl» nrouncl ua, a n d 1 'km wondering If It Is my place to In vlte him to come out to my house some nlg-ht. My parents do not object, na they already have heard me apeak of h i m . It affme to ma rhat since h* took the Initiative by first rwkinr me for a date at the danri*. rwr hapa from my uncertain iinawpi hs Is waiting to Hi 5 * If 1 rcall.s want hie friendship. What do you think? H-» 1« Just th» Lj»p» that appeal* to mo and 1 think wei might b« Rood f r i f n d n nftrar w onc» reatl-y hocomo aoqunlntsd. P, t,. J, P I-. J.: If your parents do not · objpft I am sura that lie would Rpprer!at» an Invitation to spend i» pleasant e v e n i n g wt your horns. Jt ·would bo much nicer If som other young folk nre Invited at the time, and It would certainly ho correct and In keeping with the conduct and viewpoint of the nice young lady that your letter Indicates you to bo. Who'i Got the Button f Buttons encircle th r throats f c ^ m e I'eaturts E j n c f i c a t l . I n c . ) BLACK SHEEFS 8 ! V l^J p'riffen. v'tia the keyword"to tfie secret Hint I had, tu · almost n year, been flieri-shlng; th" secret thnt I hnd t h o u g h t tnlno O'll.v. Where. In t h e nnnie of everything t h n t was Imp 'obahle, Imcl l-'nrnrmw cot hold of th tt word, nnd the fnct It connoted? Could n miiji !-eep noth- i n g to himself, even ( l i u t i ^ l i lie locked his lip'i ond reined In his very by Beatrice Grimsliaw llht orations by Invin Myen Co. WS-U I \ t u n e find deOrerfd f t f c h a r d Fnnsfinw I n t o my hnruls; ns If opportunity were thorp, rcnOy and wnltlnj;, for very sat- Ufying rc\cuge. HP wns c o i t n i n i y f t nd of Genevleve Treacher, or he would not bnve taken the rleU of BDolllnj; his cbanccn with IMn, by running off with fUn-SHng. She, I innda HM doubt, could do A n y t h i n g w i t h h i m tlint B!I» cho^c. S!ic' would rio nny- Uitng--find out anyilslng--If I l i f t e d iny linger . . . for me. . . . Minds arc Illogical; thoy m n k e 8'tiall trouble about swallowing camels, then bnlk at sometbtng lehB t b n n a H I t h i t u ^ h t s I i i i l w i i i i v l n j r , l ! 1 l . l l n n v . uU'.i n l up 1" :tn tn t t . i s i 1 ' I ' l u - n I rousi-tl myself. Siir n u"[ t i n In r i i n ' i h n w ' s foiintlcnco, iiini'c or U'.si, I i h o u f - ' l i t ; f r woubln't Tlio r l p j k c i m p forvfnrd, and tolrl ni« t h e r e «er no letters. I luuln't expected any, -to It was unreasonable ior ine to feel --n*) T did--exceedingly lilsnppolnU'd. I took myself nnd my i sparrow. I don't know why I, Phil dtenppolntrnorr out Into tho j e l l o w sun ! f rnory, hinek sheep, who Imd just been, it nil flying win IP. ... , listening to a p r i v a t e telegram, nnd I came to he ctmHuslon t h a t my \ p l n n n l n r r to act on knowledge thns dhj- telegnitn htid heller go In nny /-nan hod t l u i t a f t e i t h n t Hit; twoner T not ( sail fur Oriiti ngoln, the sooner I pot in.v gear to^el ier, nnd F l n r l e d off on j iny t r i p to Un Interior, tha better. I h f t d n ' t niotiev 'IIOUR'I for n i l t h n t wns i \ v n n t e d -- u ell, 1 would get Maldstona , noticed the i° "Hi'iil/'duke ' me, much though It and ho- w e n t a^-iiiiM iny pride. I hadn't a n i n t e lo go w i t h me. Well. I would l i i U u the risks ob going alone w i t h my hoys. A t i t h l i ' ^ , Kroner t h a n let Kan- of the modern Hollywood stars hitve choaea buttons of different shades, which are twist etd together in a double strand, for their choker necklave snd bracelet. crortitnbl.r ncnuli'f'd, should have derided, suddenly n n d trrevocn.blr, that THE OLD HOME TOWN i d : t kft-ii m m i l of licra to sltmv £t't n h n d of tiif: w l l b what 1 do to * worlt. I Ms-ii'il IK i- n _ - i t l n , w i t h no ' ;-" t'ii'j lo liinlt on jmd t h e n I-,.n," r l t | - .:IH! d e tared wv I n l e n l l o t i «' i;i. M "lit un IniNitu",'. V.'h.'it 1 i i H - t - i 1 i" lr \\i\n l o s,ill u i v boat ovc-f I - ' , i | n ^ or!., mid ^eii'l my tni'^SitK'' · i i w ir nre I I I i n e \ e r nei-esiiiiry--by lo Iji the biKgost flrid ever In I ' n p u n . Now Ui.n I rakprl m y nilncl thronch im'l tlinnich. row L i n t 1 t.(iue f 'W'I Hie last lirop r i u .«f every m-ollcellori Unit could l.-.'lp in . I was ublti to n i u k e n rouKb KIKK« i 1 Hits pnanlble sntirce of l'"(inshaw''H luformntlfin. And, l i k e rnoht myster! '«, It lurried out to ba Stanley isn l i n e 'I'hc of IMa f a t h e r was easily f o u n d ; ! Knew 'v-here f could get a dlroftory | aimpls GTIOUK t when explulncd. Tha 11 rid yenr tiooi of "f'ruiriinent AUK- i flanc-ee of tin dead miner, Grace, had f r f t l l i n s . 1 been, not a ;1rl, but u widow. Her Tlrst, h n » f \ c r , I u e n t tn t h e post | nnme, as I h i d heard It, was Brown- 'iJBte, or; lite nff rhatH-o of m a i l . I ' rl«s. K t r n l n i ij? my memory, I gcenicd »md t'i « a i t ii l l t i l e ; sotriHhody, Insldd, lo cecnlt n o t n " i h l » ' g about her maiden ·\a f h u - y t e l e p h o n i n g H tnessaga to ' n n " V'irl a f l t - r Iho strange local fnshlon--words .spelt out l e t t e r hy letter, t i l t h n Christian name for e n h , The mJnw perliapa had t n l U c d to Mrs. B n m n i i j j a rtiore t h a n one had supposed. f i r s . Bfownrl^i-'. pt'i'liapfj h a d talked t i h e r reliUlM.* (If Indeed rc'UUivu), SU 1 Kk'hnrd n i u n p ; »nd 1' I did not mSsUikn, Lliat nniue was ( l . u fairly corrutioti, litit In ( h i s crtso, / i i O K t signHU-tiiit one, of to a \ o f O hliinderx. Moch.'inf ally, us I Ii-jHied on the c o u n t e r , i bpjjaii i:ik- I n K up tho uuvs.iKi', u):!(.!) ^eejijed jiiiblli' fur ;ill t h o world to 'icai'-- ". . , S' fur 1'eier, Ii for Latiru, ; he v,us h-i' for Di-iily, A for A.MCO, R f-tr Kiiinuel, ! l''ausltnw, th · jrretit of u vei-y for I ' l i i l l v , 1) for Dot-.i, , . . T i niedioi-rc f a t i d l y , 1 d i d n ' t sec that I r '''|'"ni.t-t, ( for O l i v e r . . . H ' was ever l i k e l y to U I H I A f l i e exact 'tr- A fir Alii-o, V for V'U'lnrl.t, ··· M ; I I fr-r I-' n', 1\ , w;i« "|ilt,:,sfi/ to h. V- . i l l Ins, 1 t i s f e n o d ; I on-ii-iinm of «\i\ o^dropp hli'tly IM mv mind at tho some prospc -tor to join an exploring . . i W l l t y of a let- '"i(m'!i u r''i:'H n i' M.h'ir \N,I^ t i i - u - u ·» t l i o b.irc i i r f , i - i i l'i.3 "1'lciisi-i} In lurve von linn," t h e tno« ^,i-:o v i - \ v ! v rait. "Cmspei t u r f.nlerl i i « Siv |p(t«T M ; t r ( h " And ( h e n « w o r d t l i i ( w f i k e ' l lite UD !IKe n shwk: cutH8tanep». ind niatler. On tli.-it Wat* 1)1 I » lelt'gninis "i ," «h f i p s tln-y (Dd nnl il! l u a t l e r , ,»i) «.vh) f,JKn'd hia was nlino:,f cer- njj; - l a l n l y K a n l i r t w himself, was I m i t l n g p a r t y ; iismp: in the measjme. the mime of the point where t J r a c e s trip, jears HJ?O, had ei) i-d. The motv I t h o u g h t eif It a l l , the surer 1 U.T- t l i a t M r s Brn\vnrjf;;, he- f i i i e h e r d i a l h , luul t l d f=tuubody filioiit T a i n t itn ; and in u r d e r to do sot. it out of tr w a s -ons:i- jionp now "Tat- ' tlonal enoj i. . . so t-U-ai'iy Papuan. Well i l i i - i ' . w h a t frr-m « l , * e w l i x - - "Fii j Tatat.Us " I f I I.-K! a n v scruple*, ,-iljout l i s t e n - , H I M I . she i -list lur.f; IntT ( n i l renliy. one iloesn l o r uushtn'c ' "rnee. l.o rl k n o w s , i n l i s ' i - n ) , I hud ftt.iui--' the vitiVd s-o t-U'ariy Papuan, Well U u - \ ' . w h a t then; J knew t» any one w h o knew tho country, the £. JSUi£!L 1°t wtout then. Tiu ciiajij. of log^ig waa' . to sij?^. It ANO OTV\ER. DOCKET CUTLETW OFF THERE AS AS NICKEL 7 Nlovies .' A 8U6GY WHIP OWNER. OP A CUT RATH AUTO -rnsjE S-TGE;H IN SAVB AN E X H I B I T / D M OP SkCMH of 3 THE BOYS AWP CrSA -. P " C u t down ytiur January Food budget. I. G. 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'i'hf fJrri|]ly»l method Is to li;e|) It in the fitted box In which iv r e i v e d -- if It \i* thp compartment ttjl., when- each [jlocc haa a groove of Us own. and no two UKK-BB can touel each other If tho silver has not c oine in aurh a box. then the I MIS I expensive c-ontnlno.- l-i ono made ot rtrt or gr.iy cotinn f l a n n o l ( W h l t i {Unncl if. not cic- s-lrataie because the chcinji aH mccl In bUviching the imtcnal m.iy c.ju-i- trie silver to tar I I - T Thoac CJdnni»' «i ·"" can bn pur- c i n . i n t l t y of "liver. i. 10 M H D ( ) k ' t e cilnupr sarx-inp kuivi-r., lc fho rutPrt« ·-,.n thp.n be su.- (»' I'lMJ on ,) lcor on I.-IP paotry or w i n - i t r m"'n OOD- \«)iiirit 10 dlnli (! fC" J iu And since iliore is voom ii each Hlitctiod spare- only for one lorn, tne/c is little i-lianre that silver will be thrown in f a-rolnasly tn « hurried tnorncnt A more exp -tisive conluJncr for sllvei is one m; do to cxJei ami enn- lil.-AhiB of -shall nv trays nudi- w i t h special wouden Krciovc«. In ivl;ich '·ach piece fits porJcc,tly I n t u r n , t h f a e BHioved traj s. tit i n t o ihc dr.iwt-ra of nidi- nard t u i f f o t or w hat- i'ver kind of sj M i- Ihes a i e o l d . u-d f u r . T r d V " ind droovps ,ir" u l l i h f l c i n n « ' l t-om|j!-t-lv si'.vci ti um n w r s us for any a (·'W "(poo ' t n c l u d i n f ItvclUs tightly HticJ w protecting tlif scratches 1£ a few |)i at a PF o( silver are pur- time, thtse s p p l n l drawers, too, cm bp ln*imht n l n ^ l y and eventually u p p r f u o t l y f i t t e d cab · ·Inet in acquired. Ulke a string e1 pearls, one at a time. Another nrnall job thnt hel|» to preserve Oliver brightly ta to slva It a bit of rubbing tit every uso. A piece ot chamois or specially pre- I pared cloth, such as aohl by silver- p i n l t r m , ahould b« kept In the drawer with the silver A quick nick over each piece Just before It la placed on the table will add a j sparkle to the whole bible. ! As for cleaning, bot soapy water j IB usually adequate A quick Ini' mcrelon, hot rirjBe and drying Is sufficient dally treatment. Egg- I stiuncO spoons or forki can Itrst be 1 treated with a nalt and cold water i soiutlon before washing. Silver, of course, will tarnish, a.nd for fill sorts of reasons having noth- ..ip to do w i t h the quality ot th« silver. If eas or coal are burned in L'IO room. t l i P r e will bo sulphur compounds in the air and this will tar- nun silver no matter how tittl« it !·? cxijo-ii'd Contact with rubber, w i t h M a f l i P l or dyed f.-ibricfl. will l a t m . i h eilvrr. But ,is this It only ·i ^ u r f a r o rti-sr-oloratfon, it rci(Ulre» I j t t l n e f f o r t to remove. 1'brti UPP a l l sorU of cjcsHf-nt f K-.i n sp t- 1 - for t h u purriO'f Fin" u hitni£ -silver p:u5te» and pofiHho» c.u) be rubbed on to hn silver, allowed to d i y . t h e n wiped off with a soft cluth or a bit of chamois. A quicker iv.iv to clean silver Is to 1m- nn-i ,e ail in an aluminum tcettl* con- tiiininj; 1 le.j.~|oon ot washing or rj.UvinR sndj nnd 1 tea-ipoon of salt for each qutit t of water. There Bhould be enough water to cover ths silvi-r couiiJli'U'ly, and the utensil should tie l.injo enough so that *a;h piece of silver can touch tho aluminum I S n i i K ta j boll, then remove UK- v i l v c t wash and dry The lUuroi- iiiun container will ba discolored and muit oe cleaned thoroughly befor* using. There ar» prepared silver cleaning utensils that may ba purcbaned for this purpoae olone. Patronize Those Advertise in The Courier DO IT SOW--SUitrtCItUU} FOli THtf

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