The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 36
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 36

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 36
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'It Wt if .lyi'V".". ."TV V .'- ..V.yn.,N'V. ''..''''''''''' '.-" ".' ' I I" ! I lli'ltf III ll IP lir ! "Ill I III 1 ! .'I II! EHIP I , . II Infill "'''"" Saturday Section 34 . .... r;,- y the Ottawa journal, 7 - f .'. satdroa?. atoust22,i ; Science Seminar Scores Teenagers Spend Summer By Lisa Mace "Why don't our schools make, us think?" At mm vote this plM WBS echoed by high school students from acroM Canada who have just completed the Royal Canadian lnstrfc' iw-weak-long. second, annual Summer Science Program at Lakelleld, Ont, and Ottawa. 'y X With seven sciences ltd to them In concentrated doses from July 4 to Aug. H. "think-tag" Is whatthese grade 11 and H "boys and girls did lor their Summer holidays. Andthe experience, they . claUft.wn exhilarating. And every student concurred In the wish that they be Asked to. use their, brains In school for more thin memory THE 17 BOYS and eight girls (Liagar"s Danuta Kur-owskl represented Ottawa) were selected from over 200 applicants on the basis of academic, record and teacher recommendation. All outstanding students, their enthusiasm for the science program was unlimited. Exciting, fantastic, excellent, were some of the words they used to describe It. "More students should be involved in this sort of thing in more parts of the country," Danuta Kurowskl figured. "But the students should move outside their home territory to meet students from other areas." added Mini' St. Onge, Quebec City. Both girls thought the program should be given more publicity, so that everyone would know of it - ; At Lakefleld. in a boys' preparatory school on the shores o. , . . . the StudenU attended classes r morning, noon and even at night for five weeks. Here in v Ottawa last week, they were v given a first - hand taste oi . actual research In the labora-, torie of Carleton University, th University of Ottawa and , the National . Research Council. . : 'v .. f Always the atmosphere we informal and relaxed as prom- ; inent scientists lectured, demonstrated and sparked discussions in mathematics, phys ic, chemistry, engineering. geology, botany and ecology. and experimental oioiogy. Ana sine theHevel of instruction was that of the. university, the rm ental challenge to these budding scientist! demanded an all-out effort of individual thtnkint and reasoning. Se well did they rise to this challenge that two bv tnseten, beta isnlverslty pre-' leeeers, said they wished their classes eeuM be ' ' ' THE EASY GOING approach of the science seminar was completely different from any the students had yet encountered. . The freedom, the lack of compulsion, and the chance) to discuss alt manner . of topics with other of equal Intellect will long be remem- - txred- , : ; . :, .v.. Throughout the course emphasis wss laid on stimulating the young minds and intriguing their-curiosities; on encouraging Initiative In making scientific and mathematical, assumptions; on critical analyi-. as. In short, these teenagers were made" to think for themselves, ',""')' . - That thinking was especially put to the test la the popular dslly math session with " Prof. W. H. Bowes of Carle-ton's engineering faculty, pro-' - lessor Sows presented a emblem in sue a way that th student had to determine what question to ask in order to solve H. And often he deliberately withheld Information ho though they could d's-cover for themselves, i y No exem or tests were included. The only report the , students may have to make will be to their school-mates back home. "This Is definitely an elite . program," -said Dr. John Anderson, associate professor of biology at Carleton and director of the 1M4 Summer Science Program. "A lot of elmc and effort end expense 1 poured into these students. tiBut wo think It well worth-while." . V , :i r ; . W also a program with an ulterior motive. Canada' supply of trained scientists is t supply or trained scientists is t not plentiful, and the program may encourage promising students to make science their future career. It may also help them choose the right branch of science. Indeed, it convinced one boy In last year's course he 'didn't . , want to be scientist after all. - BRINGING TOGETHER gifted science 'students from the high schools was .first tried as an experiment .Jn 1M3. The idea new to Canada although 187 lira 1 1 a r courses exist In the U.S. was pioneered in this country by- th University.- Women's . Club of Toronto. Hi invest!-' gallons, Interested the Royal Canadian Institute which . agreed to take this fledgling ' educational venture under ha wing. Lakefield's Grove School, situated In pleasant natural surroundings a, few miles north ' of . Peterborough, was : chosen for the initial pro- gram. One of the oldest priv- : ate schools In Canada, tt has excellent facilities for recrea-' tion as well as etudy. f Thirty-two students were -accommodated in the" first program- .This years (group of IS, ranging in age from li to IS, came from Vetter's Crossing. BC and St John', Nfld.; from Toronto, the Ssult and Hebron. NS. where the population is 4T7. On boy sat on a train for four day en route from northern Manitoba. Cost per student I SJOfl, excluding (ravel expen s s . Parent are asked to pay as much as they can. No on Is . turned away for inability to pay. however; the RCI makes -. good any deficit Average par- ental contribution was SOT this year. Only one student' pjnt, p,id the entire amottBt. . Over-all cost of the (science uminar run to 18.000. Or. Anderson Mid the RCI would use eventually to enlarge me program by setting up nw seminars in other provinces. Right now, though, Insufficient . funds is hampering any such expansion. - ; '' INSTRUCTORS were hand-picked for the program. They had to posse th ability to introduce concept not likely to be met in the average high ichoot classroom and to com- mimical Meat. From th dozen or so lecturers who took time out of busy Summer schedules to go to Lakefleld, six were from Ottawa: Dr. G. 1. iTbiessen, head, acoustics section., division of applied physics. National Research Council; Dr. D. M. Baird, chairman, do-, ; pertinent of geology, UniversK ty of Ottawa; and Dr. John '- Ruptash, dean, faculty of science. W. H. Bowes, professor ot engineering. Dr. D. R. Wiles, associate professor . of chemistry, and Dr. Anderson, all of Carleton University. Other scientists came from the University of Toronto, Queen's and the University of New Brunswick. This 1 Impressive academic backing for th challenging program. For, ' although an honorarium was paid each Instructor, sa Dr. Anderson phrased tt. "No on wa doing this for th money." ft . Dr. Wile felt this was one of the few thing scientists could do for lb gifted child. "It 1 important' to keep tip their Interests," be said. . MOVING THE SEMINAR ' to Ottawa for the f inel week ' wss a departure, from last year's format . ,v:"'-, "Theory and discussion are good and necessary." Dr. An-dirson explained. "But by ae-tually getting their teeth into 'a research problem, the student get the feet of science. They alto get the opportunity of seeing what It's like to work la high class lab." V Ten student took part In a ; chemistry problem requiring ' original research; nine tack-" , led physics experiment at NRC; eight explored phenomena of the biological world; , and eight i more collected enough geological specimens ' in their rambllngs around Ottawa to make shipping them home a problem In. Itself. . ' Peter Waters, a student at Lakefleld from Brown Hill, NS, summed tt up for every one; ; "It opened any eyes a to what science I all about and . what scian what scientists are like." - Mr. Burnett is on vacation. Hie column will resume in this spice) upon his return. . the v ' . Whether or not thlg clam Ilkeg having its ticker spied on, Danuta Kurowskl, daughter of W. K. Kurowskl, 349 Catherine Street, drops sea-water on its exposed heart to observe the reaction. Dr. John Anderson, director of the science program and a professor in Carleton's biology department, points out additional interesting features of the mollusc. 1''' ; W A -l Flashlngf lights and mysterious 'whirrings don't faze aspiring chemists Sandra Black, Sault Ste. Marie, or Peter Fono. Toronto. Students in the 1064 Summer Science Program, they are measuring beta particles on a Oeiger counter in a radioactive tracer experiment at Carleton University. 1 f vr-v'"A"-n' -'-s --1 wssfspw-,iWKfc-' ryf ' 4N Jm 1 THBr' ' 'Thinking' 1kBssssssMslBssssssssssssses steitiw ;KWif V tlatllsl :...- X .. v- -4 S -- I - TH"- KJW mmmmmmmmmmmt' -.y1f e e iiji aimJF4arenapmepnnanepnapmn David Wooley, of Snow Lake, Man., Murray McCutcheon,. of 8hedlac, NB, and Dlanne Rumble, of 8t. Catharines, Ont., high school science studenU interested in geology, are all impressed with the age. of the rock outcrop they are standing on. Part of the Cobo.urg formation, It's nearly 600 million years old and, appropriately, is just -outside the offices of the Oeological Survey building on Booth Street. ' . . f Joonul Phetoe by Dominion. Wl1 . 'V, rj: t - fr t If u a a- Th annual meeting wss called for (.30 p.m. in the Town Hall. The Association a group of cottage owners at a well-known Gatineau ''lake. v, 7, , rA. The agenda read: 1. To receive the report of the directors; 2. To consider the financial atatement; - A 3. To elect director; 4. To appoint auditor; 5. To conduct such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting. ' ' . About MS, the chairman called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone, and apologized for the secretary, who had not arrived. He then borrowed a copy of the agenda from a member in the audience, and another member became acting secretary. "But he had no glasses, and no pencil. He we able to borrow the latter, and used back of the agenda for minute. The, chairman was able to give aVshort report, to wit. that the Association was sol vent That cheered every- body. And of course, without the secretory, that was all that could te done about the first and second Hem on ' the agenda. ; . - Then we cama, to the third to elect new director. The two director on the platform were abl. with a little help from the body of the hall, to recall the names of the other seven."-They proposed, ' seconded, and duly re-elected. But just as the chsirmsn was about to proceed on to ' th next item, someone noted that the motion . . . direo. tors, needed to be put to a vote. , it wu and passed unanimously. Next: Th appointment of auditor. : Th . chairman "thought" the old one were Messrs. Smith and Robinson. "Yes.7 id the 'acting sec-relary; '1 thmk they wen." "All right, ahall w put that to vote? Oh, there bettor be a seconder." Til second that," from ' one of the men on th floor. The Journal's Wesk-End Crossword - Aenot t MkrtmutiM eirniMM - ueuer . S4 Anatety SS Nete f ecawj SS Steman eee 7 Smell ehll4 as ountr f . Setum SS enere Mr . 71 Bxeevat n-mi fu e r wasina sire 7 ii evil nil i il 'r-LaJj . FT OewwvwtstS ' TS-Aartia 7S BeulUkM SS CyllnSrKSl S4 Lkrf - kwSkM v. v. 11. is ti 1 S1-CuMysr I 53 Mike stMnSs SS luvm 54 Cmmsil .,SS MM' . , . mektiems SS Pmtm wiyw mint . . ' SS IM so Title St A Mats (bkr.t as OkteiM se cmeeecwsii as city SS AltlluS SO Alea S retknM cieiy e Mf SS OIHM Street . SS Native et , MM- S-VMkNI IlMe .. ' US ss-cui . tes-fci .ma se vhs MB Mhlee-' s tie 7 Hawaiian - ' WTH1I - a-Muw a written es Pereen wita fertltue SS Man'a , tos Man'a is sinwsiaa title 1S Crenie (eelieej.) IBS Wall nlekasms 44 Claeail 4t (alr -47 aa nymaSi 4 Cura 50 Sleeky MO 51 Oete y S4 UauayaJ wi Seheeikeek Male ' " 10 Maheer ehee IBS Qui' lew lie Latin eenjunctiee . Ill ImmeSeet 111 A Mar eereen 11, Siuthweetem lnla 11S 7eea 117 Set 1(0 Reman res 1SS Puift up . 124 Meetelry . Its eeiki ee eillkeer las email rwa ' 1SS Native Jiryilan : 11 Cleee eeureiy . ueiie enveyane By' Joyce M. Page The acting secretary when he caught up suggested the motion should read, "that the am auditor be reappointed.". The proposer and the seconder were happy,' and Just in time, it wss realized the meeting must vote on the motion. Again, it was unanimous. v.v' :: then to "other business." There was a question on the coming regatta, one - on water purity, and one on what' been done to protect members' property. This last was quite a serious problem 'at on time. But it had" been largely overcome by the work of the association. A vote was taken, and the motion passed, that "the same; person" be employed for this matter for further year. At this point, the acting secretary's pencil broke, but he wss able to borrow a ballpoint pen. -. The meeting wa discussing how to encourage new : US-Mim sear ut wwtMesa kMVlM 1. tat Byaf SI ' ST SS as 41 4S 10 SfWMHttan 141 eniai iik 14S TMtM ! CcllaM 14 Warn 17 NHMMy ( I Mature 10 Oiw mr ' -4S v, 14 Invert ' ' 14 Mn' name I I Its nrver kenk ' l 1 Ant . . i 50 51 name 42 , AU those ' 1S n)nr in favor? f ' 10 walk M water 11 Lloul st' SS SS DOWN 1 Setter . v 9 Cuitem - S Oeveyre " 4 Net e M I Veet ase ' Celleetlen 1 f-StuSi 71 - s click S erepealtien rp r SB Si S ee re 1 Thlnn. w law 11 Flee t ; eutl ery 1r Menhene IB Lukrteete . 14 pieet Syrneen 77 - iwon l""'i in mti ' IS Oetentatmn 17 Netiv metal la-CyprinM Sola lion ,eo Heath Pag TS-fJaln inn J1 w 54 ST-Cni 55 It a member when the secretary arrived. He had been at birthday party, we learned. The pencil, and ballpoint pen were returned to their owners, the "minute" handed over, and the meeting got back to the financial statement'- ." ' The chairman ' had been right the association was solvent The statement was duly read and proposed. But the secretary had to be reminded he had to "beg to submit this statement for acceptance."--. It was then seconded. The chairman started to ask the secretary about .the auditors, when, "Mr. Chairman, don't we vdte on the financial statement?" "Oh. dear me. Yes- All In favor. Good. Those against? Then that's done " Thf secretary confirmed that we had chosen th right auditors. Did w vote on secretary? Well, I really can't remember. But R was s good At m time - Si- aisnlws H-CMraMMlKl ' mt Lift S Pleisime M -CMIWfis raarlhr SS J Sutur . . :, ',V, pur. arm ,. --fvBa mammal . . tf Ctramnls Nkl-ta i: . Sy-OrlinM Mint 101 WlralaM ts nlri.M 10S ml 1 Appaar ':: jmmf ' ShalMlaM ' WS Avara Fllw te W rarc.l 4 sratram . . Mfl Obaame .- 111 PustX Fll la M . IIS AetuaK ' 11S nieoea . -w tr -. - Man't name 'il tie Mane nam reneun Merine Buck Bnthuelaam lis Matur . 11 11 Train ef etteneante Surateal tkreaee Sharper Unit et IfS-CeeM lev is cnaetwe It Oelt ehet :- 177 Reem 12 Cenepiraey - eurrenev -fal.t" vnetce pert , Ptente Oirl'e nam AHewaeee rer weete -S4 Dimlnlea writm, eeea Reeeenaea , F.IPI Inaien a 1S1 erlnht iter - IIS Animal lit Cerumen , . here , 1SB )! 117 Leek at hk 1S eimpl - Strike eut f ' 144-Cravat an Mil MS-tlte Leeeta' MM 147 TPtM . ete ms Lima " ln - -- ul , Lamprey 11 Avenue ' ' SS-TWnta, I .'. . (akkr.l . : tse-trlnF , , Meranes meaeer keek - fit-a eentin4 t Ouecsneer lekkr.l . Mitt . 1ST Okin mHa 1 'I1 11 14 Is I' I' I' l' P1 111 lu H I" h I'1 lu ml. imlj.i z"' 1 -ITa T M m40 " m . m - mu 77 w TV im m f iS - wmw m , m . .saw WW- mi . iizi - ttcd Jaa 51 M . S :-::S4 ... gSS. .. . . S7 SS iT ;-::jo IT a ts TTW, " t ; ; mm" " mu m - H" Jke. :- , Jb ui tf . , n .... 7 :x;74 .-. rs 7S . 77 p7s , tii ui 7 . 0 ; .p v t. SI SI ; SS ,. ; . !S4 i - A 44U :Ju a: ;..r,.,j; 0 tt , , ,, IJ :y,;M . II . . N tT is""7""i5- TT"fioo'oTf??!ioT" ""ioi"""'"1 - 'kitX !au w 104 , ; v:: 103 ICS , 107 : 10 TV 10 itS""m""" j!HI """""!tjpriu" mT US T T " nr iisrT"T""Y'4i"" PPTJ ei MM A- M m AA M M -FT M M. tU MM ,114 ., .. J$ . f.v.US . ... 117 rJS) , IA.,W4 IB p-aa-e mmmm --- a-as - ssn aasava s-sa. ml , . ' . . . IUIM . ;,1JI s . ..- j..(ISI ... . ;.:;:i,:IM , ,., IM , oiiTlji7 5 " IT fT'Zr'm : , fT" wT": ill T - a. . - uXi xUa. jjuii 14 144 US I44t- 1147 i I4S :.v.; 14 iso ;. in isTisj . i$4 is , xT,is i$7 .. . jj---.----. jpr . l- JJ - - ' j . - ' ;

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