The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1930
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JANUARY i7 wso. DAILY COURIER, CONNIULLS'* ILLE, PA. PAGE FIFTEEN. JAPAN WILLING TO MAKE CONCESSIONS IN NAVAL PROGRAM To Aid in Ausurlag Success London Conference, Snys Admiral '.i'uknrobo. By HKNB.Y United Proas Slo.ff Correspondent. UONBON, Jan. 17.-- Japan is willing to make concessions in her naval program to aid the- flvo powers iu »»·«· riving at a Buccoimful conclusion ot the London Naval Conference, her Hllrlstor of Marine, Admiral Takeshi Taltarobo, declnra'i In tin oxcltuslvo Interview with th- United Press. Tho Japanese tk'tegn'.km oomeii to London full of optimism. They be- llovo tliat tho powers, having learned a. Iceeon from the f a i l u r o ot tho Conova (Joiifcroncu, will nui.ko every effort to complete an agveom«nt mnic- tnK for f u t u r o work! i»e:ice, ho said. Admini.l Talsarelio "mphuUeally ro- ifiiiertei the j u s t i c e o( Japan's claims l a naval ratio ot 70 per cent us compared (, Greta Britain ami the t'nitinl Hlalrii, bui. beliovwl Hint the. Jupane« viewpoint "on every do- ivuuul" was not nocosoarily unalterable. "Japan," ho said, "llko tjif other nations, h n « not cotno to thlij conference to set a n y t h i n g more than ^ve liavo actually announcetC There ·will ho no unexpected demands from ii« to start lo tho uoiiferenco or hinder Jiojjothitions, Tin* important point is that we have all come at the Invitation ot Groat Britain, and with a fairly sood knowledge ? each other's vlew- 'ttoints. This elu mid greatly facilitate a eomplovo u;titcrstanding antl tho eventual SUCCORS;. "I believe ft w o u l d be premature to ·clirictisu tho (IfltaiJs of w h a t ever :om- promlseB tniftht bo b r o u g h t about to solvo possible tlf'juUoekfi. "So far ae I win ueo n o w , the situation ie that every nation lias claims w h i c h , I boi'.OTO. w i l l not be with- d r a w n nor a l t e r e d until and it the time should en mo ^vhon an alteration or compromise would bo efeeutkil to Victim of $ck Murder Mrs. Floyd Oodshalk, ' whose hacked body was found in a sacfe in the yard jet the war of |« building si Philadelphia* Pa., bringing to tight a domestic tragedy of thr«e year** standing. Polica era serchiag for Frank Andre, with whom Mrs. Godshttlk is said to havt Jived an his wife since sho left her hatband threa years ago. . The dead woman was 4 daughter ot Dr. Harry Gawne, ElmlrA physician. (InturnatloneJ "All E can say regarding the Japanese' v i e w p o i n t if. thai u n d e r certain circumstance*}. I'- 1« possible Jnpnn m i g h t be induced to accept a corn- jiromteo--altlimip.h I am not prepared to rovea'i on wiin.t poi.vita wo might be w i l l i n g to ncerl(." Atikec), w h e t l i e i - ho believed 'naval d i s a r m a m e n t win fiufllclciit to o t i f u v e the f u t u r e peace of tlui w o r l d , Admiixil Takarabc sold lir- would lilte. if it wore possible, to discuss air and land dis- urniantotU at the *mm» time. The admiral said ho wna convinced lliat sooner or liiler it would bo necca- Bary to summon a world conference pa air disarmament. State Isi Fayette HOUSE COMMITTEE WILL EXTEND TIME "ON RIVER BRIDGE By XJnlted Press. ·WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.--The House jfiUerfitato Commerce Committee luis agreed to report favorably to iho tloueo tho bill Introduced recently by Representative Samuel A. Kendall ot Meyersdalo, extending the t i m o for commencing 1 it nil completing Uie construction Of. a bridge across the Moii- cmgahela River at Kuyotte City. The original a u t h o r i s a t i o n provided that work on Hie bridge should start ·ivUliin one yeir from March 'i, 1029, tho iaU the authorization "was up- ·proved and cotnpleUxl three years from that date. Mr. KoiuiaH'.s hill; w h i c h Ilie committee on Intel-state Commerce w i l l jink tho House- to past;, extoii'js the t i m e for c o m m e n c i n g work u n t i l one year from llic !ato t h e bill is approved and for c o m p l e t i n g the s t r u c t u r e to t h r e e years t't'din tho same !ate. Some d t f l i c u i t y was oxperioucod iu g e t t i n g the work started. It is expected tho bin will be parried by "bot.ti House uvd Sen a to w i t h i n the next «lx wtieks, a l l o w i n g t h e Fayette City Bridge Company to proceed w i t h the Summit S U M M I T . J a n . 17-- Mr. and Mrs. C u l v e r and clrldron of lAUsenrlUK Xo. 1 wa:4 calllni; on Mr. and i\ii'«. Jacob KarforxJ. WJHrt E m m a Cropp ot" l.,s!isonrln,t; was ltM\ vlsltinj:; Mr. and Mra. '.'-oorgc C l a r k , TimriKui U a i' ford of GaUM visited iita s i s l f f , Mrs. A V i l l l u m .Me Do «·'!). Mrs. Commodori 1 - Filio, MM. W i l l i a m .Mi-llowell aiul Mrs. .lolui rilf-wiirt wt«:-o a m o n g thowo ivho n'.toudetl tho JMtth- «.ii«t i'rotii.suint Churcli r a l l y in l.'a- j ma town. I'^IONTOWN, Jan. 17.--.lie-ports of activities of t h e ,«pe.-ial -platoon of Stuto Polioo operating in Pay-otto county during l)oc rabor, tog-oifnw w i t h comparative reports showing; activities cf tho last three months ot 1929 as compared ivl'h -the last HITOO m-onUis of 192S ha.s just been made available for the p u b Me. Tho re-port a are of particular Itnov- cs.t bocauso of the ex-porimont con- ductod by Major Adians, connnaiidant of Stale I'olloo, wlU: a special dta!l of 811 men in Fayotto county during th-o last throe m o n t h s of lastj your. Activities for OctolK r and November, 1!)2S, liiiv-o fxson JIHU o availabl-o. T.ho sii-jjimarizod r'.--jKirt. for Deern- her, 10^J, sho-vvs: Patrols _ -.32-1 1 nvostigutious -.._ 270 Stolen aiito recover, d $GOO Liquor autos con-lisc itcd - _.... 4 Arrests , - _. 00 Mi low travold 19,-IO'i A s u m i i i i a r l z a l l o n ia' tho con««lid;i'tc-d reports as submltcct by t h o State I'o- lico to responsible uvlhorHk-s, ssiy«: "Dnriiiff Uia thr-ef- m o n t h s that tho special (lHa.*, : i oi: h t u t o Poii;c was operating in Fay-e-ttc c o u n t y the Ira (lie in moon.-.liinc whislv'. y \viis reduced (·: ;t m i n i m u m , t h e r e w re vnry Vow n n t o - mohllo ac«:ldc-ivt8. .Ml morions crimes that were reported were inveKtigaU.l w i t h all baiiiij cit-ar' d u.p w i t h th-t 1 c.\- coptlon of one-. A m - u r d e r cai; ro- portod on Uecomlx?r 27. liili!), IUID hosMi cloai'c-tl up by tho ar. ost of the U C C U K C I ) in AVoshin^ton, l';t.. by tlio Stat« Poll co from tho .\*c-v» r ; ult-ni detail. "Tiio ]urpiS'2- of tht special de.lall of tin 1 Stuto I'tilice v.'as afcoin-jviishod w i t h Mie result thai, a l l c rim OK wo/o roduood to a m i n l i i n n i . it being' at a Hun; of tho year '.vhon holdup.** and robberii'rt are nioai fnvi-uetit. There lias not l)«K'-n a sorl-»us l i o l i f u p or rob- Ijry In FayetU; · ini!y. and not u m u r d e r din- 'to d r u n k e n brawls." IGILM GRAY GETS j HER DIVORCE FROM FORMER MANAGER PORT WASHI.Vn'ON, Jan. 17.-Oilda Gray, who l u r n e r l . the s h i m m y tiaiK'o from a (lip and a wlujde- i n t o art, is f i n a l l y divor 'inl f r o m Gil Boag, c a b a r e t impresauri . Tiio .blunil O l l d n , f a m e d i n t c r n a t i n i i a l l y for h e r a r t i s t ; c shivers, was d i - vorcud f r o m I'iot'g a year u^o on cliarges oi cruel iuid i i i l i u m u t i treitt-- inent. The Judsni. nt w h i c h was entered tho iiuxt day became J i n u l Wednesday. Miss (Jruy elaborated uyon (lie H h i n i m y w h e n *!ie danced in a cabaret, u n d e r Her correct name of M a r i a n n a Micimtski in Miiwiiuict.'e. Slic m a r r i e d J o h n Uorclcl, bartcudf-fi 1 t h e r e w l i e n siie was .17'. Her q u i v e r s b r o u g h t her stagy and .scroou uuutractti w i j i c h iater nia(ie her w e a l t h y . Ai'tei"dh u r c i n g Clorockl, win; m a r r i e d lioag who acted as her inami- Sin-. Hlie ciiurgiMl lio was U r u u k and s t r u c k lie:: so f r e n u t ' i i i l y t h a t n i a r k H were l e f t wlilcli nor dancing p u b l i c could sec. C.OARMANSENT TO UNIONTOWN BY , WEST PENN POWER C. N. Harmau, diatrict Buprrlntand- cnt of. the 'Weal Penii Power Company iit Canonsburg for throo y^ara, has bcc-ti made- su[erinl.eii(lcnf. of tho Uniontown District. ·Before Kolng to CanonsLmi'g, ho was s u p o r i n t o n d e u t of tho Suottdalo. difl- t r i c t . W. A. Carney, now at McDonald, | v.-ill succeed Harman. f i 5U2 W. .Ci'inVfoi'd Avenno. IFORMER P. c. Y. SUPERINTENDENT. CALLED BY DEATH .}iuin; U. Sufl'ord, S7 years old. former burgess o f - C ration and r e t i r e d superintendent-of tho Vittsburs, Char- tic-rs VotigrhioKJH'iiy 1'Jailroad, died \Vediwtflay nigh), lit his home at. 95 avi'ivuo, C r a f t o n . Collies Once Made Part of Kirk Congregation Tn Scotland, half a* century ago, it was the general custom for tha shepherds to take their f a i t h f u l col I to* with tn?m to cliurch. In some din- tcicts, where the populntlon \vn« scnn- ty, the con(jrej.;riUoa on Sunday mornings Boulfl frequently be made up luilf of hiiraans and hulf ot dogs. The collies sat oxit the Hervlce w!l) oom- mcnclabte patience until tho nnpcnm:- ment of tbo Jnat psftlm, when there was a general stretching and yawning preparatory to .scampering out (IB soon ns th-i benediction hud lj«i;n pro- nounccd. In one kirk the congrega- t i o n d e t e r m i n e d that the service should close in inoro decorous fashion. When a alrunge minister officiated one -Sunday ho found nil the folk Hitting when he was about to pronounce the blessing, and paused for them to riHe. "Say awn', sir," whispered one old shepherd near tho pulpit, "we're a' sitting ';o cheat the dogs."---Montreal Ii'umllj Hernld. St. Paul'* Cathedral St. Paul's cathedral, London, Kng- hind, the masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren, commenced in tha year 1C75 and completed In 1710, coat £747,- (300. The cross on the dome is 3(5. r ) feet above the ground luvtjl and the inner cupola la 218 feet above the tioor. The bel!, "Great Paul," In the southwest tovyer. weighs n tons. To tbe :iOUtli of' the c n t h e d r a l nre re- mnln;j of the rhnpter house nnd cloisters if "Old SI:. Paul's," destroyed by the Cre of London In JCKX5, Attacks Navy Chief in Defense of Coaslt Guard If so. read of The Uaily for Warsriiins 7 tiie adv-oi'ti'tVK coinmaa Coitrlw. w JL2. ?. how quick? Arclvri'i Tubas Act if* 7 iis^onds 2. how clear? A'iMui luoss ar» hrytt Jfom HJfi7 3. how durabjo'f A r c l u f u s Tcbei 3'iold iKo Wo/uK P.OvCid Kir tuny Lira A S K YOUH TONY BELL'S FINGERPRINTS' ARE RECORDED IINHXNTOWN, J:ui. 17.--County Det e c t i v e A. A. D o w ; t i n g , Thursday t o o k . tlie U u t j e r p r i n t H uicl IJertlllon ineit- I a lire n i en ts of tbr'tiiir C o u n t y Dntec- t i v o A \V, 'Jell, j ;-elln)!iuiry to Bell's I removal to ( h e A U o K l i u u y c o u n t y i w o r k i u m s o t i l l s \ ee!\ to He.rve u s i x ' uioiiths* senu.'lu;'.' i Jt' frio!)(l;i of I \ . [ J can ralso t i i t - i a m o u n t dm; In I) u'k r e i i l u l for Mrs. j i i r l l l l t h and t l i n i in.- a n d i.-o3lH, Eiune j M H ) d t l U \ i l . ! u i i of !. i- s t - u t ^ i H ' e v\-f!l (.*' I D . - l l l r . .l||:li.'0 M l ) ! - , , I V J l U S ! ml i f ; i ( ! i f . ; H.TJ Shnwli l i i - U . v ( ' . - u i n ' i i i . , ; i ^ , . i i n - i ' c . n i n l . i n : : M v l * i r 1 . 1 i n . - i i , ! i \ l U ' l U l - ; i r i ' l l t ! l ' ! l l n . | I I I , ;(·!:· i r . i III 1 !'*!''.'- " i t l l hi: :,|.:,'t.- nil v ) '.·[rilini-Tl : ''oil. ^r: n . i M i : : . lu.ik : I' go; the.'.- sluiu-ls . u." Rcprtssentntive WaiTcn, Democrat, of STorth Carolina, hus come to tha tk'lerisa of the recently abused Coast Guard and declares that tiia ullcg'cd remarks made by Secretary of the Navy A d a m s In c, Bos- tor, spcRth were a "deliberate iu- sult and aluv" aptainst that organization. According to a newspaper dihp.-AtcH, thn nnvy cViicf \\-nr quotcri as saying that lhi nifii vh» f i v ? r ) on Th* mm n i n n r r "Blsrk P u r k , " k i l H n c t h v n o of hli« rr»'.v v.-ore "not n:\vy men h u t co-a.»t NOTE:--The Trade-in allowance shown below will be given you regard loss; of the con lltlon of your old, worn-out tiros. We need your scrap tlreti In onlerto make blow-out patches, skived patches, eto. WOTE:lii1lcheIln makes one quality tire only--the best. No three or four "qualities" to befuddle the motorist. SIZE 20x4.40 rc:g 29x4.4-0 29x4.50 80x4.50 28x4.75 20x4.75 30x4.75 2 9x5. 00 31x5.00 28x5.25 29x5.25 30x5.25 31x5.25 28x5.50 LIST PRICE B 7. DC 9.SK 0.8C ·10. I f J IM u. or 12.4-C \2.'.j( 12.51 J 3.4-'. ·1 tJ.ft; U J - . ' U . f l ' t i 4.0 i 15.1 · CREDIT On Worn-Out Tiro $2.31 2.60 2.91 2,93 3.27 3.4-1 3.54 ' 8.52 3.56 3.86 3.87 4.02 4, 1 5 4.18 4.30 VOIIP lUUfi COST $ 5.59 6.54 8.94 7.22 3.18 8.49 8.88 8.78 8.94 8.59 9.78 10.13 10.45 10.77 10.85 TIR that can be FOR 2 Against ANY kind of wear and EVERY kind of damage. SIZE 20x5.50 30x5.50 32x5.77 30x6.00 31x6.00 32x6.00 33x6.00 30x3 3/3 3 '1x4 32x4 33x4 3 2x4 1/- 83x4% 34x41/3 30x5 LIST PRiCE $15.75 15.95 40.40 · J O . DO 17.20 17.55 17.05 7.60 13.55 14.45 15.15 19.55 20.20 20.80 24.15 CREDIT On Worn-Out Tire $4.46 4 . 4 6 . 5.51 4.79 4.91 4.96 4.97 2.21 3~.86 4.12 4.30 5.38 5, (9 5.92 0.82 YOUR COST $11.29 1 1 .49 13.89 12.11 12,29 12.59 12.98 5:39 9.69 10.33 10.85 14.17 14.49 14.93 17.38 Top picture Michelin Sitpt --now settin ords. i'or. m dom from t: riding ease . right, the, di tween ring-si c!m Tubes a style straij which can n casing prope; shows the rtread Ttrc C new rec- leagre, freo- ouble, and . . At the ference be- apcd Mich- id the old;ht tube, jver fit the ly. For 35 years Micheliji Tires and Tubes have been building a steadily-growing reputation in every land where automobiles are used. They were the world's first pneumatic automobile tire -- the. first successful non-skid tire --· the first balloon tre for present rims -- and the first tubes to be built ring-shaped, like the casing, for perfect fit and longer wear. Throughout all these years, it has been Michelin who ha;; led the way to better, longer-wearing, more satisfactory tires and tubes. It was Michelin who pioneered the development of "high Uvist cord," who have always made their tires of "rubber saturated fabric," who have introduced many other notable improvements now generally followed by the industry. Today, Michelin Tires and Tubes stand out above all others in value, service, and all-around satisfaction. That is why we are now .selling Michelins -- the most famous tires and tubes in all the world -- and the most satisfactory. We invite you to come in and learn more about Michelins -- to see these greater tires and tubes, particularly the wonderful new Michelin Super tread Tire. In little more than a year, this new-type tire, designed and built for today's cars and today's traffic, has rolled up amazing new records for mileage--48% MORE miles, on a national average, than its owners had ever before received from any tire they had used. 302 West Crav ford Ave. TIRES MOUNTED FREE! Foot of Bridge OPEN EVENINGS PRSGES OM OUR 10,000»W5Sl.E GUARARITEED T!RE3 80x31/2 HEAVY DUTY 29x4.40 HEAVY DUTY 30x4.50 HEAVY OUTY (Other Sizes In Proportion) ? 7 ?

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