The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 22, 1964 · Page 35
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 35

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1964
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

"The 1mhu that Jack built has nothing on the. ttt.OM bungalow built in Alta Vlaia . by M Rideau High School students. V , .The project Is unique for Ottawa, and this fall boys bop u start ond home. It's also something of a bar) gala for the owner. IT ALL BEGAN last Fall when Allan J. Hammond, head of Rideau's technical department, returned from a visit to the U.S. While down he had beea most im- wlth toe way techni- ttudeats were actually Hiding bouses as training projects, i . MhsHanMnond cam home looking for some- ttawa who would sup ply site and alt the building materialsY Bis technical students wouloVthea supply moat of the laboK for nothmi. He found ' someone. Ottawa ': Is took close to a third of So you've bought Students Build $20,000 Home In Alta Vista '' ' By JOHN CRABB r lawyer Denis Boyle bought the lot and paid for the materials that went Into the bouse that Rideau built, w - "I GUESS THEY needed a guinea pig," Mr. Boyle Joked. He agreed on a three-bedroom bungalow. at the corner of Kilborn Avenue and Spring-side Street. ' Without the all-electric beating that he included, Minto Construction sells the same home for (36,200. Minto supplied the plans, a ' Labor usually accounts for about 50 per cent of construction costs. And about X boys In Grade II and It technical 'l. t 1 A I- a mile of wire. Barry Vlau, 16. S44A Preslahd Road, works on the wiring of the all-electric home. Student .did all the electric workAand it a pupw;M)reM - . about showin g him? Wellr let's talk 'about ,..'H...'. A YOUNG intcra's desire for ' bis wife's protection hooked him an a habit be has no wish to kick: dogs. Dr. F. George Walker shares : , his addlottoa with IS members of .the Ottawa Kennel ' club. :. .. . - It can happen to anyone. '7 It begins when the desire to own a good-looking, well-behaved, trainable animal overpowers you and you buy a purebred dog. , - Next., you get the urge to' show him and try for his championship. ' ' ' ' By the time you breed your tampion to obtain "the" per 't, l"y.' lr ut.ii, shows. But today she's I -, fect specimen of the breed brother, you're hookedl : ."THE WALKERS case-history began when his hospital. Internship kepi him 'away from home. They scouted for months to . find a suitable watchdog companion.' Finally, they fell for an unusual breed, ' a, Rnodesian Ridgeback. - , ' The pup died. The breeders offered a free replacement on ' condition that .they would' bring honor to the kennel by snowing him: The Walkers agreed. - :'T r. jv .: . : . tOSK WALKER had never sen a dog - show. She ivrMfi Vt In thai' rm Tm nhorn in the a I - - courses supplied mow of it all except the plumbing, stone and brickwork, and Mm painting.- Most of tha work was done by I J student specializing la building construction. , v UNDER THE supervision 4echiUca4raIiiJnf Jeacber .. Rea Gibson, Rideau's con struction crew first erected the bouse .'frame right ' on .school grounds. Before cold weather set in they had the trails up, and the roof on. Cupboards, stairs, door frames and cabinets were made in the school's shops during Winter. ; - Come Spring, and a con-, tractor dug the excavation at the Alta Vista lot. . The students dismantled the bouse at the school and la one day loaded all the sections onto a truck that carried them to the Alta Vista , -I . .The. roof alone bad to 'be toted in eight sections. It was so heavy driver lold.tbem they'd never get It oa the truck. But they did. - - FOR MR. GIBSON, the blg-gest thrill was the enthusiasm' Shown by the boys. They worked r dally for JV4 hours, and volunteered to work until 11 most nights tor two or three weeks during the Spring term rash. "In fact be said.: "they worked me into the. ground.' -. .- . ' By the end of the school year, most work was done. Finishing - touches, such aa rough landscaping, continued on into the Summer holidays. And as Mr. Gibson and: couple of thd boys tackled the last chore last week building a partition for the car port be said: i";''"f'V-.; " "These boys have shown that vocational training Is not second rate education. And with the new vocational school on Woodroffe Avenue and the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology, they can now get advanced training." - - L- s :j Building la Canada's largest and the peppy "started from scratch, so to speak. - . First, she learned about the registration number. This Is Utooed hi the ear. An altern ate method of registration la by nose print, the seme aa fingerprinting. -' '. By the way, any dog can have pedigree. It la nothing more than the -list of bis ancestors. A mongrel could have pedigree if anyone cared enough to record. It. But only ipurebreds are permitted to enter "the show-ring registered, -v. r. TO ENTER your dog In a show, you should first know the group he belongs in. ., rt AntrAnrn mnA Ar& ' - - ' -gii issjssjsaissjgejisi I - I tj 4 . i ... . ... ji addicted. Her two Rhodesian Rldgebacks (Mr. ana Mrs. are ezpecuns; anorwy. me uiicr wui pnwaoiy nuniDer somewhere between eight and 19 and that's a lot of mouths to feed. . ft". mdustry, ne said. And- big builders are moving into Ottawa, where population Is growing very rapidly. So, Mr. Gibson sees a bright future for any technical student who has "something on the baH." v BUT WHY " HAS NT ) this been tried before in Otuws? Mr. Gibson explains the pro-. ject was possible because the provincial government was placing more Importance on vocational training courses. Grants are larger, and more t time Is allowed. The new system .for separating students -into academic and vocational . ' streams helps. - Though cottages and boat houses had been built before. , nothing this ambitious had been attempted. On site work provides much better experience than - building tiny' models in - classrooms, says' Mr, Gibson. And the boys agree, v . " .FOR BERT SHIRES, 17, of Til Alesther Street, there was j valuable experience; on a con-, strucUoo site; He wanu to be' a carpenter and sees a boom- 1 ' tog future for skilled workers. - - Another student, D s a a I s ' Senechal, IT, of TS Church Street, hopes they build. some-' thing other than a bungalow , this FaU. He'd like tome different experience. Ed Rice. If, of MS Cum-mingt Avenue, was one of ' . B'yUrusla MUSIC, DRAMA YOUTH PAGE COMICS SPECIAL FEATURES PICTURES BOOK PAGE THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY. ' AUGUST --iter. 1 : ."5- eau on w auwawr - milt There are six groups sporting, bounds, working, terriers, toys, and non-working. - . ' If be Is a sporting dog. be wiU go after feathers (the mailman may argue this, point). ' Spaaiels, Retrievers and Setters v belong to this group, Hounds go after fur and Include Rhodesian RidgebackaT who go after lions; Borzois, . who go for wolf; Beagles, who ' go after rabbits, Dachshunds, who go after badgers; and Bloodhounds, who go for man (tracking, not eating).' Working dogs Include such -breeds as German Shepherds end Collies who mind sheep; ' Newfoundlands, who earned their keep saving sailors from the sea; Mastiffs, who tradt-tionaly guard estates; and the sled-pulling Husky. . '. ' ' Terriers include more than 20 breeds everything from -Australian to Boston to Welsh and are used to pursue animals who burrow, such as rabbits and foxes. - . Toys are mainly the cuddly ' lap varieties.' These tiny types Include Chibauahua, Toy Pood- . le, Pekinese end Miniature Greyhounds. . Noa sporting are a specialized, group consisting of dogs who can't be fitted Into such breeds as the spotted Dalmatians, who traditionaly , 1 run after fire engines; English Bull's, who usually only look ferocious; end Belgium Sch!p perkesv -who live on barges In Belgium, . ' , . ' . NOW YOU KNOW your dog's breed, registration number and group, all you need Is a place, to show him. In . Ottawa there are sis ; .;Aa:;A; AAVw-A--"A Lev i'' vi r i It i-r LiV: Ted Conyera, 19, 21 rjunvegan Road, finishes off the mantelpiece. The student- ... built house la. located at the corner' of f . I KUbom and Springside In A1U Vista. .. - .-:v (Journal notes Doauaiea. Wide) those who did all the wiling In the electrically ' heated home. He may go Into Navy .electronics I after attending Eastern Ontario Institute -of Technology. In edditioa to the wiring, healso learned "lots" Gilhooly a year, and three "sanction" or practice' shows. - The novice learns that there are two types of shows . "benched," and unbenched." The former requires all dog, to be present from beginning to end, The latter only re-' quires' the dog's presence at his own Judging time.' 'The Idea of a "benched" show is so that owners 4nd breeders and spectators have all day long to study all the dogs they're sort of perm-enentty on display on a "bench.". - : . w ' : " NOW IT BEGINS to get complicated. j.' Your dog can compete In one or more of seven classes for his breed two Puppy cla-' sea, , Novice, Canadian Bred, Bred by Exhibitor, Open, and Special class for those who've already earned ' thetr championship. .": v, :- . ' The whole purpose of entering your dog Is to try to. cant , poinu, IS of which are required for his championship. ." . To earn points, he not only must be Judged best In the -Individual class of his breed, but also must be Judged best ' of the winners of all the else- -sea In the breed. ' And If you think that's com-. plicated, how about this; The number of -points be . wins depends on how many other dogs he was Judged bet- ' tor than. Then a formula Is . applied that depends on the , popularity of the breed. And -finally, the' maximum number of points he can earn at any one time Is five. But don't let ell this scare you. Once you're "hooked.", r' you'll find that the point eye- ' tern Is much easier to get. the a "i L . r- ' . a A s. f watching the . plumbers and stonemasons at work. - ; NEXT YEAR, if they find another buyer, Rideau's student-builders will start working at the site in the Fall, rather (starting from scratch!) the bang of than H 9t to explain. .-, You wiU soon learn that your objective la to win a purple ribbon, the color of highest distinction in the dog world. No points are awarded for the other colored ribbons. Your dog may go on to compete In the best of-group class, and finally the best-of-show class. Winning these earn him prestige, but no points. 1 w : w ' THE MAN WHO STANDS between you and any ribbon la the Judge. He has qualified through written exams and actual experience. The. standards are set by the Canadian Kennel Club. . - A -J A BtnawMannM :- 7-7 li - IgajaajsaBBBBBBVaasaassBBBB olsjsssssasapisjgapjsjssaM 1 . "Foreman of the Job technical teacher Rea Gibson shows Valerie Jackson, 17. the built-in dishwasher. Valerie likes the kitchen best Cupboards and cabinets were all made by Rideau students. than transport prefabricated units from school in the Spring. They'll' save time. The house will be finished the same Urns as school. ' He is licensed to Judge one breed, or all the I IT breeds approved by the CKC (In practice, usually SO breeds are shown et Canadian shows.) Your dog will be Judged on condition of coat, gait, and general behavior in the ring. When - your dog Is finally "finished" (acquired his championship) you may be tempted to wider national and, international competitive horizons. This may involve Ibe whole family in weekend (aunts to more distant shows. Dog show organizers recognize this "en-famiile" aspect, and provide special "handling" classes for youngsters six to It. This provides an early introduction to 'the "show ring circuit." A t i -- fc. - n ' . , Two Rhodesian Rldgebacks (the big male weighs more than 100 pounds) in one small car means not much room left over in the back seat These dogs look something like Labrador Retrievers, but there's a .narrow ridge of hair that sticks straight up along their spine. fir As for the one they've already, built, Minto President Gilbert Greenberg says the bouse outshines some of (be others going up on Kilborn Avenue. EVEN IF YOUR interest m dogs Is still at the puppy stage, yon would be well advised to attend the next Ottawa dog shows. The first, under the sponsorship of the Central Canada Exhibition, will be held to the Coliseum next Saturday. This "benched" show will be free to the public. The next day, Sunday, tha Ottawa Kennel Club will hold an "unbenched" show at the HuH Armories. ' But be warned: the place . will be full of owners and breeders, addicts all, who will do their best to get you ''book-' ed" too. , . i You could spend the rest of your life going to the dogsl t, - i - v n' ii Tl: -a'aai.ieS3L--.-,t .-et.,- ' .' , ' ' J

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