Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 2, 1974 · Page 36
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 36

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1974
Page 36
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12C --June 2. 1M74 Sunday Gazette-Mail ^.,__ . _ _ Charlesfon, Weit Virginia More Grabbing State Park, Forest Treats By Edward Peeks More than 5 million visitors are expected this vacation season at West Virginia's 34 state parks and nine state forests. They have indicated that they plan to arrive in their cars and not on foot, despite .the cost and the critical supply of gasoline. Reservations are r u n n i n g .from average to better than ·average at the most popular parks such as Blackwater Falls. Pipestem and Cacapon. officials say. These tend to indicate the trend of visitation for both parks and forests which last year drew about 5.1 million visitors and vacationers, reaching the 5 m i l l i o n .mark for the first time in the history of the state"s vital and verdant vacationland. "The real i n d i c a t i o n this year is in keeping track of advance reservations," says John P. Killoran of the De- p a r t m e n t o f N a t u r a l R e sources, which keeps track from year to year. "As of May 1. we \vere 12 per cent ahead of last year on confirmed reservations." he pointed out. "It should be noted that we have been running from 8 to 12 per cent in yearly growth for some time now. Whether this year's indication is significant of people going about their normal habits or whether they are going to stay longer, I don't know, but it looks like a normal year." ». It may be more than normal for the good of "Almost Heaven West V i r g i n i a " and the likelihood of a larger than usual increase of visitors this summer, in the opinion of Ronald Miller, acting director of the travel development division of the State Commerce Department. "I anticipate a good year for West Virginia," Miller says. "The gasoline shortage means that people will take shorter trips and stay longer. The average stay in the past has been about three days, but people aren't going to be traveling around from destination to destination as they have been doing." Miller foresees longer stays by visitors at state parks and forests and visits to those facilities that "haven't been discovered yet" by either state residents or frequent visitors from surrounding states. A p p l i c a n t s a r e a l r e a d y being referred to these undiscovered places since lodging facilities at most of the familiar and highly popular places have been reserved, particularly at those with deluxe and standard cabins, officials explain. There remain available a few economy and rustic cabins like those rustic facilities. for example, in Seneca State Forest in Pocahontas County. Available also are campsites that rent on a first-come first-served basis at all state parks and forests. No advance reservations are accepted for campsites. So room is likely to be found almost anytime on the campgrounds and in the rustic cabins at spots like Seneca, where fishing attracts campers and vacationers to the Greenbrier River. The double attraction of fishing and h u n t i n g draws many visitors to the wilds of the nearly 10.000 acres of the Calvin W. Price Forest. It adjoins popular Watoga State Park, the oldest and largest vacation park in West Virginia. Watoga reflects its Indian name that means "starry waters." It is located 17 miles south of Marlinton. By contrast with the rustic and rorr-antic. Tygart Lake Park near Grafton attracts its share of visitors who enjoy facilities that include the modern 20-room lodge overlooking the lake, 10 deluxe cabins, swimming and boating. To one side of the lake spreads t h e 1,000-acre P l e a s a n t s Creek Public Hunting area. Tygart Lake ranks among the six major parks termed "family parks," which usually begin filling up in June as soon as school lets out. »· Others in the family category are Babcock near U.S. 60 off W. Va. 41 at Cliff top; Bluestone, not far from Pipestem in Summers County: Lost River in the Eastern Highlands about a two-hour drive east of Elkins and 30-minutes from Harrisonburg, Va.; Holly River in Webster County, and Watoga. Park and Forest Facilities PARKS - 1. Audro 2. Bobcock 3. Beartown 4. Berkeley Springs " 5. Blackwater Falls 6. Bluestone , 7. Cccapon 8. Canaan Valley 9. Camifex Ferry Battlefield TO- Cast Scenic Railroad ·11. Cathedral 12. Cedar Creek 13. Chief Loaon 14. Droop Mountain Battlefield 15. Fairfax Stone Monument 16. Grandview 17. Grave Creek Mound 18. Hawks Nest 19. Holly River I 20. Little Beaver 21. lost River 22. North Bend 23. Pinnacle Rock 24. Pipestgm 25, Prickett's Fort 26. Rumsey Monument 28. Tomlinson Run 29. Twin Falls 31. Valley Fall. 33. Walters Smith Memorial 34. Mont Chateau Lodge FORESTS F-l. Cabwaylingo F-2. Calvin W. Price F-3. Camp Cr««k f-4. Coop.n Rock F-5. Grnnbrivr F-6 Krnawha F-8. Ponthtr F-». S»"tTM POST OFFICE Bockhannon (26201) Droop (24733) Borkoloy Spring! (25411) Davis (26260) Berkeley Spring! (25411) Davis (26260) Keslen Cross Lanes (26675) Cass (24927) Aurora (26705) Glenville (26351) Logan (25601) Droop (24933) Davis (26260) Beaver (25813) Moundsville (26041) Anited (25812) Beaver (25B13) Mothioi (26612) Cairo (26337) Bramwell (24715) Rt. 3 Fairmont (26554) Berkeley Springs (25411) Point Pleasant (25550) New Manchester (26056) Mullens (24863) Rt. 6 Fairmont (26554) lost Creek (26385) Morgantown (26505) Dunlow (25511) Dunmore (24934) Camp Creek (25820) Bruceton Mills (26525) Coldwell (24925) Charleston (25304) Huttonsville (26273) Panther (24672) Dunmore (249341 ACRES 355 ToT 7 1.688 6,115 6,015 156 230 133 2,034 3,305 288 4 878 2 237 385 1,402 245 188 4 2 1,399 3,776 1,034 278 42 8,149 9,482 5,897 12,747 5.062 6,597 9,431 7,810 11,686 Delux e Cabin s | 71 11 11 n Standar d Cabin s 17 lt 1? 1? c J5 a u . 0 c 0 UJ 6 Rusti c Cabin s I . 3 7 Lodg e Room s 11 11 Tl 30 20 .11 Restauran t · · · » · N f · · · * N N I | 't Of t · · · t 4 U e o N N N N N N N N N N | lA 'c tl D 0 ·/) · · · · N · · · _JL · * · _ · · f t Mufceu m N 9 9 9 9 0) C 'i £ t/i S · L I p p K P P r L_ P P L p p P p en C 0 _ · 9 · ~¥~ · t 9 jt 0 a I N Picnickin g 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 · 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Playgroun d 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Gam e Court k 9 9 9 9 9 t t o 1. *01 c in · · · · » * · · · · · · · · · · 9 a 3 0 Z · 9 j 'c u J 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 · 9 9 9 9 0 t a c JC ·1 u. 9 N 9 9 · 9 9 9 t C» C c 3 X j Tent/Traile r Campin g X X D N N X D~~ X D X R X X D R R K Crou p Cam p 9 9 Winle r Sport s 9 ~9~ O N 9 Horte i 0 j 0 · · ~f Q 0 N « Courit t o O N · N 9 · N N N N « « c "a 0 £ * · · · f · · * · · ~¥~ · nr t f · 9 A standout among vacation parks for seclusion is Twin Falls, about 50 minutes by car from the West Virginia Turnpike at Beckley. It snuggles in the hills between Mullens and Pineville, wrapped in rustic beauty and quiet. As the saying goes, "U you want to get away from it all. Twin Falls has everything but neon lights and noise." »» The system offers another category of facilities called "day-use parks," meaning such activities as swimming, fishing, hiking, and even drama in the case of Grandview Park with the summertime repertory presentation of "Honey in the Rock" and "Hatfields and McCoys" in tne Cliffside Amphitheater. Other day-use parks are Audra along the Middle Fork R i v e r , C e d a r Creek n e a r Glenville. Chief Logan with hiking trails and its historic display of steam railroading. Little Beaver offering boating and fishing near Grandview, P i c k e t t ' s Fort w i t h b o a t launching facilities into the Monongalia River, Tomlinson Run with major swimming N and recreation areas near New Manchester in the Northern Panhandle, and scenic Valley Falls in the Fairmont area. »· Year-round vacation parks include Blackwater Falls, Cacapon within an easy drive of Washington, and Mont Chateau on the shores of Cheat Lake near Morgantown. Canaan Valley is growing increasingly popular as a ski center in the vicinity of Blackwater Falls and the town of Davis. It attracts many enthusiasts of winter sports from surrounding states. Summer visitors this year w i l l n o t e t h e n e w 18-hole champion golf course at Cacapon and 25 new campsites at North Bend in the Ohio Valley region overlooking the North Fork of Hughes River. In recent years. West Virginians have made up about 55 per cent of the visitors to state parks and forests, officials say. The proportion may grow as" residents discover more of their state's recreational resources and facilities, partly induced by the gasoline problem that will discourage trips to Maine and Florida. West Virginia's parks and forests drew a total of about 3.6 million visitors in 1965, and by 1971, the total had risen to almost 5 million. Now it's over that mark and it's bound to keep growing on 65.621 acres of parkland and 76,861 acres of forest for relaxation and recreation in "almost heaven." New Modern Boarding Kennel · Largest inside and outside runs in the area · For your convenience drop your dog off with us and ,ve will do the t r a n s porting to and f r o m the Kennel Village Pet Shop * 5200 HicCorlile »«.$.£.. Kin. Citj Phone-925-7571 Refer to West Virginia Touriit and Highway Map for exact routet. N-Nearby P--Pool L--lake S-Slream D-Deluxe X-Slondard H--Ru»tk Water Skiing Easy for Beginner Learning to water ski is much easier than it looks. In fact, it is not uncommon for a beginner to get up and ski away on the very first try. B u s t e r M a c C a l l a , a top skier, says: "Learning to ski is easy, and it is the e x t e n s i o n of skiing skills into single ski (slalom), jumping and tricks that becomes the challenge." A sense of balance and a knowledge of such simple fundamentals as keeping the arms straight, knees slightly bent and letting the towboat do the work are about all that is required of the average beginning skier, MacCalla says. And age is no barrier. The American Water Ski Assn. (AWSA) has skiers on record as young as three and as old as 85. MacCalla says the water ski towboat is important to the skier. "A good towboat should be relatively lightweight, highly maneuverable and propelled by enough horsepower to pull an average-size man at least 25 miles an hour along the surface of the water," he says. Ordinarily this means at least 50 horsepower, depending on the boat hull, but outboards of less horsepower have proved perfectly satisfactory for simple, around- the-lake skiing. Some A B C ' s of w a t e r skiing: · Wear a lifejacket or a li- febelt when water-skiing. Even a strong swimmer can conserve energy by letting a lifejacket buoy him. . An eye should be kept on the skier, either by a rear vision mirror or by a second person in the boat -- a requirement, by the way, of many a state's boating laws. · Half the battle of balance is won by keeping the tow line taut. When the line becomes slack, the skier loses power and slows down. Beginners often cause this by trying to take up the slack by drawing the bar toward themselves. Don't. Let the boat do the work. · Releasing the tow line is the same as taking your foot off the gas. Power is removed and you stop. The important thing it to gauge where you stop . . . you may glide as far as 20 yards. So never head directly toward shore. You should be towed parallel to it, and then release. The AWSA. governing body of the organized sport in the U.S., reports last year nearly 10 million Americans water skied. And for those who master the sport, the AWSA sanctions more than 100 water ski tournaments each year. tournaments each year. Its 250 affiliated water ski clubs throughout the country sponsor at least twice that many lesser meets for the growing number of skiers who w a n t t o test t h e i r s k i l l s against others. ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ! CLIP AND SAVE DORSEY TOURS INC. Summer-Autumn Tours CLIP AND SAVE D PACIFIC NORTHWEST AND WORLD'S FAIR-June 22 July 13= DEPARTURE FROM CHARLESTON AND HUNTINGTON: OLD VINCENNES, IND., ABILENE AND INDEPENDENCE, TRUMAN LIBRARY AND EISENHOWER SHRINE; COLORADO SPRINGS, SALT LAKE CITY, MORMON TABERNACLE, GRAND TETONS AND YELLOWSTONE NAT. PARK, WORLD'S FAIR IN SPOKANE, WASH., MT. RUSHMORE, S790. D AMERICAN HERITAGE TOUR- ALL NEW ENGLAND STATES, JULY 1 5-28, VISIT HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR COUNTRY'S BIRTH AND HERITAGE, HISTORIC, SCENIC, LITERARY LANDMARKS IN THE BIRTHPLACE OF OUR NATION, S480 D ACADIAN HERITAGE TOUR-- MARITIME PROVINCES INCLUDING- NEWFOUNDLAND, JUNE 28-JULY 20, DELIGHTFUL NORTHWESTERN NORTH AMERICAN TOUR; SEE MANY HIGHLIGHTS OF NEW ENGLAND STATES ENROUTE TO NOVA SCOTIA, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, NEW BRUNSWICK, CRUISE TO NEWFOUNDLAND- CROSS THIS BEAUTIFUL PROVINCE ON THE NEW TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY, 7 CRUISES IN ALL D FRENCH CANADIAN CRUISE-- ON THE LOVELY GREEK QUEEN ANNA MARIA LUXURY LINER, BOSTON, MASS., CRUISING NORTHWARD TO HALIFAX, SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA, SEE GASPE PENINSULA; TRAVEL FJORD-LIKE SAGUENAY RIVER, THE ST. LAWRENCE SEAWAY-- QUEBEC TO MONTREAL. RESERVATIONS AND SHIP ACCOMMODATIONS LIMITED. S380 UP. D HAWAII-JUNE 29-JULY 13-2 WEEKS FROM COLUMBUS, O., AND CHARLESTON, W. VA. 7 NIGHTS IN HAWAII, AND 2 NIGHTS EACH ON 3 OTHER ISLANDS-- FULL AMERICAN BREAKFASTS AND DINNERS EVERY DAY, HOTEL IS THE NEW HOLIDAY INN (25 STORIES) ON WAIKIKI BEACH, HONOLULU. COME WITH ME AGAIN,-- STAY LONG ENOUGH TO ENJOY AND TRULY SEE THE REAL HAWAII. S908. D SOUTH PACIFIC CRUISE-- AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND, NOV. 4-DEC. 8, ENJOY LATE SPRINGTIME IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC. D GREAT LAKES-CANADA AND THE U.S., NORTH OF THE BORDER, JULY 30-AUG. 1 1 S475. SEE SOME OF NORTH AMERICA'S MOST SPECTACULAR SCENERY. OTHER SUMMER AND FALL TOURS INCLUDE-- D BERMUDA CRUISE-- AUTUMN FROM NORFOLK D MEXICO-FROM CHARLESTON, 2 WEEKS, JULY 27th. ONLY 5 RESERV. OPEN. D FALL FOLIAGE TOURS-- 3 SHORT TOURS, TO INCLUDE WILLIAMSBURG; PA. DUTCH COUNTRY, GREAT SMOKIES, WRITE FOR DETAILS. D NATIONAL PARKS TOUR-- JULY 24; ONLY 3 RESERVATIONS OPEN. D GRAND OLE OPRY-NASHVILLE, SEPT. 14-15 D CALIFORNIA-JANUARY 1975 CROSS U.S., NEW ORLEANS, BILOXI, SO. TEXAS, PHOENIX, ARIZ., SAN DIEGO, LOS ANGELES, VISIT DEATH VALLEY, GRAND CANYON, AND RETURN OVER SOUTHERN ROUTE, TO W. VA. GO SOUTH FOR JANUARY- FOR SOUTHERN USA. Please check for free information and mail to DORSEY TOURS, INC. 5O4 Elizabeth Ave. South Charleston, WV 25303 Phone 744-5659 343-24 18; 768-6323 ft ft ft ft ft In state zip * * » * 13 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU OPEN 7 A.M. TILL 11 P.M.-7 DAYS VACATION AT BEAUTIFUL (INDIAN ROCKS CAMPGROUNDS Webster Springs Road--Route 2O-- Craigsville, W. Va. 26205 Equipped withal the modern facilities you'll need! C e d a r L o d g e L a r g e F i s h i n g , L a k e -- S p a c i o u s ) Wooded Sites-- In-1 dian Rock Formations-- Near Cranberry, Cherry and Gauley Rivers-- Hot S h o w e r s -- F u l l ! H o o k u p s -- Sauna -- Recreation Cen-1 :,, tc-r- Color TV- Gas Stations Nearby. Daily rote S3. plus utilities- yearly memberships S25. per month. FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE-IN AND OUT IN A JIFFY WE HAVE A COMPLETE SELECTION OF PICNIC SUPPLIES ·CRUSHED ICE ·CHARCOAL ·HOT DOG HAMBURGER BUNS ·WIENERS .PAPER PLATES CUPS .LIGHTER FLUID --ANYTHING YOU MAY WANT FOR THE VACATION SEASON-13 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 342-6933 ·5461 Big Tyler Road (Cross Lanes) · 109 A St., South Charleston, W.Va. ·500 Rock Lake Drive., So. Chas., W. Va. · 100 Cantly Road, Charleston, W. Va. · 6th Main Sts., Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. ·22nd St. Jefferson Ave., Pt. Pleasant, W.Va. ·300W.MainSt.,St.Albans,W.Va. ·808 Greenbrier Street, Charleston, W. Va. * 9913 MacCorkie Ave., Marmet, W. Va. ·5003 Venabie Ave., Charleston, W. Va. ·2110 Shadyside Road, St. Albans, W. Va. ·624 Central Ave., Charleston, W. Va. ·Rt. 21 North, Beckley, W.Va.

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