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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 29, 1918
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Cofujellsyille's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,619 VOL. 16, NO. 118. CONNEtisVUJLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 2S, 191S. TWELVE PAGES. PERSfflNG OFFERS ENTIRE RESOURCES OF THE USE ON BATTIEFRONT; FRENCH AND TENDER OF TROOPS IS MADE TO GENERAL FOCH; BRITISH IN SHARP COUNTER ATTACK , Tommies Maintain Positions and Gain Ground Along the Somme, Says the War Office; German Hordes Unable to Break Down the French Defense of Villages About Mont DiaUer; Germans Suffer Exceedingly Heavy Losses in Men AMERICANS GIVE UP HOSPITAL BEDS TO BRITISH By Asiociatfd Pre*«. The southwesterly thrust of the German wedge . into the JfATUEE Of FBEJTCH . ACTJYITI IN DOUBT. WASHINGTON, March 29.--American istaffi-officers .watching the-battlefront dispatches from, hour to iour were still .unable · today, to judge whether the -French counter assaults in -the. region between .Noye-n ;. and Mont Didier was tie beginmug of a ; sreat counter stroke or was directed »t loeal objectives, to strengthen that portion of .the 'French- line. . the.sJ PAGE TWO Knights of .Yalta. :A11 companions are requested to attend the funeral of Companion JE. Ti. Coleman, 532 Morrell-avenue,-.'Greeh J wood, at 3.30 o'clock tomorrow. T. H. -Edmonds, Recorder.--^Adv!--29-lt. WEATHER CMAJfGKS; IS AGACiST 'IRK KALSKii. of the- battle brought a change; in tie arc;' the same as in Paris ilic wind PIBSHDTG OFTE BS F. S. TO ALLIES. PARIS, March 29.---General Pershirig called ,on General prevent the. gas. Rain la . Allied line has been stopped short at Mont Didier. The enemy _ seems definitely held here; 51 lailes from Paris, 1 by the enclosure j. PABIS, March 28.--The eighth day of tlie town within a pocket fbrmed"by a series of villages vali- - "1 --".·-··---.-. . · - antly captured and held by French, troops. Despite continuous · counter attacks last night thKc'termans were not able; to dislodge ?etainfs men front the''hamlet on the hill about the town. . ;.. · Betweea Mont Didier : and the. Somme the Germane seemed to have gained some ground since yesterday in their westward push towards Amiens, the great Allied .supply base, but Paris declares the Anglo-French forces are holding the enemy firmly aJbng a.well defined line, whicJi at no point is less than 12 miles from their objective. ; The Germans continue-to sacrifice their! men recklessly in their desperate attempts to brejik the Anglos-French barrier.. North of the Somme.the'British'Iront^feas:not only been stiffly maintained, but has been advanced-m places., EVERSON BOY SHOWS 'EM HE'S SOME BALL PLAYER OVER THERE Joe O'lo»nen Holds Opposing Team of Aviators to Six Hitu and funs' 17 of Them. Private. Joseph' ; M.. 6*Doucell of Bverson, a moni-ber of the 4G9th Aero Squadron, is making good as a base- .ball player in France. O'DonneU's . prowess wns well known, about his bomQ town and Scottdale, "Over There*'."he could not resist the call of tbe diamond aad his curves are as t'ffective as they ever were in Fay cite county, according *lo an account of a game in' ''Plane News'*, a. soldiers' paper published/'every now and then 1 *, The game was between the 4St,h and £ae 97th squadron, teams^ The 46th won, 10 to 2. "Plane Keivs" says or it in part: · "At every stage dr the [firae the 95th was baffled by O'DoanHl's wil.y delivery. The little d«mo'i chalked up 17 strikeouts to'his credits'* , Besides this O'DoririeU made two hits and one run and played an. errorless game. He held the opiosing BOOST MOVEMENT FOR 100,000 NEW PQULTRYRAISERS Fayctte County Called Upon to Do Her Full Share Growing? Cfijckens. CHEAPER FEED PROMISED ConnclJsYillc ami (Jiuontoivii Men Named on .Pennsylvania War Pool- try Commission And Are Urging AH to Aid in Increased Prudnetibn. One hundred thousand new poultry raisers in. Pennsylvania this year, withi Fayette county dojrag her fuil share in · thus.increasing tlin supply of meat, i s j the aim of tiic Pennuylvania War Poultry Commission, of which 3. Howard Henderson of Connellsville and E. E. Endsley of Uniontown are mem- LINBUY, ON STAND SN TRIAL, DENIES HE SLEW BURKEY, HIS FORMER PARTNER IN BUSINESS .NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. On account of shortage of labor The Courier requests 'that, ail advertisers havo copy In this office 36 hours in advance of the day of publication. Had Reached Agreement With Burkey, 'He Tells Jury WAR VETERAN IS GIVEN SURPRISE ON HIS BIRTHDAY PARTED GOOD ~~ · Did Sot Knew of Murder Until Late the Next Forenoon. team to six hii;a while he aad his {hers and county representatives. ' teammates were making 16. O'Donnell is a soil of Mr. aijii Mrs. Patrick weather. It conditions at the f r o n t ' O'DonneH of Evcrsoii. He ties {net I a 'number, of his home' locality boys, I among tham "Bill" Gallagher oC Con| southwest, which will Germans from using falling which will make, it difficult for the Germans to bring up their ar- tillerr over the ground they have acquired. . · . ' · - . - - · . I t may. now be said that tho .French army in reserve has come inip poL- .lion' and; tlie' .'numerical superiority which the Germans enjiiyed in their rush is decreasing. . ^ . nellsville. | he says. He's well and.doing finely. BKITISH IS "AM, OTEB SOTT." March. 29.-- The British withdrawal before · tho German advance was made according to pre-arranged plans and is "all over now," Major General J. Franklin Bell, today told the Senate Military Committee.. He-/.said ' t h e . allies have preparations to face it General Bell recently .returned from, tho battle front. Poch. at headquarters yesterday,'I/Infqrmatipn, and · placed at his disposal the ·whole respurces;of'the American army for employment in the battle now in progress..' ' . "I come," I/Information quotes General Pershlng as- say- · ing, '"to say to you that the'American:, people ;wcral4- bold' it- a ^ ^ w ^ great :lbnor for, pur troops.-'were they ; engaged in the "present for" tKe -present" drive -since solan" after battle. I asMt-of'y'ba-'in my name and in tliat_of the American they were begun and made" active peopled · _ , , . - . ' : . "There is at this .moment no other question than that of fighting. , Infantry, artillery, aviation, : all liat we have are yours to dispose'of them as you will. Others are coming; which are as numerous as will be necessary. I have come to say to you that the American people would be proud to be engaged in the greatest battle in history." There have been several reports recently tb,at General Poch, one of.the most brilliant strategists of the day, wfib was largely . responsible for the French' victory, in the battle of the Marne wctnld be placed in supreme command on the western front The " Daily Chronicle of London yesterday said an announcement bearing on the coorcbbation of British" and French military -exertions might be expected almost immediately and that inftuen- r tial role might be assigned to General Foch. ._-:"--" . FBEIfCH HOLD FAST.TO BECAPTUBED TIttAGES. PARIS, March 29.-;--Violent fighting continued last evening and last night in the region: of "Mont Didier, the war office announced today. In spite of German'counter attacks'the French held on to the villages wh'ieh they took'yesterday in this region. Cdncel was taken by French troops. North of Mont .Didier French and British troops held iip. the German thrust The Ger- inan losses have been extremely heavy.T, STAR JtHCCTKWf HOV AT 3 AS George D»rr of Star Junction, who' enlistca" in February in the aviation services, is now attending a mechanics school at San Antonio. .Tax. OSE HUHDBEP TKHTIC SOQN OfO CHOSS OTiat Troops at Cajnp Hincock hare not long to stay there, aceordiBg Jo a letter received by Airs. Anna K. "VVasiia- .baugh of Sycamore, street, from her husband, John E. Washatiaugh who" is f. member of the Heinvjuartcre company of the One Hundred Kegi- (Contln-u»d on · Two.) The moic'ment.'to interest people in poultry raising has. been brought about through special urging by the United States government. Prominent "SOYcrnrtWnt attaches have declared in speeches made before poultrymcn ·that the demand for red meat is so great in foreign countries that It is possible lhat poultry meat 'will bo tho Members of P. Xnrtz Post Go io Libert.T to Felicitate Comrade Ooiiu Lint, Eighteen Civil War veterans, members of the William P. Kurtz Post, No. 10-1, Grand Army of the Republic, assembled at tic florae of their comrade, John Lint, at liberty yesterday afternoon to assist in celebrating his 76th- birthday. The affair was a complete surprise to tie aged veteran. j The program opened with tie singing I of "America." by the comrades and ! other, guests. A o D ,y kind thatwi.,1 be procurable next -- -- -G ," fl --!l n . lC I^ nd ., th r tt ". b r? "fi 1 ,l a . f lY comrade, u,cn in turn tender offered by FEABED FOR XIFE Witnesses Testify HusbasB of tToraan to Whom lie Jfaid Attention Had (in Several Occasions Threatened His Life and Once Bad Assaulted Him. coat one mupt benomc a poultry producer.' Experts alteo say that will ·ed congratulations to Mr. Lint, who respond.. . . : ,. . , . with an address or welcome. coat considerably 'more than Tho hlsh)j ame!! G . , Hlchs sang .. Mj - j^^^ ·. water mark during tho pasV winter, (^.j H H y arnd , made an pro . There .has been a great decrease inj p r i a t c addre6S . Comrade J. j; Earn- poaltry during the past year on ac-,' narl spoke o{ the tjmes he md j^ .county- of the high price of feed and comrades had at Liberty 50 years ago. the many meatless days when poultry W ar songs were played on'the organ became a; suhstltuto for meat. Every-jby Mrs.. Gray, a granddaughter of Mr. .. one who has 20 square feet of yard!u n L S tf on space can arrange-to keep a few chickens to advantage and tho keeping of were given br Rev. W. H. Gladden, Comrade Edmund Dunn, followed by four readings by a small flock by ovary family living In I Comrade C. H. Whiteley. Selections suburb, town, or-village will be a big iby^.a, .talking machine were delightful ... -.bdp.'.te^p.toividlnsf'ithe -*Kxl:"-tlia't' . Is \ fea'mfes'Vbf the afternoon.. At the r;jf to-majntiin our men In the' conclusion of tho program the guests GERMANS READY TO -TEAJR A JT.W HOLR" Nterch 2S.--The .Germans supreme command is about to deliver:* new and.mighty blow on another part of the front which will "tear » new hole in the already pierced enemy .ring," the Zeltnng ol Berlin declares. . B4HDBAKDJDE5T OF PARIS IS RESUMED -PARIS, March, 29.--The long range bombardment of- Paris was resumed shortly after '3 o'clock this afternoon. jarmy auij food tlie people at home., were invited into the dining room, Tmeanies "Are Filled in the School; Bonds. Arc Sold. At, a meeting of the Connelisvillo school board held, at the high school last nighX two teachers were e-lecied to fill vacancies. The bid of the Mut- HE, Briggs Co., o£ Philadelphia to purchase $27.000 of bonds was accepted. No other business was traHs.- acied, the special session being called only for the election of teachers. -Miss Mary L. Gans, assistant instructor la domestic-" science, elected to 8.11; the vacancy caused Ibr the resignation of Miss Anna Rey- .noKis, domestic science teacher, and Miss Ruth Moland of Oil City, was made assitsant Instructor. Miss Mo- Poultry raising is a movemenf that all' where there was a large table laden j 3^,1^° Tvomen. should bo interested in and; with many good things to eat. Lunch Indications late this afternoon were Utfit l-'nink 31. Lindiey. Sriio is accused of the murder of 3 r rank A. Burjii't, will -know his /ale by 1omorro-.v m'L'M. It is believed the case will gro to the jury tomorrow aftcmocn. On cross examination l.his afternoon. JJndler admitted there ivas ill feeling between himself .and Jfnrkey. That Frank 5L Lindloy and Frank A. Burkey bad practically reached an agreemcni to settle their differences on the n'ght before the body of Burkey was found in the offices of the Delco Lumber company in the Second National bank builcang, Oonnellsville, was the statement of the defendant, Lindiey, when called to the stand in his own defense in the trial in 'Oniontown today. s Burkey, he said, agreed to withdraw a suit against the defendant for .embezzlement o£ 5500 provided"tha't'ijnd.-' I ley sign an agreement not to take an? the Pennsylvania. Department b£ Ag-:was served by Mrs. Unt assisted by (CanUnutd on Prtpo Two.) her children and grandchildren, and Mrs. Lester Marshall of Normalville, Mr. and -Mrs. J. W. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Gray and son, Nellie, "Walter - . , - . · .' ~T'~ ,, ,, 'ana Lulu Collins, Miss Belle Lint. Lelscnring o. A 3lan _Meets Death Harry Ltajt . The next gathering of KILLED BY CAR Xear .innlata Works, :the veterans will be held Tuesday, . .Paul Bacha about 46 years old, ot . April 9 at the home of U L. Collins Lelsenring Ko. 3, was struck aad · at Vanderbilt at which time Appomal- killed by a. West Penn street car last j tor Day and tie birthday- of Mr. Col- evening near Juniata. The body was j l i n s will be celebrated. brought to Connellsville and removed to Funeral Director J. E. Sims' par- tiSSM AMERICA ] | and ^ !SUtUte a graduate of the Dreiel' In- Phlladel P bla - board I unanimously, agreed to her election. .Mies. Helen Garloci of Pomonkey, Km, UP COTS TO BRITISH __ ··PARIS. March as.-Amerloin sol- | Ma '~" w'rtM u7anim"ousiy''e l iec'ted'to '(hers wounded along the Chemln de Dames, are t-eing removed from American Ked CriTss hospi-tals in Paris to make · room"\'or British soldiers injured too seriously to be moved a | great distance. Twenty-seven. Ameri- j 'cans suffering from gas poisoning IJBITISH TBOOPS MAKE SUCCESSFUL COUWTEBS. LONDON, March 29.--On the Somme-the British have main-, were all New . Englanders. One of the taineU-their positions-and gained ground in places by succeseful number ; a pr ivate l0 f Irish extraction counter attteks, the war :office announces. "iVfter holding their lines all day. in the face of repeated as- : sail Its by numerically superior enemy forces the British ^retired ·a short distance from their. advanced positions at some" pomts. The Germans again suffered exceedingly heavy losses. The : British' took prisoners. TBONT OUT100K IS atOBI CHEEBFU1. '.-, PARIS, March 29. -- Reports of yesterday's operations are ; encouraging in two particulars, reinforcing the calm confidence '·-'· whicli is felt" here; First was the plainly marked; checks' with which the Germans met in their attempt to extend the .battle ; north of Arras. The second feature is the'eCec'tire and increasing reaction on the part of the allies resulting in important suc- jcesses. psurticularly in the region of Mont Didier. ']-,'··' The more cheerful feeling was nowhere more evident than :"" in the lobby of the .Chamber of Deputies.; Premier Clemenceau "' looked in there for a few minntes between two tripe to the front : . "I slept last night and slept well," said the Premier. "I had : not done that for some time." : '' , / Louis Lonch«ur, miiiister of munitions, who also came back · from the front, spoke 'of the situation in the most hopeful way. - BATTLE BAGESOYEK FBO3T OF 70 MILES. ; · ; · -.PARIS, March 25.-- -The great battle is now raging .over a ji- 1 front of more than : 70 miles. This extension -of the line has. in- |fcstieae«^d" the number of .German reserves '· engaged. Although X thus far no decisive succeee has been obtained" anywhere there is'v'lnereased confidence here; : - The impression in semi-official 5 cclea is that the allies have not only held off the Germans but : . ,ttow are no longer compelled to permit the enemy by his man- i '' shape the course'which the battle shall take. · whose home is in Bridgeport, Conn., is : waiting, for the time'.when he can getinto action again. ^Tliis is why: "I T»»r gassed on March U jnst when I expected learc for UK; St Patrick's .J«y ctleJr»tion behind the lines. Tlie worst of it w»fi it w« jelfow fu irhich added in- »nlt to Inhur. ' ' . "I beUere :I wfll be nil right / witUi · few days itnd God help : frilxirbeii I eui get back «iid get » cnet at UJB irHh 117 ihaehlne ' · · ' THE ; KECAPTURE OF ODESSA: AMSTBilDAM, ' March- -29.-- .Denial that the Bolshevik! have retaken the Black S«a port of : Odessa is. made omicially in , Vienna.' .It is said the city is' itill occapled by tlie Austro-Ger' OflJcial announcement was made by the Russian government "Wednesday that Odessa had been recaptured by the BolshevikL Odessa is the most important Russian porf'on the Black " · · ' '' ; ;?Jgr The general feeling is that for Germany the battle is virtu- KNITS NINE SWEATERS Ofciopyle Girl Alia Has u Helmet to -Her Credit. --..;·· .' Miss Violet Mason, of OhiopyJe has b«en doing her bit several times over. She has already knitted nine sweaters and.a...helmet.. She turned Jn her ;;pry;'lost; that f o r the-allies t h e battle i s aboht t o begin. . . . . . . . . l'?I; Tbe operations thus.far are accepted ,as confirming the| ninth --. s '* ;eater to the Red CT ° SS yes- :%ti«an' that Paris was not the main objective of : the German "s^, 1 !?",,,,, ,,· K. v'',^ ' , ^ ;%insive, but that the plan of the enemy was to break .the ccxn- -T^' 5 brother at Cam P ;Jii*cti6ni between the Frencli and Brttish armies in which.he a;as ""~""'sd. His main direct attack was westward.! towards the^sea. Cerraans seek Amiens, because 'this town is an import-mt - center of communication with England. The loss t -woul* be inconvenient but not vttaL f. '· : SWagle Roof Catdies Fire. . ' . - ' - · A noose belonging/to Luis Krob in Connell avenue canght fire-this-mom- j ins when Bparits from a chinraey lodg- ' *d in a -shthgle root the poslUoa of superv.ipor of She will fill the vacancy that has existed since Miss Margaret Musser resigned in January. - Miss G-arlock is a graduate of the Department or Musia-N"' v York University. She has been teaching at South. Bend, Ind. Only one bid, that-of Muilin, Briggs Company of Philadelphia was- received, for the.purchase of {27,000 o! bonds,. which, will pay off the last indebtedness on .the new school buildings in the city. ,'Th.e bid was for the purchase of the bonds,at a premium of ?1,OSD, It was unanimously accepted. . ELOPER TAKEN TO JAIL Girl Arrested Here WUi Cheat Haven. Han is Back at Home. Herbert. Masters, 21 years old o.[ Cheat^ Haven who was picked tip here "Wednesday .night, together .with Dorothy Chandler, also of Cheat Haven, was taken to Uniontown yesterday. The couple were thought to have been eloping to.Cumberland and on the request of the girl's father they were apprehended. ' The girl.was taken to her home yesterday ,by Probation. .Officer. Anne White; iVIaslers' prasecitted. Get Maces aid Whistles. : . The. police force is today -supplied with new maces and each ''officer has a whistle. The new supplies were brought from Pittsbui-g yesterday, by Mayor John.Duggan who purchased; them while in that city. .He got 10 leather clubs and whistles. lors anti prepared for burial. Bacha boarded at house No. 17-4, -Lsisenring .So. 3. and for some time past was employed by the H. C. Frick Coke company. He was a member o£ tbe Moose lodge and is survived by his widow in .the oid country. Coroner S. H. Baum. ot Uniontown, was notified of the accident. ANOTHERJFAKIR , to Secure Cohtrihntions rrom People of the City. A rather preposei;sing stranger has been making an attempt to raise funds in the city for the purpose, he stated, of providing equipment for a firing squad for tlie local camp of. the Spanish American War Veterans. This is another of the fake solid-' CALL MORE MEN District -\o. ii Calls WilUam 0. Bailey and IViliuim C. Connell, Two more. .men have been ordered, by Local Board No. 5-to report at the ! legal proceeding brought rkey by the -Mutual Lumber company of Pittsburg. Lindiey said he was willing to siga the agrcemeut but asked to be allowed to consult his attorney before rtoing so. After the conference with Burkey in the Delco offices he and Burkey separated good friends, he said. He promised to give his answer to Burkey's Lropbsal the heit day. ' "With the intention of consulting his counsel he went to Uniontoivn. After seeing Attorney D. TV. McDonald he went to the courthouse-where he was informed of the murder and placed under arrest. That was the first he knew of it, he stated. Lindiey-said tie. became acquaimed with Burkey .through business trans- "f l-nJ\*a.L ^JUItv.u i l u . u · lu I D y u l L H\. tUU ..n.- · t , -armory on Thursday morning to make i 7TM°- Es Ju a n Creek vaU ^" ·in m« «,,,,*,, ih~ F !,, *,, *_ ^ ' un. ineir partnershin in iho T.i up tho Lee ho quota that Is to go to Carap I , ' elr Part .at 1:30 o'clocfe that ^afternoon. ' lf *- B " rke - v Lumb elr Partnership in the Linder company was dis- . : coc a aernoon. - The board has previousiv summoned j "° lve(J . °" ^^nuary 1,- 1917, and after ! men 'but several of these have ap- ' bal tlnK ; i he . ^tness -said,, he; had ^.i^^j __ j r -- '..,,_: ____ _______ -- i oeea employed as a salesman bv 3ur- peared and for various reasons. ]uL fprtk by tbaax R has beea necessary to allow them to go over at this time, necessitating the summoning of two more men. \VUliam 0. Bailey of Vanderbili and ! William C, Connell of Bunbar Uave | beoa ordered to report. Daniel Bailey key on a commission basis. Lindiey said he practically had charge of the business of the company. Burkey, he said, .devoted jiiuch of his time Yo a hl ''·''e: Indian ' Creek valley. . 5ald he ITM 1 the em P lo 3' °' m August, .1917, to. enter the " nl . . a brother of William Bailev, will also em l )io ' °' ^ Mutual Lumber com- the draftees -who leave FaTu ?'' ? Thursday. Louis Morolti,: Daniel tors who arc attempting to impose I Bailey, Thomas Edward Strickler and upon the cltiaens. The local camp of the '98 service, men have their own guns"anc\ equipment and are'furnishr ed blank ammunition by the city. No one has been authorized by them to solicit for any purpose. one other person will- leave on Sunday to make tie trip to Camp Leo by automobile. MINISTERS WORRIED They Urge Members of Flocks Not to Forget Turning Chicks. The ministers of the city are somewhat worried'over lUe inaugiiration oC the daylight saving . la.w OIL Easter Sunday raoriPing, fearing tua;t mem- hsrs of their cougregatioas will u- giect co turn their clocks the night before;and consequently may be late lor service LUe next 1 'day. There will be no changq in. tbe hours'of service. The ministers urge all : their parishioners lo he sure !.o set the. clocks forward'an hour on Sat- nrd'ay night before they retire. to DRILL EVERY NIGHT At tlie Armory for,the Benefit of Hie Dnft«es Sciiednl'Ml to leave April i. In order to'give tie dr£Lftees who leave for. Camp Lee : on April 4, as mucH instructlou and training as POST Quarters. TRACKMEN INJURED Two Are Foiind Iiyiiit? Along B. 0. - Near Sund Patch." Joh Dervin of Pittsfleld, Mass., and L. P. Christianson of Montpelier, Vermont, members of a traclt gang of the ConnellBville division of the Baltimore .Little that was not given in tbe outline of the 'case was presented .by Lindiey in hib testimony. He said he and Burkey parted at 11:10 o'clock. port ectly good friends. . "I'll see you in Uniontown tomorrow", were his. last w.ords to BurJ;oy, he testified. "All .right", Burkey replied, he said. Before he left Burkey told him, he said, that he intended to make a call. "One of. those across the street, eh?" Lindiey said he remarked to Burkey. Lindiey corroborated Wesley King, Ohio. railroad, were found along the ] ^e elevator operator, relative to the tracks near Sand Patch Wednesday !. conversion at the foot of the stair- afternoon seriously injured. I way. King was mistaken in one im- is. said to be .critical. Bolh men were taken to ihe Alle- ! Poi'iani detail o£ his story, he insisted. gany hospital, Cumberland. Dervin i Instead of being 12:20 o'clock it was suffered a broken leg and-, other i n - I H ; ^t he said. ju'ries about tie body. His condition j Lindley told of going io the Ba!ti- more House and so ending the night there. He arose a li'.tie late the next m o r n i n g and missed the Pennsylvania hut caught the Baltimore Ohio lor Uniontown, where-he and Burkey were to meet to conclude the agreement. Direct examination ot Lindiey. was BUYS 3Trs. Sarah Connelly Wll, Again Oc cn]i.r Third Street Property. . Last fall Mrs. Sarah Connelly soiu her home in Third street, West Side. Swayne Harper. Yesterday, through the A. E. Wagoner agency, she bought it back a n d ' w U l reoccupy it as soon a concluded at 2 o'clock. Continued on Page Four. ACCUSES FATHER Fair tonight and .Saturday is the i Bible beforehand Captain Prank Cox noon .weather forecast for Western | of Coinpatiy G., Third Regiment, He- Penusyh-ania.; . . . . . . . servo Miltia, will be at the armory '.Temperatnre Record. . every .evening until the departure . . . . · 3918. 1917 ot. the draftee.!." Tonight is one of the .Maximum--- 52 55 j-regular drill night for Company. G in Minimum _i. __28 . 40 i which draftees are urged to take part. Mean 40 4S Two more recruits wore secured Tho Tough · river, dropped 'during-| last eyenlng lea-viug but eight. Tacan- the night from ISO'feet to 1.15 feet'. ·· i'cies'in.tne first platoon of Company G. .s Mr. Harper can find South ConnellsTillc Girl TcstUics He Criuuniilly Assaulted Her. Since the purchase Mr. Karper had. erected a garage and insiailed a new ' On the stand before Judge E. H. Reppert in Unioutown today Kliza- in the- Wagoner apartments. heating system. The return sale was beth Com'n, daughter o£ M~"p"cor- mado at cost. Mrs. Connelly now lives viu, well known Baltimore Ohio em- ploye of South Conneiisv'ille, amid I sobs, testified that her father Tiad repeatedly criminally assaulted nor. The. "child's mother corroborated : Stamp Sale. To date ~VFar Saving Stamps in the schoo's of Fwrvopoluj amount to ?l,[the testimony of the daughter. Cor- 6fi6. vin flatiy iSisied the charged ' i dt--,

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